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Group 1

Act 1 scene 1- Lysander tries to convince Egeus and

Duke Theseus that he is the most worthy for Hermia.
Act 1 scene 2- Bottom tries to convince Quince that he
should play all of the roles in their play.

One student was chosen to be

captain of the team. Other
teammates feel just as worthy and
think the choice was unfair.

Group 2
Act 1 scene 1:Hermia faces punishment for defying her
father. Theseus has no power to alter the laws of his
country; therefore he can only give Hermia four days
to consider the life of a nun or marriage to Demetrius:
and at the end of that time, if she still refuses to marry
Demetrius, she is to be put to death.

A judge is about to sentence

some teens and they plead for

Group 3
Act 2 scene 1: Oberon insists on getting Titanias (his
wife) Indian pageboy for himself when he might
actually be upset because their former loves, Hippolyta
and Theseus, are about to get married.

A group is in the hall when a student comes up

and smashes a desk in anger. He says he is mad
because he got a B on a paper instead of an A.
After he leaves, the students talk about his
overreaction. One of them speculates that he is
really upset about his ex-girlfriend going to
homecoming with his current girlfriends former

Group 4
Act 3 scene 1: Puck decides to play a trick. He gives
Bottom the head of an ass, which everyone can see but
Bottom. The men are horrified by Bottom's
transformation and they run off.

Create a practical joke to play

on a friend. Role-play the joke
and the friend's reaction.

Group 5
Act 3 scene 1: Bottom, Quince, Flute, Snug, Snout, and
Starveling arrive in the wood to begin rehearsing the
play. Quince is ready to start at once but Bottom insists
that the script needs changes.

A band is preparing to
compete on "America's Got
Talent." The band members
are planning what song to
play in order to win.

Discussion Board Prompt

Post to Canvas

In a well-written paragraph, discuss

how the conflict in your modern skit
parallels with a conflict in a Midsummer
Night's Dream. Use a couple quotes
from the text to support your response.