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SAP Business Objects Data services Designer Guide

SAP Business Objects Data services Designer Guide

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Published by: anuragsharma83 on Mar 25, 2010
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When the software executes a job, it normally pushes down as many
operations as possible to the source database to maximize performance.
Because the interactive debugger requires a job execution, the following
push-down rules apply:
• Query transforms

The first transform after a source object in a data flow is optimized in the
interactive debugger and pushed down to the source database if both
objects meet the push-down criteria and if you have not placed a
breakpoint on the line before the first transform.

• Breakpoints

The softwaredoes not push down any operationsif you set a pre-defined
breakpoint. Pre-defined breakpoints are breakpoints defined before you
start the interactive debugger.

After the interactive debugger is started, if the first transform is pushed
a breakpoint on this line and you cannot use the View Data pane.

• Filters

If the input of a pre-defined filter is a database source, it is push-down.
the interactive debugger.

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Design and Debug

Using the interactive debugger

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• The interactive debugger can be used to examine data flows. Debug
options are not available at the work flow level.
• A repository upgrade is required to use this feature.
• The debugger cannot be used with ABAP data flows.
• All objects in a data flow must have a unique name. For example, if there
are several outputs for a transform you can choose which path to use. If
any of these objects have the same name, the result of your selection is

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