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X-ray Vision
It was late in the night on Halloween
That she went to where ghosts are said to be seen
To the hospital for a possible sighting
In the cold and dark and thunder and lightning
The number one place to find a spectre
Shed heard in a paranormal lecture
Is in a hospital would you believe
But why this is so she couldnt conceive
Well, ghosts can be seen both night and day
And appear in many a different way
Bleed-overs from another realm
A vision that can overwhelm
Solid or vaporous apparition
Where theres abundance of human condition
In hospitals emotions are abound
And empty radiation-free rooms are found
Hot-footing it through the corridors
The Porters busy at their chores
She headed for the X-ray room
And then a Nurse did start to boom
Visiting hours ended at
What now? I know, Ill
Shed seen it on HPANWO
She wanted the Nurse to

make the sign
leave her be

She raised an arm and made a fist

Off went the Nurse who got the gist
Not done in any offensive way
Pride and dignity ruled the day

00.00 31/10/2015

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What would she find, who could tell
Ectoplasm from Hellish Nell?
There and then she tripped and fell
And couldnt help but let out a yell
Landing on the hospital floor
A strange light seeping under the door
Of the X-ray room, what could it be
She opened the door to look and see
A portal to another world
Was about to be unfurled
There he stood, camcorder in hand
She really couldnt understand
Why was the Porter filming her?
The two realities started to blur
Is it he whos the ghost or is it me?
Ive found her the Porter declared with glee
Suddenly she realised
She had been immortalised
On HPANWO TV as the ghost
To which YouTube will play the host
Since this ghostly footage was shot
The Porter has gone but is not forgot
In the Lodge which for 23 years was his quarters
He lives on in the hearts of the serving Porters

00.23 31/10/2015


The Porters Poet

October 2015

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