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Challenge/ Challenging by Bonding through Bond/

Challenging forcing the bond challenges Bonding

Breaking Rapport Forceframing Rapport Expecting Rapport Building Rapport

The Ways of the Gentleman Chapter 4 MNX Network v03.10
MNX’s Love/Hate Pendulum and MNX’s Push/Pull Attraction Model

Whats goin down gentlemen?! Hope all is well, it’s been a wild ride lately, beachlife is too much

Here’s the 4th Chapter of MNX’s “The Ways of the Gentleman” that builds upon the
foundation you have built thus far and incorporates what you have already learned into an
attraction strategy. Please refer to the other lessons and your notes in regards to definition
inquiries however I have included (redundantly;-) a few MNX definitions as they tend to be
quite different than that of the community;-)

Here is the comprehensive breakdown of how attraction works and how to incorporate MNX’s
Push/Pull Attraction Model into one’s interactions *RIGHT NOW*. All romantic interactions
are subject to this attraction model (**SEE ENDNOTE**) and will add to one’s game even if
one uses an alternate attraction strategy.

Original (Old) Push/Pull Theory

Push/Pull Theory was originally defined

as similar to a Ying/Yang of energy: one
side of interactive energy is “Push” which
flows into “Pull” and vice versa. Some
examples of Push would be when one
challenges, false disqualifies, or negs a
woman and a few examples of Pull is
when one rewards a woman through
compliments, body language, or kino.
Unfortunately this theory was quite
vague. Questions of *when* one should
Push and *when* one should Pull would
arise. The generic response: Figure out
each girl’s unique “Push/Pull ratio”. A
couple of examples: Some girls need to
be Pushed more to every Pull because
they WANT a challenge (for example:
some girls need to be teased more than
other girls in order for them to become
attracted) and some girls hate being Pushed as it brings up insecurities (for example: a girl who
doesn’t feel she is good enough for you). The biggest problem with this broad generalization of
attraction is that it can be hard to figure out each girl’s unique “Push/Pull ratio”.

MNX’s Love/Hate Pendulum

IME/IMO, all social interactions (with the opposite sex;-) fall within a “Love/Hate Pendulum”.
On one side of the pendulum is “Hate” and on the opposite side is “Love”. When the pendulum
is in the middle it represents “indifference”.

The reason the Love/Hate dynamic is better represented by a pendulum than a Ying/Yang is
because IME, the more I challenged a woman, the more apt she was to have strong feelings
(of negativity, hate, or anger) towards me. At the same time however, these same frustrated,
annoyed, pissed off women would become super attracted to me, somehow, someway. A
majority of the hottest girls I had ever dated (ahem;-) have told me that they HATED ME when
they first met me. Was this coincidence?

Not a chance;-)

It was part of my strategy to first get a woman EMOTIONAL, in order to instill various feelings
(one being that of attraction) within her. Unfortunately, the only way *some* of these beautiful
girls would even be fazed (read: NOT FEEL INDIFFERENT OR HAVE A “WHATEVER” ATTITUDE
TOWARDS ME) was when I pissed them off… literally. Here’s why:
That’s why when you
don’t care about that
project for school or work
and it turns out to be
crappy, you DON’T CARE
PROJECT... you didn’t
INVEST. On the flip
side, especially early in
the progression of the
community, one may put
a lot of time and effort
into learning how to do
well with women so when
one has a bad night, it
can really hurt. It hurts
EFFORT and didn’t get the
results you were TRYING
TO GET. You had become
And because you now
if you didn’t care).
For one to react strongly towards something one must first be INVESTED. EMOTIONALLY
INVESTED. When one puts one’s own feelings (one’s “heart and soul”) into a project, person,
program, team, idea, movement, etc. ONE IS INVESTING ONE’S OWN SELF.


So, armed with this knowledge, I would PURPOSELY NOT BE AFRAID TO PISS GIRLS OFF. IOW, SIDENOTE 3B:
I was not afraid to DISAGREE, IGNORE, DISMISS, or CHALLENGE women. Moreover, I actually TOO MUCH PUSH =
ENJOYED exercising these different forms of Pushing, to display my personality as well as my TRYHARD
independence (read: non-neediness). At one end of the Push/Pull spectrum, while others were Challenging too much or
SUPPLICATING by agreeing with everything a girl said (read: trying too hard to bond), I was Breaking Rapport at the
actually displaying attractive qualities by being “my own man” (IOW, being myself;-) and having wrong time comes off as
my own opinions. By disagreeing or teasing girls, I was Challenging the girls’ reference of INSECURE; Trying Too
reality (read: their frames). It was the tactful ability to bring the girls from the Hate side (Push) Hard (to prove one is of
of the Pendulum *BACK* to the Love side (Pull) that created an emotional rollercoaster that high(er) value and/or to
led to Attraction. Like other guys who were too aggressive, I learned a valuable lesson through prove that someone is of
trial and error: I would come off as TRYHARD if I CHALLENGED TOO MUCH or CHALLENGED lower value in relation to
AT THE WRONG TIME. the rapport breaker).

PUSH = to CHALLENGE one’s frame (CHALLENGING one’s reference of reality)
CHALLENGING one’s reference of reality = Breaking Rapport
Thus, Push = to Break Rapport

Trying TOO HARD to
Build Rapport (showing
one’s acceptance for
another, searching for
commonalities, etc) comes NOTE:
off as Telegraphing Too PULL = to BOND (to ACCEPT another’s value, to SHARE one’s *own* self/worth/
Much Interest; Desperate, value, i.e. give value)
Supplicating (trying too Accepting another’s value and giving value = Building Rapport
hard to impress/bond) Thus, PULL = to BUILD RAPPORT


“STATE” is externally REINFORCED: guys buy them drinks, they don’t wait in lines at clubs, pay no cover, get constant
validated confidence. attention, get invited to social (and private;-) functions, and complimented… A lot. With all this
It’s when things go POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT of a girl’s reference of reality (i.e. her Frame = she is VALUABLE,
well and one goes on DESIRABLE, and WANTED), the confidence level of a woman can be very high. The great/not
a roll or is “on fire”... so great thing about this however, is that her confidence/reality, is EXTERNALLY SUPPORTED.
But what is that really? Her reference of reality (including her confidence and influence) is based off her SITUATIONAL
CONFIDENCE. Now one SITUATIONAL VALUE = External Validation, Externally Validated Value/Confidence
can better understand (at the moment/at the venue)
why I disdain the
emphasis students put on <<< SIDENOTE 4B
“being in State” and why I
stress becoming internally This is how Mystery was able to use Negging as a way to lower the woman’s SITUATIONAL
validated. VALUE and essentially, display his RELATIVE VALUE; his HV ACQTs.

RELATIVE VALUE = Internal Validation, Internally Validated Confidence (in life/in

HV ACQTs = High Value Attributes/Characteristics/Qualities/Traits (that women

just so happen to desire;-)

Negging = to take (read: lower one’s) value by (sub)communicating a nonacceptance

of one’s value (read: to reject one’s value)


When a woman tries
to blow you out, she Some women are not used to being challenged and can act extremely difficult when someone
is Negging you. She is has opposing thoughts, ideas, remarks, etc. HOWEVER, unbeknownst at the time, the reason
rejecting your value, these girls became so attracted was because of the LOVE/HATE Pendulum.
where value means: your
game (or lack thereof;-), IME, the more I upset the girl, the more she became emotional. EMOTIONALLY AFFECTED. The
she is not rejecting *you* worst response one can get upon opening is one of INDIFFERENCE, IOW, she IGNORES you. If
personally. She is trying she IOIs you (read: gives you attention) she wants to Bond and if she tries to blow you out, at
to Break Rapport with you least she is Challenging you (to prove your value - not necessarily a bad thing… Because she is
(Challenge you to change becoming EMOTIONALLY INVESTED!)
her mind/prove your
value/etc). She is on the The more she Pushes towards the Hate side of the pendulum, the more of a FREEFALL (read:
Hate (Push) side of the emotional rush) it will be for her when the pendulum falls back to the Love side.. and vice versa.
Pendulum. This phenomenon is why when one passes a woman’s test or challenge, she IMMEDIATELY
becomes (more) attracted. There is a raise or “spike” in her “buying temperature” which simply
means she is becoming MORE EMOTIONAL (i.e. MNX Tone Levels).
This is how a
she is attracted to you
when you pass her
challenge. Although
originally, CONSCIOUSLY,
she *TRIED* to PUSH
you away, you passed
and now she has
ACCEPTED your value
(for now;-) and therefore
she is becoming
to you.

Here is an example of how YOU can imagine the emotional rush she feels: Being able to control
one’s natural tendency to
Imagine you have a girlfriend and you love her. Since you love her, you would be somewhere become emotional when
on the Love side of the pendulum. You are EMOTIONALLY INVESTED in her. one is invested is a HUGE
Sometimes one tries to
If one day she cheats on you, you will become upset and angry. The MORE in LOVE with her
INITIATE a desired response
you are, the MORE you will be EMOTIONALLY INVESTED and AFFECTED. The pendulum will
by doing a particular action
swing hard to the Hate side. You will HATE that she broke the bond the two of you had shared
or saying a particular thing,
but women’s behavior is
mixed as a result. This
On the flip side, say now after all this you find out that she really DIDN’T cheat on you and it was
sticking point can be fixed
all just a huge misunderstanding. Perhaps she even apologized and did everything she could
first by being aware of one’s
to prove to you that she does loves you just as much, if not more, than you love her. Now this
own fundamentals (making
emotional rollercoaster (you have just created for yourself;-) will swing with huge momentum
sure youre not leaning in,
back to the Love side of the pendulum and you will be even MORE IN LOVE WITH YOUR GIRL.
etc) and then secondly,
Logically, this is because your mind backwards rationalizes that your girlfriend overcame and
if one’s fundamentals are
passed a huge challenge and that now she is worthy of this deeper love. Emotionally, it’s
down, then RANGING may
because of the Love/Hate Pendulum:
be needed (i.e. trying the
material/action/etc out
The more invested one is, the more affected one tends to become.
during different stages
of one’s interactions with
women and then *TESTING*
the desired end result by
IOW, the more one cares about something, the more outcome dependent/results oriented one
testing SEVERAL different
will be.
women to find when/how/
why the best possible desired
Stated slightly differently: the more one become emotional, the more one wants their reference
end result occurs.) MAKE
of reality to be REAL, IOW, *ACCEPTED*
SIDENOTE: If one is emotionally unaffected by something, *NORMALLY* that is a sign of High(er) Value.
Once the “stronger”
the very frame This is how celebrities come off as “cool” while many fans become flustered in their presence.
and gaming
presence of one
being girl the The fan is emotionally affected; the celebrity unfazed, above it all.
exact same
unfazed *IS*sounds
an attractive
great in
theory.. This
quality. but means
is not one
the best Unfortunately, because the very act of being “indifferent” is considered to be the higher value or
or even
could show
valueway. “power position”, some guys try to act “too cool for school, super GQ” towards women. Because
By displaying
by not budging thisorquality
adapting they know that being indifferent can equal being cool, but don’t understand why or how, they
or like
but tailoring
all HV ACQTs,
one’s game tend to alienate friends and can come off as anti-social or stuck up in social interactions. Not
to theis aparticular
there time and girl,
a one Bonding (for example: not Vibing) when one *SHOULD* be Bonding, comes off as Breaking
WILL for
place ALWAYS
BE PLAYING Rapport (i.e. being “indifferent” or nonresponsive to other’s emotions (of wanting to bond) *IS*
A ‘NUMBERS’ GAME -> Breaking Rapport/Pushing/Challenging).
only the girls who ACCEPT
one’s frame, will become REMEMBER:
attracted. The problem with Breaking Rapport AT THE WRONG TIME comes off as TRYHARD.
this is that if no girl accepts
one’s “strong” frame at a Being “too cool for school” will only work on a woman if she either 1) is INVESTED in the guy
venue, then unfortunately, and/or 2) believes the guy to have high(er) value in relation to her and/or 3) is unsure of his
there will be one lonely value in an initial encounter.
strong framed individual at
that venue. Adapt. Evolve. In short, understanding and incorporating the dynamic of the Love/Hate Pendulum will
Reactiveness gets a bad rep serve one’s self far better than just trying to be “unreactive”. In actuality, BEING ABLE TO
by the community but being REACT to what is happening is the very definition of being human (the ability to adapt) and the
able to REACT/ADAPT one’s essence of a seduction.
game to a woman is what
advanced game is all about: <<< SIDENOTE 6A
Rising to the occasion..
anytime.. anyplace ADVANCED NOTE:
Being able to creating this emotional momentum swing is the basis of Controlled Drama (CD)
that is broken down in later chapters.

It is important to get her Love/Hate Pendulum swinging. For her to become
attracted, the worst thing she can be is indifferent to your advances.

MNX’s Attraction Theory

First, some basic MNX definitions that form the basic foundation for game:

Frame = One’s reference of reality

Framing = Projecting one’s reference of reality onto another, IOW projecting one’s
frame onto another person (this frame may be accepted or unaccepted)

Forceframing = Forcing one’s reference of reality onto another, IOW forcing one’s
frame onto another person in such a way that there is nothing for that person to say
“no” to (there is no way for this frame to be unaccepted which results in acceptance
of the frame; one’s reference of reality is voluntarily or involuntarily accepted)

Hoop = A question, command, or action with the expectation of the listener’s

compliance (i.e. action or response)

Compliance = A woman’s involvement/investment (physically/emotionally/

verbally/logistically/financially/etc) in an encounter/connection

IOI = (Indicator of Interest) (getting or giving) Attention

(to encourage an encounter, encourage continuing an encounter, and/or encourage
escalation (emotionally, logistically, and/or physically) in an encounter)

Attraction = Secured IOIs (continued/earned/specific/selective to a particular

This is why so many
Attraction can happen both Subconsciously and Consciously: guys in the community
still assign high(er) value
SUBCONSCIOUS ATTRACTION can be created by ongoing attention over time (read: the to a woman when they
attention *GIVER* can become attracted to the attention getter) game her! By *TRYING*
Thus, Subconscious Attraction = when a woman gives you: Attention + Time to IMPRESS the girl (with
game), they are actually
The person who becomes IMPRESSED with the other person, is the one who can become giving her high(er) value
attracted. When a woman gives you Attention + Time, it is because they are (becoming) by SUBCOMMUNICATING
IMPRESSED. that this girl *NEEDS*
to be, or is *WAITING*
However, it is *CRUCIAL* that one not *TRY* TO IMPRESS while aiming for this end result. to be, IMPRESSED, thus
This is because: their reference of reality
(read: their frame) is in
CONSCIOUS ATTRACTION can be created when one tries to impress or prove one’s own worth/ order to get the girl, she
value to another (read: the person *TRYING TO IMPRESS* can become attracted to the person must be “gamed” (read:
waiting to be impressed) impressed)! Although
Thus, Conscious Attraction = when a woman tries to impress you one *will* impress
women with good game,
SIDENOTE 7A >>> ironically, “good game”
does *NOT* mean
Therefore, IME/IMO it’s important that “attraction is not a choice” be reworded to: “impressing” women.
Marinate on that for a
Attraction is not a *SUBCONSCIOUS* choice. minute;-)

This means that if one simply follows MNX’s Push/Pull steps of attraction, a girl WILL BECOME



So in its entirety, the complete *UPDATED* theory is:

Attraction is not a *SUBCONSCIOUS* choice, however, it CAN BE a *CONSCIOUS* decision.

This is what is meant when a girl BACKWARDS RATIONALIZES that she is attracted. She

The same applies for when a girl “locks up” or has ASD: SHE IS *CONSCIOUSLY* NOT ALLOWING
MNX’s Push/Pull Attraction Model

When someone wants another person to LIKE them, they want to bond with that person, impress
that person, have that person be impressed, and gain the other’s approval and acceptance,
etc. IOW, they want to be on the Love (PULL) side of the Pendulum. Every tactic in MNX’s
Push/Pull Attraction Model leads one to accomplish this by: encouraging the connection by
punishing bad behavior (of not Bonding), rewarding good behavior (of bonding), Forceframing
everything she is/does/says as her trying to build rapport with you, and giving her chances to
impress you. Each tactic fits into MNX’s Love/Hate Pendulum in accordance to how much
Push (Hate side of the Pendulum; Breaking Rapport) and how much Pull (Love side of the
Pendulum; Building Rapport) it (sub)communicates:


Push = Challenge

“Push” refers to CHALLENGING a woman. IOW, it means to BREAK RAPPORT with her:
You do not accept her and/or her value (IOW, you CHALLENGE her or her value, by CHALLENGING
her frame).

Push subconsciously implies (frames) that your value is greater than hers (so she should/needs
to prove the contrary by proving herself/her value)

Breaking Rapport = Not accepting someone’s self/value/worth by challenging their

reference of reality in order to have them prove their self/value/worth (in order for
this to be successful, the Rapport Breaker’s Frame must be accepted by the other

There are many ways to Break Rapport: Challenge(s), Disagree, Ignore, Dismiss, and Accuse
are a few examples.

A few reasons why one would use PUSH:

To punish bad behavior, if she Pushed you first, to display certain HV ACQTs, to create tension,
to relieve tension, to get her to become emotional; instill emotions, to make her care about the
interaction (a negative emotion is better than no emotion at all;-)

Example of a PUSH:
I’m done with you now. Go away.

Attraction can only happen if she feels your value is equal to or greater than hers. By
Pushing her, you are subconsciously/consciously implying (framing) that her value
is lower than yours because you do not accept her value (or her own perceived
high(er) value) therefore; you must be of high(er) value, at the very least, you must
be of high(er) value in relation to *HER*.

In-Field Excerpts:
When a girl tries to turn one’s game down by infering one is “hitting on her/bothering her”, she
is CHALLENGING (Pushing) you, so CHALLEGE (Push) her back!

Girl: That’s so weird! Who says something like that?

(Forceframing as low(er) value. Challenge)
MNX: You giving me shit? Don’t make me set you in the corner.
Girl: Whatever I’ll kick your ass!
MNX: Yeah right. With those little things? Here. Make a muscle. Let’s see the guns. (Kinos her
arm while she makes a muscle, feigns being impressed) Whoa! That’s impressive... for a girl!
(makes a funny face) You got a while to go before you can hang with the big dogs.
(Challenge. Hoop. Forceframing as high value. Challenge)
Girl: Whatever! SIDENOTE 9A:
(Challenge) PushPull is similar to a
MNX: You’re cool. Tell me, you more of an outdoorsy person or do you workout at like LA Judo move where one
Fitness or something. uses a girl’s (negative)
(Forceframing her as impressing him. Hoop) force of energy (read: her
PUSH) and turns it around
PUSHPULL on her, putting a positive
spin on it to assist in
PushPull = Challenging by forceframing the bond creating a connection!

“PushPull” refers to CHALLENGING a woman by FORCING THE BOND. IOW, it means to


This is done by APPROVING (read: Taking/Mistaking/Interpreting/Misinterpreting) things she

is/says/does as acceptable and/or even pleasing to you by cold reading and/or framing her
behavior, actions, and/or communication as desirable.

This can be done by either TAKING or INTERPRETING *OR*

her as trying to impress you and/or prove herself/her worth/her value to you in order to gain
your approval/appreciation/acceptance/acknowledgment (i.e. TAKING or INTERPRETING or
MISTAKING or MISINTERPRETING her as trying to build rapport with you, IOW, you view her
(or MISTAKENLY view her) as trying to BOND with you)

IOW, you are taking/mistaking her as qualifying herself (read: proving herself/her worth/her
value/trying to impress you/giving value) in order for you to reward her via your attraction

FORCEFRAMING RAPPORT = Although her value offering may or may not have
been directed towards you, and/or she may infer that her value is neither offered
nor directed towards you, regardless, according to your reference of reality (your
frame), you are inferring that she *IS* trying to impress you and you take her,
her actions, her behavior, and her communication as trying to impress you and
therefore take her value (offering) as trying to impress you even if she did not offer

Because Forceframing is basically judging her and/or her actions, behavior, value, etc, it places
one’s self in the power position as having the higher value role in the interaction, as the
“Approver”. Forceframing (by cold reading) implies that you *KNOW* her (you KNOW why she
acts the way she does; perhaps even better than her).

A few reasons why one would use PUSHPULL:

She will not bond with you and continues to Push; IOW it’s time to bond and she is still on the
Breaking Rapport side of the Love/Hate Pendulum, she is standoffish, as a tension release
for a strong Bond

Example of a PUSHPULL:
You speak your mind. You don’t hold back… It’s refreshing.

It’s the person *TRYING TO IMPRESS* who can become attracted. By giving a
PUSHPULL, you are inferring (read: Forceframing) that she is trying to impress
you… Even/especially if (in reference to *her* reality) she is not!

In-Field Excerpts:
To reward a girl and move her emotions from the Hate side of the Love/Hate Pendulum to
the Building Rapport side ALTHOUGH SHE CONTINUES to Challenge you and Break Rapport
with you. IOW, this is one way to Bond without Rewarding bad behavior!

(Quite some time had past since we first met and here are the texts that led to a D2)
921p MNX: I just met ur twin
943p Girl: Oh really? do you even remember what i look like?
1040p MNX: U dont play games.. Ur real.. Its refreshing
(Forceframing her as impressing him. Bond)
1042p Girl: Haha thanks. so aka you dont remember what i look like at all, not sure how you
saw my twin then
(Bond. Challenge)
1103p MNX: To b honest Im about to cheat on u w her if we dont kick it soon;-)
(Challenge. Hoop)
1104p Girl: Haha omg youre gonna cheat on me with my twin!? thats just low
(Challenge. Forceframing as low(er) value)
1108p MNX: Be nice. Shes ur sister;-) where u at
(Forceframing as high value. Hoop)
1109p Girl: I stayed in. i work at 7am
1112p MNX: Ur responsible. Good girl;-) u seem fun. lets grab a beer at happy hour tomorrow.
What time u off
(Forceframing as high value. Bond. Forceframing as high value. Forceframing compliance.
1118p Girl: Ah well i cant tomorrow but maybe sat?
(Challenge. Bond)
1126p MNX: Surfn all morning so sat afternoon will work. Until then try not to ask ur twin so
many questions bout me.. I can tell shes a jealous one;-)
(Challenge. Bond. Forceframing her as chasing him. Challenge)
1127p Girl: Haha ill do my best.. she is kinda crzy tho so be careful
CREATED when ones
“frames”, “reframes”, or
“Forceframes” everything
she says/does/is as
*HER* trying to impress


PullPush = Bonding through challenges

“PullPush” refers to BONDING with a woman by challenging her to comply. IOW, it means to

Challenging her to comply is important because it ALLOWS THE CHANCE FOR HER TO BOND

If/when she complies, she is making a SUBCONSCIOUS and/or CONSCIOUS decision TO ACCEPT
YOUR (high) VALUE, IOW, BOND, with you. This is important because, essentially, by complying
with your challenges, she is TRYING TO IMPRESS YOU. Also, by jumping through your hoop
(read: by giving you compliance), she is taking the INITIATIVE to TRY TO PLEASE YOU. What
you are basically subcommunicating with a Pull/Push is “Here you go, impress me. Prove
your(self) value.” “Here’s your chance to impress me.” Once again this is important because
it gives her a chance to impress you ON HER OWN ACCORD (in reference to *HER* reality)
instead of a Forceframe when you are forcing *YOUR* reality upon her that she is trying to
impress you. It is important to get her into the habit of TRYING/WANTING to IMPRESS YOU.


A few reasons why one would use PULLPUSH:

To lead to BONDING, to secure and gauge a girl’s compliance, to screen, to give the girl a
chance to impress (read: give her a chance to Pull/Bond); allow the girl to bond with one’s self
(seemingly on her own accord;-), to get the girl to invest (in the interaction/a connection)

Example of a PULLPUSH:
Tell me you can cook. 11
SIDENOTE 12A: Simply put, Expecting Rapport (PullPush) means to throw a hoop. To get a feel for how invested
The varying degrees she is in the encounter/connection, throw a hoop (IOW, GAUGE HER COMPLIANCE). This will
of bonding depict how give one the knowledge as to where she stands on the Love/Hate Pendulum and thus, her
much effort she truly is level of investment. Using the Love/Hate Pendulum as your guide, lead her to where you
putting forth to establish want her to go. Be sure to Reward her good behavior of giving compliance (IOW, Bond with
a connection. her when she jumps through your hoops)! The difference between hoops that Break Rapport
(Pushes/Challenges) and hoops that Expect Rapport is that with a challenging hoop, one feels
that one *has to* prove one’s self. With a hoop where one Expects Rapport, one feels one “gets
to/wants to” prove one’s self. Essentially it’s giving the girl a chance to impress you!

It’s the person who BECOMES IMPRESSED as well as the person *TRYING TO
IMPRESS* who can become attracted to the person waiting to be impressed. PullPush
is important because if she gives you compliance she is BOTH subconsciously/
consciously accepting your (high) value (IOW, becoming impressed) AND proving
herself and/or her value (IOW, TRYING TO IMPRESS YOU!)

In-Field Excerpts:

Girl1: How old are you?

MNX: Too old for you.
Girl1: Seriously, how old are you?
MNX: You remember dinosaurs?
Girl1&2: Haha
MNX: Seriously, I used to have to hunt for my food. I woulda been the hunter, and you woulda
been my gatherer. Actually, both of you woulda been my gatherers. I eat a lot. Tell me you can
(Reward. Forceframing compliance. Hoop)
Girl2: I can cook!
MNX: Really? What can you cook.
(Challenge. Hoop)
Girl2: What can I cook?**
(Challenge) **Notice because he should have Bonded instead of Challenged, she takes his
hoop as a Challege and therefore she Challenges back!
MNX: Your favorite thing.
Girl2: I make a badass lasagna.
MNX: (physically picking her up and spinning her around) I LOVE lasagna! You are my new
best friend!
(Reward. Bond)


Pull = Bond

“Pull” refers to BONDING with a woman. IOW, it means to BUILD RAPPORT with her.

Building Rapport = to establish, reward, and solidify a connection by acknowledging,

approving, accepting, appreciating, and even rewarding her and/or her value as
well as sharing (read: giving) (your) value.


subcommunicates that the
approver’s value is greater
than the person being
approved. Acceptance
subcommunicates that
the acceptor’s value is
equal to the person being
accepted. For attraction to
even be possible, *SHE*
must perceive one’s value
to be equal to or greater
than hers!

Pull subconsciously implies (frames) that her value is equal to yours because *YOU* HAVE
ACCEPTED *HER* value. Acceptance of one’s value = Bonding. Bonding subcommunicates that
one “*IS* impressed”.

Getting a girl to Bond with you *IS* the game; going from meet to mate, creating a connection
(bonding on an emotional level), and finally, bonding on a physical level.

The interaction should always be framed as her bonding/*trying* to bond with you. The
reason this is such an integral step in securing her attraction is because when someone Bonds
with another, they are ACCEPTING the other’s value. IOW, she is ACCEPTING the frame, your
reference of reality that one should (WANT TO) bond with you as well as accepting the frame
that your value is equal to or greater than hers.


Punish her bad behavior of not establishing a connection (read: not Bonding) with
you and reward and encourage her good behavior of establishing a connection (read:
Bonding) with you (i.e. Push (Challenge) when it is time to Punish, Pull (Bond) when
it is time to Reward, etc). If she doesn’t Bond, punish her bad behavior by Pushing.
If she continues to Push, Forceframe her as trying to Bond, then either Bond (give
value), and/or throw a hoop to gauge her compliance, her interest, and get her to
invest (and to get her to start ACCEPTING your frame (value, etc) -> if she jumps
through your hoop, she is subconsciously accepting your frame!). Continue this
cycle to ensure you don’t reward bad behavior and/or punish good behavior. While
Bonding, continue to throw hoops and/or Forceframes to continue to challenge
her in order to maintain just the right amount of tension (which leads to physical

Example of a BOND:
Give value: for example share the Mona Lisa anecdote as it displays various HV ACQTs 13
In-Field Excerpts:
Mona Lisa Anecdote:

MNX: You seem very German.

(Forceframing a connection)
Girl: Yeah Im German, Irish, and English.
MNX: Very cool. You actually remind me of a friend of mine, she’s German, I have some German
in me too, and she was all excited and telling me bout how German scientists just found out
who the inspiration of the Mona Lisa was. Come to find out it was this married woman that
Leonardo. Leonardo. I was about to say Leonardo Di Caprio;-)
(Bond. Forecframe a connection. Bond)
Girl: Haha
MNX: (pointing at her face smiling) Oh my god look at you right now!
Girl: Haha
MNX: It was this married woman Leonardo Da Vinci, was crushing on. He hid the true meaning
from everyone because he loved her and didn’t want her to get a bad name. It’s actually known
as the “happy married woman” in Italian.. Not “happily”. I probably shouldn’t have told you
this, I’m kind of a hopeless romantic. I’m kind of a dork, stuff like this interests me. Forget I
said anything.
(Bond. Challenge)
Girl: Nooo! That’s actually really sweet. I’ve always wanted to go to Europe. Have you been?
(Bond. Hoop -> to encourage more Bonding!)

Time + Attention = Attraction.
ATTRACTED OVER TIME by following the MNX Push/Pull Model! Just stay in there
and direct the social subcommunication by incorporating PUSHES, PUSHPULLS,
PULLPUSHES, and PULLS into the interaction. By following this model WOMEN
*WILL* BECOME ATTRACTED to you. It is only natural (a subconscious and/or
conscious tendency)! This subconscious attraction will eventually be brought to the
forefront by her either backwards rationalizing that things “just happened” or her
believing everything was spontaneous.

Now one can better understand why I put such a huge emphasis on staying in set past one’s
comfort zone and dealing with social pressure. There is actually a method to my madness;-) By
internalizing the Love/Hate Pendulum and understanding the dynamics of MNX’s Push/
Pull Model, one will be able to handle negative OR positive social pressure CORRECTLY/
EFFECTIVELY and attract women (by creating strong emotions within her, maintaining these
emotions, and leading her through this emotional state to physical bonding).


Attraction can only happen if a woman believes a man’s value to be equal to or greater than
hers. Attraction can happen when she spends time with a guy, gives him attention, and in
turn, wants *his* time and attention. Giving someone your time and/or your attention is a
form of compliance. How much time and attention she gives *you* is a good gauge of how
attracted she is (read: her compliance = investment). IOW, how much time and attention she
gives you, and how much she *VALUES* YOUR time and attention, directly correlates to how
EMOTIONALLY INVESTED she is in the interaction. The more emotionally invested she is, the
more she will want to physically bond with you;-)

The more she wants to Bond or is ready to Bond, the more compliance she will give. The less
she complies (if at all) shows she is on the Hate (Push) side of the Love/Hate Pendulum. If
physical compliance is an end goal, then you and her need to spend as much time as possible
on the Love side of the Pendulum (where acceptance, investment, and REWARD happen;-)
This is where many old
attraction strategies
went wrong. Sometimes
one would be trying
to bond with a girl
when she needed to be
challenged or challenge
a girl when she wanted
to bond. Forceframing
her Push is the transition
to Pull. One should not
continue to stay on the
Hate side of the Love/
Hate Pendulum if
Bonding (Physically or
Emontionally) is one’s
goal. Use the momentum
swing of her emotions
with Forceframing as the
catalyst to sway her to the
Love side. This shouldn’t
be looked at as SHE is
leading the encounter but
rather, YOU are moving it
along to where you want
it to go.

<<(less)< COMPLIANCE >(more)>> Use these tactics that
women use against them!
Take your time when
answering a question.
This is why PUSHPULL is of the utmost importance in a seduction. Framing (or if necessary, Don’t always “hear” what
Forceframing;-) her behavior, attitude, actions, verbal and nonverbal communication as her she said. These tactics
*trying* to Bond with you subcommunicates to her subconscious that she truly *IS* attracted are all found on the
and is the transition from punishing her bad behavior (*her* Push) with your reward (*your* Breaking Rapport (PUSH)
Pull). side of the Love/Hate

Early in the encounter, when the girl is not as invested (especially if *SHE* has the perceived
higher value), one should transform one’s questions into statements by making assumptions
(i.e. basic cold reading IOW, FORCEFRAMES). This allows the banter to come off as more
Challenging (on the Breaking Rapport (Push) side of the Love/Hate Pendulum) than coming
off as seemingly trying to Bond (Build Rapport) which, this early in the encounter (especially if/
when the girl does not comply), can be viewed as *TRYHARD*/telegraphing too much interest
(Trying too hard for rapport, supplicating).

If a woman does not jump through one’s hoop, IOW answer one’s question, this
*immediately* lowers one’s value. This can be viewed as the girl does not perceive
the speaker as of (High) enough value to even bother to answer. The LONGER it
takes for the girl to comply, if at all, cements her position as the High(er) Value
role, IOW, “the prize”, this early in the encounter. (That’s why stacking and plowing

SIDENOTE 15B >>> 15
SIDENOTE 16A: Viewing the girl’s compliance as a gauge (i.e. her investment/involvement in the interaction),
Referring back to the one can learn when to make assumptions (when getting low(er) compliance), and when to ask
example of the girl questions (when getting high(er) compliance). Based off of compliance, one could even make
challenging (PUSHING) assumptions ending in small hoops to soften the challenge. Remember to use the inflection of
you. Once you had stating a declaration, not a question.
passed her challenge,
she became IMPRESSED Ex: Oh gawd! You’re one of those girls who thinks shopping is a sport, aren’t you.
which meant she then
ACCEPTED your value, NOTE:
and because ACCEPTANCE Approaching in and of itself, is always a type of PULL (even if you Push, for example:
of Value is on the LOVE your opener is a neg) because you are trying to BUILD RAPPORT, even if FRAMING it
side of the Love/Hate as *trying* to Break Rapport (or as any of the other tactics: PUSHPULL, PULLPUSH).
Pendulum (where her So this means that if she answers your Push with a Push of her own, ACKNOWLEDGE
emotions now stand), her value with a PushPull before giving value (Bonding) and then throw a hoop
it means she is now (bonding through challenges).
(Emotionally) READY TO
BOND (IOW, love you)! <<< SIDENOTE 16A

SIDENOTE 16B: Remember:

This way, the LONGER she It is important to get her Love/Hate Pendulum swinging. For her to become
stays in set with you, the attracted, the worst thing she can be is indifferent to your advances. IME, she
more her subconscious/ NEEDS to become emotional (positively or negatively). IOW, in order to guide her
conscious is going to along the Love/Hate Pendulum it is important to understand when she is (or can be
accept your frame, your perceived as) building or breaking rapport with you.
reference of reality that
she *IS* attracted to The Push/Pull Love/Hate Dynamic allows one to always frame a woman as:
you. In layman’s terms,
Assume the Sale: Interact Building rapport or trying to build rapport (in order to win your approval/acceptance)
with her like you KNOW
she is attracted. The more Breaking rapport or trying to break rapport (in order to prove her value)
convincing you are (the
“stronger” your frame Impressing you or trying to impress you (in order to win your approval/acceptance)
is), COMBINED with
the strategy of knowing Mistaking her as impressing you or trying to impress you (in order to prove her value)
WHERE one is on the
Love/Hate Pendulum Through these frames, no matter what a girl does/is/says, the entire interaction/encounter
and knowing WHEN can always be viewed as her trying to “win you over”. This cycle is repeated until she accepts
to use Push, PushPull, the frame subconsciously and/or consciously and bonds with you emotionally and eventually
PullPush, and Pull, the physically;-)
faster and deeper her
attraction to you will be. <<< SIDENOTE 16B
Once her Love/Hate
Pendulum gets swinging,
she will constantly be
trying to either bond or
challenge you. If physical
bonding is your end goal,
internalization of MNX’s
Love/Hate Pendulum is
crucial. This will give you
the knowledge of WHEN
to PUSH (Challenge),
(Forceframe), and
PULLPUSH (throw hoops).

Sometimes one tries
Push/Pull *IS* an effective strategy, but obviously one must FIRST have one’s FUNDAMENTALS to INITIATE a desired
down in order for one to game at one’s highest potential. Every *EFFECTIVE* attraction strategy response by doing a
adheres to MNX’s Love/Hate Pendulum. It is the natural “swing” of emotions. particular action or saying
a particular thing, but
The short answer as to why some of the more popular attraction strategies do not *always* work: women’s behavior is
mixed as a result. This
VARIABLES sticking point can be fixed
first by being aware of
There are countless variables on both the male and female sides of an interaction while trying one’s own fundamentals
to secure attraction that one may or may not be able to account for. (making sure you are
The first step is to get one’s fundamentals (i.e. subcommunication, body language, style, not leaning in, etc) and
mental state, inner game, etc) down so that in *EVERY INTERACTION* one can at least count then secondly, if one’s
on himself as the *CONSTANT* in the equation of attracting women. fundamentals are down,
then RANGING (read: field
The next step is for one to start noticing patterns in women’s behavior in interactions. Notice testing) may be needed.
something that a woman says/does/is that another woman said/did/was BEFORE/AFTER/ This means to test the
DURING one’s *OWN* action/reaction/behavior/attitude/communication/etc in one’s interaction. material/action/etc out
Read that step several times until you fully internalize it (i.e. notice something that a woman during *different* stages
says to you, that another woman had already said to you, after you did something during your of one’s interactions
interaction with her. Did you do the same thing to both girls to elicit the same response? Did with women until one
you get the same response but somehow those responses were initiated differently? MAKE secures the desired end
MENTAL NOTES OF THESE PATTERNS) result, and then test it on
SEVERAL different women
SIDENOTE 17A >>> to find when/why/how
the best possible desired
The next step is for one to start RECOGNIZING THESE PATTERNS of women’s behavior in end result occurred
one’s interaction with a PARTICULAR WOMAN (one’s target) and then UNDERSTAND what that (IOW, did it happen when
behavior means (i.e. what it will lead to), and WHAT WILL HAPPEN AS A RESULT OF THAT she/you were bonding/
BEHAVIOR (does she become more/less attracted). challenging/had social
proof/high(er) value/etc
game. IOW, you will LEAD her to where you want her to be: EMOTIONALLY, PHYSICALLY, & OF THESE PATTERNS AS

A Few Examples of Advanced Variables (discussed in later chapters)

Emotional States (MNX Tone Levels)


High Self Esteem (HSE)

Low Self Esteem (LSE)

High(er)/Lowe(er) Relative Value

High(er)/Lowe(er) Situational Value

The reason one’s game may not work on every target is because of the aforementioned
Variables. When one becomes more advanced, after being able to learn when/why/
how to initiate a desirable behavior in a woman, one will be able to notice MORE
patterns, for example, if a girl is HSE or LSE or if she has High Situational Value or Low
Relative Value, if she is in a good mood or upset. Emotions, state of mind, attitude,
confidence, social intelligence, etc -> ALL VARIABLES (that *CAN* be accounted for
and AFFECT how one should game that particular girl at that particular moment;-) 17
Having the “stronger”
frame and gaming every APPLICABLE TO YOUR FRAME:
girl the exact same way
sounds great in theory… These exercises are designed to deepen your understanding of the Love/Hate Pendulum
but it is not the best nor and MNX’s Push/Pull Attraction Model. Please include them in your email and write “LHP
the most efficient way. By (your name)” as the subject header in your response. Thank you
not budging, adapting,
or tailoring one’s game List 5 WAYS to Break Rapport:
to the particular girl one 1. Challenge
is gaming, one WILL 2.
‘NUMBERS’ GAME -> only 4.
the girls who ACCEPT 5.
one’s frame, will become
attracted. The problem Create 7 different PUSHES. Have at least 2 be body language or kino related.
with this is that if no girl 1. I’m done with you now. Go away.
accepts one’s “strong 2.
frame” at a venue, then 3.
unfortunately, there will 4.
be one lonely strong 5.
framed individual at that 6.
venue. Adapt. Evolve. 7.
Reactiveness gets a bad
rep by the community. List 9 WAYS to Build Rapport:
Being EMOTIONALLY 1. Reward a connection
REACTIVE, not to be 2. Reward her value
confused with THE 3. Share or give value
when one allows one’s 5.
emotions to become 6.
affected by another and 7.
is obviously not always 8.
a positive (i.e. becoming 9.
depressed or losing
“state” when a girl turns Create 7 different PULLS. Have at least 2 be body language or kino related.
one’s game down, or 1. Mona Lisa Anecdote:
becoming upset when 2.
a girl doesn’t call back). 3.
HOWEVER, being able to 4.
ADAPT one’s game to a 5.
woman and then REACT 6.
is what advanced game 7.
is all about: Rising to
the occasion… anytime… Create 5 approval phrases that infer High(er) Value and acceptance (PushPull).
anyplace. HINT: Judging another (hopefully in a positive light;-) comes from a position of higher value
1. You speak your mind. You don’t hold back… It’s refreshing.

Create 5 hoops that allow one to prove one’s compliance and/or value (PullPush). Have at least
2 be body language or kino.
1. Tell me you can cook.
2. (compliance test: hold out your hands palms up while talking to see if she places her hands
on yours)
Push PushPull PullPush Pull

Challenge/ Challenging by Bonding through Bond/

Challenging forcing the bond challenges Bonding

Breaking Rapport Forceframing Rapport Expecting Rapport Building Rapport

<<(less)< COMPLIANCE >(more)>>
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