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A Derech Dovid Publication

Volume 4 s"xc

HaRav Yitzchak Kimmel
A Torah-Centric Focus
His work – like his life – is anything but typical. Rising earlier than many people, Rabbi Yitzchak Kimmel’s first priority is his commitment to Torah learning. With daily, fixed times for learning with chavrusas (study partners), his morning and early afternoons are intense as he labors to unlock the treasures of both the revealed and hidden Torah. The balance of his day, till late at night, is given to assisting Jews in need. Why does he do it?

Who is



people seeking answers to their life challenges. They come from all walks of Jewish life, from the strictest levels of observance to those with the thinnest awareness of their own Yiddishkeit (Judaism). Their needs are all too familiar today: marriage matches, income, health, peace in the home, critical business decisions, personal crises, and other serious matters.

A Worldwide Vision
While many Jewish organizations act locally, Rabbi Yitzchak Kimmel, shlita also thinks, sees, and acts globally. His rebbe, Rav Eliyahu Elfassi, zt’l declared that Rabbi Kimmel’s life work was to bring hundreds of thousands of Jews back to a life of Torah and mitzvos. Today, thousands credit the Rav’s hashpa’ah tovah (good influence) as inspiring them to become shomrei Shabbos (Sabbath observant), immerse in the mikveh regularly, set fixed times for Torah learning and shiurim (Torah classes), and to practice taharas ha’mishpacha (the laws of family purity).

And what was it about Rabbi Kimmel that caught the attention of the Baba Sali’s gabbai (assistant)? Rabbi Kimmel could see into the very core of a person’s life. He could link external events to inner behavioral, attitudinal, and spiritual causes. And he could do this almost instantly, in great detail, and with astonishing accuracy, as thousands today can affirm. After many hours of learning in the mornings and early afternoon, the Rav goes to the Derech Dovid office to guide

Over twenty years ago, recognizing that Hashem (G-d) had endowed him with a special gift to help people, Rabbi Kimmel attached himself to Rabbi Eliyahu Elfassi zt”l, the gabbai (assistant) and talmid muvhak (distinguished student) of the renowned kabThe Rav’s wisdom and pinpoint guidance balist, the Baba Sali, Rabbi Yisroel Abuhas, with Hashem’s help, aided counthatzera zt”l. Rabbi Elfassi less individuals to find urged Rabbi Kimmel to their zivug (soul mate) exercise himself strenuand begin healthy famiously in mastering the lies. Couples who have Torah’s mysteries so as to struggled with infertility sharpen his G-d given skills. have found solace and supHe also told Rabbi Kimmel port through the Rav’s tefilos that he must prepare himand segulos. Marriages that self to assist great numbers were on the brink of dissoluof people to come closer to tion have turned one hundred Hashem (G-d). From then uneighty degrees to discover a new R’ Elfassi • Baba Sali • R’ Kimmel til Rabbi Elfassi’s zt’l passing on level of happiness, unity, and Erev (the day before) Rosh Hashanah three years ago, he love through the Rav’s “get to the root of it” direct approach. directly guided Rabbi Kimmel’s work and learning. The Rav’s influence extends to the corporate world where he has guided men and women in the workplace to observe the laws of tznius (modesty), to follow principles of yashrus (integrity in business practices), and to actually generate greater revenues through tzedakah (charity) and chesed (kindness).

Spending a few minutes with Rabbi Kimmel has produced major life changes for thousands of people in recent years. If you know of persons who may be seeking the kind of help described in this newsletter, kindly direct them to call the Derech Dovid office.

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Derech DoviD’s outreach
Many people ask “What kind of organization is Derech Dovid?” In a word: Multi-faceted. Directed by Rabbi Yitzchak Kimmel, Shlita, together with his staff and Board of Directors, Derech Dovid seeks to serve a rapidly expanding fellowship of Jews from all persuasions – or none at all. They come from near and far – from around the block to around the world. They call, they fax, they email, and they come and wait patiently in the office, if only to spend time with the Rav. The Rav devotes long hours to answer the questions and concerns of each one. Some of Derech Dovid’s projects are directed to benefit the klal (Jewish public). Among them are several holiday and theme events held throughout the year, such as the Chanukah chagigah, the current Shovavim series of Mincha tikkunim (rectifications) and the upcoming Purim chagigah.

a look inside

1. The Derech Dovid Siddur
Rabbi Kimmel has commissioned the printing of a special new Siddur which includes many of the segulos and tefilos (prayers) which the Rav recommends to bring more brocha (blessing) and mazel into our lives. Beside the three daily prayers of Shacharis, Mincha, and Maariv, this unique Siddur offers many special features. Among them are: the Tikkun HaKlali, Tikkun Chen, Tefilas Chanah, segulos l’parnassa, Parshas Ha’Man, Inyanei Ketores, tefilos (prayers) for finding a zivug (soul mate) bearing and raising healthy children, Shalom Bayis (peace in the home), and much more. Opportunities are still open to dedicate portions of this unique Siddur in memory of a loved one. Contact the Derech Dovid office for details.


new projects

2. Derech Dovid Website
Many of the Rav’s recommendations for spiritual health and avodas Hashem will be available on a soon-to-be-launched new website. You’ll be able to: • Retrieve halachic (Jewish law) guidelines for kosher mezuzos and tefilin • Download previous editions of the Derech Dovid newsletters • Stay informed on upcoming Derech Dovid public events • Support the Rav’s work • Submit an online kvittel (note) to the Rav • Access special uploads to inspire your Jewish living and learning.

3. Second Sefer Torah

in Memory of Rav Eliyahu Elfassi zt’l

As we’ve entered the annual season of Shovavim, derived from Sefer Shmos (the Book of Exodus), Rabbi Kimmel surprised his staff with the announcement of a second Sefer Torah to be written l’illui nishmas the Rav’s Rebbe and Teacher, Rav Eliyahu Elfassi zt’l. This new Sefer Torah will serve the communal needs of the Derech Dovid chaburah (fellowship), especially for public services such as Shovavim and other holiday-related services. Scheduled for completion during Sukkos, the Rav has already penned the first few osiyos (letters) of this beautiful Torah scroll. Opportunities are also available for dedication of a parsha, (chapter) a pasuk, a word, or even a letter in this precious Sefer Torah. For information, please contact the Derech Dovid office at 718-951-8600.


Under the leadership of Harav Yitzchak Kimmel t"yhka | T 718.951.8600 | F 718.951.8619 | |

hatfilah (silence is beautiful during the time of prayer) spells out the Hebrew word seyvah, which means old age. The prohibition of devarim bateilim (mundane speech) is not limited solely to the chazan’s repetition of Shemoneh Esreh. Any conversation in a shul that is not connected to Torah, tefilah, (prayer) mussar, and avodas Hashem can have a deleterious effect on the speaker, the listener, the tzibbur (congregants), and the place itself. Rav Yonassan Eibeshitz zt”l warns in Ye’aoros Dvash (chelek alef, drush dalet) that sichah b’teilah (idle talk) hangs like a cloud in the bais haknesses and impedes the rise of the tzibbur’s tefilos (congregants prayers) up to shomayim (heaven)! The Sefer Derech Moshe affirms that every kitrug (complaint) brought by the Satan against Klal Yisroel can be answered with rachmanus (mercy) except in cases involving talking in the bais haknesses. The mechaber (author) provides a remez (hint) to this derived from the pasuk (verse) which states Hashem y’lachem lakhem v’atem tacharishun (G-d will fight for you only when you remain silent).

is Your Killing Your

Mouth Mazel?
part two
by Rabbi

In Orach Hachayim (siman 55), the Taz classifies a person who speaks devarim b’teilim in shul as a fool because he doesn’t realize the damage he does to himself and others. The Shulchan Aruch (siman 151) elucidates that idle talk in shul is a direct affront to the shechinah (divine presence). The Magen Avrohom observes that shuls which condoned the disrespectful practice of idle talk during services were eventually turned into houses of idolatry. The Zohar (Terumah, daf 131b) warns that speaking devarim b’teilim (empty talk) in a shul demonstrates an absence of kavod (honor, respect) for the shechinah (divine presence). Furthermore, the person exhibits that his emunah (faith) is incomplete and that ultimately he has no share with the rest of Klal Yisroel chas v’shalom (G-d forbid)! Because of the dire consequences of this lethal transgression, Rav Chaim Vital zt”l writes in Shaar Hakavonos that his Rebbe the Arizal didn’t dare speak words of mussar or even divrei Torah in the bais haknesses. In so doing, he selfimposed a siyyag (a protective barrier) against ever inadvertently speaking idle talk.

Yitzchak Kimmel

In the previous Derech Dovid newsletter, the Rav discussed the impact of lashon hara (defamatory speech) about others. In this edition, the Rav focuses on how to remedy the toxic effects of idle talk in shul. The Shulchan Aruch (Orach HaChaim siman 124) warns that talking in shul during tefilah (prayer) is such a grave sin that others should quiet those that transgress. The son of the Shelah HaKodesh in his Sefer HaAmudim writes that every bais haknesses should appoint people to insure no talking occurs and if the offenders do not heed, they should be shamed publicly for talking during tefilah (prayer). (Humor aside, this points out a practical basis in halacha (Jewish law) for appointing “shusher ushers!”) The Mishnah Berurah brings down in the name of Eliyahu Rabbah that there were many batei knessios that were destroyed because of talking during tefilah (prayer). Gedolim (great sages) have said that the horrific pogroms that ravaged Europe during Tach v’Tat (1648-49) were directly attributable to violating the sanctity of tefilah (prayer) through idle talk. Soon after the massacres of that year, the Tosfos Yom Tov authored a special Mi Sh’Berach to be said on Shabbos for those who don’t talk during tefilah (prayer) and krias HaTorah. The great kabbalist Rabbi Moshe Cordovera (the Ramak) said one who desires arichus yomim (long life) should be very careful not to speak during tefilah (prayer). The Ramak explains that the rashei tayvos (first letters) of the phrase shtikah yafah b’shas

If you commit to eliminating idle talk in shul, you can powerfully and positively influence your own mazel.

Talking in shul is to spiritual health what indolence is to physical health. Moreover, as we’ve discussed above, idle talk in shul can actually shorten one’s life. Baruch Hashem, the cure is simple and within easy reach of us all. Consider this: If a shul were to offer five hundred dollar cash to each person who doesn’t talk, it would unquestionably be packed yet pindrop quiet each week. The halachos (laws) and ayztos (guidance) we’ve learned here attest that Heaven provides us far greater value – a good life in olam hazeh (this world) and a great life in olam haboh (the world to come). I offer you this insight: If you commit to eliminating idle talk in shul, you can powerfully and positively influence your own mazel.



and Services


Hundreds of
people were mekabel to become shomer shabbos where they were not before.

of people Boruch Hashem, found their proper shidduchim through the brachos and tikunim given by Horav Yitzchak Kimmel, Shlita.

Hundreds of Thousands
of people, from all walks of life, from children, teenagers and adults, who have come from all over to seek and get hadrocho from Horav Yitzchak Kimmel, Shlita. These people are spoken to on an almost daily basis.


saw refuos & yeshuos through the brachos and tefilos of Horav Yitzchak Kimmel, Shlita.

Torah Families
received needed support each and every week.

over 2000
pairs of tefilin and/or mezuzos were checked and found not to meet the standards set by the Chofetz Chaim and the Bais Yosef. The vast majority were able to be corrected to meet those standards. large percentages were found not Kosher altogether and were replaced. We urge everyone to contact Derech Dovid to learn about these important standards that can improve your mazel and life.

more than Ten Thousand
people were mekabel to be “Kovaya Itim Batorah” every day when they were not doing so before. most are learning mishnayos and halocho. many have undertaken Daf Yomi and other subjects as well.


All was not okay. It had only been a couple of weeks of marriage, but every morning, I woke up to find Ariel was not the person he had presented himself to be during our brief courtship. Details of his appalling and bizarre behavior disclosed, our Rebbe decided I needed to bring Ariel to a renowned Rabbipsychiatrist, who met with us and declared a get should be given without delay. Ariel went into hiding when I left our chossen-kallah apartment. I turned to our shadchanim, the Rosh Yeshiva and his Rebetzen mother, our Rebbe and Ariel’s friends and acquaintances for help in locating him. They were all able to help get me married to him, but couldn’t help now. Some politely closed the door; some slammed the door in my face. I was without a job and now found Ariel had run up bills in my name. We were still officially married. I needed that get. To make matters worse, all of my family members lost everything they had in the great fires that had plagued the parched West Coast so I could neither seek solace back home nor ask them for money. I certainly couldn’t burden them with my plight in the face of theirs. The Bais Din tried to find Ariel, but with no success. I was grateful, but it was not enough to gain my freedom. What was I to do? Every single resource was exhausted, every avenue explored. Without Ariel, I could not get my get. This was my true test, my true leap of faith. I could have given up. Instead, I called the Derech Dovid office and asked for an appointment to see Rabbi Kimmel. I felt terrible I had not seen him before my brief engagement or chasuna (wedding); I knew he would not judge me or be offended. I had met Rebbes and Mekubalim before and above all, I was always impressed with Rabbi Kimmel’s unpretentious, earnest sincerity. Could Rabbi Kimmel work miracles, though? The Abishter works miracles, and Rabbi Kimmel is his truthful servant if I’d ever seen one; he is humble and sincere. When I walked into Rabbi Kimmel’s office, I could sense the gravity of the moment. I told him apologetically I had gotten married suddenly and was now waiting for a get. I found comfort in his caring and sincere manner. And then, I saw his abilities at work! Rabbi Kimmel began to describe my situation to me in great detail. He described

Get the Get


people in Ariel’s circle to me, and asked questions like, “Who is the chubby guy with red hair? What’s his name?” Rabbi Kimmel coached me step-bystep as to what to say first, second and third in order to work unwilling and even hostile people to coax Ariel out of hiding and give me a get. At the end of these detailed instructions, he said that once I get through these steps, I should come back and he would guide me further. Wow! Rabbi Kimmel had given me a detailed plan the way a coach devises for his team, but this was no game, it was my life. Within days, I had made unbelievable progress using Rabbi Kimmel’s “game plan” and I met with him on numerous occasions. I was never left abandoned by Rabbi Kimmel or Derech Dovid. The last time I met with the Rav on this matter, he looked at Ariel’s name on my kvittel and began repeating, “I just have to get away from all this. I need to go away for a long, long time,” in the tone of voice accompanied by gestures in perfect imitation of Ariel. Rabbi Kimmel had never even met Ariel! How could I be seeing this?

Kimmel, we all found ourselves sitting at the shul with the Beis Din and sofer, waiting for Ariel to give me the get. But what was happening? Where were they? We waited an hour. Then Mincha was held. Phone calls back and forth, where are they? We waited another hour. The Beis Din and sofer were growing weary. I begged them to stay, I would pay for everyone’s time, please, just wait another hour. I kept remembering Rabbi Kimmel’s pounding on the table and saying that I must get my get within two weeks, or chas v’shalom... Ma’ariv came and went. The Beis Din and sofer were stunned to see Ariel finally walk through the door, delivered there by the chubby guy with red hair! I GOT MY GET one week and six days after Rabbi Kimmel pounded his table.

Ariel confirmed that he was, “going away for a long time,” using the same gestures and tone that Rabbi Kimmel had so perfectly imitated one week and six days earlier. The Av Beis Din, sofer and my Rabbi all stood there in complete shock from the unlikely miracle that had just occurred. Until today, the Rav from the Bais Din Suddenly, Rabbi Kimmel cannot forget this miraculous banged his fist on the table and episode and heralds it the most miraculous of all from the deforcefully repeated, “You must cades of gitten in which he has been involved.

get your get within two weeks!”
Rabbi Kimmel suddenly stopped and urgently warned me, “If you don’t get this get within two weeks, chas v’shalom (G-d forbid), you will not get it.” The pressure began closing in on Ariel. Rabbi Kimmel’s advice had been working all too well. Rabbi Kimmel advised me in detail of the months of social tactics and psychological maneuvers that would have to be crammed into the next two weeks. Without the Rav’s support and guidance, I would have found this too emotionally and spiritually strenuous to bear. Suddenly, Rabbi Kimmel banged his fist on the table and forcefully repeated, “You must get your get within two weeks!” Was it a bracha or a demand? I wasn’t sure. He instructed the Derech Dovid staff that I would be calling in with questions that would need answers right away. He gave me a cell number to call if I needed to report back and ask advice after office hours. Day and night, the Av Beis Din, my hosting Rabbi & Rebetzen and I worked towards the goal, following Rabbi Kimmel’s instructions faithfully and davened relentlessly. One week and six days after that time I had seen Rabbi

Baruch Hashem, today my life has improved financially and I have grown in ruchinius tremendously under the guidance and the brachos of Rabbi Kimmel. I have grown to accept heartbreaks and understand nisyonos from Hakodesh Boruch Hu from a perspective the Rav has taught me. I see the honor of having a connection to Rabbi Kimmel as part of the great big gift package HaKadosh Baruch Hu has given me and I am grateful. Rabbi Kimmel’s every measure of sincere dedication to relieve my plight, without any compensation whatsoever, when either no one else was able or willing to help astounds me to this very day. Nothing I can do could ever repay him, so what can I do? I continue to seek his counsel, happily donate to help support the work of Derech Dovid, and daven for Rabbi Kimmel and his family every lichtbentsching (Sabbath/Holiday candle-lighting). If anyone reading this has an idea of what more I could do to somehow show appropriate hakores hatov (gratitude) to Rabbi Kimmel for gaining my freedom and Derech Dovid for their service to me in my most helpless time of need, please write in or e-mail your suggestions to the Derech Dovid office to the attention of Batsheva. Thank you.


Grief Gratitude
From to
During the Chazan’s repetition of Shemoneh Esreh at a heavily trafficked Brooklyn shul, Motty was sitting in his talis and tefilin, crying profusely with all his heart. His pain was palpable to anyone around him. It happened that Rabbi Yitzchak Kimmel was sitting directly in front of him. He suddenly became aware why Motty was crying. At the completion of Aleynu, now feeling the weight of Motty’s anguish, the Rav removed his own talis and tefilin. A friend sitting nearby witnessed the exchange between them. He said, “I will never forget how the Rav turned around gently and promised Motty that even though he was going through a horrible and unfortunate divorce, he would be zocheh (merit) to find his zivug amiti (true soul mate) this year before Rosh Hashanah. The Rav also predicted that ‘not only will you get married this coming year, but within the year from your chasanah (wedding) date, you will be zocheh (merit) to push a blue carriage of your new born son.’” Four days before Rosh Hashanah, Rabbi Kimmel received a phone call from Motty. He wanted to discuss a girl he had gone out with seven times recently. (In fact, she was a girl he had originally dated before he married his first wife.) The Rav gave Motty words of chizuk (strength) and told him to become engaged. The night before Rosh Hashanah, Motty became engaged to Esty. Baruch Hashem, today Motty and Esty are married and have three beautiful children, Menachem, Sholam and Chavie.

Although Rabbi Kimmel had never previously As Motty escorted known of or spoken with Motty, he certainly the Rav out of the Could he – would he – discerned his core pain – as well as his ultimate shul, he asked the hope. Sitting in front of him that day in shul, actually someday live Rav, “Who are you? the Rav had a clear and detailed awareness of How do you know? I Motty’s complicated life issues with his wife. with a wife in serenity can’t believe that you Motty’s ye’ush (despair) flowed out of a three and harmony? know my situation?” year collapsing marriage, coupled with the unThe Rav reassured certainty of ever really being able to build a Bais him once again that “before Rosh Hashanah you will Ne’eman b’Yisroel (true Jewish home). Could he – become a chossen (groom).” Motty asked the Rav for would he – actually someday live with a wife in serenhis telephone number so that he can keep a kesher (in ity and harmony? Today Baruch Hashem, Motty and contact) with the Rav. Not long after, Motty’s divorce Esty are doing well and enjoy much Yiddishe nachas did occur. from their three children. Rabbi Kimmel’s hashpa’ah Going out over several months, Motty still had failed to find his new zivug (soul mate). Just four weeks before Rosh Hashanah, Motty chanced upon the Rav on Avenue L and East 12th St. Stopping to give him shalom aleychem, Motty reminded the Rav, “its four weeks before Rosh Hashanah and the Rav said I would meet my zivug emes (true soul mate) before Rosh Hashanah. Is it still a possibility?” Smiling,the Rav replied, “I still have four weeks to go!” The Rav reiterated, “You still have four weeks and you will be zocheh (merit).” (influence) continues to play a major role in all their lives. Editor’s Note: These real and personal stories demonstrate the holy spiritual work of Rav Yitzchok Kimmel shlita. It is significant to point out that the Rav’s work has a tangible, measurable, and enduring impact on very specific and difficult life circumstances. If you know of a couple or an individual that faces similar challenges to what you read here, you may be doing them a great chesed (kindness) to recommend a personal consultation with Rav Yitzchok Kimmel shlita.


For several years running, people who receive brachos (blessings) from Rabbi Kimmel on Purim confirm they’ve experienced miraculous breakthroughs – and quickly! As many know, Derech Dovid’s Purim chagigah (celebration) is one of our biggest annual events, beginning Purim night at 6:00pm and often lasting till 5:00am. Through the night, Rabbi Kimmel invests long hours and great energies giving brachos (blessings) to Jews from all stripes and streimels. The festive Purim atmosphere is always enhanced by special music, delicious foods, joyful dancing, inspiring divrei Torah – and of course the customary l’chaim! More importantly, friends of Derech Dovid have come to regard this as a powerful night in which the Rav’s brachos (blessings) seem to be magnified. This is not a night for rushing in and out. Once begun, every minute is saturated with significance. Occasionally, the Rav will stop the bracho (blessing) line to make a comment to certain individuals. Embedding in those remarks may be hints and clues for many others to grasp. For weeks following a Purim festival, the Derech Dovid office receives a steady stream of calls, emails, and visits from people who enthusiastically share how Hashem has met their personal needs through the Rav’s brachos (blessings). The following story, submitted by the actual persons, is one of hundreds that could be told:

Purim Brachos

Produce Breakthroughs!
tant), Rabbi Kimmel asked the mother, “Why are you in such despair over your daughter’s relationship?” Turning to the girl, he said, “With the help of Hashem, you will get back together with him. He is your zivug amity (true soul mate).”The young girl replied, “But with all due respect to the Rav, my fiancé and I had a major breakup this week!” With quiet confidence, Rabbi Kimmel reassured both mother and daughter saying, “You will be zocheh (merit) under the chupah. This is your true zivug (soul mate).” Close bystanders and even the Rav’s own gabbaim (rav’s assistant) were astonished as they witnessed the rapid-fire exchange. Immediately after receiving a bracho (blessing) and a matbayah (coin) from the Rav, the mother and daughter approached one of the gabbaim (rav’s assistant) to get the Rav’s office number to make an appointment to see him privately. They were still feeling somewhat shaken when they called a day or two later to schedule the visit to the Rav. The mother was to call back later to confirm her availability. And between those two contacts with the office, something happened. When the mother called back, she excitedly reported, “Chaya called to tell me that Nechemia called her today and apologized completely about what happened.” Nechemia and Chaya met. She related to him the enlightening episode with the Rav on Purim night. Feeling he should have his own experience with Rabbi Kimmel’s hadrocho (guidance) and bracho (blessing), she made an appointment for Nechemia. The Rav actually met with both of them and helped them achieve a meeting of the minds to work toward a common goal of building a Bais Ne’eman b’Yisroel (stable Jewish home). Today Baruch Hashem, the young couple is married and living in Brooklyn, sharing the simcha (joy) and ahavah (love) that they’d always dreamed about. Nechemia and Chaya recently wrote to say, “We express our sincere gratitude to Hashem for giving us the opportunity to get back together and to build our Bais Ne’eman b’Yisroel (stable Jewish home).. We thank the Rav shlita for his time, efforts, and dedication for helping us attain our ultimate dream. We also thank the staff of Derech Dovid for their ceaseless dedication and caring sensitivity to the needs of so many who wish to get help from the Rav.”

Today Baruch Hashem, the young couple is married and living in Brooklyn, sharing the simcha (joy) and ahavah (love) that they’d always dreamed about.

On a Purim night, a middle-aged woman patiently waited in line with her eighteen-year old daughter to receive a bracho (blessing) from Rabbi Kimmel. To anyone who noticed, the fear and concern on her face was unmistakable. When their turn to see the Rav arrived, they handed their kvittel (note) to the gabbai (rav’s assistant). Within three to four seconds of receiving the kvittel (note) from the hand of his gabbai (rav’s assis-


7 Suitcases + 4 Brothers = 1 Rescued Soul
Mayer was a young man of twenty two who had four brothers. Mayer’s brother Chaggai had a very close relationship for a while with Rabbi Kimmel. Worried, Chaggai divulged to the Rav that Mayer was not only dating an Indian girl named Manda, but also was periodically living with her family from time to time. Chaggai sought the Rav’s guidance in helping his dear brother to disengage from the Indian family, Rachmana Laytzan (G-d forbid). Rabbi Kimmel slammed his hands on the table and declared, “Bring your brother to me at once! I will not leave the office until you bring Mayer. Bring all your religious brothers.” Equally stunned and encouraged, he left immediately to do as the Rav had asked. Chaggai reports, “As I left the Rabbi’s office, I called my brothers one by one as to alert them what we were about to accomplish with our brother Mayer. Two and a half hours later, we all – including Mayer, who was off the derech (path) – sat gathered in the Rav’s office.” The gabbai (rav’s assistant) had special instructions to usher Mayer in with all the brothers. The Rabbi asked Mayer to sit closest to him and then proceeded to articulate detailed information about Manda’s traits and personality. Only Mayer knew and realized what Rabbi Kimmel was accomplishing by describing Manda’s father, grandparents, two sisters and a brother - all who lived under the same roof and where Mayer would frequently live. Breaking out in a cold sweat, Mayer seemed visibly shaken. The Rav queried, “Are my descriptions of the family members correct?” Mayer humbly confirmed, “Yes, Rebbe.” The Rav asked Chaggai and his brothers to leave the room as he wished to converse with Mayer privately. Says Chaggai, “To this day, we don’t know what the conversation was between the Rav and Mayer. But we can verify that within ten minutes of exiting the Rabbi’s office, there was a visible transformation in Mayer. As the gabbai (rav’s assistant) ushered us back into the Rabbi’s office and had us seated with the door closed, Rabbi Kimmel revealed a very unique strategy.” The Rav said to us, “You are to all go to your parents’ house and take out seven empty suitcases. Then go together to Manda’s residence. When you arrive with the empty suitcases at It was as if they didn’t recognize that we were in the house filling up personal belongings, computer equipment, books, etc. It took exactly the amount of suitcases that the Rabbi had indicated to us to fill up. We got out without anyone stopping us or even realizing that we’d even been there. “As soon as we go into our family minivan, we called Rabbi Kimmel right away. He said, ‘It will be tomorrow afternoon before they realize that Mayer has taken out all his possessions, including his computer.’ “The next day we called Rabbi Kimmel to thank him for helping us save our brother’s life. We all felt the need to go back to Rabbi Kimmel after the miraculous experience. Late in the afternoon the following day, my brother received a call from his girlfriend Manda saying that they were burglarized. ‘All your possessions were stolen. Please come at once to the house to make a police report.’ Mayer told her, ‘I am breaking up with you.’“ Chaggai says, “the Indian family has tried to contact Mayer several times as they had great respect for his goodnatured manner. But Baruch Hashem, today we can say with pride that Mayer went back to yeshiva as a full time bochur (student). Because of Rabbi Kimmel’s profound influence and hadrocho (guidance) with Mayer, I can confirm that all my sisters, brothers, in-laws, aunts and uncles are somehow connected to the Rav on a daily basis. Rabbi Kimmel’s impact in our family is beyond measure. I don’t know if my brother would be frum (observant) today if not for his aytzah (advice), wisdom and his giving of himself to all that come to see him. We thank the Rav for helping our brother to come home to us and all Klal Yisroel.”

I don’t know if my brother would be frum (observant) today if not for his aytzah (advice), wisdom and his giving of himself to all that come to see him.
the front of the house, call me. I will tell you when to enter the house to fill up the suitcases with Mayer’s belongings.” As we approached the house, we called and the gabbai (rav’s assistant) put us through to the Rav, who asked “Are you ready to go in? Wait five minutes. Then enter. Please call me when you are completely packed.” Describing the unusual rescue of Mayer’s belongings, Chaggai recalls, “The Rav said not to fear; no one will be able to harm us. What we saw inside was nothing short of bizarre. It was something I have never witnessed before. When we entered the house, all the family members were in a trance.


As the Rav was having yechidus (private meeting) with people before Rosh Hashanah with a young couple that just recently got married that Rav looked up for a moment and instantly called out to the gabbai (rav’s assistant.)


Hachnosas Sefer Torah

this was the emes (truth). That night when the Rav came home it was very late when the phone rang and the tragic besora (news) was indeed confirmed from the Eretz Hakadosho (holy land) that Rabbi Elfassi zt’l was niftar (passed away).

Three years has past since the passing of Rabbi ElThe Rav instructed the gabbai (rav’s assistant) to fassi Zt’l. Rabbi Kimmel has written a sefer Torah in come in with a Yarzheit (memorial) candle, the Rav stood his Rebbe’s honor and the sefer Torah was up very emotional and lit a nerdonated to the shul that Rabbi Elfassi zt’l candle for his Rebbe, Rabbi The Sefer Torah was had originally left instructions for. The sefer Elfassi, zt’l. The Rav made a Torah was written exactly the way Rabbi Elstatement a ”great tzaddik has written exactly the fassi zt’l has designed it in his lifetime. It was just left the world”. way Rabbi elfassi zt”l a beautiful sefer Torah with great gedolai The staff in the office conhador (great rabbinic sages) writing into it. sisted of five employees who has designed it in his The most miraculous ending of this hachnowere completely startled by the sas sefer Torah was that the Rav was short lifetime. Rav’s lighting the candle. His of money to complete the payment for the words were of deep sorrow and Sefer Torah. Rabbi Kimmel has helped an void for he saw before his eyes the passing of his Rebbe individual on a tremendous big business deal that came Mayri who had a tremendous impact on R’ Yitzchok’s through the same week which was two days before Yom life. Tov. This individual bought to the Derech Dovid office The couple visiting with the Rav at the time described to express his hakoras hatov (gratitude) to the Rav a sum to the staff how they will never forget how the Rav’s facial of money which was equivalent to the amount of money expressions was as he lit the ner (candle). due to pay for the balance owed for the Sefer Torah. What a big miracle! Although, the Rav did not have this dreadful news verified by anyone at that time, the Rav knew clearly that

Second Sefer Torah
One day out of the clear blue sky Rabbi Kimmel looked up to shomayim (heaven) and he said “Now is the time to write another sefer Torah. Since Rabbi Elfassi zt’l dedicated in helping people a mekubal (kabbalist) in his own life. Rabbi Yitzchok Kimmel shlita, is working on the second sefer Torah in the zechus (merit) of his special rebbe. Today we are Baruch Hashem happy and proud to announce the we just started Parshas Shemos Yom Rishon Beshabbos. with overwhelming simcha, joy and

happiness the Rav had started the first few letters of the hascholas sefer torah of Rabbi Elfassi zt’l. This sefer Torah will be used for the congregation of Derech Dovid in the near future. Tikkunim (rectifications) Shovavim and other events. This marks the Derech Dovid ‘s first sefer Torah. This coming Succos IY”H we will be finished with the writing of the Sefer Torah. Anyone who wishes to actively participate and be ozcek bechcivas sefer Torah (participate in the writing of the torah) can call our office, email or fax us. If an individual would like to buy a parsha, (chapter) a posuk (sentence) in the name of a loved one, or buy a particular parsha, (chapter) please respond promptly.


Too Late
even At
Malka had reached the age of fifty-five, still single, still struggling for parnassah (livelihood,) happiness, and quickly losing hope of ever finding her zivug amiti – her (true soul mate). She understandably lamented, “I’ve given up all my dreams of ever being a wife, a mother, a hostess with my own Shabbos table as I’ve envisioned it for so long!” In Malka’s own words, here’s what happened to change all that!

It’s Never


”Although, it did not make sense or have clear significance at the time, I accepted his words of ruchnius (spiritual guidance) gracefully. The Rav reassured me with his bracho (blessing) that I would have a full life of happiness with my husband. “Feeling apprehensive, I asked the Rav to explain, ‘what has changed in my coming to you now if in all these years I was not zocheh (merit) to

”One Shabbos, I was invited out to lunch by a dear friend of mine. At “Rabbi Kimmel added that ‘when the table, she and her husband were you meet him, you will understand discussing a Rabbi that my friends my words in detail.’ I was now very went to for a business matter. Imconcerned for the Rav to tell me pressed with the Rabbi’s foresight, more details for this bewildering sitmy friend convinced me that I must uation. I urged him for more clarity; see him. What happened was both enlightening and shocking. When I visI was not only zocheh (merit) for ited with Rabbi Kimmel, I told him about my true soul mate but equally all my long-shattered dreams. I expressed for a huge family - just as Rabbi my anxiety to Rabbi Kimmel has predicted! Kimmel, telling him at some length how I I had waited so long in hopes of ever expected my life should have been. getting married! Rabbi Kimmel announced to me that I would be zocheh (will merit) to be a “Again the Rav said, ‘I cannot give kallah (bride) with a family all in the you more details.’ I still pressed, imsame day. ploring the Rav to please at least let me know what kind of person he will be. The Rabbi hesitated, but then decided to give me a basic description of what kind of individual to look out for.

find my right soul mate?’ The Rabbi replied, ‘its still not time for you to be zocheh (merit) to meet your zivug (lifetime partner). He is not ready to meet you though you are anxiously awaiting him; it will be sometime before you meet.’ I was puzzled. What does it mean that at this age he is still not ready? The Rav cautioned that he cannot explain all the details of what was to happen. He simply noted that ‘at this moment in time, your zivug (soul mate) is not capable of marrying you.’

shocked to hear this because I had always wanted to live in Eretz Israel. Rabbi Kimmel responded, ‘You will be zocheh (merit) to also travel to ‘Ir Hakodesh (holy land) Jerusalem!’ “Three years passed now and I was read (told about) a shidduch (match) to a remarkable man who is kovea itim laTorah (has fixed Torah learning times). And . . . he happened to be a doctor! When I met him for the first time, I remembered the Rav’s description: his features, height, and personality were the same as the Rabbi had depicted three years ago. I felt such confidence and bitachon (trust) that this was indeed my time. “There’s such irony to this story. The doctor’s wife had passed away only a year before, leaving him with a large family – children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren. I was not only zocheh (merit) for my true soul mate but equally for a huge family - just as Rabbi Kimmel has predicted! “Baruch Hashem, I am currently married to the man of my dreams, together with my newfound family. Before my engagement, I had only one concern and I discussed it with Rabbi Kimmel. Will my future husband’s children and grandchildren accept me taking over his late wife’s role? The Rabbi replied, ‘IY”H you will have chein, shalom and shalvah (grace, peace, and tranquility).’ “We thank the Ribono Shel Olam daily for allowing us to find each other. I would like to extend a heartfelt hakoras hatov (gratitude) from my husband and me for all the tefilos (prayers) and insightful hadrocho (guidance) of Rabbi Yitzchok Kimmel. What an amazing shaliach (emissary) of Hashem!”

“The Rav described his height as five feet nine inches. He noted his hair color and facial features. He even said he is a doctor, a skin specialist, who travels three times a year to Eretz Israel. I told the Rav I was


My shaliach emes
Each year at Lag B’Omer, Rabbi Kimmel customarily goes to Eretz Yisroel accompanied by a number of his talmidim (students, followers). This past year, Rabbi Kimmel went to Eretz Yisroel with over twenty talmidim (students, followers) where Moshe, one of the group members, introduced the Rav to Eli, a man who was in desperate need of help. Here is Eli’s account of what happened: “I had heard of personal stories from my friend Chaim from New York and other talmidim (students, followers) of Rabbi Kimmel’s great insight, his capabilities to help people, and his unique understanding of each individual’s concerns. “I knew that Chaim was going on a trip to Eretz Yisroel with the Rav. I asked Chaim to ask if it would be possible to arrange a few minutes of yechidus (a private meeting) with the Rav. I was willing to do anything it took to have just a few precious moments of Rabbi Kimmel’s time. I expressed to Chaim that I was willing to pick up the Rav from the airport to have the zechus (merit) to meet with him. “Baruch Hashem, I was indeed zocheh (merit) to meet the Rav at the airport as the rest of the talmidim (student followers) followed in the car behind us. We had a very special conversation. I am married B”H with five children and as I expressed to the Rav, parnassah (making a living) was a struggle. I had a child that was suffering from Crohn’s disease. I have another child, Avi, who is struggling with finding his zivug (soul mate).
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Her Boyfriend’s Name Is Mohammed?
It happened in college. Chavie, a Jewish girl, meets Mohammed, a Muslim boy, in statistics class. Within six months, their acquaintance evolves from casual friendship to serious courtship. They reach the point that if she wishes to marry him, she must convert to Islam. She negotiates to convince him that they can, through an enlightened spirit of tolerance and diversity, share being Jewish and Muslim at the same time. (Mohammed knows how inane that is.) On the home front, Chavie’s parents are frantic and devastated. The stress and worry brings her mother to the brink of a nervous breakdown. In such state, the weary parents came to Rabbi Kimmel. In seeking a solution, the Rav gave the mother a specific tikkun (rectification), advising her to light candles with the names of certain tzaddikim for ninetytwo days. He committed to them that he too would perform a special tikkun (rectification) on Chavie’s behalf. Speaking reassuringly in an excited, loud voice, the Rav declared “she will be chozer b’teshuva” (return to the faith) and banged his hand down on the table. Within a couple of days after seeing the Rav, receiving the brachos (blessings) and starting the tikkunim (rectification), the relationship between Mohammed and Chavie curiously started to wither. (On her way to school, Chavie met another friend who had embraced her. All of a sudden, Mohammed did not trust Chavie and alienated himself from her.) As her relationship with Mohammed worsened, Chavie found herself confused, frustrated, angry and hopeless. She confided in her parents for help. Quietly ecstatic, her parents realized the tikkunim (rectification) were unfolding before their very eyes! The impact of Rabbi Kimmel’s brocha (blessing) and personal tikkun (rectification) were powerfully at work! Chavie however was vacillating; she still had doubts about religion and despite the problems, she was contemplating getting back together with Mohammed. Gripped by a deep depression, she dropped fifteen pounds; she looked frail and unhealthy. Chavie’s parents feared for her physical and emotional health. Meanwhile, Mohammed made several attempts to rekindle their relationship but was unsuccessful. Due to the heavenly intervention from Hashem, his persistent efforts failed. Chavie’s parents lovingly encouraged her to come to the Derech Dovid office to receive her own brocha (blessing) from “a very special person who cares.” As they spoke with the Rav, Chavie’s entire perspective shifted – about her faith, her life purpose, and the path she was to walk. Having arrived with a broken spirit, she left with a newfound hope and joy. Chavie’s parents commented “we give shevach ve’hoda’ah (praise and gratitude) to the Almighty for restoring our daughter Chavie, who is now complete once again!”


Then the Rav fully unraveled the mezuzos one by one. When he rolled out the bedroom mezuzah, Rachmiel was stunned. The shem havayah – the sacred name of Hashem – was pierced through with holes. Throughout the mezuzah, other words were also pierced, rendering the bedroom mezuzah dangerously posul (disqualified). Rachmiel recalls a see-saw of emotions, relieved that Rabbi Kimmel knew this and yet distressed at the implications. He was seeing a miracle that was very hard to absorb! The Rav had put his finger quite literally on a hidden spiritual influence that would have created further obstacles for Rachmiel’s legal battles. “Mezuzos, among other things, provide shmirah (protection) for where you are,” the Rav instructed. Unrolling the mezuzos from the dining room and front door, the Rav showed Rachmiel how the letters were actually peeling off of the parchments due to dampness in the home. Declaring all three as beyond repair, Rabbi Kimmel handed Rachmiel three brand new mezuzos, along with a special brocha (blessing). Confidently, the Rav announced, “As soon as you put up these mezuzahs, you will have besoros tovos (good news) on your case. Go home now and put up all three immediately.” Rachmiel didn’t immediately complete the task. He did put up two mezuzos right away, but for some reason, he placed the bedroom mezuzah in a drawer in his den and promptly forgot about it.

Rachmanus for Rachmiel
During an outreach trip to Florida, Rabbi Kimmel worked feverishly to enable over one hundred people to have a few minutes with him b’yechidus (privately). Rachmiel, a successful local entrepreneur, came to see the Rav to discuss a complex real estate litigation case which could result in the loss or gain of a large sum of money. As Rachmiel recounted, he was quite concerned to properly align both his legal procedures as well as his spiritual resources. Beyond knowing if he had the right people on his legal team, Rachmiel was particularly anxious to know if the Rav perceived any ayin hora (ill will; spiteful regard) or kitrug (accusation) that might affect his case. The Rav told him plainly, “It’s not ayin hora (ill will) here, but there is a tangible problem affecting your spiritual health: You have holes in your bedroom mezuzah.” The Rav urged Rachmiel to go home immediately and remove his bedroom, living room, and front door mezuzos and to bring them right back to the Rav. Returning almost breathless from haste, Rachmiel waited soberly as the Rav examined the mezuzah parchments. “Even by the most lenient halachic (according to Jewish law) opinion,” Rabbi Kimmel explained, “these mezuzos are posul (disqualified).”

A few days later, while working from his office in downtown Miami, Rachmiel called the Derech Dovid office to follow up with the Rav about the status of his litigation. As the Rav came on the call, he reminded Rachmiel that he hadn’t completed the instructions. The Rav reiterated, “You have not put up the bedroom mezuzah as of yet, have you?” Hesitating for a moment, Rachmiel confessed that he had totally forgotten about the third mezuzah. It was lying in a drawer still in the den. Pushing all other business aside, he rushed home to affix the bedroom door mezuzah. On the way back to his office, Rachmiel received a phone call from his secretary saying the judge had just rendered a critical decision which would have a significant material impact on his case. For seven months, both sides had argued about the admissibility of evidence which would actually

The Rav had put his finger quite literally on a hidden spiritual influence that would have created further obstacles for Rachmiel’s legal battles.
help Rachmiel. Now, less than an hour after installing the third mezuzah, his secretary was telling him that the judge had just ruled to accept the evidence. In subsequent conversations, the Rav reassured Rachmiel that he would definitely be matzliach (successful) in this case. In fact, the Rav envisaged a year and a half in advance that both sides would negotiate a p’sharah (a compromise) that would be seventy five percent in his favor. We are proud to announce that Rachmiel recently took a flight from Florida to New York to give over the besoros tovos (good news) to the Rav personally. The Rav’s predictions had indeed materialized!




this worlD
Laibel was deep in conversation with Rabbi Kimmel when the Rav paused and then proceeded to described Laibel’s father’s physical features. Laibel was taken aback because his father was deceased; yet the Rav described his father’s life in this world and in the world of souls, the world beyond. While certainly not a common occurrence, others who’ve visited with Rabbi Kimmel speak of similar experiences wherein the Rav has accurately and specifically provided details of deceased loved ones. Concerned, Laibel asked the Rav if his father had any particular request from him or his immediate family. The Rav responded instantly, “Your father wants shalom (peace) and achdus (unity) in the mishpocha (family) among the siblings.” With emotions welling up within, Laibel replied, “I know exactly what you are talking about Rabbi. I will make sure that the wishes of my father are fulfilled.” Baruch Hashem, thanks to this unusual encounter with HaRav Yitzchak Kimmel, Laibel and his family finally have shalom (peace) among themselves after many years of having differences.

What lightening Can’t Do – A Brocha Can!
This last fall, Rabbi Kimmel visited Eretz Yisrael with three of his board members. As is often his custom when in Yerushalayim, the Rav frequently davens (prays) Shacharis with the vasikin (early) minyan at the Kosel. Yanky, a menahel (principal) in a school, was also a visitor to the minyan that early morning and had noticed several people standing in line to receive brachos (blessings) from Rabbi Kimmel. Yanky approached a young American standing nearby and asked “Who is this person giving brachos (blessings)?” The bystander replied, “He’s a Rav Mekubel (Kabbalist) from the States.” Intrigued, Yanky stepped closer to the Rav, who was still davening (praying). The menahel (principal) waited patiently for nearly half an hour, understanding that Rabbi Kimmel wouldn’t speak while clad in talis and tefilin. As the Rav concluded his tefilos (prayers) and removed his tefilin, Yanky said “shalom aleychem” and softly shared his burden about his son’s difficulty in finding a shidduch (match). The Rav looked directly at the Kosel and declared, “Within a year, your son will become a chossen (groom). He’ll marry a wonderful girl and you will personally tell me the good news!” Three months later, on a return visit to Israel, Rabbi Kimmel was once again at the Kosel. And so was Yanky, the menahel (principal)! Waiting patiently as the Rav finished his tefilos (prayers), he gave the Rav a vibrant “shalom aleychem” and, beaming with delight, he shared the good news that his son had indeed become a chossen (groom) to a remarkable and special kallah (bride) – just as the Rav had said. The Rav smiled. This was the case of brocha (blessing) striking twice in the same spot.


Brocha That Brought Wealth

David was working hard to become a nursing home administrator. But he felt that his current job had no future. Needing guidance, he met with Rabbi Kimmel. Expecting a different outcome, David was surprised to hear Rabbi Kimmel explain why he should continue with learning nursing home operations. The Rav assured him, “Not only will you be successful in operating a nursing home; you will eventually become a partner in that particular nursing home.” While not doubting the Rav’s words, it was still a stretch of faith for David to believe that it would truly be possible. The Rav encouraged him to accept it and advised him to be diligent on the job. Rabbi Kimmel further told David that he will be a partner in other nursing homes as well. Today Baruch Hashem, David is a very successful partner in the nursing home business; he is also the proud owner of six other nursing homes. He remains in close contact with the Rav on a daily basis. David says, “I thank you Hashem for allowing me to be so close with the Rav.”


A Curious Visit To Rabbi elfassis’s Kever
(Here’s a poignant short story that illustrates hasgacha pratis (divine providence) in Rabbi Kimmel’s personal life.) On a recent visit to Eretz Yisroel, Rabbi Kimmel went to visit the kever (grave) of his own Rebbe, HaRav Elfassi zt’l. As he walked, he reminisced of significant times spent in the great man’s presence. But his reverie burst when he saw the physical state of the kever (grave). Strewn about the gravesite were twenty or more yahrzeit (memorial) candles. Wax mixed with dirt was smeared on the tomb itself. It was a sad mess to behold. Nevertheless, Rabbi Kimmel commenced to recite Tehilim (Psalms), all the while thinking what a busha (shame) that this tzaddik’s kever (grave) is in such disarray. Perhaps he could find someone to maintain it respectfully and keep it clean and clear of debris. Almost on cue, a young boy appeared out of nowhere, bearing a bucket with two sponges and brushes. He approached the kever (grave) of Rabbi Elfassi zt’l almost as if he’d been ordered to do so. The young boy asked the Rav is this the kever (grave) you have hired me to clean? Rabbi Kimmel, who was accompanied by his talmid (student) Shimmy, stepped three steps backward to allow the industrious boy to work. The Talmid (student) was in disbelief, and shocked at the young lad’s appearance and question. The young boy cleaned up all the rubbish, washed the tombstone with soapy water and even cut the grass around the kever (grave). In short order, the lad had performed a truly immaculate job. Turning, he looked up at the Rav and asked, “Zeh tov (Is this good)?” The Rav couldn’t answer as he was still deeply involved in his tefilos (prayers). The boy repeated his question to Shimmy. “Zeh tov? Beaming with gratitude, Shimmy replied “Ken, zeh tov! (Yes, it’s good)!” He then paid the boy, who thanked Shimmy and the Rav profusely.

My shaliach emes
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“As I was expressing my three most pressing issues to the Rav, he said, ‘There is a neshoma (soul) waiting to come down. Your wife will become pregnant very soon. By next Lag B’Omer IY”H, you will have a son. Your sick child will have a refuah sh’lemah (speedy recovery). Your son Avi will become a chossen (groom) soon.’ The Rav even described the nature, characteristics and physical features of his bride-to-be with in specific detail. The Rav told me, ‘By the next time you will see me IY”H in Eretz Yisroel, you will have good news to tell me on all three subjects.’ “The Rabbi then told me ‘I will send you IY”H a special mezuzah for your child’s room’. As the Rav pronounced a powerful brocha (blessing) over me, I felt a tremendous wave of energy fill the car. I started to feel chills from my hands to my feet, from my head to the end of my spine. I actually had to pull over to the side of the road. After a few minutes of getting myself together, I apologized to the Rav. With kind words of understanding, the Rav informed me, ‘As soon as you will put up the mezuzah, your child will be granted a refuah sh’leimah (speedy recovery).’ Within a week after the Rav left Eretz Yisroel, I received a package containing the mezuzah that the Rav had written especially for my child. “Without hesitation, I put up the mezuzah and my child immediately had a breakthrough. She was no longer suffering from any aches, pains or side effects from her condition. The next morning, for the first time in many years, she felt stronger. We rushed her to the doctor for an examination. The doctor could not to find any symptoms of Crohn’s disease. As my wife and I questioned the Doctor, he had no logical or medical explanation for the diagnosis. “B”H my wife did become pregnant within the month that the Rav gave the brocha (blessing). I called the Rav and gave the name of the young woman my son had been dating several times and I wanted to know if this was his right zivug (soul mate). The Rav simply replied, ‘Mazel Tov.’ Since that time my son became engaged! I am also B”H seeing major improvements in my parnassah (livelihood). As the Rav predicted a year ago, all three concerns that my wife had about our family issues were no longer a concern. I openly want to express my hakoras hatov (gratitude) to Hashem for giving me this wonderful, special kesher (connection) with my Rebbe, Rabbi Yitzchok Kimmel. Thank you Rebbe for being my SHALIACH EMES!!!!!!”



that his tefilin were halachically (according to Jewish law) posul (disqualified) and they had to be examined by a skilled sofer (scribe). Yitzchok reassured the Rav that they were recently examined and were proven kosher. After the Rav’s strong words Yitzchok decided to take the Rav’s advice. Nevertheless, in compliance with the Rav’s direction, he came to see Shea Lindner, sofer, (scribe). I noted that on the casing of his bedroom mezuzah was a label with a date, confirming that it had passed a computer inspection. While computers are certainly admirable tool for enhancing many aspects of modern life, safrus (handwriting kitvei kodesh) is both an art and a science. It requires a keen eye. As I carefully unrolled and examined the parchment, my eyes lit upon the error, so obvious really – though the computer had missed it. “Look here,” I showed him. “Here it should read ‘ve’atzer es ha’shomayim’ (I will seal up the heavens, i.e. stop the rains). But your mezuzah reads ‘ve’atzar IM ha’shomayim (I will seal up WITH the heavens.)’” I explained that this is a pasuk that speaks about the wrath of Hashem upon us when we fall short of following his ways. An error in a mezuzah is not to be lightly regarded, particularly since it is a kli (vessel, conduit) for shmirah (protection) and brocha (blessing). In the case of the young man here, shortly after he replaced the faulty klaf (parchment), he noticed significant shifts in the very circumstances which had weighed him down with difficulty. The details are his own story to share if he chooses. Yitzchok continues to see positive changes. In a similar vein, a man named Mordechai came to see the Rav. He had major medical problems. As in the case above, Rabbi Kimmel urged, “Check your mezuzos at once!” Immediately he went home, retrieved the mezuzos, and brought them to the sofer (scribe). When I opened the mezuzah affixed to the entry to his home, I was stunned. It had severe water damage, a condition known to mekubalim (kabbalists) to seriously affect one’s health! Rabbi Kimmel advised Mordechai that his talis and tefilin were likewise pasul (disqualified) and that he should change them right away. The Rav also gave him some personal tikkunim (rectifications) to perform to rectify his mazel. Mordechai has seen with his own eyes the changes in his life, both personally and professionally. He’s been the beneficiary of much siyata d’shmaya (divine assistance). Mordechai is exceedingly grateful to Rabbi Kimmel for the practical (hadrocho) guidance which helped restore his health. He enjoys a daily connection to the Rav through the tools and teaching Rabbi Kimmel gave him.

After having the privilege of working closely with Rabbi Kimmel for many years, I am honored to be given this opportunity of sharing some of the insights that have come my way through the wonderful work of Rabbi Kimmel Shlita. A few months ago, Yitzchok came to see Rabbi Kimmel. His life, in short, was a mess. Yitzchok had struggled with parnassah (livelihood), and hatzlocho for years. It came to the point where he was drowning in debt. He gave up on life itself, and he found it difficult to go home and face his wife and family. Everything Yitzchok tried

to put his hands on turned sour. He went from business advisors to several Rabbonim (spiritual leaders) to seek help. Unfortunately, nobody was able to get to the “root” of his problem. Yitzchok was highly intellectual who had his college degree. He was in complete despair of daily living. It was an extreme hardship at this stage of his life to be an observant Jew. When Yitzchok came to have yechidus (private meeting) with Rabbi Kimmel, the Rav pinpointed to Yitzchok the shoresh (root) of his problem. Among flaws in his mazel the Rav revealed to him and insisted

Rabbi Shea Lindner is a Sofer Stam since 1993 residing in the Boro Park section of Brooklyn, New York. He is certified by Rabbi Avrohom Tzvi Vosner, Rav of Va’ad Mishmeres Stam, and by Rabbi Yecheskel Roth, Rav of Bais Talmud Le’hora’ah. He both writes and checks Sifrei Torah, tefilin, mezuzos, & megilos. Rabbi Lindner learned in the Bobover Yeshiva until his marriage, being a close adherent of the late Bobover Rebbe Rabbi Shlomo Halberstam Zt”l, he was already then using his “writing skills” to memorize the Rebbe’s Divrei Torah which was delivered on Shabbos and Yom Tov, to write it up after Shabbos. Please visit our above mentioned website for many, many other stories from my personal experience. You will be infused with a wealth of important information about this subject as well.

Rabbi Shea Lindner, Sofer Stam
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Klal Yisroel Speaks
“From the first time I met Rabbi Yitzchok Kimmel Shlita until today, I have had the zechus of being close to the Rav and his family. I can truly say what an honor it is to be meshamesh B’Kodesh. Sometimes up to twenty two hours a day I can truly say that the Rav gives of himself with tremendous mesiras nefesh and Baruch Hashem I have the zechus to see many nissim on a regular basis.”
A. D. Braun

“The Rabbi is the Real Thing.”

"Rabbi Kimmel is big in the Himmel."
“The Rab bi dynamit is e no one wou ld have known t his informa tio besides h n im.”

has “The Rav ers great pow to change es.” people liv

d “The worl can use bi more Rab Kimmels.”

“With just a few words he has a full understanding of you.”

“He is brilli ant tremendou sly insightf ul solution oriented.”

“To know Rabbi Kimmel is to admire and respect him. To see how he constantly gives of himself for Klal Yisroel and how he relates to each individual on their standards makes him the unique and outstanding individual he is.”
e. Feller

“The Rabbi is a person of Brochas, Segulas and Yeshuos.”

“I don’t m ake any busi ness decision s without Rabbi Kimmel.”

so “He is d rne conce he t about of re welfa .” others

Rabbi menachem Kranz

Citicom! 718.692.0999

“I feel it’s a zechus and an honor to learn with Rabbi Kimmel on a regular basis. It’s a pleasure to be part of Derech Dovid.”

a conversation with the Rav always feels close to him.”

“Whoever has

sult “It’s an in bbi to call Ra Kimmel a Mekubal e is because h ater much gre than that.”

“Rabbi Kimmel is not an over the counter Mekubal.”

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