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SAP Business Objects Data services Designer Guide

SAP Business Objects Data services Designer Guide

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Published by: anuragsharma83 on Mar 25, 2010
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By using GeoCensus, the USA Regulatory Address Cleanse transform can
append latitude, longitude, and Census codes such as Census Tract/Block
and Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) to your records, based on ZIP+4
codes. MSA is an aggregation of counties into Metropolitan Statistical Areas
assigned by the US Office of Management and Budget. You can apply the
GeoCensus codes during address standardization and ZIP+4 assignment
for simple, "one-pass" processing.

The transform cannot, by itself, append demographic data to your records.
The transform lays the foundation by giving you Census coordinates via
output fields. To append demographic information, you need a demographic
database from another vendor. When you obtain one, we suggest that you
use the matching process to match your records to the demographic
database, and transfer the demographic information into your records. (You
would use the MSA and Census block/tract information as match criteria,
then use the Best Record transform to post income and other information.)

Likewise, the transform does not draw maps. However, you can use the
latitude and longitude assigned by the transform as input to third-party
mapping applications. Those applications enable you to plot the locations of
your customers and filter your database to cover a particular geographic

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