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The basic idea in which event ordering occurs is the concept of time. This concept
is to be explored thoroughly with regard to events in distributed systems. A
distributed system is a collection of spatially separated distinct processes that
exchange messages for communication. At times its not possible to determine
which event occur first in two events. The "happened before" relation defines only
a partial ordering among events in the system will be extended to a consistent total
ordering of all events.
The algorithm gives a method to solve synchronization problems. If different
ordering results from algorithm than expected by the user, an unexpected
anomalous behavior occurs to be overcome by use of real & physical clocks. The
approach consists of a method for synchronizing clocks and deduces an upper limit
to which synchronization exceeds. Thus, to understand any multi process system
requires realization that event ordering is only a partial ordering in any distributed
Bibliographic info:Time clock and ordering of events in distributed systems

Author: Leslie Lamport

Year:July 1978

Volume: 21

Page no 558