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SAP Business Objects Data services Designer Guide

SAP Business Objects Data services Designer Guide

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Published by: anuragsharma83 on Mar 25, 2010
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If you are a service provider, then every day before you perform NCOALink
processing, you must download the daily delete file and install it in the same
directory where your NCOALink directories are located.

The daily delete file contains records that are pending deletion from the
NCOALink data. For example, if Jane Doe filed a change of address with
the USPS and then didn’t move, Jane’s record would be in the daily delete
file. Because the change of address is stored in the NCOALink directories,
and they are updated only weekly or monthly, the daily delete file is needed
in the interim, until the NCOALink directories are updated again.


If you are an end user, you only need the daily delete file for processing
Stage I or II files. It is not required for normal Mover ID processing.
Important points to know about the daily delete file:

• The software will fail verification if an NCOALink certification stage test
is being performed and the daily delete file is not installed.
• Mover ID supports only the ASCII version of the daily delete file.
• Do not rename the daily delete file. It must be named dailydel.dat.
• Thesoftwarewillissueaverificationwarningifthedailydeletefileismore
than three days old.

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