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Kristel Alpaca Connection Between Biology and Consumer Behavior


Connection Between Biology and Consumer


Kristel Alpaca-Huaman

October 07, 2015

Kristel Alpaca Connection Between Biology and Consumer Behavior


Since many years ago the fact of why consumer behavior is always changing has
become a problematic. This paper analyzes this conduct and how biology is related to
consumer behavior, it also talks about the psychological factors that influence peoples
mind and the perception on certain things. Also emphasizes the involvement of
biological bases that influence peoples personalities, which affect a series of activities
of a person to obtain their needs and wants.
In order to explain and understand what is consumer behavior and the connection with
biology, this paper is going to analyze several factors involved in this subject like
cultural, psychological and social. Behavior is the way how people proceed around
their environment and relations. Besides that, consumer behavior studies peoples
attitudes in the marketplace and incorporates ideas from different sciences and one of
them is biology, this science has an important role in this development.

Biology is the natural science that studies life, any living organism, and its components.
By the other hand, consumer behavior is the psychology of marketing and it focus in

Kristel Alpaca Connection Between Biology and Consumer Behavior

the study of what consumers think, feel and select between different alternatives and
especially how they are influenced by their environment (Morin,3). Biology and
consumer behavior have a strong connection because both are the focus in life,
specifically in human life.
Understanding the consumer behavior, it might be a little complex, especially because
there are many factors to consider in order to get to know better your targeted public,
like their culture, personal, social and psychological characteristics, this is why biology
became so important, because the human brain is the most complex of all biological
organs, it not only gives rise to consciousness but also controls or behavioral
responses with the external world.
In business, is very important to know how to organize and manage resources,
processes and results of any activity that a business man or woman makes in a
company. In this field, biology has an important role, because if a business wants to
commercialize a product, there are certain steps to follow before start selling this to the
public, also biology can be the basis of any business theory like it is mentioned before
biology studies any living organism (Schofield). In these days, there are more
organizations in charge of the earth preservation and this is the reason why ecology is
also being used by companies because they are starting to implement new
biodegradable products in order to stop global warming and pollution.

Factors of the Consumer Behavior

Kristel Alpaca Connection Between Biology and Consumer Behavior

Biology and consumer behavior together conform an excellent tool, to accomplish this
goal, more companies should be working this way and become more responsible with
the production and implementation of any product or service (Schofield). For example,
recycling helps to avoid the fact of wasting resources and energy, this will create a
change in peoples mind about the diverse products that every person consumes daily
and all the components that come with them, projects like this are starting a great
pathway in order to make us a healthier life.
In conclusion, this paper makes a statement about the connection between biology and
consumer behavior and the importance of having a clear understanding about these
two concepts and the results of using both in the business field. Biology is the basis of
our being and consumer behavior is focusing in what every consumer thinks before
making a decision, regarding their needs and wants.
If a business person knows how to manage this connection, the results can lead to
excellent plans, which can benefit not only the company but also our environment. This
is the reason why it is important to make connections between different sciences, in
order to become more proactive. Also, this can help to anyone else, regardless their
field of study.

Consumer Behavior


Kristel Alpaca Connection Between Biology and Consumer Behavior

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