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I would like to dedicate this report to those individuals, whom I am indebted

for their guidance and encouragement.
I would like to express my deepest gratitude to Mr. Jaber Ali,
of SKYLINE BUILDERS for his guidance, support and valuable insights throughout
my industrial training.
I would also like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Sabeena M V,
Professor, and Head of the Department, Department of Civil Engineering for the
guidance and help given in the preparation of this report.
I would like to extend my appreciation towards my teachers and friends for
their encouragement throughout this venture.


Construction industry is the exact place where we apply the knowledge
acquired in academics of civil engineering. So it is very much necessary for a student
to take industrial training in the chosen field to clearly understand the relation
between theory and its applications. The industrial training for 15 days was carried
out by me at SKYLINE BUILDERS in Calicut. It is one of the largest residential
real estate developers in Kerala headquartered in Kochi started in 1989. I have been
assigned Skyline Crescendo Luxury Apartment construction site for training by the
company. The building consists of 18 stories including basement and ground floor. In
the beginning of my training, six out of eighteen stories have been completed. During
the training different stages of construction including formworks, slabs, beams,
columns, stairs and reinforcement detailing for each were carefully studied. It helped
me to familiarize with the modern concreting techniques and recently adopted
techniques in construction and planning.