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UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2015-05069 Doc No. C05833712 Date: 11/05/2015 RELEASE IN PART] B7(C),B6 + SENSITIVE COMPARTMENTED INFORMATION NONDISCLOSURE AGREEMENT dae ren Réctan Coté settee SS - revew | 1. _lameading to be legally bow, T hereby ‘te obligations contingd in this Agreement in consideration of punted. sccess AUTHORITY: sen eo ee em ey ger nc Ogi). Barbara Soi he St de i reed babe pene tote al, 5 sundae of Executive Order 12958 or other Baecative Onder cr sttoe. ¥ codesstand end accept that by belng geanted access to SCI, special i ‘slab pce sms by Oe Used Sane Goan : aed oa enrol 2 thy ttt Ther eva section cece aa nd proton ot $I nig i procs be sare oy oe te ace tone e merle ee nat ‘further understand that all my obligations under this agreement nostinue to exist Whether of hot { am reqatited to sign suck subsequent agreements. 3. Thave been advised thatthe uamahociaid disclosure, wnanthorized retention, or nagigent handing of SCI by me could cause fmeparable injry to he he Sob el as i in ay tat [ethane dps ang nicl Sclotat ow eas | Spee eo mee ote thon er cn eof il Ss Gmmmet ean tgr | Bop Apc! ny srs tn SEL. 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UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2015-05069 Doc No. C05833712 Date: 11/05/2015 UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2015-05069 Doc No. C05833712 Date: 11/05/2015 1 meet ony et ttm et — sothdiriee arate anrieerarereat ayn ora ees skoda 12, thy as wh ed Ste Sern le le sl pn, mens debe tne, sash cy Doman hl plo ween el ene a bea fh pee ~ 13, These estricious ar consist with ad dn no apes confi wif ar ochre ali the cncloge bias ight or Be reed ‘acne Or 1855 Seon 21 of Tl 5, Uo} Sts Gos (poreniag Esl fo Chores; Sesto 154 fe 10, Unda Sate Gals azendnt by he Miltary Whisleblowes Proton Act Goering dicloeues t.Cobgress by maabes of the Mii) Seaton 230208) of The 3, ‘Une ates Cad, as amended bythe Whistsier Protection Act (govesing clon of egal, hase, Saul, shoo, or public eallrar 1s See eng tis rd At of 22D UN Xeni dcr et ald cal Greene ets) ut et Wh ott ga oes with my compensa ay eh Son, 5,4, 98 095 oe Ud ‘Sais Ca, and Seton 6) of he Subvenive Actives Act of 1950 (SD USC, 73). The denitions,reqdrements, oblgaons rights sections aod {aks ate by nl Boot Onder nd fisted panne ar incorporeied int tha Areca nd are contig. 14 This Agee shal be foterpetedmader we i conibamoce with loft Used Sas. 1S, Tmskethfs Agiemeor without ny meal escration or parse ofeasink, THe east mee ‘The exeetion ofthis Agreement was witrssed by the undersigned who scopic ion behalf of ths United States Govetmment a aioe condition of acess to Sensitive Compartment Information, B6 (WITNESS nt ACCEPTANCE: 4 — Bae B7(C) SECURITY BRIEFING / DEBRIEFING ACKNOWLEDGMENT Page2of2 UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department of State Case No. F-2015-05069 Doc No. C05833712 Date: 11/05/2015