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4132 N. 109th Dr. Phoenix, AZ 85037 | (623) 210-2433 |

Monday, September 28, 2015
Principal Agnew
Imagine Avondale
950 N Eliseo Felix Jr Way
Avondale, AZ 85323
Dear Principal Agnew:
I am very excited to apply for the 7th grade English teaching position at Imagine
Avondale. I would like express my interest in this opportunity to teach at your school, and
take a moment to introduce myself and my teaching philosophyto you.
First, its very important to me that my students feel comfortable in my class. A student
who feels safe in the classroom is more likely to seek help when they have questions, or
concerns. My classroom motto is that:
Our classroom is a community of compassionate, determined and enthusiastic
learners who will respect and support the learning environment.
I hope to foster the sense of belonging in all of my students. As an English teacher, I
know that many students fear reading and public speaking. It is my wish to use the
students prior knowledge to really engage them in the topics selected for reading.
Students will exposed to a plethora of learning materials including: computers, tablets,
videos, maps, graphs, smartboards, cell phones, test/ quizzes, surveys etc. Ive learned
that students become active in their education when you connect the lesson to
information that they already hold previous knowledge of. Therefore, we will have fun
while connecting our learning to new information from: articles, collages, graphic
organizers, websites, plays, dramas, poetry, novellas, textbooks, journals, novels, clay,
paintings, etc.
I will be using scaffolding techniques to build my students knowledge up, so that they
can assimilate new information easier. There are many strategies available to help
students decode their reading. I plan on using combination lesson plans which will
include: personal stories, maps, images, pictures, puzzles, websites, movies, and music.
Students will also work on individual and in small collaborative group projects to solve
real world problems. I expect my students to follow the classroom procedures, and act
with the appropriate behaviors for all classroom interactions; while improving upon their
listening skills by actively engaging, and appropriately responding, during classroom
conversations, discussions and debates.
Secondly, I will make sure that every student who enters my classroom will be educated in a way
that best fits their specific and diverse needs. I understand that we, the teachers and
administration, are our own community and as such will be working closely together. I
would appreciate any and all advice to improve my performance, and have also attached
my resume for further reflection.
I hope to hear from you!
Breanna Madison