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Area of Study 1: Dicussing and Debating Art

This SAC is designed to prepare you for Section C of the end of year exam.
You are required to address either issue, Is contemporary art real art? or Art and
Politics, never the twain shall meet?
You can argue for or aganist the case or argue both sides of the issue.
You will have 90 minuted to complete this SAC.
You will be asked to present your debate in the form of a comparative discussion
essay and sit a SAC under exam conditions.
Here is a way of planning your essay:
Your task in your introduction is to set the scene for your analysis of the issue.
Choose the commentaries that you are going to focus on and use them to outline
the issue and its background.
Mention the authors, their opinions and the relevant artworks that you intend to
State your opinion:
Where do you stand on this issue?
Analyse and commentaries and the artworks to back up your opinion:
Remember that you are building a case to back up your opinion about the issue
and the issue should be your priamry reference point in your essay.
Depending on which opinion you choose to argue, you must explore the issue by
analysing the opinions expressed in the commentaries, backed up by your analysis
of the artworks.
Restate your opinion and summarise the reasons for holding for opinion.