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Steven Sadlowski Land Use Director Town of Canterbury, CT 1 Municipal Drive Canterbury, CT 06085

March 23, 2010

Dear Mr. Sadlwski, This is to inform you that we have now received reports and documents from our surveyor, Mr. Mark Sullivan, Mr. David J. D'Onofrio, Senior Hydrogeologist, Leggette, Brashears & Graham, Inc. and from NDDH. All reports indicate that there is high water table in most of the area at this time of the year. This does not meet our criteria for the establishment of a cemetery. Furthermore there is likelihood that burial in such conditions may affect the quality of life for the neighbors. This is also unacceptable. We have therefore decided not to proceed with our plans. Please inform all concerned of this development and also convey our regrets for the inconvenience and distress that our plans and the present development may have caused to anyone. Sincerely yours,

Dr. Abdul Hamid

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