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1. G.R. No.

L-68661 July 22, 1986

TERESITA LORENZO, ET AL., petitioners,
HON. MINISTER BLAS OPLE, as Minister of Labor and
ENTERPRISES, respondents
FACTS: The National Federation of Labor Union (NAFLU) filed a request
for conciliation before the Bureau of Labor Relations requesting for the
intervention in its dispute with management involving certain money
claims, refusal to conclude a collective agreement after such has been
negotiated and run-away shop undertaken by management in order to
bust the union. After all efforts to mediate the charges of unfair labor
practice and non-payment of certain money claims have failed, the
union filed its notice of strike. The company alleging that it had
suffered losses announced cessation of operations. Lawman was then
changed to Libra Garments manufacturing the same products and later
changed again its name to Dolphin Garments.
ISSUE: Should Libra/Dolphin Garments be ordered to reinstate
HELD: Yes. After finding that Lawman Industrial Corporation had
transferred its business operations to Libra Garments Enterprises,
which later changed its name to Dolphin Garments Enterprises, the
public respondent cannot deny reinstatement to the petitioners simply
because Lawman Industrial Corporation has ceased its operations.
As Libra/Dolphin Garments is but an alter-ego of the old employer,
Lawman Industrial, the former must bear the consequences of the
latter's unfair acts by reinstating the petitioners to their former
positions without loss of seniority rights.