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Comics Come Alive in Print

MagCloud, the revolutionary new self-publishing web service by HP,

is changing the way ideas, stories, and images find their way into
peoples’ hands in a printed magazine format.
HP MagCloud capitalizes on the digital revolution, creating a web-
based marketplace where traditional media companies, upstart maga-
zine publishers, students, photographers, designers, businesses and
now comic book enthusiasts can affordably turn their targeted content
into print and digital magazine formats.
Publishers simply upload a PDF of their magazine and set their selling
price, and HP MagCloud takes care of the rest—processing payments,
printing magazines on demand, and shipping orders to locations
around the world. All magazines are printed to order using HP Indigo
technology, so they not only look fantastic but there’s no waste or over-
runs, reducing the impact on the environment.
Purchase a printed copy of one Liquid Comics’ latest issues including
custom covers created exclusively for Comic-Con or sign-up to be the
first to know about new comic releases.

Exclusive for Liquid Comics Fans:

25% off the First Issue You Publish

Enter promo code COMICCON when you set your

magazine price during the publishing process.
Coupon code valid through August 31, 2010.
Please contact with any questions.
GK_TPB_(QUARK) 9/20/07 3:54 AM Page 6
GK_TPB_(QUARK) 9/20/07 3:55 AM Page 7
GK_TPB_(QUARK) 9/19/07 2:48 PM Page 1
GK_TPB_(QUARK) 9/19/07 3:23 PM Page 139
GK_TPB_(QUARK) 9/19/07 3:27 PM Page 140
GK_TPB_(QUARK) 9/19/07 3:29 PM Page 141
GK_TPB_(QUARK) 9/19/07 3:30 PM Page 142
GK_TPB_(QUARK) 9/20/07 2:33 PM Page 5
GK_TPB_(QUARK) 9/20/07 3:52 AM Page 2
GK_TPB_(QUARK) 9/19/07 3:14 PM Page 126

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