March 11, 2010 <Mailname> <Organization> <Address> <City, State Zip> Dear <Name>: The New York State Democratic

Senate Campaign Committee is excited to announce the formation of the 2010 Labor Advisory Council. The Council will be an opportunity for labor leaders from around the state to engage in direct dialogue with members of the Senate Democratic Majority Conference. Advisory Council members will actively participate in the essential policy conversations that help construct our 2010 campaign strategy. We are excited to invite you to join the Labor Advisory Council as an Advisory Chair. Chairmanship of the Advisory Council is based on a commitment to contribute $50,000 in 2010 and will only be offered to a core group of leaders in the labor community. Advisory Council Chairs will have the unique opportunity to advise the Senate Dems on the structure and focus of the Labor Advisory Council. In addition to all meetings, conferences, and events that are included with Advisory Council membership, the Advisory Chairs will be invited to an exclusive meeting with the Senate Democratic Majority leadership. General membership in the Labor Advisory Council is based on a commitment to contribute $25,000 in 2010. Labor Advisory Council members will be invited to participate in the following exclusive meetings: y y y Democratic Majority Conference Leadership Meeting Albany- March 24, 2010 Policy Briefing New York City- May 13, 2010 Fall Campaign Briefing

In addition, membership will include complimentary admission to the following events: y y y Spring Gala in New York City and an exclusive pre-Gala reception May 13, 2010 Albany End-of-Session Reception June 2010 NYC Labor Reception

Please contact Heather Jung ( at 518-462-2867 or Michelle Gross ( at 212-777-3474 regarding joining the Labor Advisory Council, attending the Leadership Meeting, or for more information. Thank you for joining us in this effort and for your continuous support of the New York Senate Dems. We look forward to seeing you. Sincerely,

Senator Jeff Klein Chair, DSCC

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