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Education for Gifted &

Talented Students

Survey Participants:
This survey was open to the public because I
wanted to see how much information people
knew about GT students from all age groups and
places. The responses came mostly from fellow
peers attending Clear Springs High School
because I sent this out through text and
Facebook. I also sent this out to many family
members. Participants ranged from under 13
years old to above 26 years of age. I conducted
this survey on a website called survey monkey
and a total of 56 people participated.

Survey Questions:
Purpose of survey:
The purpose of this survey is to produce data
collected from primary sources. Surveying the
public first hand gives accurate information. It
gives insight into how much knowledge the
public has about GT students. This survey also
demonstrates trends within a GT students
learning, which can help education systems better
prepare schools/teachers to educate gifted

Hypotheses from the survey:

1. Over 75% of the people who arent GT will
have minimal awareness of what the program
2. Gifted and Talented students are more likely
to take Pre-AP classes and be significantly
stronger in some areas than others.
3. Most people will say that 10-15% of students
are identified as GT.

1. Which age group are you in?

13 and under
25 and older
2. Are you a male or female?
3. Are you currently or were previously
enrolled in Pre-AP/AP courses?
Partially (half AP half regular)
4. Check the statement that accurately describes
your strengths and weaknesses
I am very strong in some areas, yet
significantly weaker in others.
I am slightly stronger in some areas and
slightly weaker in others.
I am well balanced between most areas.

5. How many extra-curricular activities are you

involved in?
6. Are you a GT student/parent of a GT
Not sure
7. What does GT stand for?
Guided for Training
Gifted and Talented
General Technology
Graded and Tactical
8. Which statement accurately describes your
understanding of this program?
I am very familiar and understand all
aspects of the GT program.
I am somewhat familiar and understand
most things about the GT program.
I have heard of this program and may
know a few things.
I am not familiar with this program at all.
9. What percentage of students do you think are
identified as GT?
10. The standards set for GT students are
Too high
Just right
Too low
Im not sure

Of all the people who participated, 30 were 14-18
years old, 13 were 19-25, 11 were 26 or older, and
only 2 were below 13 years of age. 29 people were
female and 26 were males (1 skipped). Only 14%
(8 people) werent enrolled in any Pre-AP classes.
Extra-curricular activities were evenly distributed,
but 19 people said they had 2 hobbies, which was
the highest percentage. 33 people (60%) who took
the survey said they were a GT kid or a parent of a
GT kid. Only 8 of the 56 people who took the
survey didnt know or couldnt guess what GT
stood for.

Summary & Conclusion:

The results from this survey show that most people
have at least heard of the GT program, even if they
arent in it themselves. This means that the GT
program has become very widespread since it has
been created, since only 12% of people said they
have never even heard of this program at all. 41%
of people said they are very familiar with this
program, which means the other 47% have
probably only heard it mentioned a few times. This
shows how the public needs to learn more about
this program, because there are probably many GT
kids out there who never get introduced to this
beneficial curriculum. Because I handed out the
survey to my friends, many of them are GT
students. Its interesting how most of the people
taking the survey that were GT students also said
they were significantly stronger in some areas than
others, and that they were enrolled in Pre-AP
classes. As seen from the pie chart to the right,
many students also think the standards set for GT
students are too low. This is probably a direct
result of the standard education system being used
for all students equally. These results will help me
in my final project better understand public
opinions about GT students, and have more insight
into opinions from GT students themselves.

Stephanie Nguyen
ISM 6th period