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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday accused Palestinian

Authority President Mahmoud Abbas of lies and incitement after the Palestinian
leader charged that Israeli police had executed in cold blood a Palestinian youth.
The teen had not been killed and is being cared for in an area hospital after
stabbing two Israelis.
In a speech in Ramallah on Wednesday night, Abbas accused Israel of barbarism
and pointed to the killing of children by Israeli forces in the latest spasm of violence,
including 13-year-old Ahmed Manasra, whom he called a martyr for the Palestinian
On Thursday, Israeli authorities released photographs and video of Manasra. In one
series, the boy is shown sitting upright in a hospital bed, plates of food by his side.
A hospital administrator said the patient was receiving good treatment, adding,
From a medical point of view, we will probably be able to discharge him in a few
A spate of attempted terrorist attacks took place over the weekend in Jerusalem and
the West Bank, wounding two Israelis.
A teenager from the southeastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Jebl Mukaber was shot
dead in the nearby Armon Hanatziv neighborhood on Saturday morning when he
tried to stab Border Police officers, police said.
Police subsequently identified the terrorist as Muataz Awisat, 16.
The attack took place shortly after a concerned resident notified police there was a
suspicious- looking Arab teenager on Rav Hahovel Street during the midmorning
When Border Police officers arrived moments later and asked to search the suspect,
he withdrew a large kitchen knife from his pocket and tried to stab them; one of the
officers shot him dead.
The report, titled How Israel attempts to mislead the United Nations: Deconstructing
Israels campaign against the Palestinian Return Centre, reveals an organised
network of key Israeli intelligence centres as well as think-tanks and civil society
organisations supporting the campaign to affect the ECOSOC member states.
Spinwatch concludes that, The allegations against the PRC are hearsay. The oft
cited report by the Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, which
reportedly has links with the Israeli military, does not provide any concrete
evidence, lacks citations, self-admittedly relies on circumstantial evidence, erases
political diversity in PRC activities and focuses on individuals not actively affiliated
with the organisation. Two particular groups are currently active in the public
campaign against the PRC at the United Nations: UN Watch and NGO Monitor. Both
are funded by right-wing pro-Israel and Islamophobic groups in the US.
The Palestinian Return Centre (PRC), an NGO based in London, was granted special
consultative status at the UNs ECOSOC by the Committee on Non-Governmental
Organisations on 1 June 2015. Since then, Israeli government officials and affiliated
civil society organisations have actively lobbied ECOSOC members to reverse this
decision, based on Israels allegation that the PRC is affiliated with Hamas.
Spinwatchs brief study examines the Israeli-led campaign against the PRC, critically
analysing the intelligence report that is cited by Israeli officials and related civil
society organisations as justification for linking the PRC with Hamas.

By Max Yuan