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Name Nina Alsworth

Software Integration Planning Sheet

By integrating Educational Software into the curriculum, we take one step closer to
meeting the needs of ALL of our digital students. By giving them the opportunity to
learn and explore using multimedia software they become more focused, engaged
and motivated. In this project, you will select a grade level, subject area and
Common Core Standard to begin the process of using the software in order to more
effectively help ALL of your students create an academic product showcasing their
understanding of the concept you are teaching.

1) Begin planning
Grade level:_1st grade
Topic/Subject Area: Civic and Political Participation. Kindness to
People & Animals
Common Core Standard (
SS.1.C.2.4. Show Respect & Kindness to people and Animals
2) Select your Software
Browse the internet for software that supports the Common Core
Standard you selected for the general population of your students.
Software/APP/Website Game
Now think about those who may have special needs. Focus on one
special need/disability and select a software that will help that
particular student master the same Common Core Standard. You may
use some of the resources below to help you:
Special Needs Software:
1. Merit Solutions for Special Ed-Learning Disabilities
2. Kate's List of Free Software for Severe Special Education Classrooms
3. Crick Software-Supporting Learners with Special Needs
Special Needs Software/APP/Website Game
Speech Impairment. (Text to Speech) iSpeech TTS App. Will assist with
Speech impairment so student will have assistance with presentation.

3) Provide a guide
Create a computer generated handout showing how you want your
students to organize, perform, showcase etcthe information gained
from the software use. Hint: Then students should not be able to
create or complete the final product without the use of the
software. You can create a sample of what you want your students to
create, or showcase something you create to assist them in meeting
the goals of the standards you chose. May be: Public Service
Announcement (PSA) showing Kindness towards others/animals
a. Flyer
b. Brochure
c. Booklet
d. Web Activity (Curric. resource page, web scavenger hunt, Prezi
quiz or other assessment)
4) Decide which tech standards you met as a teacher and your
students met as digital learners:
NETS-T Standard ( )
Standard 1 was met. Facilitate and Inspire Student Learning
and Creativity Teachers use their knowledge of subject matter, teaching and
learning, and technology to facilitate experiences that advance student learning,
creativity, and innovation in both face-to-face and virtual environments. Teachers:

promote, support, and model creative and innovative thinking and inventiveness.
engage students in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using
digital tools and resources.
promote student reflection using collaborative tools to reveal and clarify students'
conceptual understanding and thinking, planning, and creative processes.
model collaborative knowledge construction by engaging in learning with students,
colleagues, and others in face-to-face and virtual environments.

NETS-S Standard ( )

Standard 1 was met. Creativity and Innovation Students
demonstrate creative thinking, construct knowledge, and develop innovative
products and processes using technology. Students:
1. apply existing knowledge to generate new ideas, products, or processes.
2. create original works as a means of personal or group expression.
3. use models and simulations to explore complex systems and issues.
4. identify trends and forecast possibilities

5) Present your project to the class:

a. Tell us the grade level, subject and CCS you selected
b. Describe and/or demonstrate both pieces of software (regular ed
and special ed) that you selected. Tell how the special ed
software meets the students needs.
c. Show the computer generated handout that the students will
complete or use.
6) Turn in this planning sheet along with one copy of your
handout to me for grading!