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“Hydro rates continue to climb”
Independent Free Press - August 6, 2015

“Energy board increasing rates,
but on-peak times see biggest
Ottawa West News - April 21, 2015


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“Ontario electricity rates set to
sky-rocket again”
Cornwall News Watch - March 30, 2015

“Peak electricity rates in Ontario
increasing starting May 1st”
If it’s on,
you get paid.™

Durham Radio News- April 20, 2015

“Residential customers who buy
their gas supply from Enbridge
will see a total bill increase”
Boe Report - June 24, 2015

“Hydro rates are out of control”

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Simcoe - May 18, 2015

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Stability - Fixed Rate Product
• Fixed rate product for the agreement term
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• Protect you against future energy price increases
• Do NOT pay time-of-use rates (electricity)

Electricity Utilities Weighted Average Price
Including Global Adjustment

Bundle Electricity Stability
5 year term with intro price starting at
5.19 3.79 cents/kWh
Bundle Natural Gas Stability
5 year term with intro price starting at
20.29 16.99 cents/m3

Note: Global Adjustment rate based on 3 months forward looking estimate, as issued by OEB, minus error ratio adjustment, and is subject to change on
a monthly basis. Average utility price based on estimated residential usage pattern of 50% off-peak, 25% mid-peak and 25% on-peak consumption.

Note: Introductory pricing expires March 31, 2016. After which, your price will be 18.99 cents/m3 and 4.99 cents/kWh for
the remainder of the term. For more information visit www.acncanadaenergy.ca.