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Music Video Recipe

We Will Rock You Queen 1977

The boarders on the video shows that the video is
an old video and he quality of the video backs that
up as the picture is blurred and isnt up to these
modern day standers. Although at some points you
can make out each band member there are some
points where its hard to make out a band
members face.
The video isnt live as such but the video is film
with then band outside playing their instruments to
the cameras without an audience its filmed in a
snowy woods with only the band in shot playing
their instruments. The sound used use is nondiegetic as there is no sound belonging to the band
from the main video. The song only lasts for 2:14,
as there arent many lyrics. The clothing worn by
the band was the latest fashion in the late 70s but
from modern day standers its very old fashioned.
Beat It- Michael Jackson- 1982
The quality of the camera represents the year that
the video was made as it isnt a good quality. Some
parts of the video are narrative but there are some
other point in the video where the artist is shown
on their own. The people who are involved in the
video are all middle aged men and 4 or 5 women.
Their all around the same age as the artist.
The location in which the video is set differs as it
switches from the artist and the actors but
eventually they all end up in the same place. The
majority of the video is set in a warehouse. The

some lasts for 4:56 but the artist isnt singing all
the time as the actors dance to the guitar.
U cant touch this- MC Hammer 1990
The camera quality represents the time in which
the video was created. The video is only the artist
dancing while singing and has other actors dancing
therefore the video is performance based. The
dancer that the artist uses are mainly female. They
mostly use a two shot are there are dancers in the
shot almost every time. It is a non-diegetic video
as there is no sound belonging to the artist from
the original video. The song last for 4:37 with the
majority of it being the artist dancing with other
dancers. The artist MC Hammer wears his
signature trousers whereas the other dances wear
clothing that was stylish in the 1990.
I gotta feeling- The Black Eyed Peas 2009
The quality of the video is a lot better than videos
before this one. It is narrative as they are singing
about going out on a night and the video clearly
shows the band out on a night out with other
actors. The people involved in the video are middle
aged around 25-30 year olds as in the 2000s these
are the types of people that would go on a night
out. The setting of the video is mostly in the night
clubs but also shows the band and other actors
getting ready to go out. It is a non-diegetic video
as there is no sound belonging to the band or
actors in the video audio. The costumes used are
understandable for the year that this video as shot.
This reflect the genre of the band as well as the
women are dressed in little clothing.