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This article Longitudinal Relationship of Work Hours Mandatory Overtime,and On-call

to Musculoskeletal Problems Trinket (2006),is states the different issues that are happening
when youre a registered nurse in the medical field.Such as,the multiple health risks of low
back pain, musculoskeletal injury/disorders that are constantly occurring in healthcare field as of
right now. For example,there was other multiple issues like mandatory overtime and excessive
working on off days . But nurses are using surveys of 2,617 registered nurses and more that
were related to shoulder,back in (MSD) cases .Increasing their off shifts was their main worry to
get the problem fixed.Therefore, the nurses are trying to make less over time ,reducing the work
days with out having short amount of recovery time.With this being a big problem for nurses
today they did much research to resolve this situation.In addition, to this article with the findings
of data that was recorded of the nurses survey no one has examined the health impact on any
registered nurses for newer scheduling(p.2). An also, making different questionnaire surveys for
the other nurses and people to answer to encourage them to respond quicker.Having the more
people to report the complications that was going on made them factor out the data a lot better.
Furthermore, researchers took the survey, and questionnaires to a whole other level of work
demands for registered nurses of acceptable reproducibility over time an on-call activities for the
MSD cases that were actually being reported.
Ultimately, just by going over this article by analyzing the authors opinion throughout
the article. In my opinion, the author made it very clear to understand when it came to going
straight to the point throughout the whole article. It seems that the author may intended to his or
her claim that they are trying to get out to readers. Because the audience will just understand the
problem thats going on just by the first paragraph(p.1).The author response well organized on

how he just makes the passage flow of the nurses complications of fixing them. Including, the
main idea does match with the thesis absolutely great in (sentence 1&2).With that being said, the
author supported the article well in logical order on how it was placed on how he explained the:
issues,causes,research that was done to get the nurses situation better. Getting straight to the
point on how the nurses went by getting their word out step by step is what made it much easier
to understand just by the thesis? Giving us the inside scoop of what is really going on what goes
on in the health care industry for nurses made it more exciting. The tone and style support did
help with the authors purpose in this article, because it would not change really or go off subject
and the tone kept the same with professional needs the author had progressed in his or her article
that were trying to perceive to its readers. I do think they could put a little bit more info for the
audience instead of so much graph data they have expressed within the article. Some reasons
why I say that because, it makes the reader want to know why if they made all these reports of
the health risks and overtimes why have no one tried to fix this. For example, with the reports it
told us the back pains ,neck reports but there was no data or info of the( MSD )cases data or
research of what could have be fixed for the nurse to have a better an healthier life while
Trinket, A. M., Le, R., GeigerBrown, J., Lipscomb, J., & Lang, G. (2006).

relationship of work hours, mandatory overtime, and oncall to

musculoskeletal problems in nurses. American journal of industrial

medicine, 49(11), 964-971.Chicago