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Self Improvement

S. Michael Windsor
S. Michael Windsor is a writer/editor for
Article 1: A History Of New Year's Resolutions
Article 2: Accountability
Article 3: Actively Listening To Your Child
Article 4: Addictive Bad Habits
Article 5: Adolescents In Sober Living
Article 6: Avoiding Bad Habits
Article 7: Avoiding Depression Relapses Can Attain A Life That's Living Sober
Article 8: Bad Habits Can Be Expensive
Article 9: Bad Habits In Relationships
Article 10: Bad Habits In Sports
Article 11: Bad Habits In The Workplace
Article 12: Bad Habits Related To Health
Article 13: Bad Study Habits
Article 14: "Because" Just Isn't The Answer
Article 15: Building You Child's Self Esteem
Article 16: Celebrate Your Child's Uniqueness
Article 17: Characteristics Of How Sober Living Should Be
Article 18: Chart Your Child's Accomplishments With A Chore Chart
Article 19: Celebrate Your Child's Uniqueness
Article 20: Chores Can Help Your Child Learn About Teamwork And A Strong
Work Ethic
Article 21: Clear Expectations Make Discipline Easier
Article 22: Connect With Your Child But Don't Overdo It
Article 23: Consistency Is Key To Successful Discipline
Article 24: Constructing Your Child's Healthy Sense Of Self Esteem
Article 25: Control Your Anger, Don't Let It Control You
Article 26: Dangerous Bad Habits
Article 27: Do As I Say And As I Do
Article 28: Emotional Bad Habits
Article 29: Encourage Your Child To Feel Important
Article 30: Encouraging Play Encourages A Child's Development
Article 31: Expect Only The Best From Your Child
Article 32: Financial Bad Habits
Article 33: Follow Through Is The Key To Successful Discipline
Article 34: Get Involved In Your Child's Activities, Hobbies And School
Article 35: Become A More Organized Person
Article 36: Handling Conflict About Rules Enforcement At Home
Article 37: Harsh Discipline: Does It Do More Harm Than Good?
Article 38: Help Your Child Kick The Thumb Sucking Habit
Article 39: Hobbies Are Healthy
Article 40: How Good Habits Can Turn Into Bad Habits
Article 41: How To Break Bad Habits
Article 42: How To Keep Your Resolution To Lose Weight
Article 43: How To Live A Sober Life
Article 44: Illegal Bad Habits
Article 45: Inconsiderate Bad Habits
Article 46: Interrupt Your Child's Interruption Habit
Article 47: Irritating Bad Habits
Article 48: Kids And Bad Habits
Article 49: Learn From Your Mistakes And So Will Your Child
Article 50: Living A Sober Life
Article 51: Make Quality Time With Your Child Count
Article 52: Make Your Goals Attainable
Article 53: Medical Treatments For Bad Habits
Article 54: The Process Of Negotiating The Rules With Your Child
Article 55: New Year's Resolutions For Couples
Article 56: Our Ever-changing Role As A Parent
Article 57: Physical Punishment Is Ineffective And Harmful
Article 58: Picking Up Bad Habits From Others
Article 59: Popular Resolutions & Solutions
Article 60: Positive Discipline Without Hurting Your Child
Article 61: Positive Praise For Your Child's Pride
Article 62: Present A Unified Parental Front When Disciplining Your Child
Article 63: Productive And Positive Potty Training
Article 64: Protect Your Child's Emotional Well-being
Article 65: Providing A Safe And Secure Home For Your Child
Article 66: Research About Bad Habits
Article 67: Self Help Books About Bad Habits
Article 68: Selfless Resolutions
Article 69: Sober Living And The 12-step Program
Article 70: Sober Living Facts
Article 71: Sober Living Homes The Door To Life
Article 72: Sober Living Made For Women
Article 73: Social Bad Habits
Article 74: New Year's Resolution: Stop Procrastinating!
Article 75: Successful Two-way Communications With Your Child
Article 76: Support Groups For People With Bad Habits
Article 77: Tactics For Tackling A Toddler's Temper Tantrum
Article 78: Take The Bite Out Of Your Toddler's Biting Problem
Article 79: Teach Children To Respect By Treating Them With Respect
Article 80: Teach Your Child To Give Respect And They'll Gain Respect In
Article 81: The Astrology Of Bad Habits
Article 82: The Detrimental Effects Of Verbal Abuse And How To Stop The Cycle
Article 83: The Family That Eats Together Stays Healthy Together
Article 84: The Importance Of A Regular Routine To Your Child
Article 85: The Importance Of Crystal-clear Rules For Your Child
Article 86: The Keys To Effective Discipline
Article 87: The Positive Influence Of Being Involved In Your Child's Education
Article 88: The Truth About Lying
Article 89: The Whys Of Whining
Article 90: Things That You Need To Know On Sober Living
Article 91: Time Outs Help Reinforce Positive Behavior And Discourage
Article 92: Training The Fussy Eater
Article 93: When Are Bad Habits Helpful?
Article 94: You Can't Spoil A Child Through Love
Article 95: Downloading Individual Hypnosis Software
Article 96: Group Hypnosis And Weight Loss
Article 97: Group Hypnosis For Athletes
Article 98: Group Hypnosis For Drug Addicts
Article 99: Group Hypnosis For Post Traumatic Stress
Article 100: Group Hypnosis For Smokers
Article 101: How To Find A Good Individual Hypnotist.
Article 102: Individual Hypnosis Can Combat Stress And Anxiety
Article 103: Individual Hypnosis May Help You Overcome Shyness
Article 104: Is Individual Hypnosis Dangerous?
Article 105: Myths And Truths About Group, Stage And Individual Hypnosis
Article 106: See What Individual Hypnosis Can Do.
Article 107: The Common Uses Of Group Hypnosis For Group Therapy.
Article 108: The Most Effective Weight Loss Process Is Through Group
Article 109: Individual Hypnosis Can Spell The Difference Between Imagination
And Reality
Article 110: What Group Hypnosis Can Do For Smokers.
Article 111: What Individual Hypnosis Can Do For You.
Article 112: What Is Group Hypnosis?
Article 113: You Can Quit Smoking Through Individual Hypnosis
Article 114: You Can Relieve Social Anxiety With Individual Hypnosis
Article 115: Laws Of Attraction Part Iii The Alpha Male Mentality
Article 116: Basic Law Of Attraction Concepts
Article 117: Laws Of Attraction Part Iv
Article 118: Some Fascinating Books On The Law Of Attraction
Article 119: Laws Of Attraction Part V
Article 120: Laws Of Attraction Part Xiv
Article 121: Laws Of Attraction Part Xi
Article 122: Laws Of Attraction Part X
Article 123: Famous Law Of Attraction Personalities
Article 124: Laws Of Attraction Part Xii
Article 125: Laws Of Attraction Part Xiii
Article 126: Getting Started
Article 127: Gratitude And The Law Of Attraction
Article 128: How To Practice The Laws Of Attraction
Article 129: Laws Of Attraction Part Xv
Article 130: The Laws Of Attraction Part I
Article 131: Laws Of Attraction Part Viii
Article 132: Laws Of Attraction Part Ix
Article 133: Making The Law Of Attraction Work For You
Article 134: Laws Of Attraction Part Vii
Article 135: Positive Thinking
Article 136: Problems People Have With The Law Of Attraction
Article 137: Laws Of Attraction Part Ii
Article 138: Spiritual Or Religious?
Article 139: The First Step To A Better Life
Article 140: The Law Of Attraction And Physics
Article 141: The Law Of Attraction And Relationships
Article 142: The Law Of Attraction And Your Body
Article 143: The Law Of Attraction - We Are What We Think
Article 144: The Law Of Attraction
Article 145: The Laws Of Attraction And Finances
Article 146: The Secret
Article 147: Three Steps
Article 148: Laws Of Attraction Part Vi
Article 149: Affordable Life Coach Training
Article 150: Becoming A Life Coach
Article 151: Bushido Life Coaching
Article 152: Choosing A Life Coach School
Article 153: Coaching For Life
Article 154: Coaching In Another Level
Article 155: Coaching In Life For Honor
Article 156: Coaching Lives By The Big Guy Up There
Article 157: Driving Your Life On Its Way To Its Purpose
Article 158: Earn Money: Help Lives By Life Coaching
Article 159: Faith: The Invisible Life Coach
Article 160: Get Back In The Race: Get A Life Coach
Article 161: How To Become A Certified Life Coach
Article 162: How To Look For A Life Coach
Article 163: Life Coach: Do You Need One?
Article 164: Life Coach 101: How To Be A Life Coach
Article 165: Life Coach Objective
Article 166: Life Coach Specialization
Article 167: Life Coaches Come In Small Packages
Article 168: Life Coaching And Business – A Match Made In Heaven
Article 169: Life Coaching For Those Buried In Debt
Article 170: Life Coaching Is Not Giving Advices
Article 171: Life Coaching On The Importance Of Happiness
Article 172: Life Coaching Problems Of The Heart
Article 173: Life Coaching Through Experience
Article 174: My Enemy Is My Friend: The Unwanted Life Coach
Article 175: Spotting A Qualified Life Coach
Article 176: Starting Your Life Coach Career
Article 177: Taking A Big Step: Coaching A Life
Article 178: The Importance Of Life Coaching Executives
Article 179: The Life Coach Therapy
Article 180: The Life Coaching Miracle
Article 181: Twilight And Life Coaching
Article 182: Why Life Coaching Is Getting Great Press
Article 183: Can 8-minute Meditation Give You A Quiet Mind And Change Your
Life Forever?
Article 184: A Subconsciously Complex World
Article 185: Abundance And Prosperity Reiki
Article 186: Achieving Happiness Through Meditation
Article 187: Adapting To Change By Meditation
Article 188: Advent Meditation Can Be Done Through Prayers
Article 189: Alternative Technologies Subliminals And Their Growing Popularity
Article 190: Alternative Technologies Subliminals
Article 191: Alternative Technology: Subliminals
Article 192: Angel Guide And Healing Meditation
Article 193: The Anugraha Reiki
Article 194: The Background Of Meditation
Article 195: Be In Charge Of Your Life Now!
Article 196: Benefits Of Meditation
Article 197: Rediscovering The Benefits Of Meditation
Article 198: Your Best Life Awaits You, Be Involved In Scripture Meditation Now
Article 199: Black Or White Manipulation
Article 200: Cd And Book Edition On Dummy Meditation
Article 201: The Brahma Satya Reiki
Article 202: Breathing And Meditation
Article 203: Buddhism Meditation And The Search For Life's Meaning
Article 204: Different Buddhist Meditation Techniques
Article 205: Buddhist Meditation
Article 206: Buddhist Meditation: Bringing Your Mind Tranquility And Insight
Article 207: Insight Meditation: A Step-by-step Course On How To Meditate
Article 208: Celtic Reiki, Drawing Energy From Nature
Article 209: Chakra Meditation Basics
Article 210: Chakra Meditation: A Beginners Guide To This Great Meditation
Article 211: Changing Your Man Through Subliminal Messages
Article 212: The I Chong: Mediations From The Joint
Article 213: Christian Meditation: Knowing About God's Word And Obeying It
Article 214: The Purpose Of Christian Meditation In Achieving The True
Christmas Spirit
Article 215: Overview On Meditation And Its Importance To Communion
Article 216: Controlling Anger By Meditation
Article 217: Creating New Experiences Through Meditation
Article 218: The Postures Of Meditation: The Daily Guide To Success
Article 219: For People Working Through Grief: On Daily Meditation
Article 220: Deep Meditation Music For Troubled Individuals
Article 221: Overview Of Rene Descartes Meditation On First Philosophy
Article 222: Different And Helpful Things To Know About Meditation
Article 223: Different Forms Of Meditation
Article 224: "Do Subliminals Work?" And Other Frequently Asked Questions
Article 225: Discovering Dragon Reiki
Article 226: Easy Meditation Techniques
Article 227: Egyptian Reiki
Article 228: At Knit's End: A Meditation Knit Book For Woman Who Knit Too
Article 229: Feiki Reiki
Article 230: Finding Relief With Meditation
Article 231: Guided Meditation: Let Someone Guides You In The Right Path
Article 232: Guided Meditation: Six Simple Steps On Stress Reduction
Article 233: Benefits Of Healing Meditation
Article 234: Healing Your Past With Meditation
Article 235: Healing Meditation Using The Chakras System
Article 236: How Meditation Can Help You Stop Smoking
Article 237: How Karate Can Help With Meditation
Article 238: How Meditation Helps Insomnia
Article 239: How To Relieve Stress By Meditation
Article 240: Improve Your Grades For Free!
Article 241: Insight Meditation: Let The Power Of Your Mind Make A Big
Article 242: Introduction To Meditation
Article 243: The Three Faculties Of Jewish Meditation Behind The Understanding
Of Torah
Article 244: The Essence Of Breathing In Zen Meditation
Article 245: Just Suits You Right
Article 246: Kundalini Reiki For Free
Article 247: What You Need To Know About Kundalini Reiki
Article 248: Learn More About The Benefits Of Meditation
Article 249: The Spiritual Awareness Through Shamanic Reiki
Article 250: Making The Most Out Of Meditation
Article 251: Learning About Maori Reiki
Article 252: The Meditations Of Marcus Aurelius: A Great Book Of Philosophy
Article 253: Medicine Reiki, A Perfect Union Of East And West
Article 254: Meditation And Dealing With Fear And Phobia
Article 255: Meditation And Pain
Article 256: Basic Meditation Exercises
Article 257: Useful Meditation Instructions At Home
Article 258: Using Meditation Tapes
Article 259: Meditation To Improve Concentration
Article 260: Meditation To Reduce Stress
Article 261: Meditation And Relaxation
Article 262: No More Sitting On The Floor Thanks To Meditation Chairs
Article 263: Meditation Cushions
Article 264: Meditation-explanations About It
Article 265: Meditation Facts
Article 266: Meditation Methods
Article 267: Music That You Can Listen To While Meditating
Article 268: Shopping For Meditation Supplies
Article 269: The Art Of Meditation: How You Can Completely Relax Through
Article 270: Meditation Can Help
Article 271: Meditation Is Something All Of You Should Know More About
Article 272: The Benefits Of Meditation
Article 273: Meditation Through Prayer
Article 274: Meditation Using Your Body And Brain
Article 275: Relaxation And Meditation Exercises
Article 276: Art Of Visualization And Meditation
Article 277: Audio Meditation Materials
Article 278: Finding The Truth Within The Pages Of A Meditation Book
Article 279: Meditation Cd: Introducing You To The World Of Meditation
Article 280: Meditation Cds Continuously Spread The Teachings Of Buddha
Article 281: How Various Meditation Forms Help You Find The Right Meditation
Article 282: Meditation Chair: A Useful Tool For Meditation
Article 283: Comfortable And Cool Meditation With Stylish Meditation Cushion
Article 284: Meditation Technique For A Beginner
Article 285: Anapana Meditation For Your Child
Article 286: Meditation For Dummy
Article 287: Meditation Music: What Kind Of Music You Should Play When
Article 288: A Quick Review On Meditations On First Philosophy
Article 289: Meditation 101: Pillow, Pillow Which Is The Softest Of Them All
Article 290: The Philosophy And Benefits Behind Meditation Practice
Article 291: Meditation Retreat: Some Common Healing Places In California
Article 292: Create A Great Meditation Room Through Different Meditation
Article 293: Meditation Technique For Different Environments
Article 294: The Meditation Timer, The Guide To A Scheduled Meditation Period
Article 295: The Melchizedek Method Reiki
Article 296: Mephisto Subliminals: Making Life Easier
Article 297: Message From The Heavens: Celestial Reiki
Article 298: Methods Of Meditation To Improve Your Health
Article 299: Methods Of Meditation To Relax You
Article 300: The Battle Between Mindfulness And Active Meditation
Article 301: Opting For A Different Approach
Article 302: Overcoming Obstacles With Meditation
Article 303: Reiki And Anemia
Article 304: Reiki Energy
Article 305: The Beauty In Reiki Healing
Article 306: Reiki Music
Article 307: What Is Reiki Nur Ilahi
Article 308: Reiki Symbols Revealed
Article 309: The Role Reiki Symbols Play
Article 310: Reiki Therapy
Article 311: Reiki Training
Article 312: Understanding Reiki
Article 313: Russian Spies, Language And Subliminals
Article 314: Silent Subliminal Messages Can Be Customized
Article 315: Silent Subliminals: How Effective Are They?
Article 316: Silent Subliminals: Too Good To Be True?
Article 317: The Types Of Spiritual Meditation
Article 318: Stop Smoking Through Meditation
Article 319: Subliminals For Hair Loss
Article 320: Suggestions And Affirmations That Target The Unconscious: Do
Subliminals Work?
Article 321: Techniques That You Might Not Know About-meditation
Article 322: The Basics Of Ultrasonic Subliminals
Article 323: The Origins Of Meditation
Article 324: The Power Of Subliminal Messages
Article 325: The Power Of The Unconscious: Do Subliminals Work?
Article 326: Things To Know About Meditation That Might Help You
Article 327: Understanding Transcendental Meditation
Article 328: What Is Transcendental Meditation
Article 329: Getting In Touch With Oneself By Transcendental Meditation
Article 330: Ultrasonic Subliminals: Do They Really Work?
Article 331: Ultrasonic Subliminals And How They Work
Article 332: Using Meditation Through Music
Article 333: Variations Of Meditation According To Religions
Article 334: Walking Meditation As A Modern Way To A Healthier Life
Article 335: Learning About Reiki
Article 336: Beginners Explore The World Of Yoga Meditation
Article 337: Things You Should Know About Zen Meditation
Article 338: "Life With Woody" 10 Inspirational Quotes Than Can Improve
Article 339: "What Really Makes You Tick?" 10 Questions You Should Ask To
Yourself: A Preparation To Self-improvement
Article 340: "A Piece Of Blarney Stone" 10 Ways To Empower Your
Article 341: "Who's The Boss?" 10 Ways To Start Taking Control (Time
Management, Goal Setting, Record Tracking)
Article 342: Abusive Relationship 03
Article 343: Abusive Relationships 15
Article 344: Put Some Additional Self Improvement Link To Your Site
Article 345: Common Characteristics Of Addictive Behaviors
Article 346: What Are Aggressive Behaviors?
Article 347: Controlling Aggressive Behaviors
Article 348: The Facts About Alcohol Addiction
Article 349: Alcohol Addiction
Article 350: Alcohol Treatment Centers
Article 351: Classic Alcoholic Behaviors
Article 352: Alcoholics Anonymous
Article 353: An Overview Of Happiness
Article 354: Analyze Self In Society For Self Identity
Article 355: All About Anger Control
Article 356: Anger Management 24
Article 357: Anger Management
Article 358: Anger Management Children 04
Article 359: Applying For A Loan? The Importance Of Dressing For Success
Article 360: Aptitude Test 04
Article 361: Happy As You Want To Be
Article 362: An Introduction To Behavior Modification.
Article 363: Benefits Of Meditation 03
Article 364: Benefits Of Meditation 04
Article 365: Benefits Of Meditation
Article 366: Benefits Of Time Management 14
Article 367: Benefits Of Time Management 19
Article 368: Both Sides Of Self Identity In Society
Article 369: Brain Teasers
Article 370: What Innovation Can Do To Your Life
Article 371: How To Bring Up Your Children Properly
Article 372: Build Your Self Esteem, A Starter Guide To Self Improvement
Article 373: Business Meetings: The Importance Of Dressing For Success
Article 374: Circumstances Beyond Your Control
Article 375: Clearly Seeing Self And Identity In Society
Article 376: Why Coaching Is The Way To Go In Team Management
Article 377: Common Mistakes Made By Those Looking To Dress For Success
Article 378: Competency Of Self Identity In Society
Article 379: Components Of Self Identity
Article 380: Is Computer Addiction Affecting Your Life?
Article 381: Confidence In Self Identity
Article 382: Helping Your Consumers To Gain More Profits
Article 383: Creative Thinking Techniques 16
Article 384: Dealing With Sorrow - Depression Management
Article 385: How To Deal With People To Get What You Want
Article 386: Decisions In Self Identity Of Self
Article 387: Defensive Driving Course 03
Article 388: Definition Of Success
Article 389: How To Determine What You Want In Life
Article 390: The Road To Intuition
Article 391: Development Of Self Identity Through Society
Article 392: Discover Self Identity
Article 393: Why Pay For Home Improvement When You Can Do It Yourself?
Article 394: Impossible Is Just A Word
Article 395: Dress For Success Tips For Men
Article 396: Dress For Success Tips For Teens
Article 397: Dress For Success Tips For Women
Article 398: Dressing For Success
Article 399: Dressing For Success: Going Beyond The Clothing
Article 400: Dressing For Success: How You Can Use The Internet To Your
Article 401: Dressing For Success: Should You Hire A Fashion Consultant?
Article 402: Dressing For Success: The Importance Of Examining The Occasion
Article 403: Dressing For Success: Tips For When You Shop
Article 404: Dressing For Success When Working From Home
Article 405: Dressing For Success: Why You Should Shop Online
Article 406: Dressing For Success With Storefront Retailers
Article 407: Dressing Or Success At The Office: The Importance Of Following All
Dress Codes
Article 408: Drug Abuse
Article 409: Effective Conscious In Self Identity
Article 410: Effectiveness In Self Identity Of Self In Society
Article 411: Focus On Your Mental And Emotional Side To Gain Self
Article 412: Endorphins The Happy Hormone
Article 413: Enhancing The Human Brain
Article 414: Enjoy Your Life: Change Your Point Of View
Article 415: Environment In Society And Self Identity
Article 416: Establishing Convictions For Self Identity
Article 417: More Than One Way To Skin A Cat: Adventures In Creative Thinking
Article 418: Evils Of The Self Identity
Article 419: Facing Your Fears
Article 420: Feelings For Self Identity
Article 421: Self Improvement Advice Free Of Charge.
Article 422: Fronting Problems For Self Identity In Society
Article 423: Fruits Of The Self Identity Of Self In Society
Article 424: Gaining Of Self Identity In Society
Article 425: Get Rid Of Procrastination, Now!
Article 426: Getting To Know Fears And Phobias
Article 427: Giving And Taking
Article 428: Giving Your All
Article 429: Spiritual Growth: The Spiritual Challenge Of Modern Times
Article 430: Guide To Meditation 04
Article 431: Guided Meditation 04
Article 432: Does A Law On Human Attraction Exist?
Article 433: Have A College Scholarship Interview? The Importance Of Dressing
For Success
Article 434: To Go Or Not To Go Herbal, That Is The Question...
Article 435: 5000 Year-old Medical Secret Unearthed!
Article 436: Genuine Happiness Comes From Within
Article 437: How To Create A Website
Article 438: How To Dress For Success On A Budget
Article 439: How To Improve Communication Skills 03
Article 440: How To Make A Cover Letter 04
Article 441: How To Make A Quilt 04
Article 442: How To Make Gift Baskets 19
Article 443: How To Organize 22
Article 444: How To Start Up A Small Business 03
Article 445: How To Make Others Like You
Article 446: How To Use Affirmation Properly
Article 447: Self-hypnosis Towards Self Improvement
Article 448: Identifying Self In Society
Article 449: Ideology Of Self Identity
Article 450: Important ****** Important ****** Important ****** Important ***
Article 451: Improve Your Listening Skills & Be A Great Conversation Partner!
Article 452: Links To Try Out And Be On Your Way To Self-improvement
Article 453: How To Motivate Yourself Forever
Article 454: What Are Some Of The Self Improvement Products Available
Article 455: Women Workshops – What You Want To See What's Inside And
How It Works
Article 456: Instances In Which You Should Dress For Success
Article 457: Is Your Glass Half Full Or Half Empty?
Article 458: Isolation In Self Identity Of Self In Society
Article 459: "The Way To Wellness" It's Time To Start A Healthy Life: Your 7
Days Program
Article 460: Job Interviews: The Importance Of Dressing For Success
Article 461: Job-loving Tips For Employers And Employees
Article 462: Joy Through Good Health!
Article 463: Learn How To Read 04
Article 464: Learning A Foreign Language 03
Article 465: Learn To Set Goals
Article 466: Learn To Solve Your Problems
Article 467: Life And Self Identity
Article 468: Living Your Passion
Article 469: How To Become An Ideal Leader
Article 470: Managing For Self And Society Identity
Article 471: Meditation Pillow 04
Article 472: Meditation Retreat 19
Article 473: Meditation Techniques 04
Article 474: Do Yoda Proud: Meditation 101
Article 475: Mental Talk And Self Identity
Article 476: Motivation For Self Identity
Article 477: Motivation, The Heart Of Self Improvement
Article 478: New Age In Self Identity
Article 479: Observational Learning For Self Identity
Article 480: Your Recommended Daily Allowance For Relaxation
Article 481: Opens Doors For Self Identity In Society
Article 482: Optimistic Views Of Self Identity
Article 483: Five Tips For Overcoming Social Anxiety
Article 484: Performance In Self Identity
Article 485: Personal Trainer 23
Article 486: The Powers Of A Positive Attitude
Article 487: Practices For Self Identity And Self
Article 488: Pros And Cons Of Dressing For Success
Article 489: Psychological Self-improvement: Ways To Overcome Fear
Article 490: Recognition Of Self Identity
Article 491: Reduce Stress And Be Happy
Article 492: Rehab Centers
Article 493: Relaxation In Self Identity
Article 494: Reprogramming In Self Identity Of Self
Article 495: Resources You Can Use To Help You Dress For Success
Article 496: Learning The Rewards Of Reading
Article 497: Discover The Secret To Fast Learning
Article 498: Sections Of Self Identity Of The Self And Society
Article 499: Self Esteem Improvement; Start Now Before It Is Too Late
Article 500: Self Identity And Posing Challenges
Article 501: Self Identity Development
Article 502: Self Identity Methods
Article 503: Self Identity Of Self In Society
Article 504: Self Identity Of The Self And Society
Article 505: Self Improvement Advice: Meditation
Article 506: The Essential Keys To Self Improvement And Motivation
Article 507: What Have You Got To Lose By Reading One More Self
Improvement Article?
Article 508: Highly Recommended Self Improvement Books
Article 509: How To Maintain Your Self Improvement Course
Article 510: Self Improvement Guide Worth Reading
Article 511: How Self-improvement Program Works
Article 512: Self-improvement Seminar For Good Leaders
Article 513: Eliminating Your Addiction With Self-help Tapes
Article 514: Why You Should Get Your Own Self Improvement Video?
Article 515: Following Your Self Improvement Worksheets By Heart
Article 516: Self Improvement And Success Go Hand In Hand
Article 517: Power Through The People
Article 518: Self Improvement And Success
Article 519: Shape Self In Society For Self Identity
Article 520: Social Self And Identity In Society
Article 521: Society And Self Identity
Article 522: Society In Self Identity Of Self
Article 523: Solutions For Self Identity Of Self In Society
Article 524: Spiritual Meditation
Article 525: "The Game Of Life" Start Your Own Coaching: 7 Days Program
Article 526: Self-improvement Statistics Guide In Decision-making.
Article 527: Strategies To Maximize Time
Article 528: Stressed For Self Identity
Article 529: Striving For Self Identity In Society
Article 530: Accelerate Your Learning Powers Using Subliminal Learning
Article 531: Take It Easy And Enjoy Life
Article 532: The Only Way To True Happiness God
Article 533: The Relationship Factor
Article 534: The Scents For Self Identity From Society Stress
Article 535: Setting Your Goals - Easier Said, Easily Done
Article 536: The Benefits Of Dressing For Success
Article 537: The Importance Of Dressing For Success On Business Trips
Article 538: Creating Effective And Efficient Relationships
Article 539: Tips For Dressing For Success In The Workplace
Article 540: Tips On Getting Organized
Article 541: Tips To Keep Memory In Tiptop Condition
Article 542: True Worth In Self Identity Of Self In Society
Article 543: Understanding Self Identity Of Self In Society
Article 544: Creative Notions
Article 545: Unlock Your Self Improvement Power
Article 546: Menu For An Upbeat Life
Article 547: How To Use Creativity To Improve Your Life
Article 548: The Key To A Better Life
Article 549: What Is Depression: Some New Light On The Old Blues?
Article 550: Why Is It Important To Improve Your Self?
Article 551: Why You Should Dress For Success When Applying For Jobs
Article 552: Why Should You Set Goals?
Article 553: Your 7 Days Program To Positive Thinking
Article 554: Your 7 Days Program To Self-improvement
Article 555: Your 7 Days Program To Stress Management
Article 556: Life Mapping: A Vision Of Success
Article 557: 101 Helpful Affirmations
Article 558: 3 Simple Tools For Time Management
Article 559: 5 Reasons Why You Should Learn And Practice Proper Time
Article 560: 8 Simple Steps To Improve Your Time Management
Article 561: A Deeper Understand And Akashic Records
Article 562: A Double-sided Coin
Article 563: A Guide To Learning Chinese Online
Article 564: About A Personal Development Home Based Business
Article 565: About Jin "learn Chinese"
Article 566: Accepting To Improve Your Personal Life
Article 567: Acquire Power Through Self Development.
Article 568: Adopting Anger Management Skills That Work
Article 569: Advantages Of Time Management
Article 570: Given As Free Plr. Rewrite Completely Before Using.
Article 571: Akashic Record And Readers
Article 572: Akashic Record Consultants
Article 573: Akashic Record Types
Article 574: Akashic Records And Life
Article 575: Akashic Records Skeptics
Article 576: Akashic Records Workshop
Article 577: All About Amnesia
Article 578: Alzheimers
Article 579: An Organized Office
Article 580: Anger Management Activities Are Recommended
Article 581: Anger Management For Kids
Article 582: Anger Management For Teen Children
Article 583: Anger Management For Teens & Success
Article 584: Anger Management In Children
Article 585: Anger Management Information
Article 586: Anger Management Therapy
Article 587: Anger Management Tips To Use In Stressful Situations
Article 588: Aphasia's Speech And Language Problems Targeted For Speech
Article 589: Are There Anger Management Books Available
Article 590: Attending An Anger Management Seminar
Article 591: Baby Steps To Getting Organized
Article 592: Bad Reasons Not To Learn Chinese
Article 593: Be Happy Now (453 Words)
Article 594: Begin A Personal Development Entrepreneur Business
Article 595: Beginner Chinese Calligraphy
Article 596: Being Bilingual In America And Learning Chinese
Article 597: Benefiting From Anger Management Groups
Article 598: Benefits Of An Akashic Reading
Article 599: Benefits Of Using Business Development Adobe Documents
Article 600: Books And Other Tools To Help You Learn Spanish
Article 601: Boosting Self-esteem With Affirmations (477 Words)
Article 602: Brain Food
Article 603: Building Courage To Improve Your Personal Life
Article 604: Business People Learn Spanish For Work
Article 605: Calendar Time Management For Working Students: A Necessity
Article 606: Changing Habits To Improve Your Personal Life
Article 607: Chinese Calligraphy As An Art Form
Article 608: Chinese Calligraphy As Tattoos
Article 609: Tips For An Effective Time Management Skill For A College Student
Article 610: College Students And Time Management
Article 611: College Students, Strengthen Your Time Management Skills
Article 612: College Students" Time For Study And New Friends: Balance Them
Out Nicely
Article 613: Time Management Tips For College Students
Article 614: Balance Your Act: College Student Tips For Time Management
Article 615: College Time Management- Access To A Good Career
Article 616: Committing To Your Goals (558 Words)
Article 617: Common Barriers To Personal Growth And Development
Article 618: Competence Leading To Improve Personal Life
Article 619: Conditions For Speech Therapy: Autism
Article 620: Conditions For Speech Therapy: Laryngectomy
Article 621: Connecting Aging And Memory
Article 622: Create Your Day (430 Words)
Article 623: Dealing With Others.
Article 624: Delineating Speech And Language Therapy
Article 625: Discovering Intentions To Improve Your Personal Life
Article 626: Discovering Values That Improve Your Personal Life
Article 627: Do You Need A Life Coach For Personal Development?
Article 628: Early Learning To Listen Sounds And Speech Therapy
Article 629: Easily Learn To Play Electric Guitar
Article 630: Easy To Create Adobe Business Development Documents
Article 631: Eating Right To Improve Your Personal Life
Article 632: Effective Anger Management Help
Article 633: Effective Time Management Training
Article 634: Effective Time Management For College Students Freshmen
Article 635: Empowerment In Action (494 Words)
Article 636: Everyday Simplicity (446 Words)
Article 637: Exclusive Friendships.
Article 638: Experiential Learning On Time Management Skills
Article 639: Failure Doesn't Exist (492 Words)
Article 640: Famous Files Of Akashic Records
Article 641: Faq About The Akashic Records
Article 642: Fear And Reason.
Article 643: Finding Balance
Article 644: Finding Help From An Internet Personal Development Business
Article 645: Finding Personal Development Coaching Resources In Essex
Article 646: Finding The Right Personal Trainer For Business Development
Article 647: Finding Time To Organize
Article 648: Five Ways To Get More Done
Article 649: Free Time Management Tips
Article 650: Getting The Most Out Of Today To Improve Your Personal Life
Article 651: Learn To Play Guitar Note
Article 652: Given As Free Plr. Rewrite Completely Before Using.
Article 653: Healthy Body Healthy Mind!
Article 654: Helpful Time Management Tools
Article 655: Herbs To Improve Your Memory
Article 656: Herbs Improving Your Personal Life
How To Improve Personal Life With Herbs
Article 657: History Of Akashic Records
Article 658: How Do Science And Memory Connect?
Article 659: How Hobbies Improve Your Personal Life
Article 660: How People Learn Spanish In Conversational Classes
Article 661: How Personal Development Training Assists Management
Article 662: How To Attract Money (529 Words)
Article 663: How To Begin A Personal Development Plan
Article 664: How To Conquer Your Fears (529 Words)
Article 665: How To Create A Personal Leadership Development Plan
Article 666: How To Develop A Positive Attitude (508 Words)
Article 667: How To Develop Your Personal Career Development Profile
Article 668: How To Expect The Best (459 Words)
Article 669: How To Find The Best Personal Development Coach
Article 670: How To Improve Personal Life
Article 671: How To Improve Your Personal Life Avoiding Procrastination
Article 672: How To Improve Your Personal Life With Exercise And More
Article 673: How To Learn Chinese In China
Article 674: How To Learn Spanish By Getting The Most Out Of Classes
Article 675: How To Learn Spanish Verbs
Article 676: How To Learn Spanish With A Tutor
Article 677: How To Make Wise Decisions (525 Words)
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Article 679: How You Can Improve Your Personal Life
Article 680: How You Can Learn Spanish Better Through The Arts
Article 681: How And Why You Should Play Time Management Games
Article 682: How To Buy Time Management Software
Article 683: How To Find Time Management Games
Article 684: How To Teach Your Children About Time Management
Article 685: Playing Guitar The Easy Way
Article 686: Learn On How To Perfectly Practice The Piano
Article 687: How To Teach Children To Learn Play The Piano
Article 688: I Want To Learn Chinese
Article 689: I'll Do It Later
Article 690: Identifying Obstacles To Effective Time Management
Article 691: Importance Of Good Clothing.
Article 692: Importance Of Play In Speech Therapy
Article 693: Importance Of Time Management
Article 694: Important Information On Time Management
Article 695: Improve Memory To Help Your Career Skills
Article 696: Improve Your Personal Life In Awareness
Article 697: Improve Your Personal Life With Exercise
Article 698: Improve Your Personal Life With Vitamins
Article 699: Improve Your Personal Life With Yoga
Article 700: Improving Memory Using Memory Exercises
Article 701: Improving Memory Using Mnemonic Tools
Article 702: Improving The Quality Of Your Personal Life
Article 703: Initial Steps To Getting Organized
Article 704: Is It Good For Small Children To Learn Spanish?
Article 705: It's Easy To Learn Chinese Characters!
Article 706: It's Easy To Learn Chinese Characters!
Article 707: Identifying Your Big Rocks And Managing College Student Activities
Article 708: Effective Time Management For College Students Using Calendar
Article 709: Keys That Unlock The Doors To Personal Life Improvement
Article 710: Knowing Yoga Will Help Me In Improving My Personal Life
Article 711: Laws Of Magnetic Action.
Article 712: Laws Of Magnetic Development.
Article 713: Learn Chinese Calligraphy
Article 714: Learn Chinese Free
Article 715: Learn Chinese
Article 716: Learn How To Write Chinese.
Article 717: Learn Spanish Language Secrets
Article 718: Learn Spanish Phrases For Your Trip Abroad
Article 719: Learn Spanish Through Immersion Studies
Article 720: Learn To Corel Draw
Article 721: Learn To Draw A Bunny
Article 722: Learn To Draw A Dragon
Article 723: Learn To Draw A Flame
Article 724: Learn To Draw A Rose
Article 725: Learn To Draw And Paint
Article 726: Learn To Draw Animals
Article 727: Learn To Draw Anime Characters
Article 728: Learn To Draw Caricatures
Article 729: Learn To Draw Cars
Article 730: Learn To Draw Cartoons
Article 731: Learn To Draw Comics
Article 732: Learn To Draw Disney Characters
Article 733: Learn To Draw Dogs
Article 734: Learn To Draw Eyes
Article 735: Learn To Draw Faces
Article 736: Learn To Draw Fairies
Article 737: Learn To Draw Flowers
Article 738: Learn To Draw Graffiti Letters
Article 739: Learn To Draw Japanese Animation
Article 740: Learn To Draw Manga
Article 741: Learn To Draw People
Article 742: Learn To Draw Sailor Moon
Article 743: Learn To Draw The Human Figure
Article 744: Learn To Draw Tinkerbell
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Article 746: Learn To Speak Chinese
Article 747: Learning Healthy Anger Management Strategies
Article 748: Learning More About Akashic Records
Article 749: Learning Spanish: What To Look Forward To
Article 750: Given As Free Plr. Rewrite Completely Before Using.
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Article 753: Various Ways To Learn How To Play An Acoustic Guitar
Article 754: Advantages Of Learning To Master A Guitar
Article 755: Learn To Play Guitar With Amp Through Instruction Books
Article 756: Elements On Learning And Mastering A Guitar Article 757: Learn
Bass Guitar Playing
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Learn The Steps On Playing The Piano Effectively
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Piano: Secrets Revealed
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Article 792: Listing Your Way To Efficiency
Article 793: Living In Reality To Improve Your Personal Life
Article 794: The Importance Of Planning For Long Term Goals In Order To
Ensure Better Time Management
Article 795: Looking At The Entire Picture To Improve Your Personal Life
Article 796: Love And Faith.
Article 797: Things That Students Should Know About Time Management
Article 798: Mandarin Chinese
Article 799: Memory And Your Health
Article 800: Mental Attitude
Article 801: Mental Health And Improving Your Personal Life
Article 802: Given As Free Plr. Rewrite Completely Before Using.
Article 803: Non-traditional Students And Traditional Time Management Tips
Article 804: Nursing And Time Management
Article 805: One-man Power.
Article 806: Organize To Remember
Article 807: Organize Your Memories
Article 808: Organize Your Money
Article 809: Given As Free Plr. Rewrite Completely Before Using.
Article 810: Organizing Pitfalls
Article 811: Organizing Your E-mail
Article 812: Organizing Your Garage
Article 813: Organizing Your Papers
Article 814: Personal Growth And Development Systems
Article 815: Personal Life Improvement Through Meditation
Article 816: Personal Life Improving To Grow
Article 817: Personal Magnetism.
Article 818: Personal Time Management Software
Article 819: Personal Time Management
Article 820: Personal Time Management
Article 821: Personal Trainer Ideas For Business Development
Article 822: Personal Time Management Tips
Article 823: Phenomena Explained By The Akashic Records
Article 824: Physical Tone.
Article 825: Planning To Improve Your Personal Life
Article 826: Play Levels Of Social Interaction In Speech And Language Therapy
Article 827: Play Piano By Ear - A Great Skill
Article 828: Play Piano In A Flash – Is It Possible?
Article 829: Learn To Play Piano Online
Article 830: Learn To Play The Piano On The Computer
Article 831: Positive Reflections Will Help Improve Your Personal Life
Article 832: Practicing Healthy To Improve Your Personal Life
Article 833: Preparing For Old Age.
Article 834: Proper Rest To Improve Your Personal Life
Article 835: Reasons To Learn Spanish
Article 836: Recover Diminishing Memory
Article 837: 61 Steps To Reduce Tension
Article 838: Reduce The Stress
Article 839: Reducing Stress To Improve Your Personal Life
Article 840: Relationships And Improving Personal Life
Article 841: Religious References To The Akashic Records
Article 842: Research On Memory Loss
Article 843: Rest And Sleep.
Article 844: Roles Of Speech Therapist In Laryngectomy Management
Article 845: Salutations-why Important.
Article 846: Seeking The Truth To Improve Your Personal Life
Article 847: Pointers For Self Discipline For Student Study And Time
Article 848: Should Spanish Be Required In Schools?
Article 849: Scepticism
Article 850: Socializing Will Help Improve Your Personal Life
Article 851: Some Simple Efficiency Changes At Work
Article 852: Spanish Basics: How To Describe A Person's Face
Article 853: Learning Spanish: The Job World
Article 854: Specific Accounts Of Akashic Records
Article 855: Speech And Language Problems Presented By Crouzon Syndrome
Article 856: Speech Therapy: An Overview On Fluency Disorders
Article 857: Speech Therapy: An Overview
Article 858: Speech Therapy: Prolam-gm Approach
Article 859: Speech Therapy Activities For Aphasia
Article 860: Speech Therapy Assessment Tips For Fluency Disorders
Article 861: Speech Therapy Diagnosis: Autism
Article 862: Speech Therapy Fluency Shaping: A Different Approach
Article 863: Speech Therapy For Intermediate Stuttering
Article 864: Speech Therapy For The Hearing Impaired
Article 865: Speech Therapy Of Hearing Impaired Children At The Verbal Level
Article 866: Speech Therapy Voice Training For The Laryngectomee
Article 867: Start Organizing
Article 868: Start Today
Article 869: Steps To Contentment
Article 870: Stop Smoking To Improve Personal Life
Article 871: Strategies That Help Improve Your Personal Life
Article 872: Time Management Tips For A Better Scheduled Student
Article 873: The Accurate And Effective Way For Student Time Management
Article 874: Success Percentage Of Students With Good Time Management
Article 875: Time Management Tips: Enjoying Your Student Life
Article 876: Successful Time Management Techniques
Article 877: Suspending Bad Qualities To Improve Your Personal Life
Article 878: Sympathy, Knowledge And Poise.
Article 879: Take Early Action To Retain Your Mental Health
Article 880: Taking Responsibility To Improve Overall Personal Life
Article 881: Taming The Paper Monster
Article 882: Teaching Hearing Impaired Children At The Nonverbal Level
Article 883: Teaching Time Management Skills
Article 884: Teaching Your Disabled Students About Time Management
Article 885: Ten In Ten
Article 886: There Are Numerous Examples Of The Akashic Records In
Article 887: The Akashic Records
Article 888: The Art Of Conversation.
Article 889: The Aura Of Organizing
Article 890: The Dangers Of Memory Loss
Article 891: The Entrance Into Society.
Article 892: The Equipment That Improves Your Personal Life
Article 893: The Formula To Creating Goals That Help You Improve Your
Personal Life
Article 894: Should We Learn Spanish Because The Hispanic Population Is
Article 895: The Importance Of Personal And Social Development In Business
Article 896: The Importance Of Personal Career Development For Students
Article 897: The Importance Of Personal Development Seminars
Article 898: The Memory Of The Mind
Article 899: The Nature Of The Akashic Records
Article 900: The Pareto Analysis And Time Management
Article 901: The Path To Personal And Professional Development
Article 902: The Posec Method Of Time Management
Article 903: The Role Of Speech Therapy In Traumatic Brain Injury
Article 904: The Stress Of Alzheimers
Article 905: The Study Of Memory Improvement
Article 906: The Thieves Of Personal Development
Article 907: The Words Evade Me
Article 908: The Danger Of Not Managing Your Time At The Office
Article 909: The Importance Of Personal Time Management
Article 910: The Importance Of Teaching Your Children About Time Management
Article 911: The Importance Of Time Management For Students
Article 912: The Importance Of Time Management In The Workplace
Article 913: The Importance Of Time Management
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Article 917: Three Ways To Balance Your Life (619 Words)
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Article 922: Time Management - The Importance Of Delegating Tasks
Article 923: Time Management For Nurses
Article 924: Time Management For Parents
Article 925: Time Management For Students
Article 926: Time Management Games
Article 927: Time Management - Goal Setting
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Article 929: Time Management Overview
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Article 932: Time Management Techniques In Business
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Article 961: Time Management In College Is Way Different From That In High
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Article 995: What To Look For In A Spanish-speaking Partner
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Article 1019: Working To Improve Your Personal Life
Article 1020: Working With Others Will Help Improve Your Personal Life.
Article 1021: Yoga In Improving Personal Life
Time marches forward, inexorably. Seasons have come and gone, conveniently and comfortingly arranged
in their pattern of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Man discerned this pattern and marked the seasons
as they passed. Each repetition of the pattern became the year. Just how this collection of days and months
was recorded changed over time. The first calendars were not particularly efficient ones. Sages struggled
across the millennia, attempting to create a calendar that was accurate. With the advent of the Julian
calendar we finally found an efficient way to mark time. With a few further tweaks we finally settled on the
Gregorian calendar.

The beginning of the New Year was first observed in the spring in ancient times. The choice of spring makes
perfect sense with it's implications of brand new beginnings. This was a time when the earth grew warm
again. Flowers bloomed and crops were planted. Young men's thoughts turned to romance, and everyone
was inspired to make an effort that the New Year would be better than the old one.

Although our current New Year comes in the cold of winter rather than the newness of spring, we still attach
significance to it being a new beginning. We ring out the old year, epitomized by the decrepit Old Father
Time. We ring in the New Year, symbolized by a brand new baby in diapers. It's a time for starting over and
casting off the past.

Beginning anew gives us a clean slate. We like to make resolutions because in doing so it absolves us of
our failures at least enough to give us hope. We understand from an instinct deep inside that moving forward
with renewed resolve will help us to achieve the things we have pledged for our new year. Resolutions are a
sign of our hope, without which we could never achieve our goals.

Even though we sometimes fail to reach the goals set forth in our Resolutions we are buoyed by our sense
of possibilities, and goals become more focused thanks to the time and effort we devote to them at the end
of each year. Famous men and women have made some astute observances in regard to New Years Eve
and the wisdom of promising to make life better. Mark Twain said in his special brand of wry wit: "New
Year's Day: Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions. Next week you can
begin paving hell with them as usual." He also offered this pithy comment: "Yesterday, everybody smoked
his last cigar, took his last drink and swore his last oath. Today, we are a pious and exemplary community.
Thirty days from now, we shall have cast our reformation to the winds and gone to cutting our ancient
shortcomings considerably shorter than ever."

Benjamin Franklin in his infinite wisdom said, "Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what
you resolve." Franklin is right - we must have the follow through. Making our resolutions is only half the
battle. Oscar Wilde, perhaps sensing the eternal optimism of resolution-making wrote, "Good resolutions are
simply checks that men draw on a bank where they have no account," but Helen Keller, optimist
extraordinaire, gave us all a vote of confidence when she said, "We can do anything we want to if we stick to
it long enough."

Will this be the fresh new start we've been looking for? Are we prepared for a brand new beginning and do
we have the resolve to see that permanent changes happen for us this New Year? Can we envision our
coming spring, summer, autumn, and winter reflecting the success of our resolutions? In another circling of
the sun, another calendar year, we will see all too clearly if we are making the same resolutions yet again or
if we are looking back with a sense of satisfaction over our accomplishments.
Why do so many New Year's Resolutions fail? Often it's because we allow ourselves to begin breaking the
rules in little ways, building up to bigger and better cheating, until the resolution is completely shot. We
become discouraged, making it harder to get back in the resolution saddle. If you fear your own weakness
will deter you from your goal, consider making yourself accountable to a second party.

When we know that we must answer to someone else we are more aware of the choices we are making.
Whether accountability works because of embarrassment or fear of appearing weak, it can sometimes
provide the motivation it will take to keep us on track. The good thing about having someone to follow our
progress is that we automatically find ourselves blessed with a cheerleader who will be on our side and who
will care about our success. When we are challenged the hardest is when we need our support system the
most. Those to whom we agree to be accountable will be right there with us through thick and thin,
admonishing with love and concern.

We must be very careful when choosing our accountability partner. Sometimes it's good to pick someone
who is trying to reach the same goal we are. Having a diet buddy or a walking buddy can provide not only
the encouragement we need but also someone to share the ups and downs with us. It's common for
husbands and wives, sisters, best friends, or co-workers to set out working together toward a goal.

Sometimes this buddy system can backfire if either party becomes resentful over being 'policed', even when
they agreed upon it in the first place. Those involved should have a clear understanding of the boundaries
for the accountability. No one should be given the right to ride you relentlessly to the point you give up, nor
should they have the right to discuss your progress, or lack of it, in public or with other people. Agree on the
ways the support is to be given and always insist on tactfulness.

In instances where accountability with a relative or someone close is not apt to work out, it's better to
become accountable to someone you don't know. Some people prefer to go to public meetings where they
are encouraged by professional leaders. There is nothing personal in this business relationship. There are
organizations for dieters in which one weighs in each week, and there are personal trainers who keep tabs
on the progress of those who have committed to an exercise routine. Programs of all sorts provide sponsors
who will offer just as much support as a relative or friend, but who will not be governed by relationship

Do yourself a favor by not trying to reach difficult goals alone. With all the different kinds of support systems
from which to choose, you don't ever have to feel isolated while working toward your goal. Determine which
system is best for you and take full advantage of it. But remember, it's still up to you. If you are overwhelmed
by temptation to cheat, be open about it. Ask for extra support and encouragement when you feel you need
it. Remember above all else that you chose this person or group. Don't allow yourself to become angry or
resentful for doing what you agreed upon. Appreciate them for their part in helping you to reach your goal.
Communicating with our children can be a difficult task at times. We feel like they're not listening to us; they
feel like we're not listening to them. Good listening and communications skills are essential to successful
parenting. Your child's feelings, views and opinions have worth, and you should make sure you take the
time to sit down and listen openly and discuss them honestly.

It seems to be a natural tendency to react rather than to respond. We pass judgment based on our own
feelings and experiences. However, responding means being receptive to our child's feelings and emotions
and allowing them to express themselves openly and honestly without fear of repercussion from us. By
reacting, we send our child the message that their feelings and opinions are invalid. But by responding and
asking questions about why the child feels that way, it opens a dialog that allows them to discuss their
feelings further, and allows you a better understanding of where they're coming from. Responding also
gives you an opportunity to work out a solution or a plan of action with your child that perhaps they would not
have come up with on their own. Your child will also appreciate the fact that maybe you do indeed
understand how they feel.

It's crucial in these situations to give your child your full and undivided attention. Put down your newspaper,
stop doing dishes, or turn off the television so you can hear the full situation and make eye contact with your
child. Keep calm, be inquisitive, and afterwards offer potential solutions to the problem.

Don't discourage your child from feeling upset, angry, or frustrated. Our initial instinct may be to say or do
something to steer our child away from it, but this can be a detrimental tactic. Again, listen to your child, ask
questions to find out why they are feeling that way, and then offer potential solutions to alleviate the bad

Just as we do, our children have feelings and experience difficult situations. By actively listening and
participating with our child as they talk about it, it demonstrates to them that we do care, we want to help and
we have similar experiences of our own that they can draw from. Remember, respond - don't react.
The question is: "Are addictions actually bad habits?" According to the habit model of addiction, they are.
This theory of addiction states that the only reason to say there is a difference is to persecute "addicts."

People with bad habits of smoking often feel much persecuted. While smoking is not illegal (at least not
yet), it is shunned by society as a whole. At first, you could smoke anywhere. Expecting fathers smoked in
the maternity waiting rooms. Then, you could smoke in buildings, but only in a designated smoking room.

Then there came the designated smoking area outside the building. Now restaurants, bars, and whole cities
are going smoke-free. It seems that a lot of people have given up their bad habits. However, they do not
seem to remember how badly they were addicted before. The truth is that in a way, they are still addicted
and always will be. That is how addiction works.

In an effort to save others from the ill effects of their second hand smoke, many people have switched their
bad habits to smokeless tobacco. Just because the tobacco is not smoked, though, it does not mean the
nicotine is not addictive. It is said to be just as hard a bad habit to break as cigarettes. People quitting it use
patches and nicotine gum or Zyban, too.

Sleeping pills are bad habits to get into as well. They can be so addictive that you need a higher and higher
dosage to fall asleep. Eventually, they will not help at all. Some people overdose in an attempt to reach a
dose that will put them to sleep. It usually takes intervention by a doctor and/or a sleep clinic to straighten
you out.

Alcohol can be a bad habit if you drink to excess. For some people with certain physical conditions, it can
be risky anyway. It can be dangerous if mixed with particular medications. However, if a person is addicted
to alcohol, they will not be concerned with that. Neither will they be concerned about their jobs or their
relationships. It will all be about the next drink.

Drugs pose a variety of bad habits. There are so many illegal drugs that they are too numerous to count.
They have different affects and cause different levels of addiction. Some have fast and devastating results.
Others do little damage in the short run. Yet, they are all bad habits.

There are club drugs, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, and hallucinogens. All these drugs can be nasty.
There are also legal drugs that people get into bad habits with by starting with an injury or other medical
condition. These can be pain pills like percocet, or muscle relaxants. They are also very addictive bad

If you have an addictive bad habit, you probably need some form of help to get over it. In fact, once you
have a serious addiction, experiencing the sights, smells, or sounds of your addiction will start your brain in
that addictive mode again. It is no wonder that people struggle for years with addictive bad habits.
Teenagers are most likely to be affected by addiction because of their curious age. When an adolescent
accepts rehabilitation and has been in the process of recovery for more than 30 days, some may choose to
go on with their lives and start anew while others portray fear which is basically caught by sober living
homes. Homes like these freely embrace the person who is in dire need of some place to rest his or her
head for rehabilitation to continue.

Adolescents and the outside world

With regards to the outside world, adolescents become more doubtful especially because it is where it all
began. Think, after weeks of rehabilitation, would the adolescent choose to go back to a miserable life or
start all over by going in sober living homes. With the proper supervision of parents and with the acceptance
of the adolescent's own understanding, he or she may be going inside the facility and stay for a longer
period of time.

Homes for adolescents

Sober homes need not be expensive. All it takes is for someone to recognize that complete recovery is more
important than thinking about how to pay additional bills. One may choose to be in a society where girls and
boys mix or otherwise choose to be in a home that is exclusively for female. It is in the client's preference if
he or she will be adapting the real environment or something that's close to reality.

Choosing the best transitional program for your adolescent

Placing your child in a transitional program based in a sober home should be thought of. This process will
work effectively especially if the adolescent knows how to follow certain instructions and complies with the
standards and rules of the place. The facility must know how to honor the client's need for effective
treatment withstanding from the wilderness and vagueness of the situation. They need to uphold the
teenager's integrity in order to strengthen the integrity of the person.

Choosing the right program

Upon choosing the most appropriate program for the adolescent, one determine things that"ll greatly affect
your individual's behavior. Remember, every individual is unique in his own attitude and behavior. Thus, one
must know:

• Program's structure – Determination if the program that is chosen can provide sufficient structure in order
to support the student's transitional phase in going back to the real world. Will the program fit the person or
will it leave everything to stagnate. You have to remember that adolescents don't have the capability to seek
placement in the transitional ideas thus, may not demonstrate knowledge and skills in order to remain sober
and avoid relapses.

• Program's goal – the program must have a goal otherwise it will just be another activity aiming at nothing.
The program must have the capacity to impart knowledge that will lead to recovery and increased coping
mechanisms. These must be integrated in a way that even if the person meets daily difficulties will still be
able to maintain stability with decisions and behavior. No relapses.

• Family inclusion – the program must always involve the presence of the people who are close to the life of
the individual in order to pursue the treatment even outside the sober living environment. Consider marking
enabling a disagreeable conversation. It is wise to let the parents and loved ones know how it all started and
how it's suppose to end if given proper authority.
Would it not be nice if you could avoid bad habits instead of having to quit them after starting? No one will
avoid all bad habits. There are just too many to stay away from them all. Yet, you can reduce the number
of bad habits you have to conquer.

There are certain bad habits that you can avoid altogether. Your body has no need for nicotine or tar from
cigarettes. So, if you do not take that first cigarette, you will never have to face the daunting task of giving
them up. It is well worth any social discomfort you might feel to dodge that bullet.

Other bad habits are a matter of degree. Your body needs food. Many people realize that they will gain a
lot of weight if they do not take action. However, you cannot just stop eating altogether. You could for
awhile, but that would not be healthy either. Instead you must find a way to limit yourself.

To avoid the bad habits involved in letting yourself become overweight, you need to think differently. You
can do this by thinking of food as a special treat that you only get at certain times. You can eat like a thin
person-picking out the best part and leaving the rest. There are a host of different thinking patterns you can
take on to avoid getting fat.

Not exercising is another of the bad habits that will make you gain weight. You may know that you need to
get up and move around. You may have every intention to do so. The energy does not seem to be there
when you need it. To avoid this bad habit, start slowly. What you may not realize is that the energy will
increase as your exercise increases.

Bad habits of personal hygiene can be avoided by developing a positive routine. If you fear going out in
public smelling bad, you can make it a habit to shower every morning. Shower more than once a day if the
situation calls for it. Brush your teeth and comb your hair. If you are just starting out on your own, you could
even make a list. After all, you are probably past those teen years when everyone else made sure you were

Relationships are difficult enough without developing bad habits. If you are getting married, make a point of
discussing all the possible trouble areas first. You can do this with a pre-marriage counselor or on your own.
Either way, it is good to learn how you each can contribute to keeping away the bad habits of jealousy or

Many bad habits can be avoided if you will only consider the needs of yourself and of others equally. Putting
yourself first at all times makes you selfish and hard to abide. Putting others first all the time just makes you
a doormat.

For every bad habit, there is a way to avoid it. The trouble is that no one can be vigilant enough to control
that many behaviors. What is more, many bad habits start before people are old enough to think much
about it. If you want to, though, you can pass up some of them.
The moment an addict has already completed the program that are laid out for him inside rehabilitation
centers, he must result to continuous rehabilitation. Depression is a kind of mental illness that harnesses low
self-esteem and constant crying from patients. Some of the depression occurrences are because of the
person's connection with precipitating substances like alcohol.

Once you have come out of the rehabilitation center and recovered from your depression, you can avoid
relapses. Avoiding depression relapses is an effective tool in order to attain living in sobriety.

However, depression relapses are common especially when the underlying cause is not resolved. Here are
some advices on how relapses can be avoided. You"ll just need a steady heart, good friends, determination,
resources of knowledge, and faith.

1. Be educated.

Know your disorder or most efficiently, know yourself and what caused the illness. You can do this by doing
a bit of research. Depression is not something to be scared of. Depression is caused by chemical
imbalances in your brain wherein time may come when your mind will be playing tricks on your whole
personality. Once you see depression as a kind of disease that needs to be treated and avoided, you"ll
finally realize that controlling it is overall possible.

2. Despise relapses

You should not let relapses cross your path. You have already experienced a difficult stage in your life which
you wouldn't want to be reminded of. Always control your mood. Pay attention to the reasons why you are
experiencing relapses or why you have experienced the illness in the first place. You must not let your sad
and depressive emotions overcome you because this will cause your downfall. Count the events that tend to
trigger your feeling depressed. If you are experiencing some relapses, you have to do something about it
and fast.

3. Never go alone

Don't isolate yourself. Remember the time when your therapist told you that being isolated causes the
person to become more and more depressed? Therefore, you should never rely in being alone in one corner
trying to ponder and making thoughts crowd your mind. Use communication with friends and family or
relatives; if you are worried about relapses, you have to be careful in showing signs of it. Try to let your
friends be with you for a while and air out what you feel. This will make you feel better.

4. Stop any negative thinking

Whatever happens negative thinking should never collide with your thoughts. It will only cause the downfall
of your personality and may cause a relapse. Always think positive. If things don't go your way, then accept
it as a challenge. Never tell yourself that you"re no one. Don't produce patterns of negative ideas and
thoughts run inside your mind. This will trigger relapses.

5. Learn to cope

If you have anti-depressant drugs, use it when you are feeling down. Don't stop the medication just because
you feel that everything's alright. If ever you have felt that the drug no longer works or has irritating effects
on you, talk to your doctor about it.

For you to attain sober living, you have to follow these advices to be able to avoid depression relapses. You
must always surround yourself with things that are positive and make your support system strong.
Bad habits can be very expensive to maintain. Never mind that they are annoying to others. Do not think
about the pain you cause yourself, if you do not want to. Just remember that your bad habits are hitting you
where it hurts-in your wallet.

Smoking has always been a bad habit to have. In past times, people smoked more cigarettes, but cigarettes
were cheaper. Now, many people have cut down on the number of cigarettes they smoke per day. Yet,
those few are more expensive now than the many were back then. That's accounting for inflation, too.

This is because lawmakers have seen fit to put large taxes on cigarettes. In many areas, the taxes are set
to go up even higher. Some states are planning hikes of $10 per carton. If that will not stop you from
smoking, what will?

Alcohol, too, is a bad habit that is subject to sin tax. It depends on how expensive your taste in alcohol is
whether it will cost you more or less. Usually, most people will go to drinking less expensive alcohol as their
dependency grows. However, it is not unusual for someone to go to a bar on a Friday night and spend their
paycheck on alcohol.

Many people get into bad habits of taking prescription drugs when they have an injury, such as a back injury.
They may be given muscle relaxants and strong pain relievers to get them through the first painful days.
This is a reasonable medical response to their condition.

Yet, the medication helps them feel so good that they will want to get more. They may go back to the doctor
to get more. If the doctor will not agree, they may go to different doctors to get different prescriptions. All
these doctor visits and prescriptions usually come with a price tag. Then, when that no longer works, they
will go to get their pain relief medications on the streets. It will cost even more to keep up their bad habits.

Of course, people who have bad habits with illegal drugs probably have some of the most expensive bad
habits of all. Whether it is cocaine, heroin, marijuana, or methamphetamine, there are no cheap drugs. At
least, there will not be an unlimited supply of cheap drugs. If a person truly has a bad habit with one of
these drugs, they will always want more until they quit. The cost can get to be astronomical.

Gambling can lead people into financial hardship. Some people have such bad habits with gambling that
they lose their houses and everything else they own. They may be in staggering debt on top of that. Now
that there is online gambling, they cannot even get away from their bad habits by staying home.

Shopaholics spend money like there is no tomorrow. This bad habit can destroy a budget. It can take
money away from things that need to be paid, like a mortgage or car payment.

It is clear that these bad habits are costly in the short run. Many of them are also costly over time, as health
issues settle in. The cost of cigarettes is high, for example, but the cost of lung cancer is very much higher.
Ridding yourself of these bad habits can only help your finances to get better.
People often come to relationships with bad habits when it comes to getting along with another person.
They may have every intention of making a relationship work, but ingrained trends stop them from truly
connecting. There are many such bad habits.

Jealousy plagues many otherwise good relationships. A boyfriend might always suspect his girlfriend of
going around with other men. Or, it could be more subtle. A woman may suspect that her husband is
constantly looking for another female to take her place. In either case, the jealous person may have nothing
real to worry about. This is when it gets to be nothing more than a bad habit.

Selective hearing is another problem that becomes a bad habit in relationships. People do not pay attention
to each other's needs. One person will try to explain something that is important to them, and the other will
say, "yes, yes," but will not really hear.

Then, when the first person says something the second person is interested in, suddenly they are in the
conversation completely. This fosters feelings of hostility, and is one of the relationship bad habits that can
wear a couple down over time.

People can develop bad habits in long relationships if they lean too much on the other person. They can
depend so much on the other person that they lose the ability to take care of themselves. A person in a
relationship may become irresponsible at work because of it. They may feel that they are taken care of
anyway, so it does not matter. These bad habits can take over every aspect of their lives.

Some couples fall into bad habits in their fighting. All healthy couples will disagree from time to time. Where
bad habits come in is the way the arguments are conducted. One partner may have the bad habit of yelling
at the top of her lungs.

Another partner may throw dishes instead. Still another may bring up old arguments to try to hurt the other
person. All these are bad habits in relationships because they are not productive forms of disagreement.

Many people in relationships get into the bad habits of nagging their partners. This has often been
portrayed as a women's fault. However, men do it too. Sometimes, both parties in the relationship will nag
each other. That makes for a very unhealthy relationship.

Blaming comes with its own price. This is a bad habit that erodes a relationship if it goes on too long. One
person may be taking all the blame. In this case, that person's self esteem can get to a very low point.

Other times, people can blame each other. If this happens, the usual result is a disconnect between the two
partners. They do not want to be involved with someone who does not accept responsibility.

If you want to have a healthy relationship, you need to purge yourself of your bad habits. The sooner you
learn what you and your partner need to stay together, the better your bond will be.
Sports are fun to watch and to play, as long as you curb your bad habits. To be successful at any sport, you
need to develop the behavior patterns that will lead to winning. A part of this is avoiding certain bad habits.

Taking care of the body should be of utmost importance to anyone who wants to play sports seriously.
Smoking and drinking are bad habits that do not mix well with sports. Smoking cuts a person's breathing
capabilities. It makes the person gasp for air after a short practice run.

Drinking alcohol is another bad habit for athletes. It dehydrates the body and slows coordination. However,
drinking other fluids is necessary. Some sports players have the bad habits of not keeping themselves
hydrated. This should not happen, since there are usually plenty of water and electrolyte-rich drinks
available at the event.

Sports players are often entrenched in their bad habits of not getting enough sleep. They are wound up
after practices or games and do not feel like going to bed early. They get up to start their training on an
early schedule. If they push themselves too hard, they will find that these bad habits will end up taking them
out of the game.

An athlete should never start to play without some sort of stretching or warm-up exercises. Yet, bad habits
often prevail. People begin doing their sport without the slightest thought to getting ready. This is important
even for a professional athlete. It often happens, though, that an amateur athlete will be more careless
about. They do not make it their business to do everything right.

Sometimes people who play sports occasionally think they can be athletes without much practice. They
have the bad habit of doing nothing for weeks or months on end. Then, they jump in and do strenuous
sports activities. They believe that they do not need to keep practiced and in shape. This can result in injury
and exhaustion.

Not using proper safety equipment is a bad habit in sports. In professional sports, this equipment is
required. If an NFL football player were to make it onto the field without his protective gear, he would be
fined heavily.

In amateur games, people are not so careful about using safety equipment. They may play golf in slick
dress shoes instead of golf shoes. This may cause them an injury if they slip and fall. A bicyclist may have
the bad habit of not using a helmet if she is an amateur. This can be a dangerous mistake.

One bad habit people have in sports is not being team players. If a person tries to take all the glory, the
team comes to resent him and will not back him up the way they should. If the person works with the team,
the team will be a cohesive unit that can accomplish great things.

Sports can be fun activities or a great way to make a living. Either way, the way you conduct yourself will
make all the difference in how you enjoy the game. So, suit up and leave your bad habits on the bench.
Everyone suffers when someone on the job has bad habits in the workplace. Bad habits can make for an
environment that is unfriendly, unproductive, or even unsafe. You can only correct your bad habits in the
workplace if you recognize them.

One of the most noticeable bad habits in the workplace is tardiness. Some people just have a habit of being
late to everything. They are late to arrive, late back from break, and late back from lunch. This not only puts
them in jeopardy of losing their jobs. It can affect the productivity of the whole crew or office.

Absenteeism is another bad habit that people can fall into easily. A new trend is to make all accumulated
days off the same. Sick days, personal days, and vacation days are lumped together. You just have a set
number of days off and it is up to you how you take them.

The trouble with this system is that too many people have bad habits about using the days off. They get
used to taking off whenever they feel like it. Before they know it, all their days off are gone. Then, when
they really have an emergency or illness, they have to miss work without pay. In the meantime, their
workload is being handled by someone else.

People often have bad habits in the workplace when it comes to paperwork. They do not do proper
accounting on their expense reports. They do not keep the receipts that are needed by their company.
They fail to keep mileage records on their company cars accurately. This makes the company's accounting
department have to work harder.

Many workers have an aversion to doing paperwork at all. They have bad habits of not filling out jobsite
reports as needed. If they do special business reports as requested, they may have bad habits about not
turning them in on time.

Clean work spaces can help people get more work done. However, many people have bad habits when it
comes to keeping their desks and offices neat. They may have a certain kind of organization if they have
stacks of papers on their desks. Yet, if their desk is full of half empty pop cans and crumpled up fast food
bags, it cannot help anything.

People often get into the bad habit of losing things. They may lose important paperwork. The paperwork
may be critical contracts for a major deal the company is involved with. If your bad habits take over, you can
cost the company everything.

People in other kinds of jobs can get into the habit of losing tools. They do not pay enough attention when
they lay down their tools. When they get ready to clean up for the day, they have no recollection of where
they put a particular tool, if they remember using it at all. This is a bad habit that amounts to laziness in

If you want to make an impression at work, get a grip on your bad habits. The way you work will be a result
of the habits you bring to the table. It is the good habits that make you succeed.
Bad habits can often damage your health. They can make you feel unwell. They can have long-term affects
on your physical condition. If you want to live a long life and healthy life, there may be some bad habits you
need to overcome.

Many of the bad habits that make you feel poorly are related to eating. A growing number of people in the
US are obese. This is mainly due to the fact that they have developed the bad habit of overeating.

This can lead to numerous conditions and diseases. Heart disease, diabetes, bone and joint distress, and
many other physical conditions can result. Even some forms of cancer occur more often in obese people.
What is more, very obese people are often bedridden and cannot care for themselves.

Some people do not have the habit of overeating in general. They just eat the wrong things when they do
eat. They may eat fast food at every meal. This can literally make you sick. The high quantities of fats,
sugars, and starches in fast foods make them very unhealthy.

Other foods can be bad habits to eat as well. Other fried foods cause health problems. Foods that are low
in fiber lack a substance the body needs to function well. It is a bad habit to avoid this. Foods high in sugar
are bad habits, if not addictions. They affect the metabolism in drastic ways, causing an imbalance in
energy and insulin.

People have trouble knowing what kinds of electrolytes they need. Some people have bad habits when it
comes to salt. They will salt all the food on their plate as soon as they sit down. They will not taste any of it
first. Too much salt can lead to hypertension.

Even if you eat right, you will be weak if you do not exercise. Living a sedentary lifestyle is a bad habit. You
may not have much choice about how much movement is allowed at your job. That does not mean that you
cannot get out and get your heart beating before or after work.

In fact, if you do not have time to exercise outside of work, you probably have another bad habit in the health
area. Overworking is a cause for several illnesses. High blood pressure, heart disease, and others can
plague you if you do not stop and take time to relax at home.

A discussion of bad health habits would not be complete without reference to smoking, drinking, and drugs.
Each of these has dire health risks that are known by most people. If you smoke, you might get lung cancer.
You might also get COPD, another breathing disorder. If you drink, you might have liver failure. Drugs can
do all kinds of damage, including damage to your brain.

Others care about your health, as you should care, too. It may be difficult, but kicking your bad habits and
making yourself healthy again is a worthy goal to aspire to. Why not start today?
If you are in high school or college, you know that you will not get the best grades if you have bad study
habits. Unless you are a naturally gifted student, it takes some effort to get the grade point average you
need to continue in your academic career. Even if you are gifted, bad habits can hurt your scores.

Of course, the worst of the bad habits of studying is not studying at all. Some people plan to go through
school without cracking open a book. It is rare for this to be an adequate response to academia. Most
people need to study.

Some people do not go to class. This is another bad habit. The teacher or professor may give you
information that if not in any of the literature. To get it, it is best to go to class. You might be able to get it
second hand from someone who did go to class, but there is nothing like hearing it for yourself.

Sometimes students go to class, but they go unprepared. Some do not buy the proper literature or lab
materials. They try to get by with sharing or looking on others' work. This is a bad habit, as they will not get
the personal experience that they would with their own literature and materials.

You can buy the right literature and lab materials, but if you do not have the right equipment and supplies.
You will suffer if you do not have the right supplies to go along with it. If you make it a habit to show up
without paper, pen, pencil, or even a laptop computer if needed, you will not be able to do your work.

There are certain physical bad habits that make studying harder. Studying without eating is like trying to
drive a car without fuel-it does not work very well. Studying without sleep is unproductive. Studying with a
hangover is very distracting.

Many students will go to class to be entertained. This seems almost reasonable because many professors
have great senses of humor. However serious learning should be taking place as well. If you find yourself
not taking notes, you will know you are slipping into bad habits. If you get to class and you have not read
the assignment, you will be ill prepared.

Cramming for tests is a time honored tradition. Yet, if you want to retain the material beyond the end of the
semester, it is a bad habit to start. Doing daily work will help you to understand the material that is being put
into your brain. It will help you assimilate it in a way that will help you to remember it in the long haul.

If you are a motivated student, your bad habits may be just as unproductive, in the short run at least. You
may find yourself straying in your research. You find your subjects fascinating, but you find other
information interesting as well. Before you know it, you have spent hours on the internet researching
something you do not need for your school work at all. It may increase your knowledge overall, but it will not
help today.

You can rid yourself of your bad habits when you are studying or preparing to study. Some people choose
not to. However, you might find it beneficial.
Children are inquisitive by nature. When they are younger, it's usually because they want to better
understand something. When they are older, it's because they want to better understand why you think
something is important and why they should also feel the same way. Regardless of their age, it's imperative
that when setting forth the rules and expectations in your home, your child understands there is no room for
questioning the rules you set forth and the consequences of breaking the rules.

Younger children usually do not understand a lengthy explanation of why it's important that they be home
from their friend's home at a certain time or why they aren't allowed to play ball in the house. But the one
thing they do strive to do most of the time is to make their parents proud and happy. So when a young child
asks "Why?" or "Why not?" when they are told they can't play with something or someone or why they have
to obey a rule you've set forth, simply explain to them that "because it makes me happy when you follow the
house rules and do what I have asked of you." You should avoid using the term, "Because I said so," as
that only adds to the child's frustration and confusion.

Older children, adolescents and teenagers alike will probably require more from your explanation. When
they question "Why?" or "Why not?" it's best to directly, honestly and clearly state your reasoning. "I asked
you to be home by 10 p.m. because we have to be at the dentist's office first thing in the morning for your
check-up and we can't be late." It is also a great opportunity for you to reiterate the consequences of
breaking the rule. "If you are not home by 10 p.m., you'll be grounded from going to your friend's house for
a week." Be consistent, be firm, and be clear.

Though your child may challenge you by asking your reasoning why a rule has been put in place, it also
shows their growth as an individual thinker. So try not to get angry or frustrated when they do so; realize it's
their way of understanding their world around them.
It's often been said that children learn what they live. So if you're looking for a place to start helping your
child build positive self esteem and self value, then you should show them your positive sense of self and
strong self esteem. Be positive when you speak about yourself and highlight your strengths. This will teach
your child that it's okay to be proud of their talents, skills and abilities.

Your child also benefits greatly from honest and positive praise. Find something about them to praise each
day. You could even give your child a task you know they can complete and then praise them for a job well
done after they're finished. Show your child that positive acts merit positive praise.

When your child's feeling sad, angry or depressed, communicate openly, honestly and patiently with them.
Listen to them without judging or criticizing. They may not fully understand why they feel the way they do,
so the opportunity to communicate with you about it may be what's needed to help them sort through a
difficult situation. Suggest positive behaviors and options as solutions, and make sure to leave that door of
communication open so they know the next time they feel badly, they can come to you for help and know
that you won't judge or punish them for how they're feeling.

Teach your child the importance of setting goals and developing a plan to meet that goal and complete that
task. Small projects are the best to start off with in the beginning. Ensure that it's an appropriate task for
your child, and not too complex. Don't only give praise at the end of the project, but praise their
accomplishments during the project as well.

Most importantly, tell your child "I love you" each and every day - many times throughout the day, in fact.
When they've behaved badly, remind yourself that it's not them you don't like, only their behavior. Tuck
short, sweet notes in their lunchboxes or coat pockets, or even send them a card in the mail. Soon, they'll
learn to say "I love you" just as easily and honestly in return.
Just like a snowflake or a fingerprint, every child is unique in their own special way. Every child has a unique
way of feeling, thinking, and interacting with others. Some children are shy, while others are outgoing; some
are active, while others are calm; some are fretful, while others are easy-going. As a loving and nurturing
parent, it's your job to encourage them to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate their individual qualities.
Allow your child to express themselves through their interests. They may find a creative outlet in theatre,
dancing or art, or they may be exceptionally talented in the sciences. Encourage them to embrace what
they like to do, what interests them, and what makes them happy. Help them realize that they don't need to
worry about being 'like everyone else.' Teach your child to make positive choices, and praise them for good
deeds, behaviors and positive traits they possess. Encourage them to become actively involved in their
community, and introduce them to activities that promote a sense of cooperation and accomplishment. Be
firm yet fair when handing down discipline for misdeeds or misbehaviors, and make certain the rules and
consequences for breaking the rules are clearly defined. Show a cooperative, loving and united front with
your spouse when it comes to discipline. Accept and celebrate your child's uniqueness. Remember that
your child is an individual. Allow your child to have his or her own personal preferences and feelings, which
may be different from your own. And finally, encourage your child to be true to themselves by doing the
same. Show your child how to make positive choices with the choices you make, and that nobody is perfect
and you too make mistakes. Show your child that mistakes can be a great learning experience, and that
they should not be ashamed or embarrassed about making them. .
Evaluation of sober living homes is important for the documentation of their services and how effective their
programs are. Studies that has documented the characteristics of the person's social environment is related
in the consumption of the alcohol and substances which are all associated with the person's dependence. It
has also stated that the client must show certain positive changes that are all associated with the outcome of
the treatment.

Sober living homes intentionally provide individuals an environment that is drug and alcohol free that"ll help
establish or maintain the individual's sobriety. Aftercare placements that are used for clients who are
completing treatment residentially however, there are no tracking measures of functioning over a period of

What are the different characteristics of a sober living home in order to uphold the different policies that are
expected of them?

1. The facility must provide a structured, effective and safe treatment for drug addiction, alcoholism and
eating disorders wherein clients will receive care from individualized mode of treatment which will help the
clients and residents overcome the addiction while living in a facility that's well equipped and improvised.

2. Environment must spell peacefulness and serenity in order for fast recovery and rehabilitation to be
continued. The place must also be accessible for the benefit of the resident's loved ones to visit. It should be
away from influences that can be harmful for the individual or may tempt the person who are in it to account
for submission to their past lives. The place must make the residents feel that they"re just inside their homes
and not just another rehabilitation center.

3. The staff working inside the institution must be supportive and must be able to guide the client through the
procedures of effective recovery. They must be knowledgeable in the event that relapse may take place.
Working staff must be able to communicate with the residents effectively and in a very therapeutic manner
without harshness or intimidation.

4. Activities must also be done in order to create a more fun environment like surfing, exercising, sailing,
excursions and the like. This will ease the person's stress and boredom in the process. These activities must
also be fruitful enough to bring back the dignity and integrity of the person.

5. Treatment options must be laid out in the simplest way possible in order for the residents to refrain from
any relapses or mild episodes of their past life. If detoxification is needed, then it is provided with the
physician's agreement.

6. Care for the recognition of different genders is also important in order to facilitate a more equal level of
support and instructions. It will identify the gender's individual and more appropriate need to be able to allow
a more educated and fair treatment.

7. Programs must be acceptable and are acclaimed by people in authority. The facility must make sure that
the programs are conducted for the easy modifiability and strict compliance of the structure's standards.

Innovative programs must be designed according to the needs of the individual and not just the facility.
Sober living facilities must ensure the client's individuality and not merely looking at the disorder's pattern.
The facility should comply with multidisciplinary functioning that is the main reason why sober living homes
are out in the first place.
It can be very frustrating to ask your child over and over again to complete their chores without them ever
getting done. If this describes your house to a tee, consider designing a chore chart. Chores might include
taking out the garbage, doing the dishes, cleaning their room, yard work or putting laundry in the laundry
room. Each chore has to be done just once or twice a week. Anything more is unrealistic. After your child
completes each chore, they can put a check mark on the chore chart. At the end of each week, it's very
inspiring for both parent and child to look at the chore chart and easily see that each designated job was
completed. Just like our 'to do' lists, your child will find great satisfaction in being able to check off each
chore as it's completed and take pride knowing they accomplished a set task or list of tasks. Once you've
sat down with your child and discussed and designed a chore chart, it's time to discuss the rewards for
accomplishing each task listed. Perhaps at your home you decide you will give a set sum for each task
accomplished. If you should decide to grant your child some sort of monetary allowance, make sure it's age
appropriate and granted on a regular basis. A good rule of thumb is 50 cents per year of age. So your 8
year old child would earn $4.00 per week if each chore on the list has been completed. If it has not been,
they do not receive their allowance. This is a great opportunity for you to teach your children the value of
both earning and saving money, and also giving back. Perhaps the child can divide their allowance into
thirds: 1/3 to spend, 1/3 to save, and 1/3 to use to help those less fortunate than themselves. You might
also want to consider designing a 'bank book' for each portion of the allowance and tuck each into three
separate coffee cans or money jars, and that way you and your child will be able to keep track of how much
has been saved, how much has been spent, and how much of their allowance has gone to help someone
else. Should you decide to use non-monetary incentives as chores payment, be sure you set clear
parameters for your child. Be sure they understand that two hours each weekend of their favorite video
game or going to see a movie with mom or dad is only earned by completing the chore list successfully each
week. You might want to consider writing these on a slip of paper as 'currency' for the child to keep in their
'privilege bank' and they can cash it in with you when they'd like. Regardless of the method you choose,
keep in mind this can be a valuable tool for both you and your child.
Just like a snowflake or a fingerprint, every child is unique in their own special way. Every child has a unique
way of feeling, thinking, and interacting with others. Some children are shy, while others are outgoing; some
are active, while others are calm; some are fretful, while others are easy-going. As a loving and nurturing
parent, it's your job to encourage them to embrace their uniqueness and celebrate their individual qualities.
Allow your child to express themselves through their interests. They may find a creative outlet in theatre,
dancing or art, or they may be exceptionally talented in the sciences. Encourage them to embrace what
they like to do, what interests them, and what makes them happy. Help them realize that they don't need to
worry about being 'like everyone else.' Teach your child to make positive choices, and praise them for good
deeds, behaviors and positive traits they possess. Encourage them to become actively involved in their
community, and introduce them to activities that promote a sense of cooperation and accomplishment. Be
firm yet fair when handing down discipline for misdeeds or misbehaviors, and make certain the rules and
consequences for breaking the rules are clearly defined. Show a cooperative, loving and united front with
your spouse when it comes to discipline. Accept and celebrate your child's uniqueness. Remember that
your child is an individual. Allow your child to have his or her own personal preferences and feelings, which
may be different from your own. And finally, encourage your child to be true to themselves by doing the
same. Show your child how to make positive choices with the choices you make, and that nobody is perfect
and you too make mistakes. Show your child that mistakes can be a great learning experience, and that
they should not be ashamed or embarrassed about making them. .
Chores can help develop a sense of responsibility and self worth in your child. It should be understood by
all family members they are expected and necessary to a household running successfully and efficiently.
They can help create a sense of unity and family and is a great place for your child to learn about teamwork.
Parents should take special care to handle the delegation of chores to children so they don't become a
source of frustration or create arguments. Allow your child to have an active say in the delegation of chores.
Give them choices. We all have household chores that we don't like to do, but if it's a chore the child enjoys
doing then there's less likelihood it will create a battle in the end. The child will most likely appreciate having
the chance to be heard and having a choice. It's imperative that you set parameters early on for the
successful completion of a chore. They may not perform up to snuff when they first start performing the
chore, but show them where improvement is needed and praise them for a strong effort. Also make sure the
child understands there will be repercussions if they only put forth a minimal effort. Ensure the child
understands the need for the chore's effective and efficient completion. Set consequences for substandard
completion as a team. Make sure they see that if they don't perform their chores, it affects the other
members of the team. Spouses must work together and be a strong example for their children by completing
their own chores each day. And don't allow a child to undermine your authority by battling with you over a
designated chore. Stand your ground and don't give in, and emphasize the consequence and negative
effect an uncompleted chore has on the family. And keep an open mind when a child wants to discuss their
thoughts or express their opinions about chores. Make sure the conversation stays positive and on target.
Sometimes it can be very challenging to communicate anything with your child. Setting clear expectations
regarding what's acceptable behavior and what isn't imperative to successfully teaching your child right from
wrong. If the parameters are muddled or the child learns that in one situation the rules hold true yet in
another situation the same rule does not, it makes for confusion and frustration on both sides.

Sit down with your child well in advance and line out the expectations and consequences of misbehaving or
a misdeed. Make it clear that in no uncertain terms is there any room for negotiation at the time of the
infraction, and that should such a behavior occur you intend to be firm in your discipline. Rules regarding
your child's safety, health or well-being should have no room for negotiation when being set or enforced.
Other rules can be openly and honestly discussed with your child and an agreed upon action should be
forged that both parents and child can agree upon. If necessary, make a contract between parent and child.
Lay it all out in black and white, in language your child can clearly understand. For younger children, you
might want to develop a good behavior chart within the contract, and for each week that goes by without any
infractions being noted, a favorite or special activity might be earned. The connection between good deeds
and special time with mom and/or dad might be just the currency they understand.

But all children need to understand that disciplining them is your way of teaching them what's acceptable
behavior and what isn't. It may seem as though children fight rules and regulations, but they truly know that
such parameters are meant for their well-being, health, safety, and enable them to grow into a mature
person capable of making wise decisions.
We all want to connect and be involved with our child. Children of involved parents generally feel more
confident, assured and have a higher level of self esteem. They excel in school and do well in
extracurricular activities and with their hobbies.

But is there such a thing as too much involvement? It's imperative when you're becoming involved with your
school-aged child's activities and academics that you recognize the line of what being too involved can be.

Remember, you're becoming involved in your child's life. It's important that you don't intrude too much upon
it. Children need their space and privacy and they need to be able to develop their own skills, talents and
abilities. In our eagerness to help our child succeed, it's tempting to want to step in and start doing things
for them because you feel they are doing it incorrectly or inadequately. But remember, you had to learn too,
and this is their chance to learn on their own.

Be there to encourage and support your child, and offer praise at a job well done. But also remember to
step back and allow your child to learn from their own mistakes, and to develop their own way of doing
things. We all know from our own life experiences that there's always more than just one way to do
something, and just because your child is doing it differently than you would doesn't make it wrong. Who
knows, it could present a terrific opportunity for you to learn from your child as well.

In addition, try not to become too overbearing or nosy when it comes to their social life. Be available for
them should they need to talk and encourage them to share their troubles with you so you can help them
sort through a problem. But if they say they don't want to talk about it or they just need some time to figure
things out for themselves, respect that need by letting them know you're available whenever they need you.
This is an important part of growing up and allowing a child to figure his own way through things is an
integral part of that process.
Consistency is key to successfully teaching your child right from wrong when disciplining them. It keeps
small misdeeds and bad behaviors from later becoming bigger misdeeds and worse behaviors. You have to
stand firm and mean it when you say, "Turn off the television now"or "no dessert after dinner because you
didn't touch your dinner." Consistency teaches your child there are defined consequences for misdeeds and
inappropriate or unacceptable actions or behaviors. Inconsistency when disciplining makes you directly
responsible for your children's misbehavior and doesn't teach them how to be responsible for their actions.
It's also that each partner is consistent with the discipline. If one parent is too strict and the other is too
lenient, the child will key into that and try to manipulate the situation to his or her advantage. Parents must
agree on disciplinary action in advance and make a commitment to one another to be consistent in
implementing and following through with the consequences. This can be especially difficult if the child's
parents are separated or divorced. Though you may not be together anymore, it's imperative that you
parent on common ground. Openly and honestly discuss these parameters with your former spouse and
your child in advance, so that if discipline is needed, the consequences of such misbehavior are well
understood in advance. Any disagreements between parents should be discussed out of the child's earshot.
Consistency is about being strong and standing firm, even when doing so is extremely difficult or exhausting.
It can sometimes be hard to come home after a hard day at work only to find a hard night of parenting in
front of you. Your child will consistently test the boundaries and 'push the envelope' with you to see if
there's any play in those consequences. By standing firm you are showing there is not and that you expect
them to do nothing less than take responsibility for their actions.
Your child's self esteem is their mental foundation. A self-assured child is confident, secure, happy, well-
adjusted and successful. They can solve problems that come their way, and it thrives under a loving parent's
nurturing care. What are some good ways to built self esteem in your child? Most importantly, accept your
child for who they are, and help them do the same. Teach your child that nobody is perfect, and that
everyone makes mistakes. Show them how to learn and grow from their mistakes, and let them know that
you also make mistakes. Children with high self esteem are able to take lessons from mistakes and apply
them down the road. A child with low self esteem become frustrated and resort to self-depreciating
behavior, such as calling themselves 'stupid' and vowing to 'never try that again.' Help your child discover
their abilities and talents, and encourage outlets for them to build on and improve them. Praise a child not
only for improvements in abilities and skills, but also for the traits they naturally possess. Encourage your
child to make positive choices. Open an honest dialog with your child and discuss the possibilities with
them. Children who learn skills for making positive choices when they are younger are well-prepared for the
tougher choices they have to make when they are older. Ensure that you spend lots of quality time with your
child, at least once a week. Whether you are shooting baskets or going out to grab a hamburger, take time
to talk and keep in touch. If you find it difficult to squeeze in quality time during a hectic week, take the time
to talk about things during the drive to school or while they are helping you put the groceries away.
Anger can be a paralyzing and debilitating condition. But it can be a terrifying and degrading experience for
your child if you're taking your anger out on them. Physical and verbal abuse of a child can have lasting and
lethal implications, so it's crucial that as a parent, you do whatever necessary to get your anger in check.

As a parent, you have a wonderful opportunity to undo the wrongs that were done to you as a child if you
had an angry and abusive parent or parents. It can be very curative and demonstrate you where your
troubles lie are and inspire you to fix them. Perhaps your past is filled with unresolved hurt and anger. If so,
take the necessary steps to heal yourself. If you don't, you could unwillingly and unthinkingly harm your
child. Studies have shown that children whose mothers often express anger are more likely to be difficult to
discipline. Identify problems from your past and honestly look at current situations that are angering you.
Maybe you aren't fulfilled at work; perhaps your spouse and you are having relationship troubles, maybe you
have other personal issues or unfulfilled goals that are bothering you. If all your child ever sees is your angry
face and hears an angry voice, that's what they'll most likely grow into as well.

It's important to 'pick your battles' when parenting. Accidents and nuisances don't warrant the energy and
agony it takes to get angry. But misbehaviors such as a child hurting themselves, others or property
demand a firm, quick and appropriate response from you. You will probably have to continually remind
yourself that the small stuff isn't worth getting worked up over. And remind yourself also that you're the one
in control of your anger; don't let your anger control you. Put yourself in time out, take a deep breath, walk
away, do whatever you have to in order to get a grip on yourself before addressing the situation if you feel
your anger coming on strong.
Some bad habits are just annoying, but others are actually dangerous. It is these dangerous bad habits that
can really get you in trouble. Some people like to take risks. Others do not think about how their bad habits
could affect them.

Bad habits can be nothing more than not paying attention to your physical condition. If you are taking
sedating drugs, it would be a bad habit if you continually worked in this condition. If you work two jobs, it
can be a dangerous habit to work when you are sleepy. You would need to find a safe way to get enough
sleep to work.

Many people have bad habits around electricity. They may use frayed extension cords without thinking.
This is a bad habit that can lead to electrocution or fire. Using ladders, especially metal ladders, around
power lines is another bad habit that is dangerous.

Some people have dangerous bad habits that are just unnecessary by any stretch of the imagination.
People, often younger people, like to stand on moving cars and 'surf." This is reckless behavior at the least.
At the most, it can be deadly.

Many bad habits have to do with driving a car. People often forget how potentially dangerous driving can be
if it is not done with caution. They drive so often that they become accustomed to taking the wheel without
thinking. This leads to a number of dangerous situations.

Some people have bad habits of grooming themselves when driving. Women might put on make-up while
driving. They believe that they can apply mascara and watch the road at the same time. It may work out for
a long time, and then eventually there comes that time when they are not concentrating on the road enough
and an accident happens.

The same can happen when men shave while driving. Or, it can happen when men or women groom their
hair. Other bad habits include the way people use their cell phones when they drive. Sometimes people are
so keyed in on their cell phones that they do not see the car in front of them.

Driving through high flood waters can be a very bad habit. People think they can get through the water and
make it to the other side. If it happens often enough, they may get braver and braver. However, if they go
too far, their vehicle could be swept away. It could lead to a very dangerous situation.

Drinking and driving is the ultimate in bad habits. If you do this, you are not only putting yourself at risk.
You do not even know who else you might be endangering. It could be an infant, an elderly person, or a
single parent. It could be someone just like you. You could kill them or make their lives a lasting misery.
This is not a bad habit that you can let stand.

If you engage in dangerous bad habits, you have to ask yourself why you do it. There must be something
you can do to curb your desire to put yourself and others at risk. Find out what that is, and do it.
Children learn to imitate at a very young age. It's how they learn to behave, care for themselves, develop
new skills, and communicate with others. From their earliest moments they watch you closely and pattern
their own behavior and beliefs after yours. Your examples become permanent images, which will shape their
attitudes and actions for the rest of their life. It's important to be responsible, consistent and loving with your
child. This also holds true for the relationship you have with your spouse, your parents, and other family
members and friends that are also a part of your child's life. Own up to mistakes when you make them, and
communicate open and honestly with all family members. It's also important to take good care of yourself.
When we're focusing on what's best for our child it's easy to neglect our own needs. Your child and your
family are counting on you physically and emotionally, so it's imperative that you teach your child by
example that taking care of yourself helps you to take care of them and the rest of your family. This shows
your child that not only do you love them and the rest of the family, but you love yourself as well. This is an
important step in teaching your child about self esteem. This may involve getting a sitter and treating
yourself out to dinner and a movie, or doing another favorite activity on your own. This teaches your child
that you are not only their parent, but your own person with your interests and needs, and also gives them a
chance to show you how well they can do without you with them for a while. It's also important to nurture
your relationship with your spouse. Let your child see you communicate in a positive and healthy manner
with one another, and show love and affection for one another so your child can begin to learn early on what
a healthy marriage should be like. You'll soon see your child patterning many of his behaviors after your
own. So make sure that what you say and do around your child will help build a strong sense of security
and self esteem.
The question of whether moods constitute bad habits is an interesting one. Many mood disorders have
been identified. These and other psychological problems are seen by some as strictly bad habits.

In fact, it has been shown that continuing to dwell in your present mood perpetuates it. When you decide to
pretend you are happy, studies show that you may actually improve your mood in time. This is not a hard
and fast rule, but there is some indication that people do have some control over their moods.

Moodiness, for example, may be more than bad habits for many. It may be bipolar disorder or some other
psychiatric problem. However, for some it may just be that they are giving in to every feeling that comes
along. They have the bad habits of not trying to have any control over their whims.

Being pessimistic is one of the bad habits that can also be seen as a symptom of depression. Yet, for many,
it is just a habit of thought. They may tell themselves that pessimism is a win-win way of thinking.

If things go right, you win. If things go wrong, you were correct, so you win. These people can improve their
moodiness by looking at the positive side of things in the beginning.

Being in a worrying mood is similar to being pessimistic. The difference between the two bad habits is that
when you worry, you become obsessed and dread upcoming events. If you have the bad habit of worrying,
you can slowly train yourself out of it, especially if you have the right kind of help.

Codependency is not exactly a mood, but it is an emotional state. It is a set of bad habits that encourages a
loved one to do harmful behavior. You do not want your son to be an alcoholic, for example.

However, you constantly make excuses for his behavior to others. If you want him to get better, you have to
stand up and decide to stop with your bad habits. You have to hold him accountable for his actions.

If you have hypochondria, you have an emotionally painful bad habit. Certainly, a person with hypochondria
needs psychological help. However, the treatment that person will receive will probably center on helping
them change their bad habits of thought. They will learn new ways to think about illness and their own
bodies. This will give them some control over their emotions.

If you do a lot of attention seeking, you have bad habits that you can learn to abandon. This could relate
back to something in your past. Perhaps, you were ignored as a child because there was some other
needier person in the home. You learned bad habits of getting attention by annoying means. Taming this
bad habit requires acknowledgement of it, and possibly professional help.

Bad habits that relate to emotional states are often hard to break. Sometimes you need help to overcome
them if you cannot do it on your own. The sooner you stop doing your emotional bad habits, the happier
your life will be.
It's imperative for a child's healthy development to feel important and worthy. Healthy self-esteem is a
child's armor against the challenges of the world. Kids who feel good about themselves seem to have an
easier time handling conflicts and resisting negative pressures. They tend to smile more readily and enjoy
life. These kids are realistic and generally optimistic. It's also been shown that children who feel important
are well-rounded, respectful, and excel in academics, extracurricular activities and hobbies and develop
healthy relationships with their peers. In contrast, for children who do not feel important or cherished have
low self-esteem, and challenges can become sources of major anxiety and frustration. Children who think
poorly of themselves have a hard time finding solving problems, and may become passive, withdrawn, or
depressed. You are the biggest influence in your child feeling important, valued and worthy. Remember to
praise your child for a job well done, and also for putting for a valiant effort. Praise the good traits they
naturally possess, and help them find ways to learn from their mistakes and failures. Be honest and sincere
in your praise. Help them realize that you also suffer from self doubt and can make mistakes from time to
time, but that you know that you are important, valued and loved. When you nurture your own self -esteem
and importance, your child will learn to do the same, so be sure to lead by example and steer clear of self-
depreciating yourself or engaging in activities that lower your self-worth or importance. Your child may have
inaccurate or irrational beliefs about themselves, their abilities or their traits. Accentuate the positive about
your child, and encourage your child to set realistic expectations and standards for themselves. Help them
identify traits or skills they'd like to improve and help them come up with a game plan for accomplishing that
goal. Encourage your child to become involved in cooperative activities that foster a sense of teamwork and
accomplishment. Through these and other positive, affirming activities, your child is sure to develop a
strong sense of self importance, value and worth which will carry into their adult years.
We've all heard the term, "Oh, that's child's play." It implies something is easy, frivolous and unimportant in
the overall scheme of things. But to a child, child's play is essential to their mental, social, emotional, and
physical development. We all know that children like to play. But what we may not know is the importance
of play in a child's life. Play is essential to every area of a child's growth and development. Play provides a
means for energy to be put to use. It strengthens and refines small and large motor skills, and it builds
stamina and strength. Sensory learning develops mostly through play. Play is significant to physical
development in that without it the body could not grow and develop normally. Children possess a natural
curiosity. They, explore, learn and make sense out of their environment by playing. Parents and educators
alike can support this learning activity by ensuring age-appropriate toys, materials and environments are
available to the child. Play enables children to know things about the world and to discover information
essential to learning. Through play children learn basic concepts such as colors, counting, how to build
things, and how to solve problems. Thinking and reasoning skills are at work every time a child engages in
some type of play. Children learn to relate to one another, negotiate roles, share, and obey rules through
play. They also learn how to belong to a group and how to be part of a team. A child obtains and retains
friends through play. Play fulfills many needs including a sense of accomplishment, successfully giving and
receiving attention, and the need for self-esteem. It helps them develop a strong sense of self, and is
emotionally satisfying to them. They learn about fairness, and through pretending learn appropriate ways of
expressing emotion such as anger, fear, frustration, stress and discover ways of dealing with these feelings.
So encourage your child's play. Color pictures, make finger paintings, build buildings and imaginary cities
with blocks, and built a tent in the middle of the living room and go camping! And as we all know, childhood
is fleeting, so let them enjoy being a kid while they are one!
Expect the best from your child. If you expect the best behavior and performance you're your child, it's often
what you will get. Children pick up on our beliefs about them, form a self-concept that matches that belief,
and perform accordingly. If we expect them to be lazy, they'll be lazy, which will confirm our expectations for
them, and the cycle toward failure is started. If, on the other hand, we expect our kids to be successful,
productive, creative, and responsible and honestly believe it to be true, then our children can't help but rise
to the occasion and confirm our best opinions of them with their positive actions. So expect nothing but the
best from your children and watch them fulfill your expectations. Praise your child often when they perform
a good deed or accomplish a new task. Set simple, clear and consistent rules so your child knows exactly
what is expected and the consequences of misbehaving or breaking the rules. Maintain a consistent daily
routine for your child as much as possible, and make sure your child gets lots of physical activity and time to
play and socialize with their friends. Encourage your child to learn how to make appropriate choices, and
encourage your child to do things for themselves. Allow your child to talk about strong feelings, which will
help them work through their anger and frustration. Above all, be a positive role model for your child, as
their strongest educator is your example. Take care of yourself, and expect the best from yourself. Make
appropriate choices and be firm yet fair when disciplining your child. Make sure to spend lots of quality time
with your child, and encourage them to become involved in activities that foster cooperation and a sense of
accomplishment. If you have great expectations of your child, you'll be greatly pleased in the end.
It is easy to get into bad habits with financial matters. Few people have enough money to simply buy what
they want without a thought. Most people have to plan their purchases and stay vigilant to keep themselves

Many people have bad habits of getting too far in debt with credit cards. The cards are easy to get. You
can get a handful of Visas and Master Cards, an American Express Card, a Discovery Card, and several
cards from retail stores without much effort. You do not have to have much income to get this many cards,

None of the card companies seem to consider that you might have to pay payments to the other cards. You
may think you have all these cards just for emergencies. However, if you get into bad habits with them, you
can end up spending them to their limits. You may reach a point where you cannot even make the minimum
monthly payments.

You might be tempted to borrow money from relatives at a time like this, but that would be just another of
type of bad habits. Relatives may want to help you for a time. They may allow you to get into the bad habit
of going to them each time you need money. Yet, there will come a day when the money will run out, or the
situation will get old. The relative will not only discontinue the loans. They might stop speaking to you as

When it comes to friends, both borrowing and lending money are bad habits. It puts a strain on the
relationship that many friends cannot handle. One friend might forget how much was borrowed. Yet, there
may be animosity if a written contract is suggested. You can rarely win when you get into this bad habit.

Many people get into trouble financially because the have the bad habit of not sitting down to make a
budget. They have a general idea of where the money should go. They may think they have it all in their
brains. It never quite comes together, though, unless you put it on paper (or on a spreadsheet on a
computer). Only then will you know you have everything included.

Most utility companies have a certain grace period before they will cut off service. Some people count on
this grace period and get into bad habits when it comes to paying their utility bills. If you do this you put
yourself in jeopardy of losing your lights or water. You also destroy your credit rating.

Some financial bad habits have to do with the way people manage their checking accounts. One thing
people often do is to throw away paperwork they get when making transactions. Of course, there is a time
to throw it away. Yet, until it is recorded into your account, you need to keep deposit, ATM, and debit slips
to verify that the correct amount was taken out.

Some people even have the bad habits of not reconciling their checking accounts. If they want to do internet
banking with a software program like Microsoft Money or Quicken, they can make it very easy on
themselves. It is important to be sure that your account has in it what you think it should. For one thing,
there is no better way to catch fraud. Taking charge of your money habits can make your life less stressful
and more productive.
Let's face it. There are just some days when it would just seem easier to let your child have his way than
feeling like you're fighting a losing battle when trying to discipline them. They beg, plead, cry, barter and
scream - anything to get out of doing the time for their crime. However, don't lose your strength and your
will during this time. It's times like these when consistent disciplinary action is imperative to teaching your
child positive and acceptable behaviors. There is no room for negotiation when it comes to bad behaviors
and there should be no room for exceptions when it comes time for punishing misdeeds or bad behavior.

Hopefully before any misdeeds occur, you've sat down with your child and discussed the consequences of
misdeeds and inappropriate behavior or decisions. Be concise and consistent when discussing these
consequences so that when the time to implement them comes, you can follow through with ease. Children
are classically testing the boundaries and limits set on them on a continual basis, and the temptation to
'bend the rules' just once or twice can be overwhelming when they're really trying your patience. But be firm
yet fair. Emphasize that this was the understood consequence for this particular misdeed or inappropriate
action, and that now is not the time to negotiate. Afterwards, take time out to discuss the situation with your
child, and if it seems that perhaps a consequence that worked at first isn't working anymore, rethink that
punishment and negotiate with your child. Of course, parameters that are set for their well-being or safety
should never be negotiated. But in other instances, it may be time to develop a new consequence based on
your child's age, temperament or maturity level.

It's also imperative that your spouse and any other adult caregivers are all on the same page and following
through on punishments with the same level of consistency and clarity. Should you determine that what was
once working isn't working anymore and develop a new parameter, be sure all adult caregivers are brought
into the loop so that follow through remains consistent and clear.
It's probably no secret that children who have involved parents are more happy, healthy, and well-adjusted
and excel at their educational and extracurricular pursuits. It can increase their cognitive development,
keeps them motivated, strengthens the parent-child relationship, and has a direct positive influence on their
overall academic achievement. In turn, it can also help parents achieve a positive outlook on their
parenting, increase their own self confidence and self esteem, and will most likely feel more satisfied with
their child's educational experience at school.

But where do you get involved? With today's busy schedules between home, work, and school, it may feel
that the average family has very little quality time to offer. However, different options and levels of
commitment are available to fit every parent's availability, and with some careful planning and dedication,
you can make it a positive experience for both yourself and your child.

First of all, discover what your child is most passionate about. Maybe you've thought about volunteering for
the school bake sale to raise money, but your child is actually more actively involved in her local Girl Scouts
troop. If that's the case, then get together with the other Girl Scout parents and see what you can
contribute to help the troop. Maybe you could organize a bake sale to benefit their next summer outing.

It's also important to consider what skills, talents and abilities you can bring to the table. Maybe your child's
school is in desperate need of your help organizing a fundraiser, but your skills in sewing and designing
might better serve the school if you were to help in making the costumes for the school play. Remember,
you want this to be a positive experience for both of you, and if your child senses that you're not happy with
what you've chosen to become involved in, then they likely will not be happy as well.

But the bottom line is get involved and stay involved. Children of involved parents are less likely to get into
mischief, have emotional problems, or have problems in school. You benefit by connecting with and staying
connected to your child. It's a win-win situation for you both.
Sure, you've thought about becoming a more organized person, especially right after that huge pile of paper
on your desk avalanches down and flies all over the floor. You were meaning to get it, you really were. You
kept putting it off because, well, because you saw something shiny every time you thought about doing it
and became distracted. Now your New Year's Resolution is to get organized. How do you become a more
organized person? * Write things down. Making lists will allow you to better keep track of what you need to
do for the day, the week, the month. * Go digital. We have an incredible number of gadgets at our disposal
these days. From cell phones with alarms, calendars, digital to-do-lists or appointment reminders, you really
don't have any excuse for not keeping track of things. Even your computer can help you keep track of things
as well. There are programs to help you keep track of meetings, appointments, grocery lists and help you
get organized with projects. * Post Its. Yes, those little sticky squares of colored paper you see on
everyone's computer monitor at work can help you as well. Use them as you need to but if your computer
monitor or desk begins to molt when someone walks by-you've gone too far. * Send yourself email
reminders. * Call yourself. No, you're not talking to yourself and if you are then perhaps you may wish to
set a different New Year's Resolution like seeking some therapy. If you're away from home or driving, you
might not have a pen and paper handy to take a note. Call your home and leave yourself a message. Of
course if you're driving make sure you're using a hands-free phone to ensure your safety. Also, calling
yourself to leave a message won't do you any good unless you check your messages. * Pay your bills
online and/or use a bill paying service. If you're allergic to paper in that you get mail and then neglect to
open it until you're on a first name basis with the collection agency in your town you may wish to consider
using a bill paying service. There are many reputable ones out there. Your bills are sent to them, scanned
and then you're sent an email notice that they are ready for viewing. You can then pay them, file them, or
set up reoccurring payment schedules for them. At the end of the year these services will give you the
chance to purchase a cd with all of your bills and payments and filings. One cd with an entire year's
financial doings-how more organized is that? * Folders. You can better organize your paperwork by making
files with labels and then actually using them. Set time aside in your day to file bills, if you're not receiving
them electronically, and in this manner you'll be able to get a better handle on all the paper that comes into
your house so it doesn't pile up and cause dangerous avalanches. A New Year's Resolution to get
organized is a lofty goal indeed but it's one that's well within your reach. Using these seven easy to follow
tips will give you the boost you need to finally get a handle on your life.
Some parents may worry that setting strict rules may distance them from their children. But this simply isn't
the case. Though they may gripe and complain and get upset when you become the enforcer, they realize
deep down that this shows you care. These parameters you set forth and enforce make your child feel
loved, safe, and secure.

It's never easy developing and introducing rules. Parents may tend to avoid setting rules because they fear
confrontation and unpleasantness. But the uncomfortable stuff isn't necessarily a reflection on your
relationship with your child, it's just the nature of adolescence - breaking rules and pushing limits is a part of
growing up. We tend to want to be our child's friend sometimes, and when we're laying down the law that
just isn't possible. Our primary role is to protect, nurture and provide for our children.

When kids break rules, parents often overreact with harsh, disproportionate and unenforceable punishment,
which undermines the effectiveness of setting rules. Instead, when you first tell your child about a new rule,
discuss the consequences of breaking that rule - what the punishment will be and how it will be carried out.
Consequences must go hand in hand with limits so that your child knows what the cost of breaking the rules
will be. The punishments you set should be reasonable and related to the violation. For example, if you
catch your son and his friends smoking, you might "ground" him by restricting his social activities for two

Punishments should only involve penalties you discussed before the rule was broken. Also, never issue
empty threats. It's understandable that you'll be angry when house rules are broken, and sharing your
feelings of anger, disappointment, or sadness can have a powerfully motivating effect on your child. Since
we're all more inclined to say things we don't mean when we're upset, it's sometimes best to give ourselves
a time-out period to cool off before we say something we don't mean.

Make the ground rules crystal clear to your child. It's imperative that you are consistent and follow through
with a defined disciplinary action after each infraction, and that your child understands the reasons why.
Recent studies suggest that low-income parents tend to endorse much harsher discipline, partially because
they hold stronger beliefs about the value of spanking and experience higher levels of stress. However,
parents who work in high-stress jobs or are stay-at-home parents who are feeling frustrated or isolated are
also at risk. It's imperative that parents recognize their tendency to punish a child too severely and take the
needed steps to make sure the punishment is appropriate for their child's age, temperament and maturity
level. The study's finding showed that parents from lower income levels or work high pressure jobs are
more stressed, and they react more emotionally to their child's behavior, and thus use harsher discipline. A
parent in this situation may benefit from outside assistance and learning about alternative disciplinary
strategies that are more appropriate and less harsh. It's also important for a parent to realize that children
thrive on praise. Parents in such a situation may always jump to discipline but fail to praise their child for
their good deeds, behaviors and traits. Children instinctively want to please their parents and make them
proud. By encouraging positive behavior, the parent will most likely discourage the behavior that has driven
them in the past to punish too harshly. In order to encourage positive behavior deserving of praise, parents
might want to consider giving their child a task they know they're able to accomplish, and praise their efforts
along the way. Parents need to also consistently praise their children for the positive traits they possess.
Their child might be good at math in school, helpful to their little brother or sister, or is good at drawing
pictures. Praise these good traits and the child is likely to respond by acting appropriately and behaving
positively in order to gain more praise. In the end, it's important to remember that a child is just that - a
child. A parent should make a concerted effort to make sure the discipline is appropriate and take care of
themselves physically, mentally and emotionally so they can optimally provide for their child's physical and
emotional well-being.
Thumb sucking is a concern many parents have. Toddlers suck their thumbs because it's comforting and
calming. It's probably something they did before they were born and revert back to it when they are nervous,
agitated, scared or ill. They may also use it to lull themselves back to sleep in the middle of the night.

Parents shouldn't concern themselves unless it continues after the age their permanent teeth begin to
appear, around six years old. Experts say that it's the intensity of the thumb sucking and the tongue's thrust
that deforms teeth and makes braces necessary later. Children who rest their thumb passively in their mouth
are less likely to have difficulty than children who suck aggressively. If you're concerned, closely monitor
your child and analyze his technique. If they appears to be sucking vigorously, you may want to begin
curbing their habit earlier.

Punishing or nagging your child to stop won't help because it's usually an automatic response. Attempting to
curb it by putting an elastic bandage on his thumb or another method will seem like unjust punishment,
especially since they indulge in the habit for comfort and security.

Try to wait it out. Children usually give up thumb-sucking when they've found other ways to calm and
comfort themselves. Consider offering them other alternatives to comfort themselves such as a soft blanket
or lullaby toy

The key is to notice when and where they are likely to suck their thumbs and offer an alternative. If it
happens while they are tired, try giving more naps. If they suck their thumb frequently while watching
television, try to distract them with a toy that will keep their hands occupied.

Older children may need gentle reminders to curtail thumb sucking while in public, and praise should be
given freely when the child finds and uses an acceptable alternative. Your child's pediatric dentist can offer
other suggestions for helping your child kick the thumb sucking habit.
Hobbies benefit children in many ways. It gives a child an opportunity to express themselves, and it allows
them to discover themselves and build self-esteem. They are also great educational tools. A child interested
in rock collecting learns about geology and science, and a child in writing stories learns about sentence
structure and proper grammar. Hobbies teach children to set and achieve goals, solve problems and make
decisions. They can also set the course for what your child becomes later in life as they often turn into
lifelong interests or careers. Children who have hobbies are usually following in their parents footsteps, so
set a good example by pursuing your own hobby. Your child will need space for their hobby, so find an area
designated specifically for his hobby so he can work on it. Realize that hobbies can sometimes be quite
messy, so be at the ready for messes as they come with the territory.

Be available to your child to provide guidance, support and encouragement. This is a great time to teach
your child strong work habits, such as following directions closely, setting goals, and proper planning and
organization. Show them that nothing worthwhile is ever easy, especially when they begin to become
frustrated with their progress. It's also a good time to teach them about personal responsibility and show
them how important it is to properly care for their work area and their 'tools of the trade.'

Children will be more encouraged to work on their hobbies if activities like watching television or playing
video games are limited. It's been noted by experts that by age 15, the average child has spent more time
watching television than sitting in a classroom. Again, here's where setting a good example is crucial.
Instead of watching that four-hour football game on Saturday, turn the TV off and work on your own hobby.
Your child may want to join in or work on their own as a result.

Hobbies are rewarding and enriching parts of our lives, so encourage your child to explore his own interests
and find a hobby of their very own.
It is not uncommon for good habits to morph into bad habits. This often happens when good habits are
taken to an extreme. This is why people should be aware of their behavior, even when it might seem

People who want things to be the very best can seem to be very upbeat people. At least that is true until
they go too far. When their leadership becomes nit-picking perfectionism, their good habits have turned into
bad habits. Once it has reached such a point, it is hard to salvage the situation.

Sometimes people make their neatness into bad habits. They start out nice enough. They just want to keep
things tidy and clean. They are perfectly willing to do some work to keep it that way. Then, they go
overboard. They begin stressing over every tiny smudge or speck of dust. Besides this, they expect you to
be as obsessive as they are.

There are two of these situations that are fairly similar. People turn good savings practices into bad habits.
The first is when a person starts saving money for emergencies or for the future. They start a savings
account, or an investment account. Then they begin to put money into it.

If they develop bad habits, they can get carried away with their savings and become a miser. They can be
that person who will not buy their children new school clothes because the money has to go into savings.
They can be the one who will drive a car that breaks down every week. They cannot bear spending money
that could go to savings.

A similar situation happens when people start buying in bulk. At first they tell themselves they are just
stocking up. However, the stocking up may not stop at a reasonable level. If it has become a bad habit,
their entire basement, garage, attic, and all their closets may be filled with extra food and cleaning supplies.
They have so much that it will go bad before they can possibly eat it all.

You may wonder how being concerned about others can possibly lead to bad habits. A person who is this
thoughtful is generous in spirit and cares only for the well-being of those around her. The bad habit may
come in when the person puts others' needs too far above her own. This can lead to all sorts of
psychological problems for her.

Perhaps you have heard that there is never a dumb question. People are generally encouraged to ask
questions at school and at work. However, it becomes a bad habit when people ask questions aimlessly to
no purpose. They will sometimes ask so many questions that no work can be accomplished at all.
Sometimes it is better to try to figure something out on your own.

This just goes to show that extremes are usually bad habits waiting to happen. Be a considerate person,
yes, but do not do it at the expense of your own well-being. Indeed, you should maintain a savings account.
Just make sure your family has what it needs. Do not let your good habits turn into bad habits and make
your life difficult.
There are hundreds of bad habits and hundreds of ways to break them. if you need help, there are books,
support groups, and counselors to help you. Mostly you can take a common sense approach and get the
job done.

If bragging is one of your bad habits, you could either be insecure or overly proud. It usually makes the
other person feel bad, or they resent you. You can get a handle on this bad habit if you stop for a few
seconds before you talk. Give yourself time to think about others and how this will sound to them. Think
about whether you are telling it to them, or to yourself.

Another one of these bad habits is name dropping. Again, you may be insecure. Most people will not take it
in a friendly way. Try to tell your same stories but without the names to stop yourself from doing this. You
might say, "My friend Brad" instead of 'my friend Brad Pitt," or something like that.

Cursing is one of those bad habits that can start at an early age. You may curse so much that you are
unaware that you are doing it much of the time. The first thing to do is to pay attention. Whenever you say
inappropriate words, put money in a jar. Even if it is your coffee money, put it in there. Also, you might want
to think about anger management classes if your cursing is done in a hostile way.

If you have the bad habit of chewing with your mouth open, there may be a physical cause. It is disgusting
at the dinner table and might make you look bad at a dinner meeting. Perhaps all you need is a nasal
decongestant. Maybe if you can breathe through your nose, you will close your mouth.

You may be a whiner. This is one of those bad habits that annoy people from the time you are a child until
you are old or until you quit it. It comes out in the sound of your voice and the expression on your face.
However, it is rooted in a negative, doom and gloom attitude. Look on the positive side of things, and you
will find yourself whining less.

Gossips are notorious for starting trouble in any group to which they belong. These people often find their
lives so boring that they cannot find anything else to talk about. Their only topic of discussion is other
people's business. These people can break this bad habit by finding new interests to think and therefore
talk about.

Nail biting is a bad habit for people of all ages. It damages the fingertips and nails. It is not a very sanitary
practice. People do it out of nervousness, and most of them would like to quit. In past times, people would
wear gloves, but people do not wear them much anymore. You can buy nail polish that tastes bad, though.
That seems to help at times.

You can find a way to overcome any addiction or bad habit. Some of them are trivial in the scheme of
things. Others are deadly serious. If you find the right help for your situation, you can stop your bad habits.
What's the most popular New Year's Resolution of all? It's the resolution to lose weight, of course!

What's the one New Year's Resolution that is most likely to be broken? Again, it's the resolution to lose

There are dozens of diets available to help you reach your weight loss goal. There are low carb diets, low fat
diets, high fiber diets, and liquid meal replacement diets. There are diets in which food is mailed to you each
week and diets where you go to meetings each week for tips and encouragement. There are diets in which
you combine certain foods each day and diets in which you eat only one type of food per day. No matter
what our individual preferences are, there is a diet available that will work with them. The choice is all yours.

But what can we do to stop submarining our sincere desire to shed pounds? Before we ever start we must
examine our methods and motives. Why do we want to lose weight? Sometimes we want to lose weight in
order to feel better, and sometimes we want to look better. These are both sound reasons, although health
certainly takes a priority over looks. Know your motivation. Understand yourself.

How much weight do you need to lose to reach your goal? Ten pounds? Twenty? Fifty or more? Figure out
before you ever start what your ultimate goal is. If you have a lot to lose, create smaller goals so that you will
feel successful and be motivated to keep up the good work along the way. Lose your first fifteen or twenty
pounds and then allow for maintenance for a couple weeks. You won't be going off your diet, simply
practicing the hardest part of any diet. After you have maintained your loss, go back on your diet until you
lose another specific block of weight and then do the same thing again. You will need a realistic idea of what
it will take to maintain your weight loss. Practicing this technique will prepare you for the end of the diet. You
won't be catapulted into the non-diet world with a shock, unable to handle the new choices you will suddenly

Before you ever start on your weight loss journey, choose the activities you will incorporate into your life to
take the place of boredom eating. This is your chance to fulfill other resolutions by learning to dance or paint
or skate.

When you do begin your diet, make sure it is one that is approved by your doctor. Each one of us has
unique physical and nutritional needs. Embarking on a diet that will undermine a condition or existing illness
won't result in reaching our goal. Be informed and be prepared. Know why you are dieting and what your
specific goals are. Don't be a statistic again this year. Lose your weight successfully so that you never have
to make a futile resolution again!
There are different ways of being sober. You can go inside a sober living or just do-it-yourself. It is one of the
greatest challenges a person will experience especially those that are experiencing addiction during their
past life. Although, once attained sobriety can be the most self-affirming and empowering thing an addict
can do for the betterment of his life.

Sober here doesn't refer to being intoxicated with booze or any kind of substance which has the capacity to
alter a person's entire personality. Millions of Americans are experiencing being sober because of the
indulgence in substances which can greatly affect behavior, attitude and outlook in life. Before deciding on
being sober, one must first himself in the different factors that may come his way. He will need the help of
himself and the utmost desire to become sober, supportive family and friends can greatly help patience and
a lot of faith.

A person can attain sobriety through the following tips:

Trigger the desire

You can't attain being sober without the need of staying at that point. You can make other people convince
you to become sober; that"ll be difficult and exhausting. It's your life, therefore it's your choice to become
whatever and whoever you are. Just remember this – you never wanted to get back with your hazardous
and pathetic addicted life therefore you wanted to be someone who has worth and dignity. Being sober will
not make you homeless, depressed and all those negative things that addiction offers. This is the best time
to decide on your sober life.

Get help

No man is an island. Therefore, it is important that you have someone behind you to give support. Upon
realizing that desperation and awareness has overwhelmed your life, find someone who's willing to make
you sober. This can be anyone within your community that has the knowledge and capability to address your
problem. If you choose to be inside a sober living environment, you must conclude that it can provide all of
the necessities in life just to be sober. Point is, whoever it is that you've chosen, he or she must stand by
your side and will not let you fall in case all else fails.

Entrust yourself

Talk to someone who can enlighten your spiritual aspect like a spiritual leader or a rabbi who has distinct
reputation for confidentiality. Clergies may not be licensed but are very much qualified to counsel your
addiction and pertain to matters of forgiveness and spiritual healing. If you know someone who has been
successful in making his life sober, you can go on and ask for advice.

Create sobriety within yourself

How can you create a sober environment without practicing it within you? You can ask the people in your
home to give you some time to be sober and even ask your friends if you can take a moment off from their
presence. They will understand. While in the presence of sobriety, try not to think of your past life and try to
build a new life without the presence of any of it. Stay away from people or events that may trigger a

Living a sober life is difficult but all the way possible if only you will recognize the importance of it in your
recovery and to defeat relapses and slight episode manifestations.
Some bad habits are not only illegal. They push the envelope of what can be considered merely bad habits.
However, in a way they are bad habits. They are definitely bad, and they happen frequently enough to call
them habits.

Serious fighting can be illegal bad habits. This is the kind of fighting that leads to assault arrests and
convictions. People do not think before they act. Or, if they do, they only think angry, destructive thoughts.
This fighting can cause injury or even death.

Some fighting happens in bars. Barroom fights are bad habits. Too many people are intoxicated. There are
not enough reasonable people in the room to calm things down. There are also often shortages in bars.

There may be a shortage of available men, or of available women. There may not be enough places to sit.
This causes animosity, which leads to fighting. Just being in a bar where fights are known to occur is
sometimes a bad habit.

Some people, both men and women, have bad habits of domestic violence. They do not think twice about
hitting their partner in the face on the way in the door. They have no compunctions about throwing their
spouse on the floor, even if she is pregnant. Are these bad habits? Yes, they are the most extreme forms
of bad habits.

There are illegal money transactions that are bad habits. There are many forms of illegal gambling. There
are restrictions in every state about where gambling can take place. The kind of gambling is also regulated.
Abiding by these rules will keep you out of jail. It will also keep you from losing money in a betting scam.

Shoplifting is an illegal bad habit that young people get hooked into before they even think about it. One day
they are going to the store and trying on clothing to purchase. The next day, they are going to the store to
see what they can stuff under their coats. This can give a young person a very bad start in life. It can also
give them bad habits that are hard to break.

Sometimes, people who deal with other people's money decide to borrow a little for an emergency. They
find out how easy it is, and they do it again and again. Eventually it becomes the bad habit known as
embezzlement. This can land them in jail for years and cause them to pay restitution for the rest of their
lives. It can also put the people they took the money from in a terrible situation.

Arson is not always a malicious act. It is not always a well thought out scheme to collect insurance money.
Some arsonists simply have a bad habit of starting fires. They are obsessed with flames and torch buildings
for their twisted pleasure. It is a bad habit that can cause incredible destruction.

Bad habits are more than just picking your nose. There are bad habits that can destroy property and ruin
lives. It is these behaviors that society must work on.
Some bad habits are just plain inconsiderate. The person does their behaviors without a thought to the
person he is affecting. A little attention to the feelings of others would stop many of these bad habits in their

Many people have inconsiderate bad habits in the kitchen. You will find them drinking from the milk jug or
juice carton. They do not consider that someone else might not like to drink after them. They are in the
habit of doing it, so they do not think about it.

Someone might have the bad habit of opening two liter bottles of pop and leaving the caps off. This is
inconsiderate to the person buying the soda because the soda goes flat. No one will drink it. It is also a bad
habit to open carbonated drink cans and drink a few swallows only. Many people will do this and then right
away open another.

The refrigerator is a source of trouble in some homes. People have certain bad habits there, too. They
might take food out of the refrigerator and leave it on the counter to spoil. They may simply stand in front
with the door open, staring as all the cold rushes out.

If you have an older refrigerator, they may have bad habits about not filling ice cube trays, and leaving them
in the freezing compartment empty. Some people have bad habits of freeloading. They will clean your
refrigerator out of food in no time at all if you do not watch them. They will take food when they have been
offered none, and when they are offered some, they will take more.

Sometimes people staying with you, or living with you as roommates, will do some cooking. If they have bad
habits and do not clean up their messes, you will not appreciate the food they cook no matter how good it is.
After awhile, you will just wish they would stop cooking altogether.

Other bad habits have to do with the bathroom. Sometimes, people hog the bathroom. They will not leave
time for anyone else to get in to use it. You may need to go to work the same time as they do. If they do not
let you get in to get ready, they will be on time and you will be the one who is late. That is very

Men have been told forever, it seems that their bad habits of leaving the toilet seat up are inconsiderate.
They do not realize that a woman, not expecting the seat to be up, can actually get injured by falling in too
hard. It is not a pleasant subject, and it is not a pleasant thing to happen.

Other bad habits involve vehicles. You might be in the habit of leaving your car windows down. If you are
accustomed to this, you will be ready to put them up if you know rain is coming. However, if you leave
someone else's windows down, they may not be prepared. Also, it is a bad habit to borrow a car and not put
gas in it.

If you think of other people every day, you will be less likely to engage in inconsiderate bad habits. You will
find that you are appreciated more if you find ways to control your behaviors and curb your bad habits.
Trying to teach your child not to interrupt can sometimes be an exercise in frustration. Telling them there's
a time to interrupt (in case of a fire) and a time to not interrupt (boredom) isn't enough. But putting these
principles into practice is easier said than done, especially for a very verbal or high-energy kid. That's why
now is a good time to revisit some basic lessons about good manners and teaching your child to wait their
turn to speak.

First of all, set a reasonable expectation. School-aged children have a difficult time holding their thoughts for
more than a few minutes. Indicate to her as best as you can that you'll be with them as soon as possible
and then stay true to your word.

Develop some ideas for them to occupy themselves with while you're on the phone or otherwise unavailable.
Keep a box full of puzzles, crayons, colorful markers or other quiet toys nearby that they can only use when
you have to make a call. Set snacks and drinks on an accessible level so they don't have to interrupt you for

When you need to make a call or have an important conversation with a visitor, head off trouble by saying
you're about to phone someone or have a conversation and estimate how long you expect to talk. Ask them
if they need anything before you make your call or have your conversation with your company. Then do your
best to adhere to that time schedule, and excuse yourself from the conversation long enough to check on
them. Let them know you'll be a bit longer if that's the case and see if they need anything before returning to
your conversation.

Reading is a great tool to teach manners. Find several books on the subject then read them together.
Discuss afterwards what your child learned from the story and how they'll handle a similar situation in their
life the next time it occurs.

And as always, children learn what they live. Your child is very unlikely to learn not to interrupt if they hears
you, your spouse, or their siblings constantly interrupting each other. Your actions have a strong influence
on your child, so be a good example and ask permission to speak before speaking, and apologize when you
inadvertently interrupt.
Some bad habits can irritate the people around you. These habits can grate on peoples' nerves until they
feel like physically stopping you themselves. Some of them are nervous habits and others are thoughtless

Some bad habits have to do with shopping. You can really irritate someone if you have the bad habit of
following their car to a parking space and waiting with your car close behind. This makes them feel rushed,
and it may make it hard for them to get out. By the time the leave they will be very irritated.

You might display bad habits when you get in line to check out at the store. If you cut in line, everyone
behind you will be annoyed with you. You make them later, and you give the impression that you are more
important than they are.

Sometimes people have bad habits when it comes to what line they choose. They may get in the express
line where you are only supposed to have 15 items. They may get in that line with 30. Some people will get
in the express line with a whole cartful. It irritates people who want to use the express line for just one or
two items and have to wait for you.

There are many nervous bad habits that irritate. Some people crack their knuckles. This sound can in turn
get on other peoples' nerves. It is worse for the one listening because they do not know when the next
crack of the knuckles will happen.

Rhythmic behaviors are also bad habits to get into if they are not related to the arts. These are behaviors
such as tapping a pencil, tapping your feet, or drumming your fingers on a desk. These behaviors often
occur when a person is in a stressful situation.

They can be detrimental to you or others. If you tap your pencil when taking a test, it can distract others and
keep them from doing well on the exam. If you drum your fingers on your boss's desk, it will make you look
bad. You might lose yourself a promotion.

People can irritate with other noise-producing bad habits. Grinding your teeth can irritate others. Clicking
your teeth can do it also. Smacking your lips can annoy. Any extraneous noise that you make repetitively
with your body can be an irritating bad habit.

Other sound-related bad habits annoy, too. Popping your chewing gum can drive other people to nearly
mad with exasperation. If you regularly leave your faucets dripping it is an irritation that they must take care
of themselves if you will not. They may find themselves following you around, shutting off faucets. They will
not be happy.

Another bad habit is letting your dogs bark at the top of their lungs all night long every night. Sometimes
there is a reason and it cannot be helped. However, there is usually a solution to this problem that will be
better for the dogs. At the same time, it will make the neighbors' nights more restful.

It is usually hard to break irritating habits. Often, people are not even quite aware that they are doing these
behaviors. Yet, if they try, they can make themselves alert to their irritating bad habits. They can do
wonders for the nerves of those around them if they can stop.
Kids go through periods of having bad habits. Some of their bad habits are worrisome and some are just
really annoying. Parents agonize over what to do about their children's unacceptable behaviors. There are
a few things they should know.

1. What you see as bad habits may actually be natural stages of child development. If your very young
child is examining the lint between his toes regularly, you might think it is a bad habit. It might be, though,
that the child simply finds toe lint interesting. The child will outgrow the fascination and the bad habit will

2. So-called bad habits may be ways for the child to soothe themselves. At times when they would
ordinarily feel like screaming and crying, they may suck on their clothes instead. This makes them feel calm
and secure.

3. Children may use bad habits to feel a sense of control over their environment. If they are dropped off at
a daycare center for the first time, they may start having odd behaviors. This could be, for instance, rubbing
the material of their clothing. As time goes by, if the daycare center continues to feel threatening to them,
rubbing the clothing material could become a bad habit.

4. Kids sometimes do things adults see as bad habits that they do not understand. Sometimes, the kids are
simply solving a problem. If their hands are cold, they may put them between their legs to warm them up.
Adults often misinterpret this and overreact. If they knew the problem was cold hands, they might have a
different solution to offer.

5. Shaming and punishment are the worst things you can do. If a child is doing the bad habits in an effort to
soothe herself, making her feel bad is counterproductive. It will give her more to self-soothe about. This is
why parents often become frustrated when trying to deal with a child's bad habits.

6. Substituting more pleasant behaviors for the annoying or destructive bad habits can work better. You
can teach your child to be aware of when they are doing a bad habit. Then, you can teach them another
behavior to do instead. When they do, reward them.

7. Incentives work to help some older children get over bad habits. This is especially true if they are old
enough to think in the long term of at least a few weeks. You can offer them a reward every day that they do
not do their bad habits. By the time they have quit, they will have a large reward waiting.

8. Usually, the best thing you can do is to wait for the bad habits to go away all on their own. As long as
you do not reinforce the bad habits by doing them yourself, the kids should grow out of them. Once they get
older, their school mates will make it more attractive to them to stop doing their bad habits. Kids like to fit in.

The most important thing to remember about your child's bad habits is that you should not be too alarmed.
Only when they are destructive or dangerous is it essential for you to stop them immediately. Otherwise, be
understanding and gentle when dealing with your kid's bad habits.
Everyone makes mistakes. Granted, some mistakes are more significant than others and harder to get over,
but they are a part of life. How individuals deal with those mistakes is significant to their self-esteem.
Children who are taught from an early age to admit to their mistakes understand that it's not a crime to make
one, and they seem to have the ability to cope much better with them. They recognize that a mistake was
made and admit the error. Most importantly, these children also develop a strategy to change the mistake
and not do the same thing again.

The process of making and learning from mistakes is an extremely valuable life skill for everyone because
learning involves risking. Every time children risk, they will not always succeed. But they tried something
new and most likely learned from it as a result.

Children with low self-esteem deal with making a mistake quite differently. More often than not, these
children use the experience to devalue themselves. Instead of looking at the error as an opportunity to learn,
these children interpret the experience as a reason to quit and never try again. They view it as a devaluing
and humiliating experience. You can help your child cope with mistakes by first making sure they
understand that everyone makes mistakes, even you. Own up to your own mistakes to teach them there's
no shame in making them. Make sure they understand that it's okay to make mistakes. This presents a
great opportunity to tell your child what you've learned to do differently the next time. Then, offer strategies
to turn mistakes into learning opportunities. In the process, you can provide your child with an opportunity to
enhance their self-esteem and accept responsibility for the mistakes they make. Help your child to realize
that the mistake is the problem, and not them. Then help them develop a positive plan for the next time
around, and what they'll do differently the next time to avoid making the same mistake again.
For an addiction, rehabilitation is the only way to be able to be in the presence of being sober. In terms of
someone who is living and staying sober is a long, long way to go. It involves a lot of factors namely the
spirit, body and mind. Sober living enables the character to repair or rebuild the damages that were made
while in the process of experiencing old habits. It is of utmost importance that in the process of becoming
sober, the person is revitalized to build healthier and new habits.

One should take into consideration the time wasted while in the influence of different kinds of substances. All
actions must be directed towards construction of a healthier and more stable existence. If you or someone
you know belongs to those who just went out of recovery and needs a place to stay and be rejuvenated,
sober living can be a fine selection.

Sober living makes you take care of yourself

Primarily, you have to focus on what's best for your own body and mind. It has suffered so much from the
effects of your drug-taking days. In order to achieve this, you must do the normal and healthy things that a
person should do namely: regular exercise, eating of nutritious food and getting sufficient rest and sleep.
Once you have accomplished all three, you will realize that it will greatly affect your mood and make you
think more of the positive side.

According to nutritionists, the best serving of diet is the one that contains quality serving of vegetables and
grain; it should be low in fats, additives, sugar, caffeine and red meat. Exercise can be of any kind for as
long as the person is engaging effectively and regularly. First, start your exercise in a gentle way then when
you can already take the whole process, you can choose to be more strenuous.

You learn some, you do some

Generally, there are greater chances that anyone who has undergone drug abuse or alcoholism may have
suffered so much in ways unimaginable. In this degree, you tend to understand that your old habits have
caged you in a life that seeks to be polluted and otherwise freed. Once you have understood that your old
habits must go, you must be stern about it. Otherwise your efforts will all go down the drain. Set goals that
are reachable and expect nothing but the best things. By learning the consequences, you can realize the
real reason why you have taken those prohibited drugs in the first place.

In order for your changing process to become effective, you have to depart from you old miserable self and
try something out of the ordinary and safe. Set goals that are attainable and is within your capabilities. Sign
up for class or try to enroll in meditation classes in order to help yourself be sensitive and aware of modifying
your way of life. Face the truths that were secluded by your old habits and be honest with yourself.
Management of oneself can be done through non-chemical, non-destructive processes. Take one step at a

Set your highest priority

What is your highest priority in all of these? It's making sure that you are living a sober life. Always think
before you act most especially if the stakes are high. Have faith in the path that you have chosen and
always believe that you are capable of starting a new phase in your life.
In today's busy world, work, household chores and social activities all put a strain on your time with your
child. But as you well know, it's imperative that you spend quality time together. It helps strengthen the bond
between parent and child, and lets your child know you can be trusted and counted on. Children who spend
quality time with their parents often do better in school, and excel in extracurricular activities, hobbies or
sports. And though it can be 'scheduled' to a degree, it's something that happens when you least expect it.
Therefore it's important that you do spend as much time as possible with your child in a relaxed atmosphere
and do things together that you both enjoy.

But you're asking yourself, "Where am I going to find the time? My schedule's crazy enough as it is!" Well,
for something as important as your child, you need to start digging around in that crazy schedule and find
the time. Prioritizing is the key.

Here's some helpful suggestions on how to make the most of your time and find quality time where you least
expect it.

Look at your household chore list and decide which ones can be left undone or be done imperfectly in order
to make more family time. You might also want to consider leaving certain things until after your child has
gone to bed to make the most of your time together.

Turn some of your everyday routines together count. Sing some favorite silly songs on the way to daycare,
or make that drive to and from school a great opportunity to discuss what's happening in your child's life.

If you have more than one child, realize that each of them needs your individual attention. You may really
have to juggle things around to make this happen, but try to be flexible and creative when spending time
with each of your kids. And no matter what, don't skip those individual times with each child. By doing so
you show them they're lower down on the priority list than the dry cleaning or the grocery shopping.

Children thrive on stability and routines, so plan your quality times so that they can take place regularly.
Maybe you can walk the dog together on weekend morning, take a shopping excursion together, have a
scheduled night each week for a sit-down dinner together, or make a trip to the park.
It's such an easy thing to do. We sit down each year and dash off a wish list of all the ways we want our
lives to change. We step hopefully into each new year that comes around, eager to improve our lives for the
better. And yet, some weeks down the road we find ourselves derailed from our well-intentioned tracks. We
give up on our goals, terribly disappointed, only to make the same list next year and suffer the same
disappointment yet again. How can we make effective changes in our lives? How can we make that new
year, that new leaf, count for something?

First of all, we must think through what it is we hope to accomplish. Do we know exactly what it is we want,
or do we make resolutions that are just too vague to be implemented? Rather than resolve to be 'happier
this year" make a list of the specific, positive changes you can make that will bring you happiness. Decide
instead to take that origami class you have been interested in for so long, or resolve to brush up your
resume and make a schedule for pavement pounding. In the same vein, don't decide you will simply handle
money matters differently this year - decide on specific ways to do this: I resolve to reconcile my bank
statement every month. I resolve to stop using my credit card until it is paid in full. I resolve to follow the
budget I have prepared. List specifics and mark them off as you accomplish them.

Look at your list once more before you get started. Are these things that rely on the actions or feelings of
others? The only person you can rely on to make changes is yourself. Depending on the whims of others will
bring disappointment since we cannot guarantee their actions. Look to the ways you can change yourself
and discover ways you can cope with the actions of others. These are your resolutions, not someone else's.
Only resolve what is in your power to change.

Take stock of what you want to achieve. How doable is each resolution? If the changes you want to make
are extreme ones, they don't necessarily have to be unreachable. Consider making step-by-step resolutions
on a smaller scale so that you have a roadmap for making dreams come true. This year resolve to get out of
debt by making a budget and paying off debt. Next year, resolve to put a certain amount of money into
savings every payday. The year after, you can resolve to find a house to buy!

Foremost, believe in your resolutions and make a commitment to seeing them to completion. Make your first
resolution this year to draw up sensible and achievable ones. Resolve to make this year different.
Can bad habits be cured through medical treatments? Some say yes; they have succeeded in overcoming
their addictions through science. There are many medical treatments for smokers and others who want to
block their cravings.

For smokers, there is a variety of nicotine replacement options. Nicotine patches are probably the most
popular for bad smoking habits. They can be adhered to the skin and forgotten until the end of the day. Or,
if you are a person who suffers morning cravings, you can wear the patch all night. In any case, you do not
have to be constantly thinking about your smoking.

Nicotine gum is also used by many people with these bad habits. It is handy for those who like to do
something with their mouths. It cuts their urge to smoke at the same time. You just chew it for awhile, and
then place it in between your cheek and gum. The nicotine will enter your bloodstream. Nicotine lozenges
work much the same way.

You can get nicotine nasal sprays and nicotine inhalers through your doctor by prescription. The spray
delivers an instant burst of nicotine to the system. The inhaler gives users an experience somewhat like
smoking. It helps to wean you from your bad habits.

The downside of nicotine replacement is that you cannot cheat when you are using it. If you smoke when
you are wearing a nicotine patch, for instance, you can trigger an episode of very high blood pressure at the
very least. Your health will be in danger if you keep your bad habits up.

Many people now use prescription medications for relieving the destruction of these bad habits. Zyban has
been used for several years now as a stop-smoking aid. This medication is also an anti-depressant. It
helps to eliminate the urge to smoke.

It does not hurt your health (any more than smoking ever did) to smoke or use nicotine patches while using
Zyban. However, many people report that they just do not feel like smoking any more.

Chantrix, or varenicline, is a newer medication for those who wish to quit smoking. It eases withdrawal
symptoms and makes smoking less pleasurable afterwards. It has been shown to be even more effective
than Zyban. It also has been show to help with alcohol addiction. This is helpful since many people drink
and smoke in the same situations.

Addictive gambling is another of the bad habits that afflicts many adults. Gamblers seem to have cognitive
distortions that prompt them to keep gambling until their money is gone. There may be some physical basis
for this. There is now a new medication being studied that is supposed to curb those urges.

For some serious bad habits of opiate addiction, methadone has been used for over thirty years. It controls
withdrawal symptoms that come on after quitting heroin, morphine, or similar drugs. It has a well-
documented history of success.

While drug treatments of bad habits have their problems, there are some advantages, too. It seems that
many of the treatments have helped people to stop addictive behaviors. This is not automatic, but comes
with the medication along with a determined effort.
We all know as parents that discussing and negotiating the rules with our children is never easy. Children
are all very different, and what might need to be a rule for one, may not even be an issue for another. That
being said, there are many parameters that we set as parents that are the hard and fast rules - those with no
'wiggle room.' Those are the rules set forth to protect our child's health, safety and well-being. These rules
and their consequences should be very clearly defined and it should be understood by all involved that they
are there for a very important reason and that they are 'all or nothing.'

Rules that keep our children safe are of the utmost importance. These could include everything from
teaching youngsters not to touch the hot stove to teaching your school aged child the importance of obeying
the laws while riding their bicycle. Children need to understand these rules are to be followed to the letter
and there is no room for negotiation here.

For adolescents and teenagers, such rules should include expectations about drinking, the use of illegal
drugs, or safe defensive driving. These rules are also imperative to a child's health, well-being and safety.
There should be no room for experimentation or relaxing the rules in specific social situations.

There are rules that can be fairly and equitably negotiated with your children as well. Rules regarding how
many hours per week can be spent on video game playing, what time a child is expected home for dinner,
what time each night homework is to be completed, or how late a teenager is allowed to stay out on
weekend nights are all rules that can be discussed openly and honestly between you and your child. These
should also be consistent, however. Don't' allow 11 p.m. one weekend night and then tell your teenager
9:30 the following weekend night when going out with the same group of friends. If your teenager broke the
11 p.m. curfew the weekend before, the consequence of losing the privilege of going out that weekend
should be strictly enforced. Don't bend the rule just because your teenager seems genuinely sorry and
promises never to do it again. Consequences should be consistent, fair, and always followed through.
Virtually everyone makes New Year's Resolutions. We make them anew every year, promising ourselves to
lose weight, get fit, tighten the financial belt... but how often do we make resolutions as a couple? What sort
of New Year commitments can a married couple make that will bring them closer together?

While it's good for both parties of a marriage to want to improve themselves, it's also a good thing to
determine some areas in which they can work together as a team. This will require mutual consent and
desire. Whatever you choose should be New Year's Resolutions and should not be approached as serious
stop-gaps for failing marriage. Make your resolutions challenging and fun. Consider them enhancements to
your marriage rather than serious therapy.

If jobs, outside commitments, and family obligations keep you running at fever pitch to the point that you
rarely have time to spend together, resolve to schedule a time to make it happen. When you do schedule
that time, honor it as a priority. Decide ahead of time what this togetherness will include. Will you resolve to
go out to a movie twice a month, just the two of you, employing a babysitter to watch the kids? Will you
include a leisurely dinner in the plans? Consider making a list of choices and resolve to narrow that list down
a few days before the together time is set. Give yourselves enough time to enjoy the anticipation of your
date. Don't let anything short of a family emergency come between you and your special time.

Resolve to lighten up. Life is serious and you do a good job taking care of all the responsibilities and
demands that come your way. Give yourselves permission to laugh once in a while like you did when you
were dating. Don't be afraid to carry on a bit of nonsense now and again, and rediscover how to play with
each other. Relearn the art of flirting and teasing. This alone will pump some life-blood back into a marriage
that has gone routine. When there's a twinkle in the eye as you look at each other you will create the same
kind of sparks that were there in the old days.

If you want to add a meaningful facet to your lives, consider taking on a service project together. Deliver
Meals on Wheels occasionally, or work in the local soup kitchen. Give blood on a regular basis. Assist with a
community playground cleanup or refurbishment. Volunteer to help put together care packages for members
of the military. Work the polls on election days. There are many organizations that need volunteer help
desperately, and the two of you will find it doubly rewarding when you give in abundance together.
We watch our children grow right before our very eyes. It seems like yesterday they were a baby learning to
crawl, walk, and feed themselves, and now they're in school, involved in activities, making friends, and
learning to be more and more independent. Parents before us have said that from the time they're born, we
are constantly learning to let go. As a result, our parenting strategies have to change. As our child grows,
develops, learns, and matures, so does our parenting role.

As your child has grown, you undoubtedly have discovered they have their own unique personality and
temperament. You've probably unconsciously redeveloped your parenting skills around the individual needs
of your child. And no two children are exactly alike, and therefore, neither should your parenting style.
Some children may need more guidance and feel more unsure of themselves, so we've become used to
having to guide, lead, show and encourage that child consistently through their childhood while still trying to
encourage independence and give praise in order to build their self esteem and confidence level. Yet
another child may be very intrinsically motivated and very willful and not need a great deal of guidance or
leadership from you. While you encourage their independence, it's also important that you also encourage
their ability to ask for help when needed and continue to praise good deeds, actions, and traits.

The most important tools we have in order to successfully adjust our parenting skills are our eyes and our
ears. We have to see what's going on with our child and we have to hear what they are telling us. It's
important that we encourage our child to be their own individual while still being available to them at
whatever level or degree they need us to be. Sometimes it's situation-specific as well. A child may not need
us to be as directly involved with their schooling to ensure their overall academic success, but they may
need us to be more involved in their social life as they may be feeling a bit shaky or scared when it comes to
making new friends or meeting new people.

So the bottom line is this: as your child grows and changes, so should your parenting skills. Keep your
eyes and ears open and communicate honestly and openly with your child, and you'll both mature gracefully.
Effective discipline does not involve physical punishment of children. Recent studies have shown a direct
link between physical punishment and several negative developmental outcomes for children including
physical injury, increased aggression, antisocial behavior, difficulty adjusting as an adult and a higher
tolerance towards violence. Research has also shown that physical punishment poses a risk to the safety
and development of children. It is crucial for parents to gain an awareness of other approaches to discipline
because it is all too simple for physical punishment to turn into child abuse and result in severe physical
injury, detrimental emotional damage and even death. Each year thousands of children continue to die as a
result of physical abuse. Children have a right to be protected from physical abuse, and laws in every state
demand severe punishment for those found guilty of physically harming a child. Most parents do not want to
use physical punishment as a form of discipline. A child that lives in an abusive environment is likely to grow
up and either be abusive themselves or have severe social, emotional, physical and cognitive delays in
development. Parents' disciplinary methods serve as strong models to children that teach them how to deal
with life's day-to-day challenges. It is important for parents to model appropriate behavior and to establish
expectations as well as limits. Children have a right to live in a safe, secure and nurturing environment, and
their dignity must be respected. Parents must consistently use fair and logical consequences whenever
children fail to follow rules. They must keep in mind that a child is not a miniature adult, but only a child and
that discipline must be age appropriate and fit the child's temperament and maturity. Adults who recognize
they have a problem with physically abusing their children should immediately seek professional help and
ensure their children are taken to a safe environment to avoid harming them further.
You may feel that you have evaded the bad habits that many people have. That is, you feel that way until
you catch yourself picking up the bad habits of others around you. The other person may pass on their
habits intentionally or not, but they affect you all the same.

You can pick up bad habits from others in the way they eat. If you spend enough time around a person, you
will often begin to eat the same way. It is just easier to make one meal and split it. It is easier to go to one
restaurant instead of stopping at two. If that restaurant happens to have only greasy foods, you will end up
eating things you would not otherwise eat. You are picking up your companion's bad habits.

Smoking cigarettes is another bad habit you can easily pick up from other people. You sit in the room with
your companion evening after evening as they puff away. You gradually either get very sick from it, or you
get used to it. You may even come to enjoy it. That is when you are in danger of picking up the bad habit.

Fighting is a bad habit that many couples get into in a relationship. Your spouse may start a fight. You may
have no intention of getting into the argument. You may get up to walk away from it. However, your spouse
may not let you go. A fight ensues and pretty soon, you are both in it. This may go on over and over until it
becomes a bad habit.

In the workplace, carelessness seems to be contagious. If one crew member is irresponsible with the heavy
equipment, his attitude can contaminate the attitudes of the other workers. Before you know it, they all have
bad habits at work.

Also, if one employee gets in the bad habit of telling everything he knows, the habit can spread. If one tells
information about his pay, soon they all will. If one tells private company business, the gossip mill will start
churning. The bad habits can get out of control.

If you have the bad habit of practicing one-upmanship, you can lead others to pick up the bad habit from
you. A person tells something they did, and suddenly you are telling the better thing you did. Some people
will fall into the trap of following your lead and trying to one-up you. This can go on ad infinitum.

Pessimistic people have the bad habit of looking on the negative side of everything. This can rub off on
anyone who spends a good deal of time with them. You can only hear about the worst things in life so long
before it has an affect on you. You may be next to predict bad times ahead.

Of course, you cannot blame the other person for your choice. That is all up to you. If you want to avoid the
bad habits of others, you can do it if you stay strong. Remember that you do not have to always conform to
those around you.
We humans are such creatures of habit. We make (and all too often break) the same resolutions each and
every year. Sometimes we succeed in keeping them, but the incentive is often at an all-time low as
resolution time comes around again.

The two most prevalent resolutions are to lose weight and to become physically fit. Women are more likely
to make the first resolution, while men are somewhat more interested in creating a six pack than minimize
their poundage. While being toned is important to women, it's the overall size that is most at issue for them.

Men will begin their New Year's Resolutions early by hinting and receiving workout equipment as a holiday
gift from a spouse. That all-in-one gym will be assembled in the den or corner of the bedroom where he will
work out religiously. Sometimes he loses his religion within a few months, but sometimes he sticks with it
and reaches his goals. You'll know the status of the resolution by the amount of laundry that is draped upon
the equipment.

Women are more likely to resolve to sign up for diet clubs or to spend money on diet systems, some of
which send the proper foods directly to their front doors. They will pay to attend meetings more often than
men will. Both sexes will join gyms but more women than men will take exercise classes such as aerobics or

Another popular resolution is to quit smoking. There are many systems available to assist in quitting
smoking, from medical assistance to hypnosis. It takes a determination and great will-power but it can be
done. There are support groups available as well, but the best support can sometimes come from family and
friends. Tell them what you want to achieve and let them know what you need from them.

Financial fitness is a big goal for most people, and they see the New Year as the perfect time for turning
over a new leaf. Many will resolve to pay down debts that have crept up, and others who are more solvent
will resolve to save up for a large investment such as buying a new home. One can find financial advisors in
their local bank, but those who know what they need to do simply tighten the belt and do it. For those who
are in debt and are not sure how to straighten things out there are credit counseling agencies that can be
found in most communities. They will assess the financial situation and make suggestions for budgeting the
income in a way that will allow the debt to be paid down little by little. It takes a commitment to follow their
suggestions, but the reward comes when the person finally has control of his own money.

Getting organized is a high priority for many resolution makers. This can include developing a filing system
for runaway paperwork, for decluttering the house, or even cleaning out the garage and creating special
places for everything that is left. This takes a plan, but once the goal is set and the steps for reaching it are
decided upon, it takes nothing more than determination to see it through.

We make resolutions because we want to improve our lives. We want to look better, to feel better, and to
have peace of mind as opposed to chaos. Commit yourself in a serious way to the resolutions you make,
whether it is these or others that answer your needs. Make a sound plan and follow through, and you will
discover the freedom of not having to make these same resolutions again next year.
Children always seem to find a way to 'push our buttons' at times and really try our patience. It's easy to feel
irritated, sad, angry, annoyed, confused and hurt. It's at these times when our parenting skills are really
tested, and that it's imperative we maintain a kind but firm stance when it comes to doling out the discipline.
And let's face it - none of us ever want to hurt our child with physical or verbal abuse. We want to teach our
child that such things are wrong, and punishing a misdeed or inappropriate action by yelling or hitting is
hypocritical at best.

Our goal when disciplining our children is to teach them to be responsible, cooperative, kind and respectful.
The best way to teach this is to always remain consistent, follow through with the same punishment for the
same misdeed, and to discuss the discipline with your child openly and honestly afterwards.

Always keep in mind that the age, maturity level, and temperament of your child should always be
considered when enforcing a set disciplinary action. Disciplinary actions should be discussed and
understood in advance so that children know what they have coming when they've misbehaved and can
give pause and hopefully choose an appropriate route to avoid it. And most importantly, remember that it's
not the child you dislike; it's his or her chosen behavior, action or misdeed.

If you need to, give yourself a brief 'time out' before responding with appropriate discipline. Sometimes we
need a short cooling off period before dealing with our children's misdeeds in order to avoid a misdeed of
our own. Yelling and hitting should never be an option.

Keep an open mind as a parent, and be willing to learn with and from your child. We all make mistakes and
it's important to realize that not every form of discipline works with every child. Children are just as unique as
adults are, and forms of discipline should be tailored to fit the individual needs of both parent and child. But
with a little forethought, patience, firmness, love and understanding, the discipline can have a positive
outcome for all involved.
Praising a child correctly is important to the development of positive behaviors. It's a great way to encourage
constructive future behavior. When you give praise you are giving your child a feeling of positive feedback,
which increases their sense of confidence, self esteem and abilities. When you praise your child, you are
pointing out the way they've acted, an action they've taken, or simply who they are. When your child looks
good, tell him so. When your child does anything that pleases you, let him know. You should also praise a
child's effort to do well, even if it doesn't come out so good in the end. You should find something each day
about your child to praise. Be on the lookout constantly for behaviors or actions deserving of praise, but
don't be over the top about it. Be sincere and honest in your praise. Wait for unexpected or previously
unnoticed good behavior and praise your child for it. And when you see such action or behaviors, praise
immediately so the child will know exactly what behavior or action was deemed praiseworthy. It's also very
important to look your child square in the eye when you praise him, and reinforce the positive behavior,
action or trait being praised with a gesture such as a warm smile, a hug, scruff of the hair, or caress his face
while you tell him. Be exact, and state precisely what action, behavior or trait you find praiseworthy. And
most importantly, never directly follow praise with criticism or negative comments. Let your child know what
they did right and reward them for it before you let them know what they did wrong and punish for
misbehaving or a misdeed. So be sure to admire and congratulate your child and celebrate the good person
they are growing into by praising their positive actions, behaviors and traits daily. You'll be building a strong
sense of self in your child and you'll grow closer as a result.
Disciplining your child is never easy. You probably know from experience and mistakes how important it is
to be consistent, firm and to always follow through with designated disciplinary consequences. But when
there are two parents involved, it's crucial they are both on the same page and apply discipline consistently
regardless of marital status.

Parents should agree on how to discipline their children. To become reliable to children, both parents must
be consistent in dealing with similar situations. In a situation where the parents are separated or divorced,
disagreeing with each other over upbringing can create a confusing situation for children. They should make
a concerted effort to keep their child's best interests at heart and sit down with their child and line out the
rules and expectations and the consequences for violating those rules. Both should agree that the intended
discipline is fair, and apply it consistently in a firm yet fair manner in each home.

In addition, if there are disagreements regarding discipline or other parenting issues, they are best resolved
when the child is not present. If the child senses discord, they may attempt to manipulate the situation to
their advantage.

When teaching good behavior, parents should "practice what they preach." Children learn values and beliefs
more by examples adults set than by verbal instructions. Screaming at a child to be quiet or paddling a child
for hitting is hypocritical and ineffective. Decide what is important and what parental response to use to
teach your child. It would be more effective to calmly tell your child to be quiet or use 'time-out" when a child
is physically aggressive.

And remember what works now may not work later down the road. Situations may dictate a different
approach, and time and maturity may demand a child's rule be modified or abolished altogether. Sometimes
your common sense will help you decide when bedtime rules should be modified or table manners relaxed.
Some rules will be the same, others will be modified or abolished, and new ones will be introduced. But
regardless of the situation, parents should always present a unified front and work together and not against
each other in providing effective discipline for their child.
Your child's showing all the signs of being ready to potty train. That's great! But now, where do you start?
Explain to your toddler that going potty is a normal process of life and everyone does it, even animals. Talk
with them about the toilet, a special place where they can potty just like the big kids. Tell him how the potty
works and let him try flushing himself. Explain that they will be wearing underwear and not diapers. Find
some educational and entertaining videos of their favorite characters learning to go potty. Be sure to involve
other family members in the process and emphasize the importance of consistency during this process.
Make a special trip to the store and purchase new underwear with your toddler. Let them have a voice in
what you get. The underwear will have much more significance if your toddler helped choose them.
Overalls, pants with lots of buttons, snaps or zips, tight or restrictive clothing and oversized shirts will all be
an obstacle to your child during this process. Put these kinds of clothes away for the time being. Decide
whether or not you're going to use pull-ups, training pants or regular underwear and try to stick with this
decision so your child has consistency and isn't confused. Think about whether or not you want to use
rewards or not. Figure out a strategy on how to handle potty issues when you're away from home. If your
child is in child care, ask your provider for their advice and make sure there aren't any hard and fast rules
the center or caregiver has in place that may be an issue. Let them know that you're going to start and enlist
their help with the process. Praise your child for each successful trip to the potty, and comfort them when
accidents happen and try to remain patient and calm when they do. Avoid using candy or other treats as
reinforcement. Let them know that it will take a while to get the hang of using the potty, and encourage and
praise each attempt they make. With consistency, encouragement and praise, they'll soon be completely
In our effort to balance very full and hectic lives with our families and our jobs, we may have been neglecting
an all-important facet of our child's life: their emotional well-being. The first three years of a child's life is a
critical time for a child, and the trauma of changing child care providers or having a 'part-time' parent float in
and out of their life can be very traumatic and destabilizing for them. It's imperative that parents, educators,
involved adults and care providers make a concerted joint effort to ensure that a child's emotional needs are
met on a daily basis, just as their physical needs are. The effects of not meeting a child's emotional needs,
especially during the first three years of life, can have devastating consequences. Violent, disruptive or
defiant behaviors can result.

The first three years of life are critical in a number of ways. This is when bonding and emotional separation
takes place. If there are interruptions in either of these processes, misbehaviors from the child can result.
This can later have an affect on their relationships later in life and hinder them in developing their own
healthy relationships as adolescents or adults.

During the first three years of life, the brain goes through its most rapid development ever, the likes of which
will never been experienced again. By the time they are three years old, a child's brain is already 'hardwired'
from the experiences they've had to that point. It's imperative that these be loving, supportive, safe, positive
experiences so the brain will be conditioned to expect positive things. If they've been frightening, hurtful,
abusive, or dangerous, then the brain is conditioned to expect negative occurrences.

Therefore it's critical that parents, caregivers and other involved adults make a concerted effort to make sure
the child's emotional needs are met in a positive, constructive and healthy manner. Parents should ensure
that the child's care providers are stable and consistent, and don't move them around to different childcare
providers during this important phase. Ensure a child feels safe and secure with structured and consistent
schedules and routines. Be sure to spend as much quality time with your child at this time as possible,
regardless of your otherwise busy and hectic lifestyle. A child can sense that such a schedule is stressful to
you and it can become a frightening or confusing element for them. Therefore it's important to take time out
to reassure them that you're never too busy for them.

Remember that your child's emotional well-being is just as important as their physical, so do your part to
ensure your child knows he's growing up safe, secure, treasured and loved.
Accidents in the home are the primary cause of death in U.S. children. By taking a few simple precautions,
these injuries can be avoided, making your home safe for your child and the children who visit it.

In your kitchen, you should be sure to install safety latches on cabinets and drawers. This helps keep them
out of the everyday household chemicals you use to clean your home and dishware with, and also keeps
them from grabbing sharp objects like scissors or knives from inside the drawers. Use the back burners
when cooking on the stovetop, and keep the handles of your pots and pans turned out of a curious child's
reach while cooking.

Safety latches should be installed on cabinets and drawers in your bathrooms as well to keep them out of
unsafe household cleaning products and medicines. Be sure to unplug any electrical appliance such as a
blow dryer or curling iron directly after use and put out of a child's reach. Teach them early that electricity
and water do not mix and that no electrical appliances of any kind should ever be immersed in or placed
under running water. Toilet locks should also be used in homes that have small children to keep lids down.
Young children are 'top heavy' and can easily fall into a toilet if they lean in to play in it. Since a young child
can drown in less than just an inch of water, it is imperative to closely supervise them in the bathroom at all

Around your house, be sure to secure furniture such as bookshelves and heavy furniture that could tip easily
to the wall using brackets. Use doorknob covers to keep them out of rooms with potential hazards and to
keep them from leaving the house unsupervised. Make sure your window blinds do not have looped cords
on them as they can present a strangulation hazard to a young child. And always cover your electrical
outlets with protective covers to keep small fingers from them and small objects from being inserted into

Check your house over carefully for other potential hazards and address them immediately. With these
precautions and some common sense, your household will be your child's haven.
Bad habits plague many people in one form or another. We want to know what causes us to fall into bad
habits. Questions arise about how are the best ways to quit. New research gives new answers and
confirms some of the old ones.

Some research has been done to find out what motivates people to quit bad habits. It turns out that the
emotional reasons seem to be the most telling of all. If a person does not have the desire to change, then
that person is likely not to have any success with quitting.

Knowledge is only helpful if you use it to influence your emotional well-being. For example, if you work to
set up a social network to help you when you quit smoking, you have used your mind to influence your
emotions. Penalties help drive people to quit bad habits by playing on their emotions and their intelligence

Other research inquires into the effects of habitual activities on the brain. Researchers studied the brain
responses in rats. The rats were sent through mazes at the end of which was chocolate. Their basal
ganglia (where habitual behavior is learned in the brain) responded to all the information in the maze when
they were learning the maze.

After awhile, this area of the brain only responded to the beginning and end of the maze. This would be like
the response you have when you have developed bad habits. You are focused on the reward.

Then, the chocolate was removed. At that point, the basal ganglia again began to respond to every part of
the maze again. When this happens, it is like quitting bad habits and living moment to moment.

When the chocolate was reintroduced, the area in the brain came alive during the beginning and the end, as
before. Finally, the brain is cued to become alert to your addiction again when the desired object or bad
habits resurface.

Another study evaluated the ability of people to replace old habits with new ones. This was done by testing
using memorization and word tests. The researchers tried to see if subjects could learn new associations
after learning similar ones first.

The conclusions of the test were interesting. First of all, the habits learned first were more automatic and
below the conscious level. Second, stress caused people to revert to old habits.

Third, aging that affected the memory seemed to leave the subjects with more susceptibility to older habits.
All this information can be used by people who struggle against bad habits.

One study took a look at the way people think about risky behavior. Surveys were given out in two different
parts of Canada to find out what these people thought were the most dangerous. In the majority of cases,
people thought that bad habits like smoking, overeating, and other health habits were more risky than non-
habitual behaviors.

It is important to study how we think and feel about, and react to bad habits. The more we know, the better
chance people have of learning how to overcome them. With good research being done, bad habits may be
easier to break in the long run.
Bad habits can take over your life. They can make you fail at work, school, and relationships. It is important
to address these issues. Self help books are great for this. Here are a few.

The 12 Bad Habits That Hold Good People Back: Overcoming the Behavior Patterns That Keep You From
Getting Ahead is a book by Waldroop and Butler. This book focuses on bad habits in the workplace. It
explains how you can understand your own bad habits and learn new ways to relate to people. They
suggest that doing this will help you to advance and prosper in your career.

James Claiborn, Ph.D. and Cherry Pedrick, R.N. have collaborated on a book about all habits. It is called
The Habit Change Workbook: How to Break Bad Habits and Form Good Ones. This book follows a
cognitive-behavioral approach to bad habits. It uses psychological principles to get to the root of bad habits.
Then, it goes into great detailed steps of how to break them. It also tells about a group of people who have
bad habits and explains how each one is conquering theirs.

What to Do When You Don't Know What to Do: Bad Habits and Addictions is a short book on the subject by
Henry Cloud and John Townsend. It offers a religious perspective to those who feel overcome by their
failings. It gives advice on how to find ways out of habits and addictions.

One book is a rather heavy read on the subject of addictions. However, it does offer some sound
psychological advice. It is titled Changing for Good: A Revolutionary Six-Stage Program for Overcoming Bad
Habits and Moving Your Life Positively Forward. The authors, James O. Prochaska, John Norcross, and
Carlo DiClemente, work together to put together a system of coping with undesirable behaviors. It involves
six steps, which are discussed in full.

If you have children you want to help, there is a book for you, too. It is called Good Kids, Bad Habits: The
RealAge Guide to Raising Healthy Children. In it, Jennifer Tratchenberg discusses the kinds of habits
children have as they are growing up. She gives insight into how these habits can follow them into later life.
Then, the author helps parents set up a program that is designed specifically for their child. This will help
the children to break bad habits.

Of course, what subject would be complete without an "Idiot's Guide?" Suzanne LeVert has come up with
the Complete Idiot's Guide to Breaking Bad Habits. This book is a tremendous introduction on the subject of
bad habits. At the same time, it does it with a sense of humor and warmth. Reading this book may not
break your bad habit. However, it may put you in the right frame of mind to do it.

Self help books for breaking bad habits are very useful tools. They help those habituated to understand
their problem behaviors and find ways to banish them. It always helps to have a second opinion. Reading
these books on bad habits will give you advice that you would never think of on your own.
For all the resolutions we make each year that revolve around our own wants and needs, many of us include
on our lists a determination to reach out to others in a selfless way, to give comfort and support to others so
that their lives might have a little better quality. Sometimes this is personal, and involves taking time with a
family member who is elderly and lonely. We often go full-throttle with our lives and forget the physical or
emotional needs of others. In the season of giving it's easy to get a renewed sense of what we can do for
them and we understand a little clearer the difference even the smallest gestures will make.

Many volunteers who go to hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities during the holidays realize
all too quickly as well that the needs of patients and residents are a reality the entire year. While holiday
visits and home-baked goodies make for meaningful holidays, we come to understand that they need visits
and socializations afterwards as well. What can we do when we are struck by a desire to contribute of
ourselves during the year?

Ask for volunteer opportunities and you will be inundated with suggestions. The elderly in nursing homes
need someone to visit with them and make small talk. Many are eager to reminisce about days past, and
there are never enough people who are interested in hearing these wonderful stories. A rich heritage lives in
the hearts of our elderly, and by not listening we are losing valuable bits and pieces of our past.

There are programs for bringing in pets to nursing homes, allowing the residents the pleasure of petting and
loving the animals and getting love in return. Cats and dogs are the favorites, but usually any pet is
welcome. Pets can foster a sense of wellbeing in the residents, and time spent with furry friends has been
shown to lower blood pressure and increase sociability.

For the elderly who don't live in nursing homes, we can resolve to visit them more often. We can take books
and magazines and read to them, and listen to their stories as well. We can bring foods we have made,
once we have determined that they are approved of by their doctors. We can volunteer to deliver meals to
elderly through Meals on Wheels. It's hard for us to understand just how much it can mean to a shut-in to
have someone routinely coming by with a cheerful smile. Isolation is difficult for those who can't get out and
about, and it leads to depression. The simplest of gestures can make a world of difference.

There are excellent programs for helping these same shut-ins get to their medical appointments. If it weren't
for volunteers who were willing to drive them to their appointments, many would simply not go.

Give of yourself and you will be rewarded many times over. Remember always to offer with gentleness and
never patronize. You have the precious opportunity to make an elderly person feel whole again. What a
lovely gift, one that gives and gives back at the same time.
Conveyed by AA, the 12-step program is often used by sober living homes to suggest effective recovery.
One of the major purposes of this program is to let each individual achieve awakening spiritually and allow
him or her to life a normal life even after a serious bout with alcohol and substance abuse. It is in compulsion
that the person relates his or her condition without engaging in any kind of addiction.

Through the use of the 12-step program to change the lives of the clients, there have been major changes
that have happened and most of it is through productivity. Alcoholism has been effectively eradicated
because of the effectiveness of the program.

In terms of modification, the 12-step program had been proven to be useful as the key for recovery from
various compulsions and addictions. Majority of the people working with such situations believe that
compulsion and substance dependence may be caused by emotional, mental and spiritual incapacities.

Those who have used the 12-step program have stood their ground in addressing the effectiveness of the
12-step program to be incorporated in rehabilitation centers and halfway houses. Below is the summarized
12-step program in order to justify its modifiable effectiveness.


An alcoholic or an addict must therefore admit that he or she is powerless over the main reason why he or
she was brought to be rehabilitated. If the person's condition is caused by alcohol then the statement will
have to bear that reason. Furthermore, the individual must accept his or her vulnerability and the
unmanageable status he or she has put himself or herself into.


To assume that people are not all powerful and are actually only tiny bits of sand must be reiterated. Addicts
must keep within their hearts and minds that they are completely ruled by a higher power (and that is not the
president). In order to restore the individual's sanity one must devote himself or herself to the greater Power.

Decision making

The addict must make a pact to make all decisions to glorify God Almighty and will direct all his or her
actions based on His teachings. When there are doubts about making difficult decisions, it must all be
surrendered in order to make the higher Power make the solution in respond to the predicament.


One of the most difficult aspects of the 12-step program is to rerun the events in our minds and share it to
someone you barely even know. Although, without the fearless inventory of oneself, fearlessly searching for
answers, effective recovery will not be possible because the problem is still hidden and kept within the
depths of the person's inner being. It will decompose and react severely in a negative way.


One way to forgive others is to forgive oneself. This is true. Once the person admits himself to the Father
Almighty, things will get lighter. One must accept, in the name of the higher Power that he or she has done
something wrong and is willing to repent.

Ask for Strength and Forgiveness In order for the process to become successful, forgiveness must be made.
The will to move on must be strengthened because of the faith that things will get better out the efforts of
Divine Intervention.

People who are under the 12-step program which is done in sober living homes tend to have a more
strengthened faith.
Sober living is oftentimes mistaken as some kind of rehabilitation center or a recovery support home. Sober
living environments has expanded because of people's need to have a place that is supportive and safe for
people who would want a getaway after a recovery. In other words, sober living are houses meant for those
who just came out of the rehabilitation center and is not yet ready to face the outside world.

Sober living is a place for support and not for rehab or recovery. Although, it is not only intended for those
who just came out of recovery or rehab but also for those who needs some quiet time to ease their minds of

Sober living homes do not provide the services which are offered by rehabilitation centers or shelters. They
are more affordable compared to those centers. These places are also drug and alcohol free which gives the
person who wanted to stay a more positive and quiet mind to think of things going through his or her life.
Sober houses tend to promote an individualized recovery through an environment that allows the people
residing in it develop programs which are self-reliant and supporting.

Majority of sober homes are owned by privately and are most likely operated by individuals through small
partnership. Assurance of top quality is maintained and achieved through membership in sober coalitions or
networks. These networks and coalitions are proved to be self-regulated and self-governed through
inspections and reviews.

Members of the networks are required to exemplify standards which are outstanding in terms of safety,
management and health guidelines. These homes tend to maintain a drug and alcohol free environment with
resident maintained and initiated support activities.

There is no such thing as sober homes which offer treatment or detoxification although, there are numerous
referrals in the listing of detoxification outpatient treatments and hospitals. This doesn't mean that one will
not see or encounter certain situations like arriving in the middle of the night and not find someone sweating
or shaking within the first 24 to 48 hours of arrival in the place.

Many would rather prefer to be kept in sober homes because of the person's capacity to retrieve oneself
from simple problems. Although, personality disorders or mental diseases are not really under the agenda.

Typically, sober homes are those that are built as a duplex, multiunit complex or a single family residence
that is strategically located in a quiet part of a residential neighborhood. Residents inside the sober house
are required to follow all house rules religiously. Any violation made by the residents can result to
consequences like minor or major financial fines, essay writing of details and oath of a better behavior and it
can also result to ejection from the home.

One of the most important rules inside a sober house is the avoidance of alcohol drugs even outside its
premises. Some of these prohibited items are daily medicines, mouthwash, after-shave, and food items that
contain caffeine like vanilla. To ensure that this rule is done, sober homes do surprise alcohol and drug
testing. If found out that the person is intoxicated with the said items, immediate action is made which can
even lead to expulsion from the house.

Sober living homes also prohibit any acts of violence, harassment, fighting, absences which are unexcused
and violation of the curfew hours.
Instead of a rehabilitated person dragging his life around town trying to figure out things, some prefer to
choose to be inside sober living. This is because of the effective programs of the place that is regarded to be
very welcoming and is very realistic. It is said that sober living homes have the right kind of environment that
a newly recovered person needs in order to be able to participate more effectively to the outside life.

There are numerous reasons and programs that are offered by sober living which are exclusively offered to
clients who just undergone a rehabilitated life. Although, before committing to a certain sober home, one
must be very particular of the reason why he or she is there. Compliance of rules and regulations are strictly
implemented inside the vicinity for the residents to feel that continuous recovery is still made.

Opening the door to life

Initially, clients who are accepted in sober homes must be required to be rehabilitated for at least 30 days or
more. Sober homes are exclusively for alcoholics and addicts who both have similar goals of the
maintenance of sobriety in their lives. This will make every resident feel that the process is intended for the
entire group and not just for the individual. There are a few requirements that sober homes want in their
residents namely:

• Residents are required to submit drug testing which is random. Their rooms are checked for any alcohol,
paraphernalia or drug presence. These guidelines are made in order to ensure that substances will no
longer take place inside the person's life. This is also made to assure that relapses will be less likely to occur
because precipitating factors are not made available. Maintenance of safety is also addressed by these

• One is required to continue school or otherwise get a job in order to pursue gradual introduction to the
outside environment. In this requirement, it ensures that the entire residents are responding to a more
constructive and reproductive means which will be more profitable focus of time. Improvement of life is
possible though class attendance and work habits which will also test their abilities on how to effectively
cope with life's stressors.


It is in the midst of the night when bad, bad things happen. That is why; sober living homes are trying to
impose curfew hours for their residents to become more aware of their surroundings and in order to be away
from influences of liquor and illegal substances during weeknights. Normally, curfew time starts at nine in the
evening. To ensure that curfew hours are strictly followed, a roll call is made with every resident.

Rights and Privileges

Privileges are given to some of the residents living inside the home. Some are allowed to go home during
weekends during Friday nights and be back by Sunday. This will allow residents who are eligible to go home
and be with their loved ones. But some are not allowed of this privilege mainly because going home is
prohibited based on factors like history of relapses or situation inside the home which may make the
residents remember the negative feelings. Sometimes, it is in the resident's home where he or she has
encountered the substances.

It is best to reiterate that not all sober living homes are practicing this kind of privileges based on their
There are distinct characteristics of women that sober living houses must take note of especially when
pertaining to needs and services. The feminine sides are more accurate and have the tendency to demand
for more. The basis for sober living environment and characteristics must be appropriate for the continuity of
care for newly recovered women patients.

What should a woman's sober living manifest?

The health care facility must manifest the sides of women than in random. Treatment measures should
always be on the level of supervision and of clinical expertise. The personnel is always on the constant
watch to be able to cultivate the regime that is quite prominent in women. Counseling must always be
provided for those who need someone to talk to and air out their problems. Group discussions must render
variety of knowledge and give out activities for the betterment of every women group staying inside the


A women's sober house is the quiet reflection of sisterhood which is knit and caring. This sisterhood is
appropriate in order to maintain a good environment between the whole groups. The core of the facility
states that women must have the opportunity to prove themselves worthy of everyday living even without
any help coming from her physician and has the ability to battle out any underlying problem. The moment
strong relations are build between the women living in one sober home, their bond becomes strong and
uses it to overcome difficulties in life which, on the other hand, gives sufficient support to the each individual.

Programs for women

Programs are made in order to provide women living in sober homes the opportunity to make decisions in
life as healthy as possible. Appropriate decisions are rendered because of the goal of making life anew and
not just a fragment of the past difficulties.

Women's environment

Some would wonder how a women's environment in a sober home differs from those which are mixed.
Technically speaking, sober living for women is made to be able to cope with the needs of the people. They
are built in faces of apartments, dormitories or neighborhood homes. Sharing a strong bond of sisterhood
within the community enables women to derive their strength and use it in continuous recovery to be able to
face the outside world with ease and a wider positive aspect.

Female residents use their sense of camaraderie in order to learn from one another and give sufficient
support for the aim of early sobriety. Even so, the place for women is safe and secure which is most
appropriate to continue the journey of paving the way to complete recovery. Residents are encouraged to
attend meetings and always keep in touch with the people facilitating the house. This will provide the utmost
support system in fighting the temptation of alcohol and drugs amongst the society.

Women are not excluded in being addicted to substances. In fact, they are more prone to these kinds of
situations compared to men. They tend to elicit other kinds of addictions and sometimes one overlaps with
the other.

The environment of women's sober living is expected to be warmer and supportive in order to seek success
in the recovery or attaining balance in life. Skills regarding life's everyday challenges are given and wherein
women can easily identify the right thing to do. Responsibilities must always be imposed and never be
compromised to be able to attain proper functioning.
Having bad habits in social situations can make you a very unpopular person. You may not even know how
others feel about your social blunders. However, if you are acting in ways that are not considered
appropriate, people will notice.

Many bad habits can be noticed when people go out to a restaurant together. It can be a very unpleasant
experience if people have certain bad habits. For instance, chewing with an open mouth can be disgusting
to the person watching. When a person does this, it is a thoughtless gesture.

Some people have the bad habits of eating other peoples' food. They will just reach over and take a bite of
something on their neighbor's plate. They do not consider the fact that the person might want to be asked
first. They do not take into account that the person might find it repulsive to share food with someone who
has already used their fork.

Loudness in a restaurant is a bad habit that is sometimes appropriate and sometimes is not. In some
settings, loudness is the order of the day. In quiet restaurants, though, a person needs to leave the volume
turned to a low level. They need to try to fit in with the ambience of the restaurant.

Have you ever heard someone belch, and then say "not bad manners, just good food"? Well, it is bad
manners, and bad habits, too. Nobody wants to hear that, and it is not excused by an attempt at humor.
Some people seem to do this every time they feel the urge without thought to how others feel.

One of the sickening bad habits people have at restaurants is blowing their noses in a cloth napkin. It is not
appropriate to blow their nose at the table in the first place. When they use a cloth napkin, the waiter cannot
just throw it away. It has to be handled in order to be washed and reused. It is an inconsiderate bad habit.

Some parents have bad habits when it comes to their children's public behavior. Some will let their children
run through the restaurant doing as they please. They will not say a word when their children misbehave.
This can spoil an otherwise nice evening.

Other parents are so harsh and critical with their children that it also destroys any chance of anyone having
a good time. These are bad habits just as letting the kids be destructive are. Ideally, parents can find a
middle ground.

There are also bad habits that affect the way people feel about themselves. If you are a know-it-all, a
person might feel inferior to you at first. Eventually, though, it will get old and they will resent you. If you are
tactless, you can hurt peoples' feelings without thinking. You do it just because you are in the habit of 'telling
the truth."

There are bad habits that affect the way you communicate with others in the social setting. Monopolizing
the conversation may make you feel good, but others will feel unappreciated. Interrupting can be a bad
habit that prevents you from developing closeness with acquaintances.

Correct your bad habits in social situations and you will find that people are friendlier with you. You will see
that good habits will get you much more good attention than bad habits.
You may have heard of the Procrastinator's Society. They're going to hold a meeting soon, but just haven't
gotten around to it. Does that ring a bell with you? Are you a World Class Procrastination? If it were an
Olympic event, would you be bringing home the gold? If so, then perhaps you may want to consider making
that one of your New Year's Resolutions for 2008. To stop putting things off and avoiding things that you
don't want to do is a lofty goal indeed and I'm about to give you some ideas on just how to improve in that
area. Take an Inventory of what needs to be done. Sometimes we avoid even bringing to the forefront of
our brains what we have to do, and if we don't think about it, we can't do it. So THINK about what needs to
be done. Make it a priority in your head. How Do You Procrastinate? Are you of the mindset that if I ignore it,
it will magically go away? Here's a news flash for you: WRONG! It won't go away. Those dirty dishes in the
sink that are now covered in a pretty green hairy-looking fur? Nope, they won't do themselves and they
won't disappear either. Ignoring things never makes them better. Do you try to do everything BUT what you
SHOULD be doing? Once you recognize how you procrastinate, you'll better be able to put a stop to it.
Often we don't even realize that we are procrastinating until it's too late and we've missed a deadline.
Create a Productive Environment. Turn the TV off, unplug the phone, close your door and concentrate. It's
difficult to put your mind to something and get it done if there are distractions around. Lessen the
distractions and you'll see a drop in your procrastination. I work better under pressure. So in order to fulfill
that self-fulfilling prophecy, you wait until the very last minute, right before that term paper is due, or that
report is due at work and then you pull an all-nighter to make it happen. This is not a healthy habit as it
increases your stress level. Break Down the Job. You have a job to do and it looks enormous. You could
never, ever complete a job that big, so why even start? If that's your mindset, then you probably won't finish
the job. In order to combat this kind of thinking, break the job or task down into small, manageable chunks.
Change Your Attitude. Often times we don't begin something we have to do because we tell ourselves how
difficult it's going to be, or how disgusting the job is and how much we're going to hate doing it. By giving
ourselves reverse-pep talks we give ourselves permission to avoid beginning the task at hand. When you
hear yourself doing this, change your attitude. . Ask Someone for Help. If you have a big job to do, then
ask a friend or a coworker to help you be accountable for working on it. Let them check up on you every so
often to see that you're making progress and soon you'll find that the job is completed. The Buddy System
isn't just for deep sea divers anymore! Keep What Needs to be Accomplished in Plain Sight. If something is
hidden, you are less likely to think about it and it's even more unlikely that you'll ever finish it, much less start
it. Keep what needs to be done where you can see it. A visual reminder is always a good thing. Once you
know how you procrastinate, you will be better able to catch yourself before it gets out of hand.
One of the most frustrating challenges we face as parents is communicating effectively with our child.
Though we strive to open an honest two-way line of communication with our child, we become frustrated
when it appears their attention isn't solely on us or the conversation at hand. Yet we seem to find it's
perfectly acceptable to discuss things with them while reading the paper, folding clothes, or working on the
computer and then are often left wondering when the lines of communication broke. Children are by nature
easily distracted and not always responsive to their environment. It is the responsibility of the parent to
emphasize positive patterns of communication and ensure the child learns that ignoring communication is
not acceptable. Early prevention, in the form of educating your child about the proper forms of
communication, is the key to ensuring that the non-verbal agreement does not take hold. Teach your child
by example. Remain completely and totally focused on them and the conversation at hand. Turn off the
television; allow calls to go to the voicemail, or go in a room where there are no distractions. Talk to your
child, and explain to them in age-appropriate terms how they are communicating and why their method
doesn't work. Show your child how to communicate effectively, even when the questions are hard. Make
yourself an active listener. Let them voice their opinion or side of the story and ask questions to ensure you
understand their viewpoint. Be constant in the manner in which you communicate with you child. Send the
same message with each and every interaction. Allow your child to see that you will call their attention to
those times that the unwanted behavior rears its ugly head. Kids will be kids and they will sometimes be
distractive and non-communicative. You are the expert in knowing your child's behavior and can best judge
the improvement in their communications. The best way to ensure healthy communication patterns is to
model positive communication skills.
There are support groups all over the world for people with bad habits. These groups provide a framework
by which the person with bad habits can get better. They are available to anyone who wants to attend.

Alcoholics Anonymous is the gold standard for support groups. There people with bad habits relating to
alcohol can meet and discuss their bad habits. They can talk about their experiences and share their hopes.
They can gain strength by spending time with people whose goal is also to banish their bad habits.

Alcoholics Anonymous practices the Twelve-Step program for those whose bad habits have brought them to
seek help. The system is designed to guide alcoholics through their despair and into sobriety. It is a
rigorous program, but it is worth the work if you come out on the other side without your bad habits.

Another group the uses the Twelve-Step program for gaining control over bad habits is Overeaters
Anonymous. Contrary to what the name implies, it is not just for people who eat too much. The largest
number of members of any one group is those who overeat. However, it is also for those with bulimia or
anorexia. It is for anyone who is "powerless over food."

This group holds meetings as AA does. It also uses tests and other tools to help people evaluate the extent
of their bad habits and depression. The Twelve-Step program leads them to work on their bad habits from
perspectives that are physical, emotional, and spiritual. It has helped many people to gain control over their
eating disorders.

Yet another group is based on the Twelve-Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous. This is Narcotics
Anonymous. It is for people with bad habits with all kinds of drugs. You can be involved in the program no
matter what kind(s) of drugs you used.

It does not matter if you used a few times or you used constantly for years. The important thing is what you
want to do about it. Narcotics Anonymous provides you with a way to deal with these destructive bad habits
in your life if you will do the work.

There are all kinds of smoking cessation support groups to help people quit their bad habits with smoking.
There are groups at medical centers. There are groups at colleges. Some groups meet at community

There are even smoking cessation groups that meet online. The websites give quite a bit of helpful
information about your bad habits. They often will have a blog where people can compare notes about how
their recovery from nicotine is going. Then, there are live chat support groups.

There are not support groups for all the bad habits that people have. No one is going to go around
smacking your hand and saying,"Do not drum your fingers!" At least, they will not do it as a support group.
Yet, for many serious bad habits, there is help. In some cases, you will have to drive across town. In other
cases, it is as near as your computer.
Even the best behaved toddler has an occasional temper tantrum. A tantrum can range from whining and
crying to screaming, kicking, hitting, and breath holding. They're equally common in boys and girls and
usually occur from age 1 to age 3. Some children may experience regular tantrums, whereas for other
children, tantrums may be rare. Some kids are more prone to throwing a temper tantrum than others.
Toddlers are trying to master the world and when they aren't able to accomplish a task, they often use one
of the only tools at their disposal for venting frustration - a tantrum. There are several basic causes of
tantrums that are familiar to parents everywhere: The child is seeking attention or is tired, hungry, or
uncomfortable. In addition, tantrums are often the result of children's frustration with the world. Frustration is
an unavoidable part of kids' lives as they learn how people, objects, and their own bodies work. Tantrums
are common during the second year of life, a time when children are acquiring language. Toddlers generally
understand more than they can express. As language skills improve, tantrums tend to decrease. Keep off-
limits objects out of sight and out of reach, which will make struggles less likely to develop over them.
Distract your child. Take advantage of your little one's short attention span by offering a replacement for the
coveted object or beginning a new activity to replace the frustrating or forbidden one. And choose your
battles: consider the request carefully when your child wants something. Is it outrageous? Maybe it isn't.
Accommodate when possible to avoid an outburst. Make sure your child isn't acting up simply because he
or she isn't getting enough attention. To a child, negative attention (a parent's response to a tantrum) is
better than no attention at all. Try to establish a habit of catching your child being good ('time in"), which
means rewarding your little one with attention and praise for positive behavior. This will teach them that
acting appropriately makes mommy and daddy happy and proud, and they'll be anxious to do it again and
again. .
The majority of toddlers engage in some biting between their first and third birthdays. Probably the most
common reason is that it is one of the few ways of communicating that's effective for them, before verbal
skills are developed. However, not all children bite. Some choose other forms of communication, such as
grabbing, shoving, or punching. Another reason toddlers bite is to express frustration, a feeling which is very
common with toddlers, because both their communication skills and their motor skills are so limited. To a
young toddler it can be funny to see mommy suddenly bolt upright or for a playmate to start crying. Toddlers
may also bite because they're teething or because they put everything in their mouths anyway, so why not
someone's arm? It could even be something as simple as hunger. But how do you teach your child not to
bite? Make it perfectly clear that the biting is hurtful and wrong and point out to your child how much pain
their biting has caused. Express that biting is wrong and unacceptable and that neither mommy or daddy
like it. If you discover that your child is biting out of frustration, try giving them an alternative to express to
people they are having a difficult time. Though language is a difficult task at this age, most toddlers can be
taught words that are appropriate for such a situation. For instance, "You need to tell mommy or daddy that
you need help and not bite us," or "Show mommy what you need, but don't bite. You'll hurt her if you bite
and I know you don't want to hurt mommy, do you?" Experts agree that parents should try not to give biting
so much attention that it becomes an attention-getter. This is true of all behavior that you don't want to see
repeated. Firmly tell the child again that there is no biting allowed, that it is wrong, and that it hurts people.
In order to teach or child to treat others with respect and dignity, they must also be treated that way. And
childhood is a time for children to learn about the world, including how to get along with others. Parents play
an essential role in teaching children how to form healthy relationships and grow into socially adept
individuals. This social competence allows children to be cooperative and generous, express their feelings,
and empathize with others.

The most effective way to teach children this lesson is by modeling the behavior you want to encourage.
Every time you say "please" or lend a helping hand, you are showing your children how you would like them
to act. Ask for your children's help with daily tasks, and accept their offers of help. Praise your child's good
behavior and traits often, and help them realize how good it feels inside to do a good deed or be generous
with another person. Socially competent children are ones who have a strong sense of self worth and
importance. When a child feels good about themselves, it's easy for them to treat others in a positive,
helpful manner. Encourage acts of generosity through sharing and cooperation. Let your child know when
it's someone else's turn with a toy or on the swing and praise their ability to recognize this on their own.
Thank them for being polite and respectful and for sharing and cooperating. Children know from their own
experiences that words can hurt, and that name-calling, teasing, or excluding others affects how people feel.
Children want to be treated fairly, but they don't always understand how to treat others the same way. One
way to teach fairness is to explain a rule to your child, pointing out that it applies to him as well as to others.
One of the most important things you can teach your child is respect and the best way to teach respect is to
show respect. When a child experiences respect, they know what it feels like and begin to understand how
important it is.

Keep in mind the saying "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."

Respect is an attitude. Being respectful helps a child succeed in life. If children don't have respect for peers,
authority, or themselves, it's almost impossible for them to succeed. A respectful child takes care of
belongings and responsibilities, and a respectful child gets along with peers.

Schools teach children about respect, but parents have the most influence on how respectful children
become. Until children show respect at home, it's unlikely they will show it anywhere else.

How can you show respect to your child? If you do something wrong, admit it and apologize. Don't
embarrass, insult or make fun of your child. Compliment them and let your child make choices and take
responsibility. Listen to your child's side of the story before making a decision on an issue or problem. Be
polite and use "please" and 'thank you" when asking them to do things. Knock before entering your child's
room. Keep promises. Show your child that you mean what you say. And give your child your full attention.

And most important, teach your children that respect is earned. Make sure that you are leading by example
and modeling respectful behavior. Be a law-abiding citizen. Show concern for your environment, animals
and other people. Openly and honestly discuss exampled of witnessed disrespect.

In addition, teach your child to respect themselves. Self-respect is one of the most important forms of
respect. Once we respect ourselves, it is easier to respect others. Help them set and achieve goals.
Encourage honesty and teach them that people make mistakes, and that they are the best way to learn.

Most importantly, praise your child often for good deeds, behaviors or traits, and tell them you love them at
least several times each day. You're sure to raise a child capable of giving and gaining respect.
Astrology is a complex subject, and when it comes to bad habits it is no different. There are many details to
consider about any person when discussing their astrological sign. Birth date is just one of them. However,
it is fun to dabble in astrology and find out the general rules for the astrology of bad habits.

Capricorns are said to be persistent, hard workers. Perhaps this is why they are thought to be workaholics.
They are driven to get the job done no matter how long it takes.

In fact, they may not stop with the job at hand, but go on to other jobs instead of going home and relaxing at
the end of the day. They can help curb these bad habits by keeping a gratitude journal.

Aquarius is a sign given to independent people. In many ways this is a good thing. However, they have the
bad habits of shutting people out of their lives. They do like novelty, though. Close relationships that involve
a creative aspect are for them.

Alcoholism is one of the major bad habits of people born under the Pisces sign. The usual treatments for
alcoholism apply to them, just as they do for anyone else. Bad habits like this are hard to overcome.

Aries is a sign of selfish people. The best way for them to combat this is to care for another living being.
Taurus people thrive on clutter. All they need is a little direction in how to get organized. These are both
fairly innocuous bad habits.

If you live with a Gemini, then you probably find yourself talking to the air at times. A Gemini has bad habits
when it comes to paying attention to people talking to them. If you do not talk to them, they will eventually
beg you to do so.

Cancer peoples' sugar addictions can only be aided by substituting sweets like dried fruits, for example.
Their bad habits are based on oral gratification. Leos are all full of themselves. They will keep up their bad
habits of bragging on themselves until they learn to be different. They can do this by practicing
complimenting people.

Virgos have more habits that can be good or bad habits. It depends upon how you look at them. Virgos are
bent on perfection. Nothing is ever good enough for them. If you encourage them to lighten up and have
some fun, they can reduce these bad habits.

Libras love to look at pretty things. It would be nice if they would spend their time taking walks in the garden,
or going to fine arts museums. However, many Libras go to another extreme. They become shopaholics to
gratify the urge to be around beautiful things. These are costly bad habits to have.

Scorpio people can have the bad habits of getting very angry and holding onto that anger for a long time.
Doing relaxing things like getting a massage will help them ease away their anger. Finally, there are the
Sagittarians. These people have the bad habits of going overboard with honesty. They just need to learn a
little compassion and tact.

While these descriptions might not apply to you, a detailed analysis of your horoscope may reveal
something more telling. Or, you may not believe them at all. In any case, find your bad habits by whatever
means it takes and eradicate them.
"Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me."

That's just not true. Name-calling hurts -- especially when the person doing it is a parent, a teacher, or a
coach. Yelling and screaming might have been the way you were brought up and you might think it worked
for you, so why wouldn't it work for your kids? But did it? Remember how it made you feel. You probably felt
belittled, devalued, and insignificant. You certainly don't want your own children to feel that way. It may
cause emotional trauma that can result in long-term hurt. Among other things, verbal abuse can undermine
your child's self-esteem, damage his ability to trust and form relationships, and chip away at his academic
and social skills. Name-calling, swearing, insulting, threatening bodily harm, blaming or using sarcasm are
all forms of verbal abuse.

What are the signs that a child is suffering from verbal abuse? They may have a very negative self-image.
They may commit acts that are self-destructive, such as cutting, hitting or scratching themselves, as well as
other reckless and dangerous activities. They may exhibit physical aggression, be delinquent in school, or
display interpersonal problems. They may hit other children, frequently fight with classmates at school, or
be cruel to animals. They may also exhibit delays in their social, physical, academic or emotional

Recent research suggests that children who suffer from verbal abuse are highly likely to become victims of
abuse later in life, become abusive themselves, or become depressed and self-destructive later in life

It's normal for most parents at one time or another to feel frustrated and angry with their children. They may
lash out verbally in these instances and say things they later regret. It's when these instances become more
and more frequent that there is cause for concern. If this describes you, it's imperative that you seek
professional help to learn more positive, meaningful and constructive forms of discipline, and for help in
learning methods to control your anger. Remember to give yourself a time out if you feel an outburst coming
on. Try to refrain from saying mean, sarcastic or belittling things to your child. Remember, your child learns
what he lives. Don't be a bad example and teach him bad behavior early on.

Remember that your child is a precious gift and should be treated with love, kindness, respect and
tenderness. If you exhibit these to your child on a daily basis, they will learn what they live and grow to do
the same as adults.
Recent studies have shown that not only do children like to sit down at the dinner table and eat a meal with
their parents, but they are more likely to eat a well-balanced, nutritious meal when they do. But with the
hectic lives we seem to lead these days, getting the family all together in the same place at the same time
can be a difficult chore. Between work schedules, after-school activities, errands, and the like, it seems we
have less and less time. But with a few simple ideas and some planning, meal time can be an enjoyable
and treasured family time. Designate no less than one night per week to have a sit-down meal with your
family. Sunday nights are usually a good choice for this because you have more time to relax and the
weekend chores have been completed. Involve your children in the meal planning and preparation. This
gives them a strong sense of self and the foundation for a lifetime of healthy meal planning and preparation.
Make sure the television is off, and make it a rule that all phone calls go to voice mail or the answering
machine during the meal. Take this time to visit with one another and enjoy one another's company. This is
a great time to reconnect and find out what events happened this week. Take your time eating, and teach
your children how to do the same in the process. Eating slowly is a healthy habit. Don't jump up and start
clearing dishes and putting things away until everyone is done eating and talking. On those days that you
can't sit down as a family, try to make a habit of sitting down and chatting with them while they are eating,
instead of rushing around catching up on the chores. This shows them you're interested and that you care
and want to be and involved and important part of their every day life.
Regular schedules provide the day with a structure that orders a young child's world. Although predictability
can be tiresome for adults, children thrive on repetition and routine. Schedules begin from the first days of
life. Babies, especially, need regular sleep and meal programs and even routines leading up to those
activities. As they gets older, when a child knows what is going to happen and who is going to be there, it
allows them to think and feel more independently, and feel more safe and secure. A disrupted routine can
set a child off and cause them to feel insecure and irritable. Dinnertime is a great place to start setting a
routine. Sitting together at the dinner table gives children the opportunity to share their day and talk about
their feelings. This is also a great time to include some responsibility in your child's routine, such as helping
to set or clear the table. And regardless of how exhausted you or your children may be, don't be tempted to
skip winding down from the day. This is part of a nighttime ritual and allows both child and parent to
decompress after a busy day. It also helps bedtime go more smoothly. This is usually the time of day when
parent and child can spend some quality time together, so fight the urge to start the laundry or do the dishes
until after the child has gone to bed. If this isn't possible, consider trading off these duties with your spouse
each night to ensure your child has quality time with each parent on a regular basis. Take the time to find
out what wind-down strategy works best for your child. Some children are actually energized instead of
relaxed by a warm bath, so if that's the case with your child, bath time should be saved for a different time of
day. Whatever routine you settle on, make it quiet, relaxing, and tranquil for everyone. And though routines
are essential, there should be some room to be flexible as well. You might be out late at night on a family
outing, have unexpected company show up that may result in a skipped meal or nap in the car while running
errands in the evening. In these instances, it's important for you to keep your cool. If you express
frustration or anger about disrupting the routine, your child will as well. Prepare children for such
unexpected events and show them that though it can happen from time to time, the routine will return the
next day.
The world is a far more scary and complicated place than it was when you were a child. As a result, it's
imperative that you set adequate yet fair boundaries with your child. It's a very important role in your
parenting responsibilities. Children must make difficult decisions each day, and if they don't have clear, firm
boundaries set, they may not always make the wisest choice. Limits teach children proper restraint in social
and individual activities and provide children with necessary structure and security to assist in healthy
development. Setting limits also provide children with guidance before they have an opportunity to get into
trouble, thus making them more successful with everyday life. A child's age and developmental level needs
to be considered when setting limits. All children have a need for independence and individualization;
however, they also need structure, security and parental involvement. It goes without saying that the needs
of a 2-year old vary greatly than those of a teenager. A toddler has a strong desire to explore and
investigate, but parameters need to be set to ensure their safety while doing so. Teenagers need to be able
to be an individual and be independent, but with strong parental guidance and influence, are more likely to
make smart choices in difficult situations. Limits should be discussed and set prior to the situation. Though
situations arise that weren't planned on, daily situations should have set limits and expectations. A teenager
who breaks curfew may have the privilege of going out with friends revoked until they learn respect for the
rules. A child who misbehaves while playing with a friend may need to be separated from the fun until they
can learn to properly behave. Children respond in a positive manner in an environment in which they know
what to expect and what is excepted of them. A child will be more respectful towards rules and more willing
to abide by them if the rules are clear and consistent. Additionally, it's crucial that once a limit is set that
they caregiver stick to it. A child is less likely to try and manipulate a caregiver into changing the limits when
their experience has been that there's no bending on the limits. And remember, you are the one who sets
the limits and lays down the law. There's no need to argue with your child. Be firm and consistent and they
are less likely to challenge the rules and will accept the consequences.
Disciplining a child is one of the most important, yet difficult, roles of being a parent. Effective discipline
teaches a child to be self-disciplined later in life. It helps your child grow up to be happy and well-adjusted.
Effective and positive discipline teaches and guides children, and helps them to feel safe, secure, and
valued. Discipline should be based on a child's age, development and temperament. A parent's goals by
disciplining their child is to protect them from danger, to help them learn self-control and self-discipline and
to develop a sense of responsibility. Children should be respectful of their parent's authority. If they're
disciplined harshly or unfairly, especially if it includes shouting or humiliating, will make it difficult if not
impossible for a child to respect and trust their parent. Parents must be consistent in their discipline.
Discipline that's not consistent is confusing to children, no matter how old they are. If parents are
inconsistent in the way they discipline their children, children may find it hard to respect them. It can also
indirectly encourage misbehaving and result in confusion and frustration for the child. Discipline must also
be fair. Parents must make sure that the punishment fits the crime and doesn't punish too severely or is too
lax. The consequences of their actions should be related to their behavior. In order to discourage bad
behavior, give your child choices about what to do. He will appreciate the chance to make decisions. Make
sure rules that protect the safety, health and well-being of your child are given top priority. If your child is
irritable, tired or upset, be understanding and try to help calm them. It's important to keep in mind that bad
behavior can sometimes be circumstantial. Encourage positive behavior in your child by spending quality
time alone with your child each day. Give your child hugs, cuddles or a gentle pat on the back, and give
praise when praise is due. If your child is angry or sad, try to understand why. Teach your child good
behavior by setting a good example and behaving properly and appropriately yourself.
It has been shown many times over in research studies that a parent who is involved in their child's
education has a positive impact. It's reflected in improved grades and test scores, strong attendance, a
higher rate of homework completion, higher graduation rates, improved attitudes and behaviors in the child,
as well as the child being more likely to become involved in positive extra-curricular activities. Send out the
message early in your child's education that your home is an involved and active supporter of their learning.
Probably the most important element of a positive learning environment at home is structure. But what is too
little or too much? If we're too lenient or expect too little, your child may become disorganized or
unmotivated. If we're too rigid and strict, it can cause undue pressure or cause your child to feel unable to
deliver on your expectations. So what's the best way to meet in the middle and create a positive learning
environment for your child at home? Help your child develop a work area where they can study and focus
without being interrupted. Children usually do better when they have a private study area away from
interruption. If your child prefers doing their work at the kitchen table, make sure other family members
understand the kitchen is off-limits during study time. Make sure your child has plenty of supplies and
reference materials available and that the area has plenty of light. Regardless of its location, ensure the
area is quiet and that your child can study and work uninterrupted. Agree on a regular time for studying. To
help your child make homework a habit, schedule a set time each day for homework. Perhaps breaking
study time up into smaller increments would work better for your child than one solid period. Work with your
child to find out what works best for them. In addition, be sure your child has a sufficient break between the
time they arrive home from school before they sit down to work in order to 'decompress' from their school
day. Help your child develop a method of keeping track of homework assignments. This can be a difficult
chore for some students. Developing a successful way of keeping track of assignments then scratching
them off as completed helps them develop a productive method for accomplishing tasks later in life. Develop
a positive line of communication with your child's teacher. Teachers are usually very willing and excited to
work with an involved parent to help the child's overall success in school. Whether it's notes sent back and
forth in your child's backpack or an e-mail correspondence, make sure your teacher knows your open for
suggestions as how to better assist them in the homework and study process at home.
Honesty and dishonesty are learned in the home. Parents are often concerned when their child or
adolescent lies. Young children often make up stories and tell tall tales. This is normal activity because they
enjoy hearing stories and making up stories for fun. These young children may blur the distinction between
reality and fantasy. This is probably more a result of an active imagination than an attempt to deliberately lie
about something. An older child or adolescent may tell a lie to be self-serving, such as denying
responsibility or to try and get out of a chore or task. Parents should respond to isolated instances of lying by
talking with the youngster about the importance of truthfulness, honesty and trust. Some adolescents
discover that lying may be considered acceptable in certain situations such as not telling a boyfriend or
girlfriend the real reasons for breaking up because they don't want to hurt their feelings. Other adolescents
may lie to protect their privacy or to help them feel psychologically separate and independent from their
parents. Parents are the most important role models for their children. When a child or adolescent lies,
parents should take some time to have a serious talk and discuss the difference between make believe and
reality, and lying and telling the truth. They should open an honest line of communication to find out exactly
why the child chose to tell a lie, and to discuss alternatives to lying. A parent should lead by example and
never lie, and when they are caught in a lie, express remorse and regret for making a conscious decision to
tell a lie. Clear, understandable consequences for lying should be discussed with the child early on.
However, some forms of lying are cause for concern, and might indicate an underlying emotional problem.
Some children, who know the difference between truthfulness and lying, tell elaborate stories which appear
believable. Children or adolescents usually relate these stories with enthusiasm because they receive a lot
of attention as they tell the lie. Other children or adolescents, who otherwise seem responsible, fall into a
pattern of repetitive lying. They often feel that lying is the easiest way to deal with the demands of parents,
teachers and friends. These children are usually not trying to be bad or malicious but the repetitive pattern of
lying becomes a bad habit. A serious repetitive pattern of lying should be cause for concern. Consult a
professional adolescent or child psychologist to find out whether help is needed.
"Moooooooooooom!" It's irritating, it's frustrating and it gets on your last nerve. Though it's obnoxious and
unacceptable, it's actually an effective for your child to get your attention. It's whining. But, like other bad
habits, you can nip it in the bud early with a few simple strategies to teach your child there are other
appropriate, effective forms of communicating with you. First, try limiting the situations that trigger it. Avoid
extra errands when the kids are hungry. Don't let them get involved in a frustrating game or project prior to
bedtime. Pay attention when your child is talking, as sometimes whining is a reaction when a child feels you
aren't giving them your full attention. Praise them for not whining and talking in a normal and understandable
voice that allows you to fully understand what they are saying to you. When the whining begins, don't
overreact. Keep your response simple, calm and neutral. Ask your child to repeat the request in a normal
tone. When giving in seems inevitable, don't delay. If you must finish the grocery shopping so you can put
dinner on the table, for instance, and your child starts whining for a snack, offer something healthy right
away. Once a limit has been set, parents should follow through. It's imperative that both parents are on
board with this limit and fully follow through when the whining rule has been violated. If you have an older
child that's developing a whining habit, suggest they come up with a solution to their perceived boredom or
other voiced problem. If you suggest possible alternatives, it might just prolong the child's whining.
Sometimes whining can be the result of trauma and trouble in their life. A divorce, serious family illness or
problems at school may be at the root. Additional positive attention and quality one-on-one time may be just
the medicine your child needs at a time like this. Your pediatrician can also suggest alternatives to curb
whining should the positive attention and disciplinary actions be ineffective.
Sober living is referred to as transitional housing that are intended for alcoholics and addicts who have
already completed drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. Most likely, these people are inpatients. Sober
living can also be equated to a home group that provides support within its four corners with only one goal
and that is to stay sober away from alcohol or drugs.

Sober homes are numerous in proportion. It is much cheaper than rehabilitation centers, although, it
provides services that are valuable tool for transitional stage in order to prepare to be exposed to the outside

In a statement, sober homes are structures made that are also referred to halfway houses which are solely
designed for the complete recovery of alcoholics and addicts which just came out of the program for
rehabilitation for the reintegration of the patient in the society. Because of the nature of alcohol and drug
dependency, the person tends to lose grip on what are healthy and what are bad. Behaviors and coping
mechanisms are greatly affected which can make the person's way of dealing with life's stressors quite low.

Hazardous and dangerous behavioral patterns can break a person's normal defense mechanism thus,
increasing the effects of the symptoms of the disease. Alcohol and drug programs done in sober living
houses are primarily focused on reprogramming of the person's body and the brain to be able to search for
the healthy lifestyle that can integrate continued recovery and sobriety. This process is considered to be
continuous through the person's life and it will take on the person's being to pave the way for recovery.

There are numerous sober living homes that provide sufficient management to the person. Therefore, it is
important that the person be educated regarding the facts of the sober living facility even before committing
to the place. Majority of sober homes require addiction recovery for about 30 days or more before they will
accept the addict inside their vicinity. There are several reasons why sober homes are advisable for those
who are in need to intense sobriety. One of which is that it is a partial gateway into living a life where society
is always involved.

Sober homes are made exclusively for the alcoholics and the addicts or anyone that has the similar self-
supporting goals in order to maintain the sobriety needed. Homes like these have the capacity to provident
their residents with support that makes the recovery more effective, adaptable, meaningful and acceptable.
It is also said that sober homes have several members in order to provide the sufficient support that the
person needs.

Generally, residents are required to submit randomly drug tests in order to prove their cleanliness of the
substance within their system. Rooms are also checked for alcohol, paraphernalia and drugs. When caught
will result to grave consequences or the client could be kicked out of the center. These processes are in line
with the strict policies of the sober homes in order to provide a more effective way of completely
rehabilitating the person. Furthermore, safety is also addressed.

Residents inside sober homes are often required to continue their schooling or get a job. This is pinpointed
in order to attain gradual acceptance of constructive activities which can be the best way to spend their time.
With this, recovering alcoholics and addicts can start to feel and experience what it feels like to be
associated with the outside population. Improvement is also stressed by sober living.
Disciplining a young child using the time out method can be very effective, and will work with children as
young as 18-24 months old. By using this method of discipline parents are giving the child time to sit quietly
and alone after misbehaving, without becoming angry or agitated with the child.

Designate an appropriate area in the house where the child is isolated from interacting with others. It can be
a corner in their bedroom, a space on the kitchen floor or a special chair that's labeled specifically for time
outs. The length should be age appropriate. A good rule of thumb is generally one minute per year of age.
A kitchen timer is helpful in counting down your child's punishment time. Time out for toddlers is used to
give them a chance to regroup and calm down. It's doubtful they will sit completely still, and they should not
be forced to try. All children should be asked in a firm but pleasant tone to complete a designated task or
stop an undesired behavior. If their behavior persists, they should be verbally directed to behave once
again, with eye contact being made and the time out spot pointed out. If after this warning the behavior still
persists, they should be escorted to the time out location and told exactly why they are being sent there.
Maintain a calm but firm tone with them. Once they've quietly served their time in the time out location it's
important to discuss with the child why they were sent there and that if the behavior occurs again, they will
again be sent to time out. Older children should then agree to do what you told him to do or cease
misbehaving. Children who leave their time out location before their time is up must be made aware that
privileges will be lost as a result.

It's likely that your time out method will have to be modified to fit the temperament of your child and your
own parenting style. And remember to reinforce positive behavior with praises, hugs and smiles. Time out
can successfully be used outside the home such a grocery stores, restaurants, or shopping centers. It's
important to emphasize to the child that time out will be enforced should they misbehave while there. Be
consistent and place the child in time out should they misbehave in the store. If you don't, they'll get the
message early on that you're inconsistent and will be more likely to test your boundaries.
Toddlers can be fussy eaters who refuses to try a new food at least half of the time. Approximately half of all
toddlers fit this description, so it is no wonder that food issues are a source of stress for parents.
Establishing healthy eating patterns is important to avoid problems such as obesity and eating disorders
later in life. Various strategies can help your child accept a wider range of foods. It may be necessary to
offer a food to your child as many as 10 different times before they choose to eat it. The problem is, many
parents get frustrated and give up before the fourth or fifth try. Try to make foods fun. Colorful foods like
carrot sticks, raisins, apples, grapes, cheese sticks and crackers can all be fun and healthy choices for your
growing toddler. Explain to them that eating good food is important so they'll grow big and strong, and how
it will help them run faster and play longer.

Children learn behaviors from their parents. If you restrict yourself to a narrow range of foods, your child will
take notice and mimic your caution. Don't limit your child's food variety to only those foods you prefer. It may
be that your child's tastes are different to yours, and perhaps you are simply serving them foods they don't
happen to like. Try to set a good example and try a variety of foods in front of your child. It could motivate
them to do the same.

If your child seems healthy and energetic, then they are eating enough. If you are still concerned, keep an
eye on how much food they actually eat over the day. Children tend to graze constantly, rather than restrict
their eating to three meals per day like adults. You may be surprised how those little handfuls and snacks
add up. For further reassurance, check your child's growth and weight charts, or check with your child's
pediatrician. Try not to worry, and remember, that unless a child is ill, they will eat. Children are very good
at judging their hunger and fullness signals. Try to stay relaxed about mealtime and offer your child a wide
variety of foods, and most importantly, remember to set a good example by trying a wide variety of foods
yourself. You may discover you and your toddler share a new found favorite food!
Some bad habits can actually turn out to be helpful. They may cause trouble most of the time. Yet, there
are those instances when they seem to fit the situation perfectly. Since most people have at least some bad
habits, it is probably good that they have a helpful side.

Some people have bad habits with regards to pointing out others mistakes. They are constantly telling their
friends or family members what they are doing wrong. It gets annoying and frustrating for the person being
picked on. Quite a bit of resentment can build up over this.

However, there may come a time when the person will actually point out bad habits you have not been
aware of before. They may stop you from making a huge mistake. You may not be inclined to fall at their
feet and thank them, but you may be glad you heard their criticism nonetheless.

Procrastination is usually one of the most common bad habits. People put off doing what they know they
need to do. They plan to do it, just not today. Procrastination can prove to be helpful if the situation
changes. If you were planning to water your garden you might procrastinate and put it off until tomorrow. If
it rains unexpectedly that night, you have saved both effort and water.

If you complain too much, people will tell you that you have too many bad habits. It does create a negative
environment when someone is constantly seeing the worst in everything. However, sometimes the only
times you can get anything done are when you complain.

Some bosses manage by the theory that the person that complains the loudest is the person who needs the
most attention. In other words, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. When you complain in this situation,
you accomplish something.

Working too hard is generally a bad habit. It is bad for your relationships and it is bad for your health. You
feel that you will not succeed unless you put in overtime. Mostly, this is not true. Yet, there are times when
the extra work can pay off. This is true especially if you allow yourself to indulge this bad habit for only the
duration of a short project.

If you are too stubborn, you will be accused of bad habits like demanding to have things the way you see fit.
You will not give in until you are satisfied that things are going as they should. This is usually a bad habit.
Sometimes, though, it takes the form of tenacity. This is a positive attribute that makes it possible for you to
hold on through the hardest of times.

Breaking the law almost always involves bad habits. Theft, drug peddling and use, violence, and many
more bad habits come into play. On the other hand, some of the world's greatest heroes have broken the
laws of their own countries.

They did it in civil disobedience of laws they deemed unjust or inhumane. The world would be a different
place if these people had been afraid of having these "bad habits." That is why not all habits can be strictly
labeled bad or good. It has to go by the situation.
Though we all worry about spoiling our child, rest assured that you cannot spoil your child with love. Love
doesn't spoil children. Love is imperative to a child's healthy development, and it's just not possible to love
your child too much. They need caring adults to spend time with them, play with them, teach them, protect
them, and enjoy life with them. It's a parent's job to provide love, safety and encouragement. The process of
growing up provides children with lots of challenges. Try to listen openly and understand their situation and
communicate honestly with them when they have difficulties and letdowns in their life. Set appropriate limits
with your child and then adhere to them. Establishing limits with your child gives them a sense of safety and
security. Sometimes parents do not set limits because they don't want to fight with their children. They don't
want to cause bad feelings. They may beg a child to comply. Or they may make a rule and fail to enforce it.
They may nag without ever enforcing the rules. None of these helps children. When your child fails to
adhere or comply with the boundaries you've set for them, be firm yet kind in your response. This lets them
know that you're serious about the rule but dedicated to helping and loving them. Bear in mind though that
each child is different and what works for one child may not work for another. For example, one child may
respond well to the direct approach of telling them a specific time to be home, where another child may need
a gentle reminder that it's now time to come home. Develop a firm but kind manner of making and
enforcing your household's rules and expectations. There's no need to fear our children, and there should
be no need to instill a sense of fear in our children in order to get them to comply.
You have surely seen a magician hypnotize someone into doing something like act as a chicken. If you think
the volunteer is faking it, think again because this can actually happen through hypnosis. You don't have to
volunteer on a show or see a hypnotist to see if it works because you can download an individual hypnosis
program straight into your computer.

To be able to download the program, naturally you need a computer and an internet connection. When you
have both, you can now search online about self-hypnosis then choose from the various sites.

When you find these sites, you have two options. First, bookmark the site so you can visit it again in the
future. Second, just download it into the hard drive of the computer.

To further understand what happens during self-hypnosis, you can print the page and then read it on your
own time. Don't forget to highlight important portions so you understand what is happening in the 30 minute
or one hour session.

The advantage of self-hypnosis is that you can do this on your own time. You don't have to wait until your
next appointment to get what this technique can deliver. You just have to be sure that the program is
compatible with the operating system in your computer but fortunately, most sites make sure they have
different versions of the program ready for download.

The disadvantage though of self hypnosis is the fact that no one can tell how well you are progressing. This
is something you have to gauge on your own and if you get a positive comment from your friends or co-
workers so much the better.

But remember that self-hypnosis is not for everyone just like individual hypnosis does not have the same
effect on each person. When this happens, find out if you did anything wrong and then try it again. If the
problem is not you, there are always other downloadable programs you can get off the web.

If the problem is you, it is probably because you don't believe in it or are skeptic about what individual
hypnosis can do for you. You must have the right mindset and attitude to get the most out of it otherwise this
will not work.

Once you have mastered self hypnosis, you can try helping others who have the same problem. If they are
not comfortable with it, you can recommend the program you downloaded and hope it has the same positive
effect or even better for them.

The most amazing thing about individual hypnosis is the fact that it is something you cannot touch or see but
is inside our subconscious mind. By tapping into it, we get to reprogram how we feel or think.

Being able to reap the benefits of self hypnosis is good because you don't have to spend time and money
getting the same thing from an experienced hypnotist. Since one session is not enough, do it as often as you
want so that you will become a better person.

So for those who have tried counseling and still do not notice any improvements, why don't you give
individual hypnosis a shot. Work first with an expert and if you ready to do this on your own, download the
program into your computer.
There is indeed a link between group hypnosis and weight loss.

Medical breakthroughs have been discovered with the use of group hypnosis therapy among smokers which
have led to studies associating hypnosis on the treatment of obese patients hoping to lose weight the natural

Similar to therapy sessions for smokers, group hypnosis therapy for weight loss treatments have also found
conclusive positive results based on studies conducted all throughout the world.

Aside from the fact of group hypnosis being a treatment program and effectively causing results for obese
and overweight patients, it also holds the promise of treatments ranging from alcohol abuse, drug addiction,
substance abuse, pain and anger management, and even simple individual but annoying habits of nail
biting, thumb sucking and bed wetting among younger patients.

Studies have revealed group hypnosis as one of the most effective and natural way of treating overweight
patients through weight loss.

An article from the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, on a study conducted on hypnotherapy is
weight loss treatment indicated that hypnosis is 30 times more likely to succeed among patients subjected to
weight loss programs.

The study investigated the results of hypnotherapy in weight loss management programs incorporating a
range of focus in decision making, ideomotor exploration, ego-strengthening and motivation among the
subjects of the study.

A two-year research of 109 overweight patients, who underwent behavioral treatment using hypnosis
therapy for weight management also yielded positive results, and post treatment follow-up for two years
significantly resulted to sustained weight loss.

A breakdown of the research indicated that at the end of the initial timeline for a 9-week program, a
comparative size of those who underwent hypnosis and those who did not resulted to significant weight loss
all across.

But during the eighth-month and 2nd year follow-up program, subjects that have undergone hypnosis for the
weight loss management program continued to yield sustained weight reduction, compared to the subjects
who undertook behavioral treatment only, which only resulted to a lesser number and volume of weight

Meanwhile, a consolidated research of no less than 18 researches spearheaded by the University of

Connecticut revealed that of all the subjects who underwent hypnotherapy sessions, 90% of them have
significantly lost weight and sustained it even after two years of post treatment consultation and follow-up.
These studies compared the findings of 18 researches on guided imagery, cognitive behavioral therapy,
relaxation training, goal setting and self monitoring as among the focused programs in the group hypnosis
therapy intervention process.

Subjects in these studies that underwent hypnosis lost significant weight, more than the 90 percent of
subjects who lost theirs through a non-hypnosis process.

The group hypnosis subjects even continued to sustain and maintain their weight loss two years after the
treatment ended.

Another study, which incorporated weight loss among overweight non-smoking and smoking adult women,
also yielded positive results for weight loss programs using hypnosis and non-hypnosis methods.

Although both programs resulted to an almost equal weight reduction among subjects and decreasing their
body mass index or BMI, the follow-up study revealed that hypnosis accounted for most of the subjects
being able to sustain their weight reduction over an extended period of time compared to subjects that have
only been subjected to behavioral treatment.

Generally, this accounts for a greater amount of weight lost by those who underwent group hypnosis even
after active treatment sessions have ended.
Group hypnosis and weight loss can also account many success stories and this is how the human mind
can achieve good results the natural way.
You have practiced long and hard for the big game and it just days away. While a part of you thinks you can
win, there is some doubt and if that is feeling among the other members of your team, your coach should lift
your spirits by making you guys participate in group hypnosis.

Group hypnosis is a technique used in the sports community as a way to sharpen your mental focus, relax
your body, stimulate healing, control your emotions during training and eventually visualize success.

If you ask athletes, coaches and sports psychologists what it can do, they will probably say it in 4 words
namely, "getting into the zone."

During the session, the subconscious is tapped so you will be able to accomplish the task at hand. This
means everyone will be relaxed and be fixed on a trance for several minutes to an hour so they are able to
think like winners and then become winners.

History has shown that hypnosis can do to help an athlete in a sport. In 1978, England's cricket captain Mike
Brearley consulted a medical hypnotherapist. A few years before that, the Russian team hired more than 11
hypnotists to make sure their team did well in the 1956 Melbourne Olympics.

But you don't have to be a world class athlete to use group hypnosis. Varsity teams can also use it to win a
championship. It may not be a big deal to the rest of the country or the world but for you, it is already
something if you are able to accomplish this feat.

When you hire a specialist, he or she already knows why they were called in and that is to boost your moral
and help you win. Once your group is relaxed, the specialist will tell you to visualize the venue of the
tournament and the actual game itself.

Play by plan you will put in your head everything that the team is supposed to do. You know for a fact that
there may be a few errors in the actual game but you don't think about that since you know that in the end,
you can still win.

After the session, everyone will feel ready and wish like today was the day. Although that may not be the
case, it's a good sign to see in everyone's eyes.

In the end, group hypnosis is like any other equipment you use during practice. It is a means to an end since
it helps you focus and visualize so you can become a champion. It is better than taking steroids which is
banned in most competitions.

If you can't get a hypnotist to conduct the session, you can also buy CD's and other recordings and then use
it on your own time. Some teams do this daily until the day of the tournament so you don't lose focus of what
each member is supposed to do on that special day.

After the group hypnosis session and sacrifices coming in day in and day out of practice, it is all up to you
and your team to make what you realized a reality. If you are able to withstand the pressure and the tactics
used by the opponent there is no doubt that in the end, you will win.
Being addicted to drugs is one habit that is hard to break. Fortunately there are rehabilitation centers that
can help treat addicts and one technique to help those with this problem is called group hypnosis.

Group hypnosis is not that different from individual hypnosis because the specialist will guide the addicts to
the same stages of hypnosis. There is a period of preparation to be able to get the addicts ready, induction
and deepening to put them in a trance, circulation to impart in their subconscious to stop using illegal drugs
and termination so they will be able to wake up from the session and go home.

Naturally, those who decided to undergo group hypnosis may not feel like getting high at that moment and
this could continue for the next 6 months or for foreseeable future because the suggestion will make them
respond properly when the situation presents itself.

The only challenge is that this since this is done with a group of individuals, the specialist must use
generalize hypnotic suggestions to ensure that everyone is on the same page and everyone will benefit from
the session.

Another term for group hypnosis is medical hypnosis. Studies have shown that it is just as effective in
treating those with nicotine addition because this technique bypasses the critical conscious of the addict
thus paving the way for the treatment to become a success.

In one clinical trial where 10 addicts participated, all of the people involved stopped taking any sort of street
drugs for 6 months after the treatment ended. Two years later, only 7 of the 10 subjects continued to remain
clean while the remainder returned to partial use of these illegal substances.

Such results show that group hypnosis can really help drug dependents. It may not happen overnight but
with continuous sessions, it is possible for people to remain drug free for 2 years or even more.

But people have to remember that not all drug addicts can try group hypnosis and be free of this addition.
There are certain factors that make it work such as the willingness of the respondents to try out hypnosis
without any reservations and their determination to stop becoming an addict.

Perhaps the first step is summing up the courage to admit that you have the problem and then enter a
rehabilitation center. From there, you can try the various techniques which are available and if nothing
seems to work, ask about group hypnosis.

If a specialist is on staff that can perform group hypnosis, cooperate with them so they know how they will be
able to help you. Answer their questions truthfully so that the power of suggestion will be most useful when
you are in a trance.

Group hypnosis is effective and it can help not only drug addicts but also smokers, people who are stressed,
people who suffer from anxiety disorders and more. You just have to be open to the idea that it can work.

One session of group hypnosis won't cut it to help you give p this addiction so you will have to attend several
more. This is because most addicts or patients will only begin to experience the difference after a few days
or weeks after they have started this kind of therapy.
In the Vietnam War, a lot of veterans came home with scars that was known as Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder or PTSD. You won't see this in their bodies but it is a battle raging in their minds which is why many
killed others or committed suicide after coming home. This is why the government later on helped our
heroes cope with what happened using various techniques including group hypnosis.

According to the American Psychiatric Association, post traumatic stress disorder does not develop only for
those who were exposed to war but by a traumatic event. This means witnessing a murder, a car accident,
rape, torture, living through a natural disaster or abuse is classified under this disorder.

Group hypnosis is just one of many techniques that are used on patients suffering from PTSD. What
happens during the session is that the specialist will try to help you overcome what happen so your life will
be normal once again.

To do that, you have to be open to what group hypnosis can do for you. Unlike addictions, this is hard
because a traumatic event will most likely let you shut out everyone who is trying to help you. This makes it
also a challenge for the specialist because they first have to figure out what happened to you and the other
members in the group.

Naturally this will take some time for the specialist to interview everyone in the group. Such a case is not
only for those who fought in Vietnam but also for those who came back from action in Iraq or Afghanistan.

When everyone is ready, only then will the specialist tell everyone to feel comfortable and relax. The
breathing will slow down and there will be no body movement. When this is achieved, the specialist will now
go deeper until the power of hypnotic suggestion will help relieve the horrors of what they had seen in the

After imparting the hypnotic suggestions in the subconscious of the soldiers, the session moves to its final
stage known as the termination. Here, the group returns to reality. Some will remember everything that was
said throughout the session but others will say differently.

The only time that people who undergo group hypnosis can say they are cured is when they don't have
nightmares about happened. This means they are able to leave the past behind and try to live their normal

But that is going to take some time because most people who decide to undergo group hypnosis will have to
come back to attend several more sessions before they are able to see any positive results.

Group hypnosis can be used to treat other problems such as anxiety disorders and addictions. It is also
used by athletes to condition them for an upcoming game. If you want to try group hypnosis, you have to
understand what its limits are and have a positive attitude even before you go to the clinic. That way, you
mind is set with what you want to achieve during the session.

So if you have a loved one who has suffered a traumatic event, consider getting them into counseling or
even group hypnosis. Their lives changed forever after what happened but this does not have to be for the
long term.
Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health but there are still people who love to smoke a cigarette.
If you are trying to quit and you have tried different means to do it, perhaps you need help by joining a bunch
of people who will undergo group hypnosis.

Group hypnosis is hypnosis in numbers because there are a lot of you that want to change their actual
behavior. This technique involves leaving your conscious mind and making the change to your subconscious

In order for this technique to succeed, you must have the willingness to give it a try and also the desire to
quit smoking for good.

This begins by preparing yourself for the session on your own and with the help of the specialist. How
people started smoking is different for each person because some did it out of peer pressure and got
hooked, others found it as a way to relieve pressure and there are those who found confidence after lighting
a cigarette.

It does not matter to the specialist how it started. Such questions give that person an idea how to approach
your addiction and how it can be stopped which moves to the second stage of hypnosis known as induction.

You have the option to sit down on a chair or lie down on the floor. You will then be instructed to block
everything from your mind and just focus your attention on an object or the voice of the hypnotist. If you
move or open your eyes, this means you are not ready to proceed further so only when everyone is at ease
will the specialist move on to the next stage of group hypnosis called the deepening.

The deepening is an extension of induction. It prepares you for the hypnotic suggestions that will be
implanted in your subconscious so you will quit smoking. The word to be used varies and this is repeated
several times over. If the word has no profound effect, this is substituted with another one.

The last stage of group hypnosis is called termination. Here, you will wake up from the trance like nothing
ever happened. Naturally, you will go home and if you lose the desire to smoke when you feel the urge, this
just means that group hypnosis has worked for you.

But don't think for one instant that group hypnosis works overnight because it takes several sessions before
you can say you have finally given up smoking. This is just like how you started out this habit after you had
your first cigarette and then decided to light the next.

There is no doubt that group hypnosis can help you quit smoking. This has been confirmed in various tests
but you have to understand that this technique does not work for everyone.

If it fails, there are other means to try and kick this habit like nicotine patches and gum. But among the
different helpful aids to quit smoking, hypnotism happens to be on the top of the list because the success
rates are much higher.

Just the same if you are curious to see if group hypnosis can have a positive effect on you, go ahead
because the specialist is just waiting in the clinic for someone like yourself to walk in the door and admit they
need help.
If one would try out individual hypnosis as therapy or treatment, here are some tips to consider before
considering hypnotism and how to find a good hypnotist.

For hundred of years, the concept of hypnosis has enthralled and captivated millions of people all over the
world from movies, stage shows to urban legends that gave it it's often misconceived reputation.

But many people are also aware that hypnosis can be a good process in treating numerous health
conditions the natural way and would tend to benefit a lot of people, instead of it being a sinister tool in
controlling peoples" minds.

One of the primary reasons for propagating the idea of hypnosis that has greatly affected man's perception
is Hollywood, as countless scores of movie plots and stories about hypnosis being a mind control tool to
force a subject to do the hypnotist's bidding.

Here are some tips to consider when looking for a hypnotherapist.

First, make sure to get hold of a reputable and licensed hypnotherapist, who are authorized to conduct
treatments and therapies using the process, since there are a large number of fly-by-night and unlicensed
practitioners plying the trade who could cause more harm than good.

There are a lot of licensed therapists using hypnosis as a form of therapy and make sure to find one that has
been expertly trained and practiced the science through popular and recognized methods.

Watch out for unscrupulous individuals or parties, who advertise their services for cut-throat rates and
extensive services, since some would take advantage of getting personal information that could compromise
your personal property or belongings.

Make sure to check out credentials and don't be afraid to ask for details or information regarding their
practice, since you will be placing your full confidence and trust in them when they try to explore into your

Do take note that hypnosis may not work for everyone, especially with those individuals who are skeptical or
do not subscribe to the idea of hypnotism.

Hypnotism is a state of mental conditioning and if somebody is not decided or determined to place full
confidence in the practice, it is likely that individual hypnosis will not have an effect on him.

If a person who wants to go through individual hypnosis but may be suffering from a psychiatric condition or
taking medication for a psychiatric problem, he or she must not go through the hypnosis process without
seeking for permission or approval from his or her psychiatrist.

Hypnotism is a critical and delicate process, which must be handled carefully by a licensed and experienced

If it is your first time to scout for a hypnotherapist, try to look up for names and services via the Internet, a lot
of practitioners have taken advantage of the technology of the World Wide Web to present their services and

Research on the basics of hypnosis, that way you are aware what are the myths and facts behind hypnosis
which you are not aware of or may need to know about.

It is best for one to be aware of what he will be going through, that way you are fully aware about the
benefits or the possible consequences of your actions.

As part of your checklist, ask around for friends or peers about a particular hypnotherapist if they have
availed of a practitioner's services.

Word of mouth is a good way to identify and get to know the reputation of a practitioner you would rely on to
avail of his services.

Lastly, the internet is also a good venue to research on some practitioners, especially in online forums and
You can get a good picture of how others have experienced a similar treatment or therapeutic process.

How to find a good individual hypnotist is key to getting the best treatment or therapeutic service you need,
but be sure to take all necessary steps and precaution to make you more confident about your choices.
Stress and anxiety are things we deal with daily. This begins the moment you wake up in the morning until
the time you come home. If you were a better person, you know you shouldn't let this control you. For those
that need help, individual hypnosis may just be the answer you are looking for.

But why should you try individual hypnosis? Well unlike conventional drugs being sold in the market, it does
not have any serious side effects. You can attend as many sessions as you want until you feel you don't
need it anymore.

What happens during individual hypnosis is that you get to relax and rejuvenate so you are able to return
back to reality feeling refreshed and ready to take on the next challenge.

To make this happen, you have to understand what hypnosis is and it is a process by which an individual is
able to leave his conscious mind and then go to the subconscious state.

The only way this can work is with the right attitude and the willingness to be hypnotized otherwise you are
just wasting your time. This is known as the first stage of hypnosis called preparation.

A hypnotist will guide you further before the session begins by asking you some questions and then figuring
what keywords you will best respond to later on.

When the specialist sees you are ready, you will now be instructed to sit down comfortably or lie down. They
will tell you to focus your attention on their voice or by gazing at a fixed object.

If this does not work, the hypnotist will try other means to get you into the zone and another option is called
progressive relaxation. It is slower than gazing to an object or listening to the hypnotist's voice. Slow music
is played in the background and then the hypnotist will talk to the patient until he or she is finally in an
induced state.

Just like other problems that can be solved using hypnosis, stress and anxiety are caused by certain events
or even people.

Sometimes, these are things beyond our control especially if the one causing stress is your boss so the
purpose of hypnosis is to overcome that by helping you forget about the negative energy so you are able to
perform better the following day.

Individual hypnosis could also let you see things from another angle so you don't get mad but try to
understand the individual or the event causing that stress so you are able to act properly when the situation
presents itself.

There is no doubt that hypnosis can help combat stress and anxiety. If it has worked for others, there is a
chance that this could also work for you. The only thing that a specialist will ask from you is your willingness
to do it because nothing is going to happen if you are skeptic about this technique.

The willingness to take control of your life and not have stress or anxiety control it is the objective of
individual hypnosis. If you don't have time to visit the hypnotist, try out some self-hypnosis recordings which
you can buy at the records store that are just as effective as a one on one session with a specialist.
Some people find it difficult to start a conversation with someone they have never met. It is not because they
don't have anything to say but the fear of the other person rejecting them. Fortunately, you can 'seize the
day" with a little help from a hypnotist that will make you overcome shyness through individual hypnosis.

But what is individual hypnosis? Basically, the hypnotist enters the mind of the patient and makes some
changes in their subconscious. In this case, this will make the person feel at ease socializing with other
people and make more friends.

Aside from meeting a hypnotist to do the work, you can also do it yourself through self-hypnosis. The only
difference is that you will be doing is by yourself while listening to a recorded tape or CD.

To do this, you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to improve what you are right now which is the
preparation stage of hypnosis.

When you are ready, you put on the tape and then sit on a chair or lie down and then follow the instructions.
Just be careful that you don't get too comfortable otherwise you will fall asleep.

One thing you have to do when you practice self-hypnosis is to control your breathing pattern. If there is
noise around or you feel an itch, acknowledge that it is there but block it out and then focus your attention on
the recording.

Eventually you will go into the deepening stage of hypnosis where you begin to address the issues of
shyness. This is likely caused by bad experiences and you have to let them go and realize that such an
experience could be different when you meet other people.

You have to learn to be optimistic also about the future and then slowly return to reality remembering
everything you experienced throughout the session.

For people who find it difficult to do this on their own, they can always turn to a hypnotist. This person will
guide them throughout the entire session and also wake up having the same feeling of positive energy all
around them.

The challenge now is to meet people and then see how well they are able to react to them. If the person is
able to have a conversation, then obviously there is an improvement. If the person does not have the guts
yet, well you probably need a few more sessions to have the courage to change for the better.

Individual hypnosis can do a lot for a person and in some cases may not have a profound effect on them. If
this has not worked well for you, don't give up because there are other means to overcome shyness.
When you undergo individual or self hypnosis, you have done your share to improve who you are as a
person. Will this change the outcome when you meet people? It depends who you meet because some
people are friendly while others are not when you meet them up close.

If this is the case, the problem is not with you. The problem is with them and they have to realize that before
they can get the same sort of counseling which you went through to also be able to socialize with other
Many may not be aware that hypnotism occurs to them on a daily basis, but one would still be prompted to
ask, is individual hypnosis dangerous?

Many people are yet to recognize whether they are actually being hypnotized or are under a state of
hypnosis and surprisingly, it happens often than one would actually think.

Have you ever wondered what happens inside your brain when you are won over by highly convincing sales
talk from a sales person or a television or radio advertisement?

Or unwittingly singing along to a commercial jingle playing through a public address system in a grocery or

Chances are, and most likely than not, you are being hypnotized.

Although at a much lower degree of hypnosis that affects our everyday life, this is a fact that the state of
hypnotism exists.

Most people believe that hypnosis is a world of imagination and a trip down the subconscious realm and
spells the difference between imagination and reality.

Of all the many scientific concepts about hypnosis, the most popular of all related concepts is that it is a
means of directly accessing the human mind.

One would normally be at a state of mental consciousness, especially during the normal thought process
that occur in our brains, like driving, cooking, working in front of a computer or even walking down the aisle
of a grocery or supermarket.

Take for example the fact that at the usual and normal state of thought, we mull over problems or think of
opportunities as we see and assess them, as well as being conscious of the fact that we are speaking at a
particular moment or trying to remember where you may have left a book that you are reading.

But while the conscious mind is at work during the "conscious" or waking stage, the subconscious mind also
works simultaneously in the background by playing a key role in processing the 'subliminal" and "imaginary"
thinking, especially one that affects our spur of the moment decisions or giving in to impulses.

Hypnosis can work both ways, especially with verbal and linguistic programming of suggestive thoughts
being introduced to our subconscious thoughts – be it on a positive or negative note.

One effect of negative hypnosis from the normal though process is when a person is swayed from making a
decision against his normal or usual better judgment of things or perception. This is more so evident among
people who often get to be adversely affected by thought or opinionated suggestions affecting their self-
improvement or self-esteem.

It could also be the result of past experiences of norms handed down from parents that affects one's current
state of affairs or efforts for self-improvement.

This can be addressed by gong through hypnosis therapy with a behavioral practitioner or psychiatrist.

The moment a person recognizes the state of hypnosis that affects him, he becomes more familiar with his
subconscious thoughts and may be able to "fix" the pattern of the old hypnotic program that has long
affected him.

There are a variety of ways where one can be induced to hypnotism to gradually create a more stable and
positive outcome in life, which is one of the best features that can be achieved through hypnotism.

It can come in the form of music, rhythm, repetition, emotion, eye fixation, imagery and authority, among
others, which are the most common means of inducing one to a state of hypnotic trance.

After all, hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation and heightened focus, which is but a natural occurence, but
does have its positive effects in the human psyche, especially in dealing with processes in the subconscious
So is individual hypnosis dangerous? Try to weigh the benefits and see for yourself.
For years, hypnosis has captivated millions of people all over the world from movies, stage shows to urban
legends that either makes it a boon or bane to society, but getting to know the myths and truths about group,
stage and individual hypnosis will keep us aware that it is indeed a helpful process, rather than a destructive

In fact and in truth, there are more misconceptions and myths about hypnosis than any other subject most
often talked about by man.

Probably one of the primary reasons for propagating the idea of hypnosis that has greatly affected man's
perception is Hollywood, as countless scores of movie plots and stories about hypnosis being a mind control
tool to force a subject to do the hypnotist's bidding, be it group, stage or individual hypnosis.

It is best to be aware of knowing how to tell fact from fiction and here are some of the most common
misconceptions about hypnosis.

The statement that a hypnotist can make one do things against their will is totally a figment of one's

The exact same process and principle for group, stage and individual hypnosis goes for all- they are but one
and the same.

This is basically so since a hypnotist does not have mystical powers or absolute authority over the subject,
but is merely a guide who leads a subject in going through the stages of the hypnotic state.

Many may not be aware that hypnosis is actually controllable and directed by the subject himself.

The role of the hypnotist as a guide is limited to feeding the subject's mind with key verbal cues or verbal
suggestions, which can be ignored or disregarded by the subject at his own will.

Another common statement that subjects under a hypnotic state cannot simply break off from it on his own
unless the hypnotist does so is absolutely false.

A subject can break off from the trance –like hypnotic state by either "walking" up on his own the moment he
notices no verbal activity is taking place like the hypnotist staying quiet for a period of time or realizes that
the hypnotist leaves the room.

Under this situation, the moment the subject realizes he is alone, will start to open his eyes, as though just
having woke up from a deep sleep and feel alert and refreshed.

The subject can also either drift into a deep sleep and wake up after a few minutes or hours, just like having
dreamt of the hypnotic process the occurred.

There is also that popular belief that only weak-minded people are the ones that are easily hypnotized.

Everybody, regardless of mental disposition or condition, can go through a hypnotic sleep-like state. In fact,
even those with higher mental intelligence are the ones who can easily go through the hypnotic process
since the more a person is mentally equipped with abilities of creativity, imagination, concentration and
cognitive abilities can easily access the subconscious realm of their minds.

The misconception that hypnosis is dangerous is also not true, since it is a naturally safe process and
anybody with the patience and willingess to learn hypnosis can master the skills to do so.

Try to ask any hypnosis expert about how safe hypnosis is and they will gladly tell you that it has even
benefitted many people, both psychological and medical in nature.

Although the subconscious mind has not been totally explored, breakthroughs in hypnosis have served to
benefit mankind and knowing the myths and truths about group, stage and individual hypnosis is but a
stepping stone to knowing the mysteries of the human mind.
Aside from the many varied reputations from the dark and sinister to the beneficial and life-changing, you
may just be surprised to see what individual hypnosis can do.

In truth and in fact, hypnosis is not magic and neither is it an enigma.

It is a phenomenon that continues to shape a better future not just for the practice itself, but for the benefit of

For hundreds of years, people have been baffled by the ability of hypnosis to explore the inner recesses of
the human mind, especially the subconscious mind, which is currently the new frontier of science.

Despite the fact that science has painted a good picture of individual hypnosis, still it does not encompass
the totality of hypnosis, as the mind is still completely explored.

Simply put, hypnosis is the state of inducing a subject to deep relaxation and heightened focus, a somewhat
similar concept of altered states from the conscious to the subconscious.

And scientific breakthroughs in treatment and therapy, including cognitive-behavioral activities can be
closely associated with hypnosis.

Here are some of the most common benefits of individual hypnosis in our everyday life.

Among the many therapeutic treatments around, hypnosis has far more better results in the fields of
abstinence from smoking, eventually leading smokers to kick off the habit.

Where willpower for many surrender and submit to the old habit, hypnosis is the best solution to developing
a positive outlook towards the direct efforts in quitting the habit of smoking.

It is just like saying hypnosis is creating a positive mental attitude of diverting the idea of a chore to a
pleasurable experience.

Hypnosis can help people sleep better, especially since it can help a lot in controlling dreams or create an
image for the subconscious mind to generate good dreams instead of nightmares.

Hypnosis can help improve personal and professional relationships, since hypnosis can play a big part in
improving your positive outlook and building up your confidence.

Opening up to people is your way of opening yourself up to greater opportunities and broadening your

Losing weight and keeping it off can be a struggle for others, justifying shortlived dedication to the program.

But with individual hypnosis, positive mental conditioning and reinforcement could help create an impression
of a far more appreciative tone on the effects of weight loss, even with a comprehensive exercise regimen.

Individual hypnosis can alter the perception of weight loss programs as a tiring process to a rewarding and
conclusive practice, which paves the way for extended dedication or adherence to the program.

It can also help improve prospects and ambitions in life, especially in helping establish a better attitude
towards goals and future living, as well as helping control temper and mood swings.

As such, improved concentration could be an end result, or even a tool for which other therapeutic practices
can follow suit, from pain and anger management, overcoming personal weaknesses like timidity, shyness,
jealousy, anxiety, stress and phobias among many others.

Hypnosis can also play a major part in helping you focus towards studies, allowing you to increase your
grades and academic performance, or perform better in athletics and other fields of sports or simply just
allow you to absorb more of what your professor delivers during lectures and conferences, making you more
intellectually equipped and knowledgeable about a lot of topics and subjects.

In a nutshell, the possibilities are endless and by now you could see what individual hypnosis can do for you.
The common uses of group hypnosis for group therapy has indeed broadened it's scope in the field of
science, more specifically in treatment and therapy programs.

The most common reason for many people undergoing group hypnosis for therapy is the fact that
hypnotherapy is a very natural process which does not involve the administration of habit-inducing drugs,
thus , no chemical side effects and is somewhat inexpensive.

Among the most reputable successes of hypnotherapy is with alcoholism.

Many patients have significantly broken off the habit from alcohol and those who undergo hypnosis therapy
are more likely to have successfully passed through the addiction stage and tests have concluded, based on
follow up programs, that subjects are able to sustain the effects of the therapy sessions for two to three

Other behavioral problems that hypnosis has been found therapeutically beneficial is on appetite control or
weight loss, where subjects who undergo treatment are twice as likely to lose weight compared to those
taking weight loss and diet programs.

Better yet, where subjects usually lose momentum into their weight loss program, subjects that have
undergone hypnotherapy were able to significantly lose more pounds over an extended period of time.

Hypnosis has also been known to successfully treat younger patients who used to suffer from regular
bedwetting and nail-biting.

Although these two conditions are not regarded as health problems, but can sometimes be very annoying
and troublesome.

Several tests regarding the treatment of these conditions have significantly produced positive results on the
subjects and have freed them from the habit of nail-biting and bed wetting.

Smokers also stand to benefit most from hypnosis, as numerous researches and findings indicate that a
significant number of population of smokers have significantly broken off the smoking habit after several
hypnosis intervention sessions.

Another proven therapy process that have successfully gained good headway is the therapy involving
patients with asthma, where success rates are more than half of the population tested for their responses to
hypnosis therapy.

An average of 80% of patients, both young and old alike, have sustained the momentum of their
hypnotherapy treatment and several researches who studies the progression of the effects of hypnosis,
revealed that during the eighth, sixteenth and 24-month follow-up observation period, these patients have
consistently maintained abstinence from smoking.

Hypnosis has also been used to treat insomnia, migraine headaches, anxiety, depression, phobias, pain
management and a whole lot more.

Not only is it used for treatment, hypnosis is also being adopted for wellness and health programs like
relaxation and stress reduction, increased concentration, building self-confidence, concentration for sports
activities, especially among athletes and personal improvement programs.

The possibilities are endless, but still, there are many people who fail to achieve their goals through
hypnosis, not because the process is ineffective for them, but because of frustration and disappointment
over hypnosis not being able to immediately produce the results after one session.

Another would be the fear of the unexpected, since many people still have the tendency to establish their
won fear knowing that their minds are being explored through hypnosis.

Still, it would be best to assume that these can all be allayed with the proper understanding and knowledge
of hypnosis and the common uses of hypnosis for group therapy will continue to benefit thousands of people
all over the world.
One of the world's biggest problems hounding a large number of the population anywhere around the world
is obesity, but recent breakthroughs has proven that one of the most effective weight loss process is through
group hypnosis.

To put it bluntly, food craving has become a sort of an addiction, especially for overweight and obsess

Add to the fact the current stress levels and fast-paced living, for which food becomes a stress reliever or
coping mechanism of some sort, based on numerous studies linking food cravings and stress.

Ideally, exercise is the best solution to counter the effects of obesity, especially since many of the workplace
environments promote a sedentary lifestyle due to the advent of technology and automation of the
workplace in addition to the resurgence of fast food centers catering to the hurried pace of everyday living.

As such, the environment that people are subjected to daily promotes for a condition where weight gain and
increased food intake are the most common effects.

Regardless of the current conditions, people are in fact aware that in the absence of exercise and an active
lifestyle, people tend to accumulate excess fat in the body, eventually leading to a difficulty in burning energy
that is absorbed through food intake.

More so that even people, conscious of the fact that obesity can lead to health problems, often ignore the
dangers of such and neglect the need to ensure their physical well-being, justifying, among others, not going
through exercise because of not having enough time for work.

And this is where group hypnosis comes in, as numerous studies revealed that no less than 80% of subjects
that have undergone group hypnosis treatment significantly lost weight over a period of time.

Better yet, those that have lost weight through a group or individual hypnosis intervention program continue
to sustain weight loss, with follow-up studies extending even beyond two years.

But how does hypnosis work for the process? It is simply through the programming of the mind to follow a
comprehensive exercise regimen through positive mental conditioning through hypnosis.

Here are some of the common reasons why the mind reacts positively to hypnosis.

Blissful relaxation – as the subject goes through the process of hypnosis, he or she is introduced to a state
of deep relaxation, which opens up the mind to a pleasurable experience.

As the subconscious mind is accessed during the hypnosis process, negative factors like stress, anxieties
and frustrations, among others, can be isolated where a subject's perception of such can be altered and
condition the mind to accept it as involuntary aspects of day-to-day living and are manageable.

This can be done through positive mental conditioning and a change in perception, brought about by the
hypnosis process.

Another reaction is the development of self image and a positive outlook.

As hypnosis explores deeper into the recesses of the subconscious mind, it can be capable of motivating the
subject in developing a better self-image and promote a positive outlook in life.

It is with this positive outlook that the subject is conditioned to constantly gain motivation from the act itself of
going through the exercise regimen and feeling good about the results, no matter how insignificant or vice

Lastly, positive thinking makes the effort more rewarding compared to forcing one self to go through a
weight loss regimen because it is a necessity.

So, by now you may also agree that the most effective weight loss process is through group hypnosis.
When people talk about hypnosis, most believe that it is a world of imagination and a trip down the
subconscious realm and individual hypnosis can spell the difference between imagination and reality.

But what exactly is individual hypnosis all about?

Of all the many scientific concepts about individual hypnosis, the most dominant of all the varied yet related
concepts is that it is a means of directly accessing the human mind.

One would normally be at a state of mental consciousness, especially during the normal thought process
that occur in our brains.

Take for example the fact that at the usual and normal state of thought, we mull over problems or think of
opportunities as we see and assess them, as well as being conscious of the fact that we are speaking at a
particular moment or trying to remember where you may have left a book that you are reading.

But has it ever come to one's attention that while the conscious mind is at work during the "conscious" or
waking stage, the subconscious mind also work simultaneously, which works in the background by playing a
key role in processing the 'subliminal" and "imaginary" thinking.

As you can see, the subconscious mind is responsible for dipping into the mind's wellspring of information
that is responsible for speech construction, cognitive thinking in solving problems and oftentimes short term

The subconscious mind is also responsible for putting together all information and ideas, feeding it to the
conscious mind, so that when an idea comes to mind, it is so because it was already processed through the
subconscious mind and passed on to the conscious mind when the right stimuli prompted the specific idea.

It is the subconscious mind that is responsible for making us react automatically and involuntarily like driving
a car and not carefully thinking about every movement or action or cooking and not having to think every
slicing, dicing and mixing all ingredients in the process.

Experts believe that individual hypnosis is the best way to access the subconscious mind, as well as induce
a subject to come into a subconscious state.

It is through the process of focusing, as well as deep relaxation exercises that a subject is induced to the
subconscious level, as the conscious mind is clamed and subdued by taking a less active role during the
individual hypnotic activity, in short, a temporary reversal of functions of both the conscious and the
subconscious mind.

This reversal of mind function has actually been a phenomena that has been occurring for thousands of
years, unknowingly occurring among a lot of people who temporarily get into a sleep or trance-like state,
oftentimes construed as periods of insanity or stupor.

Only it has been provided with a deeper understanding, when a Viennese physician named Franz Anton
Mesmer gave careful attention to this phenomena and eventually developed the initial process of inducing
this trance-like state among his subjects.

This has led to subsequent breakthroughs in understanding the subconscious realm and getting us closer to
painting a picture of how the subconscious mind works.

Although these breakthroughs have just provided a glimpse of how the mind can be harnessed, still it is but
a tip of the iceberg and science is yet to fully answer the question of how the subconscious mind really
works, since man has only been able to harness a tenth of his brain.

Still, the human mind remains a mystery that remains to be answered.

But one thing's for sure, individual hypnosis can spell the difference between imagination and reality.
Researchers have now found good headway into studies showing what group hypnosis can do for smokers,
especially those who want to quit and start a new lease in life.

This is especially significant in therapies that allow smokers to quit smoking and individual, as well as group
hypnotism, has taken good strides into achieving positive and groundbreaking results.

Several studies and research revealed that hypnosis was responsible for 66% of subjects in most of these
studies have quit smoking.

Among the most notable benefits of hypnosis is the positive change in attitudes of the subjects, as well as
eliminating the smoking habit by enlightening and affecting associations and beliefs towards smoking.

Here are some of the recognized researches and findings on hypnosis in the treatment of smokers.

The University of Washington School of Medicine claimed that by integrating the group hypnotic method of
therapy on smokers, they were able to establish a 90.6% success rate through hypnotherapy.

The study conducted on 43 subjects undergoing the therapy, was responsible for effecting abstinence with
39 of the patients in a period of 6 months to 3 years including post-treatment.

Another study conducted by the Smoke Free International Organization show a 95% success rate for
patients who have undergone hypnosis incorporated with Neuro Lingual Programming (NLP) to quit

The same study also indicated that at least 51% were able to sustain abstinence from smoking on hypnosis
therapy alone.

In another study program conducted in Bloomington, Indiana, where it combined hypnosis and aversion
methods to stop smoking, there was an 87% reported success rate for abstinence with the use of hypnosis.

The field study consisted of 93 female and 93 male outpatients subjected to the hypnosis therapy program
and after a 3-month post therapy follow-up, 87% of the women and 86 % of the men sustained abstinence
from smoking.

At the System Health Science Center, College of Medicine of the Texas A&M University, a study on clinical
hypnosis revealed that 81% of patients that went through hypnosis had stopped smoking.

The program, which focused on a preliminary therapy treatment employing three hypnosis therapy
intervention sessions among 30 smokers, 21 of them were able to return after an initial hypnosis session to
forego succeeding sessions.

At the end of the treatment process, a total of 81% of them stopped smoking and were able to abstain from
smoking a year after treatment.

Based on the findings on an article from the Journal of Nursing Scholarship, a study was conducted with 71
regular smokers based on a two-year post treatment follow-up, those that have gone through hypnosis were
twice as likely to have quit smoking than those subjects who only willed to quit on their own and did not
undergo hypnosis.

Another study from the Ohio State University revealed in a hypnotherapy smoking cessation program that
hypnosis was responsible for breaking the smoking habit effectively than through drug intervention.

One of the largest studies ever conducted on hypnosis treatment of smokers, was conducted by the
University of Iowa, where it indicated that hypnosis was the most effective treatment in helping smokers
break the habit of smoking.

The large scale study consisting of 600 consolidated researches of smokers from America and Europe with
over 72,000 subjects, a statistical result concluded that on average, hypnosis was more than three times as
effective as nicotine replacement treatments and 15 times more effective than by just willfully deciding on

If for some reason somebody gets hooked on smoking and would seriously like to kick the habit, try to look
at what group hypnosis can do for smokers.
What many people say that a lot of things can be achieved by placing the mind over matter, you may be
able to see what individual hypnosis can do for you.

There are indeed a lot of benefits individual hypnosis can do for a person, especially when a person is
determined to see things to the very end or committed to do things that he believes he can, then the
possibilities are endless.

Even when somebody believes that he can achieve what others, or sometimes even he himself, would find
difficult, he can actually do it if he just puts his mind into it.

So is the same thought process involved in individual hypnosis, which is a positive reinforcement of mental
conditioning and positive thought paths.

Although it may be easy to say that positive thinking can produce a lot of good results, still the idea of
injecting the mind to think that way may not be as easy as you think, especially when we are at our
conscious state, especially when weighing the pros and cons of each of our actions.

But with hypnosis, the mind can be convinced to do such things and work wonders when it comes to our
positive mental conditioning processes.

Here are some of the areas where hypnosis can do wonders for the mind especially with behavioral
approaches and the positive mental conditioning process.

With hypnosis, even with self-hypnosis, we can heighten our sense of concentration.

This is particularly helpful when we desire to free our minds into focusing on what is really important for us
and filter out other trivial thoughts.

The concentration aspect has been found out to be specifically helpful for those who want to improve on
social and people skills, communication skills, memory and comprehension, creativity, focus and a whole lot

One's personal outlook can also be improved dramatically through hypnosis, especially for those who wish
to improve their personal well-being for the enhancement of their careers, professional and personal
relationships, time management, anger management, positive mental feedbacking and focusing towards
achieving goals.

Other breakthroughs for hypnosis also include success stories on breaking people free from addiction, be it
substance abuse, alcoholism, smoking or even both mental and physical dependency issues.

Hypnosis works through it by helping or guiding the person to believe that they have no need of such
substances, like drugs for example, in order to exist and live a free and normal life.

It can also help in easing or even preventing a subject from getting tempted by cravings, especially for
recovering addicts under therapy or rehabilitation.

Another benefit of hypnosis is the life-changing capacity in helping people overcome their fears.

This is particularly true since phobias or fears, be it with the dark, heights, closed spaces, insects like
spiders or frogs, you name it, those phobias reside in the corner of our mind to haunt us whenever the
opportunity presents itself.

Through hypnosis, those fears can be accessed and altered, using hypnosis techniques that can eradicate
irrational thoughts and fears, but leaving behind a more productive, neutral or healthy perspective towards
those stimuli causing the fear or phobia.

Removing negative thoughts in the human mind is by far the biggest breakthrough that shaped the practice
of hypnosis and give a good glimpse of what individual hypnosis can do for you.
Do you ever feel like you are all alone? Well that happens and if you feel stronger when there are other
people in the same boat as you are, then perhaps the best thing for you to try out is group hypnosis.

Group hypnosis is an interaction between you and the specialist. Since there will be other people, the
specialist has to be sure to that everyone will be able to respond to the same keywords that will be given
during the session.

To make this happen, the specialist has to interview each of the respondents one by one and then formulate
what words to be used so that there will be no confusion later on during the latter part of the session.

There are advantages to group hypnosis compared to individual sessions. For one, there is safety in
numbers and you can divide the cost of hiring a specialist which means you don't pay that much if you had
to undergo an individual session.

The disadvantage though is that you may have to travel a certain distance to meet the specialist. This won't
be an issue of course if the one who is going to facilitate the group hypnosis is coming to you.

Just like individual hypnosis, the specialist will conduct group hypnosis by following the 5 stages namely
preparation, induction, deepening, circulation and termination.

Preparation begins the moment the group decides to attend the session together. Most of the time, these
individuals don't know each other and will meet each other for the first time. The specialist is aware these
people are here and need help so talking and explaining to them what group hypnosis can do should be
understood by everyone.

When everyone is ready, induction begins where everyone is put into a trance. It might take a long time for
some to get into the flow and only when everyone is relaxed that things go further in the deepening.

The crucial point of group hypnosis is during circulation because this is where the hypnotic suggestions are
planted into the subconscious. What words will be used depends on the problem and this is repeatedly
countless times so no one will forget what happened.

Since the session has to end, this brings the participants to the last stage called termination. The specialist
may count from 10 to 1, tell everyone to open their eyes or clap their hands. Some people may feel
nauseous or dizzy afterwards but this is normal. A participant may even claim they heard everything that
happened while others will say differently but the important thing is that the session was completed.

Those who want to undergo group hypnosis have to understand is that you cannot claim that the session
was a success after just one meeting. It takes times to implant the suggestion into your subconscious which
is why you will have to attend a few more.

If distance is a problem, some clinics and specialists are even offering group hypnosis online so all you need
to have is a computer and an internet connection.

Group hypnosis is revolutionary in the sense that it is not only used to help addicts but also prepare athletes
for upcoming tournaments. There are different programs for a specific purpose so it can be used to improve
your self confidence or stop an addiction.
Have you ever tried to give up smoking but with no success? Well if you have, don't be afraid because you
are not the only one. This is why you should consider individual hypnosis.

Individual hypnosis has proven to help people suffering from various addictions and disorders. This includes
social anxiety, drugs, alcohol and stress. It has also worked for those who are smokers so you don't have
anything to lose by trying it out.

Before you try hypnosis, the specialist that will be helping you throughout the entire process has to know
why you smoke and what triggers it. Some smoke as a way to relieve the pressure while others use it to
boost their confidence. Keep in mind thought that you don't have to smoke when the pressure is building up
or you want to show who you really are.

After speaking with the hypnotist who sees that this technique has a chance to help you give your addiction,
the next step is to get you to relax and put you in a trance. Some people fall asleep while others claim that
they are able to hear the hypnotist the entire time but the important thing is that you will be able to control
your urge of lighting that next cigarette.

When you are relaxed, the power of suggestion or hypnotic suggestion is then repeated several times so
you will give up that habit. If the keyword does not work, this is rephrased or reworded. This continues until
the patient wakes up from the trance.

How effective it is varies because some people will see the difference in a matter of days while others will
only experience it after a few weeks.

But will individual hypnosis work for everybody? Well you have to remember three important things about
this technique.

First, you have to be willing or open to try hypnosis. If you are not willing to be hypnotized, nothing is going
to happen. Second, if you want to try hypnosis, go to the clinic because you won't find the hypnotist out in
the street and asking smokers if they want to kick the habit. Third, you shouldn't expect to give up smoking
overnight. This takes time so you will have to go back for several sessions.

Giving up smoking is not easy. If you need more help than what the hypnotist can offer, you can also buy a
recording and try self-hypnosis. You can but this from the record store, online or from the clinic which is
available in cassette or CD format.

Will you still suffer from withdrawal symptoms after undergoing hypnosis? The answer is no and that is
something thing that a lot of people want to hear because it is really hard to give up this habit if you have
been doing this for years.

Individual hypnosis can help you quit smoking because your mind will have a conditioned response each
time you feel like lighting a cigarette. This can be as simple as holding your fingers together for 30 seconds
or more, taking a few deep breaths and even drinking a glass of water that will make that urge go away. You
just have to give it a chance because you will never know until you try.
We know for a fact that hypnosis can help certain problems and one example happens to be social anxiety.
With a little help from a hypnotist that will perform individual hypnosis, you will be able to interact with people
which you were unable to do in the past.

But interacting with others is just one of the levels of social anxiety. Some individuals have this problem
speaking in public while others are not able to do anything with others around.

The reason why hypnosis could be the answer to their problems is that if nothing is done about it, things
could get worse. The person with that disorder could go into a depression or try taking drugs to escape this

But how does individual hypnosis accomplish that? Well by addressing the issues which create such fears in
the person and after several sessions hope things turn out for the better.

This is where the different stages of hypnosis come in which is the same if this is done on an individual or
group basis.

The first stage is known as preparation because the hypnotist and the patient have never met before and
this will be their first encounter. Because the patient is thinking of undergoing hypnosis, he or she has
already made the first move to get better and the only thing to do now is for the specialist to probe deeper.

This is done by asking the patient exactly what is their problem and determining if that person is susceptible
to hypnosis. If they are, it is time to proceed to the second stage known as induction.

During induction, the patient will be told either to sit down comfortably on a chair or lie down on a sofa. Once
he or she is relaxed, the patient must now block everything out and only focus their attention towards the

When the hypnotist feels the patient is comfortable, it is time to move on to the third stage known as the
deepening. Here, the hypnotist will find out what events caused the social anxiety disorder because it is only
by understanding it will hypnotic suggestion work in making the patient reach their desired goal.

The hypnotic suggestion will be imparted to the patient in the fourth stage known as circulation.

Naturally, the session has to end which goes to the fifth stage called termination. Here, the patient will be
brought back to reality by counting the numbers, simply being told to open their eyes or by following an
authoritative command like "open your eyes."

The results of the hypnosis will only be seen when the situation presents itself. Since you won't see the
improvement overnight, patients will have to come back and have a few more sessions.

Individual hypnosis is just one of the many alternatives now available to cure social anxiety. You have to
remember that not everyone who tries this will have the same result which is why if this doesn't work, they
have to be open to other options such as social cognitive restructuring, social skills training, symptoms
management skills and supportive therapy that will require the help of family and friends.

You don't lose anything by trying individual hypnosis. To succeed, you just have to be open to the idea of
what this technique can accomplish.
In nature the attraction between mates is determined by a philosophy of survival of the fittest. The mate that
is chosen is the one that is most likely to breed strong, healthy offspring. In many animal societies the alpha
male will be the only male in the pack, and it will be his job to impregnate the females in order for the
species to survive.

Many of the male members of the human world look upon this strange situation with a small touch of
wistfulness. What would it be like to have your own harem? What they cannot see is that the alpha male has
become the alpha male not by birthright but by having proved over and over again that he is strong enough
and intelligent enough to lead the pack-and to keep it. When the alpha male is challenged by another male
for possession of his pack he must fight to keep it or it will be taken away from him. This is, again, to ensure
that the species survives; the one who wins the right to be an alpha male is the one most likely to father
strong offspring.

Of course, that's all very good for the animal kingdom, but how does this pertain to the human world?
Simple. Humans have their alpha males too, the criteria by which they are classified is just a bit different.
There are many different ways by which a male can be classified as alpha.

- The powerful alpha. This is the man who wields the most power, both in their place of business and among
their community of friends. Women who are attracted to this type of alpha have probably fixed their sites on
a business tycoon or a politician, if not royalty. These women want position and the power that it brings.

- The intellectual alpha. These are the men who are able to provide brilliant dissertations on any topic.
These will probably go forth to receive PhDs and save the world. Most of these will be found spending their
lives in their offices or laboratories working side by side with their mates.

- The military alpha. Women love a man in uniform, and the more bars and stripes he happens to be
sporting the better. These men have power, a sense of adventure and incredible stories to tell over the
dinner table (assuming, of course, that the majority of the conversations they have about their lives do not
contain the words, "That's classified"). Their mates can also count on them to be out of the country for the
better part of the year so that a livable harmony never has to be developed.

- The "bad boy" alpha. This alpha takes many forms. He may be military or law enforcement-black ops or
undercover, of course. He will have a shady past that he never reveals and at least one criminal element
has issued a price on his head. He will wear black and not converse a great deal, assuming that the women
he is with will know what it is that he wants.

- The artistic alpha. This will be the man who sells his paintings in a downtown museum but has had
showings in Italy and France. He will have a small cottage on the beach and he and whoever his lady of the
moment is will spend their days (and nights) home eating strawberries dipped in chocolate and reciting
poetry to each other.

Sound familiar? Every man in the world has known someone who fits into one of these categories and every
woman has wanted to date one. They are the few, the proud, the alpha males.
If there is a secret in the universe that can bring you good things, it could be the Law of Attraction. This can
bring you happiness, wealth, and physical well-being. You only have to know how to apply it. A few basic
concepts of the Law of Attraction can help you on your way.

One of the concepts central to the Law of Attraction is that the things you think become reality. The things
you think are energy, just as the entire universe is energy. As you ponder your reality, or simply let thoughts
run through your mind, you are shaping your reality. You do this by means of the Law of Attraction. The
energy you send out collects with like energy. Then, the universe responds to your feelings by returning the
energy back to you. This happens for good or bad feelings.

Another basic concept is that it is too difficult to monitor every one of some 60,000 thoughts you have every
day. The goal, instead, should be to foster a feeling of happiness, gratitude, and well-being. This will go
further than trying to change every thought individually. Feelings are important to the Law of Attraction.

One assumption of users of the Law of Attraction is that life is meant to be joyous and fulfilling. Many people
feel that their lives can be no more than difficult work situations, unhappy relationships, poor health, and a
mountain of debt. Unless these people change their attitudes, they can never know the abundance they can
get through the Law of Attraction.

There can never be a lack of anything that you want if you follow the Law of Attraction. This is another
concept of the movement. It means that there is enough for everyone to have what they want. This is
especially true because some people want certain things and other people want something else. According
to the Law of Attraction, what you want is always possible. One concept of the Law of Attraction can be
stated as something like, "what you get is what you see." What this means in this case is that when you see
a result, you will vibrate with energy based on that result. If you see good, you will send out good energy.

This energy will return to you in the form of more positive results. So, if you want positive results, you need
to find a way to see the good in situations. This is how the Law of Attraction works. If you see good, more
good will return to you. The concept of asking for particular things is a part of the Law of Attraction. When
you command the universe to give you what you want, you can get it. To do this, you must believe in it.
Then, you must accept it as if you had already gotten it. Then you will find the Law of Attraction bringing all
kinds of good things your way.

The Law of Attraction is at once both simple and complex. You must only ask and receive. Yet, to do that in
confidence, you must work to restructure your whole way of thinking. To do this it is good to study the
concepts of the Law of Attraction.
How to Compete with the Alpha Male

Throughout nature the female of the species is attracted to the alpha male in the hope that she will be able
to bear his offspring-offspring that have the best chance of survival in the cruel world they are going to be
brought up in. These females are not looking for a meaningful, long term relationship; a quick interlude, then
the privilege of gestation. A fortunate fact, since the alpha male often has a harem and while he protects all
of them he does not give any of them his undivided attention.

All of these philosophies hold true to the human alpha male as well. While he is fiercely loyal to the people
he defends and will go out of his way not to hurt them neither will he be able to give any of them his heart or
the promise of a future. The woman that can pin down the alpha male is a rare specimen indeed. In the
meantime, there are many other fish in the sea who are looking for something more than the alpha male has
to offer, and it is this population that holds the key to defeating the alpha male's hold on the female of their

A non-alpha male looking for a relationship needs to go into the situation with his eyes wide open; he is
going to need to be looking for a permanent relationship but not be expecting one (proposing on the second
date is out, regardless of how long you have been dreaming about a woman). The woman who has opted to
explore her possibilities other than the alpha male is going to go into the situation cautiously, with an eye
towards what the man in question has to offer. This man is going to need to be able to provide her with a
secure financial future (if he is in early twenties this can be supplemented with the pursuit of a college
education and a realistic ten year plan) as well as give her the emotional security she was lacking with the
alpha. If a man is not an alpha male and does not feel that he is in a position to give a great deal of himself
to a woman he should not place himself in a situation where that is going to matter (i.e. an actual date). He
is going to need to keep it light and friendly to avoid gaining a poor reputation among the females of his

The emotional requirements seen to, let us turn our attention to capturing the eye of a woman. If you are not
an alpha male you are not going to have the advantage going into the fight that you would have otherwise,
but you are not entirely without resources. Women are attracted to competence. If you can arrange a
situation where she can see you doing what you do best (whatever that is) you are going to want to take
advantage of this. If you are not in a position where you can establish such a situation (such as approaching
a woman in a bar) remember that women love confidence as well.


- Stutter - Drool - Spill your drink - Say anything resembling a come-on line


- Smile (naturally) - Talk in a normal tone of voice - Look her in the eye - Start a conversation. If you have
trouble with this one pick any topic related to the situation in which you currently find yourself (the
environment, not the part where you are trying to get her attention) - Walk her to her car at the end of the
night - Get her phone number - Call her!

If you carefully adhere to these guidelines and allow a relationship to grow between the two of you based on
common interest and respect it won't be long before she'll be able to look at you and say, "Alpha who?"
The concepts embodied in the theory called the "Law of Attraction" have been around for centuries, at least.
Now, several authors are exploring the subject and writing on it. There are many fascinating books on the
Law of Attraction.

One book is simply titled The Law of Attraction. It was written by Esther and Jerry Hicks. These people are
informed by a spiritual entity they call "Abraham." This Abraham guides them in instructing people to get
what they want by believing in it. The book is based on the principles and the practicalities of the Law of
Attraction. When you finish it, you should have an idea of how things come to be. You will understand your
role in the making of the events around you.

The Law of Attraction is not for everyone, though. Some are put off because it makes religious references.
However, if you want to know what the Law of Attraction is all about, you can find out how to apply it in this

Esther and Jerry Hicks have written several books on the Law of Attraction. One is called The Amazing
Power of Deliberate Intent. This book is all about having balance in your life. It uses the concept of an
Emotional Guidance System to explain how you can keep your life on track using the Law of Attraction.

An earlier Hicks book was Ask and It Is Given. This book is a very practical exercise in the work of creating
the life you want. It outlines twenty-two processes that can help you use the Law of Attraction to send you
on your way. Another book about the Law of Attraction is The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne. This book focuses
on the knowledge of these principles being handed down over time. It concentrates on successes of
particular people, both past and present.

The people involved in current Law of Attraction thought discuss how the process works. They tell why it
works. They tell what it has done for them in their lives. The book is one of the most famous books on the
subject. A fairly new book is Law of Attraction: The Science of Attracting More of What You Want and
Less of What You Don't Want. Its author is Michael J Losier. The book talks a lot about vibration, both
negative and positive. It is about using Deliberate Attraction to change that vibration to get what you want.
It is done in a step-by-step format.

Secrets of Attraction: The Universal Laws of Love, Sex, and Romance, by Sandra Anne Taylor discusses
how the Law of Attraction can work for you in your love life. She begins by emphasizing that love is energy,
not a feeling. This is a specific use of the Law of Attraction. She speaks of a "personal energy field" that
affects the way people perceive you. She explains how this has an influence on the way the people around
you react to you. The theory is that if you can change your energy, your love life will change as well.

Of course, there are countless other books on the subject of the Law of Attraction. If you are interested in
more, you can go to the library and look up the subject in the on-line catalog. Or, you can just go on the
internet to find them. They could change your life.
Choosing a Mate

In the wilds the process of choosing a mate is determined entirely by their physical properties; their strength,
their courage and their ability to hunt and provide for their family. These principles still apply in many cases
throughout the human world; however, since our minds are much more developed than those of our animal
brethren there are other factors that should be considered.

The practice of choosing a mate based on their ability to provide for a family is an important one, and while
that ability in the human world is not judged by their ability to go out and hunt wild game it is judged on their
ability to meet their responsibilities. The amount of responsibility that you are looking for in a mate should be
determined by your expectations for your future. If you are attempting to retire at a young age you are going
to want a mate who is willing to help you work and sacrifice for that goal.

On the other hand, if you want to start a family you are going to want to choose a mate who is willing to carry
their part of their home responsibilities and possibly put future career advancements on hold. If you are a
free-spirit content to go through life as a free-spirit you are going to want to find a mate who shares the
same viewpoints you do. Whatever the case, you are going to need to choose a mate who is going to be
willing to hold up their half of your future together. While a mate who is undecided as to their path in life and
is content to depend on you to make your way may still be enjoyable at the beginning, over time you will
come to resent the extra strain that constant worry over financial matters will bring.

Another point to be considered is common interest. Sometimes opposites do attract, a happening that will be
discussed in greater detail a bit later on, but as a general rule relationships have a better chance of survival
if the parties involved have many key values and interests in common. This does not mean that the two of
you need to be identical images of one another; if you did not have differing opinions what would the two of
you talk about? On the other hand, if you do not enjoy some of the same activities, what will the two of you
do on Friday night? More important than these trivialities is the need for a shared image of your future. While
attraction is fine and good at the beginning the relationship is doomed to failure if you cannot chart a
common path.

Choosing a mate is not an endeavor that should be taken lightly; choosing incorrectly could result in a life of
misery for all parties involved. Take the time to carefully consider what it is that you want in a mate before
embarking on the journey.

Every action in nature has an opposite and equal reaction. Every move that we make stimulates a
consequence; it is up to us to determine what the price of that consequence will be. Not all consequences
are bad. The flowers grow as a consequence of the rain coming down and the sun coming out. That is not a
negative consequence. On the other hand, some consequences come at a very high price. Those
consequences carry many negative effects.

The same is true regarding the laws of attraction. If you follow the laws they will help you to find gratification
(perhaps even happiness) beyond your wildest dreams; however, there is a price to pay for breaking them,
and it is not a price that many are willing to pay. This is not as simple as a weekend spent in jail or picking
up litter from the side of the road; the consequences for breaking the rules of attraction will follow you
throughout the course of your life. Listed below you will find the negative consequences associated with
breaking the laws of attraction.

- You grow old, fat and bald alone

- You will have a gang of Hell's Angels chasing you across the countryside

- You will find yourself married and raising a family in Backwater, Kansas following a shotgun wedding

- You will be out of a job and a reference (particularly if you decided to break in the boss's desk)

- You will find yourself tossed in the brig prior to your court martial

- You will have an irate husband (or wife) stalking you

- You will find yourself king or queen of a small country in the middle of the South Pacific-with no other
inhabitants (think Pirates of the Caribbean)

- You will be humiliated with tales of your own escapades every time you mistakenly choose to spend a
weekend with family and friends

- You will no longer be invited to spend Friday nights at Happy Hour

- You will no longer be invited to any of the office parties

- You may end up sleeping in a barn rather than in the warmth of the house-and your own bed

- You will never again be able to walk into your favorite restaurant with your head erect

- You will never be able to look any of your friends in the eye again

- You will not be able to remain friends with your old friends-it would just be too weird

- There will be strange men and women calling your home at all hours

- There will be strange packages left on your stoop-daily

- You may find yourself on the business end of a boot-or a 9mm

These are only a small portion of the consequences which may be extracted for daring to violate the laws of
attraction. Okay, so chances are that if you happen to take a misstep or two along the way you will not find
yourself in any of these extraordinarily unpleasant situations; however, the possibility does exist. It is
essential that you carefully weigh the possibilities before entering the ring.
After the Attraction

Catching the interest of the person you are interested in is only half of the battle in emerging at the top of the
dating totem pole. Now that you have their interest, what are you going to do about it?

In the interest of the fact that the world is now a giant melting pot of many different cultures it is important to
understand that it may not be as simple as inquiring whether the object of your affection has an interest in
joining you for dinner and drinks later on that evening. Different cultures have different rules about dating,
and a violation of any of these existent mores can serve to make you an object of distaste and ridicule in the
eyes of the very person you want most to impress.

Of course, most individuals understand that not all cultures have the same opinions of the relationship
between a man and a woman and therefore are less likely to be offended by any minor missteps; however, it
is still vital that you understand the cultural guidelines of the person you are interested in.

Americans have a much looser view on the position of dating than is held by many other countries. Physical
contact on the first date is permitted, albeit of a chaste nature; holding hands and kissing good-night at the
end of the evening is to be expected if both parties are interested (if both parties are not interested it could
prove to be a long and uneventful evening). Many eastern nations, such as Korea, permit dating, even at a
young age; however, public expressions of affection of a physical nature are frowned upon in many cases;
these individuals may not be comfortable with kissing or hugging in public, particularly in front of strangers.
Other countries do not encourage dating at all; if a man and a woman are interested in each other it is
expected that the ultimate goal of their relationship should be marriage, with every step made with that intent
in mind.

There are also many cultures who insist that the family play a large role in determining who another family
member will date. It is assumed that whomever they are interested in will take the time to get to know the
family and to participate in family events. To do otherwise would be considered rude and insulting. Other
cultures do not consider it appropriate for a person that is interested in a member of the family to attend a
family gathering until the relationship is established as a permanent one.

Obviously, there are many pitfalls involved in attempting to form a relationship across cultural divides. The
most important step that an individual can do if they are interested in dating an individual from another
country is to learn the steps of their courtship dance in order to avoid stepping on any toes.
Dress for Success

Appearance is the key factor in attracting others to you. Shallow, but true. The first impression anyone will
ever make about you is based upon your appearance, and your appearance is determined in large by the
type of clothing that you wear. Your clothing should give the impression both of who you are and who you
want to be.

The most important part of using your appearance to create a positive first impression is to appear clean and
neat. No one is attracted to a slob; a lack of attention to self is often indicative to a general apathy with
regards to other people and life in general. In addition, keep in mind that members of the opposite sex are
most attracted to the individuals that they believe to be at the top of the metaphorical food chain. Needless
to say, no one is going to believe that you are at the top of the food chain if you look like you cannot get
yourself dressed without your mother's assistance. Your clothes should be clean, neat and properly fit in
order to present the image of yourself as someone who cares about themselves and their belongings-and by
default, the people that are around them (after all, you can care about yourself and not care about those
around you, but it is very rare to care about those around you and not care a bit about yourself.)

This should by no means be taken to mean that you have to spend a small fortune on a wardrobe or take
three hours getting dressed in the morning in order to ensure that you have the appearance of a runway
model every time that you leave your home. That is impractical and does not allow the essence of your own
personality to shine through. It is possible to attract the attention of the opposite sex in comfortable clothes,
and for most people jeans and sweatshirts are much more comfortable for daily wear than their dress
clothes. It is merely important to assure that these clothes do not make you appear to care more about
comfort than you do about how you look.

If you are unsure about how to take your own taste in clothes and use it to maximize your appearance there
are a wide assortment of resources at your disposal. Sales clerks, particularly of retail establishments that
only deal in clothing, are trained to have a good eye for the size, color and style that will do the most to
enhance their customer's appearance. Most people do not truly know what looks good on them, and what
seems appealing in the store dressing room often loses its appeal when it is placed in ordinary
circumstances. If a customer is not happy with the way that their clothing makes them appear they are likely
to blame the store (after all, it could not possibly their own fault) which will cost the store business. On the
other hand, if the sales clerk is able to steer a customer towards the perfect ensemble they will bring their
business back.

There is never a second chance to make a first impression, and if that first impression is a negative one you
are likely to have a great deal of difficulty in convincing the object of your affection to reconsider; therefore,
the best thing you can do is make sure that you have taken all possible measures to ensure that you place
your best foot forward when stepping into the dating pool.
According to the Law of Attraction, all things are possible to those who can believe and visualize them.
Different speakers and writers have slightly different takes on the basic principles of the Law of Attraction.
These famous Law of Attraction personalities have a lot to say about the subject.

One Law of Attraction speaker and teacher is Jack Canfield. Most people know of his Chicken Soup for the
Soul, etc. books. He has also been teaching success strategies to people and businesses for three

If you listen to Canfield, you will accept that your thinking, feelings, and actions will work together to make
your life what it is. This will happen if you are in a good state of being or a bad one. You get what you put
out there. That's the Law of Attraction.

The Reverend Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith has been working with a spiritual version of the Law of
Attraction since 1986. It was then that he started up the Agape Center. This center is something like a
church, but is not exactly one.

The Agape Center is built around the concept that if you want good things for the world, you will help to
make them happen. This could happen when you suddenly get an inspiration to do something to help
people. His goal is to make the world a better place by using principles such as the Law of Attraction.

There is one man, Dr. Joe Vitale, who takes a rather hard line on the Law of Attraction. He is of the opinion
that you bring to yourself all that happens to you. This can be a horrible wreck or a fire. It doesn't matter. If
it's in your life, you created it. Of course, he gives credit for the good things you bring yourself as well.

An interesting character in the study of the Law of Attraction is Dr. Fred Alan Wolf. This man has been
studying theoretical physics for over forty years. His specialty now is quantum physics and how it relates to
the mind. He studies this with the Law of Attraction in mind. He also won a National Book Award in 1982 for
Taking the Quantum Leap, which is based on this type of study.

There is a therapist that is fairly well known for her work with the Law of Attraction. Her name is Jayne
Payne. She sees patients who are bogged down in the misery of their past. All they can see is what they
need. She helps them to forget that and believe in what they want by using the Law of Attraction.

Esther and Jerry Hicks have written several books on the subject of the Law of Attraction. They have made
names for themselves by speaking for a being of sorts they call Abraham-Hicks. To some, it sounds a little
unusual, but others feel enlightened by the books.

Jerry first became interested in related subjects. Then, Esther eventually followed his lead. Soon, they
were completely involved in the movement. Now, the Hickses teach seminars and lecture. Of course, they
continue to write works on the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction has been an important source of discussion for many years. Before it was ever
thought about in the way it is now, it was referred to by great leaders for centuries. There is an abundance
of people willing to speak of it now. So, it is certain that the concept will live on for generations to come.
Forbidden Attraction

There are many situations in which a man and a woman may meet and develop an interest in other, not all
of which loan themselves to the development of a stable relationship. There are some occasions upon which
a man and a woman may meet and become attracted to one another but not be able to act upon these
feelings. What can you do when you are the victim of a forbidden attraction?

There are many situations in which an attraction may be forbidden, and each has a different set of
established protocol. Let us start with the most common case of forbidden attraction. The person you are
attracted to is already in a relationship with someone else. The question that must be considered here is
how serious their relationship is. If they are merely casually dating with the understanding that they can each
see other people if they so desire there is no reason to allow this to stop you from acting upon your interest.
On the other hand, if the relationship is an exclusive one it is better to establish a friendship and wait for that
relationship to run its course than to attempt to act too soon.

If the man or woman who has caught your eye is married and living in a monogamous relationship with their
spouse it is better to step aside than to continue to pursue the relationship. The chances are good that they
will not choose to end their marriage for you and there is only so long that an affair can continue without
someone getting hurt. It is not always the spouse of the other individual who finds themselves the victim of
this situation; do you really want to go home at night knowing that the person you are dreaming of will be
returning to someone else's bed?

Another obstacle is often the rules against fraternization in the workplace. There are many obstacles to step
around in this situation and company policy should be carefully considered. If company policy merely
discourages dating among its employees, you are dating a fellow employee and the two of you are capable
of getting the job done without putting on a great show for your co-workers there is no reason that this
relationship cannot be pursued with discretion. Bear in mind, however, that even after the end of the
relationship the two of you are going to have to work together. If this is not something that you feel
comfortable doing it is better to maintain a friendship with that individual and evaluate your feelings at such a
time as one or both of you are ready to search for new employment.

There are many other types of forbidden attraction, and these will continue to be discussed a bit later on in
this collection; however, these two are the most common and should be handled with a great deal of care.
Forbidden Attraction Part II

There are many forms of forbidden attraction, many instances in which the feelings that two people have for
each other cannot be permitted to hold precedence. There are other occasions in which there is a certain
amount of flexibility involved, when the rules can be bent a little bit as long as the relationship is carried out
discreetly and away from the public eye.

One of the occasions where there is very little leeway in the freedom to carry out a relationship is between
various members of the military; specifically, the relationship between a commanding officer and a
subordinate. This is a very difficult situation, particularly in combat groups, because military officers are often
together for extended periods of time in situations that can quickly lead to a feeling of closeness that would
take months to develop in other situations. When you place your life in the hands of other people on a daily
basis you attempt to make it a point to get to know them quickly.

The difficulty in the relationship between a commanding officer and a subordinate one is that it is often
difficult to decipher whether the relationship is one that would have developed away from the battlefield or if
it is one that developed in the heat of the moment. It is normal for a subordinate officer to develop a hero
worship of their CO; the commanding officer is in a position of authority and as such is very much the alpha
in the situation. However, a relationship between the two is forbidden because of the discord that it may
cause between other members of a working group.

In addition, in a combat situation a team must be able to go forward and focus on their goal, trusting each
other to carry their own weight and to complete the mission whatever the cost. If you have a pair of officers
in a relationship they will be worrying about the well being of the other; a normal event in ordinary
circumstances, but a death wish on occasions where quick thinking and a clear head are required.

After considering the possible consequences and the disciplinary action that will come down on all parties
involved it is decided that continuing on with a relationship in these circumstances is very much against the
laws of attraction; it is simply not feasible. What, then, can two people do who find themselves in this
situation? After all, regardless of rules and regulations it is impossible to control the desires of the heart.

As such, the best advice that they can heed is to wait and be patient. With the number of transfers in the
military the day is bound to come when they will no longer be in the same command and will then be free to
pursue a relationship. If the relationship had a foundation other than physical attraction and hero-worship to
begin with, it will last for this period of time. If waiting is not a possibility, there is always the possibility of one
or the other resigning or requesting a transfer. There is a way; however, before making such a momentous
decision each party should consider the relationship carefully to ensure that it is worth the possible
The way to get what you want through the Law of Attraction is learning to control your thought process.
Negative thoughts produce as much energy as positive thoughts.

Thinking about your fears and saying "I don't want that" is probably going to result in your fears being
realized. Cosmic energy is literal. It doesn't understand "I don't want".

It produces results based on energy. So if you're producing more negative energy than positive, your results
are going to be negative.

Training your mind to concentrate on the positive instead of the negative is a necessary, but often difficult
process. People are worriers.

It's a survival thing designed to help us remember and avoid the dangers of life. But being aware of our fears
and letting them control our thoughts are two different things. Turning the negative fears into positive
thoughts is the key.

Your thoughts are yours. They can be your faithful servants or your masters. Which ever you allow them to
be. You have the control, you make your choice. You determine which course your thoughts take.

Learning to control your thoughts can be done by learning to control your will. By mastering yourself.
Phrases like "I am master of my self" can lead you in the right direction.

Repeating these or similar words, and believing them, will make them real. When confronted with fears and
doubts, remembering to 'master" your thoughts keeps the positive energy flowing. Leaving no room for the
negative energy to manifest.
If the Law of Attraction works, you will surely be grateful for all that you receive as a result of practicing it.
Life will be easier and more abundant. However, you actually need to start out with a feeling of gratitude
before you can expect good things to come. This is what the Law of Attraction is about. When you believe
fantastic things are already happening for you, you will be grateful. According to the Law of Attraction, it is
important to believe. Furthermore, being grateful for something you believe is happening sends out positive
vibrations into the universe. This brings the good things to you by way of the Law of Attraction.

Without even thinking of the future, you can use the Law of Attraction to draw the positive things to you. If
you are thankful for the things in your life, you will be focused in on the good energy inherent in your grateful
mind. The Law of Attraction is evident in the way being grateful brings you more to be grateful for. Think of
the way things snowball, both the good and the bad. You might wake up in a bad mood because you resent
a noisy neighbor for keeping you up late. If you let that bad mood win out, more negative things will
continue to happen to you all day long. When you consider the Law of Attraction, you will see why this

If, however, you brush off the bad feelings and replace them with gratitude you will be surprised at how
much better your day will go. Use the Law of Attraction to help you along. You may be thankful that you
woke up beside your loving spouse, or you might be grateful that you have a job to go to. Whatever it is, the
Law of Attraction will make it work for you.

So, the Law of Attraction works on a system of gratitude and reward. You need a way to remind yourself to
always be grateful for the good things in your life. Some people set aside a certain time each day to list the
things they're thankful for. They might compile them in a journal and look over them all from time to time.

The Law of Attraction is built on good habits. You can carry some sort of talisman. It can be anything from
a rock to a coin. It can be anything you will handle daily. Some people put these items in their pockets.
Some put them on a string around their necks. The idea is that every time you touch it, you feel gratitude. If
at all possible, you express that gratitude to others. Your mind will become geared towards thinking in terms
of what you are thankful for. This will allow the Law of Attraction to do its work.

Your mind controls who and what you are. According to the Law of Attraction, it can also change what you
have. This may be material possessions, relationships, or health. If you are in a mindset of gratitude, you
are in a position to make the Law of Attraction bring to you all that you desire.
Imagine that you had all the money you could ever want. You had great relationships and perfect health.
Imagine you spent your life in peace and joy. If you practice the Laws of Attraction, these things can come
true for you. The first thing you must do to practice the Laws of Attraction is to embrace a feeling of
gratitude. Be thankful for everything that you have. Focusing on the good things in your life will help you
key in on positive feelings.

These positive feelings will translate into a positive energy, according to the Laws of Attraction. When you
send out this kind of positive energy, you will see good things come back to you in return through the Laws
of Attraction. You can concentrate on the positive things by holding some kind of talisman in your pocket,
for example. This will help you remember to be thankful every time you touch it.

Another thing to do in practicing the Laws of Attraction is to become aware of what kinds of thoughts you are
having. Most people go through the day with thoughts flitting in and out of their heads. They pay them little
heed. If you are aware of the Laws of Attraction, you can monitor your thoughts to a certain degree. You
can get a feel for just what direction your thoughts are going. Are they leading you toward a negative
situation? If so, it's time to use the Laws of Attraction to change all that.

Figure out what it is that you want. Don't limit yourself to easy things to get, either. The universe gives out
no different effort to give you a little thing than it does to give you something that is fantastic. So, go for your
dreams. The Laws of Attraction can supply them.

Maybe you don't really know what you want. You've been told for so long that you can't have it that you've
stopped wanting it. It's time to do some soul searching and really find out what you could get through the
Laws of Attraction that would please you. Look through catalogs and go to showroom floors and model
houses. You might get some ideas. Once you become excited about something, your positive energy will
become all the more powerful through the Laws of Attraction.

Once you know what you want, it's simple. Just ask for it. Say it, write it, and believe in it. Think of it as if it
has already happened. Imagine that it has, using the Laws of Attraction. Don't do this in a whimsical, "gee
wouldn't it be swell" way, but actually close your eyes and visualize it. Don't expect to know the method by
which your dreams will come true. The Laws of Attraction don't work that way. You just need to trust that a
good thing will happen, and leave the "how" up to the universe.

Knowing the Laws of Attraction can change your life. It takes a certain mindset to work with the Laws of
Attraction, but it is not hard to master. It just takes some time, patience, and most of all, a lot of faith.
And in Conclusion...

There are a great many laws of attraction which must be followed in order to find success in all areas of your
life, and violation of these laws can have many unpleasant results, many of which do not have a statute of
limitations with regards to time. For this reason, it is important to ensure that you are well educated in all of
the laws of attraction, regardless of their pertinence to your current lifestyle. The first thing which you must
remember is that the laws of human attraction are very similar to those still in effect in nature. Survival of the
fittest is the guideline that animals use to determine the suitability of their mate; the mate possessing the
greatest strength is most likely to produce strong offspring that will be able to survive on their own in the
unforgiving world they are going to find themselves thrust into. Therefore, the mate which has the greatest
reputation in battle and the highest position of authority within the pack is going to be the one that is most

In the case of males this individual is going to be the alpha male (the alpha female effect does not seem to
carry over into the human world as much as that of the alpha male). The alpha male is the "leader of the
pack". He will have proven himself in battle many times over. In the human world, this is going to be the
individual who is at the forefront of his particular area of expertise and will generally have a great deal of
wealth and reputation to provide support to their position. There are many types of alpha males in the
human world; this is not a position solely restricted to the heads of major corporations (as many leaders in
the business industry would have you believe).

If you find yourself in competition with an alpha for the attentions of the object of your affection there are a
number of measures you can take to ensure that you come out on top; after all, although the alpha may be
the most desirable they are often unable to commit to a relationship, saving their passion for their work. By
taking all possible measures to ensure that you are placing your best foot forward when you are introduced
to someone new and being willing to commit a great deal of yourself to a relationship you will find that not
being an alpha is not necessarily a black mark against you.

The ability of polar opposites to attract is just as present in the human world as it is in nature; these
opposites often complete each other, bringing balance and harmony to a relationship. Anyone who is
attempting to form a relationship with their polar opposite is going to have to work very hard not to pressure
their other half for change after the relationship has begun; it was their very difference that attracted you to
them in the first place. If you do not feel that you can live with these differences it is better to accept that the
relationship is lost than to attempt to place excessive pressure on both of you before the relationship
disintegrates of its own accord.

It is important to remember that not all cultures have the same laws of attraction. Before entering into a
multi-ethnic relationship it is important to learn more about the other person's culture to avoid unintentionally
causing offense. If you are able to follow all of these laws you will soon find yourself succeeding in all areas
of attraction.
An Introduction

Every game in life has rules. In soccer you cannot use your hands. You cannot peak at your opponent's
hand in poker. You cannot look in the dictionary when you play Scrabble. Each and every one of these rules
is considered to be set in stone, yet each rule has a condition under which it may be broken.

The dating game is much the same. There are an established set of rules for capturing the attention of the
person you've been dreaming of, and what to do with them once you have them. These rules are all iron
clad, yet each has a condition under which they can be broken. Pity the man who is not familiar with the
laws of attraction; a violation of these rules carries consequences of shame and loneliness. Not all of these
rules are written in any resource available to the general public; some are general knowledge and some are
only known by the individuals to whom they pertain. Anyone attempting to enter the scene from the outside
needs to be educated on the rules of each game before they decide to throw their hat into the ring.

The laws of attraction are based primarily on a principal of supply and demand. If there is a large supply of
mates the laws of attraction are firmly in effect; after all, each individual can afford to be a bit more choosy
when selecting their particular companion. If there is a low supply of mates the demand will be high, and the
laws of attraction will allow for a bit more leeway; after all, if a mate cannot be found than the species will
eventually die off (the "last man on earth" philosophy; rest assured that if you were really the last man on
earth she would be happy to date you).

The theory of supply and demand is visible throughout all walks of life. It is exclusive to none. This is seen
throughout the animal kingdom, the insect kingdom, among the birds and the bees and the fish. Each
species has a particular criteria by which they judge their mates, and each criteria has an exception.
Throughout the animal kingdoms it is generally a matter of a lack of mates, as was illustrated in the principal
of supply and demand. Fortunately, as humans populate a majority of the Earth's surface the criteria for
bending the laws of human attraction are not so strict as to require the elimination of the species.

Throughout the rest of this series of articles we will touch on the various laws of attraction-and how to get
around them. Each article will stand alone for any who join us in the middle but together will serve as a guide
to negotiate even the most complicated of situations to attract the perfect mate.
The Law of Attraction

Let us take a moment to consider the actual "Law of Attraction" and the role it plays in human attraction. The
Law of Attraction was developed by members of the New Age Movement who were exploring the potential of
the human mind over the body's future. The Law of Attraction states that "you get what you think about; your
thoughts determine your destiny".

Is this a fact? Can you really make your life into anything that you want it to be just by thinking about it
happening? While science has not found a definite link between repetition of a thought, its connection with
the subconscious and the role that it plays in a human's success, that has not stopped people from
wondering. There are hundreds of programs out there intended to influence the subconscious and, in doing
so, affect the way that they conscious mind reacts in an established situation.

The potential for success in this endeavor exists in that the human mind is greatly influenced by its
perceptions and will often make a decision based upon its intuition and feelings regarding a certain matter
rather than the established surrounding facts. This means that a person who is timid can program a
confidence into their subconscious through the use of these methods, thereby allowing them to portray this
confidence to the outside world. The people around them will respond in kind, believing their potential for
success to be great based upon the attitude that they project.

How does this affect the laws of attraction of the human race? Take a moment to consider which individual
is the most likely to gain your attention and interest, the one who sits quietly in the corner and does not
seem to have much to say or the one that carries a confident demeanor and is willing to approach you and
strike up a rapport? The simple fact of the matter is that confidence is sexy. People are attracted to people
who appear to be comfortable with their lives and their place in it. This confidence will lead to attraction;
attraction leads to not sitting home watching reruns on a Saturday night!

Is it true that you can influence your destiny through the power of the Law of Attraction? Certainly. That does
not necessarily mean that the cosmos are going to align in order to make your every wish come true;
however, with the power of positive thought you can change the way that you approach a situation and give
yourself an exponentially greater chance to succeed.
How to Raise Your Attraction Potential

The laws of attraction are clear; the choice of a mate is best determined by their ability to survive; once
again, however, this is not the only factor to be considered when determining a human match. This leaves a
great deal of leeway for the individual who has never quite been able to find their niche with the opposite
sex. There are a few techniques that can be employed to exponentially raise their potential attraction.

1. Dress for success. It is very easy to forget over the course of a day that the way a person presents
themselves is going to determine the opinion that others have of them. By selecting clothes that are
comfortable but fit well and are in a style and color that are flattering to their appearance anyone, regardless
of their preferred taste in clothes, can convey a positive impression to members of the opposite sex.

For those individuals who have never taken the time to discover what looks good on them, this is the time to
do so. A clerk at any retail clothing shop will be happy to select clothing that will match the specific needs of
their customers, and many have been in the business so long that they have developed a skilled eye for
color and style. They are happy to loan their experience to ensuring that their customers put their best foot
out the door-and bring their business back.

2. Develop a hobby. All too often in today's busy society our lives revolve around our work. This does not
give us a great deal to converse with other people about. By developing a hobby the possibility of carrying
on an interesting conversation increases exponentially. In addition, it will ensure that the other party in
question know that the person they are dating has a well rounded personality and the ability to have fun.
There is no worse reputation to develop on the dating market than that of a staid workaholic who is
incapable of having a good time.

3. Keep up on current events and make an attempt to keep a hand in with all local events. Again, this will
provide excellent conversation fodder and will prevent you from finding yourself sitting in a group at a social
occasion without having a clue what the rest of the group is talking about.

4. Smile! By smiling and presenting a confident appearance when you first approach members of the
opposite sex you will be creating an image of yourself as someone they want to get to know. Once they
believe you are someone that they want to get to know, 3/4 of your battle is over. They will naturally seek out
more information about you, and you will be well on your way to enjoying a mutually satisfactory relationship.

5. Attempt to place yourself in unfamiliar (but not uncomfortable) situations. This will serve the dual function
of help you to become more comfortable in any situation as well as helping you to meet other people; there
is nothing that attracts attention (in a positive way) than asking someone to show you the ropes of your
current environment.

By utilizing all of these tricks you will guarantee that you will never find yourself at a loss for companionship
If you want something, all you have to do is ask for it. Sweeter words have never been spoken. It would be
like a dream come true. But that doesn't mean it can't be true. Good things really can be yours just from
asking for them.

When you know how to ask. That's the key. Knowing how to ask, and knowing what to ask for. You can ask
for anything you want. But asking for a new car when you really want a Porsche, doesn't mean you'll be
satisfied with just "a new car". And just saying "I want a Porsche" and then going on about your life as usual
probably won't get it for you.

Focusing your thoughts on getting that new Porsche, picturing yourself driving it, truly believing you deserve
it, and allowing it to come to you is the way to get it.

Just asking is only the first step in the Law of Attraction. Feeling and acting as if you've received it is the
second, knowing you deserve it and allowing it to come to you is the third.

Having doubts about your worthiness produces negative energy. Negative energy produces negative
results. If you don't think you deserve a new Porsche, you won't get it. If you don't think the Law of Attraction
works, it won't work for you.

Positive energy is the only way to get positive results. And positive energy is only produced by positive
Myths of Attraction

When studying the laws of attraction it is essential that we take a moment to lay to rest a number of the
myths which have invaded our reality over the past several decades. In an effort to make a profit a number
of retailers have developed their own ideas about precisely what leads a person to be attracted to another, a
number of which are so untrue as to be ludicrous but have enough of a following to cause a great deal of
discouragement to the general public. Listed below are a few of the most common "Myths of Attraction"
circulating the public consciousness today.

1. You must be rich and powerful to be found attractive

2. Your body must be perfect for another person to find it attractive. As was stated in earlier articles the
attraction to a physically fit body is a carryover from the animal kingdom; an individual who was physically fit
would stand the best chance of survival and would give birth to strong offspring. Fortunately, since the
human mind is more developed than that of the animal kingdom this is not the only consideration used when
humans are choosing a mate.

3. For women, the body type typically seen only in those who are very petite or suffering from an eating
disorder is the figure that they should strive to attain (at least, that is what all the manufacturers who only
make clothing in the latest style in a size six or smaller seem to believe).

4. Your clothing must be of the highest caliber and carry a designer tag

5. You must possess the intelligence of Albert Einstein

6. Charm and the ability to attract a mate is inherited; however, with enough money any skill can be bought

7. Showering someone with gifts is the best way to tell them that you are interested. This will be nice for a
day or two, then they will begin to wonder what it is that you want or what it is that you are not willing to give
them that you are attempting to compensate for. Bestowing gifts at infrequent (but regular) intervals will
ensure continued appreciation.

8. By employing certain 'secrets" interested parties will come to you rather than you having to approach
them. These are doomed to failure; there is no substitution for personal effort when it come to attracting a
potential mate.

All of these myths are intended to bring in a profit for the companies which propagate them; therefore, they
do not want you to know the truth. The secret to attracting the attention of another individual lies within you,
no one else, and no amount of money is going to change that fact.
Because our thought process is constantly working, the Law of Attraction is constantly working as well.
Many of our thoughts are at the unconscious level, so we're not always aware of what type of energy those
thoughts may be creating.

According to the Law of Attraction, if you want something enough and you truly believe it's possible for you
to have it, you'll probably get it. But the same is true for negative thoughts.

If you spend a lot of time thinking on the things you don't want or fear, and you believe it's possible for you to
experience them, it's just as likely they'll come your way. You can't avoid unpleasant things by hoping they
don't happen.

Your unconscious is literal and produces negative energy the same as it does positive energy. It doesn't
know the difference. Your unconscious mind doesn't understand "I don't want".

To truly achieve the positive benefits of the Law of Attraction, you have to become aware of what you're
focusing your attention on.

Are you focusing on what you want? Or don't want? Do you have thoughts or beliefs that are contrary to
what you want? If you truly want something, but feel you don't really deserve it, those thoughts will be
translated into energy, and the Universe will "feel" that you don't deserve it.

Becoming aware of what you're spending your energy on, enables you to change it. Allowing you to focus all
your thoughts on the things you really want.
The Law of Attraction seems so easy for some. Others try and try and have no success. They wonder why
this should be true. There are some very good reasons why people have problems using the Law of

The most obvious answer to the question of why it isn't working is that you might be expecting to
instantaneously have what you ask for. You have to realize that you are simply sending out positive energy
surrounding a subject. You must trust Law of Attraction to send it back to you in its time.

When trying to use the Law of Attraction, you may find that you are always tapping your foot and asking
when it's going to happen for you. If you do, it may mean that you are not really coming into it believing in
anything. You are just testing the waters and not willing to commit to anything.

You might also be expecting the answer to your demands to come by a certain method. For example, you
might ask for money. You are hoping someone will just give it to you. This may be your idea of the Law of
Attraction. However, if you are alert to the universe around you, you may come across another means.

An idea might come to you that would bring you the money you desire. It might involve some work, but the
end result would be the same. If your energy is positive, you will look upon this circumstance with gratitude
and joy. By the Law of Attraction, this can only multiply the good in your life.

Another mistake people make in using the Law of Attraction is to put too much emphasis on the evidence
they see. When they see things that seem to prove that the Law of Attraction is not working, they quit
believing. They get frustrated and become a mass of negative vibrations. This will bring more of the same.

The truth is that if they really understand the Law of Attraction and the science behind it, external evidence
will have little effect on them. This is because they will have total belief and trust that the Law of Attraction
has been working all along. What is happening in the beginning is only a manifestation of earlier bad

Their new positive, focused thoughts, without doubt, will come to fruition in the future. This is the outlook of
a person who has mastered the use of the Law of Attraction. That person will believe in the outcome
because he/she believes in the process.

A person might also have problems fully using the Law of Attraction because their past outlook has been so
limited. They have strong emotions about things they consider too hard to conquer or too much or too big to

When these emotions come up, it changes the energy you are sending out. Lecturers and writers of the
Law of Attraction have developed ways to release such emotions. These methods allow the person to fully
use the Law of Attraction.

If you properly use the Law of Attraction, you will have what you want. It is and isn't easy. You only need to
change the way you think and feel about things. If you can come to understand the Law of Attraction fully,
you can make it work for you.
The Science of Attraction

Have you ever wondered what it was that attracted a man to a woman, or vice versa? What it is about one
specific individual that seems to make them irresistible to the opposite sex? Why, when everyone else is
sitting home on a Friday night, they can have three dates with plans for breakfast the next morning? There
are a number of different factors to be considered, but let us first take a look at the core of the situation: the
science of attraction.

The central component in the selection of a mate lies in the evolutionary need to continue the species. In the
wild mates that were weak and unable to stand against the elements would produce weak offspring who
might not be able to survive the harsh environment they would be thrust into; that is, of course, assuming
they survived to adulthood themselves. The inability of their offspring to survive would lead to the end of the
species; therefore, they were rarely chosen by members of the opposite sex for reproductive purposes.

On the other hand, strong mates would breed strong offspring. It was primarily the males and females who
had proved themselves in battle that attracted the greatest number of possible mates; they would then
choose from the strongest of those, and Mother Nature's endless circle would go on, with genetics ensuring
that their children were given the best opportunity to make a start in life. This is the reason that physically fit
individuals receive the most attention from member of the opposite sex; it is an inbred attraction to those that
are considered to be the most able physically to survive in their environment. Strength and survival of
the fittest aside there is also the matter of pheromones. Pheromones are chemically secreted molecules that
are produced and carried through an airborne route, causing an incredible sexual response in animals. The
belief is that it allowed the animal to locate a mate with whom they would have the greatest likelihood of
producing an offspring with a strong immune system. It was previously believed that humans had lost the
ability to be attracted by pheromones; however, recent studies have shown that this may not necessarily be
the case. A great deal of research in the role that pheromones play in human attraction is not yet available,
as it is still a matter of speculation. The bottom line is that all scientific evidence pertaining to the
attraction of one human to another lies in the potential to produce strong offspring. Pheromones will grant a
child the best possible combination of immune systems to guarantee their well being. Physical attraction
guarantees that the child will have the best chance of physically surviving to grow to adulthood. All in all, the
scientific evidence present to support the baseline upon which all human attraction is based would appear to
support the theory of survival of the fittest.
One of the more interesting aspects of the Law of Attraction is found in its teachings. Fundamentally, it
teaches people how to think. Not what to think. Learning how to think, helps focus the mind. Many people
discover that focusing the mind, helps improve their life.

The book and DVD, "The Secret", is a good introduction to the Law of Attraction, but that's all it is. It focuses
on acquiring material possessions. And there's nothing wrong with that.

It's not wrong to be well fed, well clothed, drive a nice car and live in a nice home. If you create a feeling of
self that's capable and worthy, you'll attract what you want. You can take care of yourself as well as others.

The main points of the Law of Attraction is finding happiness in your daily life. Making the world a better
place for everyone. Finding self-fulfillment through the power of the mind.

There are many people that see the Law of Attraction as a deeply religious experience. Connecting them to
others and to a higher power.

The numbers are just as large that consider the Law of Attraction spiritual but not religious. Religious or just
spiritual, the results are the same: Improving life for yourself and others through the power of thought.

Even if you consider the Law of Attraction as neither religious nor spiritual, the benefits are the same. You're
still using thought energy to get the things you want most out of life.
Asking and wishing for what you want doesn't always mean you get it. We all learn that lesson as children.
Learning how to ask is a lesson many people never properly learn. Knowing how to ask for what you want
can mean the difference between getting it and just continuing to want it.

Even more important than knowing how to ask, is knowing what you're asking for. Understanding what you
want and the reasons you want it can give you valuable insight to the thought process that is necessary to
achieving your desires.

Asking for riches without know what you want those riches for may not bring you the happiness and
satisfaction you anticipated. Realizing why you want money can help you understand what your real desire

Do you want it to provide security for your family, or because you really want the power money buys. The
goals here are different. And while obtaining one, doesn't necessarily mean you don't get the other, it also
doesn't mean you will either.

Asking for another job is good example. Why do you want another job? Is it a second job you want? Or one
that pays more? Or are you really wanting a job that you can enjoy doing? Not knowing why you want
another job, can lead to dissatisfaction when you get what you asked for.
The Law of Attraction says to live in the knowledge that you are getting what you want. It may seem like a
feel-good philosophy and nothing more. You might think it is worth considering, but not something that
exists in nature. However, the Law of Attraction is based upon the science of physics.

The Law of Attraction and quantum physics shows us that all in the universe is made of energy. This
includes both what we call 'solid" objects and something as ethereal as thoughts. The truth is that even so-
called solid objects have a high percentage of empty space in them. They are made up of energy. The Law
of Attraction takes this fact into account.

The Law of Attraction is based upon the fact that the energy in our bodies and minds are always vibrating.
This makes wavelengths of different frequencies. We send these frequencies out from ourselves into the
larger world.

The world itself-in fact, the whole universe-is all made of energy as well. The whole thing is constantly
vibrating. It is always full of possibilities. Our individual frequencies go into this vast ocean of movement.
The Law of Attraction can affect this.

Once our frequencies are emitted, they attract frequencies that are like them. So, you are constantly using
the Law of Attraction to bring things to you. If you are sending out negative vibrations, you will not like what
returns to you. This is because, by the Law of Attraction, those negative frequencies are clumping together
with others of their kind.

You can deliberately use the Law of Attraction to focus your thoughts and your being on a positive outcome.
The frequencies you emit will stick with other good ones and return to you as a joyful result. This is not
simply a matter of wishful thinking.

It involves living in the state you choose for yourself. You don't need to start out with millions of dollars in
the bank to feel wealthy. You can think, speak, and act like a millionaire. You just need to believe that's
what you are deep inside. The Law of Attraction will do the rest.

You need to feel excited by your choices for the Law of Attraction to work well. That is because the level of
excitement determines the level of vibration you are sending out. If you choose something in a half-hearted
way, it will return to you in the same way.

However, if you are excited by your choice, you will increase the power of your vibrational frequency. The
results will come rolling in. You must do what you can to maintain your excitement. This will bring your
dreams into reality by the Law of Attraction.

On the other hand, if you complain about something, or fight against something, that is the thing you will
bring to yourself. The Law of Attraction works this way because the universe only has a way of grouping like
with like. Your negativity about a subject will return to you as more negative results for that subject.

Several people with doctorates in physics have studied the power of the Law of Attraction. Many of them
believe that the mind controls the universe. They believe that this is done through the Law of Attraction.
It has been said that the Law of Attraction can manifest itself in matters of wealth, health, and happiness.
Part of the happiness is having fulfilling relationships. These can be romantic love relationships or familial
relationships or simple friendships. The Law of Attraction affects them all.

Whether you are trying to put the Law of Attraction to use in your life or not, it is always at work. You are
always putting out vibrations into the universe. They are always collecting with like energies and coming
back to you.

The difference when you deliberately use the Law of Attraction is that you focus on the things you want.
Then, these positive things return to you. What you give your attention to is what becomes important in your

Once something becomes important to you, you will develop an excitement about it. That excitement will
turn into a power that is greater than any you can drum up by simply repeating words about what you want.
The Law of Attraction works in relationships as well as it does in anything else.

By deliberately using the Law of Attraction, you can find that special person you are looking for. One step is
to determine what it is you want from a mate. Make a list. Write down strengths you would like the person
to have. Write down joys you would like to share.

Once you have a more concrete idea of what you want, the universe will bring you to your mate through the
Law of Attraction. This will happen through matching of frequencies. You send out the frequency of what
you want. That vibration goes out and collects with other frequencies like it. In other words, it matches.

When your frequency is vibrating in concert with another frequency, it will only be a matter of time before
you meet someone. The Law of Attraction will be at work. At this point, you should follow your hunches. If
you have the urge to do something on a different schedule than usual, then do it. This may be how you find
your mate.

Just let the Law of Attraction do its work. Continue to reaffirm in your mind the fact that the person you are
looking for exists. Believe that you will find that person. Draw your attention and excitement to the subject.
Things will happen.

Other relationships work on the theory of matching as well. You put out energy towards a person in your
life. That energy can be for or against them. Whatever energy you send them will match whatever energy
in them that is like that frequency. You will get the result you expect. This is the Law of Attraction.

If you are feeling down, the Law of Attraction will supply you with a companion in despair. As the two of you
spiral down, you will be better off if you decide to let the Law of Attraction work for you instead of against
you. Find ways that your frequencies can vibrate in harmony in a positive way. This will strengthen and
lengthen friendships like nothing else.

Your relationships can develop into more than they ever were before. Your friendships can be deeper. You
can live in harmony with your relatives. Your love interests can become life-long partners. The Law of
Attraction can make it all come true.
The Law of Attraction has worked for many people who sought to gain financial freedom. It has helped
many to experience fuller lives through better relationships. The Law of Attraction can also have a profound
affect on your body.

Think first of how the Law of Attraction works. You are made up of energy and the energy you send out is
positive or negative. This will depend upon whether you focus on the good things in life or the bad.

This will not only affect others, but it will affect you as well. If you want to send out positive energy, you will
want to concentrate on the upbeat things in your life. One way to use the Law of Attraction to do this is

Athletes use a form of seeing what future actions will hold. This technique is called Visual Motor Rehearsal.
These athletes are practicing the Law of Attraction. They can be hooked up to all kinds of monitors and then
practice an athletic event in their minds.

The monitors will show that their muscles obey their thoughts even though they are not being actively used.
Then, when it comes time to actually do the activity, they are very much prepared. This is the Law of

With the Law of Attraction, you can feel the reality of your plans and dreams coming true. This can be done
in the same way as the athletes do it, by visualization. This can help you with a physical task you are about
to undertake.

You might be planning to climb Mt. Everest or simply swim your first lap around the pool. If you can use the
Law of Attraction to visualize it and believe the results, you can make it happen. Your positive feelings
about accomplishing a difficult undertaking will come back to you in the form of positive energy for you.

The Law of Attraction has also been used for healing. No one suggests that medicine should not be used.
However, thought among those who lecture and write about the Law of Attraction is that the medicine can be
helped immensely by the use of positive energy.

The placebo effect should prove that thinking can influence your health. If people feel good about a
medicine they are being given, they will more likely be healed by it. This is true whether the medicine is a
highly developed scientific formula or a sugar pill.

Some conditions require much treatment and medication. People with these conditions often get depressed
or discouraged. If they can keep their focus on positive things, they have a better chance of survival.
Knowing the Law of Attraction can help them to do this.

Part of using the Law of Attraction to heal is to visualize the process of getting better. As you come to
believe you are getting better, it turns out that you actually do. Another way to use the Law of Attraction is to
dwell on the good by surrounding yourself with things you enjoy. This will keep the focus on the positive

The Law of Attraction is not only good for your wallet. It can help other aspects of your life, too. If you have
a physical challenge to overcome, the Law of Attraction can help you.
It's a scientifically proven fact that mankind uses only about 6% of our brains. Albert Einstein supposedly
used 10% of his. That leaves an awful lot of untapped brain power.

Consider what we've accomplished with the little bit of brain power we've been using since the dawn of man.
Is it so hard then to consider the possibilities of what we could achieve?

The Law of Attraction, positive thinking or whatever you want to call it, works on the premise that we're
capable of determining what we have and how we live with the power of our psychic energy.

The idea is that we're able to direct our mental abilities, our thoughts toward our goals and desires and
obtain them.

Granted this ability isn't something that's easily obtained. Most people have spent their lives under the
impression that the world affects them. Not the other way around.

It's a generally held belief that if fate is determined by us, it's through our actions and not our thoughts. But
aren't our thoughts the basis of our actions?

If our thoughts cause us to act, and that action results in obtaining our goal, can we not say our thoughts
were responsible for the results? The results of our actions are determined by our thoughts. Whether they're
conscious or not, our thoughts do determine what and who we are.
The Law of Attraction basically says we can get what we think about. Our circumstances aren't determined
by the fickle hand of fate, but instead are shaped by our own conscious and unconscious thoughts.

To make the Law of Attraction work for you, you have to know what you want and ask for it. Then, go ahead
and start making plans for after you receive it.

This doesn't mean ask for money, and then start spending like it's in your pocket. But make plans for how
you're going to spend the money when it does get here.

The hardest part for most people is to be open to receiving it. This is where doubting you really deserve it
can prevent anything good from happening. If you don't think you deserve good things, they won't come to

Another problem some people have is thinking about the things they don't want to happen to them. The
thought fulfilling universe doesn't understand the concept of "I don't want". If you spend your time dwelling
on negative things, that's what you're going to get.

The Law of attraction isn't going to solve all your problems overnight. But if you start practicing it on a
conscious level, eventually it will become second nature to you.

You won't have to steer your mind to thoughts of positive things. It will already be there. Positive thoughts
breed positive actions and reactions. Give it an honest try and you may be pleasantly surprised.
What if you didn't have to live payday to payday? What if you had all the money you wanted instead of
overwhelming debt? Maybe that sounds too good to be true. However, the Laws of Attraction can change
your financial outlook forever.

One part of the Laws of Attraction is that you get things according to the energy you put out into the world.
The universe will respond to it and send it back. For example, one person might go to the mailbox and say,
"I hope I don't get too many bills today." Another person might say, "I wonder who's sending me money

Who do you think will have a better mail day, on the average? The Laws of Attraction say that the person
who sends out the negative energy of worry and fear will get more to worry about and fear in return. The
person who is positive will get things to be joyful about, according to the Laws of Attraction. In this case,
he/she has a certain likelihood to actually get money in the mail.

Money itself may be one of the more difficult things to get through the Laws of Attraction. This is not
because the Laws of Attraction don't work as well. It's just because it's hard to be passionate about money
itself. It is easier to get excited about the things money buys.

The Laws of Attraction work hundreds of times better if you are very passionate about something. This
translates into a high level of positive energy, or vibration, that you are emitting into the universe. It works to
make things happen quickly. If you can get that excited about money itself, then the Laws of Attraction can
bring you the money you desire.

More likely, the things you will be the most enthusiastic about will not be little green slips of paper. They will
be vacations, houses, cars, maybe even airplanes. These things will excite you if you allow yourself to
dream about them. Then the Laws of Attraction can help you to get them.

If you want to use the Laws of Attraction, one way to intensify your desires is to find some visual way to
make them real. Take pictures of the things you want. Post them around your house where you will see
them often. Because the Laws of Attraction will bring you more of the energy you send out, make sure the
images in your home are conducive to a positive outlook.

Only when you are clear about exactly what you want can the Laws of Attraction work for you. Sometimes,
you can't actually take a picture. Sometimes it is easier to go through magazines and find pictures and
descriptions of what it is you want. Cut them out and hang them up. The more, the better. The Laws of
Attraction in the universe will respond to your desires.

Then, too, you can seek out your dreams by going on homes tours and test driving cars. Whatever you can
do to put yourself in contact with the reality of your dreams helps. It makes the Laws of Attraction work for
you. People say that money doesn't buy happiness. It's true that money alone can't make you happy.
However, if you use the Laws of Attraction to improve your financial situation, that can only be a good thing.
For many, "The Secret" hasn't been a secret for centuries. It's been going by different names. Every other
generation feels the need to rename it. To make it theirs. But changing the name doesn't change the idea.

The concept of "positive thinking" was the last topic and the "Law of Attraction" is the newest. But the focus
is still the same. What you think will happen, will happen. Your thoughts will manifest themselves into your
reality. The words change, but not the meaning.

Focusing on negative things will cause these negative things to become reality. If your life and mind are
filled with anger, hate and dissatisfaction, you will find yourself surrounded by those very same things.

Learning to focus your thoughts on positive things, love, happiness and contentment will have the desired
results and your life will be filled with these positive things.

Just wishing for the good things in life will not make them magically appear right before your eyes. It's a
learning process in which you teach yourself to change the way you think.

The average human mind tends to focus on the negative. Worrying about fears, whether real or imagined,
consumes much of our thought process. It's part of our survival instinct. Often this takes place on an
unconscious level, and we don't even notice these thoughts.

The Law of Attraction is the way to change your thinking process. Regardless of its name, the result is the
same: Improving your daily life through your thoughts.
These three steps are the foundation for the Law of Attraction. Whether we realize it or not, the Law is
always working. Positive attracting positive and negative attracting negative. Therefore skipping steps, may
cause results that differ greatly from what you intended.

Know what you desire and ask for it

Knowing what you want isn't as easy as it sounds. Aside from the basic physical needs, your mind is filled
with wants, desires and fears. Conscious and unconscious.

You need to know why you want the things you want. Maybe what you really want, isn't what you're asking
for at all. The conscious thoughts produce the same amount of energy as the unconscious ones. And if
they're contrary to one another, you're defeating yourself.

Believe that what you desire is already yours

Visualizing you having already achieved your desire is an important step. It's the "positive thinking" step.
Focusing on having it will create positive energy. The completion of your desire is a result of this positive


This step is the one where so many people lose it. It's the completion of your desire. Allow yourself to
acknowledge your right to have your wishes fulfilled.

For many accepting this is the hardest part. If you consciously or unconsciously feel you don't deserve what
you're asking for, you won't get it. If you don't believe you're worthy of having your desires come true, they
never will.
When Opposites Attract

When working with magnets you will quickly learn that polar opposites attract. This means that the
negatively charged pole will be attracted to the positively charged pole and the two will connect together with
very little user effort. The same rule applies in chemistry. Negatively charged particles will be attracted to
positively charged particles. Why? Because the negatively charged particles have something that the
positively charged particles want.

The same is true of people. Sometimes people who are very similar join together and live a happy existence;
they enjoy the same music, have the same values and do the same activities on Friday nights. They have
the same group of friends and attend the same church every Sunday morning.

Sometimes this is not the case and two people who are polar opposites are drawn together. Usually this is
because one or the other of them has something that the other wants. A person who is generally very
cynical and pessimistic may be drawn to someone with a sense of eternal optimism. An individual who has
spent their whole life following the rules dictated by society for proper behavior may be drawn to a free spirit
who is content to live their life the way that they see fit, regardless of the opinions of others.

Such matches at times may prove to be volatile, resulting in an explosion and the secondary damages that
go along with it. Other times they may balance each other, as in the case of the positively and negatively
charged electrons; the particles are neutralized when they are mixed together. These matches have long
since stumped psychologists and others looking at these relationships from a purely subjective viewpoint.
How can two people who have nothing in common form a strong, successful relationship? What they do not
realize is that it is simply yet another example of nature's own selection principles at work.

Forming a relationship with someone who is your polar opposite is not always going to be easy, regardless
of how well you complement each other. You are going to have different viewpoints on different issues and
different lifestyles to boot. The most important factors in these types of relationships are patience and
understanding. Remember that you knew they were very different from you when you chose to embark on
this relationship; you cannot expect them to change now.

Before you choose to permanently commit to someone who is your opposite there are a few questions you
are going to need to answer. What are their differences in the things that matter? (home, children, etc.) Can
you be happy with these differences? If the answer to the second question is no it would be wise to take a
step back from the relationship before committing to something that you cannot step back from. If, on the
other hand, the answer is yes prepare to enjoy a lifetime that, while it will never be smooth, will certainly
never be boring.
Anybody with the passion, the willingness and the heart to help people can become a life coach. The
problem though is that they are not enough to make you a qualified more so an effective life coach. You
need training and mentoring. But life coach training can cost with range of $3000 to $6000.

What if you do not have that much money? Does this mean your dream of becoming a life coach is over?
Well, not quite. There are ways of having an affordable life coach training.


Just like in schooling, you can also avail of a scholarship to help you pursue your dreams of becoming a life
coach. There are different companies out their who are willing to help you as long as you are qualified and
have the eagerness to be one.

One approach is if you are currently working as an employee of a certain company. You can inquire whether
you have scholarships or programs that would provide you with what you need. Most companies nowadays
provide such privileges to their employees since the whole company can benefit from life coaching.

If a scholarship program or training is not existent in your company, you could bring it up with your boss or
bosses and suggest the need for one. Most often than not, these programs will be 100% free of charge.

Another approach to this is applying for a scholarship to any of the top coaching academies. One of these
institutions is the International Coach Academy.

International Coach Academy is one of the world leaders when it comes coach training. They provide
quality, affordable and accessible training. The Professional Coach Training Program they have is certified
by the International Coach Federation. Best of all they provide scholarships to people who deserve it. Their
scholarship program gives scholars a 50% off from the training fees.

Looking For A Mentor

Another way of having an affordable life coach training is by having a mentor. If you are determined enough,
you can look for somebody, a life coach, who is willing to take you as an apprentice. This may not be formal
training but it does not mean that it will be less effective. Always remember that experience is better than
any teacher or trainer and your life coach mentor has this.

Of course it is not that easy to find someone who, in just a snap of your fingers, would jump in and become
your mentor. You need to gain their trust as well as you need to show that you really are determined to
become one. A "real" life mentor, once has seen that you have the passion and determination, will help you
in any way he or she can.


If none of the above works for you and you still would not want to give up, then this is your last resort – self
training. Self training would require you to have different source of information one of which are the books.
There are a lot of books that pertain to life coaching but you need not to buy one. These books are readily
available in your local libraries.

Another source of information is the Internet. The information superhighway has a plethora of information
regarding life coaching. You just need to be cautious though of which information you would use or not
depending on where you got them. Choose sources on the Internet that are credible.
Becoming a life coach is not as easy as it seems. And the truth of the matter is, life coaching is not for
everybody. A person needs to posses some particular characteristics or traits required before he or she is
considered to have the potential of becoming a life coach.

Why A Life Coach

Why indeed do people want to become life coaches? There are two possible answers to this question. First
is that being a life coach is very rewarding when talking about money. If you are an effective life coach with a
constant stream of clients flowing in then you can rake in a lot of money.

The second answer on why people want to become life coaches is that life coaches can get a feeling of
fulfillment and satisfaction. As a life coach, you have the ability to make lifestyle changes on your clients.
You can help them develop and improve. You become a part of your client's growth and achieve great
results in his or her life.

Characteristics of a Potential Life Coach

As have been stated life coaching is not for everybody. A person must have certain qualifying characteristics
for him or her to be able to become an effective one.

First and foremost, the most essential characteristic of a potential life coach is the eagerness to help people.
In the job of life coaching, a genuine urge to help will be very important for the effectiveness of life coaching.
Without this eagerness, a life coach will just easily lose patience and give up on their clients.

Second, a potential life coach must be a good listener. If you are the type of person who talks and talks 24/7
then life coaching is not for you. As a life coach, it is very important to listen to your clients. You will get all
the information that you need through your conversations and if you do not know how to listen, then you will
not be able to make an effective program for the client.

Third, a potential life coach has the characteristic of the willingness to be trained. A person can't just
become a life coach just because of his or her eagerness to become one. A life coach will have to undergo
several trainings to be able to learn different methods that can be utilized during sessions with clients. The
training process takes time and may take some fair amount of money.

Your Future As A Life Coach

If you fit all the criteria above then you have the potential to become a life coach. So what is in store for you
when you become a life coach?

Monetarily speaking, life coaching is a good source of income. Being a life coach is a very lucrative
business. In fact, a lot of people make a living out of being a life coach. But before taking that leap there
some things you should consider:

- Is it worth leaving your current job and become a full time life coach?

- Can life coaching maintain your current way of living?

- Are you willing to take the risk of running your own business?

These are the 3 questions that matter before becoming a life coach. But if life coaching truly is your passion
then by all means do not let anybody stop you and soar high.

Life coaching is a relatively new method of teaching people and helping them achieve their goals. Some use
it for business while some use it for personal gains. Nevertheless, the endless pursuit of human
achievement and contentment has proven a very important thing to ponder.

Man has ever been in constant inquiry of what to do in life, finding a reason of existence and using words of
wisdom to live by. Sages and wise men have sprung from the center of civilization, imparting declarations of
thoughts for other men to inculcate in their way of living.

One of these wise men is Takeda Shingen, a well known samurai of the mid 16th century. He focused on
the mere existence of a human being as a thinking being. In one of his famous lines, he said "Intelligence is
the flower of discrimination. There are many examples of the flower blooming but not bearing fruit."

This gives rise to a concept reaching beyond mere intelligence of man just being able to think clearly and do
the right responses in adherence to society. The intelligence he speaks of is a proactive intelligence, a type
of intelligence in which humans are able to go the extra mile in using his mind. This is the kind of intelligence
wherein man is capable of applying his knowledge and having that imparted thought bear fruit.

Man here is tasked to have an objective of being productive. Many people think well and think fast and
straight, but many fall short of thinking why he is thinking over something. Had it been that people use their
minds and help others think better as well, then it becomes quite different. There is now a co-active
coaching done and that both help the helper and the beneficiary in terms of learning from each other.

The Modern Samurai

Whenever someone thinks of a samurai, one can not help but conjure a thought of lightweight armors, sword
fighting, and honor system, all of which is in preparation of the upcoming battle. The enemies are always
present to bother and pester, but the thought of being prepared for battle and meditating that each day is a
day to die makes the samurai a strong person emotionally and spiritually.

Modern times include all the people from all walks of life, living in this contemporary setting where almost
everything is automated and makes manual labor almost non-existent. Because of this, the people are pitted
to use their minds in order to survive this competitive world where even friends have the tendency to out
learn and outmode other friends.

A modern man who thinks that he should only interact and complement the society's demands definitely
needs proper intelligence to communicate. That man may have thought of the right idea, but the real
question now lies as to how they would implement it in their lives and to be good sharers as well.

Like a samurai who is a servant to his master. He is guided by his principles to maintain his honor. The
modern samurai is a person living amidst technology, serving his own type of master: himself. Without
application of his intellect, he will still be able to serve others but will not be able to find any meaning to his
existence and why he is doing something for others.

He should first learn how to serve himself to know that the self has been taught. How can someone coach
others if he cannot learn to coach himself first? That is the way of the modern samurai – learning to teach
the self to be aware what to teach others. That is bushido life coaching.
A lot of people want to become life coaches. Life coaching is both a monetarily fulfilling as well as an
emotionally satisfying job. But becoming a coach is not as easy as it seems. You need to have the right
attitude and the proper training to become an effective life coach. Most often than not, someone who is
interested to be in this line of job need to attend a life coach school. So how do you choose a life coach

Life Coach School

There is a myriad of life coach schools all over the world but only a percentage of them can really be
considered as schools that provide quality training. There are certain criteria that you should consider when
choosing a school to train in.

First thing that you should consider is its training program. Although there is no governed education and
training for life coaching, there are certain self-appointed groups that are recognized all over the world.
These are the International Coach Federation (ICF), the European Coaching Institute (ECI), and
International Association of Coaching (IAC).

These organizations provide different training programs of great quality. The school you should choose is an
institution that adheres to the standards provided by any of these organizations.

Another aspect that you should consider is experience. How long has the school been in the life coach
training business? A school that has been established for quite some time would have had the experience
as well as the expertise to train their students effective life coaching techniques.

Feedback is also another factor that you should consider when choosing a school. Know what are the
advantages and disadvantages of the school from the points of view of their trainees. Most often than not,
feedbacks are unbiased.

Last but not the least, when choosing a life coach school, you should take into consideration the training
fees. Life coach training can range anywhere from $3000 - $6000. Make sure that the fees you may incur for
the training can be accommodated in your budget. It would also be good to inquire whether the school
provide scholarships or other programs that may help their trainees financially.

The School Can Only Do So Much

No matter how good a life coach school is but if a person does not have the right attitude to become a life
coach then everything becomes meaningless. There are a lot of people who wants to become life coaches
but some of them are there for the wrong reason – money making. Yes it is true that life coaching is a
lucrative job and a lucrative business. And yes there is nothing wrong with money making.

But you should keep in mind that in life coaching, you are holding the future of a person in your hands. If you
are doing it just for the sake of money making there is a big chance that you will just do the job half-

To become a life coach you need to have the proper attitude. You need to have the passion as well as the
heart to help people. Make the money making part your secondary goal. Helping people should be the top

With good training from a life coach school plus the right attitude, then you can be a very effective life coach
who could make a positive change in other people.
The Social Thinking Being

Human beings are social beings, living out each of their lives in the company and presence of others. There
is no known claim that a person can live on his own without degrading himself less of a human being. Each
person, being social as he is interacts with the people he comes into contact with.

The normal process of learning would be for each person to impart something, a thought, a practice, a
belief, a philosophy, or the mere absence becomes the learning experience for the other to start seeking for
answers to be properly integrated into the self.

Throughout the lifetime of a human being, he will be able to share himself and be shared with by others. The
influences that subtly change a person into what he is during the present is what he got from coaching for
life by those he had been with.

Coaching for life is quite simple to comprehend. It is the way an individual's personality having an effect with
those people in his environment. The closer they are physically, and socially will probably have a greater
impartment and thus would have a greater change in the attitude and behavior.

Though not necessarily impertinent in the sense that it overshadows another person's fundamental
behavior, it deviates and shifts the behavior of a person. It becomes a two way process for the involved
people, and a two way process to the individual.

The Paired Two Way Process

Coaching for life could cause either positive or negative results to the other individual. The same goes for
that same person by the people around him. Depending on what is more influential; a specific mindset is
subjected to a myriad of possible outcomes in terms of belief, attitude, and philosophy in life.

Morality is only a supplemental factor in determining what type of person arises from the many interactions
he may get throughout his lifetime.

Like a river run dry, any new rainfall will definitely fill up the dry riverbed, but the water that would fill the
riverbed may be murky due to the accumulated dirt when it dried up. Over the course of time, water coming
from the mountains, filtered and cleansed will start to replace the murky water that once occupied it.

Our characters are analogous to this dry river bed. We are always an empty vessel in constant need of
social interaction and the quality of character building depends on the people who carry the "water" that
would fill us. Coaching for life is an essential part of staying human, being able to think, feel, reason out, and
take action with the events that come our way.

It Never Ends

Even those who have physically passed away still have their philosophies immortalized by those who have
been affected deeply. Coaching for life may extend beyond the grave through the legacies these dead
personalities leave behind for others to ponder upon. A classic example would be the teachings of faith by
Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Buddha, and similar religious entities to their followers.

Several hundreds, perhaps thousands of years have already passed and yet, their words and teachings are
still kept as guides for spiritual growth and personal contentment.

Coaching for life for these personalities have been immortalized to such extent because of their great impact
to the people who accepted their philosophies and beliefs as their own.
Spiritual life coaching is one field of life coaching that concentrates on uplifting the spirit of the client. This
method is widely common now days. This approach affects the different material aspects of life by dealing
first with its immaterial aspect, the spirit.

Spirituality may be a vague term. Its meaning can be subjective, depending on the person who uses the
word. It can either be religious or not. But definitely it comes from within a person. Coaching in this field is
tapping that inner spirit to become active and in turn change a persons" life.


This type of coaching focuses on what is essential in your life. Your inspiration to live may have died or you
are dried out due to the toxicity and stresses of everyday life. This approach would fill up that yearning inside
you once again and the revival of your spirit is achieved.

Its product being tranquility, peace of mind, motivation, fulfillment, and simply the balance in life can be


At the beginning of the process you will be asked to evaluate your life. Here you get to see the vital areas of
your so-called life and rate it on how exactly you are doing along with it. Your coach will guide you through
this process of evaluation in order for both of you see what would be the best approach for you.

Discovering Yourself

After you evaluate, you would discover a lot about your life that you didn't consciously know before. Here
you will see the waterloos of your life. You get to discover your highs and lows, those points to work on, your
personal assets and characteristics.

You would also get to see your behaviors that you need to get rid off, improve, or keep. Self-awareness is
achieved and a sense of individuality is gained. In this process, it is not your coach that discovers you, but it
is of your own doing that you discover yourself.

Guiding Points

Your coach won't be the one to answer your life's problems. He is just there to guide you through it by
pointing out the problems that you have to work on. Thought provoking questions is asked to you to analyze
and see the real deal of your difficulty. He layouts the different alternatives or solutions, but then you are still
to be the one to decide.

Renovations And Innovations

Lastly, a spiritual coach can help you renovate your life, in the sense that your old spirit that has acquired
damages can be repaired. It is really hard to get rid of old habits especially if you had them for years, but
with having a life coach this is very much possible.

Innovations can be done too, in which your broken spirit isn't just repaired but also improved to the best it
can be. You can acquire new behaviors that are actually good for you. You get to improve on different fields
in life. In effect of having a renewed spirit is the price of having a new life too.

Spiritual coaching is not relying on your coach to pray for you or do mantras or perform spiritual ritual acts
on you. It is your spirit that is worked on, thus your own willing participation is needed. Basically, it is making
you see the diamond behind the coal of your spirit.
Oriental Value

Whenever I get to watch Japanese-inspired samurai movies, it catches my attention that the main character
has a purpose in undertaking what he is supposed to do, even if it means risking and sacrificing his own life.
This purpose of finishing a certain task is not only bound to duty but to something more important,
something deeper.

I usually am able to discern that the purpose of being is rooted in honor and self respect. My conscience
gives me a coaching in life for honor to be sought.

A samurai is not only concerned with his personal objectives but it is intertwined with a sense of self
preservation which is more than what can be perceived tangibly, even by other people. Honor for the
samurai is his most cherished and well kept treasure. Without it or losing it would mean shame and a loss of

It is the pride of the samurai to continue to exist in this world of interaction. Honor is the badge of self
respect he commands from other people. It is indeed important.

There was also a time which I remembered during one of my previous jobs wherein I was administering a
myriad of online gamers who paid for gaming service. Each day that I worked as a game master, I made
sure that there were no exploits or cheats done by the players that would compromise the integrity of the
game, as well as the other players.

Self Implication

However, it couldn't be avoided that there would be anomalies and corruption even in such an ideally
conceived work. I was not the only game master working. I had colleagues, some of which had different sets
of principles. It came to a point that some sort of dishonesty happening between unethical players and
immoral game masters. I was knowledgeable of the "under-the-table" transactions of some of the players to
have their online gaming characters hyped up.

Even if I could also make easy money from joining the bandwagon, money was not important to me, and so I
confronted these colleagues of mine and talked with them about it. It seemed that there would be no
compromise that is going to happen so I decided to resign because I couldn't blindly work in an honorable
manner when my colleagues wouldn't.

It just implies that I value my sense of self respect and honor. I would rather go do an action if it would mean
that I would gain the two before mentioned. Of course there are times when I make the wrong decisions, but
not because I deliberately compromised and gave up my honor for something shallow such as money or
fame or the like. Honor, like that of a samurai is important to me. It is my badge of respect that I can
command others to impart with me as I do with others as well.

I shall preserve and maintain this treasure that I have, and that which others may never get or steal from me.
It may diminish with mistakes that I do in my life, but as long as my sanity commands to strive for the
betterment of this, I shall remain internally self fulfilled.

If there would be something I may do to increase it, I will do as long as I am able to carry out the task
properly. Honor will be one of my root principles as I live in this earth. Honor as a coach in life is intangible
yet, it is one of the most concrete things speaking of my identity.
The Realization

I remember that day when my girlfriend and I parted ways almost two years ago. For a couple who had been
together for almost 6 years, it was very disturbing to think that I would be starting the next day being single. I
did not know where to start. I had been accustomed to having her beside me all the time, being with her
practically almost every moment I was not engaged in my academics and extra-curricular activities.

I didn't know who I was anymore. Six months of grief and feeling of loss passed. I had been constantly
seeking refuge and solace in my church as I attended midweek and Sunday services, but none seemed
soothing and assuring. I had no one to rest my weary shoulders. I needed someone coaching lives and
telling me what I should do.

It was only when I had started to practice my Quiet Time (personal talk and devotion with God) did I find the
answer. I woke up at 5:30am to devote my personal time to Him alone, and in that moment I opened up the
Bible, a message struck me and moved me intensely. The message was always there waiting for me to read
it and understand His message. The message was all about me. It said that I am His child, who was created
in His image, love and glory.

It knocked much sense into me. Here I was, all too busy to find a very shallow meaning of how I would be
able to carry myself being apart from what I was so used to that I forgot Him; that all things that I am was
about Him; that what I have and what I should be doing should be for Him. I realized that I am His son, who
is a manifestation of His glory and greatness.

I realized that I have to seek Him first and his righteousness. With that, I would be given what my heart
desires in His good time. I was able to know now my purpose of existence.

The Inspiration

A new desire for Him instead was born from within. In order to know myself better, I would have to know
where I came from and what my purpose was. That would be recognized and renewed each day that I seek
God. With it I have a purpose: to be an instrument of getting others closer back to Him and spreading His
word of the beauty and wonders of having passion and faith, and His promise of everlasting life and
blessings far more abundant than what we, as humans are limited to comprehend.

It didn't take much time to seek Him. He was there – always was. He was just waiting for me to stop and
actually look His way and acknowledge His presence. The rest was history. Sometimes we already have the
answers but we fail to look at the places nearest us.

We tend to look for something quick that we forget that when we speed up our pace, it becomes harder for
us to focus on things that whiz past us quickly.

By living our lives with Him and his righteousness do we become life's coaches. We may not know it but as
long as we have inspiration of Him in us as our fuel, it wouldn't be that hard for us to actually go about and
not notice that we ourselves are becoming instruments in coaching lives.
People live to exist and with existence along comes purpose. It is that one inevitable thing that every one
yearns for. It is usually the only thing that is left missing in a lot of people's lives. That's why a lot of people
now days cease to live their lives, and the main reason is? –They don't have a purpose to do so.

You may think that finding that sole purpose in life is very much impossible. Then if that's the case, you
better think twice. There are ways to find what you are looking for if you look at the right places. It's not that
easy to find that purpose, but it is possible and having a life purpose coach would be of great help.

Defining Roles

In this kind of coaching program, you are able to sort out your life and seek out your purpose. It won't be
your coach who will find it but of course it would be you, because you are the only one capable of doing that,
but you would need your coach to guide you through the process to see a clearer perspective of things.

No Arrows To Lead You

Sometimes you may feel that you are lost. You do daily tasks and activities just out of routine. There's a big
intersection ahead of you and you don't know which direction to take or pursue.

In situations like these, your coach would be your guiding path. He would let you see the different routes you
can take, the pros and cons of each direction and your means of going through that path.

When Everything Gets Stuck

On moments that you feel you are stuck with your life. When all aspects have seem to be successful yet
there is no feeling of contentment or fulfillment at all. When you think that there is no more steps to take,
your coach will be the one to show you that little extra step you need in finding what you are looking for.

Being Who You Really Are

Purpose is not dictated by the things that you do. Each of us has our own, and this is in our system from the
day we are born. Sadly, a lot of factors in our lives are culprits on why it got lost. Factors such as family,
peer, social, academic and even media influences us and makes us be unable to find our point of living.

Here, you get to honestly appraise your life and see what factors are over shadowing that purpose in you. In
the process you get to know yourself even more. You see in a new light your beliefs, joys, sadness and what
matters the most. It can be a scary process but in the end you get that enlightenment like no other.

You will be able to see what matters most. You get to set your real goals and aspirations. In a gradual
process led by your coach, you can achieve them in no time.

Your inner dreams and real wanting in life could be revealed and trying to achieve that would lead to that
sense of contentment for you. A new lay out of your life will be formed and this would bring you back the joy
in living. That excitement that was lost would be found once again and you can start existing the way you
are supposed to!
Are you insightful? Do you like working with people and having fun? If you have the heart, the enthusiasm,
and the passion to be of service then life coaching is a good area of profession to consider. First things first
though, you have to get proper training, and courses in psychology if possible,

Why Become A Life Coach

Have you ever gotten that feel good tingling when you know you've done something right? And that because
you've helped someone, more people like and appreciate you? Well life coaching is very rewarding, both in
a monetary and emotional sense. Helping someone grow, develop and succeed in life is a triumph that is
shared by a life coach. You as life coach are now part of your client's life; you help them reach the pinnacle
of success. Aside from that, if you are an excellent life coach you can earn as much as $10,000.00 a month.
A good life coach means a steady stream of clients, and this equals to income.

1, 2, 3 What Should A Life Coach Be?

Life coaching may sound easy, but it is not for everybody. Remember that you will be bearing the burdens of
your client. You have to have a certain gift of wanting to help for you to be able to bear the life of another
individual. Being a life coach entails huge responsibilities, so you have to possess certain characteristics
that are indispensable.

The most essential quality a life coach must have is the ability to listen and empathize. Sympathizing is
feeling for the client, empathizing is putting your self in those clients" shoes. By empathizing you are able to
visualize a client's life and reflect it to him so he sees how he is like, similar to looking into the mirror. What's
more you can make activities that are more appropriate and individualized. The key to being a successful life
coach is being able to listen without planning the rebuttal in your head.

Second is the ability to control ones urge to give advices. A life coach does not tell the client what to do. The
life coach helps the client realize what it is he or she is looking for. A guide must be fun loving and
innovative. The basis of life coaching is creating packets and interactive programs that aide the client in
internalizing and realizing potentials, wants, desires, and goals.

Lastly a life coach must be eager to help, and from this eagerness arises the desire to be trained. A life
coach's job is critical. You have to be able to recognize who needs encouragement and who has a serious
problem. Life coaching is highly criticized because a lot of people claim as experts without proper training.
Do not be one of those people. Get education and training.

Where To Get Training

Local community college's offer courses in psychology, and there is always abundance in training and
seminars out there. It is imperative that a potential life coach get some psychological education. Although life
coaching only deals with the sunny side of life and the minimal problems to be able to properly help the
client's basic lessons in how the human psyche works is important. Making coaching game plans need a
little nit of psychological knowledge.

It's Not Just Something You Try

Life coaching is serious business. We are dealing with people's lives, one mistake and somebody's life gets
Maslow's hierarchy of needs

There are times when we are at our lowest and become desperately in need of all the right answers. Even
how much we try to think straight, we are just so overwhelmed by our troubles that we allow it to just fade us
away from our capability of being a thinking being. We succumb to the woes of despair when we have
nothing supporting us.

We lose belief in ourselves. We need someone or something to bring us out of the dark, lest we yield to
death. When all else fail, we are held by one last effort to preserve our sanity. An entity we can not even see
or touch or hear, we call it faith – the invisible life coach.

We are dependent on many things in order to live peacefully and in harmony of ourselves and with others.
According to Maslow, a theorist during the 2nd World War stated that there are levels of motivation which
drives a man to be productive and positive.

Humans start with the basic Physiological needs like food and shelter, then seeks safety with socialization,
then seeks love and belonging from the social group, then proceeds with self esteem security from the
outcome of the previous three items, then reaches the pinnacle of harmonious human thinking which is self-
actualization, being able to integrate all the areas of needs into the self.

It is true that man has a way to gather these needs and actually make it his basis for self contentment, but
one major flaw in this is the possibility of a deficiency in getting all these which results to a breakdown of the
whole hierarchy of needs and puts the person back in the shadows of gloom.

Though the first five needs are ever present for the individual to gather and integrate, it needs a binding
base and a holding top layer. Whenever the hierarchical needs crumble, the person can still hold on to a thin
but durable layer to work his way back up, and when he is able to reconstruct until self-actualization, he is
able to hold it in place with the same layer.

This is where faith comes in. A sturdy belief in the unseen and believing that it will keep sanity in place is
something more than self-actualization as it goes beyond normal human thinking and tangible

The souls alternate type of fuel

We have learned to rise above the ashes time and time again. Others may have failed and allowed
themselves to be destroyed totally. Yet until we are breathing, we have the capability to turn things around
and hurl ourselves back into wellness.

We are given a mind to think of what to do, a heart to keep us strong against pessimistic events, and a body
to perform the necessary actions. The soul is the collective being of our mind, body, and heart. It can still
exist with a lack of the other, and is seated in the mind.

This altered existing entity no one sees drives each one of us to simply exist. We do not see, hear, hold, or
comprehend it, but we know it is there. We know that each of our souls need its own motivation, and it
needs a fuel which is ethereal to suit the ethereal life of our spirits.

Faith, among all others is the belief that we could hang on to when the material world fails us. Faith is the
food to our soul to keep our most basic existence in place, may it be with something, a deity, or any other
unseen object. It participates in our day to day living just like a life coach, only this time; it is invisible, yet
stronger than any other life coach that we may encounter.
Life has a lot of uncertainties; you"ll never know what you"re going to get the next day or the other. You
make decisions that slowly complete the masterpiece of your life. However, things don't always go smoothly
as expected.

If you"re feeling lost in the track of your life, or just simply unsure of what to do, getting someone trustworthy
that can help you is a wise decision. On the other hand, if you feel like you've already got everything that
you need yet that one little thing that keeps you from feeling complete, on either case a life coach can help
you for personal development.

How Does It Work?

By getting a service like this, you are given a personal coach with whom you are given scheduled meetings
either by phone, email or personal meetings, depending on the service available of the service provider or
what you prefer. These sessions run through a period of time, where you can bring up your personal
problems or those areas in life that you are a little lost with.

Work is done by the coach by focusing on you and targets your needs individually. You get to develop new
skills and habits that you would integrate into your everyday life. This change in behavior is for the
improvement of your personality and the betterment of your daily struggles. In the end a much improved you
is what you"ll see in the mirror.

Areas Of Improvement

In a program like this, you are helped on different areas of improvement. These areas include different
aspects of life such as mental, emotional, physical, social, aesthetic, spiritual and professional. With having
the right skill, you will be able to cope up with the every day stresses these areas give. You can also
concentrate on a certain area if the situation asks of it.

Going Professional

In the buzz of your professional life, an example of how a coach can help you are by making decisions like,
starting out a new business, or even taking it to a higher level, and making a career move. Be able to
answer yourself honestly if you are truly happy with your job or maybe it's not fit for you after all.

Social Wellness

By getting into a program, you can improve your socialization skills too. You get to learn how to improve
your behavior when around other people and so that they can like you. Or if you have other socialization
concerns, your coach would be open to talk about it.

Setting Your Goals

Not only do coaches concentrate on those areas but on goals and dreams as well. He would help you to be
able to set your goals and achieve them. You can see your dreams much clearly and turn them into reality.

Getting Physical

Your coach will not be a physical trainer, but instead he will be your motivator. He can refer you to a
professional physical program if you need one. He can help you by encouraging you to stick to the regimen
for you to achieve that goal you are aiming for.

Moving Forward

In whatever area in life that you are having a problem with, your life coach will be there ready to help you. If
you feel stuck at some point, he would make you take the step to forget and move forward. Just remember,
that he is not the one that will do the work. It's still you that can change your life to the best it can be!
Being a life coach is one of the most fulfilling jobs in the whole world. A life coach has the ability to make life
changes to another person. As opposed to the common notion, life coaching is not for everybody and not
just anyone can become an effective life coach. If you have the potential of becoming a life coach then
pursue this career path. Also you should know how to become a certified life coach since it will help you gain
the confidence of potential clients.

What are the Advantages of Becoming A Certified Life Coach

After your high school graduation what do you get? A high school diploma or certificate. After college
graduation what do you get? Another diploma or certificate. When attending seminars, what do participants
get at the end? Certificates. So in life coaching, what does it mean to be certified? Does it have any

In high school or college, diplomas and certificates are proof that you have complied with all the
requirements needed to pass high school and move on to the next level which is college. The same goes
when a person graduates from college. The diploma and certificates signify that that certain person has
completed all the necessary requirements and is ready to move on to the next level.

You may observe that some job applications require you to be either a high school graduate or a college
graduate and with your diplomas as proof. The same thing goes with life coaching. More people will flock to
you if you have certification.

The advantage of having a certificate is that it stands as a proof that you really are a life coach. In the world
today, there are a lot of "not so good people" who take advantage of other people. Anybody can claim that
they are life coaches when in fact they are not. A life coach with a certificate will be more comfortable saying
that he or she is a life coach since there is proof to back this up.

Getting Certified

So how do you become a certified life coach? Although life coaching has no official governing body that
approves standards, there are 3 self-appointed organization though that take on the job. These
organizations are the International Coach Federation, European Coaching Institute, and International
Association of Coaching.

When you go for your training as a life coach, it would be best to choose a school or institution that provides
training programs which are certified by the International Coach Federation. This will ensure you that you will
really undergo a training program of great quality which have been proven and tested through time.

There are life coaches though that, even without certificates are really doing their jobs effectively. They have
built their name through referrals and good feedback from their client. But even with this kind of status, it
would still be best to get certified.

This will not only give you a certified status but through the certification training one will be able to get new
information and knowledge regarding life coaching.
The term life coach has become a household name. People have started to accept the importance of life
coaches in their lives.

All of us will experience difficulties and hardships at least a few times in our lifetime. And when these events
happen, a person can either succumb to the difficulties and bury himself or herself in it or overcome these
difficulties and rise above them. A life coach can make that difference.

But with the number of life coaches growing everyday, how do find the right life coach for you? In this article,
you will given the basics of how to look for a life coach.

Determine What You Need

Just like choosing a life coach over baseball coaches, football coaches and basketball coaches, you also
need to choose what kind of life coach do you want. Life coaches also have specializations meaning there
are certain areas that they are really good at.

First thing's first, you need to know what you need. Do you need a life coach that will help you determine
your goals and achieve them? Do you need a life coach who will help you with your career path? Do you
need a life coach who will help you in your business? There are a lot of different possible aspects and you
need to know which one.

Life Coaching Style

Life coaches do things differently from each other. They all have the same goals but they differ in
methodologies. You can make the life coaching style a criteria when looking for a life coach. There may be
certain methods, styles and techniques that you are not comfortable with so better know them as early as
possible. You can also ask a life coach before you start your sessions so the both of you can make the
necessary adjustments if there is a need to.

Somebody You Are Comfortable With

There are times that even though it is just the first time you have a met with a person, you already have that
uncomfortable feeling towards that person. This could be an indication that you are not compatible with him
or her. You can also apply this when looking for a life coach. You can try talking and testing the waters.

If you do not feel comfortable with that life coach, then do not go through with it. An uncomfortable
environment is not conducive for development and improvement. Any session you will have will be futile in
such an environment.


Anybody can claim that he or she is a life coach. You need to be careful with this people. When looking for a
life coach, it would be good to ask whether he or she has a certification or proof of life coach training. But do
not just accept any kind of certification.

There is a self-appointed body that tries to set standards when it comes to training programs. This group is
called International Coach Federation. The ICF provides training programs certified to be effective for

In fairness to other life coaches, there are those who have no certification yet really are great life coaches.
They are usually known by word of mouth. If you encounter anyone life coach of this status, you may know
more information on the effectiveness of his or her services through the feedback of clients.
There is a certain point in time when a person becomes dissatisfied with his or her life. He or she might be
thinking that there is something more for him or her out there. It could be about the job, about love, about
financial disposition or about life in general. If you feel this way then you may be in need of a life coach.

Life Coach and Life Coaching

A life coach is the same as a baseball coach, a basketball coach or a football coach. The coaches teach and
train the players to change faulty habits, develop and improve so that they may become better players. A life
coach is similar to them. He or she coaches people to change faulty habits, develop and improve the
different aspects of their lives for them to determine and achieve their goals in life.

Life coaching is the process of developing and improving a person's life. It is a partnership between a client
and a coach for a certain period of time. The partners will have sessions that will focus on the client's needs
and other issues.

Through these sessions, the life coach will help the client develop different strategies and solutions to
improve. This is an interaction between two persons and it is not only the life coach who will be making the
decisions. The client will be actively involved especially in the decision making process.

Why Do You Need Life Coaching

The point in time when you want change (as have been mentioned in the beginning) can quickly come and
go. But this will be recurring from time to time which can become a bother. So what are you going to do
about it? Is it okay to let this happen for the rest of your life? Is it okay not to do anything about it?

Is it okay to feel dissatisfied? With a life coach, you will be given a helping hand that will guide you to take
that big leap and change for the better. He or she will be there to aid in determining the right path for you to
take to improve and feel satisfied with your life.

Benefits of Having A Life Coach

A life coach will help you ponder on what you want, why you want it, and how you can achieve it. He or she
will aid you in taking the steps from where you are now to where you want to be. A life coach will give
encouragement and provides support, confidence as well as motivation for you to achieve your goals.

Will You Really Benefit From It

Anyone can benefit from life coaching. It does not matter where you are or who you are, for as long as you
want changes and improvements in your life, you will benefit from having a life coach.

Life coaches have been effective when it comes to the different aspects of life. This includes financial
success, career, health, personal skills & confidence, happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment. It all depends
on you on what aspect of your life you need help with.


So do you really need a life coach? The only one who can answer this now is yourself. The basics of life
coaching and life coaches have laid down before you and it is up for you to decide whether you need a life
coach or not.
Being a life coach can be one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world. You can help people with their lives and
make money at the same time. But being a life coach is not an easy job.

A person aspiring to be a life coach needs to have proper training as well as the heart and determination to
help people. For those who want to be a life coach, here are some tips and pieces of advice on how to be a
life coach.

Definition of Life Coach and Life Coaching

You may already have some personal ideas of what a life coach is and what he or she does. Some
information of this may be true and some may be not. To remove any misconceptions of the job of being a
life coach, it would be good to learn what a life coach and what life coaching really is all about.

Life coaching is rooted in the methods of executive coaching which were derived from techniques that were
develop in leadership training and management consulting. It also forged its principles from different
disciplines like psychology, sociology, mentoring, career development and positive adult development.
Because of these though, it has been a misconception that life coaching is a kind of therapy but is actually

A life coach is someone who practices life coaching. He or she is someone who helps other people
determine and achieve their goals. They use different methods to do this. Methods of life coaches include
behavior modification, mentoring, behavior modeling, values assessment, and goal setting. They may also
modify existing methods depending on the client to make the coaching more effective. Again, life coaches
should not be considered as psychologists or therapists.

The Willingness To Help

One of the most important traits that an aspiring life coach should posses is the willingness to help people. If
you are just in because of the financial benefits of life coaching then it would be better to look for another job
or business. In life coaching, you should always think of helping first before thinking of the profit.

Communication Skills

Life coaching is communicating. In this job, you will always be interacting with people of different behavior,
attitude and backgrounds in life. As a life coach, it is very important that you have good communication
skills. You should know how to convey the ideas that you want your clients to hear.

Communication skills is not only about talking and conveying your ideas. It is also important for a life coach
to know how to listen. In this line of job, listening is a skill that is critically important for its success.

Undergo Training

The willingness to help and communication skills are definitely crucial to posses but they will not be enough.
As have been stated in the definition, life coaches make use of different methods to help their clients. Of
course these methods will not just occur to anyone.

As an aspiring life coach, you need to undergo different training programs as well as related seminars. This
will provide you with the skills on how to help your future clients. With the help of training, you will be armed
with the tools of the trade.

These are the 3 most important things you should consider on how to be a life coach. And not just any life
coach but a life coach who can effectively help other people.
The Requirements

There are a lot of academic institutions which offer courses, trainings, and seminars on how to become a life
coach. Many of these contemporary schools of thought and practice are situated in UK and adjacent
countries like Scotland, Denmark and other European countries. Including the United States of America, the
thought of life coaching has easily spread and gained popularity in every corner of the world.

So what does it take to become a life coach? One may actually try and seek for courses offered in the
internet and access institutions offering them. Some may even try and think that there are set authorities in
determining what a life coach student may have, feel, undergo, and train for in order to become a licensed

Fortunately, this social science is not considered to be the basis for self stature in relation to commerce and
industry, or any other thing. Life coaching is more than that.

Being a life coach does not require anything obligated to academics. Training to become one is more of
guidance from previous successful life coaches like Judge, Cowell, Whitworth, Kimsey-House, and other
similar personalities. Requirement to become a possible life coach is just a sane, sound, and an open mind.
Starting with the self in preparing to be a sponge eager to be filled with life's experiences as if it was water, a
potential and successful life coach is about to be molded.

The Objective

Sure it is easy to be a mentor, adviser, confidante, consultant, and a friend whose purpose is to help out
someone in need of a certain thing. A life coach does all that as well. Now you may ask what differences set
life coaches apart from mere consultants or advisers.

Objective. Life coaches have an objective to deal with in seeing to it that the one they are coaching would
get to what goals are set prior to the coaching. In contrast to just confidantes who give support, life coaches
are there to go along with the success of his pupil.

The life coach becomes more than just a teacher imparting words of wisdom and encouragement to his
pupils. He becomes a pupil himself to know how things work with the people he is coaching. It is co-active
coaching. The objective of the students become the objective of the coach himself as if he was the actual
person needing coaching.

Training with the experts may have brought about all the knowledge and techniques to properly conduct life
coaching, but there are still many instances wherein experiences in real life become the solidifying agent of
all the dust we refer to as learnings in life. Our objective as a life coach begins with the self.

After we have set our personal objective to be a sponge ready to absorb water, we then start dealing with
other people's objectives and help them reach it through active participation. It may sound silly but as social
people, we need to participate in other people's affairs.
There are different forms of life coaching available to meet the needs of their clients. As a life coach, you
can specialize on a certain field that you think you would do best. Each field is unique from each other, but
interconnected too. Sometimes, you have to integrate one field to the other to make your coaching

Relationship Coaching: Dr. Love

This involves helping your client deal with relationship issues in their lives. May it be a past love, present
relationship, or even making decisions on choosing a life partner. A lot of people nowadays have love as
their biggest problem. Teenagers and adults of all ages have this waterloo in their lives.

This type of coaching does not only include romantic relationships. It may also tackle family, friend,
colleague, and neighborhood relations. The client is made to realize that keeping the quality of relations to
other people is important for their own personal growth.

Business Coaching: Doing It The Professional Way

Here, you help your client to become successful in their business life. You help them make decisions that
are vital to their advancements. Clients in this area probably face problems such as lack of confidence on
themselves to run their business or to face the problems they encounter regarding the field.

As a coach, you help them see the clearer framework of the business world. You suggest on strategies for
them to evolve into a confident and successful businessmen. You can help them start a business, take it to
the next level, advertise effectively, finance wisely and set their priorities.

Management Coaching: Creating A Leader

Here, managers are the most common clients. They are coached on how to be effective and efficient
managers. You coach them to hone their leadership skills to the fullest. They usually face problems on
decision making, relating to their inferiors, co-workers and superiors. In the end, they are able to cope up
with the stresses of having a managerial position.

Spiritual Coaching: Uplifting The Spirit

This field deals with the less materialized problems. It involves uplifting your clients spirit, may it be
religiously or not. It can be beneficial not only to the client but also to the coach. The product of a renewed
spirit waits in the end.

Life Balance Coaching: Learning To Juggle

Clients who need to know how to balance all those different aspects of their lives whether physical,
emotional, social, business, academic and the likes, usually need someone like this. They get to learn their
priorities and see clearly what is really important and what truly matters in their lives.

Health And Fitness Coaching: To Live A Long Life

Clients that have health problems, most commonly weight problems enroll in this kind of program.

As a coach, you do not play doctor or a fitness trainer here, but instead you"ll be the one to refer them to
one. You are there to motivate them to make changes with positive effect on their lives and keep them going
until they reach their goal.

Being a life coach means aiming for the holistic development of your client. So whatever form of life
coaching you are in or planning to go into, remember that you shouldn't forget to look at the whole picture
and see whether there are problems in those other areas of your client's life.
Life Coaches Without Words

Some of the most successful therapies did not come from professionals like psychologists. Some haven't
been acquired through paid services. Some actually have not given any advice. These successful
therapeutic life coaches have just been present, and their mere presence are the things that helped people
cope up and overcome even the deepest regrets, depressions, repressions, insecurities, and stressors.
These are what we often refer to as pets.

When Life Coaches Other Than Humans are Needed

Articles and similar life stories relating to couples who can't have any offspring are faced with a heavy
burden of being labeled in society as incapables. Many couples find fulfillment in family status as soon as
they start having children...someone calling their own. Unfortunately, physiological limitations and
imperfections hamper reproductive functions. Couples in this situation seek something else to provide them
the comfort and security of loving someone – or in some cases something.

Many other individuals who have been left by their loved one, been physically hurt, in emotional distraught,
or alone in life like some elderly seek the same calming effect by these small life coaches. Even in hospitals
where ill patients are down and burdened suddenly come alive with hope and improvement because of
these pets' presence.

Pets Like Humans

This is where you would see dogs or cats, or any other pet so well pampered, and taken care like they were
humans. One would see them living in their owners' houses, eating the same food, being groomed, given
baths, being brought around and placed even in strollers! Many see this as utterly weird and nonsensical,
others may even refer to this practice as absurd and radical. However, these small life coaches are keeping
the burdened couple together and away from depression of actually having a real baby.

It is when these pets act like humans giving compassion and love and helping troubled people recover and
have a better outlook in life do they become life coaches. Like real human life coaches, pets in this manner
have the unspoken ability to impart the same comfort and self assurance to those in need of care.

And since they are living side by side with their owners, eating with them, sleeping under the same roof as
them, looking after them, and being there to share their presence filled with accompaniment, they are perfect
examples of co-active life coaches.

The wonderful thing about these pets is that they don't have to say anything, or advice any words of wisdom
and impart philosophical ideas for the troubled individual to think about. These pets are life coaches in a way
that they allow the person to reflect and see the beauty and wonder of being loved and having someone stay
by their side in times of loneliness or need.

This is the same method that some human life coaches try to implement. By keeping quiet for some point in
the healing process, they allow the person to have and conduct some self searching while being offered the
presence in case these individuals would need actual assistance.

These pets that are acquired just for the mere idea of being preoccupied and happy is already a small way
to distress us before it could get any worse.

They live with us side by side as we mature ourselves. Pets are more than just animals for fun and leisure.
They are life coaches that come in small packages.
Although life coaching is a great and lucrative business venture, this is not what the article is all about. This
piece will be discussing on the effects of life coaching in businesses. Can it really bring upon changes and
improvements to a company?

What is a Life Coach and What is Life Coaching

A life coach is a new breed of professionals aimed at helping people in any aspects of their lives. They are
there to aid people change and make improvements in their lives. It can be anything from careers, love, sex,
relationship, weight control, business, etc. A life coach will also focus on determining a person's goals as
well as achieving them.

As the word "coach" implies, a life coach is their to "coach" and not to direct as opposed to some beliefs. He
or she is not there to say, "you do this and you do that," instead, the life coach will create for you foundations
or lay down different paths for you.

It is up for you to decide which is the best path for you to take. Everything is all about you and it is also you
who makes all the decisions and not the life coach.

A life coach, as some may believe, is actually not a therapist or a consultant. He or she is not there to treat
psychologically ill or mentally unstable patients. A life coach is there for the healthy (physical and mental)
person who wants to implement changes in his or her life. With the help of life coaching, a person will be
able to achieve these changes.

Life coaching is the process practiced by life coaches. It has stemmed from other executive coaching with
techniques rooted on leadership training and management consulting. Life coaching is also based on
different disciplines which include psychology, sociology, career counseling, mentoring, and positive adult

In life coaching there are several techniques that life coaches use to help their clients. Most of the common
techniques are behavior modification, values assessment, behavior modeling, goal setting, and mentoring.
Techniques and methods also vary from client to client. It is based through the assessment of the life coach
whether which method would be best utilized for a client.

Improving Business Through Life Coaching

A life coach can make improvements in a business by coaching the employees that work under it. This is
usually the trend of companies nowadays. It has been observed that employees, especially those who have
been working under the company for a long time, experience a downfall in performance. This can be caused
by different reasons which include low motivation and stagnancy.

With the help of a life coach, these employees, including the bosses, can be revitalized to work more
efficiently. And people working efficiently would mean better business.

A life coach will slightly use a different method when handling groups. Most often than not, activities will be
based on groups and team work which will be geared towards the kind of business or industry the company
is in.

But it is not only during the downfall when life coaches become needed by the company. They are also
needed when a new departments are formed, inspiration before presentation of a proposal, or for team

It can't be denied that life coaching does have a big impact in the corporate world. Life coaching and
business truly is a perfect match.
The financial crisis has brought everything to a head. For a supposed super power the United States of
America's citizens is impoverished, and relying heavily on welfare. Every one is fighting to keep there heads
above water and under a roof to call their own. Michigan's auto industry has completely collapse. Giants are
begging for a bail out to keep them afloat.

Financial Struggle

You know you"re not alone. The news about foreclosures, high credit card debts and bankruptcy is a
national phenomenon. The knowledge that everyone else is down on their knees should not make you
complacent, because in the first place: why are you in that situation? Granted millions of people have
committed the same mistakes that you have. In the end however, you should have been keen enough to
recognize that you were going under.

With everyone clamoring for help, the internet has taken advantage and a lot of people are claiming as
experts in the field of credit. Unfortunately their supposed help will probably set you back even more than
you already have. You do not need an expert on finances, all you need is someone to make you see within
your self and realize what you did, and what is happening is your own doing and could only be undone by

Getting back in Financial Shape

The key to getting financial power and control back is learning how to budget. Taking time off to sit down
and review the amount of money you make against your expenses is the first step to gaining financial
freedom. The most basic step is often the one that's bypassed because everyone thinks that they have great
control over their spending habits. Do not leave everything into in to chance, its better to have things written
down, because then you are unlikely to forget it.

Identify, and Calculate

The second step is to write the things you do in a daily basis for a period of one week. In that one week how
many times did you go to the grocery? Eat out? Have a drink? Give in to the temptation and buy that perfect
pair of shoes which go so well with your new hand bag and designer clothes?

Did you know that making one trip to the grocery store with a week's list of needs and commodities will
actually make you some extra money left over for savings? Going to the grocery ones a week saves you
gas, time, and unnecessary spending.

As you eternalize, you will find out that you dug the hole you are in. More often than not you know that you
are not supposed to buy to cute jimmy choo's because you cant afford it and yet you still purchase the thing.
The absolute realization is that impulse gets you into trouble. So what should you do?

Life Coaching Tips

The use of a life coach to straighten up financial mess is also a good idea. Life coaching makes us more
aware of our selves as a person. We see the good, the bad, and the ugly all rolled into the life that we
currently are leading. Life coaches burst your bubble for you to pinpoint your own weaknesses, realize your
goals and take action to make your life better.
A lot of people give themselves good advice and not following these very advices which may help save
themselves from problems. Another problem we have is giving unsolicited advices without even knowing the
true facts of the situation.

A Low Down On Advices

All roads are paved with good intentions. A lot of people want to help, we want to aid people by shielding
them and deflective bad things, and especially to those people we love. An advice can turn something good
into somewhat of an overture towards a person's sense of self. One comment can become a potentially
uncomfortable situation.

Some people are sensitive. You may see them cry, they might tell you they are hurt, and they could say
something as to the why, however the fact remains that you do not have enough idea of the situation that
person is in. More often than not, people who love dishing out advice end up putting their foot into their

Empathy and Sympathy

Taking your cue from a life coach, you will see that a life coach never sympathizes with their client.
Sympathizing is taking another persons experience and making them your own. That is a selfish act.
Empathizing on the other hand is putting yourself in that individual's shoes. In short being him/ her for the
time being.

Visualize and Categorize

Advices are useless because they can be one sided. Every person's experiences are different. You may
have the same problem, but the process you had to go through before reaching that problem always varies.

Letting the client visualize the goal is the first step towards healing and finding the solution. For example: If
the problem is an argument with the boss. Making the client visualize his desired out come, let say making
up with the boss and getting a promotion will point the client to the path in which he wants to take without
dictating him to do. You see, sometimes advices can be dictatory in a sense that the other person will follow
the advice simply because they do not want to hurt your feelings.

If Not Advice Then What?

Time is the essence of life coaching. A coach can spend months and some even years working with a client
to achieve his goals and the things he wants in life. Time is valuable so make the most of it by connecting
with the client mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Achieving a degree of trust is usually the first step. Next
is listening intently, and then identifying critical situation in a client's life which you could catalyze on to make
though provoking activities for your client.

The thing about being a life coach is that although you do relate to the client from a time to time basis, you
give the client room to expand and be who he really is without having to worry of what your thinking. An
advice is not how a life coach makes the client see things. Instead the coach praises the client for his current
success and asks him if there is anything in his life he wants to change. By asking a question the coach
throws the ball to the client's court and makes him ponder on his own. The process of life coaching is not an
easy one. There are trainings and seminars, but there is no formal education. You have to possess insight to
be an effective life coach.
Happiness is the unending quest in which humans give their eyes and teeth for. A person has never reached
true success if he has never felt real happiness. As a matter of fact the declaration of independence states,
that happiness and the pursuit there off is man's in alienable right. Meaning it is a god given right.

Why Do We Have to Be Happy?

People say that life is complicated enough without having to be moody or sad every single day of your life.
According to science elation triggers hormones that are essential for proper metabolic function and well
being. The happy feeling also brings about the positive side of a person. Which ever premise you choose, it
is absolutely important for a person to feel happiness in his lifetime.

Reality Check

In reality however, poverty, stress, violence, competition, and oppression is all around us. In Africa and other
third world countries we see people dying of hunger, we see those in power abuse and beat down people to
gain a foot ahead of their own country men. We see everything around us, but we fail to look within
ourselves. Chances are your one of the thousands if not millions of people taking antidepressants.

Actually statistics say that 20% of Americans take antidepressant, and overdose of MAOI's are not
uncommon. The American Psychological Association asserts that children 14 and above will start having
depressive episodes at least ones a year until the age of 30. Sadness leaves a profound effect on the
human body and spirit. Humans tend to lean towards negativity because it tends to carry more weight that
happiness. The unfortunate thing is that scientifically deep rooted sadness is the underlying cause for
diseases such as, chronic heart failure, cerebrovascular accidents, apnea, and migraine.

Coaching vs. Therapy

It is important to prevent rather than cure. That is why when the first signs of restlessness ensue it is betting
to bring in a life coaching expert. Therapists focus on past events, to analyze the present emotional, and
mental condition of the people. They dig deep into the darkest corners of a person's mind to find the root of
unhappiness. Life coaches however focus on the present. Usually when a person feels the first nagging
doubt of sadness the cause is immediately within reaching distance.

Mind Power

Life coaching uses the power of the mind to promote a positive effect on a person's life. The mind is a
powerful thing. It knows, it feels and it aggravates a person into action.

Pursuing happiness is a mental effort.

Actualization is achieved thru realization. A person is better able to see the road when he knows where he is
going. It is not easy, although nothing ever is but with the aid of a life coach and the program a person is
better able to focus because there is guidance and mentoring.

As much as a life coach wants to help you achieve your full potential and are happy there are limitations as
to the scope of duties a life coach can perform. A life coach is not psychologically educated. Therefore they
are not equipped with the expertise to treat a mentally and emotionally distraught person who is on the
verge of utter hopelessness. If this is the case then it is better to seek medical help.
Men and Women seek eternal happiness. Some people say their fulfillment lie with success in career,
family, relationships, and pets. At the end of the day however, when you lie in bed awake can you truly say
that you are happy? How many of us can say that we are truly euphoric with the way our lives have turned

Suffering and Us

Anguish arises from the disconnection of our thoughts and emotion from the realities of life. Restlessness is
the root of all evil. We look at our discontentment and then view the outside world, but what we fail to realize
is that like sorrow discontent is rooted within ourselves. Yet, we have never bothered to investigate or
question our thoughts, our reasons for feeling uneasy. Time and time again, people try to feed their vexation
with jumping from one thing to another, always failing to correlate that although intangible discontentment is
not just a feeling it is a state of mind.

With the birth of everything Zen and spiritual one spiritual guru said that when you grind a knife against a
grinding wheel sparks will fly; that is the nature of friction. People argue with themselves because they weigh
whether to follow their heart or their mind. In end however people either jump into the fire or stay where they
are. What decisions should a person follow when it comes to love?

Love On The Sleeve

When you"re in love you get caught up in the moment. That exhilarating feeling when you see the person
you love; the butterflies in your tummy when you kiss. It really is wonderful. The bam! You get into an
argument or one or the other does something wrong and then you are embittered. So you go to a life coach
because you are at a lost.

The thing about life coaching is that coaches can't tell you what to do, they can't make you feel better. They
won't be able to take some of the pain out. What they can do however is make you internalize. Cry as much
as you can and realize just how you feel and then go from there.

Mind On The Bend

You"re probably thinking how can making you feel the hurt help you? It is the process of knowing yourself
that helps you. Recognizing how you feel and think will enhance your ability to rationalize and internalize.
Despite the disparity of the mind and the heart, the two are more intertwined than we think. Feeling and
emotions just like thoughts are all processed in the brain. The heart is a muscle. IT is the core of humanity
because it pumps blood. Feelings are processed through the mind and not the heart.


It seems that war is afoot and it's the heart versus the mind. It's supposed to be a synergy. After all when
you try to analyze how you feel you use your mind and when you think of the pros and cons of any decision
you factor in feelings. Life coaching problems of the heart is not about helping you pick the right decisions.
Life coaching will provoke you into action. What kind of action? Only you will know. So in the end we must
find the balance of feeling and thoughts when it comes to love.
Everyone is in a Routine

Morning breaks, people start their routine, businessmen begin thinking of the day's itinerary, students begin
packing their books, others think of anything under the sun, and even those without anything to actually do
stand by and wait whatever happens. One thing is common among all these: they are waiting for something
to happen for them to react beyond their routine.

It wouldn't be a surprise if ever the events in their lives would have a change in their way of thinking, or if the
events would just be a normal occurrence for them to shrug off and move on. These events will be
experiences, and these events would be life coaching for them.

When Dire Events Become Life Coaching Events

The normal routine for people to go about and do what they have been accustomed to do may not bear any
weight in their character building since it becomes automated.

However, given a situation where a bomb explodes, a car collides, or even be in an accident because one
has been so busy crossing the street holding a cellular phone and talking instead of concentrating on
crossing would definitely be traumatic enough to teach a lesson to the individual.

Unexpected events become life coaching incidents, especially if it teaches people what to do to avoid being
involved in an unfortunate accident.

When Rewards Become Life Coaching Events

On the same note, when a person is rewarded by something he did or contributed, and the reward is
significant enough for that individual to cherish, there is a tendency that the individual will keep in mind what
things are supposed to be done to be rewarded with the same thing. Life coaching in this manner is done by
inputting certain actions for rewards and keeping in mind that good things come when certain actions are
done in a situation.

When Experiences in General Complete the Life Coaching Process

So throughout the day, a person may encounter both positive and negative events. Some may have so
much good events and rewards that it boosts his self-esteem, and it becomes his motivation and drive to do
even better. Some unfortunately get more negative events and ill-timed occurrences that it may demoralize
the person and lose interest in what he is supposed to do.

Life coaching process in this manner is a double edged sword and is dependent on the person's mindset. A
person who is passive may succumb to hopelessness when faced with negative events, while proactive
people are challenged to overcome it.

A person's mindset is an incomplete life coaching method since it depends on the previous attitude that he
was brought up to be. This is but a small problem since there is an easy solution for this to help the
individual cope up with it.

This is where supplemental life coaching from people and professionals are needed. These supplemental
life coaches will enhance the positive and proactive mindset of the individual in order for him to look at things
positively even if faced with a negative one.

Experiences are good if the person has been molded into a proactive and optimistic person. Nonetheless,
being optimistic and having a good life coach perspective needs a constant maintenance of both
experiences and supplemental life coaching from other people.

And that is why socialization experience is also an important form of life coaching.
The Veridical Paradox

Is there a possibility that something unwanted is in fact needed? Is there a possibility that an enemy is a
friend at the same time? Also, is there a possibility that a contradiction is a contradiction in itself in an
endless loop? If any of those yield an answer of affirmation, then there is a possibility that a needed life
coach may be an unwanted life coach in the first place.

Usually, trends in society nowadays favor an individual seeking for a deep and personal connection of co-
participation with another peer referred as a life coach. In this aspect, that individual is in need of something
he wants to be inculcated in his lifestyle. The individual sees the necessity of having someone guiding.

Even with the presence of a personal coach for the existence and sanity of a person, a human being's way
of thinking is that he will utilize what is needed, when needed, and wherever the need could be applied with.
And that which is not needed is discarded or shunned away.

People, being social creatures have always been bent in preferring to be with people they want to be with. It
has been a stereotype that only friends are of value to each other and enemies are of the opposite value to
be discarded. But the fact remains that in order to meet and value the meaning of friends, there should have
been enemies to compare friends with. Now doesn't that contradict it? Here are enemies being of help;
unknowingly interacting in order for individuals to treasure friendship connections with others. So if that is
the case, aren't enemies the first friends of the affected individual?

Capability and Potential

It is quite hard to defend the statement "Which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Some might answer that
with chicken due to its capability to lay eggs, while others would choose the egg for its potential in becoming
a chicken someday, and since the chicken currently in check came from an egg.

Friends and enemies are no different from the chicken nor the egg in this chaotic world. Friends may have
been enemies from the past reconciled, and enemies may be the friends that had taken a different path in
life against your own.

So how exactly do enemies become a friend? We could put it into perspective that en enemy is already an
identified negatively social person. An enemy is already expected to be a cause of unconstructive outcome
when interacted.

An enemy has already made us cautious of what to avoid so that we do not experience the same unpleasant
things. Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try to think that they are not capable of doing the same thing
again, the fact that the person has already experienced doing it may carry it out again

By logic, our enemies have already been teaching us pointers in life to learn from those things we do not
wish to experience again, and to overcome such pasts and be much stronger in life. They have indirectly
been capable of inflicting a painful encounter and have potentially warned us of what may happen again.

Whether we like it or not, each of our enemies has been an unwanted life coach in our lives. They have
been unforeseen friends amidst the disagreeable encounters. My enemy is my friend, and my friend may be
my enemy.
The problem with people nowadays is that they do not have a goal in life. This is true not just for the younger
generation, but is also true for the older ones. Fortunately, there are now people whose job is to help people
determine their goals in life and aid them in achieving those goals.

These people are called life coaches. But with a lot of people calling themselves life coaches, how do you
spot a qualified life coach who could truly and effectively help you?

What is a Life Coach?

The first step in spotting a qualified life coach is knowing what a life coach really is. The job description of a
life coach is someone who aims to help people determine their goals as well as achieve them. A life coach
practices life coaching which uses techniques developed in executive coaching.

A life coach uses several different methods and techniques to aid people. These techniques were developed
from leadership training as well as from management consulting.

Common Misconceptions About Life Coaching

People have several misconceptions about life coaching. There are those who think that life coaching is
synonymous to therapy or consultation. But life coaching is neither of those things. It is not targeted to treat
anyone with mental or psychological illnesses. It is all about coaching (as its name implies). As coaches,
they train and guide people about being goal oriented.

But these misconceptions though can credited to the different inspirations of life coaching. The practice of
life coaching, as well as its principles, is rooted to different disciplines. These include the disciplines of
psychology, sociology, career counseling, positive adult development, and mentoring.

Qualified Life Coach

Now that you have an idea of what a life coach is and what it is not, you already have the basics of spotting
what a qualified life coach is. He or she is someone who aims to help people with their goals and he or she
is not a therapist nor somebody who treats a person with mental and psychological illnesses. But these are
just the basics and will not suffice in determining whether a person is truly a qualified life coach.

Life coaching has no official regulatory standards and no governed training or education thus anybody can
call themselves life coaches. The lack of these standards would also mean that no certificate can prove that
they truly are qualified life coaches. This also means that no life coach training will give a person any
standardized certification. So what do you do?

There are two ways to go about this. First is by word of mouth and the other is training experience. Word of
mouth means that a lot of people are saying good things about that certain life coach and they are eager to
recommend his or her services to other people. They will also be the persons who can tell you about the
effectiveness of that life coach.

Another determinant of a qualified life coach is training experience. This is different from an "unstable life
coach certificate." You should remember that life coaching uses methods like values assessment,
mentoring, behavior modeling, behavior modification, goal setting and other techniques.

Since these are the tools of his or her trade, a life coach should have training in at least one of these fields.

Last but not the least a qualified life coach is someone who you can easily communicate with. Even if a life
coach possesses everything stated above but if you do not "click" with each other, then that certain person
is "not" qualified for you. This though is speaking from a subjective point of view.
You have always wanted to become a life coach ever since you were a fetus. And now, after months or even
years of preparation and training, you have become a certified life coach. Now what? It seems like you have
hit a wall and do not know what do to next. Well, here are some tips and ideas that may get your engine

Target Market

The first thing you could do is to determine who your target market is. Do you want to be a corporate life
coach who helps corporate businesses and their employees or do you want to be a life coach for individuals

Next is to determine who you want as are your clients. Do you want your clients to be men or women? Age
ranging from 25 to 40, 30 to 50, or 200 to 300 years old? These are the decisions that only you can make. It
is all about your preference. You could start out by choosing clients who you can work comfortably with. If
you are more comfortable working with men, then do so. If you are more comfortable working with women,
by all means, do so.

Slowly by slow you expand your targets. You can start life coaching other than those you are comfortable
with. You may have started with men but now you can start with women and try to accustom yourself
working with them. You try to become more comfortable.

Be Confident

You have worked hard to achieve what you have achieved and you should be proud of it. Show your self
confidence in the kind of work you are doing. You should see yourself as a polished professional that is very
effective in the line of work you are doing.

By being confident, you are also building self esteem and more belief on yourself. Once you feel this
yourself, you emanate this to your surroundings, environment and other people which include your clients.

Market Yourself

A life coach is not a coach when who or she has no one to coach. As a beginning life coach, you need to
market and make yourself known to other people. There are several ways to market yourself especially over
the internet. You can write articles and you can even make your own blog site. Content should be about life
coaching and other information related to it.

You could also write things about yourself and the services you provide. A tip when writing about yourself is
knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are. But you do not want other people to know your
weaknesses so you write all about your strength. But one thing you should keep in mind though is to never
go overboard as to lie about your weakness and turn it into a strength. The key here is to always tell the

Join Activities for Life Coaches

Every once in a while there will be activities like seminars for life coaches. As someone who is just starting
out in this career path, joining these activities will be greatly beneficial.

You can meet other life coaches who have been on the job for years and have had accumulated valuable
experience. You can ask them for some tips or pieces of advice regarding your current situation.
At your first encounter of the term "life skill coach" you may think how absurd it is to be able to coach some
other persons" life. But it is definitely possible to do that. There is more to coaching than the term it self. A lot
of people are in the limbos of their lives now and they need someone to put them back on track and that's
what life coaches do.

Being The One Not just anyone can call them selves a coach and go leading other people. To be one, you
have to undergo training of a Life Skill program. Once you are certified to have the knowledge and the
experience you become a professional on the field.

There are personal characteristics that are important to be a successful coach. First off, is that you have to
be mentally and emotionally stable to help others. You should be able to deal and get along with different
kinds of people. You should be accepting to them and is able to express your self clearly to convey to them
what you really mean in order to avoid confusion.

It's not that easy to coach, since you would have to be socially detached to be objective but sufficiently
involved to be able to "feel with" your client. You must gain a balance between the two so that whatever
comes out from your mouth would not be biased and lead them to some decisions that aren't well thought of.

Being The Light Coaching does not mean you tell the person what exactly to do in his life. It is more of
guiding him and making him see the different facets of his problem. You help him with all aspects of life
whether spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, social, professional and even aesthetic.

You don't answer their problems but instead you ask them thought provoking questions for them to be
enlightened and see the possibilities of their situation. It's like lighting up the path for them so that they may
see the clearer picture that they are in. You help them achieve their goals and dreams, but that doesn't
necessarily mean that you do it for them.

You aren't their attorney, doctor, maid, professor beautician, priest, accountant, fitness trainer and the likes.
You don't do therapy either. You play a much different role from the list. What you do is help your clients
make sounding decisions in their lives. Recommending clients to other professionals such as those above is
done too in the case that they need to see one.

At The End Once you have successfully coached, it may not seem obvious to you but you actually have
given your client skills that he needs in life. They get to think more effectively and make decisions wisely
than before. You also give them a sense of companionship throughout their struggles. This companionship
is basically enough to keep them holding on but you give more than that.

They achieve self-awareness and a sense of fulfillment. They acquire a balance of the different aspects in
life that used to be like an unsolved jigsaw puzzle for them. All of these are possible because of their
participation and the little nudges you give them to bring them back to their personal tracks in life.

There's nothing comparable to the fulfillment you get in helping out others at the same time its not that easy
for you either. Are you ready to coach a life? Now it's about time for you to make the decision!
Some human resource personnel wonder why fortune 500 companies have one of the best executives in the
country. What they don't know is that top businesses have been using a secret weapon for years now.

Justifying the Need for a Coach

People think that just because you"re successful, and in a high ranking position with a ridiculously large
amount of salary, you"re happy. What they fail to realize is that the bigger the wage, the more elevated the
post, the greater the responsibility. What's even more difficult in this situation is that an executive has to
smile and bear it even if their heads are exploding with all the problems, and complications they have to

Seeking support is not a sign of weakness, instead in strength because it takes a lot of courage to admit that
"no man is an island".

High Rise Pressure Cooker

A ranking company officer is expected to perform well, and to deserve the designation given to him/ her.
People below and above you bank on your leadership abilities, skills, and excellent decisions. They will
continually expect that you will always be the best. In fact you will be called upon to speak in behalf of the
company; to give advices on success, business and marketing strategies, and how to handle complex
dilemmas. All these and more is expected of you. It is presumed that you handle your professional and
personal life in manner of unequaled grace.

Personal and Emotional stress

Quite naturally there may be times when all you want to do is hide underneath the sheets and be invisible.
Unfortunately if you are one of those people who set high standards for other people and an even higher
one for yourself, then hiding is not an option. Putting pressure on oneself is not uncommon. Many people
who achieve a great level of accomplishment are there not because they give themselves a pat on the back
when they do something right. Instead, they are on top because every time they triumph they dissect the
situation and look for ways to do things better.

The downside to being good at what you do is that despite reaching far more than the expectations of
others, most achievers never seem to be contented of their performance. Hence, these people fail to see the
flowers that bloom from the roses they have planted.

A superior executive coach will recognize all these and help draw out the client. Putting the pressures in a
different aspect will help the client see things in a different perspective.

Life Coaching Benefits

The benefits of life coaching cannot be measured. Employing a life coach is like having a friend to talk to
and a guidance counselor all rolled into one. Life coaching makes you feel interactive, and open without
having to delve in the past. The present and the future is what matters the most. A life coach is a
professional listener who helps people internalize and realize their wants and needs to better set goals and
maintain a sense of self without having to change careers and antagonize family.

It is a sure bet that you probably needed a friend one time or the other but was too afraid of being judged
and later betrayed. A life coach is duty bound to be professional in handling all confidential matters. Life
coaching is a synergy between client coaches.
The Situation

Many people who get stressed seek the professional help of psychiatrists, consult with psychologists, and
depend on medication prescribed and handed upon payment by pharmacists. It becomes a trend in very
busy people, either emotionally, physically, spiritually, or mentally.

A successful psychiatrist will cost several hundred to thousands of dollars throughout the program, and will
actually be stressful enough on the budget. Those who are well off and can afford this type of help are
fortunate compared to those who are conscious of their budget. Life coach methods are not utilized in this

The bad side of professional help in this manner is that it is not deep enough to leave a lasting effect that
could enable the individual to actually help himself and be independent.

This may temporarily help alleviate the causing stress for the individual and resume work or chores, but
sooner or later stress would build up again and soon, he is back into the psychiatrist's office, propped on the
sofa, and cashing out hundreds of dollars again.

The Approach

The life coach therapy is more than just guiding the individual to self realization and acceptance. Life coach
by profession is more of a guidance counselor, seeing to it that the problems causing the stress to an
individual is not only handled properly, but looked upon as a positive sign that these problems are and will
always be present, and that the individual's responsibility for better stress management is to include the
problems into daily routine.

This life coach therapy is a co-active approach wherein the one helping is also immersed in the situation as
if he was actually part of it. This is needed to understand the level of healing a troubled person needs for
recovery. Instead of just being a spectator to the events of the individual, a life coach would actually
inculcate the way the same stressors trouble the client.

The Cheerleader

A life coach is a cheerleader in a way that he is there to initially place the client in a positive mood in
preparation for a more positive outlook throughout the conversation. Proper communication techniques are
employed wherein the life coach allows the client to speak out freely of his woes and troubles and concerns.

A life coach in this manner becomes your morale booster in the initial phase of the healing process of the
person in trouble. A life coach has the responsibility to initially maintain the little morale that is left in the
person in need.

The Big Difference

This may be so much similar with psychiatrists and psychologists but a life coach goes beyond just a client –
doctor relationship. It becomes more of a friend – friend relationship, with the life coach following up on the
status of the troubled individual, offering philosophical advice rather than diagnosing the problem of the

This manner helps the individual feel less like a robot just waiting for repair parts to be given, and make
them feel more of a human being, being cared for and being given concern.

Rather than direct scientific approaches are administered to them by psychiatric and similar methods, a
more personal and social approach of life coach techniques are instead identified.

There is a broad range of life coaching techniques, from personal to business type of coaching. Whatever
the objective a person in need has, different approaches may be utilized. It is similar to having a best friend
guarding and supporting your back whenever you feel down and hopeless.
Do you feel like you"re on a slump lately? Most of the time we want so many things that we don't know
which road to take; more often than not we find out that if we put our mind into it we can actually succeed in
numerous career choices. This new found realization makes things even more complicated than it already

Being able to find out which things we are passionate about is very difficult because we desire a lot of
things. When we reach the pinnacle of success we think that we will want nothing more, and yet when we
get there things get even murkier and murkier that we eventually loose our sense of self completely.

Just Like Alice

Success is not the basis of finding ones self. Advice is useless, because no matter how many people you
talk to if you don't heed what they say then it means nothing. What's more other people's opinions are one
sided because they do not know the entire situation. Only you have the power because you are the one who
experience your life from every degree and angle.

Coaching In A Nutshell

Contrary to popular belief life coaching is not like therapy. Life coaches are not like psychologists either. Life
coaches acts as radical catalysts to provoke you into action. Life coaching is an alliance; a synergy between
the coach and the person being coached. Life coaching is founded on the belief that people know the
answers to their own questions. If you are on a journey blindfolded, you and you alone can take the covering
off your eyes; and so they incite you to discover your life's purpose may it be in relationships, career and
everything else in life.

Experts Of Life

Most people ask if life coaches are experts in life. Of course they are; they are experts in their own lives.
You see a life coach does tell you what to do, because that's what they did to make their own lives
successful. Every person is different; every way of life has their own variations. We are the authority, the
only qualified person to make decisions and suggestions regarding how to better our lives emotionally and

We may not know it, but we have the power to recognize which key decisions in our lives are best for us.
Every day we make trivial choices that although we might not realize it at first these decisions actually have
a great impact in our lives. Life coaches can help us realize certain aspects of our lives, and then provoke us
into action to make life more fulfilling.

Making Life Work

There have always been these standing rules that we should segregate our brain from our heart from
making decisions. What others fail to realize is that when the heart is connected to the brain, we make better

Life coaching is often used by fortune 500 companies to keep their employees focused and content. People
at the top of their game are coached so why shouldn't we be? A chauffer is no different from a company
CEO is a sense that both serve their purpose in society. The question is the two happy with the path they
have chosen? Life has many facets to contend with. Pinpointing these areas and dealing with them
effectively takes a lot of soul searching and nothing's wrong with a little urging.
Have you read the best selling novel Twilight? A lot of people are going crazy over Edward and Bella. What
does this have to do with life coaching? Read on to find out.

Bella Swan

Bella is the heroin of the series. She is bright, shy, insecure, intelligent, quiet, clumsy, and beautiful. The
book begins with Bella moving into the town of forks to live with her dad because her mom have to move a
lot because of her step dad's job. On her first day of school Bella sees Edward and without meaning to she
seems pulled into a trance, she can't help her self he has this magnetic presence. Despite the danger and
warning signs Bella goes for Edward. Let us pretend that Bella is our heart.

Edward Cullen

Oh my gosh!!! Everyone is gushing! He really is handsome anyone can admit that. Mysterious, is what every
girls dream and yet... In turmoil because of his undeniable gravitation towards Bella, Edward fights an inner
demon: Himself. He distinguishes between his passion for Bella and his appetite for her. Successfully he is
able to choose to be with her without harming her. Equipped with mind reading powers it is appropriate for
us to say that Edward represents our minds.


Gloomy, rainy and quiet little town forks is our lives. The rain is the constant trials in our lives just as it is an
annoyance to Bella.

The Exercise

With all our assumptions let us make an analysis. Looking for excitement in our other wise boring lives we
delve hungrily into the story and see ourselves as Bella. What we fail to realize is that once in the history of
our lives we were in fact and might even be "Bella" right now. Why is it that people always fall short of
appreciating their lives? Instead they put stock on fiction. They want to be Bella because they believe she
lives an exciting life. Just like we let other people tell us what to do. Remember the part where in James
used an old video tape of Bella to lure her into the dance studio? That's you! Despite warning signal from
Edward you still go thru things which know will put you into trouble.

Then there's Edward, constantly battling with himself. That's you also. Our lives are a constant battle with
ourselves. We battle with laziness, being tired, being hurt, and pretty much everything else. What we fail to
realize is that if we don't like forks then we can leave anytime we want to. See the thing is, if we keep on
leaving all we do is transfer a lot. Life is not playing the cards you"re dealt with, its making the cards you
were given win!

If Forks is gloomy, instead of going surfing, garden! If you don't find contentment in this, sit and ponder.
What do you really want? What do you feel? What if you have no way of getting put of forks, what will you
do? We are so out of touch with reality that we forget to touch base with the most basic things in our lives
that we forget what's right in front of us.

Life coaching makes us correlate, internalize, and really get into ourselves. They make us do certain
activities in order to provoke us into action. It like when you"re angry and you do something spontaneously.
Life Coaching is all the rage. Improving oneself is in and a medical definition of your problem is not so great
to hear. The Life Coaching profession in America is booming. Therapist out life coaches in.

What Does A Life Coach Do

Generally speaking a life coach helps people empower themselves by learning to recognize key things
about one's feelings and thinking. There are a lot of discontented people in America and they would to get
their lives revamped. The problem with this profession is that it is yet to be regulated and a formal set of
education has not been established.

A life coach in unlike therapists because they do not rescue the deeply depressed they only wish to guide
people whose lives are only slightly askew. In short life coaches are someone you work with in order to set
your goals straight and for you to follow those goals. Life coaches do not delve on the past history of client's
life. Instead they tackle today and the future.

Who Get Coached?

For those macho men who hate getting into the emotional stuff life coaching is extremely popular. What's
more, because life coaching takes on a sports persona kids and families in general respond better to the
programs. Life coaching is not all about talking, a guide gives certain activities where in there is equal

The Downside of the Matter

The problem with life coaching is that it is an unregulated profession. Although a lot of life coaches have
trainings and education regarding this field, still a number remains undisciplined in this arena. The life
coaching profession has no basis for qualification, no unified approach as to what makes a life coach a life
coach. Most of the guiding practices are unproven and no extensive studies have been done.

These unproven methods pose a certain risk because life coaches are not equipped to recognize if their
clients have serious mental illness and therefore will have to see the appropriate physician. The guide might
put him/herself and the client in danger.

The need for a cheerleader, a planner, a sort of life secretary if you will is a good premise, but what people
really need is more than that. What if the life coach fails to see the signals that a certain person is not only in
need of a pick me up but is actually in serious trouble? Experts are getting wary, they want mental
professional to enter the field of life coaching because they are better able to analyze a person's psyche and
actually deliver the appropriate needs.

In the past, life coaching was used as a business motivational tool. Human resources see that high powered
executives do get restless and might want to evaluate their lives. Life coaches are used to help those
worried individuals see reality and appreciate what they have while going after what they are passionate for.

In Closing

Unlike popular belief, life coaching is not a quick fix. The session can take months and months of activities in
order to really see ones self clearly in connection to reality. Life coaching is interactive, it is positive, it moves
forward. These are the reasons why life coaching is actually good for people. The emphasis however is on
whether a life coach is qualified to be one or not.
What exactly is meditation? It seems that so many people nowadays are hooked up with this form of
activity. By definition, meditation is often used to describe the individual's state of intense attention on an
object of awareness or thought. The individual tries to turn his or her attention inward. Meditation is said to
be of Vedic Hinduism origin. This is usually practiced in the eastern religions but now even the western
culture is already involved in such activity.

People want to practice meditation so that they can focus their mind to God for their personal development,
to attain peace of mind, and to be healthier.

Many Americans are now involved in some form of meditation. According to Time Magazine there is one
meditation practice that can be used by almost anyone. This can be considered as the basic primer of
Americans wanting to begin meditation but have no idea where to start.

There was a book published last November 2005 authored by Victor Davich that is all about the 8 minute
meditation. If you purchase the book and study it carefully, you will learn a lot of things about meditation, and
you can do it in just 8 minutes.

Almost every individual who starts with anything new to him or her will often have lingering questions, hopes,
and doubts about it. There are even people who hopes that when they begin to meditate, they will be
enlightened. Or perhaps you're one of those individuals who think that meditation is just like an exercise or
diet that you've been trying to do for the past few months. But these things are normal; so don't be surprised
if you're also like that.

The best thing to do is to face all the positive and/or negative expectations, and after doing so, forget about
them and start with a clean slate. If you want to try the 8-minute program of meditation, you should learn
how to approach it one minute at a time.

While many people think that meditation is a simple practice, then you'd better think twice. You might not
notice it, but your mind is always racing from here to there. You can't concentrate. According to the book's
author, you must watch your breath. This is the very first step to meditation. Do your inhalation and
exhalation by breathing deeply. If you always do this and just keep on practicing, you can become good in

As a word of reminder, if you catch yourself thinking about other things, or in other words your mind strays
off, focus again on your breathing. After all, meditation is all about concentrating and if you realize that
you're not on the right track, you can always return to that state of mind gently. Don't get discouraged easily
and just keep on practicing. There is a popular saying that says practice makes perfect; so always keep that
in mind. If you quit easily, then you will remain a quitter.

Meditation can help you in achieving peace of mind. With all your problems at work, in your family, and the
entire world, you should at least experience a few minutes of peace. Don't miss this chance to attain
personal development at no cost at all.
There is a cliche that goes as 'to see is to believe", which is much true in this world where most people are
visually inclined and proofs of existence is vital to live. Having faith into something that's unseen is often
questionable by society. So would you believe someone if he tells you that you can change your life by
listening to a message that you can't even hear?

What Message? Louder Please!

Subliminal messages are messages that are embedded into another media for it to be conveyed. Such
subliminals are said to be able to affect your behavior or actions. It is said that it can induce you to do
something, depending what the message tells you and not knowing you are being influenced by the

These messages can come in the form of music where the subliminal message can be embedded in your
favorite band's CD or with in your favorite song. The trick is, that you can't hear the subliminal message but
instead, you only hear your favorite song. Thus, you won't even know if you are being influenced.

Today's Trends

With high technology just a stone throw's away, self-helping subliminals are distributed much easily through
different medias like audio or videos. It can be ordered through the Internet and with just one click from your
mouse with payments settled, you get what you ordered for in an instant. The question however is does it
really work?

Two Sides of The Coin

There are two schools of thoughts regarding those self-helping subliminal messages. First are the people
who say that subliminals really work, while the other say that's it's just simply a product of your imagination.
Before purchasing a product like this, it is important for you to know both sides before you decide.

Go For It!

There are a lot of studies claiming that subliminal messaging is highly effective. There was one incidence in
a movie house that a subliminal message was flashed in the screen telling the people to drink coke and eat
popcorn, the results were actually astounding since the sales of coke and popcorn that night went sky high.

Of course those in the business in subliminal messaging would advertise their products the best that they
can. Thus, there are a lot of testimonials of those said satisfied customers in the websites of those
companies selling these products. However, it is subjective on whether you are going to believe them or not.

It's Just Your Imagination

There are people on the other hand that say, since you"re the one that bought your own customized
subliminal product, you already know what message you put in it. It can be a product of your imagination, or
a psychological conditioning, that you do a certain action when you listen to that message.

An example is you bought a message that would help you stop smoking. Because you set your mind that
what you bought is actually effective, your cravings for smoking is lessened because you tell your self that
you"re under the spell of a subliminal message and that you don't want to smoke. It's like it's all in the mind
since you know what behavior you are being conditioned to.

In the end, the decision is still yours on whether you would opt to use subliminal messaging or not. Just
remember that there's no greater motivator than believing in you.
Everyone deserves to be happy. In fact, this can only happen when there is abundance and prosperity which
happen to be the basic principles of Reiki.

Abundance and prosperity Reiki can only be achieved by following the five principles namely give cheerfully,
change your voice if you want to desire, know your life's purpose, be aware that there must be no mistakes
or regrets and living the mantra.

Dr. Usui believed that by having these in our thoughts and what we say, we are able to live positive lives. If
we dwell in doubt and other negative things, our dreams will never happen.

As Reiki practitioners, we should use our talent not only to heal ourselves and those around us but also the
world at large. This is because attunement strengthens our thoughts making us realize that we have a
potential to do more in our life.

But you have to admit that words have different meanings for each of us. For some abundance and
prosperity means more money and wealth while some may see it as success in business or in one's career.

Of course this definition may also mean having a loving marriage and a loving family. It just goes to show
that it does not always mean material things.

This is probably one of the things that make us extraordinary among the other species in the planet because
we have the creative power of divine heart and mind connection. We just have to tap this gift and use it so
we may be able to fulfill or even find our purpose in life.

So what are money, love and peace? Such things are energies that we see as reality. But such a belief is
not pointed in just one direction when Reiki's energy is universal and we can use that power to change what
is happening around us.

One thing we have to remember is that there are universal laws that govern abundance. Seasons come and
go and despite everything, we are just limitless beings. This is why man must strive for the highest good and
hold on to things that are only of value to ourselves.

When we feel that things are not going our way, this is the time that we must reflect and see if the things that
are considered to be important hold the same priority as they did before. If they do not, this must be
removed and then changed to a positive energy that can produce something better. In essence, we let go of
the old to make room for the new.

How do you begin this journey? By creating a list of what is important in your life, reviewing each one and
then figuring out which of these have to go. It is best to pay attention to how you feel about each one and
then only keep those that add value to your quality of life.

This is probably the most important part in any level of Reiki as you are undergoing the 21 day cleansing
process. Afterwards, you can move on with our life because Abundance and Prosperity can be achieved by
using Reiki as your guide.

If you need references, look at the manual that was given to your during the 2 day training because this is
not something you read and throw away.
+There is only one way to achieve happiness.That way is to simply be happy.You are probably thinking
right now how do i get to be happy." "Things just don't work like that, It doesn't take into consideration the
times that I am miserable because of problems or mishaps that come up in my everyday life,not to mention
the tragedies." At this point I have to stop and meditate. Meditation can be done many different ways, just
find the one that works best for your purposes.

Being happy much more of the time than you have been is an incredibly difficult task to accomplish-not in
the doing of it once you know how and then in keeping aware of what you have discovered.Yet,I still say that
with meditation you can do it.The path that you have chose that led you to your current situation was not a
few days or months in the making,but a long and strenuous path that has spanned through many years.

In reality it has taken you as long as you have been alive to become the way you are today.It has also taken
you that long to achieve what you have achieved, to possess,and to arrive at your current condition.By
taking the time to meditate and think about who you are,and what you have in your life is truly what you
want,If you are completely satisfied with the way your life is going,congratulations-do more of what you have
been doing and you will get more of what you already have in your life.

But if who you are,what you want,what you have,and your current conditions are less than what you want or
perhaps are different from what you want,you have to start meditating about some basic changes you will
need to make in your life.Failure to make those changes will find you continuing to seek the things you really
would like in your life as the years pass by.

Because some of this that you are reading will seem impossible,ridiculous,or to you maybe even foolish and
it may at first offend you,causing you to ridicule what you are reading and maybe even cause you to reject
what you have read. I really want to suggest to you that before you may reject how meditation can help you
through your life,ask yourself whether or not you want it to be true-then for your benefit please give yourself
the chance to see it as true.

In this day and time with all the things we have to deal with in our lives it is very hard to stay on a positive
level and be happy all the time,But just taking a few minutes a day just meditating by yourself will help you
keep things in perspective where instead of being unhappy about the situation you are in you can find a way
to find the happy part of being unhappy.
+Adapting to any kind of change in your life can be very stressful. The one thing I have learned when it
comes to any kind of change is to keep it on a positive level. To do that I stay calm by meditating and keep it
all in perspective. I was talking to a friend how I was very apprehensive about a change I would soon have
to make in my life.She told me that almost over twenty years ago she had bought a brand new car and it
was parked in an alley next to her house.

She walked out of the house just in time to see and old vw bus scrape the front fender of her car. As she
continued to tell me what happened she let me know she was trying to stay calm and knew she had to
meditate and get focused on the situation. She went on to tell me that the driver got out of his car,threw his
hat on the ground,then hung his head,holding it in his hands. She knew that he obviously didn't have the
money to pay for the damage to her car and he almost started to cry.

My friend still meditating to keep things in perspective walked up to the man and you could tell he was very
nervous and expected her to say something like What an idiot,Are you blind,or just something so mean that
he would just feel terrible.As she walked up to the man she simply said don't worry about the scrape and to
have a nice day.He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He began to cry tears of happiness and hugged
my friend. He then ran to his wife who was in the car wondering what they were going to do and he hugged
his wife and introduced her to my friend.

As they were talking my friend told them how she used meditation to keep as calm as possible because she
had a temper in the past that caused her a lot of problems. The man and his wife and my friend became the
best of friends. Here it is 20 years later and even though the man has now passed away and his wife is in a
home for the elderly my friend still visits the woman every week and still talk about the day they had met.

Using meditation will certainly help you think about the situation your in and to not act on impulse,but to
handle whatever situation it is you are in you will act responsibly.After my friend and I talked I thought how I
could adapt to the change I would have to make by positive thinking and could make a bad situation into
something that will have a very special meaning in my life.After our talk I went home and started using
meditation to relax myself and now I feel better about myself and my life.
Today's time is very much different from before. Many years ago, a lot of people were quite religious.
Although there are still very religious persons nowadays, the number have greatly decreased. Even advent
seems to have a different meaning now and most individuals are looking forward to it because they just want
to have a vacation.

When does advent begin? If you have no idea whatsoever, advent starts four weeks prior to Christmas. This
is also known as the season or time of preparation for the birth of the lord Jesus Christ.

Personal agendas and family schedules are filled with programs, meetings, annual obligations, and parties.
What they often forget is the time of advent. This is the best time to meditate as a family so that their bond
will become stronger.

This is definitely the time to be close to one another, especially as a family. Most of all, every individual must
have time for God. How can individuals achieve real peace and quiet in God's presence when all they think
about are car-pooling or manic shopping, instead of contemplation and meditation?

You should lower your sight to time spent on lengthy litanies or readings and around the hearths. Between
parking lots crash and traffic jams, and decking your halls and scribbling notes. There may be enough time,
perhaps five to ten minutes, when your family can sit around the advent wreath quietly. You can do this once
every day or once a week; or if you're really that busy, you can do this at least once during the time of

The family can prepare a simple yet special recipe for them to eat together as they light their advent
candles. You can meditate or pray briefly and afterwards, enjoy your feast. This activity can bring the family
closer together, and much closer to mysteries people celebrate and contemplate in Advent. Advent is not
about vacation and parties; it's about being closer to God and your family.

On the first advent week, chapter 13 verses 33 of Mark is the gospel. Jesus told his disciples to watch
constantly and stay awake because no one knows when He is coming. Usually the prayers or advent
meditations for this week has something to do with the gospel, and this is the same with the second, third,
and fourth week of the advent. The second week's gospel is about John the Baptist when he first appeared
and preached in Judea. The third week is about Jesus and John's disciples, and the fourth is about Mary
and angel Gabriel.

It's not hard to find copies of prayers used during advent. You can see religious aythorities and request
copies of it, or you can also obtain a copy online. With a little research, you can get a copy of a simple yet
meaningful prayer that your family can utter when you're meditating.

Meditation is not all about proper posture and positions used when a person meditates, a simple prayer is
already considered a meditation if you've focused your mind to it as well as your heart. Don't forget to
meditate this advent season.
A lot of people are already being open to new changes and technologies in the field of healing of mental,
physical and emotional problems. One of the new innovations that seem to be getting more popular
nowadays is the alternative technologies subliminals.

Subliminal messages are inaudible or invisible messages that are displayed for a very brief span of time.
The time that subliminal messages are presented are so short that your mind does not consciously detect
the message. Your unconscious mind is the one who can detect and interpret the message.

In short, there is no overt and conscious registration of the message. Your unconscious mind is the one
who will interpret and integrate the message into your system. This means that your conscious mind cannot
develop arguments against the ideas brought about by subliminals and so you are more vulnerable to the
subliminal suggestion.

Admittedly, there are a lot of controversial issues pertaining to the effectiveness of subliminals. One of the
most popular issues concerning subliminals is the one that involves advertisements that use subliminals and
applying or spreading subliminal messages to unwilling subjects.

What Are Self-help Subliminals

If you want to try subliminals on yourself, you can lessen the chances of you being susceptible to
unnecessary information and messages by opting to have self-help subliminals. Self-help subliminals
usually give the clients the privilege to customize the messages. You can decide what subliminal messages
and recordings you feed your unconscious mind. You can be sure that the ideas behind the subliminal
messages are significant to you and can address your needs.

Self-help subliminals is an extraordinary computer program that enables you to present your own subliminal
messages and apply them to modify your life. You use the subliminal program to present your personal
constructive affirmations subliminally in visual or verbal form. You are in total control of how the messages
are displayed and how the messages are displayed.

This kind of self-help subliminals can be referred to as customized subliminals since you are the one in-
charge for the messages that you receive. You can make use of the subliminal messages while at relaxing
or while you are working.

Subliminal Self-help Computer Technology

Although there are loads of subliminal tapes and CDs available in the market today, another genre of
subliminal messages is beginning to be more preferred than the traditional tapes and CDs. Subliminal
computer programs are now beginning to catch the attention of the public, especially those people who
spend a lot of time facing their computer screens.

Another point why subliminal computer programs are becoming more popular is because compared to
traditional audio tapes or CDs, subliminal computer programs can greatly assure people that there is really a
message inside. It's quite hard to detect if a so-called subliminal tape really has a subliminal message in it,
right? For all you know, you could have purchased a blank tape, without any subliminal message at all!
That would be a perfectly horrible rip-off, right?

If you get yourself alternative technologies subliminal such as self-help subliminal computer program, you
can be sure that the messages are tailored-fit for you and you get what you deserve from your money.
Perhaps the only thing that would hinder you from not being able to fully enjoy subliminal computer
programs is when you don't have a computer of your own.
Thanks to the fast-paced technology of the world today, more and more ways to improve, maintain and
enhance the well-being of individuals are available. For people who want to take care of their mental and
physical health sans the medicines and other drugs, perhaps alternative technologies subliminals may just
be the perfect method for them.

Brain Wave Subliminals

From the name itself, brain wave subliminals focus and target the brain waves of individuals. What's great
about brain waves subliminals is that the people can participate in the process of making themselves
become better through a method called 'self-talk". With proper motivation and perspective, individuals can
change their brain programming and eventually, their lives.

How Do Brain Waves Subliminals Work?

The word 'subliminal" pertains to a threshold below the conscious perception of human beings. Since you
are not aware of the existing subliminal programming underlying the music or sounds of nature (birds
chirping, ocean waves, rustling leaves, etc.), you are simply receiving the subliminal repetitive positive
suggestions without any force of resistance from your mind.

Because your conscious mind is not the main target of subliminal messages, you can't really put up any
barriers or walls against the messages. Eventually, you will learn to accept and integrate the unconscious
messages given to you and you will notice positive changes in your behaviour, performance, and outlook in

The reprogramming of the mind and attitude aims to get rid of negative thoughts, ideas and feelings that
hinder an individual from performing successfully. By ridding an individual of all the pent-up negative
feelings in his or her system, self-esteem and self-confidence will increase which will result to a higher sense
of self-efficacy.

Brain Waves Subliminals Make Use Of "Blink Moments"

"Blink moments" are what we may refer to as rapid cognitions or intuitions. The author of the book "Blink",
Malcolm Gladwell, defines rapid cognition as the kind of thinking that occurs in just a blink of an eye.

The problem is, most people don't usually trust their "blink" moments. Some tend to be too apprehensive
and they dwell more on the objective aspects as well as facts rather on their intuition, no matter how
prevalent and strong it may seem to be.

Brain wave subliminals can help individual to cultivate and develop their intuition. Since these subliminal
messages work on a deep inner level of the human brain, they can simply change the programming of your
brain. You can ditch the behaviours and beliefs that you don't want and replace them with ideas and
thoughts that you would like to integrate in your mind.

You will eventually feel that your attitudes and behaviours have changed for the better, thanks to the
reprogramming of your mind. In addition, you will also learn to trust your intuition than you did before the

You will have the inner power to know the right thing to do as well as have the calmness and serenity
whenever crises arises because the brain wave subliminals have developed your intuition and programmed
your mind to trust your decisions that occur in "blink" moments. Finally, people who undergo brain wave
subliminals must also perform self-talk to support further the reprogramming of the brain.

Alternative technologies subliminals may not be approved and accepted by everybody, but they have
already touched and improved a lot of individuals who were brave and courageous enough to try them.
When people are physically sick, they usually go to the doctor and have their bodies assessed for whatever
pain or sickness they have. When people are mentally or emotionally disturbed, they usually go to a
counsellor, psychiatrist or psychological to alleviate their emotional anguish and psychological distress.

However, there is an alternative technology that offers both healing and improvement of physical, emotional
and mental health. This alternative technology is better known as subliminals.

What Are Subliminals?

The theory behind the utilization of subliminals is that the messages which are under a person's visual level
or audio level will be received directly by the "unconscious" mind, thus by-passing conscious detection and
evaluation. People who listen to subliminal tapes just hear music or sounds from nature, such as waves,
waterfalls, chirping birds, rustling leaves, dolphin calls, etc on the surface.

Underneath these music or nature sounds are subliminal verbal messages and affirmation that are inaudible
to cognisant perception. According to this theory, the 'subconscious" mind can and will tell apart the
inaudible verbal messages from the audible sound messages, react to them, and act upon them.

The concept of receiving messages unconsciously through finer discerning mechanisms unavailable to the
conscious mind is founded on Sigmund Freud's theory of the unconscious.

Freud proposed that the driving force behind human behavior is the unconscious mind. He described the
mind as being like an iceberg. The mass below the surface is referred to the unconscious mind and the
conscious mind is referred to as the 'tip" of the iceberg. Freud emphasized that the unconscious mind
makes up most of the human brain, what is obvious and conscious is only a small part of the wholeness of a
person. Hence, the promoters of the alternative technology of subliminals are fundamentally Freudian.

What Do Subliminals Offer?

Through the use of subliminal messages and recordings, the supposed power of the Freudian-invented
unconscious is said to be at work. Individuals are told that they can be able to lose weight, stop smoking,
improve their sleep, improve their sex life, overcome phobias and fears, relieve and totally eliminate stress,
reduce migraines, etc.

Some subliminals even suggest cures for cancer, as well as liberation from physiological problems. Although
such promises seem to be a rip-off to some people, there are actually some individuals who are willing to
testify about the effectiveness of subliminals. There is an ongoing debate on whether subliminals are really
effective or not.

In spite of the partial deficiency of scientific evidence supporting the effectiveness of subliminals, they have
grown to be quite accepted among Christians. There are now available "Christian" subliminal tapes
distributed by a number of Christian 'ministries."

Instead of using the customary Drink Coke or Eat Popcorn advertising subliminal messages, the Scripture is
used along with, or in place of, other messages. These Christian subliminal promoters guarantee about the
same things as their secular counterparts, with one exception; unlike their secular counterparts, they assert
Christian rootedness and Christian spiritual aid for the listeners.

To conclude, alternative technologies subliminals are not 100% proven to be effective. People are divided
whenever the issue of subliminal messages arise. Some would say that subliminal messages are just rip-
offs and may be referred to as "placebos".

However, some people would also say that subliminal messages are effective; they are not only believable
because they don't really target the conscious mind of individuals.
Angels are said to be part of every human's life. There have been many encounters with angels told in
history, as many people claim. But a lot of individuals find that quite hard to believe especially if they lack
spiritual awareness and faith. Did you know that today there are a great number of people who use angels
as guide to their healing meditation?

You've heard it right. There are many individuals who find using angels as an effective guide to meditation.
You can find a lot of sites on the net that feature angel guide healing meditation. There are even books
published about it. Now the question here is whether you do believe in angels because if you don't, you will
not succeed in achieving peace of mind nor be healed of your condition.

Angels love and protect people. For as long as anyone can remember, angels are widely recognized.
Troubled souls can be enlightened and they can still follow the right path that would lead them to life's
fullness. There are many individuals who believe that through angels, world peace is still achievable.

If you're experiencing spiritual difficulties, traumas, and stress, then it's probably time that you seek healing
meditation through angel guides. Angel guides are also people who were given a special gift to act as a
spiritual channel; they can communicate with angels and they can greatly help people (with faith) to cope up
with all their problems.

Most angel guides are willing to help other people regardless of race and religion. They believe that God
created all men equal, and through the angels, they can bring people to love one another.

One of the major reasons why many people are now into meditation is because of health problems. More
and more individuals are aware of their body and mind connection and that may be the reason why they
practice meditation. There are even doctors that recommend meditation for stress-related depression and
illnesses. Meditation is now accepted, scientifically speaking. Since there are many types of meditation, you
should choose one that you think you can practice easily in your life.

Through an angel guide meditation, you can awaken your spiritual levels through your own experience and
not how you've been taught or read. Meditation can help a person discover himself and his potentials. So
don't miss your chance being healed through an angel guide.

Have you heard about the so called touched by an angel? There are stories of people who were healed
because of an angel. Miracles are indeed hard to believe but for people who are desperate to get answers
and to be healed, they would likely believe in any miracle that might come their way. If you want to take your
chances, do it with an angel guide. You have nothing to lose, and only everything to gain. Perhaps you will
get well after such healing. There's no harm in trying, and just make sure that you trust only the experts.

You can ask your friends and family members if they know an angel guide. Or if you want, you can purchase
a book that's all about angel guide healing. Remember, with faith in God you can overcome a lot of
problems in your life.
Anugraha Reiki is one of the many forms of the popular Reiki system of healing. Reiki has its origins traced
back to Japan where the practice was developed by a Tendai Budhhist named Mikao Usui in 1922. He was
said to have discovered the technique after a 21-day retreat on Mount Kurama.

After undergoing meditation, fasting and prayer during the retreat, Usiu claimed to have received some
mystical revelation and was handed down the knowledge as well as the spiritual power for healing.

Reiki has been known to be fairly easy and simple to use. Everyone is said to be able to employ the system
to achieve spiritual healing of self as well as others. Teaching the system usually involves three parts which
are better known as degrees. The first degree usually teaches the basic theories and procedures with using
Reiki energy.

This energy is said to pass through a channel in the body which can be opened by way of four
"attunements" given by the Reiki master to a student. The first degree of training also involves the learning
of certain hand placements that allow the Reiki energy to heal people.

The second degree of the Reiki training involves the use of the Reiki symbols and how they can be used to
enhance healing. Students are also taught how to provide distant healing. This will allow people to be able to
heal others without being physically present. The third degree of the Reiki training involves making the
student become a Reiki master. As a Reiki master, a person may now be able to attune others to Reiki and
teach the system to others.

Different forms of Reiki now exist and each one of them provides different ways of providing spiritual
healing. One of them is the Anugraha Reiki which is a mystical healing art that originated in India. The word
"Anugraha" means Grace, which is considered as one of the five functions of the Divine that ultimately leads
to Liberation or "Mukti". Anugraha can also refer to the Power of Revelation. On another level, the word can
also relate to Mercy.

Just like the Japanese form of Reiki, the first level of Anugraha Reiki focuses on self healing, self
awareness, replenishment and perfecting relationship. A Diksha or attunement is given to help activate
seldom used parts of the brain. A simple yet advanced spiritual practice is taught to help transform a
person's consciousness and result to deep states of awareness within 30 days.

The second level of the Anugraha Reiki focuses on healing others. During this period, sacred sounds are
being taught that is said to help invoke positive consciousness. An advanced form of meditation is also
taught. A type of special mantra used to invoke the presence is taught along with the techniques for doing
healing work both through personal and long distance means.

The third degree initiation of Anugraha Reiki involves the teaching of the esoteric use of important Reiki
symbols that can be used for different means such as for astral projection, meditation, altering time or
space, bridging the worlds of life and death, and easing the transition process. There are two additional
master symbols are also revealed. For a student to succeed and qualify for the third degree of teaching, he
or she should already be relatively clear of his or her own physical and psychological suffering.
Meditation generally refers to the state of concentrated focus on an object of thought or awareness. The
background of meditation stems from the aim to get into a higher state of consciousness. It is usually based
from ancient beliefs that make up the component of eastern religions. Its practice has bee going on over
5,000 years.

When it comes to meditation, different beliefs hold different spiritual and psychological practices in order to
develop or achieve a higher degree of mental consciousness and awareness. Many religions have
developed their own method and technique of meditation that allows their adherents to arrive at a higher
state of consciousness.

The differences of the techniques used may be classified according to their focus. There are certain
techniques that focus on a certain perception or experience while there are others that focus on a specific
object to achieve a higher consciousness. There are also some forms of meditation that combines the use of
open focus and the use of a specific object for focus in their practice to achieve a higher state of

One of the popular religions known to practice meditation is Hinduism. It is considered as the oldest religion
that focuses on meditation as a spiritual and religious practice. There are several forms of meditation that is
practice in the different Hinduism sects. Principal of them is the Yoga, one of the six schools of Hindu
philosophy. It provides several types of meditation that Hindu believers and even a number of Western
adherents have learned to practice.

On of the many forms of Yoga is the Raja Yoga which states the eight limbs of spiritual practices, with half of
them classified as meditation. Then there is the Vedanta which is a form of Jnana Yoga. The Surat Shabd
Yoga uses a form of meditation that uses sound and light to achieve a higher state of consciousness. There
is also the Bhakti Yoga which practices a form of meditation that focuses on an object of love or devotion.
The Japa Yoga which practices a form of meditation where a mantra is being repeated aloud or silently.
There is also the Hatha Yoga where different postures and positions are used in meditation in order to raise
one's spiritual energy.

In Hinduism, the object of meditation is to achieve a calm state of mind. In the Yoga Sutras, there are five
different states of mind being described. There is the Ksipta which describes an agitated state of mind that is
unable to think listen or remain quiet. Then there is the Mudha, a state of mind where no information seems
to reach into the brain. The Viksipta is considered as a higher state of mind where information may reach
the mind but it is not able to process it. In this state, the mind moves from one thought to another and in a
confused inner speech.

The Ekagra is another higher state of the mind characterized by calmness but not asleep. This state allows
a person to stay focused and pay attention. Probably the highest state that a mind can achieve is in Nurodha
where the mind is no longer disturbed by erratic thoughts and is completely focused and totally centered in
what a person is doing. This will provide you with a basic background of meditation that will allow you to
understand better how it is being practiced.
One good way of gaining control back in your life is by subliminal messages. This kind of messaging system
works by putting a secret message within another message. The subconscious mind is said to be able to
pick up these subconscious messages and in effect you are able to do what ever the message tells you to

It can help you alter unwanted behaviors. For example, you want to stop smoking and have a much healthier
life style. You can get a message that helps you stop smoking, or that you get an active lifestyle. Other
behaviors too like anger management can be controlled as you get to control your emotions effectively.

Choose A Form

You can get these in various forms. They come in audio, video, and other visual forms. They can be in
tapes, CD's, prints, or just in the desktop of your computer. Often times there are companies that makes
these subliminals and sells them for a price worth the changes. But unknown to most, there are also a lot of
free subliminals available online.

These free subliminals can come in the form of audio tracks. They are easily downloadable and transferable.
You can play it in your computer, burn it on a CD, ortransfer it to your MP3 player. One thing to remember is
that you can't compress the audio file because compression will take the effect away.

There are also free downloadable subliminal generating programs. You can install one of these programs
and play it on your computer. These are customizable where you can put what behaviors you want to
acquire. These are in visual forms most of the time, where the subliminal messages are flashed on your
desktop for a very brief period of time.

Sublimely Manual—Doing It The Primitive Way

If you don't have the budget to buy customized subliminals or if you can't find a free audio subliminal that
would best answer your need or if you don't have your own device to be able to have every day access with
your subliminal media, there is another way of sending subliminal messages to your mind without the need
of technology yet absolutely free!

First off you need to have white flash cards and a black marker pen. You should have goals that you want to
achieve. Then you write down in the flash card the word/s of the attitude/s of the goal that you are aiming
for. An example would be you want to control your anger, thus you write it down clearly on the card.

The way you write it should be in a positive way like "I have control with my emotions." not "I can't be angry."
Because the subconscious mind can't process words like "can't" and 'don't" and the like. Then put the
flashcards with a flashlight beside your bed, put your alarm on at 3 AM, turn off the lights and off you go to

At 3AM when the alarm sets off, get the flashlight and turn it on and off focusing the light to the flashcards.
Flick the light on and of for a dozen times at each of the card and stare at the cards while doing this. When
finished, you can go back to sleep. The rationale behind this is because your subliminal mind is most
receptive at this hour and in the middle of deep sleep.

You may think that the process can be inconvenient; however this is one effective way to send free
subliminals and change your life for good!
The benefits of meditation have been known to humans ever since it was first practiced several millennia
ago. This article will discuss some of them in detail and will outline the mental as well as the health benefits
of this practice.

1. Reduces stress

- since meditation helps calm the mind and relax the individual, it helps a lot in reducing stress. This is
usually achieved through the breathing exercises that form a part of the practice.

Stress reduction is one of the main reasons why people take up meditation.

2. Various health benefits

- there are already documented cases wherein meditation was shown to have helped in curing an illness. A
landmark study is the one done in 1976 by Australian psychiatrist Ainslie Meares which was published in the
Medical Journal of Australia.

The study documented how a patient's cancer regressed after sessions of intensive meditation. Meditation is
also known to lower blood pressure levels, which is beneficial to patients who are at risk of hypertension and
other heart-related conditions.

3. Improves concentration

- one practice in meditation involves focusing on a particular object such as a candlelight, or reciting a
mantra. Doing activities like these have been shown to improve a person's concentration.

4. Acceptance of events

- another aspect of meditation is the ability to take things as they are. This helps a lot in reducing a person's
frustrations over things that he/she cannot control.

People who will surely benefit from this include those who are undergoing anger management.
People are now going back to ancient practices because they know that the modern times have been
causing them too much stress. Of all the means of relaxation out there, more and more people are looking
forward to experience the benefits of meditation.

Because of its effectivity in terms of calming the mind and developing a person's level of intuition, meditation
has now being performed not just a means of clearing the mind and inner reflection but also to heal various
illnesses in the mind, emotions, and physical aspects.

Meditation and its benefits

One of the most celebrated benefits of meditation is that it greatly helps the person's physical state. Among
the physical benefits of meditation involve the heart through a deep rest because it decreases the person's
metabolic rate as well as the heart rate, which leads to the reduction of workload for the heart. Aside from
that, it is also known to lower the levels of a person's cortisol as well as dissolving the chemicals that are
closely associated with everyday stress. Other physical benefits of meditation also include reduced free
radicals in the body by eliminating oxygen molecules that are unstable, decreases a person's high blood
pressure, develops the ability to have more resistant skin, lowering or totally dropping the person's level of
cholesterol, improve air flow to the lungs to aid easy breathing, delays biological aging and increases the
levels of DHEAS in older people.

When it comes to psychological factor, meditation aids in increasing the person's brain wave coherence,
decreasing anxiety levels, often irritability, deep-set depression, and swing of moods, improves the person's
memory as well as his or her learning ability, increases the person's ability for self-actualization, increases
the person's feeling of youthfulness and rejuvenation as well as vitality, leads to positive outlook in life and
joyfulness, and increases a person's emotional status and stability. Other noted benefits of meditation for
an individual and his or her community include:

- Relaxation to the person's the body, mind, and soul.

- Rejuvenation of energy to face the heavy challenges and stress ahead.

- Healing of various illnesses that are closely-associated with the mind and the body.

- Making a more stable person in terms of emotions.

- Developments of relaxed family life and instilling positive outlooks in life to younger people.

- Enhances the person's ability to make his or her mind function properly.

- Letting a person discover his or her inner self, this in turn releases the creativity in them.

- It helps people to free themselves from various vices and addictions such as alcohol and cigarettes as well
as in various medications such as tranquilizers and narcotics.

- It also helps a person to gain higher self-confidence, thus, resulting to stronger power of the will.

- It can be an effective and safe way of discovering one's self instead of focusing the attention to other
unhealthy practices.

- It aids in the development of the power of the mind.

The list goes on about the benefits of mediation in an individual and to his or her community. In so many
cases, these are positive benefits but once mediation has not been used properly, people should be aware
of the side effects. To avoid this from happening, people who are planning to get serious in meditation
should always consult a professional before performing any meditation techniques.
Are you not satisfied with your present life? Are you dreaming that someday you will be able to live a
rewarding life? Perhaps you're aspiring for a stronger marriage or a better job, gratifying relationships, and a
happier family life; whatever your wishes and intentions are, all those things are realizable.

Most people would write down their dreams and goals hoping that someday all their dreams will eventually
come true. Although all those things are important, it's not easy to pursue such dreams. This is because
your everyday life is always crowded with routine demands from work, family, community, and etc.
Oftentimes, you focus on other priorities and that's why you can't easily break away from all those things.

If you want to experience and break out and see what God has intended for you, it's really very simple. Try
reading the scriptures and you can learn a lot. In fact there's the so-called scripture meditation. You can
even find sites about it and by reading the scriptures or the Holy Bible you can greatly improve your way of

You can learn a lot from the scriptures. A simple verse from the bible can give a lot of meaning, and by
meditating on it you can actually apply the words from the bible into real life situations.

Take for example Proverbs 12:11; it's about food and fantasies. Many people are easily tempted of fantasies
because real life is sometimes uninteresting. The verse is indeed true and is applicable to real life. If only a
person works faithfully on his land, then he will have food for his table. Whereas, persons who chase their
unending fantasies and don't plant crops, then they have nothing to harvest.

The important point in that verse is that people should stick to reality, and that each person should take risks
not blindly. There are risks involved when you're pursuing your dreams, and if you lack knowledge, in can be
very expensive in life's terms.

Different religions have different beliefs, but one thing that's common among them is that they trust one God
although the name varies from one religion to another. They also have different bibles where the scriptures
are written. These things are considered as food for the soul, and so one must not forget to live by what the
scriptures say in order to live the best days of his life.

If you want, you can join certain organizations that read the scriptures, and reflect on them. By meditating on
the scriptures, you will understand what God has planned for you. Your mind will be clearer and you can set
your priorities straight. No more dreaming because you now know ways to achieve such dreams through
God. If you only focus on your dreams and live by what the scriptures say, then perhaps you can have a
rewarding and fruitful life. The best times of your life are waiting for you.

So don't be left behind. Many people are also into scripture meditation. Try to find someone who can help
you out. It's never too late, and who knows, the best times are just around the corner waiting for you. You
have to start meditation now, and don't postpone it for tomorrow.
There are a lot of movies, stories and news today about alien abductions and other paranormal happenings.
Telekinesis, mind reading and other skills are said to exist. Sometimes topics like these are laugh trips for
you. But what if you just learned that you are actually being subjected into something that just sounds as
hocus-pocus as those mentioned above?

A Driving Force

How would you feel if you find out that you are being manipulated to do a certain action or behave in a
certain way without you knowing it or without even your consent? You may think that it would be pretty scary
and indeed it is. But there's more to it than that.

Subliminal Usage

The use of hidden messages has increased the past years. People are much more open to the so-called
science than before. Many companies are selling subliminals as self-helping instruments. They say that by
subliminally telling your self to change your behavior, like having low self-esteem, you can actually do so!

However, subliminal messaging is not restricted only for private use. There had been lots of issues of this
type of messaging system being used in public places and commercial advertisements of companies. Due to
the believed effects, even large companies use this kind of system.

Proofs Of Purchase

There had been reports of subliminal messages being used for advertising. Once, it was used in a cinema
where a message was flashed to buy Coke and popcorn. The results was said to be that there was an
increase in the popcorn and Coke sales that night. It was a really an amazing out come.

There was one instance too that a shopping mall used a subliminal message that conveyed the message "if
you steal, you go to jail". The outcome was remarkably the same as with the cinema incident. There was a
significant drop of cases regarding shoplifting in the mall.

You can also browse the Internet for posters or ads that use subliminals. There are even logos of famous
companies where the sublime messages are explained. These images all convey a sense of pleasure to the
viewer enticing them to buy or come in the establishment. The question however is, is it right to use
subliminals to the public?

Black Side Of The Market

A lot of people would probably be enraged if they found out that this kind of advertising is true. Wouldn't you
think that it is unfair for your part that you are made to buy a product because you were subconsciously
manipulated to do so? Remember, you have nothing to fight against it at all.

It is very much unfair that the public, including you, is subjected to this kind of manipulation without them
knowing it. It can be a form of invasion of privacy for some. Manipulating your actions through this kind of
media without your consent can be really frustrating on your part.

White Side Of The Market

However, there can be a good side too. Like the shopping mall incident stated above, subliminal messaging
could be for the good too. If it's true, there can be less crime committed, and safety can be assured.

Whether, subliminals, really work or not, it is inevitable that there is an issue regarding its public usage and
you as a consumer, should be consciously aware of this.
There are many books about meditation being sold today. For starters, choosing among the many books
the one that can provide you with everything you need can be very difficult. In fact, there are even books that
can be considered useless and of no importance. So before purchasing any book or CD on meditation, it
would be best to check their customer reviews first, just make sure that it is an independent review and one
that is not biased.

The book and CD of Stephan Bodian for only about $16.50 is such a great deal for meditation beginners.
According to many reviews, this book is of great value and it contains all your needed information about
meditation for starters. The book is simple, direct, and offers a lot of recommendations. Aside from that, you
can read with ease. There is no other book that covers as much subject on meditation as Meditation for

If you now realize the importance of meditation in your everyday life, then it would be best to do it regularly.
In a short time, you can learn how to meditate and at the same time, listen to the CD.

Starting with meditation is not as easy as you think. There are often difficulties that one encounters. But if
you purchase the book, you can learn all the bases to meditation. The book covers the different methods
used in meditation, the various approaches, and a lot more. In fact, you can skip some parts of the book and
concentrate only on the topics that you're interested in.

If you're also stressed out, this book is great for you. In about five minutes, you can learn a lot about
meditation. By reading special sections of the book, you can meditate and eliminate your stress. And if
you're in another stressful situation, you will know what to do so as not to get stressed again.

There are also some drawbacks about the book and CD edition. Dummies are easily discouraged of very
long books. The book has actually 300 pages, with the foremost chapters talking about the importance and
goodness of meditation. Since the book is quite long, many dummies may get drowsy reading it. Others
complain about the voice on the CD being harsh, egotistical, and new agey, and stoned. What the listeners
want is a voice that match the author's. A voice that is practical, knowledgeable, fun loving, open, likeable,
and well rounded. Many dummies practicing meditation want the right voice on their CD and they would
gladly pay for it.

Despite its drawbacks, the book still is well loved by many dummies and other people as well. This is a truly
good book worth having. If you want an unbiased approach to meditation and emphasis on its essence, then
this is the book and CD edition for you. What is important is your personal transformation and your achieved
peace of mind. You will surely discover your true self and you'll soon have inner peace.

This book can explain every step that you have to go through in meditation. Enter the door that the book
opens for you, and you will find personal growth. What's best about this book is that you don't have to
correlate with any school or religion. You only have to discover the love, truth, and compassion within you.
Brahma Satya Reiki is a recent evolution of Reiki which originated from India as a result of descent of Shiva-
Shakti as Brahma Satya. This descent was said to occur sometime in August of 1997.

It was during this time that Deepak Hardikar was drawn into the waves of this descent in deep meditative
states that the brahma sutras, or the universal keys were revealed. Along with this revelation came the
existence of the system now known as Brahma Satya Reiki.

In further explaining Brahna Satya Reiki, one must be able to learn and understand its name. "Reiki" is a
Japanese word that is the result of joining together of two words. One of the words is "Rei" which means
Universal and "Ki" which means the Life Force Energy. As for the Indian origin of the name, "Brahma"
means Brahmaan or the Universe and "Satya" means the Truth.

It can be said that "Reiki" is just a similar translation of the original Indian word, "Brahmaprana". Reiki or
Brahmaprana can both be explained as that life force energy which exists all over the universe. It is through
that primal energy from which the life forms exist in the entire universe.

Brahma Satya Reiki therefore can be further described as the Universal Truth of the Universal Life Force
Energy. Through this new type of Reiki method, it is said that Reiki exists in the form of Shakti, Shiva-Shakti
and Shiva. These are considered as the three primal energies which are radiated out of the very source of
universal existence.

Through this, practitioners believe Reiki as also to refer to the Divine energy. Each of the three primal
energies represents the primal vibrations and has their own special and unique characteristics.

The first primal energy, Shakti, is believed to provide inner strength essential for the realization of any type
of task. Shiva is said to be the primal energy that is responsible for the completion or dissolution of any task.
Shiva-Shakti is said to be that primal energy which combines the two other primal energies of Shiva and

Through Shiva-Shakti the two can be considered either as independently functioning energies or also a joint
form of these two primal energies. Shiva-Shakti is a very rare form of primal energy that requires inner
strength and an intrinsic realization of the inner core knowledge required for the fulfillment and completion of
any task.

This intrinsic realization can also result in the feeling of contentment and satisfaction which can bring about
a constant experience of bliss. The Brahma Satya Reiki is the only type of the Reiki system that is known to
be based upon the Shiva-Shakti.

In general, Brahma Satya Reiki, just like other forms of Reiki that has been developed through the years, is
commonly understood as a holistic natural healing system. It is a system that provides individual well-being.
It is a system that is very simple to learn and practice. The Brahma Satya Reiki is also considered as a
stress relieving relaxation technique. Practice of the said system can effectively help dissolve existing pains
and other struggles experienced by individuals.

The practice of Brahma Satya Reiki focuses attention towards the conscious awareness of all factors that
essentially cause the pains and struggles that people experience. Brahma Satya Reiki gives importance
upon the practical applicability of reiki, be it related to the physical body, emotional issues or the handling of
life's various adverse situations.

This system of reiki also stresses on the long distance method of healing, which is considered as a definite
shift from all of the other existing forms of reiki. This aspect of the Brahma Satya Reiki is a distinct
advantage in situations where the touch healing aspect of reiki is too difficult to be practically adopted.
Breathing is an integral part of meditation. Proper breathing is required in many practices of meditation and
is therefore an important tool to be possessed by people who wish to perform this activity.

The practice of proper breathing while meditating helps a person relax while doing the exercise. Proper
breathing is achieved by inhaling through the nose, letting the diaphragm (not the chest) expand and
exhaling through the mouth.

Doing this slows down a person's heart rate which leads to a relaxed mood.

Breathing also plays a significant role when a person aims to improve his/her concentration. This is done by
focusing the mind on the act of taking in air and feeling it pass through the nostrils until the air is finally
exhaled through the mouth.

While this may sound easy, it can be quite challenging when done for the first time.

Then there's the method for increasing a person's awareness. Just like the concentration technique
mentioned above, it involves putting one's attention to his/her breathing.

But instead of focusing on the act of inhaling and exhaling air, it is the sensation of breathing where the
person trains his/her thoughts. The feeling of the air passing through the nose, filling the lungs and
expanding the diaphragm is the sensation that a person should look for.

It helps him/her feel how it is to be truly alive.

This article has shown how important breathing is in the practice of meditation. It is no wonder, therefore,
that the two are inseparable activities that a student of meditation should learn.
Today's world, with all its excitements, its adventures, and its discoveries, is moving in a very fast pace.
This can be very thrilling and fun-filled for the modern man, but this can also be exhausting to the soul. That
is exactly the reason why many people try to find comfort and solitude amidst the changes taking place in
their environment. And, it is also because of this that meditation is becoming popular among many.

Meditation can be defined in different ways, but this is really a broad concept that no measure of words can
totally unveil its real sense. Meditation is best understood when experienced and felt rather than when
explained. And although this cannot be measured by words, maybe you will be able to grasp it more easily
in the light of its purpose.

Why do people meditate? The prevailing reason is the search for inner peace, the peace of the soul. Peace,
in this world of changes and in this race of life, is becoming more and more elusive. In the search for things
and possessions, many live a life of materialism, always looking forward into the future and seldom looking
within them to monitor the state of their inner self. And once they have finally decided to venture within, they
find the various pieces of themselves in disarray. This is when meditation is often resorted to. Others
meditate to contemplate the things around them, to look into the realities of their life, and to find the meaning
of the world to which they belong.

The popularity of meditation varies among races, cultures, and religions. It may also be seen differently
according to various people. Buddhism, a popular religion and philosophy that originated in Asia, places a
great emphasis on Buddhism meditation as a way of discovering life's meaning. To the Buddhists,
meditation is associated with enlightenment.

Buddhists recognize the presence of sufferings in the world. But then, recognition is nothing without any
intention to alleviate and free mankind from this plague. This is therefore the ultimate purpose of Buddhism
meditation – to free man from pain and agony.

To be able to do this, one must know what causes pain and suffering. This is basically brought about by
man's endless desires and expectations from the world, from the people around him, and from life itself.
Expectation usually breeds despair, and this is what man must conquer. He must stop expecting from the

To meditate is to be enlightened, to see things in the light of reality. Life is not a bed of roses; it is an ever-
changing sphere. To live life fully and to enjoy the freedom of living, one must control his cravings and
desires. Only when this is achieved will man be able to know that life is not actually as complicated as he
has come to believe.

Meditation, at its best, is a great tool to help you find inner peace, and to preserve it, no matter how
frustrating the outside world can be. Given the right motivation and the right purpose, this activity is one that
will keep you focused on the truth that you need to know about life to keep you living healthy and satisfied.
There are a number of different Buddhist meditation techniques that followers and many meditation
enthusiasts practice. Despite their differences, the techniques are all generally based on developing two
things- mindfulness and concentration. Attentiveness to the movements of the body and to the ever
changing states of mind is to be developed in order to identify the real concept of self. Objectivity in this
case can be a valuable aid to clear thinking. With objectivity comes concentration, the ability to focus the
mind and keep in focused on a single point or object.

Many Buddhist schools employ different techniques in meditation. Some may focus on such practices as
breathing meditation while others on movements. The diversity can be so wide ranging that there are a
multitude of variations available. Most Buddhist techniques can be school specific. Only a few masters aim
to combine and categorize the techniques from several Buddhist traditions.

One of the known meditation techniques is that being practiced by Western Order meditation master
Kamalashila. The teacher identifies that there are five basic methods to be used as a traditional set for
meditation. Each method can be used as an antidote to one of the five primary obstructions to
Enlightenment- distraction, hatred, craving, conceit and ignorance.

One of the five basic methods is the mindfulness of breathing. This involves the practice of tranquility
meditations. This method helps to counteract distraction and aims to develop better concentration. Another
of the five basic methods laid out is the Metta Bhavana. This method includes the four brahma viharas and
is used to counteract sentimental attachment or hatred. This method aims to develop loving kindness in a

Another of the five basic methods in Buddhist meditation is the contemplation of impermanence. This
method can help counteract craving and develop inner peace and the feeling of freedom. The six element
practice is based on meditation involving the six elements- earth, water, space, air, fire and consciousness.
The six element practice method of meditation counteracts craving and develop instead some clarity in a
person regarding to self. The fifth basic method of meditation is the contemplation of conditionality which
aims to counteract ignorance and instead develop wisdom and compassion. There are also other Buddhist
meditation techniques not identified by the five basic methods. This includes different methods of
visualizations, meditation by sitting and the walking meditation.

Another of the many techniques used in Buddhist meditation include the five types of Zen as grouped by
Kuei-feng. In this case, the Zen practices were grouped according to five categories. Although mostly
common for Zen practitioners, the techniques are also applicable to Buddhist meditation methods. One of
the types is the "bonpu" or "ordinary" meditation that is done to achieve physical and mental well-being in
absence of any spiritual goal. There is also the "gedo" or "outside way" which is meditation that is used for
non-Buddhist purposes. The third is the 'shojo" or 'small vehicle" which is meditation used in pursuit of self-
liberation or nirvana.

The fourth of the Zen Buddhist meditation techniques as grouped by Kuei-feng is the 'daijo" or "great
vehicle" which is the meditation in pursuit of achieving self-realization to experience the unity of all things.
Then there is also the 'saijojo" or 'supreme vehicle" which is the meditation aimed to realize the Buddha
nature as imminent in all beings.
Remember those Chinese martial art movies that feature monks with their heads shaved off? Well, those
folks practice Buddhism which is a spiritual movement designed to make the person find the true nature of
life. At the heart of this is meditation which is the means of making this possible.

But to understand Buddhist Meditation, you have to know the Buddhism itself is centered on the Four Noble
Truths. First, we have to realize that there is suffering in the world which happens because of our ignorance
and our desires. When we do understand ourselves, we can finally find a way to end this suffering. Those
who find the answer have reached a state of Nirvana.

This then leads us to the core of Buddhist meditation which is the practice of the eight fold path. These
virtues namely are the right action, right concentration, right effort, right livelihood, right mindfulness, right
speech, right thought, and right view.

The proceedings of Buddhist Meditation are based on two things. The first is called "Samatha" which means
tranquility and the second is called "Vipassana" which means mindfulness.

Let's talk about this a little further. "Samatha" meditation involves a lot of breathing which is designed to
develop concentration, detachment, equanimity and happiness. There are 40 samatha meditations and each
teaches the mind to focus on a single object to produce various states of tranquility.

Vipassana meditation on the other hand develops self understanding by being able to comprehend the
things that are going inside one's head. By practicing this regularly, you will soon develop wisdom which
makes you free from all suffering.

But do you have to be a follower of Buddhism in order to practice this kind of meditation? The answer is no
even if this technique is based on the doctrines of this religion and revolves around concentration and mind

For those who would like to get into Buddhist meditation, the first thing you have to do is find a quiet place
where you can do this without being disturbed. Next, get a nice soft pillow or cushion to sit on if the floor is
not that comfortable for you.

Now, let your hands rest on your lap with the palms facing upward. It's hard to stay in this position for 5
minutes or more so don't be afraid to make a few slight adjustments. The important thing is that you are
comfortable the way you are.

Then it is time to close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing. Anybody can do this but there are 4
proper ways of doing it. You can inhale and exhale long, inhale and exhale short, inhale short and exhale
long or inhale long and exhale short.

It will take some time before you get the hang of things. Don't forget to relax all your muscles so your mind
and body is able to act as one.

Buddhist meditation is just one of the many techniques around that can help relieve you from stress, make
you think better to have a better outlook in life and do all sorts of things that will improve your overall
physical health.

If you appreciate what Buddhist Meditation can do, you can already invest in cushions, prayer beads,
incense and a few other accessories. It is optional so don't think that just because they are not around that
your experience is not a fruitful one.
In a hectic world that people live in today, many are stressed out after a hard day's work. Some even get so
tired that they lose their energy completely that they lose interest in activities that are considered to be
pleasurable, such as sex. Imagine yourself living your life like this everyday and just imagine that by living
this kind of life, you won't even have the time or the energy for your family and friends. Stress can definitely
ruin your social life.

Today, many people are now looking for ways to get rid of stress effectively and give them that extra energy
that they need in order for them to get through another day's hectic lifestyle and still have that extra energy
to spend time with your family and friends.

Many people today aren't really depending on technology to get them that extra energy that they need. But,
they do look for it in the past. Meditation is one of the methods that are constantly growing in popularity
among people today. You have to consider that meditation, particularly Buddhist meditation, have originated
for centuries and up until today, this Buddhist technique have proven itself to be very effective. In fact,
Buddhist monks still exist today where majority of them live in Europe while others are situated in Europe,
United States and other parts of the world.

People who do Buddhist meditation have been found that they worked more efficiently and have that
somewhat "extra glow" or that extra energy. They do work as if it's nothing and Buddhist meditation
practitioners have testified that they are happy doing work.

Buddhist meditation's main goal is to get to the path of Enlightenment. Mental development and mind over
body is also considered to be one of the goals of Buddhist meditation. You have to consider that the body is
controlled by the mind and because of this, Buddhist meditation practitioners have claimed that in order for
your body to function properly, you have to get rid of the negative energy inside your mind by meditating.

A lot of people have claimed that through Buddhist meditation methods, they were able to live life happier
and have reduced any negative thoughts that can affect their daily life. They also said that they don't get
angry too often even if they get stuck in a long traffic jam or when their boss gives them a hard time. They
said that all they do to get rid of anger is do some of the Buddhist meditation they learned in Buddhist
meditation schools.

Even scientists and medical practitioners alike were baffled by the effects of Buddhist meditation. Their
patients who do Buddhist meditation are healthier and they also recover quickly from illnesses. Although
there is still no significant scientific proof about the effectiveness of Buddhist meditation, you have to
consider that there are quite a lot of people who are testifying about the effectiveness of Buddhist

So, if you are looking for enlightenment or you at least want to know how to handle stress effectively, you
should try Buddhist meditation.
Today, there are a lot of people who finds it hard to relax. You have to consider the fact that in today's very
hectic life that people live in today, you may also find it hard to relax. Some people even have a hard time
controlling their emotions but you have to remember that you should control your emotions in order to
function well in society. However, controlling anger can be a very hard thing to do.

Even the simple reason of being stuck in a traffic jam or getting your hitting your toe to a hard object
accidentally is not enough to overreact. However, you have to face the fact that people do overreact to
situations like this. Who wouldn't? You get late for work and get a hard time from your boss because of a
traffic jam, you too would be angry.

However, you have to realize that recent studies have found that anger can shorten a person's life and it can
also contribute to heart related diseases and high blood pressure. In order to prevent this from happening to
you, or at least minimize the risk, you have to know how to relax and learn how to not be angry over small

Through meditation, you can achieve this kind of emotion control as well as relaxing. Today, there are self-
help books that you can purchase in order to know how to meditate. Once such book is called "Course
Insight: A Step-By-Step Course on How to Meditate". This book contains comprehensive meditation
instruction that will guide you on how to meditate and achieve a state of relaxation. Authored by two of the
United States' most respected meditation instructors named Join Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein,
you will see that you can learn how to meditate effectively right at the comforts of your own home.

In this book you will learn how to attain the alpha mind state. Researches have found that the alpha mind
state is where you are not really awake and not really asleep. It is a state where your mind is just beginning
to sleep and on this state, it is where your mind is at its most efficient and most relaxed. You have to know
that you always experience this kind of state as you go to bed. However, "Insight Meditation: A Step-By-Step
Course on How to Meditate" book will show you how to control your mind state at will. This means that you
can go to alpha mind state whenever you like.

When you are in the alpha mind state, you will be able to focus on the work you are doing and you will also
be able to block out any distraction. For example, if you are preparing an important presentation, you can
get your mind to the alpha state so that you can fully relax and concentrate on the presentation you are
doing and block out the noise in your office.

As you can see, meditation can definitely help you with your work as well as your personal life. Research
have found that people who know how to meditate and control their mind state are more efficient at work
and are more in control of their emotions. They know how to block out any negative emotion to preserve
Energy flows fro m the hands of a practitioner towards the person being healed. This is how reiki healing is
conducted. Using the life force energy that is present in and all around us to heal and re-establish balance in
one's being is one of the basic beliefs of reiki.

And taking this life force energy a little further, practitioners have entered into realizations and developed
several reiki techniques to promote healing faster. One of which is a version called Celtic reiki.

Celtic reiki utilizes the energy flows present on Earth and specific plants. Practitioners of this reiki use not
only the universal "life force" energy present in all things but also the specific energy found in nature to heal
those who needs healing.

This reiki system comes from the religious beliefs of early Celts. To the early Celts, trees are important
aspects of their religion believing that trees have their own spirits. They gave the trees such high regards
that they even patterned their writing system based on the trees.

The Celts" Ogham, which is the ancient writing of Celtic people, uses symbols or letters that are cut as a
series of notches and symbolizes different kinds of trees. Each letter represents a different kind of tree,
specifically chosen for qualities that can be linked to spiritual concepts.

Some of the trees that are represented in the Celtic alphabet include the silver fir, birch, hawthorn, heather,
ash, oak, willow, elder, yew, grove, ivy, hazel, and honeysuckle. Practitioners of Celtic reiki use the symbols
from the Ogham. This reiki also follows the Celtic philosophy of bravery, honor, integrity, valor and

But even though Celtic reiki draws influences from ancient Celtic religion, the practice itself is not a religious
one. But rather it is a therapy that aims to treat the mind, body and spirit. It is not connected to any religion
and as such can be passed down to everybody regardless of age, race, gender, and culture.

Celtic reiki was created by Martyn Pentecost. It was developed further Julie Norman. Practitioners of this
reiki see this technique as a beautiful and earthy form. Having foundations on earth energy, this reiki has to
channel the energy vibrations from the earth, specific plants, trees and the ocean through the root chakra as
opposed to the crown chakra that is where conventional reiki channels the energy.

The techniques developed by Pentecost between 1998 and 2000 are used for therapy and goal creations.
Combining the concept of the original reiki and the various Celtic beliefs and rituals, the Celtikc reiki
techniques were created to handle day to day activities like tackling issues of prosperity, finance, work, and
building relationships.

People who are interested in plants, trees, and tree and plant legend or lore, are often drawn to the Celtic
reiki belief. Men in particular are drawn closer to the Celtic reiki because it seems that this reiki has more
masculine types of energy. But in reality, Celtic reiki is regarded as an equal among the other kinds of reikis.

The Celtic reiki treatment usually lasts for an hour and involves placing the hands in strategic locations and
in specific sequences that will elicit a deep state of relaxation.

A student achieving attunement means having been open to the tree and plant energies, the ethics of stuff,
the various Celtic symbols, hand placements, moon phases, and the various aspects of soul journeying,
retrieval, and realization.
Chakra meditation is one of the more popular meditation techniques used today. Its philosophy is based
upon the discovery or the search of the charkas. A charka can be considered as an energy point or force in
the body that tries to govern different physical, mental and spiritual functions in an individual. It is the
practice of awakening the charka in the body that is the aim of chakra meditation.

According to the practice of chakra meditation, there are seven chakras locate din the different parts of the
body. Each one governs different bodily functions and may also provide different benefits when awakened
through meditation. One of the charka is the Mooldhara or the "root place". This chakra is located
somewhere in the cervix in women and in the perineum in men. It is said to govern the skeletal and the
excretory system of the body. The Mooldhara may also affect the sense of smell as well as the legs and the
cervix. Attributes to it include the basic life force, material attachment, procreation, and response to stimuli of
labor for women.

Another of the seven chakras is the Swadhistana or "place of one's abode". It can be located somewhere at
the tip of the spinal column. It is said to affect the urinary system such as the kidney and the bladder. Other
bodily systems that this chakra may affect include the reproductive system such as the ovaries, fallopian
tube and the uterus in women and the testes and prostrate gland in men. Attributes connected to this chakra
include the sense of taste, the ability to analyze, a balanced sex drive, high fertility and no fear of water.

The third chakra is the Manipura or the "city of sparkling jewels". This chakra is located in the spinal column
somewhere in the lumbar junction of the L1 and T12 vertebras. It is said to affect the digestive system, the
adrenal glands as well as the sympathetic and the parasympathetic systems of the body. This chakra is
attributed to power, ego, self confidence, strength and good assimilation and digestion.

The fourth chakra is the Anahata or "unstruck". This chakra is located in the spinal column somewhere in the
center of the chest. It is said to affect the cardiovascular, respiratory system as well as the muscular system.
This chakra is attributed to a person's emotions, relationships, love, and ability to express oneself through
the arts. If this chakra is afflicted in the body, it is said to lead to respiratory disorders, heart problems, and
low immunity. It may also lead to a person having fear of loneliness, experience some form of emotional
imbalance and the inability to maintain friends

There is also the Vishudh chakra or "purification". It is located in the spinal column somewhere at the C7
vertebrae. It is said to affect the thyroid and parathyroid glands, as well as the function of the throat including
the voice, ears, sense of hearing. Attributes to this chakra include the transformation of thoughts into
speech, better ability to speak or sing, and the acute sense of hearing. If afflicted, this chakra may cause
thyroid imbalance, restriction in the voice as well as the inability to comprehend and understand.

The Ajna, or "command" chakra is said to be located in the mid-center of the brain somewhere at the top of
the spinal cord. It governs the autonomic nervous system, pineal gland, and the pituitary gland. This chakra
is also said to be attributed to the sense of intuition, higher level of mind and wisdom that is beyond normal

The Sahasrara or the "one thousand" chakra is said to have various positions according to different ancient
texts but is usually found at the base of scalp. It is said to control no specific bodily system but has the
overall control of the brain. The knowledge of the seven chakras is the basic in better understanding chakra
Your health is one of the most important things that you have to take care of. Because of this, a lot of
people are doing everything they can just to get the perfect balance of chemicals in their body in order to
obtain perfect health. You also need to consider that a lot of people find it hard to relax and control their
emotions. You have to remember that anger can contribute to poor health and this is the emotion that you
should minimize bringing at as much as possible. It is important that you should never be angry if you don't
need to be angry in order to balance your spiritual self to promote good health and good healing.

Today, a lot of people are not participating in different kinds of meditation in order to achieve balance in their
emotions and also in their spirit. You have to consider that meditating can contribute a lot of great benefits
for your body. With meditation, you will be able to relax more and you can effectively control your emotions
and never be angry if you don't need to be angry. By not wasting precious energy on being angry, you can
put all these negative energies and turn it into positive energies that can be useful in your everyday life.
Always remember that nothing uses up a lot of energy more than anger.

So, if you are having problems controlling your emotions, problems in relaxing, or you simply want to
experience oneness with yourself, you have to try chakra meditation.

Chakra meditation is gaining popularity today because of the health benefits it gives. Not only that you will
have better health, but you will also live a happier life with chakra meditation. It is very important that you
should do the chakra meditation everyday for at least 30 minutes each day in order to achieve spiritual
healing as well as emotional stability.

Learning how to do chakra meditation is easy and everyone can do it. All you need is a quiet room where
you won't be disturbed for at least 30 minutes and a little bit of imagination and you're off.

First of all, you have to consider that there are seven major chakras found in your body. These chakras are
considered to be a very important part of your body that needs to be balanced in order to promote good
health. The seven chakras are Shasrara (crown), Ajna (between brows), Vishudda (throat), Anahata (heart),
Manipura (navel), Svadisthana (sacral), and Muladhara (root). You have to know how to open up your seven
chakras in order to promote spiritual balance and good physical health.

To do this, you have to imagine a spinning light associated with each chakra. Start from Muladhara and work
your way up to Shasrara. You also need to know what color of light is associated with each chakra.

Shasrara (crown) – Violet Ajna (brows) – Indigo Blue Vishudda (throat) – Pale Blue Anahata (heart) –
Emerald Green Manipura (navel) – Golden Yellow Svadisthana (sacral) – Orange Muladhara (root) – Red

You should also remember that it will need the right breathing practices in order to successfully do chakra
meditation. These are some of the things you have to know about chakra meditation. If you want to do this
kind of meditation, you should visit your nearest Yoga instructor and they will teach you the proper way of
doing chakra meditation.
For women, there are some issues about men that are just too hard to handle. But what if you can actually
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Get Him To Talk

A huge number of arguments come from the issue that guys won't tell or talk to their partners about what's
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Communication is vital in every relationship, thus you need your man to communicate, whatever it takes, to
keep the relationship going.

Through subliminal messaging, your questions like "What's on your mind?", "Is something wrong?" and the
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Trust Is The Key

Trust is one vital factor in a relationship. If there is no trust then you might as well say goodbye. Thus, if your
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The messaging can tell him not to be afraid. With it, he can forget his past and actually move on and live in
the present. This ensures you that you are his present and there will be no more doubting your relationship.
You and your man will be on your way to that assured trusting future.

Abuse Be Gone

If your man is the type who has some anger management issues and has little or no control over his
emotions, then this is the message for him. Lack of control can lead to actions that can be unintentional or
intentional. Either way, it could still hurt you and even your family or children.

Through this messaging, you can actually tell your man to stop the abuse that he does. In a way his anger
management can be controlled. You wouldn't have to worry of getting intentionally or unintentionally hit by
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Cheaters Never Win

Having a third party in a relationship can be tough. Most men are inclined to cheat whether it because of
falling in love to some one else or just plainly having sexual relations to others. This is when breakups start
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Now you can subliminally tell your man to stop the cheating or even don't dare to start the cheating. With
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around your fingers.

Relationships are very complicated especially if there's a lack of effort from the other. Thus, you should
remember that subliminal messaging your man isn't enough. You too should put effort into the relationship
for it to be a happy one.
The United States of America is considered to have one of the best penal systems in the world where it is
enforced by people who work with the law. The US government tries really hard in order to enforce their
laws against drugs and make an example of drug dealers and users by putting them away in prison.
Perhaps, the US government tries too hard.

Today, there is a great book that you should read that states how people can be wrongfully incarcerated by
the US system against drugs. This book is called the I Chong: Meditations from the Joint. Authored by
Tommy Chong, a well known comedian who acts as Chong in Cheech & Chong, this book is a must read if
you want a little humor on your reading. This book has been reviewed by book critics as entertaining and
must be read by everyone who likes a little comedy.

The book is about the life of Tommy Chong where he wrote about everything that has happened throughout
his life and was wrongfully jailed by the US government because his son's company shipped glass water
pipes or known in street slang as "bongs" across state lines. Bongs are considered to be a tool to smoke
marijuana and are considered as the "pope of pot". If you have seen Tommy Chong in movies before, you
probably noticed that he constantly plays the role of a stereotypical stoner. Because of this, and because of
the bongs, he was sentenced to nine months in prison.

Now, he played his roles in the movies in real life and have written and published a book about it, which is
what people also considered as a form of revenge to the US government for being wrongfully incarcerated.
He also stated that the US government also has its flaws when prosecutors offered him a deal if he pleads
guilty on the accusations. He stated that the offer was if he did not plead guilty, the prosecutors would go
after his wife and son instead. As you can see, Tommy Chong didn't have much of a choice. He couldn't
bear his wife and son to be in jail so he took the deal.

He also told his life story as well as his experiences in jail. This book is a must read that many critics have
considered to be page turner. Book critics have said that they just seem to close the book and continue
reading it next time. Obviously, this book called the I Chong: Meditation from the Joint is very popular and is
considered to be a good read.

So, the next time you are looking for a great book that can offer great reading and one that can make you
laugh, you should consider reading the I Chong: Meditation from the Joint. You can be sure that you will
definitely love reading it to the point that you won't want to stop reading until you reach the last page.
When you hear people say meditation, there is a great chance that you will often think of Buddhist monks
humming with their hands on their large beads. You will also imagine bald people in yellow robes reaching
enlightenment. You have to consider that meditation isn't only done by bald monks in yellow robes in order
to reach enlightenment and know about Buddha's words of wisdom, you have to consider that other
religions, such as the Christian religion also practices meditation but in a very different way.

The Christian bible tells Christian followers to think about God's word. You have to consider that what you
think about affects the action you take. The mind is a powerful part of your body that can control your mind.
So, by thinking about God's words about the great things you have to do in order to benefit other people and
help people who can't help themselves, you will be making a good thing on society.

Meditation has a very different meaning in the Christian religion. It doesn't necessarily mean that you have
to shave your head and wear yellow robes, lie down on the floor or squat in order to meditate, meditation in
the Christian religion means to think. In Christian meditation, you have to think about the good words that
God has commanded people to do. You have to consider that you shouldn't break the commandments and
you have to do good to your fellow human beings in order to go to heaven and have eternal life.

You should consider that meditation isn't just about thinking about Gods word, but you have to consider that
you have to focus on it in order to imprint it in your mind and have a guide to live your life free from sin.
Christian meditation is very easy to do and not as complex as you might think. All you need to do is pray
with your heart and think of the things God have said. There are three times during a day where you can do
Christian meditation in order to guide your everyday life. First is just before you sleep in order to make sure
that you think of what God's words were as you go to sleep, upon waking up in order to have a guide to start
your day, and some time in your day so that you won't forget about God's word.

You don't have to lie down in order to do Christian meditation. All you need to do is think about God's word
wholeheartedly and also accept them as your daily guide in your daily life.

As you can see, you will know what your priorities in life are if you do Christian meditation. All you need is a
little time to think about what God has said and in order to satisfy your soul's needs. As you live life like this,
you will see that you will be happier and be more satisfied on how you live your life.
Meditation which originates from Vedic Hinduism is adopted by Eastern religion as one of their religious
components. In fact, it became the mainstream of Western culture. Although meditation is considered as a
simple language, its description varies in two ways. In western culture, meditation is the state wherein the
mind is concentrated on one object forgetting about others. While in eastern culture, meditation is the state
wherein the mind is switched off. This means nothing is thought about.

Various spiritual practices are adapted to emphasize quiescence or activity. There are several purposes why
meditations are done. It includes improving oneself or concentrating one's mind to God in aspects of
improving spirituality. Some practices physical yoga for improving their health and achieve peace.

In Christian traditions, several religious practices are considered as meditations. Lots of these practices are
monastic including the Holy Rosary and prayers that focus on Adoration or the Eucharist in Catholic
Religion, known as hesychasm in Eastern Orthodoxy. These are similar to Eastern meditation which gives
concentration on individual objects.

Meditations in Christians are usually in prayer forms. Some prayers are primarily made using the intellect
upon contemplation of the heavenly mysteries. But meditation or Christian prayer by the heart is a Theosis
practice as been defined in the Philokalia. It is because attaining an inner stillness is involved while physical
senses are ignored.

Meditation is incorporated by Christians during special occasions including Christmas. Advent recollections
in preparation of celebrating the birth of Jesus are conducted.

There are two ways in which meditation is used, the unguided and guided meditation. A guided meditation
is done with guidance throughout the meditation procedure. You can do this within a small group guided by
a meditation practitioner such as priest and lay ministers or use meditation DVDs or CDs.

Unguided meditations can also be done within a group but no one speaks. The session is carried out in
silence accompanied with meditation music. Some sessions are done in isolated locations with a quiet,
peaceful, and natural surrounding. Still nobody speaks. Meditation music is the sound that can be only
heard. You can do unguided meditation well after taking several sessions of a guided meditation.

There are several advantages of meditations. Besides it being an inward adventurous journey, it helps you
discover yourself. It can increase your inner awareness to see the right path of life. Your consciousness
about everything can bring clarity, serenity, and bliss harnessing and sensitizing your mind power.

If you want real transformation and natural qualities nourishment, then meditation is the best option. The
meditation techniques are composed of processes for transforming your thoughts, yourself, and recognizing
negative thoughts as well as changing those into peaceful and positive thoughts. Meditation can manage
your stress so that your mind can experience a sanctuary of peace and value love in your mind and heart. It
neutralizes emotions to achieve bliss and nirvana. It can make you live longer because mediation creates a
platform for a healthier lifestyle.

Christians of all ages can meditate. Learning this practice can help you improve your daily lives and cope up
with your environment. If obtain inner peace, then it can lead to world peace. And if meditation can heal
oneself, therefore it can also heal the world. This is the true spirit of Christmas.
Meditation is synonymous to serenity. It's a process which involves concentration on a sound, your
breathing, or an object. The idea of meditation is to concentrate or focus your thoughts on a single relaxing
thing over a certain duration of time. Usually, it can last for about fifteen to thirty minutes.

Meditation is also considered as a skill. So, it is necessary to practice regularly to achieve satisfying and
positive results. Meditation done for longer periods of time can help you build some good experiences.

Meditation's ultimate goal is to achieve a constant state of the mind. As you master doing your meditation,
your mind can achieve the tranquility of water in a windless place. With a still mind during the meditation
process, your inner self will be revealed. Once your mind is distracted, do a couple of breathing techniques
to achieve calmness. You will fail the entire process if your mind thinks of other things including internal
gossip, mental commentary, or analysis.

Never forget that during your deep meditation state, you can recall some past buried memories like
childhood abuse or other traumas. Never be surprised since it is normal. As meditation progresses, it can
turn into a dynamic, pleasurable, and blissful experience.

Mostly, meditation is done during worships including communion. This is an event wherein God's food is
consumed. It is advisable to practice meditation rituals as much as possible for security and comfort.

Each church has its own celebration of communion. However the reasons are similar.

There are other lots of practices in sharing the body and blood of Christ. Millions of people around the world
are doing it in different ways. Some just stay in their seats and receive the bread while others go in front of
the sanctuary. People can meditate wherever they are before receiving communion. They can worship at
cathedrals, small weatherboard churches, homes, or even in prisons. Food, usually bread and liquid, usually
grape juice or wine are incorporated upon remembering the unfaltering love of God through his son Jesus
Christ. It is a commitment to share and respond to the teachings of God.

Most Christian followers cherish and celebrate communion. In fact, Christians can receive communion a lot
of times throughout their life. Some are even receiving communion weekly. And every communion is
significant. In this event, Christians are commemorating the bloody sacrifice of Christ on the cross. And by
partaking the bread in the communion means sharing the unconditional love of God for mankind. That is why
it is accepted in great meditation and respect. You cannot receive communion if you are in the state of sin.
Children and adults before undergoing their first communion take the sacrament of confession in cleansing
one's self from sins.

In some religious organization, meditation before communion is done by praying, reading the scriptures, or
announcing hymns for about forty five minutes. Someone will lead a thanksgiving prayer for the bread.
Afterwards, the bread is broken into many pieces and distributed. Usually, most elders are moved into tears
because of the Lord's sacrifice for mankind.

Communion meditation is an art, a symbol, and a story that is more powerful compared to concepts and
words for transforming people. God's message of love was propagated by Jesus to every religious people
through a devoted and deep meditation.
+I have never really thought of myself as an angry person.I would always do whatever I could to try and help
someone out,nor did I do anything that would hurt someones feelings,or I would try as hard as I could not to.
Every month we struggle to get by but I really didn't complain. I was just happy that we did have the money
to pay our bills and have a place to live even though we barely had enough to survive on after paying the
bills. Meditation is very much needed in most peoples lives, no doubt about that.

Even after all that I did not get angry,That changed last week.I really had to meditate to myself when I went
with my sister to the doctor last week.My sister is a very hard worker.She never misses work unless it is
absolutely necessary.Last year my sister had become sick and finally after being so weak she went to the
doctor.He put her in the hospital and gave her 4 bags of blood and said she had pneumonia.

I just couldn't understand how do you lose blood by having pneumonia.As I meditated thinking about last
year I was not prepared to hear what the doctor was going to say as my sister and I were driving to the
doctor.You see my sister got sick again. She nearly collapsed at work and was taken to the hospital.This
time she needed 5 bags of blood.She would keep telling me she was anemic.After the hospital did a ct scan
on her they said she needed to go to her lung doctor immediately.That's where my sister and I were going.

My sister never wants me to worry so she never told me anything and did not want me to go in the room with
her when she went in to see the doctor.After I meditated on this I decided when they called her name I
would go back with her,and that's exactly what I did.The doctor came in and you could see immediately the
concern on his face.He starting reading the results of her ct scan.He was reading something about her

He talked about something growing in her nodules and spreading to her lymph nodes.He wasn't saying it
was cancer but I knew by what he was reading it was. I didn't want to scare my sister so meditating to
myself while he was talking I asked what does all this mean? Instead of asking is it cancer I asked could it
be cancer?

His response was yes mam.She has to go for a biopsy in a couple of days to see how far it has progressed.I
really find myself angry at this point because she has never smoked a day in her life,And here she is 49
years old with lung cancer.So instead of worrying for the next couple of days and getting angry,I simply
practice meditation by praying that god please heal my sister.
+How can you change what you believe when the experiences you have had has convinced you otherwise?
The simple answer to that is to create a new experience. The best way for you to get that new experience is
to meditate about how you can change the way you respond to what happens.The new response will create
new results,which you will then experience it as a new reality.

To reach your goal of happiness,you have to act as though the following statement is true: Everything that
happens to me is the best possible thing that can happen to me. meditating to help turn a bad situation into
something good can be as easy as: 1+ 1 = 2. Acting as though what happens to you is the best possible
thing that can happen to you plus the new results just equals happiness in your life.

When you are convinced of the truth that everything that happens is the best thing that can happen,life will
Begin to be much more fun.It is like opening a new channel to happiness.All you need to know when
meditating is happiness is there,waiting just for you.All you need to do is follow the formula that creates
it.You have to remember also that unhappiness is also out there,waiting just for you.

The way you respond through meditation will determine which one you will be experiencing in your life. It is
not necessary to have all the ingredients of a project in hand at the outset. They will come at the appointed
time. It's only important that you move forward with the project that you have started until that appointed time
comes.With the energy you create through meditation by moving forward as if you had the money to start
your project,you actually put into motion a start of events that will lead you to your success.

Your actions create an energy that draws in the necessary ingredients of your project you have ventured
into. Everything that you need for your venture is,in actuality,already out there,waiting for you.You only need
to draw in what is needed. There is really nothing more to all of this other than just you remembering to keep
an open mind and find that peace that is buried deep within you.

The result that come with meditation that causes you to experience happiness,which then proves to you that
this is how things really do work-and this leads you to soon believe that everything does indeed happen for
your benefit. When you realize that is true,that is when the deep sighs of relief will come and that meditation
can certainly help you see the light.

The internet is a really great place to find out all of the information that you would need about meditation, in
case you are interested in learning more about it for your own benefits. This is very important for you to
consider doing because it will relieve you from so much stress circulating throughout your life each and
everyday. Try practicing meditation as often as you can because you are really going to benefit from it.
During the ancient times until now, people practice meditation because of its provided advantages.
Incorporating meditation as part of your daily life can make a big difference regarding your attitude and
outlook in life. But because meditation is a procedure, it involves several steps as well as postures when
doing it.

1. Cross legged posture. Various spiritual traditions and meditation teachers suggest or prescribe various
meditation physical postures. One of the most popular postures is the cross legged position which includes
the lotus position. It is taught in most meditative traditions that the spinal cord must be kept straight. So,
slouching is not a good idea. This is because, when you sit straight, it encourages good circulation of what
they call as spiritual energy, which is the life force and vital breath.

2. Seated posture. A meditator can sit on the chair with his or her bare feet, as what the New Thought is
teaching. In Orthodox Christianity, a meditator can sit on the stool. While in Theravada Buddhism, a
meditator is walking in mindfulness. In Sukhothai, Thailand, walking meditation of the monks is called bas-
relief. The meditator sits up keeping his or her back straight holding the spine and head in alignment without
leaning and thighs parallel to the floor. The hands are rested comfortably on the arm's chair or on the knees.

3. Kneeling posture. The meditator kneels with both knees on the floor keeping his or her buttocks resting on
his or her toes and heels which are almost touching. The hands rest on his or his thighs.

4. Lying down posture also known as corpse posture or savasna in yoga. The meditator rests on the carpet
keeping his or her legs straight and relaxed. Nevertheless, this is not used more often since it mimics the
natural posture of sleeping. The meditator can sometimes fall asleep. This is effective in reducing stress
rather than a meditation process.

5. Incorporating mudras or hand gestures. There is a theological meaning behind these gestures. Based on
Yogic philosophy, these can affect consciousness. One example is the common hand-position of the
Buddhist. The right hand rests on the top of the left hand with touching thumbs similar to the begging bowl of

6. Incorporating various repetitive activities in stillness such as humming, chanting, or deep breathing to help
in inducing a state of meditation. The Soto Zen practitioners do their meditation in front of a wall with open
eyes. However, most mediation schools are assuming that the eyes are half-open or closed.

The duration and frequency of meditation also vary. There are nuns and monks who bow for a lifetime
meditation. However, the broadly accepted duration is 20 or 30 minutes. This length may increase as the
process goes on as what experienced meditators revealed. To obtain the benefits of meditation, it is
advisable to follow the advices and instructions of the spiritual teacher. Most traditions require daily practice.
But some may experience frustration or guilt when they failed to do it. Sometimes, meditators may complain
about meditators knee especially during long hours of kneeling on one's knees or sitting on cross legs.

Keep in mind that perseverance and acceptance are needed to become successful. This can help you
during prolonged hours of meditation and increase focus on your everyday lives.
People go through a lot of problems in life. Some of them find it easy to deal with such problems but a great
number of people can't cope with the situation and end up being depressed. When something of great
importance to you is lost, what do you initially feel? The answer is grief and this is such a strong feeling that
many individuals experience, young or old alike.

While many persons prefer to evade grieving experiences, it is still best to face up to it and deal with the
experience with strong determination. If you keep on going around the problem, it will not disappear and
sooner or later, you have to deal with the problem.

Are there effective ways to help people working through their grief? There are several options for an
individual experiencing sorrow. You must know however, that grief can consume all your energy, leaving you
feeling exhausted and drained. That is why you should continue all your daily activities and health routines.

Grief is a normal feeling. When something or someone is lost, you will feel an empty space inside your
heart; you will soon find yourself in tears and in great sadness. Mourning is also natural, but not all people
can through this stage and so they need some form of aid or support.

A lot of people, as mentioned earlier, prefer to evade the situation. They want other people to believe that
they are all right and that nothing's wrong by pushing their emotions away which are a mistake. This can
harden a person's feelings and it will have a tremendous effect on his or her emotional life.

So what can you do to go through grief? There are a lot of things that you can do, including daily meditation.

First, you must eat nourishing meals regularly. There are depressed and sad persons who resort to eating
too much while others barely eat. Either way, you're bound to get sick because anything in excess or
insufficient can make a person ill.

Try to get plenty of rest and exercise regularly. Restlessness is natural especially for a person who is sad or
grieving. Try your best effort to take a rest; this is the only way to keep your strength. Make sure that you
exercise regularly too. This can help in keeping you fit even if you're suffering from extreme loss.

Do things that you usually do like hanging out with friends, going to parties, doing chores at home, and other
stuff that you used to enjoy prior to the grieving experience. Take time to enjoy; this way you can forget
about the loss occasionally.

Even if you lost something, you still have your life to live. Don't focus on what you've lost because there are
still more things to come. Always keep these things in your mind, and you will gradually accept the reality of

The most effective way to deal with grief is through daily meditation, and this is according to many grieving
individuals. Prayer in some form, and yoga, can really make a big difference. If you often do these things,
you can get plenty of rest, which now is what you need badly.
Many forms of meditation are applicable to many situations. If you're a music lover, then perhaps you might
want to try meditation music. In fact, as a human being, you can be compared to musical instruments
because you can hum, sing, whistle, and make other pleasing and expressive sounds. Every person's
musical experience is often described with words like harmony, flow, stimulate, healing, in trance, in tune,
uplift, and many others. When you express yourself through musical sounds, something unusual is
happening inside your system.

Numerous distractions bombard individuals as they go through their daily lives like noise pollution, social
melodrama, stress of daily commute, tedium of work, and a lot more. Life today is considered fast-paced
because of a lot of new technological advancements, and therefore, people suffer from continuing stress.
You can't focus on your work effectively because your mind is already overloaded, uninspired, and burnt out.
This results to a creativity block that can bring hopelessness to a person. But here's the good news, there is
a way to combat and cope with this kind of situation and that is through deep meditation music.

Where can you find such music? If you have no idea, then it would be better to ask the help of someone with
knowledge about music meditation. On the net, you can find several sites that provide pre-recorded
programs on music meditation.

It was only after 1973 when music was used for meditation. All the programs make use of the binaural
technology. Through this technology, the brainwave frequencies (right and left hemispheres) are

Through the deep meditation music, the brain can create fresh neural pathways. By doing so, the maximum
potential of your mind is tapped at a shorter time. Usual meditation practices take longer periods but with
music, you can find increased intelligence, inner peace, and reduction of stress.

Different goals and needs can be met by the wide choices of programs available. The specific program
should be used to address a certain need/goal since programs vary in their brainwaves; and this is
necessary to get the preferred effects.

Meditation music can benefit a lot of individuals. In fact, some specialists recommend deep meditation music
as a form of therapy to address certain problems like that of stress-related illnesses. Many people are
actually using this very effective tool and they are amazed and pleased with the results. They are able to
achieve personal growth as they continue listening to meditation music.

If you're suffering from extreme stress, or if you're always unfocused, burnt out, and uninspired, it wouldn't
hurt to try meditation music. This is already accepted in our society today and many doctors are now
recommending such therapy. If your medications seem to have no effect at all, then it would be best to start
with music therapy. This is a very good form of meditation. It relaxes your mind, as well as your soul.

Online or offline, there are a lot of resources that you can use to help you in finding the perfect meditation
music suited for your situation. Get family and friends to help, or even your officemates. Better yet, consult
your doctor or a specialist who knows a great deal about meditation music. You will soon realize that you're
slowly recovering from your problems.
Rene Descartes was a French philosopher who was highly influential. He was also a writer, mathematician,
and scientist. Rene Descartes or Renatus Cartesius was named as the Father of Modern Philosophy.

Descartes more often contrasted his point of view among his predecessors. He always consider his writing
unique, a work that nobody has ever written before. However, many of his philosophical elements revealed
influences of Augustine and Aristotle which tackles about the 16th century stoicism revisions.

Descartes natural philosophy is different from what is taught in schools on two aspects. First, he rejected the
corporeal substance analysis of forms and matters. Second, he rejected any appeal to natural or divine ends
which explain natural phenomena. Even in Descartes theology, he insisted on God's absolute freedom
regarding creation.

Descartes is commonly regarded as a modern thinker who first provided philosophical frameworks of natural
sciences. In his work Meditations on First Philosophy, he attempted to arrive at an original set of ideologies
which can be accepted as true by anyone without doubts. He then employed methodological skepticism
wherein he doubted any idea that appears to be doubtful just to create a solid foundation for authentic

Initially, Rene Descartes had arrived to only one principle that thought exists. It is the main proof of
existence because thoughts cannot be entirely separated from a person. In Meditations on First Philosophy,
this is called as cogito ergo sum. Therefore, he concluded that he really exists.

He based his conclusions on perceiving his body by using his senses, although in the past studies, these
are proven unreliable. So he concludes that the thinking thing in him is the only knowledge which is not
doubtful at all. Thus he defined thought as becoming immediately conscious of what is happening in him and
he is conscious about it. Thinking is an activity of every person that gets immediate conscious.

He further demonstrated the limitations of his senses through the Wax Argument. Descartes uses wax as an
example, his senses has informed him about its specific characteristics including texture, shape, color,
smell, and others. When the wax is brought towards the flame, these characteristics completely change. But
still, it appears to be the same wax although his senses have already informed him that the characteristics
are now different. So, for him to grasp the wax's nature properly, he doesn't use his senses instead he uses
his mind. Thus what he thought he had seen with his eyes, he actually grasped it solely with his power of
judgment that is in his mind.

In this way, Rene Descartes continues his construction of a knowledge system which discards perceptions
as unreliable and admits deductions as a technique. In the middle of Meditation on First Philosophy, he also
offered ontological proofs of God's benevolence. He believed that his sensory system and working mind are
provided by God. And God never desires in deceiving him. But this became a controversial argument
because his benevolent notions about God were also developed from his arguments which are doubting
perceptions. In this supposition, he finally established the possibility of obtaining knowledge regarding the
world through perception and deduction.

In the system of Descartes, knowledge can take the forms of ideas while philosophical investigation
contemplates these ideas.
Relaxation techniques are a great way to help your pursuit to reduce stress. Relaxation isn't just about
peace of mind or enjoying a hobby. Relaxation is a process that decreases the wear and tear of life's
challenges on your mind and body. Whether you have a lot of stress in your life or you've got it under
control, you can benefit from learning relaxation techniques. Learning basic meditation relaxation techniques
isn't hard.

Explore these simple relaxation techniques to get you started on de-stressing your life and improving your
health.|There are ample of sources of stress in the world now a days. As the old saying goes, 'there's no
need to look for trouble, because trouble will find you all on its own". All of us have troubles and worries,
along with all these stresses, few of us even have time to kick back and relax. If you suffer from anxiety and
did you wish to ease that anxious moods you have and feel relax for a while?

There are number of relaxations techniques you have that you take a little time and are highly effective
which you can done anywhere even at work.|If I were to find a perfect relaxation techniques I would
preferred to make a fortune sharing with others. In this, there are a lot of great ideas, and these ideas
published in different places but it seems no one got it gold. I know that the people around me seem to be
more and more stressed as time goes along. More people tried many relaxation techniques but they only
find nothing work for them.

There are many different things you can try, but you may have to search for a while before you find
something that works for you.|Performing breathing can be therapeutic, and with enough practice, can
become your standard way of breathing. To breathe with the diaphragm, one must draw air into the lungs in
a way which will expand the stomach and not the chest.

It is best to perform these breaths as long, slow intakes of air - allowing the body to absorb all of the inhaled
oxygen while simultaneously relaxing the breather. To do this comfortably, it is often best to loosen tight-
fitting pants, belts, skirts as these can interfere with the body's ability to intake air. The old-fashioned remedy
of breathing slowly into a paper bag works amazingly well to relax you and restore proper breathing. Another
version of this relaxation technique involves taking slow deep breaths. At first you may find you need to force
yourself to breathe slowly, but persist and you'll soon be back to normal. +And bear in mind that some
people, especially those with significant psychological problems and a history of abuse, may experience
feelings of emotional discomfort during relaxation exercises. Although this is rare, if you experience
emotional discomfort during relaxation exercises, stop what you're doing and consider talking to your health
care professional. Some relaxation techniques will work for some people, while some will leave others
feeling cold. Write down all of your ideas and move through your list one at a time. This may help you find
relaxation techniques that work best for you and your lifestyle.

I know that the people around me seem to be more and more stressed as time goes along. More people
tried many relaxation techniques but they only find nothing work for them. There are many different things
you can try, but you may have to search for a while before you find something that works for you.|Performing
breathing can be therapeutic, and with enough practice, can become your standard way of breathing.

To breathe with the diaphragm, one must draw air into the lungs in a way which will expand the stomach and
not the chest. It is best to perform these breaths as long, slow intakes of air - allowing the body to absorb all
of the inhaled oxygen while simultaneously relaxing the breather. To do this comfortably, it is often best to
loosen tight-fitting pants, belts, skirts as these can interfere with the body's ability to intake air.

The old-fashioned remedy of breathing slowly into a paper bag works amazingly well to relax you and
restore proper breathing. Another version of this relaxation technique involves taking slow deep breaths. At
first you may find you need to force yourself to breathe slowly, but persist and you'll soon be back to normal.|
Meditation can help you throughout your entire life. ++++
There are no special tricks to meditating; no special posture or breathing rhythm is required. Once you have
gotten the knack of it you can meditate anywhere during any activity. Some readers have succeeded in
reaching this altered state of conscious while reading about my sand meditation, perhaps you too may
realize this transformational state of consciousness as you read on...

|Sometimes meditation opens a door into the mysteries of creation. If we allow ourselves to pass through
this door there is no telling what we may encounter on the other side. Do not become discouraged if you
have tried to meditate in the past and not gotten any remarkable results. Meditation is a mystical process
and it may take awhile to learn how to quiet your mind and open yourself to all the present moment has to
offer you.

My meditation began while sitting on a beach. My hands were sandy. I rubbed my thumb and forefinger
together feeling the grains of sand between them slipping away until only a single grain of sand remained.|I
could feel the shape of the grain of sand distinctly as I rolled it back and forth between my thumb and

The longer I rolled the grain of sand about the more defined my awareness of the grain of sand became.
The more detailed my experience of the grain of sand became the larger it appeared to be.|While I could
clearly feel the tiny grain of sand trapped between my thumb and finger roll about across the grooves and
ridges of my fingerprints the grain of sand appeared to be growing larger and larger as I contemplated it.

The grain of sand continued to grow, encompassing the beach and then the world. Before long the grain of
sand had grown to an infinite size and it now encompassed all of creation; yet I still held the tiny grain of
sand between my thumb and forefinger, rolling it about across the grooves and ridges of my fingerprints.|

The tiny grain of sand was intimately connected to every part of creation and all of creation existed within it,
even as it existed within my grasp. I communed with the grain of sand, aware of its infinite connectedness to
everything else; through the medium of the grain of sand I became aware of my own infinite connectedness
with all of creation.|

The sand spoke to me of eternity. It told me tales about creation and the infinite nature of our existence in
creation. From the grain of sand I learned that every tiniest part of creation is a living being experiencing
creation and sharing in the process whereby creation makes everything manifest.|

My meditation with a grain of sand always produced a feeling of intense bliss. It was an eternal meditation
that transcended the time and place where it began to continue throughout all of creation. From time to time
I would return to this meditation, engrossed by the wisdom and experience of a single tiny grain of sand. +++
People who hear the words 'subliminal messages" for the first time would most probably be confused as to
what kind of messages they are. Well, to put it simply, subliminal messages are actually signals that are
sent to the brain by registering in the unconscious mind of an individual. If you are one of the many people
who are asking 'do subliminals really work?", then you'd better read on with the article.

What Are The Subliminals Telling People To Do?

The subliminals are not saying anything to people directly. As mentioned earlier, they target the
unconscious that's why they only act as emphasizers and getters. They aim to grab the attention of the
unconscious mind and give significance to conscious messages that are composed of suggestions such as
those in hypnotism.

Are Subliminal Suggestions More Effective Than Conscious Suggestions?

In most cases, subliminal suggestions are not as effective as suggestions given consciously. It is because
the subconscious part of the mind may have the tendency to be not completely responsive to subliminal
commands or complex messages.

There are only very limited and specific messages that are effective when given subliminally to individuals.
Subliminals have the power to tweak the unsconscious mind and make it pay attention the signals. The
difference between regular suggestions and subliminal suggestions can be seen by the way they affect the
individual's state of mind.

Regular suggestions are made of complete and very specific statement while subliminal suggestions are
only composed of very short and bried one or two word phrases.

To put simply, subliminal messages tell or alert the brain that there is an important message that is about to
be received. In return, the brain would then be more alert and would interpret the incoming message more
comprehensively. However, keep in mind that the subliminal signals do not have the power to change the
essence of the suggestion in any way.

Can Subliminals Make People Lose Weight, Stop Smoking, Get Over Their Fears, etc.?

This question is quite related to the question discussed above and the answer is still similar as above.
Subliminals cannot directly make or command people to lose weight, stop smoking, free people from their
fears, etc.

Realistically speaking, a suggestion presented consciously such as "Stop smoking" would most probably
have a greater effect and impact to an individual rather than having the message "Stop smoking" embedded

The point here is that not all statements, commands or affirmations can guarantee to be successful
subliminal messages. There are actually a set of proper subliminals that are only said to be effective in
infiltrating the unconscious mind of human beings. These proper subliminals were a result of numerous
painstaking clinical and laboratory research.

Are Subliminals Really Effective In Media?

Although there has been no reported media vessel that has blatantly admitted of using subliminal messages
and signals to advertise or to hook viewers, readers or consumers, there have been lots of hearsay that the
media is really using subliminal messages to further enhance their production or business.

However, keep in mind that subliminal messages are not the only techniques used (if ever they are being
used) by the media. It is obvious that advertisements that are overt and target the conscious mind of people
are still widely used by the media. Do subliminals really work?

Do you think they can change your life, beliefs and attitudes? You be the judge.
When it comes to spiritual healing, dragon Reiki is considered as one of the most popular forms there is.
This is because many people who have tried it believe that this kind of Reiki is very effective and powerful in
terms of calming the person's emotional upheavals that cause great stress.

Unlike the traditional Reiki—which is practiced only to bring the feelings of serenity and peacefulness in a
person—dragon Reiki is preferred by more and more people especially those who are suffering from
terminal illnesses. This is because many patients believe that because of the powerful life energy force that
is awakened in during a session, it gives the patient more will and optimism to live and get well.

Because of the effectivity of dragon in healing people who suffer from major illnesses, this has been
practiced in many medical institutions juts like clinics and hospitals. In fact, more and more hospitals are
offering dragon Reiki as a part of the overall treatment process because the doctors themselves believe that
this fuels the hope and positivism of the patient.

Just like the traditional practice of Reiki, dragon Reiki was discovered and originated in Japan. But, in order
to veer away from the confines of the traditional practice, various Reiki masters opted to conduct further
studies away from its origin country to make it more versatile, effective, and powerful.

These Reiki masters traveled all parts of the world and search for practices and concepts that can improve
the dragon Reiki healing. One of the countries where Reiki masters stayed for a long time in studying this art
of healing is China.

Being a country—where various traditional and alternative healing were existent—Reiki masters discovered
that people in this country could help them in improving this art of healing. The country is also advantageous
for Reiki masters because the Chinese tradition believed that an effective spiritual healing could be derived
from the sanctity of the dragon.

Believing that that 'dragon" can be strong link in healing a person's spirit because of its innate connection
with nature, any people in China adopted the concept of the healing process.

True enough, more and more Chinese people were into dragon Reiki as a healing form and spread the
world to the rest of the country. In a matter of years, dragon Reiki became one of the most opted and
popular forms of spiritual healing in all parts of the country.

Healing through dragon Reiki

Since it has stemmed from the traditional Reiki, which uses the person's innate life energy force, dragon
Reiki also makes use of this invisible force—only, it focuses on the person's balanced spirituality. Dragon
Reiki masters say that a person can be healed through this form of healing if they can develop the ability to
bring forth their emotional and physical life forces.

To be able to be healed, people must have a proper balance of spirituality to be able to awaken the
positivism in them. When a person achieves this balance in spirit, he/she can live life to its fullest extent—
stress free and content.

What sets dragon Reiki from the other types is that it aims to heal not only the person's body and emotions
but also nurtures his or her spirituality—opening newer and larger horizons for change and growth.
Meditation may be a challenge for most people to do as a habit. But it is not as difficult as some may think.
There are several easy meditation techniques that anyone can follow toward attaining a deeper sense of
relaxation. Meditation is an effective weapon against banishing stress brought about by the rigors of life. You
should try it out and here are the simple steps that you can follow to help you out.

One of the first things is find a place where you can sit comfortably. It should also be some place where you
can have few distractions as possible. Distractions are not good when you are meditating since they can
keep you from developing your focus and concentration and keep your mind away from everything. Once
you get the hang of meditating by keeping away the distractions, you can also do your meditation while
riding the train, bus or plane.

After you have a place where you can do your meditation in comfort, you now need to choose a mantra. It
can be any word that you feel can help you feel relaxed and calm. Try to go with words for your mantra that
really appeals to you. It can even be your own name as long as it helps you feel positive and be aware of
your meditation.

Once you have yourself comfortable and have chosen a mantra, close your eyes and start repeating the
mantra to yourself. Let the mantra do what it wishes. If it is something that you wish to repeat it slowly, fast,
quiet or loud, then do so. Try not to let outside thoughts to disturb you while you are doing this. Just ignore
them and focus on repeating your mantra.

As you repeat the mantra, try not to get distracted and just be aware of what you are saying and focus on it.
Learn also to remain relaxed and clam as you do this. In time you might sometimes find yourself going off on
a daydream and stop repeating your mantra. Just try to refocus and continue on with your meditation before
you ward off any further.

The key to this simple meditation is trying not to let distractions come before you when you meditate. It can
be a bit hard sometimes to do first, but it will develop along the way and will help you develop your focus as
well as awareness better. After some time, stop repeating your mantra and remain quiet while you are still
sitting comfortably. Do this for about a couple of minutes or so. Avoid getting up immediately after your
meditation. It would be similar to jumping up just after having a deep sleep. It would cause a lot of stress in

The other key to effectively make use of such easy meditation techniques is to do it as a habit. Try to allot
some free time in your schedule for your meditation. Making it a habit would make you improve your ability
to keep out distractions when you do not need them. This meditation technique can be done in as little as
ten minutes or so. It is not such a long time to spend on something that can provide you with a lot of benefits
especially when it comes to battling everyday stress.
Egyptian Reiki is better known as Reyad Sekh Em? Rei is the universal life force while Sekh Em is energy
from the four elements namely air, earth, fire, ether (spirit) and water. It is designed to heal more deeply
bringing greater balance on all levels be it emotional, mental, physical or spiritual.

Egyptian Reiki just like the Japanese version commonly being practiced today includes a negative energy
drain that helps remove symptoms of depression or deep seated pain.

This ultra high vibrational healing system was developed by Joanna Bristow Watkins who traveled to Egypt
several times and came up with this using an authentic Khemitian approach.

Patients who will undergo treatment will receive a 5 minute consultation prior to the treatment and asked to
remove any jewelry or any items that may restrict the healing process except for one's clothing.

The practitioner will then place their hands lightly on the patient's body in different positions to start the
healing process. However, if the session is to treat bruises or burns, the hands will not touch the body.

The session will last for one to two hours. If you happen to fall asleep, don't feel bad because this is the
body's way of healing itself.

Egyptian Reiki is different from other types of healing because it usually takes just one session before
results are noticed. Although it is very similar to Japanese Reiki, this method can help the person deal with
spiritual problems while the other cannot.

Most people that have undergone Egyptian Reiki claim they feel sensations such as tingling warmth or heat
while others feel cold. It is also possible that one may have a heightened sense of emotions but the vast
majority felt a sense of calm and relaxation.

After the session, the patient may feel a renewed zest for life while others may feel exhausted. Although you
may feel something in the first session, the healing process usually takes three days to three weeks to
complete before everything is back to normal. During the course of the healing process, the patient is
advised to drink lots of water and rest whenever possible.

Egyptian Reiki has been effective in treating chronic aches and pains as well as energetic, mental and
physical disorders. But because it is only an alternative form of medicine, this must be not be substituted
with medical science.

Reyad Sekh Em is completely safe. Those who want to practice it can also learn this so they too can help
others that are suffering.

There are five levels that people have to master to become a master and it doesn't matter if you have
experience in Reiki or not because everyone will be taught at an even pace so no one will be left behind.

There is also a three week cleansing process. During this time, the person should let go of old issues, eat
healthy and organic food, drinks lots of spring water, exercise and rest. This will prepare you for the next
lesson so eventually you may become a master.

The extent to which cleaning is felt during the cleansing process shows how much a person has changed.
This can change you entirely and even your outlook in life because you need to harness unconditional love
to give this to whoever needs it and which is the true essence of Egyptian Reiki.
One of the most common methods of turning yarn or thread into cloth is knitting. It is the same as
crocheting wherein loops are interlacing each other. But the only difference is that in knitting, there are
active multiple loops.

Knitting has two varieties. It includes warp knitting and weft knitting. Generally, warp knitting is done by a
machine while weft knitting is done either by hands or a machine. Warp knitting is run resistant and common
for lingerie fabrics including tricots. A single yarn is needed for each stitch within the row making the yarn
appears in paralleled vertical wales. In weft knitting, one yarn is required in making paralleled horizontal

Machines used in knitting use various mechanical system in producing results that are closely identical to
hand knits. Fabrics knitted by hands usually starts by creating a base composed of several interlacing loops
of thread on the knitting needle. Then new stitches are formed by the second knitting needle through the
stitches in sequence so that new loops were pulled back on the yarn's working ball via the first loops.

In general, knitting is a very quiet act. Thus many people who are involved in this process are also quiet
people including librarians, solitary maidens, stoic wives, and kindly grandmothers. The vocal, social knitting
aspects were reborn during these days as the urban, hip stitch and bitch. Knitters talk everything about

A yarn harlot, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee talks about knitting exceptionally well because she is a knitter
herself. Thus, she writes everything that is associated with knitting. Her success on online musings
regarding family and knitting increased her popularity. Thus her book entitled At Knit's End: Meditations for
Women Who Knit Too Much was published by Storey Publishing.

The book was very astonishing but not mainly because of its subject matters. The author focused more on
the crafts familiar topics such as impedimenta which include yarn, needles, and storage difficulty; process
which include making mistakes as well as repairing mistakes; and keeping diplomatic relations to the people
who do not knit which include spouses and children.

What makes the book different from other crafts and knitting writings is that the author clearly explains all the
topics in just three hundred odd pages. This feat is not easy for her but she successfully managed it though.
Crucial subjects including how a parent should pass her knitting knowledge to her child may require sticky
reading, but the author stresses on self meditation to understand her objectives. She has a warm heart, is
cool headed, and posses a wicked humorous sense which does not fall down to the cute or mawkish.

She created a book with great strength. It is also a balanced emotional literary writing with a surprising and
genuine wit. You can never imagine that knitting has also its dark sides. For example, the author
contemplates about committing adultery with a man owning a yarn store. You can probably identify and
laugh. She possesses the characteristics which is not present in most female writers, an obvious, happy,
and self-depreciating humor.

She does not emphasize that knitting is for women only but also encourages the male gender to knit. That is
why this book never fails to amuse people who do not knit regardless of sex. This book is truly a wonder.
Reiki is an ancient method of healing that has been used for centuries. Since it's reintroduction in the early
20th century, various methods have been produced and one of them although considered by some as
radical is called Feiki Reiki.

But why is it a radical form of Reiki? This is because the technique not only recharges your energy but it also
awakens your senses. This makes you realize that nothing lies outside ourselves when the power and
everything else we need is within us.

We have to tap that power to become better individuals and that can only be done by learning from a master
and then improving who we are.

Regardless of what you choose to use, the purpose of Reiki is still the same. This technique teaches you to
use the surrounding energy to heal your body and give you or whoever you are helping inner peace.

By practicing this regularly, you will be able to clear your body of negative energies that are mental blocks
and causes of illness. This keeps you healthy and strong as well as gives your more creativity to flow
through your mind.

One thing that you can't miss even in radical Reiki is balance. This includes not only physical balance but
also for the mind and spirit which gives you time to relax and revitalize your body.

If you want to learn conventional or radical Reiki, you have to start at level 1 training. The instructor will first
teach you about the symbols and then after going through a cleansing period, you may choose to learn the
other levels to the point that can even make you become a master.

There are a few attributes that go with Feiki Reiki. First is purification that is associated with a pure form of
energy. It is often said that this can move into one that causes a higher vibration of energy to move through
that person and thus causes healing. The second attribute is being able to transform fear and negative
thoughts into an attribute. In short, you face your fears until you are no longer afraid of them.

Once you have mastered them, you will be able to call on a specific universal energy to help with your

Feiki Reiki is often online. You can find it by typing this in a search engine or maybe look it up in your local
area so you don't have to travel very far to learn this but if you have no choice, you can just opt for distance

The use of Feiki Reiki is not very common compared to the other forms available. Just the same, its focus is
still to help you heal from any emotional, physical or spiritual problem that you or others may have. By using
it regularly and making this a part of your daily life, you will realize that it can also serve as a guide.

After all, life is meaningless without a purpose and this may be the key to help you on your way. So read up
on it to find out if Feiki Reiki is the right technique for you. If possible, talk to an instructor. There are plenty
to choose from and that is something you have to find out for yourself.
+I would like to take you beyond the limits of your customary thoughts and experiences.This new way of life
begins with two questions that are very simple.The first question is would I want this to be true: "Every event
that will befall me is absolutely the best possible event that could occur." Meditate before answering this so
that you can think about it with a clear mind and answer it truthfully. The second question is the more difficult
part,is to truthfully answer this question: Will I give that a chance to be true?

Imagine using meditation that God has appeared before you this instant and said: "I promise you that
everything that happens to you from this moment forward will be of the greatest benefit to you and will bring
you the utmost good fortune," Suppose God went on to tell you,"Even though what happens will appear at
times unfortunate or even hurtful,in the end your life will be wonderfully blessed and hugely benefited by
whatever may happen to you.Stop and meditate.How would you feel about that wonderful news? Happy?
Perhaps you may even be filled with joy.

Wouldn't it be the greatest news that you could ever hear? Wouldn't you heave a deep sigh of relief and feel
as if a great burden had been lifted from your shoulders? Wouldn't you then respond to the next thing that
happened-even if it was hurtful or took something from you or seemed bad or even unlucky-as though it was
going to be wonderfully beneficial for you,the best possible thing that could have happened? If you have not
enthusiastically answer yes,clear your mind,meditate on it.Perhaps you mistaken what I am talking to you

I am not talking to you about the common phrase we commonly hear, 'try to make the best of things," which
basically means " The situation or event really is bad and terribly unlucky,but do what you can possibly think
of or meditate to salvage some good out of it." Nor do I mean that within even the worst event possible,there
can be found a tiny bit of good.I am not thinking in terms of such limited ideas. I am thinking in unlimited
terms,where every event that befalls you is absolutely the best event that could occur-that there is no other
event imaginable that could benefit you to any greater degree.

So,again,while you meditate ask yourself wouldn't that be the best piece of news you could hear? If you are
willing to give this new concept a chance and actually believe that everything that happens to you will
happen for a reason. When thinking about anything,to get a great deal of relief just clear your mind and
meditate about the good things that are to come to you in the future. Meditation can be much better than
medication and you might just be real surprised how much better you will begin feeling after practicing it for
Meditation in its truest sense does not only help people in developing tranquility, calmness, and inner peace
but also to grow as a true person. However, some people have misconceptions about meditation as being a
hippy act or something associated with marijuana smoking. They did not realize that meditation is done so
that the mind can think better to improve the condition of life.

Guided meditation is a form of meditation wherein someone guides you throughout the meditation process
and helps you to obtain the result of some descriptions. Many people associate meditation with just sitting
cross legged on the floor, eyes closed and repeatedly go humming. This is not the result that most people
want because the essence is totally absent.

Compared to other things, meditation must be done with a purpose. Take for instance; you are applying for a
job out of a purpose. Once hired, you will have a monthly salary that you can use for example; purchasing a
car, house, food, or spend on vacations. Probably, you will not work if you don't have any purpose.

Meditation is precisely the same. A purpose is needed when meditating and it can vary in many ways.
Meditation is done to achieve inner peace, bring about concentration, relax, change the state of the mind,
improve learning and creativity, build self-esteem and confidence, focus on healing oneself, control external
and internal pain, and overcome fears. The reasons for doing meditation are really unlimited.

You don't have to be afraid during the guided meditation process since someone ensures that you are taking
the right path for achieving your objectives. Thus, it is very important that you choose your meditation guide
properly. Different practitioners and experts on guided meditation have different strategies. They facilitate
people to experience the different meditation paths according to their objectives.

Most meditation experts are teaching deep breathing methods for beginners to orient them in practicing
relaxation as well as in maintaining focus. Meditations paths will not certainly work if you failed in the first
step. Keep in mind that meditation guides are unique from one another. So, ask the meditation guide for a
free meditation lesson before paying for the services.

In a single meditation center, meditation practitioners dramatically differ in their guiding process. Make sure
that you choose the one who works best for you. For example, you are challenge to find new thoughts and
ideas about meditation. Then you are encouraged to purchase a guided meditation CD. You try to listen to it
at home, but after a few minutes, you burst out in a loud laugh. The voice sounds totally unreal because it
was altered digitally. This tool for guided meditation will not work for you since you are not serious about it.
However, this meditation CD can work for other people.

So, choose from other guided meditation styles. You can get it from the internet or local bookstore. Guided
meditation DVDs, CDs, and videos are very much widely available. Again, never rush in buying one for
yourself or as a gift. Check out if free samples are available. Meditation programs with good quality are
usually open for viewing and testing. This is the same if you wanted to go to meditation centers or health
retreats. Finally, guided mediations will be successful if you are patient enough to do regular meditation
Adjustment is always needed since our environment constantly changes. Thus, it affects both the emotional
and physical aspects of the person creating either negative or positive feelings. This can result to stress.

Stress is a part of everyday lives since time immemorial. But if an influence is positive, stress can motivate a
person to an action resulting to a new consciousness and a stimulating new perspective. But if the influence
is negative, stress can create a feeling of rejection, distrust, depression, and anger. In return, health
problems can be developed such as an upset stomach, headaches, insomnia, rashes, heart disease, stroke,
ulcers, and high blood pressure. People can experience stress during a job promotion, new relationship,
child birth, or death of a person close to them.

Stress can hinder or help people depending on their reactions to the circumstances of life. It does not matter
if all are positive stresses since it adds excitement and anticipation to life. But somehow competitions,
deadlines, frustrations, sorrows, and confrontations also add enrichment and depth to life.

You don't need to get rid of stress. All you need to do is manage it in a way that it can give you benefits.
Remember that insufficient stress can act as depressants letting you feel dejected or bored. While excessive
stress lets you feel stocked.

To avoid stress build ups, you can try meditation. Besides it being cool to do, you can obtain an immediate
calming effect regardless of your meditation posture. In this manner, you can reduce your stress. 1.
Practicing your breathing is the first process you should learn. If you observe that stress is starting to disturb
you, just do a couple of light breathing. Concentrate on your breathing quality. Make sure that it's light and
still. Then slowly breathe deeper.

2. The next step is to balance your posture and make it even, head up and back straight. Most people who
are stressed out often do a slouching posture while frowning.

3. Clear your thoughts. Start to imagine that you are swimming in relaxing waves. Feel the flowing waves in
your consciousness that is taking away all you stress and anxiety. Make sure your body receives the
constant flow of the waves.

4. Acknowledge your stress and review its root causes. This is a very important step. Denying stress in the
meditation process is not good. Clearly speak to your mind that the stress is true but you have the capacity
to handle it by thinking straight and finding ways to deal and cope up with it immediately.

5. Repeat this statement during your meditation process for at least ten minutes or more. Then take control
of your stress totally. Think of the person who caused you such stress and made you out of control. Control
your mind and remove the stress from it.

6. Finally, concentrate on a decision that you have the right to a peaceful and free mind and nobody can say
or do anything against this right, as you end the meditation process. Every time you need meditation, just
dictate this decision to your mind.

These steps can do something to change your outlook whenever stress disturbs you. Never be afraid to try,
just believe on the benefits that it will give you in the end.
The type of healing meditation can provide comes from within. Meditation can reap a number of benefits for
people who practice it as a daily routine. Here are just some of the many benefits that meditation can have
in your life.

One of the most important benefits that meditation can have on a person's life is inner peace. A lot of people
today, in this stressful world that we live in, would like to experience more inner peace in their lives. Inner
peace can, at times, seem elusive because life in these modern times has become so hectic.

It is through meditation that we can be taught how to switch off the noise of the mind brought about by this
busy and stressful world. Through meditation, we are taught not to focus on all the various passing thoughts
which clog our mind. Meditation can teach individuals how to gain a clear state of mind. And through this,
the secret of feeling real inner peace can be achieved.

Meditation can also provide some health benefits. Numerous studies have shown some links between
meditation and improved health. One of the health benefits that meditation provides is that it is a practical
solution to combat stress. It is through stress that a lot of health problems may come from. By relieving
stress though meditation people may be able to lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of heart related

Through meditation, people may also be able to discover a real sense of who they are. Intelligence may be
able to seek and discover the answer to many questions in the world. But the one question that asks who we
really are always remains unanswered. In order to discover our real self, depending solely on the intellect
may not be enough. We need to be aware of our own soul and we may need to go beyond the mind.
Through meditation, people can become more aware of a spiritual essence in life. Discovering this would
help us feel a new purpose in life.

Meditation can help make our lives simpler. Life today consists of a lot of clutter and unwanted baggage that
we can actually live without but do not realize it. A troubled life can contain nothing but teeming problems
and worries. By learning how to meditate, people can develop appreciation for the simplicity of life.

Meditation may also help a person know happiness. Learning how to meditate can help people feel real
happiness because it allows people to become more in tune with their inner self. When we become more
aware of our own heart and mind, we can experience a sense of unity with others and the things all around
us. This will bring about a sense of happiness that is not caused by mere external events.

Healing meditation can also help foster better relationships with other people. People can easily create
minor conflicts with other people by bringing to light the minor faults of the other person. Fault-finding
becomes a common source of unhappiness and division among people. Through meditation, people can
develop the sense of giving minor thoughts lesser importance. Meditation can also help develop a sense of
unity with other people by naturally looking to their good qualities. By doing this, minor faults of other people
become less important.
+ We all know it is not possible to roll back time or undo or change bad decisions we made in the
past,however using meditation we can change the way we feel about the bad decisions we made in the past
so that they will stop tormenting us here in the present. We all carry a lot of baggage from the past,such
things as maybe a broken heart,hurt feelings,or bad memories of friends or loved ones that have
lied,cheated,or betrayed us,events that may have brought us pain,or we may torment ourselves over
opportunities we may have missed out on or even wrong choices we made in our lives.

We absolutely cannot allow ourselves to let things in the past we cannot change take over our present
lives.Meditation is simply collecting our thoughts in a relaxing atmosphere.If you take the time to learn how
to heal your past it will enable you to be happy in the present. You may ask how can you heal the past? You
can look at past situations you cannot change in a brighter light with a new understanding on the events in
the past have hurt you.When your by yourself in a quiet place start your meditation.

Think about how whatever may have happened to you in the past may even be a benefit to you.You know
how bad you felt when something or somebody said or did something to you that you felt that you had no
purpose in life or was not good enough to associate with others.Meditating about how those things in the
past made you feel helps you to understand how others who are now in the same situation you were in then
feel about themselves.

You know how they feel so you maybe can tell them your experience back then and how you turned it
around and made a life for yourself.So many of us just need someone to take the time to just say hello or
nice day isn't it? Just a kind word to someone who has had a bad day can make all the difference in the
world. My dear sweet mother told me all the time that you can kill more flies with honey. Meditation can
make you feel so much more positive and give you a different outlook on life in general, it is something very
positive you can do to help yourself.

What she meant was if you have been around someone that wasn't pleasant or had a bad attitude don't act
like that person does, instead just turn the other cheek and it may rub off on the person who has a bad
attitude. Meditation could be the key to this happening. So you see meditation can be used to turn bad
situations into something good or even good situations into something great. Shining the light of the new
understanding on those events that happened in the past will help you have a feeling of acceptance,
peace,and happiness.
When the body, mind, and spirit are working harmoniously together, the results are awareness, well being,
and a balanced thought. In fact, nothing can beat the feeling of being healed on all levels. This can be
achieved through healing meditation.

Healing meditation is done to reprogram the negative thoughts that cause diseases or illnesses to become
positive desires in achieving wholeness and health. Your perception of the image does not really matter at
all. Most people are seeing themselves through the eyes of their minds. Some just imagine the ongoing
process happens in all parts of their body. Others may simply accept the fact that whatever they imagine
also happens to them in reality. Regardless of whichever category you belong, you participate actively in the
process of healing. This is the most important thing you could do.

Among the easiest forms of healing meditation is the Chakra System. The effects are quite profound. During
the healing process, the patient's chakras are the center of importance. Your body has 7 major chakras
(Chakra System) and a lot of less-significant minor chakras. They are considered as energy centers, points
wherein energy flows, and the body's energy junctions. These are the energetic connections to your spiritual
essence and pure consciousness. The chakras energetic operations make every part of your body,
emotions, mind, and spirit possible.

Every single chakra or basic energy center is a distinctive character corresponding to a unique part of your
being. These are energy patterns shaped similar to whirlpools or funnels of energy wherein each vortex lie
inside your body, along your spinal cord (center of energy channels) going up into your head. Follow these
guidelines using the Chakra System.

1. Like other posture of meditation, Chakra recommends you to sit in a straight position. Lay your feet flat on
the floor with uncrossed legs. Put your hands on your lap exposing your palms.

2. Let a sapphire blue or white light surrounds you. You can also ask the help of meditation guides or other
meditation practitioners to assist you during the process.

3. The Chakra Center has cabinets containing the Chakra Plates. Every plate has a diameter of six inches
similar to a dessert plate's size.

4. Starting with the Root Chakra's cabinet, remove the Chakra Plate. Check for any breakage, discoloration
or chips. Since it's the Root Chakra's cabinet, the plate must be a beautiful bright red corresponding with the
color of the Chakra. If the plate has no damage, then make it shine better in a clockwise direction before
returning it back in the cabinet.

5. Repair any cracks if possible but if not then dispose it. Replace it with a brand new Chakra's plate then
make it shiny before placing it in the cabinet. Continue the procedure until all the Chakras are finished. This
is also the point where you can thank all the people who have assisted you in the cleaning process. Never
forget that thanking them is not only showing your good etiquette but also appreciate their goodness and
patience with you during the healing meditation process.

Healing meditation can change your condition. But to obtain successful results, it needs regular practice. So,
achieve the true healing using the Chakra System.
Is it true that meditation can help you quit smoking? Have you ever thought about it? Can we possibly do
something that easy to make you stop smoking? Everything is possible. What I am going to tell you in this
article is what I have found. What you can do to stop smoking.

Meditation has long been considered as one of the very few ways by which man could access himself
without really having to accommodate the intervention of the logical mind. Meditation helps relieve the stress
of everyday life and it helps the person rejuvenate his mind to function more effectively. Apart from these,
meditation is also considered as a cure to some diseases and disorders, especially those that are infiltrated
mostly by stresses.

When people meditate you become more relaxed and clam about your everyday life. Some people smoke
more when they are stressed. This is a proven fact. People often chain smoke because they are under
stress. Your mind becomes weak from stress resulting to the deterioration of the body and the will to
continue what was first a goal. So there for when someone is constantly stressing and if you just take a
second or however long you want, begin the process of meditation.

We already know that the cost of smoking is very expensive. When you smoke more than one pack a day,
the cost that you are spending is very high. You probably do not realize that within a years time you can
probably spend almost half of your earnings on smoking. Just think what you could have done with that
money if you found what could help you stop smoking. Meditation could be one of the methods that could
help you stop smoking.

Meditation to help quit the smoking habit acts in many different ways. The person from the pressure of
temptations but on the other hand, the person will be rescued from the pressure of not being able to meet
the goal. The former conceives the smoking cessation on a much brighter side since meditation could help
drive the person with complete motivation to stay quit even when the mind calls for a last smoke.

They say quitting smoking is one of the hardest habits to quit. You have to put your mind into it. If you do not
have your mind set to something then it will not be a focus. Meditation can help you get that mind frame that
you are looking for. You have to take many things in consideration when wanting to quit a bad habit. It is
very stressful and sometimes you will not succeed on your first try, but do not give up. There are other ways
out there.

If you find out that meditation is not the way for you, then there are many other options out there you can
find. Contact your local doctor or research it online. There are over the counter medicines out there you can
try. You just have to find out what works best for you.
+Although the ancient origins of karate are somewhat unclear to us,The one thing I can tell you,is that about
1400 years ago,while teaching at the Shaolin Temple in China,Daruma Daishi used techniques that were
similar to karate.Later these techniques developed into forms of karate known as Shaolin Boxing.

You need a clear mind to use Karate and meditating is the best way to clear your mind when you are in a
sport such as karate.In 1955 one of master funakoshi's last direct pupils cam to the United States and was
the first person to teach karate in this country.That same year he put together Southern California Karate
Association,which has grown over several years to now become a national non-profit organization.

As I meditated I continued to learn more about karate.I learned in 1961,which happens to be my year of
birth,Mr Caylor Adkins,One of Mr Ohshima's first black belts, began attending CSULB and soon formed the
school's first karate club.In 1968 after being gone for a while he returned to CSULB along with a gentleman
named Mr Don Depree. Mr Depree carried on the tradition and led the growing club until the year 1992,when
he entrusted the leadership of the club to Mr Samir Abboud.

Still keeping my mind clear by meditating I learned that Mr Samir Abboud was a continuing student of Don
Depree since the year of 1969.Samir was the CSUBL captain of the karate club,and assistant instructor to
Mr Don Depree for many years. Through meditation children and adults learn breathing techniques that help
them concentrate on karate. When first starting karate you will want to start with the beginners belt.The
purpose of this level is orientation.

Students will be taught the general structure of the class,basic commands,the importance of self-defense
and some basic combinations of self-defense moves. By concentration with meditation the student will learn
to be familiar with and to perform any of the moves on the curriculum sheet.The students also should be
able to stand in a Chunbi position for 1minute without moving.Minimal proficiency will be required.

The practicing time 5-10 minutes 3-4 times a week will be plenty for the beginners level.It will usually take 4-
6 weeks to start your next belt. So whether you are a child or and adult learning karate for whatever
reason,remember the key to karate is first using your breathing techniques and your meditation will help you
to practice your breathing.

Meditation books are also very helpful, if you are interested in learning more about meditation just go to your
local library and check some of them out. Take time out to study meditation and you could be feeling much
better real soon, which is something that most of us all want for ourselves. Good luck and remember that
keeping a positive attitude can really make a difference in your stress levels. Please take time out for
yourself for meditation.
+Insomnia simply is a chronic inability to sleep. I have had many restless nice with only a few hours a sleep.
Many nights I would only get 3 or 4 hours of sleep. I had tried everything to help me sleep.I tried things like
Tylenol pm.mild nerve pills and even was tested for sleep apnea and had a breathing machine to use at
night for the sleep apnea.That machine made me feel as if i could not get any oxygen. Insomnia can make
you crazy after awhile.

I was having a very difficult time breathing with it. I had to quit using the machine because it was so
uncomfortable.I was getting very irritable from not sleeping so a friend told me how using mediation helped
her.I went on the computer and found out many ways meditation helps people for many different problems.
The first thing I learned is that having insomnia can also be a mind thing.

You can actually train your mind to go without sleep.I know that I think about the struggles I go through
everyday and keep that on my mind so I cannot sleep well. Through meditation I have learned to calm
down,relax and know that getting so upset over things I cannot change will just make things worse. Now
when I come home after a exhausting day I don't let things bother me so much. I actually first started my
mediation in the morning before I left and again when I get home.

In the morning I get up about 30 minutes earlier then the rest of the family so I can have time to myself. I go
into the kitchen get a book I like or a newspaper,fix me some coffee and just meditate before I have to start
my hectic day. When I come home at night I know that with my insomnia I will have another restless night so
I start preparing for my night after I get supper cooked the dishes done and kids to bed.

For my meditation at night I will first relax by listening to soothing music. I will turn on a music channel on my
television and just kick back and relax. I then get in a hot tub and sit there and let the hot water sooth me.
After I get out of the tub I do not wait to go to bed. Since my body is now very relaxed I go straight to bed. I
have learned by staying awake watching TV after I am so relaxed will only make it harder for me to sleep.

Since I used my meditation while listening to comforting music and relieving my tension with a hot bath why
get upset by watching television. I turn my fan on low get under the covers take some deep relaxing breaths
and go to sleep. I'm not saying that I am cured and get 8 hours of sleep every night but I can say that using
mediation to relax me has helped me at least get a couple of extra hours of sleep then I use to.

My husband also turns on the little clock radio to a country channel and leaves it on low all night to help him
get some sleep.You have got to remember meditation is simply clearing your mind of thoughts that upset
you. Once you have cleared your mind over whatever is bothering you it will be to your benefit.

Relaxing is the key to having a better day and night. So find a way of meditation that will help you relax and
just enjoy your night. You are worth it and most of all after all you do for everyone you deserve to have a few
moments of relaxing meditation.
+The word meditation simply is defined as to be in a continuous contemplative thought or to simply just think
about doing something. We all have different types of stress in our lives. Some of us our stressed out over a
job,or maybe a relationship,or children,or if you are like most of us you are stressed over finances. Taking
the time to meditate in your own relaxing way will help with the stress you are feeling.I have learned that
worrying about what is stressing you will not help solve the situation that is upsetting you.

You may think that taking time out of your already busy life to meditate is ridiculous,But it is not ridiculous it
will absolutely help calm your nerves which will help you relax enough to sit down and calmly work out the
situation that is upsetting you.I found that I can relax and meditate by sitting and relaxing in a hot bubble
bath.If you are worried about not having enough time to sit and relax in a hot tub maybe you can just go
outside for a breath of fresh air and take time to just collect your thoughts. After everything has calmed down
you can then take the time to take a hot relaxing bath.

If the kids are stressing you out you know how easy it can be to lose your temper with the kids,So things
don't get out of control you can do breathing exercises to help meditate you. Let the kids go outside for a few
minutes or maybe let them watch a movie or whatever they like to do within reason for a few minutes so that
you can get your thoughts together when meditating.Breathe in and out slowly and take time to think about
what options you have to control the situation that has upset you. With having to deal with our children,our
jobs,our relationships,and our finances it's a wonder we all can even go on every day.

Find a way of meditation that will work for you and you will see that even if it's for only a few minutes that will
be a few minutes you don't have to worry about things.If you don't want to go on the Internet to find ways to
relax then go to your library in your town. There will be many,many books on relaxation by meditation. When
you are in a place like the library you can actually just relax in that environment where it is quiet and
relaxing. Get you 2 or 3 books and find the one that will help you the most.

You know you can also write down notes on the other books you have read. Maybe check out a couple of
books that talk about different ways of meditating and write down the chapters that interest you the most.
Even if you start out by just learning how to have peace of mind that is a very big accomplishment. After you
have found peace of mind you can then start working on the daily things in your life that has left you feeling
empty inside. Remember you can have the life you have dreamed of if you just take the time to learn ways
to help you with relaxation techniques. You can find fulfillment in your life and defiantly make a difference in
your life and the lives of others who feel the pressures of every day life.

Whether you find meditation and relaxation techniques through books,tapes,or even exercises you will find
that when your life is free of every day stress you can then start to find solutions to the many different
problems in your life in a calm peaceful way. You can go on line and find self help tapes about meditation.
Do you want to just settle on a life that can make you miserable day after day? You may feel so empty inside
that you feel as if you have no purpose in life.

You have to remember you are using your thoughts in your mind to meditate so you want to take the time to
clear out all the negative feelings you have in your mind so that you can concentrate on how to improve your
life and make a goal for yourself. Meditation can help. When you take the time to relax and really stop and
think about things that are going on in your life you can also find that you are relaxed enough by meditating
to find solutions to many different things you question in your life.
Student life can be very taxing. Deadlines here and there, reports and papers all lined up. You get caffeine
in your veins with drinking too much coffee for those sleepless nights as you diligently review for your exams
and lessons. Too much to do with so little time and you try your best to concentrate on whatever you are
doing, but the thing is you can't.

This is a common scenario of a student's life. Either he or she simply can't concentrate or he or she is too
lazy to study. But what if you can be able to easily overcome these kinds of dilemmas of student life? No,
you don't have to drink any memory enhancing pills of some sort, all you have to do is listen to music,
interesting isn't it?

A Sublime Method

Research of subliminal messages has been ongoing since the 1900's. Now, it has reached a point in which
amazingly it can be of great personal help. In early phases of its study, it was only used usually by the
government to train soldiers in spotting airplanes of the enemy. Also it was used in commercial advertising
to increase their sales of popcorn and coke.

One Click Away

Now days, subliminals can be acquired even for private use. It is available for you in different kinds of media
like audio, still visual, video and computer animations. There are even a lot of free subliminals in the internet
that are downloadable easily. You can get it as an audio file that you can easily play on your computer, mp3
player or CD player.

There are also free downloadable subliminal generating programs that you can install in your computer.
These ones are customizable for what ever need you may have. These messages can help you with a lot of
things regarding your attitude especially in studying. Here are some of the problems that subliminal
messages can help you out with.

Acquiring Concentration

Do you find it hard to concentrate on whatever it is that you are doing? Maybe "focus" is not in your
vocabulary worse scenario is if you are trying to study yet there are a lot of distractions in the environment
like too much noise, people talking etc. If you are that kind of person, then you definitely need some help to
boost up your attention span.

Through subliminal messaging, you can focus on your goals that you want to achieve. These goals can
either be short term or long term. By simply encoding a message that would tell you to focus, concentrate
and be attentive you can get that long attention span you've been looking for especially when listening to
those hours of long boring lectures of your professor.

Memory Enhancement

Poor memory can be a big problem especially in studying for final exams. Not only that you are to remember
a lot of terms but also with the accompaniment of high tension and fear that can cause you to have memory
blocks. Of course, you already know what the terrible consequences of this kind of problem are.

With the help of subliminal messages, you can encode a message that can help you boost your memory.
Your mind is set to be confident and not to have anxiety attacks during examinations, thus you can think well
and access that stored knowledge in your memory easily.

Subliminal messaging is really a very powerful tool. With it you can have the solutions for your studying
attitude problems. The best thing with it is that you get it for free!
It is very hard to handle stressful situations. Every individual should learn how to become aware of it and
accepting it. One form of meditation which is very effective in dealing with the problems and difficult
situations of life is known as mindfulness mediation or insight meditation. This is often considered by many
people as a miraculous technique.

It is a fact that frustrations, stress, disappointments, anger, and other related negative emotions affects the
mind and body adversely. Such negative actions and emotions must be handled effectively. Likewise, set
backs must be accepted truly without causing health problems. Insight meditation is like a medicine that
helps people in dealing with negative situations and emotion in a manner that is most effective to them.

Insight meditation allows or requires individuals to become aware of their environment. They are more likely
sensitive in perceiving each moment. Thus, they prefer to accept situations that are stressful rather than
avoiding it. If you become aware about the internal status of your mind upon insight meditation, then you can
learn to accept difficult circumstances without too much resistance.

By practicing insight meditation, you can train your mind in achieving a tranquil state without being affected
by external forces. The mind is aided in developing the needed strength to obtain such peacefulness.

Today, the world around you is so busy, no time for meditating. But remember that wherever you are, it is
your choice to become still or not. Set specific time and space where you can do insight meditation where
nobody can disturb you.

You can start practicing insight meditation. Sit in an upright position with the legs crossed. Focus on your
breath or something else like physical and mental processes that are helping you to become aware of your
present inner state and thought patterns.

Always watch out for your breath. It does not leave you provided that you are conscious. Imagine that you
breathe in spirit. When you are breathing out, you express spirit. Concentrate on the air that passes down
from your nostrils, to your air passages, and to your lungs, and vice versa when you breathe out. Focusing
on your breath can accomplish two things. Your concentration is slowly shifted away from the problems in
your mind as well as it brings your focus to God.

Your practice of insight meditation lets you concentrate on your actions, thoughts, and present situation non-
judgmentally. Insight meditation doesn't encourage you to evaluate or think your past actions or take your
thoughts on the uncertainty of the future. It trains and helps your mind not to be distracted by external
disturbances, concentrate your thoughts, and relax your mind.

Insight meditation is conducted or practiced through formal and informal techniques. Formal insight
meditation incorporates yoga. In this way, you can be aware and control your breathing patterns in
connection with particular body movements. When you take every life's experience with pleasure and
enjoyment, then you are using an informal insight meditation.

The strategy used in insight meditation is insight or introspection wherein you get clear pictures of your inner
states and thoughts, achieve thought concentration, and train your mind in perceiving situations and things
more effectively.

So, you can say goodbye to your problems and live a better and a healthy life.
Today we live in a fast-paced world. Things happen so quickly that more often that not, we do not have the
chance to react to the things thrown at us. We somehow lose the ability to think things over in favor of
lightning-quick decisions.

But it shouldn't be so. Every one of us needs to slow down a little from time to time and be calm. Otherwise,
stress will build up and will affect how we deal with the people around us, not only in the workplace but also
at home.

The practice of meditation is a way for us to be still for a while and let our minds become focused until we
become calm enough to deal with the daily pressures of life.

Some may think that meditation is a completely religious practice. While it is true that a lot of religions,
especially Eastern ones, take meditation as an integral part of their practice, it is not necessarily the case. In
fact, more and more people who aren't necessarily religious get into meditation.

People practice meditation for a variety of reasons. While we already mentioned that it helps us become still
in this fast-paced world, other people meditate for health reasons and to attain a higher state of
consciousness, among others.

So if you think that life is stressing you out, it's probably time for you to slow things down a little bit. Your
mind is probably too distracted with so many things to consider and to think about. Meditation can help you
calm down and let you be stress and worry-free.
In Hebrew, Jewish Meditation is called hitbonenut or hisbonenus. Usually, these are most clearly explained
in the Hasidic and Kabbalistic texts. Hebrew pertains to one of the many dialects under the languages of
Canaanite. It flourished as the Israel's spoken language between tenth century BCE and third or fourth CE
(the Byzantine Period) upon the extinction of several Canaanite dialects.

The term hisbonenus is derived from Binah, a Hebrew word which means understanding. This
understanding is based from analytical study involving any topics. In general, hisbonenus is referred to as
the Torah study under Kabbalah explanations for achieving a greater appreciation and understanding of

The primary Judaism document is the Torah. Traditional rabbinic writings provided several ideas about the
revelation of the whole Torah. Many considered the event at Mount Sinai, when God revealed the Ten
Commandments to Moses as one of the most significant revelatory event. The orthodox rabbis dated the
revelation as 1280 BCE. Sources given by some rabbis stated that the whole Torah was all given at once
during the revelation. The maximalist believed that the dictations not only include quotes which are
appearing in the texts, but also each word contained in the texts itself, even the phrases and the revelation
of the death of Moses.

Kabbalah transliterated as Qabalah, Kabbala, Cabala, or other related permutations means receiving of a
particular tradition. It interprets esoterically the Bible of the Hebrew (Tanakh), aggadah and halakha
(classical texts of the Jews), and mitzvot (practices). Mystical doctrines are expressed in connection with
simultaneous transcendence and immanence of God. This was the attempted declaration to the old paradox
that explains the Ultimate Being, in which even the blind Isaac cannot conceive it in his thoughts, but he
came to be experienced and known by the people that He created.

The Kabbalah declares that each intellectual process should be incorporated with three faculties. It includes
Daas, Binah, and Chochma. Daas literally means knowledge. This pertains to the ability of the mind to hold
and focus its concentration on the Binah and Chochma. Chochma literally means wisdom. This is the ability
of the mind to create a new point of view in a concept which one didn't know before. Binah literally means
understanding. This is the ability of the mind to obtain a new point of view from Chochma and evaluate all its
propositions and simplify the concepts to be well understood.

It is a fact that hisbonenus referring to Binah defines Jewish meditation to distinguish it from other meditation
forms. The philosophy of Hasidic and Kabbalah rejected the idea that any new point of view doesn't
necessarily come from a mere concentration only. They also explained that although Daas is an important
part of cognition, it's similar to an empty container without the study, learning, and analysis coming from the
power of Binah. The Chassidic philosophy also stated that the new discovery or insight of a scientist
(Chochma) is the end result of a deep analysis and study of his topics (Binah).

However, Chassidic masters revealed that deep concentration for a longer period of time sometimes devoid
intellectual contents that can lead to hallucinations, insanity, and sensory deprivation instead of achieving
spiritual enlightenment. The true enlightenment corresponds with Torah understandings specifically the
Hasidic and Kabbalah philosophy explanations.
In layman's term, Zen meditation is letting go of pessimistic thoughts and simply relaxing. In Buddhism, it is
a contemplative discipline performed to achieve calmness in the mind and body. Most importantly, it aims for
a practitioner to understand the nature of life to obtain enlightenment.

To fully experience positive results of Zen meditation, there are three general methods to consider such as
(1) Concentration; (2) Koan Introspection; and (3) Shikantaza.

Concentration is the main emphasis to start Zen meditation. You need to focus on your breathing which is
commonly ministered by counting. Let breathing be your shield to any distraction. On the other hand, Koan
Introspection focuses on "koan." Koan is an entity used for meditation. "Just sitting" or Shikantaza is
meditation where an object has no place, instead mere concentration is needed.

Once you have chosen a specific method, then it is time for you to be aware of the common positions
undertaken in Zen meditation.

Burmese Position

At first glance the said position looks like a simple cross-legged position. With the Burmese position, you
need to situate your feet so it will be in front of one another and let both your feet relax on the floor. You
need to ensure that your heels are pointed towards your pelvis. Also rested on the floor are your knees.

Seiza Position

Seiza is the Japanese term for correct sitting. It can be achieved by letting your lower leg kneel. Make sure
that your feet are under your buttocks and that your toes are positioned in a backward manner.

Half-Lotus Position

Indian-style with one leg on the top of the other is the half-lotus position. To achieve such sitting position,
you need to be seated on an Indian-style of sitting. After which, lift one leg without letting the legs be

Full-Lotus Position

Make sure that you are seated Indian style. Then, pick one foot and take it to the crook of your knee. Let it
rest, ensuring that the base of your knee is in an upward position. The final step you need to undertake is to
bring the other foot to the other knee just like what you did on the first.

After you have chosen a comfortable Zen position for you, there are other important considerations you
need to carry out:

? Keep your mouth close. Ensure that your tongue is calmly pushed beside the upper palate to prevent
salivation and swallowing. ? Keep your eyes low. Fix your eyes on the ground. ? Keep your chin tucked-in.
? Keep your nose in line with your navel. ? Keep your torso not to lean forward or backward. ? Keep your
hands enclosed in a "cosmic mudra." Your dominant hand should be in an upward palm position to hold the
other hand.

Zen meditation concentrates on breathing. Breathe in Zen meditation is said to be the fundamental force in
one's body. Together with mind, the two are considered the reality of life.

With the kind of life people are in right now, Zen meditation may be a helpful act to be relieved from stress
and tension.
Since 1900's research in subliminal messaging took a great leap of improvement and is still running the race
to continue to give its growing number of consumers the services that they ask for. Truly, the market is
growing even more through out the years.

Everyday more problems are created in your life, and that's why Mephisto Subliminals takes great pleasure
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Subliminal Tailoring

Subliminal messaging can be used in a lot of ways. It can be either for public or private use. It is available for
you in different media like audio whether tape or CD, video whether VHS, VCD or DVD, and in the form of
computer animations or still images too.

Depending on your need, the messages conveyed can be customized. Definitely it is tailored for each
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No More Smoke Belching

You may have had countless attempts to break the habit of smoking but have completely failed. Now with
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Getting Rid Off Those Extra Flabs

This may be the most common problem of almost everybody. People of all ages could probably relate to this
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No Need For Cupid

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These are just some of the troubles that Mephisto Subliminals can help you out with. There are a lot more
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If you look at it, Kundalini reiki is quite simple. It aims to the open up the energy within our body and channel
it into a form that can be used for healing. It encompasses the elements of traditional reiki and the practices
and beliefs of yoga. The main objective is to reach the highest spiritual level possible, being united with the
divine. A free kundalini reiki discussion follows.

There has been a lot of name for it. It has been referred to as "Kundalini fire", the 'serpent energy", the
"coiled energy", and even the 'dormant power." If you"re going to follow Hindu beliefs, you will learn that
Kundalini is a serpent goddess whose favorite place is at the base of the spine where she sleeps, waiting for
someone to wake her up.

Waking Kundalini means releasing an immense energy within us, an energy that will push out of every
chakra opening in the body creating sensations of bliss, ecstasy, increase physical powers, visions,
brilliance, and even pain.

In Kundalini reiki, there are three levels of attunements each aims at strengthening the energy channels in
the body to allow the Kundalini energy to flow out, cleansing blockages that might have accrued in time. The
healing energy of the Kundalini allows practitioners to treat using a variety of methods, some hands-on
healing while others are long-distance healing techniques.

Although the concept is simple enough, problems are usually encountered in awakening individual
Kundalini. It is said that only a few people have actually reached the level of Kundalini awakening. Some
have prepared themselves for years trying to awaken their own Kundalini but to no avail.

There are different ways to open the window for a Kundalini awakening. Deep meditations, yoga, and events
like trauma or near death experiences can be triggers to releasing the sleeping Kundalini energy. According
to beliefs, there have been two effective exercises in the past that proved to be successful in awakening the
Kundalini. The breath technique or the kumbhaka is one of them. And the other is the three locks or bandha

But awakening the Kundalini is just half the battle. If years have been spent just preparing for the release of
this dormant energy, it will almost take the same time to receive the cleansing process brought forth by the
awakening of the Kundalini. Mastering the energy of Kundalini begins with the lowest chakra and moves it
way up to the head or the crown chakra. The process might take years.

Even though Kundalini is meant for healing, the enormous energy it releases can cause some level of
discomfort. In such situations, there is a necessity to purify the body which means removing in its system
drugs, alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, and greasy foods. Stress should be reduced as well and other issues that
might come up whether psychological or emotional should be treated.

When released properly, Kundalini reiki heals the body, reducing stress and providing renewed energy. The
combination of traditional reiki practices and the energy of the kundalini fire are effective in promotion
spiritual growth and healing geared towards the attainment of enlightenment.

By learning kundalini reiki, you will acquire the knowledge of the various ways to give treatment to another
person, the various techniques of healing yourself and the different methods of long-distance healing.

It all starts with this free Kundalini reiki discussion. I hope you pursue this path towards enlightenment.
When it comes to spiritual healing, Kundalini Reiki is considered by many people as one of most basic yet
effective means of today. This is because the practice involves simple and easily understood structures that
anybody can practice.

Many people—who are into spiritual healing—are into Kundalini Reiki because it is far more easier that the
practice of the traditional Reiki. Since Kundalini Reiki is derived from the traditional Reiki, majority of its
techniques, means of treatments, and principles are pretty much the same. Only that Kundalini Reiki uses
simpler methods to achieve spiritual healing in a faster and more convenient manner.

How Kundalini Reiki works

When we say Kundalini, it usually refers to the opening of various "healing channels" and "charkas" that
gives people easy access in gaining the energy of the Earth. Here, the "root chakra" serves as the center of
energy that paves the way for the Kundalini energy to enter.

Also referred to as the "Kundalini fire," Kundalini energy is said to flow all throughout the person's body and
taps the body's 'main energy channel." Once it the energy has reached 'main energy channel," the Kundalini
Reiki will now exit the "crown chakra," and comes back in a form of cycle.

In Kundalini Reiki, the energy that has been released from a person through a channel enters the "root
chakra," passes through "crown chakra"—which is usually located on top of a person's head—and stay
there for a period of time. During its stay in the "crown chakra," the Kundalini Reiki cleanses the "charkas" in
the different parts of the body and channels it all throughout the system.

Here's the step-by-step procedure how Kundalini Reiki works:

1. The first step in making Kundalini Reiki work is by opening the channels where Reiki energy will flow. This
step is called the "first attunement." This process also prepares the person for the second awakening of the
Kundalini Reiki. Here, the person's chakras in the hand, crown, and hand are opened and strengthened at
the same time to complete the first phase. This first step is said to be the equivalent of Usui's Reiki 1to 3
attunements which most people who practice traditional Reiki use.

2. The second step in making Kundalini Reiki work is the strengthening of channels. After the initial
awakening of the Kundalini Reiki, the channels where the life force energy should be strengthened so it can
accommodate the channeled energy. When the channels are strengthened, it ensures that receiving of
energy in a gentle and sure manner. This process also paves that way for igniting the Kundalini energy and
enables it to reach its minimum chakra.

3. The third step in making Kundalini Reiki work is strengthening the channels where the Kundalini fire will
reach it maximum limit. Once this is done, the Kundalini Reiki will then perform its task of cleansing the
person's spirituality while strengthening and nurturing it.

For the Kundalini Reiki to work more effectively, the person who's practicing it may also include extra
attunements including "balance," and the use of 'diamond Reiki," "crystalline Reiki," "DNA Reiki," "birth
trauma Reiki," "location Reiki," and the "past life Reiki."

Although Kundalini Reiki is a simple means of spiritual healing, people should be careful in using or
practicing it because they can be grounded to the energy of the Earth if they don't have enough knowledge
and guidance when doing it.
Meditation is an art that has been around since the dawn of the age of man. This is not a statement to be
brushed over. After all, many many things about mankind have changed over time, but the profound art of
meditation is something we have clung on to dearly. This is because there is no substitute for meditation.
Nothing else, single handedly, bestows the many wonderful blessings that meditation brings... in fact nothing
else even comes close. In this article I will outline the top 10 benefits that meditation brings and hopefully it
will inspire all to learn and practice this timeless art.

|The mind of one who meditates is like the easy, leisurely flow of the Ganges River, as compared to the
ordinary mind, which is like Niagara Falls. In other words your mind is at peace, deeply silent and so you are
at peace.|Meditation opens up the channels of communication between all levels of your being. What this
means is that you have access now to the guidance that is coming directly from your Divine Self.

This link gives rise to the flow of intuition and wisdom.|Meditation strips away the layers of false identity that
mask your True Self from shinning through. Once you eliminate these false egos and stop catering to their
nonsense you can reside in your True Nature. This brings forth joy and happiness as it allows you to be at
ease with life, existence and yourself.|All serious meditators know how much their brain function has been
enhanced by meditation.

Now, empirical studies every day are indicating this link. Meditation will undoubtedly increase your
awareness and will significantly increase your intelligence.|The parts that are not put on but are natural. This
will give you insight into who you really are and what you really love in life. That is the secret of mastering
the art of living and discovering your true talents, gifts and purpose. That which you love, you do for its own
sake without the need for reward of accolades. Once this is discovered, life can be lived with passion, zeal
and independence.

|Enlightenment: This is the one ultimate purpose of meditation. To help you discover the True Non-Dual
Nature of Reality. To make you realize that your True Self is Divine and One with God.|All serious
meditators know how much their brain function has been enhanced by meditation. Now, empirical studies
every day are indicating this link. Meditation will undoubtedly increase your awareness and will significantly
increase your intelligence.

|Take your time and practice meditation today so that you can start feeling better real soon. This is going to
be a life changing experience for you if you can make the most out of it and really start being a much more
positive person, there is no doubt about that. Now, empirical studies every day are indicating this link.
Meditation will undoubtedly increase your awareness and will significantly increase your intelligence.|Good
luck and enjoy your meditation practices each day. +++++++++
Combining the concepts behind shamanism and reiki into a single healing session increases the benefits of
the beliefs and practices of both. Shamanic reiki draws its foundations from concepts of shamanic
journeying and channeling the living energy to create healing techniques that are powerful and effective in
alleviating anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, and even illnesses.

This reiki technique fully encompasses treatments on the spiritual and energetic levels, allowing the
practitioner to discover new ways of healing.

Shamanism is a very old system of beliefs whose roots can be found in pagan traditions and practices that
uses the products of the Earth to heal. You"ll find different kinds of shamanism but all practices healing
techniques that incorporate the use of herbs and communicating with spirits.

Other similarities of the different forms of shamanism include the belief that shamans are able to control or
cooperate with spirits for the benefit of others that existing spirits can be good and bad, and that shamans
are capable of treating sicknesses and illnesses. In other words, shamans are often seen as not only priests
that communicate with the living world and the world of spirits but as healers, magicians, and teachers as

When integrated to the Japanese Reiki, shamanism becomes more encompassing and a lot interesting.
With shamanic reiki, the spiritual energy is used to see where exactly in the body do we need to concentrate
healing techniques. In shamanism, the healing process revolves around the seven chakras in the human
body. Determining which of the seven chakra or life forces is blocked will determine which area to
concentrate healing techniques.

Once the area has been determine, shamanic reiki practitioners combine traditional concepts of chakra
healing techniques, the use of stones and crystals, as well as the use of medicinal herbs, all of which draws
foundations from ancient shamanic healing. Combining these shamanic elements to channeling energy
techniques from reiki, and the results can be quite effective.

Among the most popular techniques used in shamanic reiki is the use of crystal during the heal process.
More specifically, practitioners of this reiki technique use quarts, rose quarts, and amethyst as a means to
channel the life force energy from the hands of the healer to the person being healed. The shamanic reiki
energy, together with the crystals helps increase the flow of spiritual energy regaining the balance that was
lost. Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances will be regained after sessions of shamanic reiki

To increase efficiency, there are combinations of crystals that seem to work well doubling the healing
process. Shamanic principles are at play when choosing combinations of crystals, mostly pairing them with
the colors that corresponds to the chakras of the human body. For example, tailbone chakra would require
black, red, or brown stones and the heart chakra would need to be paired with pink or green stones. The
crown requires a white stone or crystal while the throat area requires blue stones.

Also, shamanic reiki incorporates other shamanic healing elements like shape shifting techniques, the use of
symbols, the use of spiritual guides and even the shamanic time journeying or astral travel. Shamanic reiki
can be complicated but the idea is rather simple.

The use shamanic traditions and techniques to channel the life force energy in all of us to induce healing.
Everything boils down to this.
There are people who take up meditation and do it faithfully for several weeks before finally abandoning it.

Some become frustrated that they are not getting the results that they expected when they first signed up for

Below are several tips that can help you make the most out of your practice of meditation.

1. Practice meditation in a quiet place.

While you cannot completely shut yourself out of the distractions around you, it would help a lot if you can
meditate in a quiet area, or at least a place which cuts down outside noise considerably.

2. Choose a room with comfortable temperature.

Whether the room's too cold or too hot, both can destroy your mood for meditation. It would therefore help to
find a room with a temperature control so you can adjust it to a temperature where you"re most comfortable.

3. Wear comfortable clothes.

Again, the bane of people practicing meditation is distraction. You should therefore wear comfortable clothes
as they would help you be more at ease and relaxed.

4. Find a guru.

Sometimes, it can be frustrating to practice meditation without the proper guidance. A guru can guide you
and will help a lot in giving you the most out of meditation.

5. Read books on meditation.

Whether you have a guru or not, it would help to have reference materials which can help broaden your
appreciation for this activity. Books do not only give you information but also insights on how to meditate
Maori Reiki is one of the many forms of the popular Reiki system of spiritual healing. And just like the
original Reiki system, it is considered to be as a part of alternative medicine. There are many types of Reiki
spiritual healing now available. Most of the prominent ones include Dragon Reiki, Gendai Reiki, Brahma
Satya Reiki and the Shamanic Reiki. Maori Reiki is just one of these many forms.

The different forms of Reiki spiritual healing were usually developed in the place where they originated from.
Geography alone plays a big part in the development of these different forms of Reiki. As for the Maori Reiki,
it was developed from a unique tribe found in New Zealand called the Maoris.

The Maori people are considered as a very spiritual tribe with many of their beliefs based on the spiritual
aspect of life. The Maori tribe has developed their own way of spiritual healing through their years of
existence. The unique spiritual healing practice has been handed down from generation to generation. The
tradition has been carried on by some of the descendants of the Maori tribe even today.

Although the Maori Reiki form of spiritual healing may be similar in some ways with the other Reiki systems,
it also has its own distinction over them. The Maori Reiki form of spiritual healing is based a lot on trying to
cleanse the body of any spiritual and physical toxic waste. Healing of the body is achieved through getting
rid of the spiritual and physical wastes accumulated through the many years.

The main aim of Maori Reiki masters is to cleanse both the body and soul. An excess of waste in the body
can slow down and make people feel physically drained and fatigued, thereby affecting daily life. The same
thing happens if a person is carrying a lot of spiritual toxic waste. This type of waste can lead to multitude of
negative feelings in a person.

Maori Reiki can help people get rid of these physical and spiritual toxins as well as the negative energy that
they create. By releasing these toxins, only then can people begin to feel both physically and spiritually
whole and balanced once again.

Another difference that Maori Reiki may have on other Reiki systems is that it employs the use of natural
objects that help the Maori Reiki master to heal people physically and spiritually. The natural objects
particularly used include certain types of wood that carry with them some spiritual properties.

Gemstones, crystals and natural stones are also some of the natural objects that Maori Reiki masters use to
heal the spirit and the body. The use of herbs and other natural remedies that also carry spiritual and
healing properties is also employed to further aid the Maori Reiki master.

In a typical Maori Reiki session, it is essential that a person needs to get in touch with more nature. This is
the initial belief since the past generations of the Maori tribe were very naturalistic and holistic in their
approach to healing. By using the tools that nature has provided for them, Maori Reiki masters can use the
energy that these objects impart to aid healing people from the inside out.

People can experience the unique Maori Reiki spiritual healing treatments if they are dealing with a
multitude of physical and emotional stress. Substance abuse or drug addiction may also be alternatively
treated using the Maori Reiki system.
Many people know that the Romans are great people who conquered most of the ancient world. They also
introduced modern civilization and a lot of useful inventions that modern society is still using today. Of
course, Hollywood movies have depicted the Romans as great warriors and they also depicted their
emperors as great conquerors who are responsible for leading their great armies to victory against the

However, not many people know that Romans are also great philosophers and one of their emperors named
Marcus Aurelius has been depicted as a great emperor who brought many victories to the Roman Empire as
well as great philosophical writing. Not many people know that Marcus Aurelius was not only a great
emperor who led the Great Roman Legions against barbaric Germanic tribes and Gaul tribes and won, he is
also a devout stoic philosopher who wrote The Meditations.

This particular Philosophical Book has been recognized as one of the greatest works of art. It is still being
revered as a literary monument on government service. This philosophical book has been praised as having
exquisite accent and infinite tenderness.

The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius contains series of personal writings by the author. It mainly contains
Marcus Aurelius' ideas on Stoic philosophy.

This particular book was written during his campaigns between the years 170 and 180 in Greece. He wrote
this for his on personal improvement and served as guidance to his leadership. Up to this day, his memos
survived and are still being revered to as an inspirational book that everyone should read.

Translated by George Long into English in 1862, this particular book has been reprinted many times and it is
included in Harvard Classics.

Marcus Aurelius Stoic principle inside this book is said to contain denial of emotion. He stated that this is a
skill where a man will remain free from the pleasures and pains of the material world. He also stated in this
book that the only way a man can be harmed is to allow his reaction to overcome him.

You have to remember that the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius contains no religious faith. Instead it contains
benevolent and logical force that explains that bad occurrences happen in the universe for the good of

The plainness of the book is overwhelming to most people who read and understood it. The writings of
Marcus Aurelius are very different in style. It is said that the contents was not obscured by consciousness of
the presence of listeners. Although people fail to understand the Stoic philosophy inside the Meditations of
Marcus Aurelius, people who do are moved and inspired.

You have to expect that this is an inspiring book and is considered to be one of the greatest works of
philosophy. If you want to read this book, you are in luck. Up to this day, this book is still available for
reading and for purchase. In fact, this book is so popular that there are many translated versions of it. You
can also download the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius in the internet for free.
The bear and the eagle, Father Sun and Mother Earth. Nope, this is not an animal or environmental write-
up. But rather, this short write-up is about Native American medicine practices and how it can be combined
with another Eastern technique called Reiki to come up with a healing method that channels the life force
energies of everything that surrounds us.

Practitioners refer to this as Medicine Reiki, a technique which combines the medicinal approaches of Native
Americans and the rather spiritual approaches of Japanese Reiki.

But medicine reiki was not created to surpass any other forms of Reiki but it was created because of a
realization that there is a way to broaden and deepen the understanding of the energy that binds us all
together. It can be seen as a natural course of action, from a general concept as Reiki, to more specialized
forms like medicine reiki.

By integrating Native American concepts of healing, beliefs and practices to the knowledge of channeling
the life force energy of Reiki, healing takes place faster than when using regular Reiki or ordinary Native
American medicines alone. How so, you might ask? The answer all lies on how these two elements work.

We take medicines to heal our physical ailments. But because medicines heal only the physical aspects of
our body, the possibility of the illness or disease striking twice is not that far off. Medicines offer merely
temporary relief. Reiki on the other hand, is an encompassing discipline which targets the physical, mental,
spiritual and mental aspects of our existence. Reiki practitioners use the infinite energy that surrounds us,
channels that energy and allow it to flow to anyone or anything that needs healing.

By combining these two elements of healing, you"ll get medicine energy that heals beyond its normal
capacity. The combination heals both the physical state and the inner dispositions of the body faster as well.

The concept of medicine reiki is relatively new. It was K'sitew who founded this branch of reiki in the late
90s. From then on it grew and the practice expanded to include other energies.

The good thing about medicine reiki is that it can only be used for healing. Unlike when taken alone,
medicines can be good and bad, a dualistic energy source. Reiki is a monadic energy which means it is only
good energy thus cannot do any harm. When reiki is integrated with medicine, the dualistic energy of the
latter is converted into a monadic energy resulting to a positive form of energy whose only capacity is to heal
and not damage or hurt someone.

What also makes medicine reiki different is that the healing process is done in groups or in small
communities. Participation of the community is necessary during the healing sessions creating a closer bond
between individuals which is great for sharing energy. The closer the bonds between the members of the
group, the greater the energy flows within the group, the better and faster the healing process.

Since the founding of this reiki technique, more healing methods have developed which draws its origins
from native American medicines.

And as long as practitioners exist, this reiki healing technique will continue to grow and expand bringing forth
new healing methods or techniques that will help people challenge their health and energy levels.
Every person has a phobia of certain things, be it of heights or speaking in front of people. While most
people overcome their fears, some are crippled by it. This therefore prevents them from doing things that
they would otherwise find enjoyable.

Meditation is one way for people trapped by their phobias to finally get out of their shell and start living the
full life.

A definition of fear is that it is the anxiety caused by a perceived danger. It is the state of mind by which a
person foresees something wrong happening either to him/her or the people around him/her.

Meditation helps in overcoming a person's fear by altering his/her state of mind. There are several ways by
which this practice can help people achieve this.

One such way is called mindfulness meditation. By training the person to live in the now, his/her attention is
veered away from the future where that person perceives the danger. Besides, it is only a mere perception
and such event may or may not actually happen.

Visualization can also help a person cope with fear by making the person imagine what he/she will do in
case the perceived danger comes. By being mentally prepared for such an event, the person will be able to
deal with the future situation better.

Again, fear is a mere state of mind. Facing it, therefore, needs some alteration in the person's perception of
what may or may not happen. It can be achieved by the practice of meditation.
Anyone who has heard of the expression about the power of mind over matter will easily understand the
benefit of meditation on people suffering from different forms of physical pain.

This article will deal with several methods by which meditation can help in alleviating a person's condition.

Concentration techniques in meditation can help in easing a person's suffering by keeping his/her mind
away from the source of the pain. Usually, the pain is magnified because people choose to focus on it.

If their attention is trained somewhere else, the pain becomes more manageable.

Another method is called mindfulness meditation. This involves being aware of one's present condition and
accepting it as such. If a person accepts that he/she is currently in pain, dealing with it would be much

Then there's visualization. It could be considered as a form of self-hypnosis. It is done by creating an image
of the pain and imagining it moving away from the body.

As suggested by these methods, they do not actually take away pain from the person. Rather, they make
dealing with the pain much easier.

This is also the reason why methods like those mentioned should be coupled with the proper medical
advice. In fact, consulting one's doctor is advised before even trying the meditation exercises out.

Otherwise, there will be a risk of overlooking more serious conditions that could be causing the pain. Along
with the proper medical advice, meditation can help improve a person's tolerance for pain.
Meditation exercises are effective means of reducing stress and teaching your body and mind to relax. Not
only that, such exercises can also help build self-confidence and self-esteem. And most importantly, just like
any other exercise, it can help you maintain your good health and keep you in great shape.

There are many types of meditation exercises that you can do. It would depend in their ability to make you
feel relax and relieve you of stress. One that you can try out is the walking meditation. It is a form of
meditation that monks do as a habit in monasteries. What they do is walk the on a quiet area for a time while
contemplating or meditating on something. It can be so easy that you can do it too.

In doing the walking meditation, what you need to do is find yourself a set path. It can be a circular track, a
sports field, or even a large garden good enough for walking on. Start by walking the path in order to get to
know the route. Once you have gotten used to it, begin taking in breaths in a slow and deep breath and then
let it out slowly. As you do this, try to be conscious of your body. Feel or sense your entire body and be
aware of its every parts. Try to walk slowly. As you are walking try to mentally be aware of how your body is
functioning as it moves. Do not attempt to criticize every function or movement. Just try to be aware of how
your body moves or works as it walks.

At first it might come off as silly for some people. But just like any other forms of meditation, it is not
something that you should rush. You need to get comfortable with it. Sometimes distractions may come and
they usually do. It is normal, especially on the initial days that a thought comes into your head like: "This is
silly" or, "I have to do the dishes". When they do, just try to push them gently away, and continue on with
your walking. You can do this for 10 or 15 minutes, take a bit of rest, and then get on with your normal
routine in life.

Another simple meditation exercise that you can do is what is known as the "Step inside a Painting"
technique. You can start by finding a painting or picture that you enjoy looking at. Place it a few feet away
from you and at a comfortable visual distance. Find a comfortable place to sit on, preferably some area in
your home where you will not be disturbed.

When you already have your painting and quite area ready, try to close your eyes. Be aware of how you
breathe. Just be attentive to how your body functions as it is breathing in and breathing out. Try to keep
everything as they are and try not to change anything, even the timing of your breathing. After a couple of
minutes, you will notice your body beginning to slow down.

At this point, you can open your eyes and look at the chosen painting. Simply gaze at the picture. Be aware
of the scenery, the lines, and the colors of the painting before you. Try to set the picture in your mind. Once
you have it captured in your mind, close your eyes once again. Create the picture mentally and imagine
yourself walking into the picture. Have yourself stand inside the picture in your mind. Take a look through the
frame and to the place where you are sitting. Allow your mind to take you into the picture. Explore and be
aware of your surroundings as you are inside the painting. It can be quite an adventure trying to learn some
of these meditation exercises.
Different meditation techniques follow their own set of meditation instructions in order to be effective and
lead a person to a higher level of relaxation and consciousness. These guidelines are there to help provide
the steps that an individual can follow as he or she begins a meditation session. Duration may differ
according to the different techniques and may involve different exercises to achieve that higher level of

Any meditation practice may be done at different parts of the day. But it is suggested that you do it in the
morning. Morning is the ideal time to do a meditation session since it is the time of the day with the least
interruptions. It is also good to find a place somewhere in the home that is quiet and private. Here is an
example of how you can do your meditation in your own home.

First of all, try to sit upright, keeping your spine relatively straight. You can either sit on a bed, on the floor, or
in a chair, whichever is most comfortable for you to sit on. You can cross your legs as you sit down, which is
the usual position for meditation. But if crossing your legs will result in discomfort or stoppage of blood flow
in the legs, try to uncross and extend them. You may also try to alter to a more comfortable sitting position.
Meditation can also depend on how comfortable you are to be effective.

After finding yourself in a comfortable sitting position, the next step is to close the eyes and relax. Do this for
a brief moment to calm your body and mind. The next step is to try and visualize a certain object.
Visualization is one of the important steps in meditation. Try to focus on the object in your mind and try to be
aware of its characteristics. Focusing and concentrating on something in your mind may take time and it will
take a lot of practice. This is important since meditation depends on putting your focus on just a single object
in your mind while minimizing the distractions as much as possible.

Now that you have visualized a specific object in your mind, try to feel yourself as if you are that object. Try
to get a sense of how it is being that object. Feel how it is to be that shape, that color or that texture.
Become the object in your mind. In doing so, try to feel calm and relaxed. Don't try to force your mind to do
it. Just be aware of that object and let it effortlessly become you. This too may take some time to get used
to. But practice will make you get better at it.

What is important in this meditation exercise is that you try to make yourself visualize a certain object
effortlessly without forcing your mind to do so. What may be even harder to do the first time you are doing
this exercise is how to maintain your visualization. There may be times that a passing thought or a
distraction may occur in your mind that may let you lose focus.

With practice in following these simple meditation instructions, you may be able to get used to developing
your focus and concentration and keeping your mind free form distractions. By then, you will learn how to
relax not only your body but also your mind.
Meditation has become a popular form of relaxation among people who always find themselves stressed out
often in their lives. Meditation can be a very effective coping mechanism and as a valuable means to combat
stress. The most convenient means of practicing meditation techniques can be done with the use of
meditation tapes.

The practice of meditation can be perfected through the guidance of experienced masters of the different
meditation techniques. Others join into meditation groups in order to enhance and improve the meditation
techniques that they practice. But sometimes, people may not have the time to spend in joining such groups
and may rather practice meditation in their own homes. In this case, meditation tapes would really become
very valuable items to have.

An effective meditation practice would depend on a knowledgeable guide and a willing student. The guide is
usually the master experienced in the techniques of meditation and will help provide students with the
different steps towards relaxation. The willing student then tries to absorb and follow each step carefully in
order to reach an enhanced state of relaxation. The meditation guides have these steps taken from ancient
practices that have been handed down from generation to generation. And when it is impossible to have a
live meditation guide walk a student to the different steps of meditation, the use of meditation steps would
help bridge the gap.

There are many ways in which you may be able to find a meditation tape that you can use in the comfort of
your own home. You may even be able to use it when driving to the office or when working, that is,
depending on what type of meditation technique you plan on practicing. Choosing the right one may depend
on certain factors that may allow you to meditate more effectively for relaxation.

When choosing a meditation tape, it is important to check them out before purchasing them. It is important
that you may be able to listen to them first before deciding on buying them. Buying them through mail order
may not provide you with an opportunity to check out one in terms of quality in sound as well as playability of
the tape. When you do choose one, try to get those that have meditation guides narrating the steps with a
peaceful yet commanding voice. Choose a meditation tape with a voice that you will want to listen to and do
what has been said. Choosing a tape with a wrong voice may hinder you from reaching your full potential in
your meditation. It would usually depend on your own preference on which type of voice you would likely
follow to lead you to the different meditation steps.

A good way of looking for good meditation tapes is through the Internet. You may be able to find them in
various websites that deals with the subject of meditation. It can be as easy as using a search engine online
to find those meditation tapes. What makes looking for meditation tapes online even more convenient is that
most of them offer brief audio clips of what each tape contains that you can check out.

This will help you choose and determine which ones will suit your own meditation style. Try looking for those
sites that do offer audio clips in order to help you get the most effective meditation tape guides that would
satisfy you.
Today, there are a lot of things that help in keeping us entertained. In the internet alone, there are a
multitude of websites that do such that like video sharing sites, gaming sites and other websites which cater
to our interests.

While there is nothing wrong with entertaining ourselves, a problem arises with our constant need for
distractions. Because of that, it becomes difficult for us to focus on one thing.

We do not need to take extreme measures to help us focus. There are practices which can do the job for us.
It includes the practice of meditation.

People take up meditation for different purposes and improving concentration is one of them. There are
several methods by which meditation does its job.

One is through breathing exercises. Even an exercise that is as simple as being aware of the times we
inhale and exhale can do wonders to our ability to concentrate.

While it may sound easy, it can be quite difficult especially if one has to deal with distractions such as
outside noise.

Another method is by reciting a mantra. A mantra is a phrase or a sound that is recited repeatedly. For
Catholics, praying the rosary is a form of a mantra.

The repetition becomes the center of the meditation to which the person's attention becomes focused.

There are other more methods by which meditation can help improve concentration. However, the two
mentioned above are the most basic and could help beginners start out with the practice.
People encounter stress everyday, some do at work or school, others at home. While they are usually able
to cope with stress, sometimes the burden simply becomes too much that people break down because of it.

The Science of Stress

In the General Adaptation Syndrome model designed by Hans Selye, he identifies three stages that people
undergo when stressed.

During the first stage, the body goes on a state of alarm at the realization of a threat. In this stage, cortisol is
released by the body.

The second stage is where the body becomes unable to cope with the strain until its resources are depleted.

Finally, the body breaks down which include the exhaustion of the immune system. Because of this, the
body is unable to fight of sicknesses which then expose the person to illnesses.

How Meditation Helps Reduce Stress

Meditation is one method which can help reduce the stress levels of a person. By calming the mind and
giving the person a sense of control over things, the things that are considered threats (the things which
cause stress) become easier to manage.

But the reduction of stress isn't the end of the exercise. Since stress can make people prone to illnesses,
reducing stress can help in keeping the person healthy.

The practice of meditation, therefore, can result in improved health and resistance to illnesses.

So the next time you feel stressed out, try to calm yourself down by practicing meditation. While your
problems won't exactly go away, you at least become mentally prepared to face them.
Numerous studies have shown that there is a direct link between meditation and relaxation. What
distinguishes this from the other techniques is that with meditation, your mind continues to be focused and
alert when you learn to focus on an object, a thought or by visualization.

But which should you focus on? The answer depends on the individual. The important thing is that it is
something that they are comfortable with.

One of the simplest things to concentrate on is your breathing. In fact, most meditation techniques start out
this way so that your muscles will be relaxed and your mind and body become one.

Sometimes, staring into an object can produce similar results. The best part about is that it doesn't have to
be physical because when you are trying to get some sleep, you can focus on a cloud or the open ocean.

If thinking about an object is not your thing, then you can try to focus on sounds or words. This is the reason
that there are CD's that you can buy which play calming music or with someone in the background talking to
you during your meditation and relaxation session.

When such things are used, this is better known as a mantra mediation or transcendental meditation. This
technique has been studied widely in the medical field because the body gains a state of profound rest. As
you wake up, your brain and mind becomes alert ready to get back to work.

The biggest challenge with meditation and relaxation is the fact that you will often be distracted with other
thoughts as you try to block them out. When you are doing this at home, it is beyond your control if a car
drives by or there other sounds coming from the outside. The same goes if you feel an itch and the tendency
is to scratch it.

Since ignoring it won't do any good, you just have to accept it. This skill is called "poised awareness" or
"attention awareness" and by being able to have a passive attitude these things will no longer affect you.

Let's face it. All of us need time to relax when the pressure builds up otherwise we crack. You can drink a
beer after work or watch television when you get home but the truth is, such activities does not truly relax the

For that, the best answer is meditation so you not only relax the body but also the mind. You should do your
best to stay awake because instead of concentrating on your breathing, you could already be dreaming
which is not what this exercise is all about.

Those of you who feel more energetic with meditation and relaxation should do this on a daily basis. After
all, it only takes 15 or 20 minutes or so to recharge your batteries.

Does this change who you are as a person? The answer is no. You just become more calm and disciplined
when everyone around is going crazy so you can make the right decisions at the right time. Soon, people
will notice the change in you and say something about it. Some might even ask how you do it and when that
happens, you will know that this activity which you have been doing for the past few days or even weeks has
finally paid off.
One of the most challenging things when meditating is finding the right sitting position. This is because your
legs could become numb after some time which is why even if there is already meditation cushion in the
market, there are some who still prefer to use meditation chairs instead.

When you look at a meditation chair, the first thing you will notice is that this does not look that different to a
dining chair. It has 4 legs and a back rest. However, what it does best is make you more comfortable than
when you are sitting on the floor by being able to mold to your body which prevents cramps and provides
complete relaxation.

The material that makes this possible is called buckwheat hull because it conforms to your shape thus
providing a firmer seat. It is also able to do this because of the ergonomic design which prevents the user
from slouching during the most intense moments of meditation as it is angled slightly forward.

A good example of a meditating chair is the Seagrass. This was designed by a meditation practitioner who
felt that it is very difficult to meditate while sitting in a lotus position. This chair allows you to cross the ankles
or the feet or pull them up if you are tired of having them rest on the floor. It also provides proper spine
support so you will never experience any back pain after the session.

The Chinese meditation chair is perhaps the oldest since it has been around for centuries. It didn't have
ergonomic features like the ones we have now but it has a very wide base so that the user has sufficient
room to also cross their legs. It also did not have any cushioning but you can easily fix that.

Another example is the Tilt Seat that is also known as the kneeling chair. The beauty of this meditation chair
is that it does not put any pressure on the knees and this can also be used as a study table because you
can easily read a book when you put a cushion on the floor.

There are other meditation chairs available and they come in other shapes and sizes. One option for those
that want something bigger is the meditation bench. Because of the larger area, those of you who still prefer
the lotus position can do so without putting pressure on the legs. Something similar to that is called the cane
chair for meditation.

When choosing the right seat, you should always consider your height, size and comfort level. Don't forget
support for the back so this also helps improve your posture.

The nice thing about meditation chairs is that they are light and portable. It can easily be stored in the closet
when you are done and the designs that most retailers have can easily compliment with the rest of the items
in the room.

The meditation chair is designed to make you feel comfortable in the 15 or 20 minutes when you are in
session. How you make your mind and body relax is already up to you so if you are serious about improving
your health or combating stress, then investing in one of these will surely be good for you.
Most forms of meditation require the person to sit in a comfortable position. You can do this by getting a mat
or a chair. But since this does not always make you feel at ease, someone decided to make meditation

What is a meditation cushion? Basically these are aids in meditation that do not offer any back support
because they help lengthen the spine and correct your alignment so you are able to breathe better, increase
blood flow and flexibility.

There are three types of meditation cushions around. These are namely the Zafus, the Zabutons and the
seiza bench. What makes each different from the other? Well, the Zafus is a smile cushion that can be
placed on the floor or over a kneeling bench. The Zabutons is a sitting mat which provides essential
cushioning for the ankles, feet and legs. While the seiza bench is best for people who have knee problems.

The first two meditation cushions are used quite often in Zen meditation. But as meditation has become a
popular form of alternative exercise, this has also been used in health clubs and fitness centers.

The three meditation cushions come in a variety of sizes and colors. How much do they cost? Any of the
three meditation cushions mentioned cost from $30 to $60. You can easily acquire them by going to a
specialty store or buying these goods online.

When you go around looking for meditation cushions, make sure it is real thing and you will know that simply
by looking what is inside. The meditation cushion is usually filled with one or two rare materials namely
Kapok and Buckwheat Hull. What makes these two so unique is that when Kapok is blown, it becomes
firmer. Buckwheat Hull on the other hand forms to the body when it is applied.

Apart from the three meditation cushions for the lower part of your body, there is also one for your eyes.
These are called eye pillows and used only when you are lying down while meditating. This is made of flax
seed and covered with silk which is placed over the acupressure points that surround the eyes.

This performs two things. First, block out light and the other is to relieve tension. This is often used with
aromatherapy oils to enhance a deep feeling of relaxation.

If you travel often and find carrying the standard meditation cushion inconvenient to carry around, you can
get an inflatable meditation cushion. It is very to set up and hide so you can still get your daily dose of
meditation 15 to 20 minutes a day.

Can you use your pillow as a makeshift meditation cushion? It can but only in the short term because the
materials used here are made from cotton as this does not form to the body unlike Buckwheat Hull. Chances
are, you will have to make adjustments during your session so you will not be able to maximize it.

So, for those that want to meditate without any distractions, it is best to get a meditation cushion. There are
three to choose from; the Zafus, the Zabutons and the seiza benches. You just have to find which one is
right for you so you can reap the benefits of meditation like others have in the past.
For sufferers of insomnia inability to relax physically and mentally well enough to sleep is often a problem.
Thoughts race and make it difficult to shut down and get to sleep until it is nearly time to get up again. The
nightly routine of fighting with a racing mind in hopes of a few minutes of unbroken sleep becomes their
routine. This article was written to give insomniacs tips as well as advice that is geared toward falling asleep
easily. Meditation will always be beneficial.

|The first thing we need to do in this battle against insomnia is discuss the problem with your doctor. Often
there is a medical reason behind sleep difficulties.|Staying away from sleeping pills is the next thing you
should do. Sleeping pills can cause addiction problems as well as add other issues that can cause insomnia
defeating their purpose. Sleeping pills also impair mental acuity. Placebo studies have shown patients who
were given a placebo actually slept better and were more refreshed than those who were given sleeping

After that you need to keep in mind that there in not a quick-fix for insomnia. While there may be instances
that popping a pill can take care of the problem; insomnia isn't one of those instances. There can be many
reasons for insomnia which sleeping pills wouldn't address, and chemically induced sleep is not as
refreshing as the real thing. Having a routine will also help you to get enough rest as well as keep insomnia
at bay. If you keep track of when you go to bed and when you get up for several days you will most likely
find a pattern. Often insomnia can be treated by setting a schedule and following it while watching your
sleep patterns. You need to be exposed to natural light daily as well.

Going outside to get natural sunlight is also important. You need sunlight for over-all health in addition to
stabilizing your sleep patterns. Meditation can improve sleep, you can also try listening to soft music in the
evening to help you relax. Daily exercise is important for the brain as well as the body. Exercise can help
you relax and ensures a deeper, more restful sleep. It is a good idea to have a dark, cool, quiet place to
sleep with a comfortable and well supported sleeping surface. You should sleep in your bed instead of in a
chair reclined in front of a television set.

Start your sleep period by relaxing your body starting with your toes and working your way up until your
whole body is relaxed. Proper diet plays a large part in sleep habits. You need to get enough vitamins and
minerals, especially calcium and magnesium. St John's Wort can improve mood if you are suffering from
depression, which commonly occurs in people with insomnia. Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba can help with
concentration during the day as well. Before starting any supplements you should seek the advice of a
licensed medical professional and through meditation. ++ +++
These days, going to the doctor when you are sick is not the only way so you will feel better. According to
the National Center for Complementary Medicine, meditation is among the top 10 alternative therapy
treatments. But before we get into that, it is best we learn some meditation facts.

First, meditation means awareness. Why? This is because your senses are heightened as you concentrate
on your breathing and your hearing is sharper than before. You tell your mind to block out these distractions
so you are able to find inner peace which you can carry with you when you open your eyes.

Some think that meditation is a religion when in fact it is a science. This is because numerous studies done
in the past show that those who practice it feel relaxed, are physically fit, have improvements in their
academic standing in school and have an increase in their productivity at work.

But where did the word meditation come from? This comes from two Latin words. The first is called
'meditari" which means to think, dwell upon or to exercise the mind. The second is 'mederi" which is to heal.
If you put these all together, it describes basically what this activity is which is a time for your to reach deep
in your mind and recharge.

As you can see, meditation has benefits that are physiological, physical and psychological. You don't have
to take any pills or get a prescription from a doctor. It is free and it doesn't consume much of your time. This
can be done in 5 to 20 minutes each day. You just have to sit comfortably and close your eyes then continue
with whatever you were doing.

Given that meditation has been practiced for centuries, various movements have emerged. But regardless of
their names or techniques, this can be grouped into two basic approaches.

The first is called concentrative meditation. Here, the person focuses his or her attention on the breath, an
image or a sound to create a greater awareness and for clarity to come forth. Think of it like you are looking
at something through a microscope so you are able to narrow your focus.

This is quite easy since all you have to do is sit down and just breathe. The correct way of doing it is to
inhale and exhale slowly because as this becomes deeper and slower, your mind becomes more aware and

The second type is called mindfulness meditation. Just like concentrative meditation, the person sits quietly
and then reflects on his or her feelings, sensations and thoughts. These things come to mind one at time
without the person calling on any of them to come forth. It just appears and no action is taken so that when
you wake up, you see the bigger picture and know what you have to do.

Which meditation technique is the best of all? There is no correct answer to that because this depends
entirely on the personality of the individual.

The one fact about meditation you should remember is that regardless of what you choose, its focus is to
silence the busy mind. It does not remove the stimulation which you feel but rather direct your concentration
to something else to achieve that inner peace. You just have to keep an open mind to see what it can do
because it is a science.
There are numerous meditation methods for you to try and those who are skeptic about it should simply
keep an open mind. For those who are really interested, you have to do some research to find out which is
the best for you. To help you along the way, here are a few that can be done with the help of an expert.

The first is called Meditation by Walking which is very popular among monks. This activity is far different
from the rest because it combines physical activity with mind conditioning in order to relieve stress

In order for this to work, you jut have to find a place where you can walk like a circular path or a track. The
reason why is because you want to follow a pattern in order to help your mind rest.

Of course, you will still have to breathe and walk at a slow pace. You might get distracted especially if there
are other people on the track and when this happens, simply acknowledge it and continue what you are

The next is called prayer meditation which is in fact the most popular form. The nice thing about this is that
you do not have to go to Church or sing any hymns. You simply sit down, close your eyes and just relax.

Is meditation only for relaxing? The answer is no. Sometimes, this is used to help an athlete before a big
event or by doctors to help cure patients. This is known as visualization meditation and you let your mind
focus on an object or that goal which you wish to reach. This is effective when you finally settle in a very
comfortable position

Another meditation method is called candle meditation. Here, you basically light a candle and then focus on
the flame. For the next few minutes or so, you will block out everything else in the world and put all your
concentration on the flickering flame.

Meditation on your own is not for everyone. This is why you can get guided meditation by listening to a
prerecorded session. There are CD's that play soothing while there are others that are narrated by a

If you are not happy with your life or need time to reflect on your own, another meditation method is mirror
gazing. Here, you simply gaze into your image and think about how your life is like. You can do this standing
up or sitting down.

For those of you who cannot sit still, Yoga meditation may be what you are looking for. This is because
aside from being an exercise designed to improve your flexibility, it can also provide relief for pain and gives
the person a feeling of pleasure.

As you can see, there are many meditation methods to choose from. In fact, doctors now call this an
alternative form of therapy and if this has worked for others, it could possibly do some good for you.

Which meditation method should you try? Well, why not try them one week at a time and see how things go.
You can write in a journal what you experience and then come to the conclusion as to which has the most
effective impact on you. From there, you will know which one among those mentioned may become part of
your daily routine.
For people who are into meditation, one of the most crucial factors for them to do the practice properly is to
hear some meditation music. Depending on the form of meditation you are practicing, meditation music
plays a very big role in achieving the success in any meditation session.

What is meditation music should be

People who have been practicing meditation for so long would definitely agree that the hardest thing to fight
off during meditation is chatters or babblers. This is because this tiny sound can penetrate the mind and
distract it from whatever it has been doing.

To be able to avoid the distraction brought by this simple sound, they have found a way to fight it off using
meditation music. Of all the many kinds of music out there, people—especially those who are just beginning
—are having a hard time choosing which one would suit the practice.

Here are some guidelines in choosing the meditation music for you:

1. Make sure that it doesn't have lyrics. In choosing meditation music, it is always best to choose music that
has no lyrics because it can only distract your concentration. If you find plain rhythm boring, try to play
something that has lyrics that your don't understand so you don't have to think what the song is saying.
Aside from distracting your thoughts through the words you understand, music with lyrics will also encourage
you to sing along which will totally shatter your concentration.

2. Relaxing music with soft rhythm is always advisable. For starters, this type of music will do you good
because it will help you clear your mind and focus on something. But, if you are already in a higher level of
meditation, you can choose music that have faster rhythm and beats or anything that your truly enjoy
because this can no longer distract you.

3. Try to experiment. Although soft and relaxing music is always advisable, try to play other types of music.
Who knows? You might find better concentration of you play something that you truly enjoy.

4. Simple and soothing music is sure to focus your attention. If you don't have the luxury of time to
experiment on types of music to be played during meditation, then try surefire hits, which are simple and
soothing music. Some of these may include classical sounds, sounds from the nature such as clapping of
thunder, sounds of big waves, sounds of insects, and the wind. Other alternative options may also include
simple instruments including tibetan singing bowl, flute, sitar, and tamboura which are known to have
meditative inducing qualities.

When choosing meditation music, it is very important to keep in mind that the type you should play must
induce you to deep concentration and not into deep sleep. If you are the type who practices mediation in just
one place, then it is best if you play the same meditation music all over again. But if you are the type who
changes places, then it is best to bring along several types of medication music to help you adjust to the

You can download the meditation music that you like from various meditation sites in the Internet and burn in
a CD. But if you burn have a portable MP3 player, it is best to upload the music there so you can listen to it
anytime you want to practice meditation.
A quiet room is all you need in order to meditate. But if you are like some who feel that meditation supplies
are needed, go ahead and do so.

The first thing you have to concern yourself with is space. For that, you have to check which room in your
house you can use as a meditation room. Ideally, this should have adequate space to put a cushion, a mat
or a bench. It should also be clutter free so it looks very relaxing.

The best support to get when you sit down should enable you to keep your back straight and prevent you
from slumping during meditation. These come in different sizes and colors so check them out.

Another thing you can have in the meditation room is a small table. You can put in two or four and this is for
the incense and your CD player. When you are shopping for incense, it is best to try out each one because
there are some that are stronger than others. The same goes with the music because some prefer the
sound of whistling trees while there are others who prefer the sound of running water.

You should also consider the lighting in the room so you create the right environment suitable for meditation.
If your light has a dimmer then that could do the trick. If you prefer to use candles, make sure they are
placed in strategic areas of the room. The candles could be scented or unscented which is entirely up to you
because there are already incense sticks.

When you have a meditation room, do you ever ask yourself why you are doing this? If you are doing this for
you and your family, you can also buy a few picture frames and put their photos then place this on the table.

For those that want to relax, change this with images of nature like the ocean, the rainforest, the mountains
or the clouds.

The use of incense and scented candles can only do so much to freshen up the room so why not use
flowers instead? You can buy a nice vase from the store then buy these from the florist or cut them from
your own garden. Often times, you will find that the smell of flowers does a lot to bring a sense of calm to
the room.

With the right meditation supplies and furniture around, it is easy for you to close your eyes, drift off to that
special place and come back feeling refreshed. You can try other scents and other sounds later on so don't
be afraid to try other things as well especially when this is already part of your daily routine.

If you travel regularly, you can continue your meditation routine by taking your meditation supplies with you.
Surely, it isn't that hard to buy an inflatable cushion, some candles or oils then put this into a bag and maybe
upload the music to your MP3 player.

Meditation takes time to master and having a special room with sufficient meditation supplies will really help
a lot. You can order these online or get this from the specialty store so it won't be that hard for you to
replenish them when you are almost out.
In the hectic lifestyle people live in today, you have to consider that this kind of lifestyle is bad for your
health. Recent studies have found that stress contributes to heart diseases and high blood pressure. You
have to consider that because of the help of stressful lifestyle that people live in today, stroke and heart
diseases have been considered as one of the deadliest diseases plaguing today's society.

This is why you should learn how to relax and take care of your body. You need to consider that your body
needs rest from time to time. It cannot handle too much work for too long. If your body is yelling out that you
have had enough work and is saying that it is tired, it probably is. With 5 minutes of relaxation, you can
revitalize your body and get it ready for another batch of work.

Although exercising can also help in preventing heart diseases, you have to consider that it is just not
enough. You also need rest and relaxation. Besides, if you are stressed out, you won't be able to work at
your peak efficiency. Your brain function is also overwhelmed by stress and you will not be able to think
clearly if you are overstressed. This is why you need to relax. Besides, what's the point of working if your
brain and body don't function well-enough?

Today, one of the most helpful ways to relax is through meditation. Although meditation have been practiced
thousands of years ago, you have to consider that recent studies have found and has proof that meditation
can indeed relieve stress and give you that extra boost of energy you need.

Meditations can completely relax your body and mind and it can also make your brain more alert and make
your heart relax. Meditation can completely make you feel refreshed and get you ready for another batch of
work. It can also help you block out any distractions that may come across your way.

First of all, there are different kinds of meditations available today. One of the most popular forms of
meditation is the Buddhist meditation. You have to consider that Buddhist meditation offers great forms of
relaxation. This particular meditation only requires you to go into a locked quiet room. Inside the room you
will begin meditation by sitting down, closing your eyes and get rid of all the thoughts running inside your
head. Do this for a few minutes and you will be able to get back up with your mind and body feeling

Although the so-called "power naps" can also offer this kind of feeling, you have to consider that meditation
is more effective than a five-minute nap.

Meditation was first taught as part of a religious practice in the Buddhist religion. However today, meditation
is now accepted as part of the western culture and many people, particularly busy people, are now
practicing meditation in order to get their mind and body to relax. If you want to learn how to meditate, there
are schools available that teaches you how to meditate properly. You will also learn the different kinds of

On advanced levels, some schools can even teach you how to meditate while you are working.
As you exhale, listen to the sound and associate it with the word Ham. As a guide, So sounds as does if you
are saying it in English. Ham could actually be written as Hom, as the in Ham is very weak.|Meditation is one
of the most important spiritual disciplines. The benefits of regular meditation are numerous, too many to list,
yet peace of mind is one of the greatest.

|Try listening to our Let Go recording (see holisticmakeove m link below) which utilizes brain-mind
technology to effortlessly guide you into a meditative state.|Avoid all drugs. Even "just" marijuana "only once
in a while" hinders intuition and clouds your mind for weeks afterwards.|Try meditating with someone you
love or with a group of friends. The combined energy will help you go deeper.|You may be sensitive to
something you"re eating or drinking. Pick a day and eat lightly, perhaps about half of what you usually do.
Consume what you know will be easy to digest, such as lightly steamed vegetables.

You should be able to focus more easily provided you feel lighter and more alert.|Certain supplements,
herbs, and medications, especially if they affect your mood, may be disagreeing with your system and
causing you to be scattered. Ask your doctor or health professional for alternative recommendations or if you
can do without them for a while. If you keep asking God or your guides or angels of the Light how you can
be more successful with meditation, you"ll eventually become aware of effective ways to go deeper and
focus better.

You"ll be a pro in no time.|If you"re still having trouble perceiving anything, jump start the process by using
your imagination. Tell yourself you"ll perceive the first image, thought, or feeling, in response to any of the
questions or instructions in the script, on the count of three. Then count one, two, three and provide a picture
or thought from your imagination or memory. Continue this process until other images that feel more related
to the issue you are exploring start filtering into your mind.|

Try relaxing music. Experiment with different kinds to test which works best for you.|Whatever works the
best for you is what you should be thinking of trying out. Meditation can change your life for the better and
once you begin feeling better you will know that you definitely made the best choices by choosing this to
help you along the way throughout this difficult life.

Learn more about meditation the next chance that you can because your life will be ever changing because
of it. There is more to be learned about it even to this day. Things are going to be different in your life and
meditation can be the reason for your healing and becoming a much more positive person that is happier
and healthier.

The internet is the best place to locate information about meditation, and there are many wonderful websites
that could provide you with tons of information. +++ ++++++
Guided meditations are one of the best ways to start meditating.|They're simple to use, which if you're in
need of relaxation is a helpful reason in itself.|Probably the hardest thing about using a relaxation meditation
is actually making the time to listen to it.|That may sound odd, but we tend to place least priority on
ourselves. We look after others, help others and generally do our best to help them to lead better lives.

|Set aside the necessary time. If you think you can't find the time, think again. There are almost certainly
times in your day when you can find 20 minutes or so. Cut out watching the news for starters - that will have
the beneficial effect of keeping you away from negative influences as well. Find a comfortable chair if you're
going to listen to your guided relaxation whilst sitting down. Or find a bed to lie down on if that's the position
you'd prefer.

|Finding the time is far and away the most difficult part. And even that's easy when you set your mind to it.|
Put on your headphones. If necessary, put a 'do not disturb" sign on the door to your room.|Press play and
let your mind wallow in the stress-free luxury of listening to a guided relaxation.|Finding the time is far and
away the most difficult part. And even that's easy when you set your mind to it.|Then switch the cell phone to
silent.It's actually really simple to use a guided relaxation meditation to relax yourself.|

Meditation is something that any one of you out there could practice at any stressful time in your lives and it
will really help matters not seem so severe. There are many different books on the internet where you could
learn more about meditation and start practicing it each day. This is important for you to do in order for you
to feel better about your situation in life.

Read through many different magazines and books until you truly understand what meditation can do for
you in your life, it is really going to improve every single aspect of it, there is no doubt about that. There are
ways of feeling better through meditation but if you do not push yourself to do so then you are going to be
one very unhappy person at the end of the day.

Meditation can save your life in many ways because of the changes that it will make you feel each and
everyday that you step out of bed. Tell your friends about it and they too can benefit from practicing
meditation everyday that they wake up or before going to bed. This is something positive that you can do for
yourself and for your mental well being for many years to come.

Do some sort of meditation everyday for a couple weeks and just see how much better you feel about
things. It is going to really surprise you alot.

Meditation plays a large part in Eastern philosophies and religions. Later on, the West also got hold of it and
has realized that it has a lot of health benefits.

The one thing students and those work deal with everyday is stress. Meditation for just 15 minutes or even
longer allows you to relax and later enables you to make an effective decision. It also lowers the level of
stress anxiety in your system thus decreasing the risks of heart disease significantly.

The practice of meditation also makes you self aware of what is happening around you. This enables you to
focus on the present rather than events that happened in the past or the future. It teaches you to be in
control of your mind and not make you do anything based on your emotions.

Believe it or not, meditation also develops insight into our subconscious. This is because our attitudes,
behavior, feelings and perceptions are all connected and if you are able to harness it, you will be able to
understand yourself better.

This allows you to have a positive outlook in life and even make changes in yourself. You become content or
thankful with what you have instead of harboring feelings of anger, anxiety, greed, hatred and jealousy
towards yourself and others.

You will also be able to see the big picture instead of the small one when given a task at work so even if
there are a few setbacks a long the way, you are still able to keep your eye on the end game.

Medication can also make you feel younger. This is because in one study, people who have been practicing
this for many years were physiologically 12 years younger than their chronological age. The results of the
test were based on the test subject's auditory discrimination, blood pressure and eye sight.

So now that you know the benefits of meditation and what it can possibly do, you are probably asking
yourself right now how does it work? Well, let us first correct the common misconception about meditation.

A lot of people think that you have to sit in a pretzel position or go off to some far away place to make this
work. The truth is that you just have to find a quiet place where you won't be disturbed, sit on the floor or on
a chair in whatever position you like best and slowly clear your mind of all thoughts.

You should keep in mind that sitting in a comfortable position may sometimes make you doze off. So
concentrate otherwise it defeats the purpose of this exercise.

Next, you should close your eyes, focus on your breathing and let the positive air go in and the negative
thoughts go out. You might hear sounds nearby and since you can't do anything about that, just
acknowledge that it is there and just concentrate on this exercise.

This can be done at work or at home and how long it will be done depends on you. Some people may start
out for 5 minutes and then extend the time in the future. The important thing is that you feel recharged and
ready to taken on whatever challenge is out there when you are ready to open your eyes.
+I know there are a lot of us that pray for people who are sick,or maybe someone that has lost a loved
one,or for peace in the world,or maybe you even pray for a lost soul.Whatever it is you may pray for you do
it out of the love and faith you have in your heart.Meditating through prayer just gives me a peaceful feeling
inside.I guess you can see that when I pray I don't pray like maybe a minister would pray.I know all about
god,however I will be the first to admit I do not know a lot about the bible.

I understand the meaning of what the bible says but I do not understand a lot of the words.I basically should
say I use meditation to just talk to god.I believe that the way I talk to god is the same way that people may
pray to god. I went to church today and the minister was talking about another minister that liked to tell
everyone he knew about everything he has done good in his life. He bragged so much that he really didn't
have the time to listen to what the people in his church needed. I guess you could say even though he
preached an excellent sermon and did everything a minister should do,He just really couldn't see that his
pride was taking over his life.

After meditating for a few seconds are minister went on to tell a story of a very religious Christian man and a
tax collector walked into a temple at the same time.You could tell when the tax collector walked in everyone
stayed away from him because he was not well liked.The Christian man prayed that he would not ever turn
out to be anything like the tax collector.The tax collector said a simple prayer asking god that he may be
worthy of gods love.I'm sure the Christian man did a lot of good things in his life,But maybe he should have
meditated about his pride.

The tax collector did not look down on anyone or asked god if he could be like someone else,he just asked
to be worthy of gods love.We all have done things that we wish we could take back.We pray that god will
forgive what we have done and we then feel better about ourselves.We know god can forgive us but the
important thing is can we forgive ourselves.We truly cannot be happy with ourselves until we do.

I am very concerned about someone I love very much right now.She is a very good Christian person,also a
very hard worker and is very sick. She never complains and has been through very much and will have to
continue to go through a lot.

As I was meditating in church I felt the tears coming and all I could do is ask god over and over again to
please lay his healing hands on this person I love very much. So whether you are practicing meditation
through prayer to heal someone you love or to have peace in the world I can tell you the prayer you are
saying will comfort you and give you peace of mind.
+There is a constant two-way communication going on between your body and your brain.Do you remember
a time when you may have thought of something that was just terrible or maybe you had a 'sinking feeling"
in your stomach area? That is the kind of communication that goes on between your brain and your
body.Meditation can help relax your mind so it can help train your body to relax and your brain to be clear.

Recent research has found that not only does your brain communicate with your cells,but your cells will also
communicate with your brain and also with other parts of your body.In fact,scientist have recently discovered
that we think with not only are brain but our bodies as well.Meditation can help us to also understand about
our brain.It is not inaccurate to look at your entire body as being part of your brain.

That may be a new fact that may startle you,but do not reject it.Many scientists are now starting to believe
that we are actually a "bodybrain".You can communicate with your body and brain through meditation.A key
part of your body's incredible communication system involves your cells' receptors.This means every call in
your body can have millions of receptors on it's face,and each cell has perhaps seventy different types of

While meditating as I learned more I discovered that in the early 1970s,Candace Pert,PhD.D, was the first
scientist to prove that the existence of these receptors with her own discovery of the opiate receptor.This
receptor molecules float on the cell's oily outer part of the membrane and also have roots that can reach
deep inside the cell.I'm sure that Dr.Pert had to do a lot of meditating as she wrote her wonderful book The
Molecules Of Emotion,Dr.Pert says that 'the life of a cell,what it is up to at any moment,is determined by
which receptors are on its surface,and whether those receptors are occupied by ligands or not.

A ligand is described as a small molecule that will bind itself to a cellular receptor.Still using mediation to
keep my mind clear I learned that there are three chemical types of ligands. They are the
neurotransmitters,the steroids,and the ones that we are most interested in at this time,the peptides.
According to Dr.Pert,as many as 95 percent of all ligands may be peptides.

The receptors and their ligands have come to be seen as "information molecules'- the basic units of a
language that are used by cells throughout the organism to communicate across systems such as the
endocrine,neurological, gastrointestinal,and even the immune system." I would say as much knowledge as
Dr.Pert has on this subject meditation would be what kept her mind in focus.
After a day's hectic schedule of meeting deadlines, attending meetings, preparing different documents, and
so on, you will always be looking forward to going home and relaxing. There are many ways to relax, and
one method that is quite effective is meditation.

How will you do it? Perhaps you've already heard other people talking about meditation. It's not as hard as
you think. The idea revolves around focusing your thoughts to a certain relaxing thing over a sustained time.
This way, your mind is able to rest, and your thoughts about stressful things are diverted elsewhere. Your
body can recuperate and relax through meditation; toxin build ups are also cleared away.

You will notice that while you're meditating your breathing slows, your blood pressure is reduced, the
muscles relax, anxiety and irritability are reduced, stressful thoughts and lactic acid are eliminated, clears
your way of thinking, headaches and stress are also lessened, and you can now concentrate and focus fully.

Focusing on just a single thing is the true essence of such activity. This is an active process unlike that of
hypnosis. All your mental faculties should be concentrated on the meditation's subject. Meditation is usually
done for about 30 minutes, so be sure that you're in a comfortable position. You can lie on your bed, sit on
your favorite couch, or choose any position that you're really comfortable with.

You can focus on different things when you're meditating like breathing, an object, a sound, or even
imagery. Whichever you choose, it is very important to remain focused. If you experience any distractions
and external thoughts, strive hard to drift them out. This is natural when you're just a beginner; you will
always find your thoughts wandering but as you continue practicing meditation, you will soon improve.

You can try these relaxation exercises and incorporate it in your meditation so that you can achieve total

1. Tense Relax – start by clenching your fists, and then pull forearms firmly against the upper arms. Keep
your muscles tensed, as well as that of your leg muscles. Now, your jaws must also be clenched and your
eyes shut tightly. While holding those tense, breathe deeply and then hold for about 5 seconds. Then let go
of everything at once. Feel the sensations while your tensions are being released. 2. Heaviness/ Warmth –
this is done by feeling your legs and feet getting heavier and warmer by the second. Imagine that it's like
wearing lead boots. After that, try to imagine that your central body portion is also getting warm... warmer
and relaxed. Tell yourself that you're forehead is getting cooler and relaxed. Breath easy and regularly. Just
feel all the heaviness and warmth spread over your entire body. 3. Ideal Relaxation - close your eyes and try
to create an ideal relaxation spot inside your mind. Choose any place whether it's imagined or real and
furnish the place according to your own preference and style. Wear comfortable clothes and imagine that
you're going to that place. Feel mellow and at ease in your imagined and ideal relaxation place. Enjoy that
special moment for about a minute.

These are just simple relaxation and meditation exercises that you can do. If you're feeling stressed and
tensed, do these exercises.
There are many types and forms of meditation and many people are now slowly realizing the importance of
meditation in their everyday life. Even medical practitioners are now accepting meditation as a way to treat
certain health conditions like depression.

Meditation is considered an art in itself. It takes a lot of practice to master it. If you're really into meditation,
then you'd better start mastering visualization's art.

Visualization is used by almost every individual. But this is more evident among children; as people grow
older, they use this technique much less. Children are full of wild imaginations. Although you're unaware of
it, you're actually using visualization one way or another. What you must do is to know that you're doing it
and be more conscious of yourself.

Mediation makes use of visualization very often. In fact, most of the meditation exercises that people are
familiar about are all inclusive of visualization. So before concentrating on other complicated meditation
exercises, you must first be able to master this specific art.

Some people may think that visualization is easily mastered, well, that might be true. On the other hand,
there are also individuals who struggle with it. Visualization grows stronger only if you keep on practicing;
and you must always be prepared and concentrated to let all your imaginations go.

If you want to master visualization, you can try this simple exercise. Pick a certain object in your home and
clear your table and leave nothing but the object. Look at your chosen object and try to absorb all the
specific details. You can try looking hard on the size, color, shape, and the light's shade on it. Then,
memorize all details if possible.

The next step is to shut your eyes and try to picture your chosen object inside your mind. Ask yourself if you
remembered all the details, or if you forgot some of them. While doing this, think about your feelings about
the exercise. Again, ask yourself if you feel stressed about the exercise or if you're interested.

Now, clear the object inside your mind. Picture another object found inside your home. Observe and pay
close attention to the details. After that, open up your eyes and search the house for that particular object.
Was the object the same to that pictured inside your mind? Did you miss out certain details, if so, which
one/s? You have to once again ask yourself what you're feeling while doing the exercise.

Now, you have to go back to the table and remember a certain object from your past. Pay close attention to
all the details. After doing so, try to put the object in its proper surroundings.

As you go about the exercise, you might have noticed that there are certain gaps filled in by your
imagination. So, can you now tell which of the object's part are real and which ones are not? Or which part
came from just your memory?

You were also asked to think about your feelings. If you're a beginner, visualization is quite stressful but
don't worry because this is but normal. Soon enough, the stressful feelings will disappear and you can do
visualization exercises with more ease than before. So don't stop now just because you're having difficulties,
just keep on practicing.
Today's technology has a great impact on the lives of all people. Many new things are introduced into the
market in terms of products and services. Even meditation has a different face nowadays.

There are many types of meditation, and included in these types is audio meditation. Just as the word
suggest, you can meditate through the use of an audio form. Many years ago, this wasn't possible, but now,
it seems that technology just keeps on surprising people with newer and better ways. And meditation is not

There are many audio materials available on the internet. If you think that audio meditation will do you good,
then what are you waiting for? Do your homework and search the net for possible audio materials that can
be used for meditation.

Here are some of the audio materials featured on the web:

- Sacred Sound; this is used to assist individuals who are trying to meditate. The sound is able to heal and
balance the chakras. Other people who are into yoga find this material as an effective mediation tool.
Instrumental pieces last for about twenty minutes with a short break in between. If you want to meditate, this
is a very good mediation tool that you can use.

- Inner Sunrise; if you want to feel all wonderful from the inside, this CD is the best one for you. It features a
yoga master that can help you in your journey inwards to achieve peaceful serenity from within.

- Moolamantra Vol.2; having an open heart has its advantages and if you're like that, don't forget to check
out this great CD. You will surely receive the unlocking key to desire, fulfillment and spiritual treasures. This
CD features an ancient chant that is set on a subtle chorus of feminine voice and evocative orchestration.

- Chakra Dhyana; this is a 50 minutes album containing traditional mantras to activate your seven chakras or
energy centers. It begins with your root chakra and ends with the coronary. This is a guided meditation that
can help you and other listeners to experience deep relaxation and awaken Kundalini.

- Dhyana Mantra; this was recorded in India and is considered Moolamantra's transformative version. It is
able to retain the raw and refreshing energy although it was an improvised recording of the South Americans
and Indians. If you purchase this CD, you will feel mystical power and you will be transported to a different
spiritual plane.

All of the above items are audio materials. You can also find audio/video materials that are best suited for
people who want to use their sense of sight and hearing while meditating. All the audio materials are
available online; you only have to find an online store that sells such CD. Don't forget to check into the CDs
shipping details, and perhaps you can still find great deals.

Don't be left behind. Meditation's new face is already widely available. A lot people are ending up with
various illnesses; and if you want to start practicing meditation, you can always start with audio meditation.
This world is made up of many different realities. All of these, diverse as they may seem, actually work and
revolve around one thing – the meaning of life. The search for things like happiness, victory, and personal
satisfaction is actually a quest for life's real essence. Where do you find all these things? You might be
amazed, but everything is actually found within one's self. The answer to life's endless questions, the
unlocking of the many mysteries of living, all these are hidden in the deepest recesses of man's soul.

Near as they are, getting in touch with all these realities, all the solutions needed to lift the world from its
misery, is actually a great feat that requires will and determination. If you wish to unravel the many treasures
within yourself, you will find a great help from meditation books.

Meditation is a practice, an activity that has its origin thousands of generations ago. Many philosophers and
thinkers are known in the promotion of this activity and the benefits that it provides. In this modern era of fast
living, meditation still finds a place in the lifestyle of many people. There are various forms of meditation
being introduced and practiced, meditation programs being offered, and even meditation books which are all
designed to lead people in the path and direction towards themselves and to the truths that many are
looking for.

Meditations books offer insights about taking full advantage of meditation in man's everyday living. Whether
you are a beginner, someone curious about meditation, or a person whose goal in life is to find the real
essence of existence, there are actually various meditation books to help you get started.

Every meditation book is written for enlightenment, which is actually the goal of every meditation practice.
Enlightenment lurks within the pure silence of the soul, and it is only when you are able to establish
connection with your inner self will you be able to find the truths that you need in order to live a happier and
a healthier life.

Meditation books do not stop on teaching you how to start a regular personal or structured meditation
session. Each book is designed to help you go through the process, deal with the possible obstacles that
you may encounter along the way, and to successfully apply meditation to everyday living.

Although the concrete activity when doing meditation is performed within a specific span of time and with
certain guidelines that you must observe, real meditation is actually a lifestyle. Whatever you do, wherever
you are, whatever the current experience you are in, you can turn that into a meditation. When done
successfully, you will be able to find fulfillment in everything that you do and improve the total quality of your

Meditation books are treasure troves of knowledge. They bring abstract concepts into the setting of the real
and the concrete world and help you find the best way by which you can get the best out of your life.
Today, using the latest technology became the means of introducing meditation to different people all over
the world. One of the most common methods is using a meditation CD.

Meditation is very important in the lives of many people who are aiming to cultivate happiness and inner
peace. Happiness and inner peace are said to be parts of the person's inner nature. However, barriers that
are imminent in your nervous systems can deprive you of achieving those things. So, you need to practice
any forms of meditations that will help you remove those hindrances such as yoga practices. Stillness of
your inner nature can be achieved through enlightenment and proper nurturing.

A meditation CD can guide you to proper ways of meditation. It is very important that you have orientation.
Understanding what meditation is all about as well as its benefits is your first step.

Meditation pertains to a mere conscious relaxation. It's a procedure involving the mind for achieving a state
of bliss and serenity. In some way or another, it is similar to a person being sedated. Deep concentration is
needed when meditating. To give a clear picture of what meditation really is, use water as an example.
Imagine that you are beginning to pour water into a glass from a pitcher, consider the first few water drops
as concentration. The steady flow of the water obtained as you continuously pour it is meditation. The
unsteady water drops and small splashes are the distractions. During the deep state of meditation, the flow
is constant and never distracted. Thus, your mind is already free.

Several health experts revealed that people who are diagnosed from extreme anxiety and stress never need
any drugs for curing their problems. With meditation, they can overcome it. For many years, meditation is
proven by some people as an effective cure for reducing stress and anxiety. Meditation is good for
preventing panic attacks.

Some people do meditations without doing anything. They simply feel relaxed. By lying comfortably on their
back, and listening to relaxing flowing music, and simply letting go. An ideal state of the mind is achieved
though traditional meditation which can include prayers and enjoying the flow of energy in their body.

Preparation is very important prior to meditation process. You need to acquire the right mind setting to
create a spiritual ambiance. This will help you practice meditation properly. Step by step procedure are
incorporated in meditation CDs. Typically, the basic position is sitting with spinal cord straight, hands on the
lap and exposing the palms. Your right hands rests over your left hand with touching thumbs.

Meditation is less expensive compared to other types of relaxation especially if you prefer it on CDs,
compared to private sessions of meditation. The end results have no major difference provided that you
follow the instructions properly on CDs. You can also understand the meditation basics clearly and learn
how to remove all distractions. More effective meditation can be successfully achieved if you have objectives
such as attaining physical healing.

Meditation CDs are widely available on the internet. Choose whatever suits your meditation objectives the
Buddhist meditation is used for Buddhism practices. It includes any meditation methods having an objective
of attaining enlightenment. In Buddhism classical language, the closest description for meditation is bhavana
which means mental development.

Buddhism refers to a non-theistic, dharmic religion, considered a philosophy as well as a structure of

psychology. In Pali or Sanskrit (Buddhists major ancient languages), Buddhism is also called as Dhamma or
Buddha Dharma, meaning the teachings of Siddharta Gautama (The Awakened One) or the Buddha. It was
stated in the early sources that Siddharta was born in Nepal (formerly Lumbini), and he died in India
(Kushinagar) at the age of about eighty. He lived approximately around the 5th century BCE. Thereafter,
Buddhism has spread all over the subcontinent of India five years after Buddha's death, in the Southeast,
East, and Central Asia, and after two millenniums, in Eastern Europe.

There are different forms and types of meditation incorporated in the different Buddhism Schools. For
example, in the Tibetan tradition, thousands of meditations associated with visualization are used, while in
the tradition of Theravada, there are more than fifty processes for insight development and for concentration

Most contemporary and classical guides for Buddhist meditation are specific in each school. But some
teachers try to crystallize, categorize, and synthesize practices from numerous Buddhist traditions.

Theravada, if translated in English means the elder's way. This is also the oldest Buddhist school ever
survived and became the Sri Lanka's predominant religion (estimated 70% of the total population) for
several centuries, likewise in Southeast Asia including Thailand, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and some
parts of Vietnam, Bangladesh, and Southwest China. It also starts to become popular in Australia and
Singapore. Today, there are more than 100 million Theravada Buddhists worldwide.

Tibetan Buddhism pertains to the religious body of Buddhist institutions and doctrines in connection with
Tibetan's characteristics. Tibet is the Himalayan regions (Northern Nepal, Ladakh, Sikkim, and Bhutan),
Tuva, Buryatia, Mongolia, Russia (Kalymykia), and North-eastern China (Jilin, Manchuria, Heilongjiang).

Because of this wide Buddhism influence, many people are encouraged to incorporate some forms of
Buddhist mediations in their life. But, the problem is that they cannot go to these places and enroll in
Buddhism Schools. That is why various Buddhist meditation experts and practitioners put it on CDs. So,
wherever you are in the world, you can still practice Buddhist meditation to improve your well being.

You can purchase some Buddhist meditation CDs online on different Buddhist websites. Some of the CDs
contain meditation on loving-kindness; Buddha taught this practice for developing the habit of altruistic or
selfless love from the mind. There are also insight meditation CDs containing overviews on the meditation
methods and explanations of frameworks about the practice. This type of meditation is presented in different
ways and emphasized various teaching aspects. It also discusses the four foundations of mindfulness based
from the teachings of Buddha. You can learn how to purify yourself, overcome lamentation and sorrow,
destroy grief and pain, and reach the direction for achieving nirvana. Another available CD contains talks
about insight meditation.

Through Buddhist meditation CDs, the teachings of Buddha can continue to help people in achieving inner
peace and tranquility through the power of the mind. Feel it running through you as it transcends into your
Today, meditation has become almost indispensable because of too much competition and conflict. People
are trying to find peace and tranquility. They began to realize that some important things are missing in their
lives. Maybe you are among one of them. To meet this demand, various meditation centers are built by
meditation practitioners and experts to offer their help and provide a sense of clarity.

Before you proceed in finding a meditation center, you need to learn first the different forms of meditations.

- Yoni Mudra is one of the easiest types of meditation incorporating these steps.

• Use your thumbs to close your ears. • Use your index fingers for covering your eyes. • Pinch your nostrils
with your middle fingers. • Use the remaining fingers for pressing your lips closely. • Release the middle
fingers when you breathe in and breathe out while doing your meditation.

- Category Concentration helps you to become more focused on the things needed to meditate properly.
This technique is very beneficial. It narrows down the objects and trains your mind to concentrate better.

- Simple Meditation. Beginners usually prefer this meditation, one among the best types of meditation. You
can designate a peaceful and clean place wherein you can utilize your 10 to 20 minutes of deep silence.
Constantly, you can obtain more control of your senses and mind as you increase the duration of time.

- Walking Meditation helps you to concentrate your mind as you walk. This type of meditation is quite difficult
to practice, but constant practice is really beneficial. It involves concentration on your feet.

- Transcendental Meditation. One of the most researched and controversial types of meditation. Its objective
is to increase your creativity and intelligence. In this strategy, you are required to master a few special
postures and complex breathing techniques. Concentration is needed while sitting on a chair or a
comfortable posture.

- Mindfulness Meditation. Buddhists practiced this meditation known to them as Vipassana. It involves
regular practice to become aware of the things happening around you as well as what you are doing at that
very moment.

- Journey Meditation involves visualization to arrive at a state of meditation. People who can visualize things
early choose this type among others. You can note the things which cause tension, fatigue, and anxiety by
closing your eyes and trying to achieve peacefulness about it.

- Vibrational Meditation. A particular sound or a word is uttered repeatedly and becomes the central focus of
this meditation. Vibrations are then created from the sound or word which passes through the body. You
don't need to concentrate on something else, simply chant the word or create the sound all over again.

- Movement Meditation. Accompanied sometimes with music or dancing to achieve a meditative state.

- Body Scan Meditation. Done by lying down and focusing on all the parts of your body.

- Navel and Breath Meditation. The oldest form of meditation recorded in India and China, incorporating
various breathing techniques to control breathing.

- Central Channel Meditation. A method originated from the Taoist, appropriate for starters who wants a
crash mediation course.

Now, it is easy for you to choose the right meditation center and ensure that your needs will be met.
In today's world, many people live a very hectic lifestyle just to make ends meet. People need to work hard
in order for them to live their daily lives in comfort and also in order to feed their family. You have to consider
that with today's economy, you too have to work hard in order to provide for your family and for yourself.

However, you may provide all you and your family's daily needs, but you have to consider that being
stressed all the time is also bad for your health. Recent studies indicate that stress contributes to high blood
pressure and heart diseases. Thanks to the hectic lifestyle that people live today, heart disease is
considered to be the number one killer in the United States of America.

This is why you should also know how to free your mind and body from stress in order for you to live a
healthy and comfortable life. Many people relieve their stress by relaxing in their favorite chair while
watching their favorite TV show. This can help, but it still doesn't give you enough rest. One of the best ways
to relax is through meditation. Through meditation, you will be able to fully relax your mind and body. You
have to consider that by watching TV, your brain is still working full time by absorbing all the details in TV.
You may be relaxed physically, but mentally, you are not.

So, aside from sleeping, meditation is the next best thing to relax. It enables you to fully relax your mind and
body and keep it fresh again without sleeping. Besides, you only sleep once a day and sometimes, because
of work some people lack sleep. If you are one of these people, then you have to learn how to meditate.
Although meditation has been discovered thousands of years before, you have to consider that modern
science and research have found that meditation can indeed relax your mind and body. There is scientific
proof that meditation can even be better than sleep.

However, before you start practicing meditation, you have to have the essential tools for it in order for you to
experience proper meditation.

Of course, one of the best ways to relax is by sitting. If you combine it with meditation, you can maximize
your meditation method. However, a conventional chair just won't do. You have to consider getting a
meditation chair in order to provide more comfort and increase your meditation potential to its fullest.

Meditation requires you to be in the right sitting position. If you take meditation classes, you will know about
the right sitting position in meditation. Although you may see Buddhist monks sitting and meditation on hard
wood, you have to consider that they are experts and don't need the assistance of meditation chairs. The
meditation chair provides additional comfort to your bottom and your back to allow the proper flow of energy
throughout your body.

Meditation chairs are well-cushioned to provide comfort and convenience. So, if you are just starting out on
meditation, you should consider getting a meditation chair in order for you to practice meditation in comfort.
Meditation is a wholesome activity that must be part of the daily routine not only for Buddhists but for
individuals who seek for peace within themselves. Nowadays, meditation is no longer just a matter of
religion, but an undertaking. There are different types of meditation techniques that can be applied.

In meditation, the proper posture is one of the significant factors in order to achieve the internal peace that
one seeks to have. Keeping the back straight when meditating contributes to the establishment of focus and
concentration. And since meditation session take some time, comfort must be worked out too during the
process. The meditation cushion is a vital means in maintaining proper posture and comfort.

The meditation cushion is also known as zafu, which literally means sewn seat. The zafu is typically
handmade and designed attractively. The meditation cushion is placed under the buttocks while the
meditator is cross-legged during the meditation session. Aside from comfort, the meditation cushion also
helps to propel the knees downward the floor in order to have stability and balance. The meditation cushion
is usually used with the cushioned mat or zabuton.

The meditation cushion is traditionally round and with pleated sides. The cover is generally made of thicker
fabric that builds its durability. The materials used for the outer skin of the medication cushion are cotton twill
and cotton drill. These come in different colors and designs. The circular top of the medication cushion and
the bottom are connected by a pleated side. Meditation cushions are hand woven that gives it a stylish
finish. There are different materials used as a filling but the most popular are natural kapok, cotton batting or
buckwheat hulls. The natural kapok is a fiber extracted from ceiba trees. This is a lightweight material that
can also produce warmth to the body. Kapok fibers do not easily compact that makes them suitable for
filling. The cotton batting is a form of padding used even in upholstery and quilting. The buckwheat hulls are
known for their durability. This type of material can easily conform to the desired shape. They are
hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly materials. The buckwheat hulls provide a firm seat surface for
the buttocks. All these materials can best sustain the shape of the meditation cushion. The medication
cushions are made with concealed openings so that the outer skin can be washed without the filling getting
wet. And for added strength, the meditation cushions are double stitched.

The meditation cushions differ in thickness and diameter depending upon personal preferences. On the
other hand, the standard measure that most manufacturers use is 40 centimeter in diameter and 20
centimeter in thickness. This configuration is suited for those with average built.

The medication cushion helps sustain the whole meditation period. It also helps avoid back pains which can
be experienced during long periods of meditation. The meditation cushion conforms with the policy of
medication which speaks of being kind and gentle to oneself.
In the fast and busy pace of life, we tend to lose focus on the more essential things. And because of the
earthly needs that we are trying to meet, we tend to neglect the importance of internal peace. The lack of
internal peace makes a person feel confused, exhausted and unfulfilled no matter how much achievements
he earned. This is the primary concern of meditation. It allows the person to watch the flow of his thoughts
as he retires to the dictates of his senses. And more significantly, it provides new energy in the monotony of
the daily routine.

Meditation is so