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Its better to stay healthy than to

have to be healed.

meglio restare sani che dover


It is health that is real wealth and

not pieces of gold and silver.

La vera ricchezza la salute, non

loro e largento.

He who has health has hope and

he who has hope has everything.

Chi ha la salute ha speranza e chi ha

speranza ha tutto.

If you want to be free of sickness

and other physical problems, you
have to eat properly

Se vuoi essere esente da malattie e

altri problemi fisici, devi mangiare

drink plenty of water,

bere acqua in abbondanza,

get sufficient sleep,

dormire a suffi cienza,


fare moto,

have your teeth and eyes checked


farti controllare periodicamente gli

occhi e le orecchie,

limit your exposure to things that

could be harmful, and so on.

limitare lesposizione a cose che

possono essere dannose e cos via.

One way we can show God how

grateful we are for our bodies is
by taking care of them.

Una maniera in cui possiamo dimostrare

a Dio la nostra gratitudine per il corpo
che ci ha dato prendendocene cura.

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