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Matrix Array Symmetric Key


This project aims at designing the new security protocol using the Hybrid
Encryption Technique. The hybrid encryption technique is combination of both
symmetric and asymmetric cryptographic techniques. The encryption algorithms are
more secure depending on the key value and size. The key distribution is a major
problem. The new protocol solves the key management using the RSA algorithm and
the data encryption using the Matrix Array Symmetric-Key encryption (MASK).
Using this technique we can also achieve the transmission of multi-media files such as
the images, audios and video files. Due to this feature this technique can be
implemented in wide area of applications,

MASK is as secure and as fast as one would like and match with today
advanced technologies. The proposed symmetric encryption technique has two
advantages over traditional schemes based on the Feistel ciphers. First, the encryption
and decryption procedure are much simpler, and consequently much faster. Second
the security level is higher due to inherent poly-alphabetic nature of the substitution
mapping method used in encryption process and transposition technique by
manipulating a matrix and four arrays. Fast conversion is achieved as a result of direct
mapping and circular shift operations performed in the algorithm.

RSA Algorithm is used for encryption and decryption of public and private
key. RSA is a public-key algorithm used ubiquitously in Internet and electronic
communication security, as an important part of document authentication and user
identity verification. It is present as a key component of many e-commerce and email
security systems.