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Gemmission enahahi Sinan ry ban ote eomabenreo oor worn ‘September 22, 2015, Hon. Tony Avella New York State Senate 38-50 Bell Boulevard Bayside, NY 11361 Re: Old St. James Parish Hall, 86-02 Broadway, Queens Dear State Senator Avela, ‘Thank you for your recent submission conceming the Old St. James Parish Hal, 26-02 Broadway. The agency has reviewed the property referenced above for consideration a a potential landmark. While the bulding was constructed in 1736-36 it was significantly remodeled in 1883 and was resided in the 20” century leaving litie historic fabric on the exterior. The current appearance of the exterior of the bulding is @ recreation of the 1883 remodeling, and oniy the heavy timber frame, rectangular massing and interior paneling and woodwork remain from the Coionial era. Due to these alterations the property will not be recommended to the full Commission for futher consideration as an individual New York City Landmark, Although we acknowledge that the property referenoed above is undoubtedly important to its congregation and to is communty, we are sure you understand that in a city the size of New York, the committee must be extremely selective in the structures it proposes for iandmark designation We thank you for your commitment to historic preservation and appreciate your Interest inthe work of the Landmarks Preservation Commission Sincere, by Lite betes Mary Reth Ratts