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By: Haleigh Tieken

*Some information in this presentation comes

from outside sources.

Independent Study
Mentorship fall 2015

N a m e : H a l e i g h Ti e k e n

I S M Te a c h e r : M r s . C l i c k

Mentor: Rick Clapp

Mentorship Site: Bay Area Media Group

M e n t o r s O c c u p a t i o n : O w n e r o f B a y A r e a M a g a z i n e

P r o j e c t To p i c : H o w t o s u c c e s s f u l l y p u b l i s h a m a g a z i n e

Photo of Me and my

Setting and Photos of

Mentorship Site

Bay Area Media Group- Seabrook, TX

Definition of the Course:

Independent Study Mentorship (ISM) is a

course in which the student is allowed to
chose a mentor in a specific career field
to shadow for a semester. Students create
a plan of study and are able to interact
and participate in activities their
mentors give them.

Course Requirements:

Complete an in-depth mentorship/study in an area of


Visit your mentor for a minimum of 2-3 hours each week.

(Mentorship Activity Log)

Complete a journal each week documenting your

mentorship experiences.

Complete an ISM Professional Portfolio including an

online website showing off all assignments completed
during this course and the ending project.

Complete all of the required ISM Assignments.

Complete a Mid-Term Presentation.

Develop a product and presentation at the

collegiate/professional level that is presented to a
panel of graders at the end of the semester.

Complete a Final Presentation with your mentor and 2

other evaluators.

Explanation of Project Topic

My project is on the steps needed to take to get a magazine
article published. Ive always had a passion for writing. Putting my
thoughts on pen and paper has always been a natural gift of mine and
I would love to do something as a career that involves my strengths.
This mentorship will allow me to explore a career that I may be
interested in pursuing one day. Being able to be mentored by several
different people open my eyes to different perspectives. Throughout
this mentorship I cant wait to learn new techniques to advance my
writing and add more descriptive language to my articles.

Agenda for Mentorship: Discuss what I

will be learning and attaining skills in
from beginning of mentorship till the

Explanation of Product

- Progress Pictures

Concluding Statements

How to Start an Article: Thesis,

descriptive language- examples and
etc. and Conclusion

Appreciation of Mentor, Teacher, Parents,

and Audience

Work Cited

Research needed for Article: education

Restaurant Review

Further Articles (final presentation)

Photography (final presentation)

Agenda for Mentorship:


Observe Activities: take notes on

the different jobs done by
employees in the office.

Meet Mary Ellis- Pulitzer Prize

Winner: gain tips to advance my

Answer Phone: learn the process of

handling advertisements made by
companies by phone and computer.

Sales Process: Discuss sales for


Shadow Graphic Artist: learn ways

to enhance my article and make it
more visually appetizing to the

Learn About Marketing/ Product

Brand Name: wanting good
reputation for company, how to
establish oneself.

Write Fashion Column and

Photojournalism: write a rough
draft and go through editing

Starting Off an
Being Assigned a Topic:
Once assigned a topic
you must start
brainstorming ideas

Who, What, When, Where,

Informs reader about
purpose of the article

End article making the
reader intrigued

When being assigned an article you want to make sure the facts you have are right and accurate.
Since my first article assigned to me was to create an article on fall fashion I used some of my
personal style as well as information off the internet to help me establish my thoughts and direction.
I used fashion websites from Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, and Glamour.
I based my findings off of what I had in my closet and my own style as well.
Links to Fashion References:

"Top 10 Fall Fashion Trends." Harpes Bazaar n.d.: n. pag. Web.


Luk, Lauren. "First Look: 12 Fall Fashion Must-Haves." Glamour. N.p., n.d. Web.

My next assignment was conducting a restaurant review at a local, nonfranchise restaurant.

I was able to choose Amici Ristorante Italiano, located in Friendswood to
conduct my food review.
I called the restaurant to help set up an interview with the owner/chef
I met with him and was able to ask him a series of questions based on what I
wanted to write about and include in my article.
Where its located?
Information about the owners? Why they got into the business, philosophy, etc.
What do they serve? Freshness of food?
3 Most Popular Items:
Signature dishes, desserts?
Ambience/ Atmosphere of restaurant?
Drink Selection?
Meal Pairings?
* And finally a picture with the owners.

Answers to Interview Questions:

I will be learning marketing

techniques- such as the process of
making adds to promote local

Since publishing an article is two

concepts- journalism and
photojournalism: I will be learning
how to take better pictures

Food Review on Amici will be

published- once edited

Editing/revising a paper on Yachty

Gras (Worlds Largest Mardi Gras
Boat Parade)

Food Review on South Shore Grill

Article on Traveling

ISM Research

ISM Interviews

Product will be a copy of all the articles I

have produced in the magazine.
This will show what all I have learned while at
Bay Area Media Group and offer some insight into
the different steps I have taken to get these
articles published.
Will teach me the different aspects such as:
writing rough drafts, research,
revising/editing, finding/photographing pictures
for the article, and finally okay-ing the final
The editor is Mary Ellis- Pulitzer Prize Winner,
will be editing and revising drafts as well as
giving me tips on how to edit my papers and make
them more interesting for the reader.

Product Progress

Rough Draft for


Searched for photos on to use for
(links on last slide)

Thank you
This mentorship has allowed me to further
my knowledge in something I have a
passion in and also goes along with my
major: Integrated Marketing
I am thankful for my ISM Teacher- Mrs.
Click who has allowed me this special
opportunity to be apart of a mentorship,
Mr.Clapp for taking the time out of his
busy schedule to mentor me and be show
me the ropes, my parents for supporting
me all the way, and audience for
listening to my presentation today.

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