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SAP Business Objects Data services Designer Guide

SAP Business Objects Data services Designer Guide

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Use descriptions to document objects. You can see descriptions on
workspace diagrams. Therefore, descriptions are a convenient way to add
comments to workspace objects.

that repository object (for example, when migrating between development,

The Designer determines when to show object descriptions based on a
system-level setting and an object-level setting. Both settings must be
activated to view the description for a particular object.

The system-level setting is unique to your setup. The system-level setting
is disabled by default. To activate that system-level setting, select
on the toolbar.

The object-level setting is saved with the object in the repository. The
object-level setting is also disabled by default unless you add or edit a
the object and select Enable object description.

An ellipses after the text in a description indicates that there is more text. To
see all the text, resize the description by clicking and dragging it. When you
move an object, its description moves as well. To see which object is

66 SAP BusinessObjects Data Services Designer Guide

Designer User Interface

3 Working with objects

associated with which selected description, view the object's name in the
status bar.

To add a description to an object

1. In the project area or object library, right-click an object and select
2. Enter your comments in the Description text box.
3. Click OK.

The description for the object displays in the object library.

To display a description in the workspace

1. In the project area, select an existing object (such as a job) that contains
an object to which you have added a description (such as a work flow).
2. From the View menu, select Enabled Descriptions.
Alternately, you can select the View Enabled Descriptions button on the

3. Right-click the work flow and select Enable Object Description.
The description displays in the workspace under the object.

To add a description to an object from the workspace

1. From the View menu, select Enabled Descriptions.
2. In the workspace, right-click an object and select Properties.
3. In the Properties window, enter text in the Description box.
4. Click OK.

Enable Object Description option is selected).

To hide a particular object's description

1. In the workspace diagram, right-click an object.

SAP BusinessObjects Data Services Designer Guide 67


Designer User Interface

Working with objects

Alternately, you can select multiple objects by:
• Pressing and holding the Control key while selecting objects in the
workspace diagram, then right-clicking one of the selected objects.
• Dragging a selection box around all the objects you want to select,
then right-clicking one of the selected objects.

2. In the pop-up menu, deselect Enable Object Description.
the system-level switch.

To edit object descriptions

1. In the workspace, double-click an object description.
2. Enter, cut, copy, or paste text into the description.
3. In the Project menu, select Save.
Alternately, you can right-click any object and select Properties to open
the object's Properties window and add or edit its description.


If you attempt to edit the description of a reusable object, the software alerts
you that the description will be updated for every occurrence of the object,
across all jobs. You can select the Do not show me this again check box
to avoid this alert. However, after deactivating the alert, you can only
reactivate the alert by calling Technical Support.

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