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Treaty of Versailles

Salmata Barrie (Timekeeper), Kate Durgin (Presenter), Fiona Garcia (Notetaker),

Abbey Gilchrist (Facilitator), Alec Taylor (On Task & Volume Control)

Video Notes

Common Themes

The treaty only fostered the second

world war which in a way was simply a
continuation of the first.

The Treaty was written by Britain and

France, allies at the time, to prevent
another war on their part.

Treaty was suppose to prevent wars

but ended up provoking them (WW2).

Germany was the loser in this treaty.

German people were inspired of Hitler's

speeches because they needed a new
leader to bring them out of debt.

It was called the unhappy

compromise, did not hold.

World War 1 brutalized people.

France and British hungry for revenge.

Only temporarily stops war.

Germany was upset because they

wanted different things

Treaty was the starting gun for the

second world war.

League of nations founded

(Woodrow Wilson wanted this).

Unfair Treatment

The meeting to compose the Treaty

of Versailles completely excluded
Germany, they werent even

By doing this, they faulted

Germany and required them to pay
for everything.

They were blamed for things they

didnt even do.

The treaty caused a lot of problems

for Germany, because the financial
strain they had to endure led to
and loss

Article Notes Penalties

-Japan, United States, Great Britain, France, and Italy were the 5 main powers.
-William II of Hohenzollern, formerly German Emperor, got arrested by these powers for the supreme offense against
international morality and sanctity of treaties.
-Prosecution isnt taken place in Germany or in any of its allies. It takes place in one of the 5 main powers which puts
you at a disadvantage and basically makes you already guilty.
-Germany doesnt have any control over persecutions.
- The country or countries you offended is going to hold you accountable for your offense instead of your own country
but you get your own council because they were in the courts of people accusing them so there was a disadvantage.
-Germany has to do all the paperwork for their prosecuted even though the trial is being taken place in another country
and German authorities have to be completely honest about everything.
-Germany is basically filing the case to be undertaken in the opposing court.


Kids on a playground
Taking the ball.
Five against one.
The oppression rises.
The anvil races from the sky.
Here I lie. Hit like gravel.
No liberation.
We gather to say our goodbyes,
to Germany.
Crushed, cuffed, captured
for what cost?
Vanity, greed, or power?
They win the trophy
What delusion of fascism is this?
As sure as the sky is blue,
We shall prevail
And win what is rightfully ours.

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Poem Visual

Oppression- The oppression rises This refers to the cruel and unjust use of
power by the big 5 against Germany.
Fascism- What delusion of fascism is this? There was intolerant practice of
law towards Germany.
Liberation- No liberation This is said because Germans were not facing
equality at this time.
Delusion- What delusion of fascism is this? We used the word delusion
because at first Germany probably couldnt even believe how unjustly they
were going to be treated with the Treaty of Versailles. They thought it must of
been a delusion(false belief or statement)

Elements of Literature
Metaphor- Kids on a playground taking the ball This was said to compare the 5
major powers as school bullies because they were stomping all over Germany.
Personification- The anvil races from the sky This was used to show that the
powers oppression on Germany was as heavy as an anvil on top of the Germans.
Alliteration- Crushed, cuffed, captured for what cost? These C-words were
used to describe how Germany was feeling after the Treaty of Versailles.
Symbolism- They win the trophy The trophy symbolizes the power that Britain,
Japan, United States, France and Italy held, particularly over Germany.

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