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Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism

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Published by: sharanbaath on Mar 23, 2010
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To deliver quality healthcare to a greater number of people, providers
must create and operate more cost-effective facilities. Optimizing


parameters such as area per bed and building cost per square foot can
reduce the initial cost of building a tertiary facility. In addition, operating
costs can be reduced through better purchasing and supply chain
management, as well as good management of patient flows and
utilization of expensive facilities and manpower.

An active industry association can play an important role in the

development of the sector

To boost the overall growth and development of healthcare in India, the
sector needs a vibrant industry association. This need can be met by the
Indian Healthcare Federation (IHF), which will have to present a united
face to key stakeholders such as the government, insurers, policy
institutions and industry players.

To be effective, the IHF will need a full-time team of professionals on board.
There are three immediate priorities for the federation: driving the creation
and adoption of quality and accreditation standards for healthcare
infrastructure and delivery; working with insurers to accelerate the
penetration of health insurance; and collaborating wit the government on
policy issues. In addition, the federation should increase awareness about
industry-level issues among industry participants.


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