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Hire Help

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Published by: mad__max8421 on Mar 24, 2010
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Again, she found herself walking through the clouds.
Jennifer looked down, and saw that she was wearing impossibly
high white stiletto heels... and nothing else. The ground below
looked so far away... like a view from an airplane.
There was a gust of wind, and she nearly lost her balance.
Somehow, she stayed upright in her footwear. In front of her, a
large fluffy cloud was being moved by the winds. Standing on it, she
could see a man...

"Richard!" she cried out. She tried to run, but her foot
twisted underneath her. She grabbed ahold of a nearby cloud and
managed somehow to right herself.
She looked around frantically. The cloud that had carried
Richard was now quickly receeding. A moment later, it was only a
pinprick on the horizon.
"No!" she screamed aloud. As she struggled to move, two green
birds with red feathers around the eyes started to circle above her.
"Not yet!" one of the birds cried out.
"Don't fall!" the other one screeched.
Jennifer let go of her cloud and tried to step forward.
Somehow, she managed it. But her second step put her shoe into a
river far below her. She could feel the silt of the river sucking
her down, and she started to fall...
The two birds dove down onto her shoulders, and flapped their
wings with a great effort. Slowly, they pulled her up and her shoe
was freed from the river.
The birds stopped flapping as she righted herself.
"You are not yet ready," one of the birds said to her.
"Don't run when you can't walk," the other one said.
"Ready?" she asked back. "When will I be ready?"
"You will see," said the first one.
"We will help," said the other one, with a wink.
The two of them took off with a sudden wingstrokes. She watched

them as they flew to a nearby cloud and tore pieces of it out with
their taloned feet.

They flew overhead, and dropped their cloudy burdens onto her.
They were shaped like something...
She was now wearing a dress made of clouds. She looked down and
saw the long wide flare of her misty skirt. It went down all the way
to the earth. And behind her, there was a veil of vapor thin ice
crystals that trailed magnificently behind her.
The two birds landed on her shoulders again. "It's a start,"

one of them said.

The other bird ruffled its feathers. "It's the *end*!" it said,
as it stared at the first bird.
Then a buzzing started in her crotch, and the realm of clouds

and dreams faded away.

Jennifer was already twisting her hips as she returned to
reality. The throbbing in her vagina had already made her juices
start to flow. She clenched her gloved hands and struggled in her
rubber outfit, trying to gain some control over the buzzing in her

It relentlessly sent her upwards. She labored against her
rubber corset and kicked her black rubber legs into the air.
Jennifer's stiletto heeled feet twirled around as she came nearer and
nearer to culmination...
"Ooooh!" she exclaimed as she reached her peak. She arched her
back slightly against the rubber corset as the pleasure went on and
on and on...

The buzzing died before she had another climax. She heard the
familiar metallic click from her wrists that indicated that she was
free of her bed at last.
Jennifer spent several minutes laboring for breath against the
corset as she recovered from her 'wake up call'. When she finally
recovered, she rolled out of bed and unsteadily walked to the

She inserted the key into the bottom of her chasity belt,
separating the bottom section so that she could take care of her
bodily functions. When she was done, she was still wet enough to
easily slide the phallus of the chastity belt back into place.
She got up and washed her hair in the sink. It was a strange
feeling to scrub her hair with rubber gloved hands. Jennifer toweled
it dry and ran a comb through it.
"Sure doesn't look very nice," she said aloud. But somehow, she
didn't think that Richard would really notice her hair today.
On the way out of her room, she stopped to look at herself in
the mirror again. Six and a quarter inch black patent shoes were
locked to her feet. She was wearing long black rubber stockings that
went all the way up to her crotch. She could see the garters that
held them up. The bottom of the chastity belt was visible below the

The black rubber of the skirt must have extended out over two
feet in all directions. It was held up by some very stiff red
crinoline that could be easily seen if she was bent over in any way.
The black rubber of her maid's outfit was very tight around her
waist. She was naturally a twenty six inch waist. What am I now,
maybe a twenty one? Jennifer wondered to herself.
The corset also pushed her breasts up and out. The tight clingy
rubber of the maid's outfit showed her erect nipples as a pair of
dainty points on the tips of her breasts. The rubber continued
upward, and ended at the top of her neck. The shiny black rubber
continued down both arms. When the rubber of the maid's outfit ended

at her wrists, the latex of her gloved hands took over.
"I could stop traffic on the expressway!" she said as she
twirled around in front of the mirror. This moved the phallus inside
of her around, and she was surprised with the intensity of the

"That was interesting," she said as she grabbed hold of a
bedpost. A few moments later, she headed out of her room and made
for the kitchen.

Jennifer had just finished making breakfast when Richard walked
in. "Good morning," she said as she carried two plates over to the
table. She had to concentrate intensely to carry anything while
wearing the six and a quarter inch high stilettos.
Richard looked at her from head to toe as she brought breakfast
to the table. "Good morning, Jennifer," he said. She saw that he
was not fully dressed as he normally was. Instead, all he wore was a
pair of rubber shorts that concealed his groin.
"I dressed up last night," she said, almost proudly. "I wanted
to show you... but you had already gone to bed for the night," she
said, with a hint of disappointment in her voice.
"You forgot to turn the light off in my closet," he said.
Oops! "I'm sorry. I... curiosity got the better of me. I
shouldn't have," she said.
"No, you shouldn't have," he said as he started in on his


Several minutes passed with only the sounds of clanking
silverware and dishes. "Richard... are you going to punish me?" she
asked. He seems to enjoy that so much, she thought to herself. I
hope he does and gets himself so stiff..."
"I'm not sure yet," he said. "I have to think of something...


"I see," she said, sipping on her juice. She finished it off
before asking her next question. "Why do you have so much of your
kinky stuff... in dresses and women's stuff?" she asked.
Jennifer did not see him become upset at all at the question.
He swallowed before answering. "Well, it has to do with a long
period of living without any companionship," he said. "I prefer to
see a woman dressed up, but when that wasn't available, I did it
myself. And I was very curious about how it would feel. Why should
women have all the fun?" he said, with a smile.
"I see," she said. Should she press her luck? she wondered.
"When was the last time that you dressed up like that?" she asked.
Richard studied her for a long moment. "My, you are brave
today," he said. "Especially with your snooping around last night."
Jennifer just smiled and shrugged. "Actually, it was a month and a
half ago," he said.

Jennifer was thinking of her next question when Richard finished
up his food and wiped his face. "I think I have decided upon your
punishment. However, it may have to wait for tomorrow. You have a
temporary reprieve."

She wasn't quite sure if she was relieved or disappointed to
hear this. "Get everything you can done by three," he said to her.
"I will be in my den. I have a large number of phone calls to make."
"Why three?" she asked.
"We have a wedding to go to," he said.

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