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Area of Study 1: Interpreting art

You are required to:
-research at least one artist who worked before 1990 and one artist who worked after 1990;
- study at least two artworks by each artist
- compare and contrast the artworks of artist/s who worked before and after 1990;
- analyse and interpret selected artworks using the Analytical Frameworks
- use appropriate art language and terminology
Make your choice of one pair of artists from the table on the next page.
Things to remember.
Read a little about each of the artists so that you gain a clearer idea of their aims and methods
before you choose two to study in depth.
Most of the research should be self-directed. You only have two artists to study, so there is time
for you to locate and select resources, read widely and deeply, and arrive at a thorough understanding of the artists works in their Cultural, Personal and Contemporary contexts. The better
you research, the greater your depth of understanding of the artworks, the better you will
measure up in the SACs and Exam.
When you have selected the artists and artworks, use the Formal Framework to analyse and interpret two of the artworks. You may start on either the before or after 1990 artworks. This analysis
will provide you will a solid grounding for the SAC.
This needs to be a very thorough analysis and interpretation. Your interpretation of the meaning
must be backed up with quotes from your reading preferably the words of the artists themselves,
though quotes from reputable writers are often as good.
As you analyse the artworks:
1. Write a clear description of the subject matter
2. Analyse and interpret any symbolism in the subject
3. Be selective about which formal elements you analyse. Choose only those that have an impact
on the meanings and messages in the artwork. ALWAYS link your analysis of a formal element
with the way its use helps to create the meanings and messages in the artwork.
4. Analyse the way technique influences the meanings and messages.


Area of Study 1: Interpreting art

Pre 1990

Post 1990

Edward Hopper (American painter) 1882 1967

Anne Wallace (Australian painter) 1970 -

Summer Evening - 1947

New York Movie - 1939

Droit de Seigneur - 2010

Escapee - 2008

Jean-Michel Basquiat (American painter)

1960 - 1988

Gordon Bennett (Australian painter) 1955 2014

In Italian - 1983
Flexiable - 1984

Possession Island - 1991

Notes to Basquiat: Double vision - 2000

Tamara de Lempicka (Polish painter) 1898 1980

Yayoi Kusama (Japanese multidisciplinary)

1929 -

Young Lady with Green Gloves - 1930

Arums 1 - 1931

Pumpkin - 1995
Watermelon - 2008

Ren Magritte (Belgian Surrealist artist)

1898 - 1967

Rosemary Laing (Australian photographer)

1959 -

Golconda - 1953
The Human Condition - 1933

Flight Research series - 1998-1999 (multiple

artworks in series, student choice)

Alma Thomas (African American painter)

1891 - 1978

Melinda Harper (Australian painter) 1965 -

Snoopy Sees a Daybreak on Earth - 1970

Atmospheric Effects I - 1970

Untitled (Zig-zag) - 2012

Untitled - 2011