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-types common share/prefereence/public/private/return/risk/
industry analysis
-peer group
-product or service
- commerical and govt classification
-strategic analysis
5 forces: consumers,suppliers, substitutes, new entry, intensity of competi
market concentration// segragated, fragments
barrier to enter
capacity / labour/financial vs physic
industry lifecycle
political/govt factors
analyse industry overview,
demand, supply, cost, ratio analysis with comparable firms/ past performance
ddm , with g
multistage, i.e changing r
multiple with fundamental P/E
multiple with comparable P/S , P/B
information efficiency -- time take to reflect
new information into the security prices
weak- all secuity info
semi strong - all security info + public information
strong - all security info + public + private info
market efficiency
-weak,semi strong, strong
weak- tech analysis, pattern no use
semi strong - fundamental still can use
strong form- mkt efficient i.e no mispricing
-time series // january,
-size // small firm , value firm high p/e vs low p/e
- open end funds
behaviour finance
- overconfidence bias
- risk averse, minimise loss than potential profit opportunity