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Religion in India

There are 2 major

religions in India


The Conflict Between Them

After India won its independence from British rule on August 15, 1947
there was some tension between Muslims (which made up 30% of
india) and Hindus( 60%), because both religions had given so much to
fight for their country's independence. the muslims began to feel that
they were being left out, and started to feel oppressed. they wanted
more political say in the new indian government. this conflict later
cause one of the biggest migrations, the partition of India; where hindus
were able ti stay in india, but muslims were forced to leave to Pakistan.

Is the oldest religion in the world. It was found along the Indus River.
It is polytheistic religion; meaning that they believe in more than one god.
Some major gods are:

Ganesh: Wisdom
and learning, also
remover of obstacles

Vishnu: Is the
protector of the

Shiva: The
destroyer god

Henna is made from from dye
prepared from the henna plant and
using the art of temporary tattooing
based on those dyes. The art of
henna (called mehndi in Hindi &
Urdu) has been practiced for over
5000 years in Pakistan, India, Africa,
and the Middle East. It is used in
India for self- expression and special
occasions such as weddings,
birthdays, or other holidays.

What do they believe in?

Hindus believe that we are
all part of the god Brahma
(the creator of the universe.)
and that we are all
connected. The way to
salvation is to become
recounted to Brahma. This
is done by living each life
well and treating others with
kindness until you reach the
top of the caste.

Is the fastest growing
religion in the world. it
started on the Arabian
It is a monotheistic
religion; meaning that
they only believe in one
Their holy text is called
the Quran.
They believe that
Muhammad is the
prophet of Allah (God).
So they belief in the
teachings of

The 5 Pillars of Islam

1. Declare that there is only
one god and muhammad is
his messenger.
2. pray five times a day, facing
Mecca ( their holy land)
3. Give some of your wealth
and earnings to the poor
and needy.
4. Fasting and self-control
during the celebration of
5. pilgrimage to Mecca at least
once in a lifetime.

Just like Christians belief in the

teachings of Jesus and the
Bible. Muslims believe in the
teachings of Muhammad and
the Quran and the five pillars
can be viewed as their ten


1.What are some of the things that Hindus believe in?
2.What are the 5 pillars of Islam?
3.What % of india is Muslim ?
4.Where was Hinduism founded?
5.Muslims believe that?
6.Who is Muhammad?
7.What did the religious conflict led to in India?
8.What is the religious text of Islam?
9.What is the difference between monotheism and polytheism?
10.what caused the partition of India?