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Jack E. Marsh
300 Hongfeng Rd.
Jinqiao, Pudong
Shanghai, 201206
Peoples Republic of China
Mobile#: +86.131.6221.6373

State University of New York at Binghamton, Binghamton, NY
PhD in Philosophy (expected: Dec., 15)
Dissertation: Levinas, Chauvinism, Disinterest
Committee: Dr. Randy Freidman (Adviser), Dr. Bat-Ami Bar On, Dr. Max Pensky
Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, 2007
MA in Philosophy
University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC, 2005
BA in Philosophy, Magna Cum Laude, Honors in Philosophy, Philosophy Prize
Areas of Specialization
19th & 20th Century Continental Philosophy

Areas of Competence
Philosophy of Religion
Political Philosophy

Professional Experience
Concordia International School, Shanghai, China
Substitute Teacher, Aug 2014 - present
American University of Kuwait, Salmeya, Kuwait
Instructor, EDUC, Aug 2011 Aug 2014
Courses taught: Introduction to Thinking & Learning
East Stroudsburg University, East Stroudsburg, PA
Instructor of Philosophy, Fall, 2010.
Course taught: Introduction to Philosophy
State University of New York at Binghamton, Binghamton, NY
Instructor of Philosophy, Summer, 2009.
Course taught: Introduction to Philosophy Through Film
Teaching Assistant (Philosophy), Fall, 2008.
Course taught: Law and Justice
State University of New York at Cortland, Cortland, NY
Adjunct Lecturer in Philosophy, Spring, 2008.
Course taught: Introduction to Modern Political Philosophy

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11. Difficult Questions: Singularity and Particularity in Cohen and Levinas, Continental Philosophy Review. Vol.

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Conference Presentations and Colloquia

Levinas and the Question of Particularity, Translating the World Conference, Institute for Jewish Thought and
Heritage, State University of New York at Buffalo, May 2011.
On the Undecidability of Illeity, North American Levinas Society, 3rd Annual Meeting; Seattle University; August,
With Legality: A Reading of Empire, International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Human Rights, Individualism
and Globalization; Bethany College, Bethany, WV; March, 2008.
On the Ethical Imagination, or Levinas and Hermeneutics, North American Levinas Society, 2nd Annual Meeting;
Purdue University; June, 2007.
What hath Paris to do with Frankfurt: On Levinas and the Frankfurt School, North American Levinas
Society Inaugural Meeting; Purdue University; May, 2006.
Hope and Apocalypse with Derrida and Ricoeur, 4th Annual North Georgia Student Philosophy
Conference; Kennesaw State University, Kennesaw, GA; April, 2006.
Pyropoiesis: Adorno, Non-Identity, and Redemption, 11th Annual Villanova Graduate Student
Conference; Villanova University; April, 2006.
Either/Or: Ethical vs. Ontological Angst, North Carolina Philosophical Society, Annual Meeting; Duke
University, Durham, NC; February, 2005.
The Grace of Levinasian Friendship, Eastern Regional Meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers;
Cumberland College, Williamsburg, KY; December, 2004.
Kierkegaards iek in the Face of Globalization Concerned Philosophers for Peace, 17th Annual
Conference; UNC Charlotte, Charlotte, NC; Oct. 2004.
Kierkegaard and the Structure of Home Joint Meeting of the North and South Carolina Philosophical
Societies; North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC; February, 2004.
On the Cultural Status of Science as Discourse, North Carolina Philosophical Society, Davidson College,
NC; February, 2003.

Vice President of the SPEL Graduate Student Organization (GSO), SUNY Binghamton; Fall, 2008-Fall, 2009.
Co-Chair of SPEL Committee for Graduate Student Professional Development, SUNY Binghamton; Spring, 2008Spring, 2009.
Panel chair for session 1, panel 2, at the 4th Annual North Georgia Student Philosophy Conference;
Kennesaw State University; April, 2006.
Graduate Student Advisor for the editorial staff of Elements: Boston College Undergraduate Research
Journal, 2006.
Paper Selection Committee for the Boston College Graduate Student Conference; Spring, 2006.
Committeeperson for Publicity with the Boston College Philosophy Conference Planning Committee, Fall,
Teaching assistant to Dr. Marvin Croy in Practicum in Philosophy, Advanced Logic, Spring 2005.
Chair of the Student Committee on Candidate Evaluation for the review of prospective candidates for
UNC Charlotte Philosophy Department Chair, Spring, 2005.
Session chair for Concurrent Session VIII, Kierkegaard and the Possibility of the Gift, at the Eastern
Regional Meeting of the Society of Christian Philosophers; Cumberland College, Williamsburg,
KY; December, 2004.
Teaching assistant to Dr. Richard A. Cohen, Isaac Swift Distinguished Professor of Judaic Studies, UNC Charlotte,
Contemporary philosophy and Levinasian Ethics, Fall, 2004.
Research assistant to Dr. Laura Duhan Kaplan, Professor and Chair of the UNC Charlotte Department of
Philosophy; Fall, 2003 to Fall, 2004.

Panel chair for session 3 (panel 2) at the 2nd Annual North Georgia Student Philosophy Conference;
Kennesaw State University; April, 2004.
Assistant coach of the UNCC Ethics Bowl Team for the 2004 Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl, hosted by
Illinois Institute of Technology, Cincinnati, OH; February, 2004.
President, UNC Charlotte Student Philosophical Association (SPA), May, 2003 to May, 2004.

Philosophy Research Scholarship, SUNY Binghamton Department of Philosophy; May 2008.
Philosophy Prize; for exceptional achievement in philosophy. UNC Charlotte Department of Philosophy; April, 2005.
(only the 11th recipient of the prize in its 25 year history.)
Achievement in Philosophy Award, for Excellence in Leadership; by the UNC Charlotte Department of Philosophy;
April, 2004.
Re-Entry Scholarship, UNC Charlotte Office of Adult Student and Evening Services, October, 2003.

Prof. Hala Al-Najjar
EDUC Coordinator
American University of Kuwait
Prof. Randy Freidman
Assistant Professor of Philosophy
SUNY Binghamton
Prof. Bat-Ami Bar On
Professor of Philosophy and Womens Studies,
Director, Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities
SUNY Binghamton
Prof. Max Pensky
Chair, Professor of Philosophy
SUNY Binghamton