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Oct 30, 2015

Congratulations to the Tri-M

Boys Swim Team win over St.

Gregorys at Richmond Hill

High School.

Final Score:


St. Gregs


By Adriana C. Muniz
Its no secret the Tri-M team start training during the summer months. So
when the Tri-M Boys hit the water on Friday night, they were obviously ready
for the 2015/2016 season. Missing from the team were last years strong
senior presence but the new class of seniors left us wanting to see more of
what they can do. They edged out St. Gregorys in a number of races without
missing a beat. Theres no doubt this new crop of seniors will definitely be a
strong presence this year.
The Novice, Bantam, and Junior levels also performed well during the night.
During the relay races, there was much excitement as a number of races were
too close to call. St. Gregorys had edged out Tri-M in a few races but
ultimately Tri-M proved victorious in the end for the 3rd year in a row.
The boys are back in the pool on Monday and Wednesday nights in
preparation for their next meet against AOK (11/6/15). Be there to cheer
them on!

2013/2014 Season

Come out and support the Tri-M Boys Swim Team on Friday, November 6th
at Richmond Hill High School located at 89-30 114th Street Richmond Hill,
NY 11416. $3.00 per person Check-in time 7:40pm.

Tri-Ms ready for action at Richmond Hill High School

Mary Leong Head Coach

718 793-4082

TRI-M Boys Swim Team Oct 30, 2015