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Observation Task 4 Classroom Behavior

Management: An Overview
Focus: Classroom Management Strategies
The objective of this task is for student teachers to begin to understand the
importance of being proactive in order to manage the classroom behavior
effectively so that learning can take place. An effective teacher uses many
strategies to manage the behavior in the classroom so that learning can take
place. This week we are taking a very general look (overview) at these
various strategies. In the weeks to come, we will focus on some of the most
important behavior management strategies.

Look and listen for the Classroom Management
Strategies we discussed in class. Make a note in
the table below.
Management Tactic

1. Organizing a productive

Can students all see the board?
Does the teacher move children to
different seats if they are noisy or
Is it easy for everyone to walk
around the classroom

2. Classroom Rules and

Are rules stated in the positive
Are there no more than 5 rules
Are rules clear and everyone

3. Positive Greetings at the

Examples of what you saw or heard


The students can see the bored while
they sit on the carpet.
The teacher can move around, but almost
they sit like a circle so she can make an
eye contact with the kids.
The classroom organization is perfect
that mean everyone can move easily
around the class.

The classroom rules are pots on the white
bored so the kids can see it all the time.
There are about 3 rules and they are very
clear and simple for the kids also they have
it in English and Arabic.

My MST is arriving before the kids and she
smile and say (Hello, good morning) to each
child, and sometime she helps them to put
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How does your MST greet the
students when they arrive?

4. Managing independent

Is there some independent
seatwork throughout the day
Does the teacher give clear
Does the teacher have extra work
for the kids who finish early?

5. Communication

Does the teacher praise often?
What does she say?
If the teacher reprimands
(opposite of praise), is it very
short and not many words?

6. Teach and Model Behavior

Does the teacher teach and model
the behavior she expects? (for
example, if she wants the
students to listen while others are
speaking, does she do the same?)

7. Teacher Proximity

Does the teacher move
throughout the classroom?
Does she stand near those who
are not focusing?

their stuff in their cubbys.
They have independent work for each one.
For instance, they have writing independent
work about how to hold the pen and tracing.
The teacher gives her instructions in a way
that kids can understand it. If the child
finished his/her work early sometime the
teacher will another work for them, but
sometimes not.

Yes she praise to the kids if they are doing
well. She use the word like (well done – good
job – you are prefect ….ect). On the other
hand, sometimes she reprimands if one of
them make a mistake or he/she doesn't
listen to her, but she use a short word as
much as she can.
If she wants to have the kids' attention, she
just be quiet and looking around, so in that
time they will know that they have to be
quiet and listen to her. Sometimes she use
the bell.
She moves around, but not all the time
except if they have independent work. If she
assumes that there are a few of kids not
focusing she call that to sit near from her.

Yes there is a reward system called DOJO.
The teacher can put their points if they did a
 Is there a reward system in the
good thing, also they might lose their points
if they did a bad thing. Moreover the parents
 Is it effective?
can have look and see what their child does
at the class. The kids try hard to keep their
points and have a good behaviors.
When they have a lesson and the teacher
9. Goal Setting
 Does the teacher set goals for the needs their attention, she just asks
questions and gives them points if they do
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Teaching Practicum Booklet 1a 2015

8. Motivation System

class’s behavior? (Does she say
something like, “OK, today we are
all going to get smiley faces”?)

Visual schedule
Cuing system to gain
control of the classroom.

Does your teacher clap her hands
or sing a song to get the students’
attention? How does she get their
attention at the beginning or end
of an activity?

5 to 1 ratio of positive
to negative comments and

They don't have it.
Actually she doesn't have any song, but
when she wants to get their attention she
just say start to begin the activity and in the
end she use her bell for that.

She always tries to say the good behaviors
to the parents. However, sometime she need
to say the bad one, but in a nice way.

Does your MST say many more
positive things than negative?

 Does your MST smile at the
children often? How do the
children react?

Student answering


Does your teacher give everyone
a chance to answer questions?

She is smiling all the time, that why the kids
love her and they always want to b with her.
Also automatically they smile when she
smiling at them.
Yes, in the last TP, they had a game about
kind and unkind. My MST gives each child a
chance to play that game, and they were
happy about that.

This week, observe two children: one who has excellent behavior and one who does
Write a paragraph comparing the two. Notice how the teacher interacts with both of
 Watch how the children react when they are praised or reprimanded.

Watch how they both act when they are learning or working in groups.
What is the effect on the entire class when a child misbehaves?
Write several sentences about what you observed and what you think about
Which strategies does your teacher use with these children that you think are
most effective in managing the behavior?

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Answer the following questions.
 Why is it important to be PROACTIVE when trying to manage the
behavior in your class?
 What is the effect on the students if there is a lot of misbehavior in the
 Which of the behavior management strategies do you think are the
most important ones? Why?
 Which classroom management strategy do you think you will do
particularly well? Why?
 Which one do you think will be difficult for you to do?
 Which one does your MST do really well?

HCT Bachelor of Applied Science EDUCATION
Teaching Practicum Booklet 1a 2015