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Fonetika krdssor

The articulation of vowels can be described in term of place. and
manner of articulation.
According to the place of articulation vowels can be close, half
close, open, half open.(4 type)
According to the tongue position vowels can be .(3 type)
front, central, back
According to the lip position vowels can be rounded and
unrounded(2 type)
Give 2 examples for long and short vowels: a - apple, u
long vowels: a - cake, I iron, o rose
The difference between Monophtongue and Diphtongue
duration of the vowel, the speech organs position is
changed or maintained2 pont
There are 6..vowels in English language.
The full vowels are stressed..
Weak vowels are unstressed
The syllable has a specific sound pattern. A Syllable must consist
at least one vowel.
The accidental gap is a possible variation of sound that has not
been assigned a meaning in a language.
Give example of an accidental gap.
The vowel in a syllable is callednucleus..

The nuclens is preceded by onset.and followed by termination

Give an example:
Suprosegmental features are stress, intonation, pitch3.
Suprosegmental features accompany language behavior syllables
can also be strong and weak depending on their vowel
Give 2 examples were the there is a primary and secondary
primary: Accident, bachelor, influence, argument
secondary: abandon, condition, potential, respectful
Give the grymsanical phonetic describe the following word.