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Typology/and Design, Construction and Technology Edited by Johann Eisele, Ellen Kloft Contents Typology and Design Design and Construction Technology and Building Operation 3 04 8s 06 °1 of °s Foreword Johann Eisele, Ellen Klo® 7 A Brief History of the High-+ 8 Johann Eisele Typology 10 Ellen Kio Project Development 4 High-rse Project from the Developer and Investor Perspective Joachim Tenkhoff Project Management 8 ‘A Management Too! for Temporary Organizations Frank Spand! Organization of Office Towers 40 ‘Tmo Brehme and Frank feltaner Site Operation 50 Site Operational Issues during High rise Construction Christoph Motzko Geotechnics 8 Geotechnical Aspects ofthe Planning and Building of High-rises Ulli Arslan and Peter Ripper Load-bearing Structures 6 Manfred Grohmann and Harald Kote Construction and Design 96 Johann Eisele Structural Dynamics 106 Johann-Dietrich Werner and Hans-Werner Nordhues Effects of Wind 16 Hans Joachim Gerhardt Appendix 3 ” Facade structures Sigurdur Gunnarsson Facade Technologies Martin Lutz and Eberhard Oesterle Insolation and Shading Helmut F.O.Mller and Hans Jargen Sehmita Building Systems Klaus Daniels Integrated Concepts Ideas, Realizations, Perspectives, Ideas forthe Future ‘Matthias Schuler Fire Protection ‘Wolfram Klingsch Flevator installations Hans M.Jappsen Facility Management Siegfried Schilling Subject Index Bibliography Project Index st of Authors Picture Credits Acknowledgements 26 162 182 194 204, 224 28 730 233 235