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Competency Reflections

Chantel L. Henderson
Administrative Internship II
EDUC 6331
Dr. Patrick Huff

Competency 001:
The principal knows how to shape campus culture by facilitating the development,
articulation, implementation, and stewardship of a vision of learning that is shared and
supported by the school community.

My goal was to grow the theater arts program by creating an enthusiasm for
performing arts. Yearly productions and tournament appearances increased by
75%. The amplified rigor is positively impacting students academically and
socially. In addition, I have been successful building relationships with parents,
increasing the budget, and retaining students in the program. Thus giving me
more opportunities to foster connections with other middle and high schools
within the district by supporting their shows and tournaments.

Competency 002:
The principal knows how to communicate and collaborate with all members of the
school community, respond to diverse interests and needs, and mobilize resources to
promote student success.

I have a high number of English Language Learners. Their abilities are

classified as Beginner, Intermediate, High, and Advanced High. I attended an
ESL staff meeting to learn strategies to help me communicate and teach my
students. I have enjoyed being able to create a learning environment that allows
my students to express themselves without fear of peer ridicule. My most
profound memory involved a 6th grade female student labeled Beginner. She
struggled in the area of phonemic awareness. Working with her was a
challenging yet rewarding experience.

Competency 003:
The principal knows how to act with integrity, fairness, and in an ethical and legal

I have over 100 students in the theater arts program. I wanted to give all of my
Intermediate Theater and Advanced Theater students an opportunity to
participate in a production. In order to accomplish this task, I decided to direct
five plays during the fall season. I created an organized audition method that
highlighted characterization, voice, and diction. The efficient and practical
timeline insured the process was fair and ethical. Furthermore, students were
able to receive constructive feedback from me and their peers.

Competency 004:
The principal knows how to facilitate the design and implementation of curricula and
strategic plans that enhance teaching and learning; ensure alignment of curriculum,
instruction, resources, and assessment; and promote the use of varied assessments to
measure student performance.

I teach two Rotation Theater classes. Rotation means I do not keep the same
group of students throughout the school year. For example, three times a year I
teach two classes for two consecutive grading period. The populated Rotation
classes are held during the lunch hours. This is problematic because I have a
small classroom and I am unable to move my students around for a lot of
activities. For these reasons, I inserted more literary pieces into my lesson plans.
For example, my students interpreted, memorized, and recited poems by
Langston Hughes.

Competency 005:
The principal knows how to advocate, nurture, and sustain an instructional program and a
campus culture that are conducive to student learning and staff professional growth.

One of my projects focused on staff development. I have enjoyed creating and

presenting material to the staff that will help them create a positive learning
environment. My guide, the book by Todd Whitaker and Annette Breaux
entitled, The Ten Minute In-Service. Some of my presentations have included:
Teaching with Enthusiasm and Be Here, There, and Everywhere. I was nervous
during my first presentation but pleasantly surprised when I realized how much
I enjoyed being in front of my colleagues sharing knowledge. I am looking
forward to future presentations.

Competency 006:
The principal knows how to implement a staff evaluation and development system to
improve the performance of all staff members, select and implement appropriate
models for supervision and staff development, and apply the legal requirements for
personnel management.

The Cypress Independent School District uses PDAS (Professional

Development Appraisal System) to evaluate beginning and veteran teachers.
The assessment gives appraisers an opportunity to witness quality curriculum
and instruction. An assignment during my Curriculum class gave me an
opportunity to participate in the walk-through process and evaluate two
teachers. I was uncomfortable rating my colleagues during my first visit.
However, during my second and third visits, I settled into my role and enjoyed
the process.

Competency 007:
The principal knows how to apply organizational, decision-making, and problemsolving skills to ensure an effective learning environment.

I enjoy watching my mentor, Cook Middle School Principal, in meetings with

her department leaders. She is able to get them to share her vision by giving
them an opportunity to contribute their thoughts and feelings. The style is very
impressive because it is clear she is in charge but she does not list directives.
The department leaders genuinely care about what she is saying and they want
her feedback. It is evident her background as a Director of Instruction has
given her the foundation to be a successful instructional leader.

Competency 008:
The principal knows how to apply principles of effective leadership and management in
relation to campus budgeting, personnel, resource utilization, financial management, and
technology use.

I am responsible for the theater arts budget. My job duties include: tracking
theater fees, tournament fees, royalties, and socials. I have to fill out purchase
order forms when I want to use funds to make purchases or transactions. We
are only permitted to turn in the documents on Tuesdays and Thursdays by
2pm. The final approval process usually takes over a week. Due to the limited
days of submission and the turn around, I have to make sure I plan out all of
my activities at least a month in advance.

Competency 009:
The principal knows how to apply principles of leadership and management to the campus
physical plant and support systems to ensure a safe and effective learning environment.

This year I decided to evaluate my safety policies. I updated my procedures and

rules for rehearsals and performances in the following areas: classroom, stage,
cafeteria, tournaments, and field trips. I also created specific guidelines for the
following areas: transporting set pieces and requesting costumes. The changes
have decreased mishaps and playful activity. Furthermore, students have taken
ownership over all the aforementioned areas. I will evaluate this new system at
the conclusion of the school year and make appropriate updates and changes.