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SAP Business Objects Data services Designer Guide

SAP Business Objects Data services Designer Guide

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Published by: anuragsharma83 on Mar 25, 2010
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Target tables in real-time jobs support transactional loading, in which the
data resulting from the processing of a single data flow can be loaded into
multiple tables as a single transaction. No part of the transaction applies if
any part fails.


Target tables in batch jobs also support transactional loading. However, use
caution when you consider enabling this option for a batch job because it
requires the use of memory, which can reduce performance when moving
large amounts of data.

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Real-time Jobs

Real-time source and target objects

You can specify the order in which tables in the transaction are included
using the target table editor. This feature supports a scenario in which you
have a set of tables with foreign keys that depend on one with primary keys.

You can use transactional loading only when all the targets in a data flow
are in the same datastore. If the data flow loads tables in more than one
in one datastore may be included in one transaction, the targets in another
datastores must be included in another transaction.

You can specify the same transaction order or distinct transaction orders for
all targets to be included in the same transaction. If you specify the same
transaction order for all targets in the same datastore, the tables are still
included in the same transaction but are loaded together. Loading is
committed after all tables in the transaction finish loading.

the transaction orders indicate the loading orders of the tables. The table
with the smallest transaction order is loaded first, and so on, until the table
with the largest transaction order is loaded last. No two tables are loaded at
the same time. Loading is committed when the last table finishes loading.

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