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Amazing Web 2 Projects

Amazing Web 2 Projects

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Published by: deangroom on Mar 25, 2010
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Submitted by Daniel Ayres

Broad age range

Secondary and above

Age range


Applications used

Wiki, Social networking


A systematic enquiry into pre-programme Induction Wikis, an e-learning initiative for trainee teachers on our
teacher training programmes. Researching learning patterns and modes of professional knowledge

The Amazing Web 2.0 Projects Book Terry Freedman (ed)

Page 83

Project URL or screenshot

What challenges had to be overcome?

Can participation in a pre-course Web 2.0 site promote the development of individual professional
knowledge prior to embarking on an initial teacher training (ITE) programme?

What would you recommend to others?

The objectives are to research using methodology, theoretical and conceptual frameworks enabling us to
look at:

1) The nature and patterns of individual interactions.

2) The nature of any professional learning resulting.

3) The integration of the e-learning initiative into the ensuing initial teacher education programmes.

Reactions and outcomes

We have been collecting responses through a comprehensive survey, via ‘Survey Monkey’ software. Here’s a
brief selection of responses to two of the questions:

Primary: Do you think that the Induction Wiki contributed positively to your pre-course preparations?



It was good to have updates and questions answered quickly. As a forum, it was good to see other trainees'
questions and answers, as it gave me additional information that I had not thought of yet.

I thought it was a great way of communicating with other students and tutors to share any worries or

It gave me an opportunity to prepare mentally and virtually.

The Amazing Web 2.0 Projects Book Terry Freedman (ed)

Page 84

Secondary: Did you understand how the information, activities and tasks on the Induction wiki related to
your ITE course and your professional development?



This was a slow learning curve but proved useful.the tasks given on the wiki were related to the real life
issues. These cover a variety of topcis and issues, relevant to the course.This has therefore been a major

I understood that it was safe way to begin to explore some key issues, express my own views and get the
views of others. having never used a VLE it was extremely useful to see how they could work with a group of
active learners.

I don't think that I fully understood at the beginning of the course how these activities would be so relevant
to the ITE course. During the last four months this has really come to light. I could see how the information
would be useful though.

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