Reverse vaccinolgy - Presntation

Department of Bioinformatics Alagappa University Karaikudi-630 003, Tamil Nadu, India

Bioweapon Potential
• Botulinum toxin a major threat because
– Extreme potency and lethality – Ease of production – Ease of transport – Need for prolonged intensive care

• Top 6 potential biological warfare agents • Listed as Category A agent: High priority

Category A
• Variola major • Bacillus anthracis • Yersinia pestis

• Clostridium botulinum
• • • • Francisella tularensis Ebola hemorrhagic fever Marburg hemorrhagic fever Lassa & Junin

Not Only Humans… The animals also Can do the Mass Damage..

Categories of Human Botulism
1. Foodborne botulism 2. Infant botulism 3. Wound botulism 4. Adult infectious botulism

Passive immunization - equine antitoxinAntibodies to Types A, B and E toxins Binds and inactivates circulating toxin Stops further damage but doesn’t reverse Administer ASAP for best outcome Dose per package insert Heptavalent antitoxin Investigational Effective against all toxins

Reverse vaccinology is one of the best examples of how bioinformatics can boost molecular immunology, the conventional approach to design vaccines requires pathogen’s cultivation and dissection of its main components before testing their ability to elicit protective immunity

PSORTb 2.0 HMMTOP 2.0 SIGNALp 3.0 LipoP 1.0 SecretomeP 2.0 PredTMBB TatP 1.O Virulentpred BLASTP

Clostridium botulinum A str. ATCC 3502 – pedant Database

Using the reverse vaccinology methods the genome of Clostridium botulinum A strain was analysed, the screening was done with the help of different servers such as VirulentPred, LipoP, SecretomeP, SignalP, PredTMBB etc, after the screening the proteins with significant scores are selected for comparing with human genome with BLASTP, the proteins which shows more than 80% similarity were omitted The criteria for selection are •Should be virulent •Should have minimum secretomeP of 0.5 •Should contain signal peptide cleavage sites •Should be a membrane protein •Transmembrane helices must be minimum •Presence of Beta barrels are significant •Non secretory proteins are omitted

Epitope mapping results

Peptide binding to MHC Class II Molecules

This particular Peptide can be act as the vaccine candidates against the Clostridium Botulism using the reverse vaccinology

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