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Dear Shareholder, October, 2015 Blue Planet Environmental Inc. (“BPE” or “Company”) has made significant progress this ‘year building on the foundation of work completed over the past years. While our technology has ‘numerous applications, we have determined that the Company's efforts should be focused in three main areas: ‘+ Pond remediation and maintenance using BPE’s innovative oxygen delivery systems, Oxyistand, Nano-Zone ( Please see the BPE website for product descriptions) , and BioBoost . ‘* The development and testing of an Advanced Waste Water Treatment System (“AWWTS") for certification ( NSF 40 and BNQ ), in North ‘American markets, for residential, and cottage use. ‘+ The bottling and distribution of oxygenated spring drinking water using BPE’s patented oxygen generating and delivery system. POND REMEDIATION AND MAINTENANCE ‘As of October,2015, BPE had installed 104 pond remediation and maintenance systems: '36- Oxyislands; 5-Nano-Zones; and, 62-BioBoosts. These installations have included: a theme park ( Legoland, Carlsberg, California); highly rated public and private golf courses in Florida , California (PGA West); New York (Sebonack); and, New Jersey (Metedeconk); and hotels in Florida ( Wyndham, Weston, the Breakers). ‘The Company has received very positive feedback and testimonials from course ‘superintendents and members regarding the dramatic improvements in water clarity and aquatic life as a direct result of these installs. In the Spring of 2016 BPE will begin installations in Ontario for golf courses and residences. ‘The Company, in concert with its affiliate, BPE Marketing Services, have been developing distribution relationships for its products. Through contacts made at trade shows and other forms of networking, The Company has been able to make a number of direct sales as well. BioBoost is BPE’s newest oxygen delivery system using patented media to capture bubbles generated by air diffusers, forcing them through a complex matrix resulting in longer bubble retention and greater oxygen exchange. The water columns leaving the media are increased by as much ‘as 350% over standard diffusers, significantly increasing circulation of oxygen while reducing pond ‘Stratification prompting the prevention of algae build-up, odor and fish kills. BioBoost is an effective ‘product for users who want to, or are required to, reduce or eliminate the use of chemicals. ADVANCED WASTE WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM (“AWWTS") BPE has designed and developed an AWWTS to be NSF 40 and BNQ certified for use in North America. After successful pre-testing at the Fleming College facility in Lindsey, Ontario, the AWWTS will proceed to testing for certification which will require 6 months for NSF 40 and an additional ‘6 months for BNQ, The results to date indicate that the AWWTS can meet the requirements for NSF 40 certification, and with minor modifications meet the requirements for BNO... ‘The AWWTS has the advantages of being able to reduce the size of dispersal beds by 1/3 to % of standard bed dimensions, and can be retrofitted to current, in use, waste management ‘systems. We expect it to have a wide appeal to various types of primary and secondary residential properties. ‘The overall market for waste water management systems is growing and will continue to do so as present estimates are that 5+% of present systems are in need of repair or replacement /year while only 1+% are repaired or replaced/year. In addition, the average age of present systems is estimated to be between 37 and 50 years of age. ‘The BPE Advanced Waste Water Treatment System is targeted to enter the market in early 2017. BLUE PLANET BOTTLED OXYGENATED SRING DRINKING WATER: In the Spring/Summer of 2016 BPE is scheduled to begin producing bottled oxygenated drinking water using oxygen infusion by our patented generation and delivery system into water from ‘specifically selected aquifers that exceed the parameters set for safe drinking water. BPE is working with a Canadian bottler to initially produce 3-5 million botties/year. BPE oxygenated water will be sold as a ‘premium water’ in glass bottles ‘which are to be recycled, in such markets as: hotels, restaurants, spa's, health clubs and at special events. The premium water market is one of the fastest growing segments in the bottled water industry as consumers are demanding more consistent quality and quality assurance that the water they are drinking is being responsibly produced. The Company is excited about the opportunity to incorporate our technology into ‘anew product offering. OTHER NEWS ‘The Company's Technology Licensing Agreement with Numark Industries expired on May 31, 2015. BPE can now offer its gas infusion into liquid technology applications for retail use without any territorial restriction or constraint. The primary retail uses for this technology would be garden watering products, indoor gardening, showerheads, and pet grooming, We at Blue Planet are very encouraged that the state of our business today includes products currently being marketed with a high level of acceptance, along with others under development to hopefully further diversify the business lines of the Company. Richard Lonetto, President