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Dia De Los Muertos


Dia De Los Muertos

Dia de los muertos is a day when the souls of the dead are welcomed back to earth.
Altars, Ofrendas, are made with offering of food, pictures of the dead, drinks, and
objects that represent the dead like calaveras. This holiday is solely celebrated in
Mexico. Dia de los muertos originated during the pre-columbian civilization of the
Aztecs, who celebrated the goddess Lady of the Dead. When the Spaniards came to
Mexico they brought Catholicism which impacted Dia de los Muertos deeply.

Calaveras Coloring

Red represents the blood in our bodies; Christians may see red as representing the blood of Jesus.

Orange- sun.

Yellow- death.

Purple- wealth and royalty.

Pink - hope, purity and celebration.

White- purity and hope.

Black- land of the dead.

Famous Artist who Influenced Modern Calaveras

Jose Guadalupe Posada is a mexican artist., who
style is described by Octavia Paz as minimum
of lines and a maximum of expression. Posada
started out as a newspaper illustrator in Mexico
City. His art is seens as funny and light hearted
but in his time they were used to make fun of
wealthy people. They would show wealthy
people having fun at the expense of poor

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