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Kiana Dehmand
9th Honors Lit0

The Night Circus Part II Literary Analysis

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern has a number of fascinating events going on with
in each chapter and each character. From the very beginning of the book, the setting is identified
as a unique circus that opens only at night, with multiple tents holding different people and acts
that are thought to be impossible, the explanation being unknown. Besides the events going on
with the extraordinary characters, there are multiple pages (including the very first pages of the
book) where the perspective changes into 2nd person, in other words, Morgenstern lets the readers
into the writing itself to get the full imagery experience of how mysterious and wonderful this
circus is (4). Imagery is presented to nearly every page of the book yet in these Opening Night
structures, the reader gets a better feel of the circus nights, one quote being, The air itself is
ideal, clear and crisp and cool, permeated with scents and sounds that entice and enchant one
patron after another (119). This quote alone can automatically hook the reader in, filling their
senses with the explicit details, which is one reason why Morgenstern wrote hundreds of more
sentences in these kinds of pages she presents in her book. These pages present the exact steps,
feelings, visions, scents, and noises the reader has while they explore the circus and its many acts
(107). In one of the sections/chapters, named Opening Night itself, there are three different
points of views describing the circus and its scenery and what is going on with some of the

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characters (119-123). The wife of the wild-cat tamer goes into labor having twins with bright red
hair, unsuitable for the circus black and white color theme, some have suggested to dye their
hair yet on of the main characters, Tsukiko, quoted It is an auspicious color. (122). Although
this differs with the usual 2nd perspective passages of the circus opening nights, Morgenstern
added the characters events anyway to express and describe a different point of view which is
how these people prepare and what they can see on their circus opening nights, a change for
once looking into the characters eyes while the reader is wondering through the circus or
waiting behind the gates. Also in this passage, the author adds the events and acts with a precise
time schedule. Some example being At thirty seconds before midnight, they light the tips of
their arrows and, At ten seconds before the hour, they raise their bows and aim (Both
examples on pg. 120). The effect the author gives because of this is one where the reader knows
about how serious this circus is taken and how perfectly precise it has to be so characters like
Chandresh, are understood more clearly. This being another example of how these parallel plot
passages connect to the characters perspective and thoughts. At first, these parallel plot passages
were confusing yet they hook the reader and they also soon make more sense one after another.
Morgenstern must have made deep thought on this and she has made it work and blend in so well
with her writing that it improves the quality and interest that some readers must have on this