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EDUC 4525A Instrumental Music Curriculum & Methodology A

Assignment 3: Part B (Teaching Evaluation)

Marly Cruse - 1175534
Lesson Reflection : 30/04/15
7 minute Texas Flood Guitar Lick listening exercise
What went well?
There are a number of elements in my teaching that I feel went well and were positive. I feel that I
gave clear instructions and made it clear what was expected from students. I maintained a good
pace throughout the lesson and set time limits for students to complete tasks. I feel that high school
students (particularly boys) would respond well to the casual and conversational teaching style I
displayed in this lesson. The students seemed to engage well with the activity that I set and I feel
that they understood the idea I had set out to convey. They participated actively in the task set for
them, which was evident when I asked for their responses after the listening exercise and they were
happy to share them. I felt that playing my instrument at the beginning of the exercise was an
effective way to gain the students attention as it demonstrated that there was a practical purpose to
the exercise we were about to engage in. I also noticed several students were smiling and seemed
to appreciate this part of the lesson. When discussing my teaching with my peers afterwards several
mentioned that they thought the use of the visual element (transcription of the part in the listening
exercise) was extremely helpful in reinforcing the point that the artist uses a lot of repetition is his
Areas of possible improvement
I had a few issues with the ICT elements I wanted to employ e.g. my laptop was correctly connected
to the projector system. This was extremely simple to fix and I was able to do it extremely quickly
during the lesson, however in future I will make sure that all of the ICT elements I wish to use are
functioning properly before the lesson. I believe that if I had had more time to prepare my materials
before the class (set up time was very limited) this would not have been an issue.
I feel that the lesson could have also benefited from a simple introduction outlining the objective for
the activity. For example an effective introduction could have been something like:
Today were going to learn about improvisation. This can be an overwhelming concept for some
people, because they think it means that they have to constantly be thinking of spontaneous new
ideas and new material on the fly. I want to show you that improvisation isnt always as random and
improvised as it seems and that through developing a few simple musical ideas we can create a
solid basis for our own improvisation in songs.
By starting with an introduction like this it would have made the listening more clear by giving it an
obvious purpose rather than just doing it without any introduction.
Peer Learning
I also found that watching my peers teach their lessons gave me some great ideas for some fun
classroom activities for a variety of learning types. A lesson that I found particularly interesting was
one where the teacher laid out the lines of the stave with tape on the floor and had students move
into the different spaces or onto the lines that represented each note. This would be a particularly
effective exercise for a class that has a number kinaesthetic learners.
I found the classroom simulations to be an extremely helpful tool in developing some new ideas for
teaching. I have also realised the importance of reflective practice in education as it is an effective
way of ensuring that future practice is more beneficial for learning.