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FreeMind Manual

FreeMind Manual

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Published by: rcbCAL on Mar 23, 2010
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Freemind is an open source, mind-mapping software
program written in Java. A mind map is a knowledge
organization tool used to elicit ideas from one or more users
by placing a topic in the center of an empty space and
branching out with related ideas. The general premise of
mind-mapping software is that it will help you to organize,
link, and integrate thoughts. The primary focus of a mind
map involves making an arrangement of words into a
picture, which has a key concept at the centre or at the top,
and related words and concepts linked with the key concept
by means of lines and arrows.

Mind mapping software can be used for brainstorming and
conceptualizing, where you have ideas you need to put
down, structure, expand, and connect. Freemind also works
as a tree editor. You can create foldable trees of plain text
notes enriched with colors, icons, cloud-shapes, and other
graphics. This will help you to customize your map. For
example, you can use clouds to group together the nodes
that are interrelated, colors to differentiate between
completed tasks and other tasks, and icons to prioritize a

Freemind is useful for organizing your ideas and for keeping
track of all the things that are involved in completing a task.
You can use Freemind to keep a personal knowledge base
that is easy to manage. You can take advantage of the
scientific method and write-everything-down approach in
your daily life. Freemind is a valuable and effective tool for
people who want to manage themselves systematically.

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