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COMMITTEE: Disarmament and International Security
ISSUE: Ensuring the safe removal of unexploded ordnance from post-conflict zones
Serbia, as a country, is deeply concerned about the issue of unexploded ordnance in postconflict zones. We believe that the UN should take action about this important issue.
We have an enormous post-conflict zone around our borders with Croatia. We have had a
conflict with Croatia during “The Croatian War of Independence” . The war has already
costed both sides many lives and, unfortunately, it still does. Hikers have been warned
countless times by both Serbia and Croatia about the landmines in this post-conflict zone
yet as of 4 April 2013 a total of 509 people had been killed and 1,466 injured by land
mines in 1,352 incidents in Croatia.
Croatia-Serbia border has also been on the route of Syrian refugees who are not always
concerned about the landmines. It’s depressing that those people who escape war and try
to give their children their best chances may die because of a post-conflict zone. That’s
why we encourage Hungary and other Balkan countries to open their borders for
refugees to pass through and reach Germany so that they won’t have to pass through
Serbia-Croatia post-conflict zone.
We, as the delegation of Serbia, believe that this is a very important issue that must be
solved immediately with the help of UN organizations and member countries. Serbia has
suffered from both wars and post-conflict zones, may the other countries not have such